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KillalotzHi there16:15
KillalotzI'm trying to install ubuntu ARM on Samsung ARM CPU16:16
armin76karmic won't work on that, fyi16:24
suihkulokkiKillalotz: ubuntu won't support you hardware. However, you get effectively the same stuff from Debian16:29
suihkulokkiKillalotz: see http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Arm/OtherPlatforms for debian install when not using official kernels16:29
armin76hah, suihkulokki stealing users :P16:34
Killalotzsuihkulokki Debian Rules :D16:54
Killalotzsuihkulokki I'm running Debian X86 on my webserver :)16:54
Killalotzthanks for the info, suihkulokki16:57
Killalotzarmin76 to ;)16:58
slick6661hello all20:15
slick6661I'm looking for a list of mirrors20:16
slick6661I'm trying to pick a mirror closer than the one on my NSLU2 installer20:16
loolslick6661: Sadly, there's only ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports for now; we think about moving to archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu though20:42
slick6661I'm setting up a NSLU2 now20:42
loolI'm sorry about that20:42
slick6661I found the wiki was a little out dated20:43
slick6661been updating it too :D20:43
ojnslick6661: you are aware it's a dead end, right? karmic won't run on it.20:45
slick6661well I've noticed there wasn't a karmic port for it but I wasn't totally sure why20:45
slick6661that kind of sucks20:46
ojnslick6661: support for older cpus is being dropped in the name of performance and efficiency. Makes sense since netbooks is the main target and they will all use modern cpus.20:46
slick6661do you know the reason?20:46
slick6661I see20:46
ojni.e. karmic requires armv6 + vfp. lucid will require armv7 (and probably be built for thumb2, that will be interesting for cortex-a8 products)20:46
slick6661well I as looking at getting a beagle board20:47
slick6661but the slug has been so reliable20:47
slick6661I guess I could always go back to debian20:47
ojnyeah, debian will probably be your best bet. Since it's not a desktop machine you're not missing out much on ubuntu features anyway20:48
slick6661I was hoping to keep a common command line between them all20:48
slick6661as a general question to anyone on the channel what arm hardware does ubuntu run well on20:56
slick6661I know about the Slug, beagle board20:57
slick6661but I'm curious what else is out there20:57
ojnfreescale babbage and marvell dove are the main eval boards that canonical work with, I think. Beyond that, all I've been able to tell is that there's various OEM systems in progress but nothing on the market yet20:58
kblinslick6661: the sheevaplug seems to work ok, apart from the dead-end bit of not being supported by more recent versions21:01
kblinmy home zoo includes two beagles and a plug, and they all run 9.04 just fine21:02
slick6661has anyone gotten this to work on something like a buffalo NAS?21:04
armin76slick6661: you can install ubuntu on whatever you want, its just that you'll have to do it manually, not with the installer and stuff21:10
slick6661I'm just thinking about what would be a good slug replacement21:10
armin76and provide your kernel :)21:11
slick6661beagleboard is nice21:11
armin76the sheevaplug is the default replacement of the slug21:11
slick6661but I would prefer something nice and cheap (like the slug)21:11
slick6661oh I've seen this21:11
slick6661I completely forgot what it was called21:12
slick6661ut I saw this months ago and was just wishing I could remember what it was called , lol :)21:12
slick6661what about the apple airport express21:12
slick6661it looks just like the plug but with wifi and audio out21:13
slick6661has anyone seen anything about that?21:14
armin76nope i haven't21:14
slick6661it's pretty cool21:14
slick6661I've seen it setup to connect to a wifi network and allow someone using iTunes to play the music out of the audio jack on the device21:15
slick6661it waould be awesome if you could do the same with Banshee21:17
kblinitunes is a bit of a pain, due to the encryption..22:00
slick6661well I don't necessarily mean itunes22:15
slick6661but could I use this on linux22:15
slick6661and aparently there are packages to do that22:16
slick6661I also found out that it's processor is a 200Mhz Mips22:16
slick6661that looks pretty cool22:16
slick6661anyone gotten it yet?22:16
ojnpogoplug is similar to sheevaplug22:23
slick6661yea, the first gen was a sheva plug with a sticket22:24
slick6661the new one has 4 ports and there seems to be a decent community around it22:24
slick66614 *usb ports22:25
ojnGee, I really wish it didn't take HOURS to do package installs and upgrades on this system.22:30

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