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ulysses__can somebody do something with this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/46035222:08
ubot4`Launchpad bug 460352 in ubuntu-translations "Please update kubuntu-docs translation templates in Launchpad" [High,Confirmed]22:08
DarkwingDuckulysses__: it is to the attention of the Kubuntu Doc team.22:35
ulysses__is there an irc channel for kubuntu doc team?22:41
ulysses__or something22:43
j1mculysses__: check with nixternal ... he's a member of the kubuntu doc team22:45
j1mcall of the different types of ubuntu (ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu... ) use this channel to discuss documentation.22:46
j1mcno problemo22:46
j1mculysses__: user jjesse is also involved with kubuntu docs22:46
j1mci would recommend talking to either of them22:46
ulysses__I asked him in #kubuntu-devel, but I got no answer:(22:47
j1mci think he's at work now. :)22:47
j1mcso that would probably explain it22:47
nixternalulysses__: didn't see the question I don't think...what's up?22:52
nixternalahh, the translation stuff...let me look22:53
nixternalulysses__: I just posted a comment to the bug report you listed in -devel22:59
nixternalaccording to email messages I get after uploading a new kubuntu-docs package, the templates are updated every time...as for the obsolete ones, I have been trying to get those removed for a few cycles now without any luck23:00
nixternalpart of the reason I hate dealing with translations and lp in general...it is annoying and very confusing23:00
nixternalfor Lucid we will be rewriting the entire stack of docs for kubuntu...the stuff for karmic is unfortunately somewhat stuck and absolute garbage due to being so out of date....23:01
nixternalfor 4 years now there have only been 2 of us, jjesse and myself, working on kubuntu-docs...the past year and a half jjesse and I have been to busy in personal life to take care of them really, and 0 people have stepped up at all to help out...now it seems we have 1 new person, DarkwingDuck, who will be helping out in lucid23:02
ulysses__I understand that, but I was very frustrated and a little angry, when I saw that after a lots of works with translation, review the translation at BugJam, reporting bugs, the work had no result, and the KHelpCenter contains fully english documents instead os hungarians23:06
nixternalright..that is because nobody (me really) uploaded an updated kubuntu-docs package before release that contained all of the translations....I am planning on a backport/updates release for it so that gets in23:07
nixternalsucks that nobody read my email stating "I am going to be away for about a month" and realized that is something that needed to get done23:07
nixternalin the case of 0 translations in the karmic release, I guess I am the only one who can take 110% of the blame on that one23:08
nixternalisn't the first time either unfortunately :(23:08
ulysses__I hope that Project Timelord change it23:13
ulysses__good night23:22
nixternaldon't see Project Timelord changing that, until jjesse learns packaging and the translation system...or others decide to finally contribute23:26

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