mozmckI made a custom kernel based on the ubuntu sources.  In my /lib/modules/2.6.31-15-generic/ there is an initrd directory with vesafb.ko in it, but in my custom kernel's modules directory there is no initrd directory.  Why is this?  What do I need to do to get that?  I built my package with make-kpkg.03:06
mozmckanyone here?03:35
dandelmozmck, yes.03:53
dandelI'm doing a little bit of extra testing to see if bug 484943 is only valid on a wubi based install. (currently installing on a native hd partition)03:55
ubot3Malone bug 484943 in linux "resume crashes with ext3 error with wubi based install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48494303:55
_rubencould anyone enlighten me on how to add a custom built kernel (ubuntu git method) to our custom package mirror (which uses mini-dinstall)?07:57
_rubenthe debian/rules binary-<flavour> only creates .deb files, no .dsc and/or .changes07:57
AceLan_ruben: debuild -S -sa -i -I07:58
_rubenAceLan: i doubt that that'd make my binary .debs "dput-able" ?08:01
AceLan_ruben: yes, it will produce necessary files dput needs08:05
AceLanincluding .dsc and .changes08:05
_rubenthe changes files only references the source, not the binaries i had already built08:13
cankoy_Does the swap part. have to be *at least* the same size as RAM for hibernation to work?10:50
cankoy_I vaguely remember that Ubuntu kernel does some compression, hence swap d10:51
cankoy_...could be less10:51
hyperairthere are three approaches for hibernation.10:53
hyperairswsusp, uswsusp, and tuxonice10:53
hyperairubuntu uses swsusp by default.10:54
hyperairuswsusp compresses the image, and so does tuxonice10:54
hyperairbut imo tuxonice does it best10:54
hyperairswsusp is extremely slow, and uswsusp is slightly less slow, but that's a different matter.10:54
hyperaircankoy_: ^10:54
cankoy_hyperair: so the default scheme does not compress?10:55
hyperairit does not10:55
cankoy_hm, ok10:55
hyperairit also does not save/restore the file cache upon resuming10:55
hyperairand also only restores half of the memory after resuming, resulting in a whole load of page faults upon resuming. so even if your resume didn't take that long, it'll hang and page fault for another 3-4 minutes before you can use it again10:56
hyperairiow, for now, hibernation sucks and you're better off not using it >_>10:56
cankoy_ok, thanks for insight, much appreciated ;-)10:57
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Kanohi, how about .32-rc8?13:39
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JohnTHi! My problem: I have an app with 4 threads wich should run at 100% on each core. I have a 4 core processor. The behavior is not obvious:  2 threads runs on their own core at 100%, while the other 2 shares one single core, leaving the other core idle. Why?16:16
mozmckyou don't have isolcpus set in the boot line do you?  (disclaimer - I know almost nothing!)16:18
JohnTno, just googled isolcpus: didn't even know it :)16:20
nick_schembrihello, Can someone comment on aufs  in 10.4 lucid16:30
nick_schembricj you work on the cdrom build?16:36
mozmckhow do I get my custom kernel's initrd to load the vesafb module by default?  the kernel is built with the ubuntu sources and config from 2.6.31-15-generic.  I found something on adding it to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules/  but will that work for installing the debs on another computer?16:41
cjnick_schembri: nope.  that was kinda' random...16:44
cankoymozmck: kernel .deb includes the initrd. But I'm not sure just adding vesafb to initramfs-tools/modules is enough to make it work.16:53
nick_schembricj yes that is a little random.  I had your nic in my head.  I know that the person who is working on the cdrom build will know if aufs is going to be removed from lucid 10.4.16:53
mozmckcankoy:  I installed on a computer with intel onboard gpu and it wouldn't boot.  So I booted with ubuntu kernel and added vesafb and fbcon to initramfs-tools/modules, ran update-initramfs -c -k and now it boots fine.16:58
mozmckmy custom kernel boots now that is.16:59
mozmckso how do I make it use those modules in the initrd created when I build debs?  (I used make-kpkg)17:00
cankoymozmck: IIRC, you cannot use vesafb on intel gpu because it conflicts with KMS (and inteldrmfb)17:01
dandeli tested bug 484943 on native ext3 suspend, and it crashed just like what it did with a wubi based install.17:01
ubot3Malone bug 484943 in linux "resume crashes with ext3 error with wubi based install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48494317:01
mozmckcankoy: I had to use nomodeset on this one to get it to boot reliably and to find the correct resolution.17:02
mozmckin x that is. with the standard kernel it worked but mine had to have the vesafb module - I guess to fall back on.17:04
mozmckthe Ubuntu kernel has an initrd directory under /lib/modules/2.6.31-15-generic with the vesafb mod copied in.17:05
cjnick_schembri: seen jigdo?17:27
nick_schembricj: i sorry what?17:28
nick_schembricj: googling17:28
cjnick_schembri: oh, you're not trying to build a cdrom, eh?17:31
nick_schembricj: look cool. 17:31
nick_schembrino I run ubunt on a flash based system with aufs protecting the flash.17:32
nick_schembriI need to update my comments on the status of aufs in 10.4+ 17:32
cjnick_schembri: nice.  might be useful for pyramid...17:32
cjit's based on a really old ubuntu, though, IIRC17:33
nick_schembricj: i'll look at the website.  17:34
nick_schembricj: what i need to do is find out how long aufs will be in the kernel and build a package or ppa for the avg user.17:34
nick_schembriroot aufs should be very simple to install and remove.17:35
cjnick_schembri: I dunno.  I've never used aufs17:35
nick_schembriIt's worked very well for me. I've never had any issues.17:36
cjyou'll probably need to make-kpkg your own kernel with your own .config, though, I guess17:36
nick_schembriat this point the aufs modules are installed. I just need to install the userland tools and run the updates for initrd. 17:37
nick_schembriI was hoping that linus would include aufs in the mainline kernel, but he hates the code for some reason. I'm not sure I want to maintane the patches if ubuntu pulls aufs out.17:40
nick_schembricj: pyramidlinux looks a little old. I started with voyage linux out of voyage.hk. It's a debian based system that I pulled some of the code from.17:43
cjyeah, it's getting pretty ancient ;)17:44
cjbut it's small17:44
cjI'd like to see embdebian get some love17:44
nick_schembricj thanks for talking with me. I need pgraner  to get back with the official answer to aufs's status in 10.417:45
cjindeed.  sorry I don't know more ;)17:48
nick_schembricj: embdebian would be great. I've looked a little at using debootstrap to build a sub 50M distro on ubuntu.  I just have not had the time and flash memory is so cheep now I'm not sure it's worth the time. I can live with a little bloat.17:48
nick_schembricj: np 17:49
cjnick_schembri: my problem is that I've already invested in the radio hardware I intend to use, and it's only got 6417:49
cjM of flash17:49
nick_schembricj you should look at voyage linux it's easy to strip down. At one point it was less then 50M. 17:50
nick_schembriVoyage Linux is Debian derived distribution that is best run on a x86 embedded platforms such as PC Engines ALIX/WRAP and Soekris 45xx/48xx board17:52
nick_schembricj it looks like voyage is moving to tmpfs and it needs 128M of flash. :(17:54
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cjyeah, mine's a Soekris 45xx18:33
dandelany good information on adding automatic scan entries to grub2 (like adding text mode)18:33
cjdandel: sure, :)18:43
cjoh, grub2, not grub118:44
* cj isn't familiar with that beast yet18:44
dandelhmm... i found a little bit, but i really just don't want the updates to grub to knock out what i do ><;18:46
dandelcj, you running ubuntu 9.10 with ext3 by any chance?18:47
cjI am18:53
dandeldoes your system crash when you suspend? (ext3 errors.)18:53
cjsuspend is working pretty well for me aside from sony hardware issues18:53
dandelstrange, me and a buddy with 2 different laptops have an issue with suspend crashing.18:54
cj(unplugging ac sometimes kills power)18:54
cjdandel: did you upgrade or install karmic fresh?18:54
* cj upgraded18:54
dandelupgrade on wubi, and fresh install to native partition both show the same problem18:54
cjhurm... did you send the kernel bug report?18:54
cjanyone respond to it yet?18:54
cjor mark it as a dup of something else?18:55
dandelbug 48494318:55
ubot3Malone bug 484943 in linux "resume crashes with ext3 error with wubi based install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48494318:55
dandeli need to update it a bit tho.18:55
dandelwubi = windows installer for ubuntu18:55
cjyeah, that's not me...18:55
dandelmy fresh install is to an actual hd partition (extended partition tho)18:57
cjis your friend's to an extended partition?18:57
cjif so, it might have something to do with extended + ext3.  that's something I've never used before.18:57
dandelno, wubi based.18:58
cjmaybe grub doesn't know how to access sda[5..n] ?18:58
cjdandel: is wubi an ext3 image on a ntfs partition or something?18:58
dandelon ntfs.18:58
dandelthe laptop boots in just fine.18:58
dandelbut once i do a suspend, it fails horribly.18:59
dandelsee log on the bug18:59
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dandelcj, i figured out part of what i need, but it doesn't exactly transfer nicely to when i add dev kernels on boot params ><;19:22
Keybukcking: how the hell do you update the BIOS of a Dell Mini 10v?21:29
ckingKeybuk, dunno - not done it on that machine. I usually use a DOS disk with primitive BIOS re-flashing tools21:30
Keybukyeah, I fear the freedos21:30
ckingKeybuk, as supermario21:31
ckingKeybuk, maybe our OEM team friends like smagoun can help you21:32
mjg59Would be a lot easier if the mini actually looked anything like any other dell machine21:33
mjg59But they seem to lack the dcdbas interface21:33

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