fcuk112when updating a patch in a merge where the patch is still valid but the line numbers have changed, can you just change the line numbers instead of doing the patch from scratch?00:20
lfaraoneHey, my build is failing with "dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /usr/local/lib/libgtksheet-x11-2.0.so.0 (used by debian/python-gtksheet/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/gtk-2.0/gtksheet/_gtksheetmodule.so).". How can I either A) ignore the error, or B) add deps?01:10
ajmitchfirst thing would be to fix it so that it doesn't go into /usr/local/lib :)01:13
fcuk112lfaraone: i had a similar error, i fixed it by adding export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=xxx to my .pbuilderrc.01:20
ajmitchthat really doesn't sound like the right fix01:20
fcuk112where xxx is a local path where it can find the missing dep.01:20
fcuk112no? :(01:21
ajmitchfor example in lfaraone's problem - there really shouldn't be a library at /usr/local/lib/libgtksheet-x11-2.0.so.0 - it means that it's been installed into the wrong location01:22
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lfaraoneajmitch: I think that's a local lib I installed when I first tried out the upstream source.01:27
ajmitchyou should build inside pbuilder or sbuild01:28
lfaraoneajmitch: I should.01:35
lfaraoneajmitch: right now this is just for a quick, internal-use deb, but eventually I hope to get it into the archives.01:36
ajmitchit helps a lot just to make sure you get a clean build - some things can be hidden by having the files from a previous build around01:37
lfaraoneajmitch: main issue is I can't figure out all the packages whcih this package depends upon.01:38
ajmitchthat's the fun part :)01:38
ajmitchfiguring out build-depends can be annoying, reading configure.ac to get an idea of what packages are used will give you a hint at least01:39
ajmitchas will seeing configure fail01:40
lfaraoneajmitch: but since pdebuild starts clean every time, it can be a very lengthly process. (since I have to download archives, etc)01:40
ajmitchcaching the downloaded packages helps01:41
ajmitchpbuilder should be setup to do that, it grabs a copy of packages that are used & stores them01:41
lfaraoneajmitch: it doesn't seem to be on my system.01:42
ajmitchin my pbuilder config I have:01:43
ajmitchso it stores them there, you may want to check ~/.pbuilderrc or wherever you have your config file01:44
ajmitchit's a welcome feature when you're rebuilding a package for the 10th time01:44
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EzraRthats not a bad idea03:47
EzraRand have cron delete it once a day or week or something03:47
EzraRso it doesnt get too big03:48
fabrice_spfcuk112, there?05:25
fabrice_spnp: I'll answer in bug #48558105:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 485581 in le "Please merge le (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48558105:26
StevenKThe pub, like any good sysadmins05:29
StevenKBah, stupid lag05:29
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ashiswincan someone who has done OS development pleeease pm me09:21
ashiswincan someone who has done OS development pleeease pm me09:23
slytherinashiswin: it will be better if you ask specific questions09:29
directhexslytherin, he wants someone to teach him how to write an os from scratch, iirc. kernel, userland, driver model, etc09:35
directhexslytherin, given the increased urgency, i smell homework09:36
slytherindirecthex: A homework about writing OS form start?09:38
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio
directhexoh i dunno. maybe just writing about os design? something like that09:39
=== Tonio is now known as Tonio_
LucidFoxAn upstream's reply to a request to add the text of the GPL to the tarball:09:40
LucidFox"Currently i'm very busy and leaving my home, so i have not the time to republish but you can add this file for your package."09:41
LucidFoxHe promised he'll add it in the next release, though.09:41
hyperairwell that's nice09:42
hyperairbut many upstreams are seem to not care much for specifying the license. like it's a hassle and just an extra thing that's not really necessary09:43
LucidFoxSadly, yes.09:43
LucidFoxThey're more interested in development than legal issues. :)09:44
LucidFoxI've started checking qdvdauthor's copyrights, and I noticed that most of its headers don't contain the standard GPL header, but just "License : GPL v 2.0".10:09
LucidFoxAnd name of author, etc. Is it allowed?10:09
siretart`the GPL has recommendations in a section "HOW TO APPLY THE GPL"10:14
siretart`unfortunately many upstreams (and I mean *many*) prefer to skip that section10:14
siretart`such packages are allowed in both debian and ubuntu so far, as long there is no other indication that some files or produced binaries are licensed otherwise in an incompatible way10:15
siretart`does this help?10:15
siretart`LucidFox: just curious, where are you from? in what timezone do you live?10:16
LucidFoxRussia, UTC+6.10:17
LucidFoxIt's 16:17 here.10:17
siretart`ah, cool10:17
siretart`I've just added you to the team, I'll answer your mail later, OK?10:18
LucidFoxHmm, this application is GPLv2+, but uses a bundled library under LGPLv3+. Does it make the overall code GPLv3+?10:35
LucidFoxsiretart`> Didn't Fabian already add me? :)10:44
maxbLucidFox: http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl-faq.html has a compatibility matrix which agrees with you10:45
maxbLucidFox: oh, actually, I misread it. It seems to imply it's ok to use a LGPL3 library in a GPL2+ project without relicensing the project10:47
maxbPresumably because the potential to relicense the project is enshrined by the GPL2+ licensing10:48
siretart`LucidFox: no idea who was faster :-)11:01
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LucidFoxOh, Thunderbird 3 has a "reply list" button now. Nifty.12:31
slytherinLucidFox: What is purpose of that button?12:35
LucidFoxReplying to the mailing list, as opposed to the sender.12:36
slytherinLucidFox: Ideally it should be handled by list admins. Many lists set 'Reply-To' to blank.12:59
hyperairthe lists.ubuntu.com lists usually don't set reply-to13:00
LucidFoxI constantly get "gzip: stdout: Broken pipe" errors with pbuilder-dist, but not on every build attempt.13:13
LucidFoxWhat's going on?13:13
\shLucidFox, disk space eventually?13:14
LucidFoxI have more than enough disk space on every partition.13:15
rowinggolferI'm hoping someone can clear up some confusion I have with putting an app into my ppa. I push sources which specify the target as intrepid.  I then copy those packages into Hardy, Jaunty, Karmic and Lucid. Is that correct?13:42
rowinggolferI wonder if my sources should specify a different target.13:43
tsimpsonrowinggolfer: as long as you choose to only copy the source (and not binaries), that should work13:47
tsimpsonhmm, maybe not actually. LP doesn't work like that..13:47
rowinggolferno. if I choose "rebuild packages" it rejects them13:48
rowinggolferI can copy the binaries though.13:48
rowinggolferand they install ok on all systems.13:48
rowinggolferbut I don't understand the logic there.13:48
tsimpsonthat will only be a good idea for arch all13:48
rowinggolferwell it's pure python stuff...13:49
tsimpsonthe reason LP rejects it is because it would build the packages again, against Hardy/Karmic/whatever13:49
tsimpsonbut they'll all have the same version13:49
rowinggolferperhaps that's where I am going wrong.... specifying a target at all ?13:49
tsimpsonso the binaries would have the same name13:49
rowinggolfertsimpson, ok.. I follow that.13:49
tsimpsonif the package has no binary parts, then you should upload with Architecture: all13:50
rowinggolferI have automated the entire process, except this "copy packages bit"13:50
rowinggolfertsimpson, let me check the control file. I forget what I have in there.13:50
tsimpsonthe way I do it with binary packages it just change the version in the changelog to <version>~<release>1, so for example: 1.0.0-0ubuntu1~myppa~jaunty1 (for jaunty)13:52
tsimpsonthen upload that13:52
rowinggolferok. I'll adopt that strategy also.13:53
rowinggolferthanks. (BTW - I do have archictecture = all)13:53
rowinggolfermy changelog is     openmolar (0.1.8-5rgppa) intrepid; urgency=low13:54
rowinggolfercan I remove the reference to intrepid?13:55
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rowinggolferand, I have to build the sources 5 times now? (hardy, intrepid, jaunty, karmic, lucid)?13:56
tsimpsonyou need to have a series set, but you can upload to any series13:58
tsimpsonand you'll have to build for all the releases, yep13:59
rowinggolfertsimpson, thanks for your help.13:59
rowinggolferBTW - here's the problem in a nutshell. if you look at https://launchpad.net/~rowinggolfer/+archive/openmolar-testing14:00
rowinggolferyou'll see that the intrepid version is now +0.0.1 ahead of the other series.14:00
rowinggolfertsimpson, ah.... that link look useful thanks.14:01
rowinggolferok, I need to go ask that question.14:02
rowinggolfertsimpson, you have made my day, many, many thanks for your help.14:02
tsimpsonno problem :)14:02
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rowinggolfertsimpson, I asked a question - https://answers.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/9100314:24
tsimpsonif you want, you can poke someone in #launchpad to get on it, or just wait for an admin to do it14:25
rowinggolfertsimpson, you think I have a valid query?14:26
rowinggolferI don't want to be a pest.14:26
tsimpsonsomeone should be able to help you14:28
rowinggolferok. but if I get my head bitten off, I will hunt you down for making that suggestion ;)14:28
mok0what channel should I go to to see rowinggolfer getting his head bitten off?14:29
tsimpsonthey are generally happy to help in there14:30
mok0Not crazy, like here...14:30
rowinggolferthey've banned me before :(14:30
rowinggolferno wait... that was ubuntu-uk14:30
mok0rowinggolfer: perhaps it's because of your nick14:30
rowinggolferlol, probably14:31
fcuk112tell me about it.14:31
mok0LOL :-D14:31
fcuk112i got banned from the ubuntu release party channel :P14:31
rowinggolferfcuk112, because of the obvious typo in your nick?14:32
mok0fcuk112: Uhm, what country? Probably they couldn't spell14:32
rowinggolferfcuk112, rhymes with chuck_ ??14:32
StevenKfcuk is also "French Connection, United Kingdom"14:32
fcuk112i'm Frank Cheung and i'm in the UK :)14:32
rowinggolferand you are one hundred and twelve?14:33
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fcuk112nah it's an rnb group i used to like; some websites need more than 4 chars so i had to append something...14:34
mok0fcuk112: be thankful your not "Frank Updike" from Cook Islands...14:34
mok0you're, damn it14:34
AnAntLucidFox: tl2009 PPA is (hopefully) fixed14:35
LucidFoxAnAnt> Great, let's update and install...14:36
JontheEchidnaIs AutoSync doing new-upstream-in-debian syncs this cycle?14:36
slytherinJontheEchidna: Sure why not. Only it is from testing instead of unstable as usual.14:37
JontheEchidnaoh, that package I was keeping any eye on did finally get synced14:37
JontheEchidnaBut I guess it's not doing automatic removals when it's removed in Debian?14:38
slytherinJontheEchidna: removals are not automatic. Usually archive admins keep an eye on removals from Debian and do similar in Ubuntu.14:41
LucidFoxOkay. Whether it's the fault of Compiz, the NVIDIA drivers or Wine, it's an unwieldy combination in Karmic.14:42
JontheEchidnaIt all looked automatic in the past. I guess it just shows to go how good our archive admins are if they look automatic ;-)14:42
LucidFoxExiting WoW shouldn't crash X and leave Compiz running and eating 100% CPU time.14:42
* JontheEchidna wonders why qlandkartgt and garmindev have not been synced, as they have been in testing for 2 months.14:43
slytherinJontheEchidna: do they have any ubuntu changes in previous releases?14:44
mok0JontheEchidna: you're an OSM'er ?14:44
slytherinJontheEchidna: did you look up on MoM?14:44
JontheEchidnaslytherin: they're new packages14:44
slytherinthen I have no idea.14:44
JontheEchidnamok0: Open Street Maps? Nope, just looking out for Qt-related packages ;-)14:45
JontheEchidnaBasically, qlandkarte got removed and was replaced by the qlandkartegt and garmindev packages14:46
JontheEchidnaFrom the looks nobody ever touched it in Ubuntu, and now qlandkarte is on the removed packages list on multidistrotools. I suppose I'll file a few sync/removal bugs.14:47
JontheEchidnaJust didn't know how LTS was affecting these sort of things14:48
JontheEchidnaBut it looks like this is just the odd duckling here14:48
mok0JontheEchidna: I don't really understand how new packages in Debian are treated either. Allegedly they are auto-imported, but I've often seen that not being the case14:49
mok0JontheEchidna: I for one would really apprecialte qlandkartegt coming into lucid14:50
StevenKmok0: Then file a bug!14:55
JontheEchidnabug 485840 and bug 48584214:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 485840 in ubuntu "Sync garmindev 0.3.0-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48584014:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 485842 in ubuntu "Sync qlandkartegt 0.15.1-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48584214:55
StevenKmok0: Rather than complaining that something doesn't get done!14:55
JontheEchidnatoo late ;-)14:55
StevenKJontheEchidna: Sigh14:57
StevenKJontheEchidna: You do realise that both of those are going to get done in the process of new-source I'm doing today14:57
JontheEchidnaActually, I did not; which is wahat the conversation we had right before this was about. :x14:58
jldupontsorry guys, newbie to Debian packaging here:  where is the page where the correct format to `changelog` file ?14:58
JontheEchidnaSorry for the inconvenience14:58
jlduponti keep having `debuild` crash on me because of `changelog` formatting errors14:59
StevenKjldupont: Use 'dch'14:59
jldupontdch shows me the same error messages... the trouble: I can't figure out what's wrong.15:00
jldupontlooking at http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dreq.en.html seems to be fine15:00
jldupontIt says: no maintainer in changelog!15:01
jldupont`-- Jean-Lou Dupont <jl@jldupont.com> Fri, 20 Nov 2009 09:44:00 -0500`15:01
jldupontwhat's wrong ??15:01
JontheEchidnaI think there should be two spaces between the email end and the date15:02
JontheEchidnaStevenK: if it will make it up, I can keep an eye on those two packages and close the bugs myself15:02
jldupontJontheEchidna: change it to no avail15:02
JontheEchidnahmm... one space before the -- at the beginning?15:02
jldupontthanks Jonthe15:03
JontheEchidnano prob15:03
jldupontreally picky this dch...15:03
jldupontwhat's the `source` field in `control` file?15:05
StevenKjldupont: It is the source package name15:06
jldupontbut I thought this was the `Package` field...15:06
jldupontFYI: I am building my own PPA... i.e. not a remix15:07
jldupontso what should I put in `source` ?15:07
StevenKNo, the Package field is the *binary* package name15:07
StevenKYou have one source package which builds one or more binary packages15:07
jldupontgot it!  Thanks!15:08
rowinggolferjldupont, here's a working example http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rowinggolfer/openmolar/trunk/annotate/head%3A/debian/changelog15:09
jldupontrowinggolfer: thanks!!15:09
rowinggolferlaunchpad is smokin' quick to build stuff today :)15:12
jldupontIn Synaptics, let's say I have a package "erlang, installed version --> 1:12.b.5-dfsg-2 ", I do write this dependencies in debian/control ?15:16
jlduponterlang (>=12.b.5) ?15:17
\sherlang (>=1:12.b.5)15:20
mok0DktrKranz: Do you have and init.d script to start debomatic?15:28
EzraRis it a problem if the upstream source code doesnt have a copyright header in every source file? (for a new package in revu)15:31
DktrKranzmok0: starting from 0.7, yes15:36
DktrKranzand in trunk, of course15:36
directhexEzraR, what percentage, roughly, is missing it?15:37
directhexEzraR, there's a general gut feeling of "a few missing is no big deal" amongst archive admins afaik15:37
mok0DktrKranz: ah, ok I just apt-get'ted it in karmic15:39
mok0apt-got perhaps?15:39
=== zooko` is now known as zooko
mok0DktrKranz: I would also suggest that the conffile had a default value, e.g. "/etc/debomatic/debomatic.conf"15:44
DktrKranzmok0: it should already have15:47
mok0DktrKranz: OK, great! I'm still looking at the karmic version...15:47
mok0DktrKranz: maybe we should get the most recent version backported :-)15:48
jldupontwhat's the field "Standards-Version" ?15:48
jldupontin debian/control15:49
mok0jldupont: the version of the most recent Debian Policy Manual15:49
jldupontcool. thanks.15:49
DktrKranzmok0: probably, it shouldn't be that hard. I also plan to release new upstream when some more features have landed (commands files, l10n support, and probably some mail notificcations)15:50
DktrKranzthe first two are already available in trunk for testing15:51
mok0DktrKranz: cool15:51
mok0DktrKranz: I should probably grab that branch then15:51
DktrKranzcommands files are cute, thus not popular in Ubuntu, but very useful in Debian15:52
mok0DktrKranz: what do you mean?15:52
jldupontin debian/rules:  what should put in there : my package has a couple a Erlang files and  a couple of .cc files.  What do I need to do in debian/rules ?15:52
StevenKAnd no, the Standards-Version field is showing which version of the Debian policy the package conforms to!15:53
mok0jldupont: Issue the commands that builds the program... but it's a makefile, remember that15:53
StevenKIt also requires a few targets exist since external tools will call them15:54
jldupontE: erlang-dbus source: debian-rules-missing-required-target binary15:55
jldupontE: erlang-dbus source: debian-rules-missing-required-target binary-arch15:55
jldupontE: erlang-dbus source: debian-rules-missing-required-target binary-indep15:55
jldupontE: erlang-dbus source: debian-rules-missing-required-target build15:55
jldupontE: erlang-dbus source: debian-rules-missing-required-target clean15:55
jldupontthose I guess\15:55
mok0jldupont: Look in the wiki. This question is too basic to answer here.15:55
mok0jldupont: In other words, we can help, but we can't teach you how to package stuff15:56
jldupontok, I'll try to refrain from too basic questions... but then, it is not obvious to define "too basic" ...15:57
EzraRdirecthex: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/report.py/legal?upid=701715:58
StevenKIt also requires a few targets exist since external tools will call them15:58
DktrKranzmok0: see ftp://ftp-master.debian.org/pub/UploadQueue/README15:58
mok0jldupont: You need to read the wiki and take it from there. If you have specific questions, we are happy to help. It's just that "teach me how to package" ... no one will bite15:58
mok0DktrKranz: thx15:59
mok0DktrKranz: ah, yes I see what you mean now15:59
DktrKranzdebomatic currently handles "rm" case, it has no mv (useless, since it hasn't delayed queues)16:01
jldupontjust a link to a debian/rules file, pretty please?  This one (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rowinggolfer/openmolar/trunk/annotate/head:/debian/rules) calls for a dependency that I am not sure I want.16:02
mok0jldupont: you mean python etc.?16:03
mok0jldupont: try deleting it16:03
jldupontinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk16:04
jldupontdeleting it... no more makefile... there is nothing in there16:04
mok0jldupont: that you almost certainly need16:04
StevenKdebhelper 7 would be nicer16:04
mok0jldupont: ^^^ see StevenK's comment16:05
mok0StevenK: (even though I don't agree) :-)16:05
jlduponthmmm. let me man debhelper 716:05
jldupont... then what's "cdbs" for?16:06
mok0jldupont: it's just another system to do the same... cdbs is a set of GNU make macros16:06
mok0jldupont: it's man dh16:07
StevenKmok0: You prefer debugging cdbs?16:07
mok0StevenK: yes16:07
mok0StevenK: anything but evil perl16:07
StevenKmok0: Everytime I've had to do that, I've had to read the cdbs source code, which is horrid16:07
jldupontman dh ... Diffie-Hellman ... I don't think so.16:08
mok0StevenK: Hm, yeah, well I know it pretty well by now16:08
mok0jldupont: huh?16:08
StevenKjldupont: Do you have the 'debhelper' package installed?16:09
jldupontgot it now.... a google search "man dh" isn't helpful... lesson learned16:09
mok0jldupont: In the Examples section is a 3-line makefile template that you can use as debian/rules16:10
jldupontmok0: thanks!16:11
mok0jldupont: don't forget the tab character in the makefile if you cut'n'paste16:11
mok0jldupont: probably your old cdbs rules file failed because you didn't have debhelper installed16:12
jldupont?old cdbs?  First time around with debhelper... so no "old" stuff ;-)16:14
jldupontdh_clean: Compatibility levels before 5 are deprecated.16:14
StevenKecho 7 > debian/compat16:15
jldupontwhat do I do with "W: erlang-dbus source: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends erlang-dbus"16:15
StevenKjldupont: lintian -v is your friend16:16
jldupontok... let me do "lintian"16:16
mok0StevenK: If you have a package in an bzr branch on LP, is there a way to submit a command: "build this package" (without having to upload)? I know the answer is probably "no" so this is more a retorical question I guess :-)16:18
StevenKmok0: Not at this point, no16:21
mok0StevenK: ... but it's a good idea, don't you think?16:22
gesermok0: not yet, but the LP devs are working on it (BuildFromBranch should be the correct keyword there)16:22
mok0geser: cool16:22
jldupontI added "${misc-Depends}: debhelper (>= 7)" to debian/control and debuild still complains with "W: erlang-dbus source: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends erlang-dbus"16:27
jldupontI am not getting "http://lintian.debian.org/tags/debhelper-but-no-misc-depends.html"16:27
StevenKThen read what lintain -v says, like I said before16:28
gesermok0: see https://dev.launchpad.net/BuildBranchToArchive for the spec16:30
mok0jldupont: hint: the ${...} is expanded16:31
mok0geser: thx16:31
* mok0 looks16:31
randomactionjldupont: use "Depends: <your dependencies>, ${misc:Depends}"16:31
jldupontmok0: my bad... thanks again again!16:32
EzraRif in a package I had a config file in the debian dir that gets installed with a .install what would be the proper way to set the perms to 60016:32
randomactionand it's lintian -i, not -v16:32
EzraRseems that dh_fixperms is only able to exclude files16:33
mok0EzraR: you need to make sure the file has perms 600 before it's packed into the deb16:34
jldupontrandomaction: thanks!16:34
EzraRmok0: and then have dh_fixperms exclude it?16:34
mok0EzraR: I don't think dh_fixperms will hurt it16:35
mok0EzraR: it will only fix obvious perm errors16:36
mok0EzraR: like +x on regular files etc16:36
EzraRmok0: ok, thnx16:36
jldupontsuccess !!! THANKS TO ALL!16:38
mok0jldupont: :)16:39
StevenKrandomaction: Oh, blah!16:40
hyperairdtchen: are pulseaudio's sinks/sources guaranteed to be numbered the same way after a suspend/resume cycle?16:41
hyperairdtchen: and regarding the changes you've made in lp #404986, are you sure it didn't reopen the bug the 01Pulseaudio pm-utils sleep.d hook script was originally supposed to fix?16:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404986 in pulseaudio "Audio hangs in ugly loop for 1 sec at S3 suspend" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40498616:43
jldupontafter dput, I get "Not running dinstall" ... what does this mean?16:43
StevenKjldupont: It can be ignored16:44
jldupontI got an error report from Launchpad "Unable to find distroseries: stable" what do I do?16:51
StevenKChange your changelog so it doesn't say stable, but the distro you want to build it for16:52
mok0jldupont: in debian/changelog, choose an Ubuntu distro (e.g. karmic)16:52
jlduponte.g. erlang-dbus (0.3) jaunty; urgency=low16:52
jldupontis this correct?16:52
StevenKjldupont: Looks good16:53
mok0jldupont: looks that way, there must be 2 spaces before "jaunty"16:53
mok0I guess Debian originally used FORTRAN to parse changelog16:54
jldupontcool!  now, I just have to wait 2minutes for launchpad...16:54
StevenKmok0: Oh, hardy har har16:55
mok0StevenK: you caught it, good :-)16:56
geserFYI: the UDS session about the "future" of MOTU starts soon16:58
mok0geser: is someone typing it up on IRC?16:59
randomaction#ubuntu-uds-waverly has a link to audio16:59
geserthere is a channel for this room16:59
geserexactly that one16:59
mok0Will rejoin in a little while17:00
ScottKFuture of MOTU UDS session in #ubuntu-uds-waverly17:00
ScottKStarting now.17:00
jldupontAccepted by launchpad!  thanks to all!17:01
jlduponton LaunchPad, next to my package I see "Pending (2505)"  is the 2505 the number of packages waiting in the queue or some status code?17:15
StevenKjldupont: It is a score17:15
jlduponta score? related to how my package is formatted/complex to process?17:17
jldupontcan I have an ETA somewhere?  Or I just have to wait??17:17
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randomactionjldupont: https://launchpad.net/builders17:23
jldupontrandomaction: cool!  thanks!17:26
slytherinWhat is the usual convention for SRU versions? The SRU page on wiki is not very clear about it.18:27
fabrice_spslytherin, did you had a look at the security one?18:31
slytherinfabrice_sp: Yes I did but I thought it applied to only security updates. Also some packages have this weird ubuntux.9.04.y versioning.18:32
fabrice_spslytherin, I've been using it for SRU also.  This versioning is not only for backporting?18:33
slytherinok I will use ubuntux.y18:34
* slytherin wonders why the heck PPA do not accept -proposed packages.18:35
jldupontmy package in my PPA is taking forever to build... is there a way to "emulate" the build process locally so I'll know (maybe) what to expect?18:35
fabrice_sp!pbuilder | jldupont18:35
ubottujldupont: pbuilder is a system to easily build packages in a clean chroot environment. To get started with PBuilder, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto18:35
fabrice_sp!sbuild | jldupont18:36
ubottujldupont: sbuild is a system to easily build packages in a clean schroot environment.  To get started with SBuild, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SbuildLVMHowto18:36
jldupontcool! thanks!18:36
fabrice_sppbuilder is easier to set up18:36
fabrice_spyw :-)18:36
slytherinpbuilder is easier to setup but sbuild is closest to the build servers environment.18:37
* fabrice_sp is using sbuild :-)18:37
* slytherin wants to learn sbuild18:38
* StevenK uses sbuild too18:38
fabrice_spyou only need to setup a LVM :-)18:38
cyphermoxfabrice_sp, is the LVM requirement the only difference with pbuilder?18:38
slytherincyphermox: from what I have heard sbuild is fast.18:40
fabrice_spcyphermox, they are both using a kind of 'clean' chroot. The difference is that sbuild clone a partition, when pbuilder uses a chroot18:40
fabrice_spsbuild is fast if you use a cache tool :-)18:40
fabrice_spyou have to setup one with sbuild, but it comes automatically with pbuilder18:41
fabrice_sp(I'm using apt-cacher-ng for that)18:41
cyphermoxfabrice_sp, what I mean is that when someone says "closest to the buildds", it means that it has to do with the fact that it's cloning partitions, not that there is an actual difference in resulting package, no?18:41
fabrice_spcyphermox, I only saw one or two packages that didn't built in sbuild but built in pbuilder, so for the general use, it's good enough :-)18:42
slytherincyphermox: not in resulting package but in build process.18:44
slytherincyphermox: for example if you specify alternate build-deps (a | b), sbuild always uses first whereas pbuilder will use the one that is available.18:45
slytherinI had trouble with packages that built fine in pbuilder and then failed to build on server because of such issues.18:45
cyphermoxah, that's kind of an interesting difference, yes18:45
* slytherin has to leave for some time.18:46
jldupontok, i've do sudo pbuilder create... what next?18:47
fabrice_spsudo pbuilder build <package.dsc>18:47
jldupont"W: /home/jldupont/.pbuilderrc does not exist"18:48
StevenKsbuild -A -d <release> <package.dsc> :-P18:48
av`fabrice_sp, when you upload something please make sure to forward any patch to Debian please18:49
av`fabrice_sp, I saw your sponsorship upload of agg18:49
cyphermoxStevenK, pbuilder-dist <release> <package.dsc> ;)18:49
fabrice_spas we will 'kill' lpia, is it worth merging a package by adding just lpia support?18:49
av`fabrice_sp, and I've just uploaded a revision that removes any delta, so we can sync now ;)18:49
av`fabrice_sp, no18:49
fabrice_spav`, I thought Arthur was in touch with you about that18:49
av`fabrice_sp, sync it18:49
cyphermoxgah, i err18:50
av`fabrice_sp, he said something to me about that, but I forgot to upload a fixed package to Debian18:50
fabrice_spav`, do you want me to open the sync request for agg?18:50
av`fabrice_sp, that's why opening a bug into the Debian's BTS is usually nice18:50
fabrice_spyeah: that's what I usually tell to people opening merge request18:51
fabrice_spI just made an exception in that case (tht I shouldn't have done, obviouslly)18:51
av`fabrice_sp, it has been uploaded like 3 minutes ago, so let's wait it gets built18:51
av`fabrice_sp, then you can open the request18:51
av`fabrice_sp, thanks for taking care about it though :)18:51
fabrice_spI'll wait until it lands in testing then18:51
av`perfect, thanks!18:52
fabrice_spyw :-)18:53
fcuk112is there a guide for how to use sbuild?18:55
jlduponthelp!  "Current status: 0 broken [-1].18:56
jldupontAptitude couldn't satisfy the build dependencies18:56
jldupontE: pbuilder-satisfydepends failed.18:56
jldupontwhat do I do about "Remove the following packages:18:59
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cyphermoxjldupont, what command were you running that wrote these messages?19:01
jldupont"sudo pbuilder build erlang-dbus_0.3.dsc"19:01
cyphermoxjldupont, could you paste the full output in a pastebin (paste.ubuntu.com) and provide the url?19:02
jldupontcyphermox: could it be because I have messed up the erlang dependency?19:07
cyphermoxjldupont, yes, trying to figure out what in it is wrong.19:08
jldupontI've looked what I have installed on my mahcine: Synaptic says "1:12.b.5-dfsg-2"19:09
cyphermoxjldupont, could it be that you need erlang-dev or erlang-base rather than just erlang?19:09
EzraRjldupont: pbuilder is not the same as your mahcine19:10
jldupontI'll try adding -dev and -base and see... pbuilder complains about "erlang" just being a virtual package... could that be it?19:10
cyphermoxit's your clue that something is wrong in that build-dep19:11
jldupont"The following packages have unmet dependencies:19:12
jldupont  pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: erlang-dev (>= 1:12.b.5) which is a virtual package.19:12
jldupont                                 Depends: erlang-base (>= 1:12.b.5) which is a virtual package.19:12
jldupontThe following actions will resolve these dependencies:19:12
jldupontRemove the following packages:19:12
EzraRjldupont: if you have a hard time with depends this script might help tell you what the app uses19:13
cyphermoxjldupont, 12.b.5, that's Jaunty19:13
jldupontI am on jaunty.19:14
cyphermoxok, and you're building the package for Jaunty too?19:14
cyphermoxjldupont, I think the issue is that pbuilder is not going to get the packages from universe, only main19:14
jldupontcyphermox: makes sense... how do I correct this?19:15
cyphermoxhold on a second19:15
cyphermoxjldupont, see here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Universe%20support19:15
cyphermoxjldupont, the PbuilderHowto page gives you a lot of other useful tricks, too19:16
cyphermoxback in a minute...19:16
fcuk112in a patch file, what does an entry like @@ -227,7 +233,7 @@ mean?  i know it's supposed to start at line 227.19:21
fcuk112another one looks like this @@ -190,14 +190,20 @@ - i am not sure why sometimes the x in x,y stays the same and sometimes not.19:22
fcuk112this is quilt btw.19:23
jdongfcuk112: probably easier to consult the documentation on the unified diff format :)19:24
jdonghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diff#Unified_format looks decent19:24
cyphermoxjldupont, any luck?19:25
jldupontcyphermox: yes I am much further along THANKS.  The problem is "universe" was missing for Erlang.19:27
cyphermoxjldupont, awesome. have fun packaging :)19:28
fcuk112jdong, thanks.19:28
jldupontI still have a couple of kinks to work out though ;-)19:28
jldupontcyphermox: let's say my package depends on some other package in my PPA for building, how do I specify this?19:34
jldupont... and how do I make sure that Launchpad picks this up?19:34
cyphermoxif you upload your new package to the same PPA, it just works.19:35
jldupontso Launchpad includes by default my PPA packages when building?19:35
cyphermoxIIRC, yes19:35
jldupontIIRC ?19:36
cyphermoxif i recall correctly19:36
jldupontwhat about when I use pbuilder?  option in .pbuildrrc I guesS?19:36
cyphermoxjldupont, yes. You should take a look at the pbuilder manual (http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/software/pbuilder-doc/pbuilder-doc.html) , but essentially, it's the  --othermirror switch,19:38
maxbThis does, of course, require that your dependency packages are in an actual indexed apt repository20:05
maxblp:~maxb/+junk/apt-generate has the script I use to achieve this20:06
mrooneyhey, I'm using equivs-build to make a metapackage, but I'm not sure how use this with dput. any tips on how to create the .changes  / upload it?20:32
jldupontin debian/rules,  for the "install" target, should I be using something like $PREFIX as install prefix?20:35
jldupontcyphermox ?20:37
nixjunki3When you are packaging an application what do you do if you are unsure of the copyright dates20:40
cyphermoxjldupont, yeah, put my name in front of the line if you want me to see your messages :)20:43
jldupontwhen pbuilder builds stuff,20:44
jldupontwhat is the environment variable does it use to tell where to install stuff?20:44
jldupontin http://www.debian.org/doc/maint-guide/ch-dreq.en.html, I see "$(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/testpack install" but I am not quite sure what to make of it...20:45
cyphermoxjldupont, it's exactly that20:46
cyphermoxDESTDIR specifies to make install where to drop the files20:46
cyphermox(where the tree starts, instead of / )20:46
jldupontso I need to use $(CURDIR) or else everything is going to fall apart with pbuilder / launchpad?20:47
cyphermoxjldupont, $(CURDIR) is a variable that will resolve to your current directory where the build is going on (the base of the source tree)20:47
jldupontbut when I finally have apt-get install my package, I want files to be dropped in /usr20:48
jldupontI am confused... please help!20:49
cyphermoxjldupont, DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/<your binary package> should do what you want -- create a tree under <your source base directory>/debian/<name of your binary package>20:49
cyphermoxjldupont, make install doesn't do that by itself?20:49
jldupontwhen I use pbuilder, it invokes my makefile... and my "install" target tries to copy stuff in /usr ... and pbuilder barks.20:50
jldupontcp: cannot create regular file `/usr/bin/epapi_loop_drv_debug': Permission denied20:51
cyphermoxjldupont, and in the end, you want `/usr/bin/epapi_loop_drv_debug' to be the file installed by your package?20:51
fcuk112trying to fix a patch which fails at hunk #77 in pbuilder - how do i find out what hunk #77 is?  it's quite a big patch with lots of translations: http://www.pastie.org/70812720:52
jldupontI guess I am thinking one step ahead here...20:52
cyphermoxjldupon, then yes, $(MAKE) DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/<name of your binary package> will do this20:52
jldupontpbuilder is building a package... right?20:52
jldupontgot it!20:52
jldupontso my debian/rules file can't be just "#!/usr/bin/make -f20:53
jldupontdh $@"20:53
cyphermoxjldupont, yes, it is. Roughly, pbuild installs the files in a tree starting at whatever you set DESTDIR to, and the package will install all the files under that tree, but starting at / on the destination system.20:53
cyphermoxjldupont, if you software can be installed by just doing ./configure, make, and make install with no special things, it probably will work20:54
jldupontit is just a simple port driver library for Erlang, nothing too fancy.20:55
jldupontwhy does pbuilder barks at "cp: cannot create regular file `/usr/bin/epapi_loop_drv_debug': Permission denied"20:56
cyphermoxthere may be something not quite kosher in make install20:56
fabrice_spjldupont, because you can't install file in / in a pbuilder20:56
cyphermoxjldupont, make install usually installs files under /usr/local, I think the trick you put above depends on that case.20:57
fabrice_spyou have to set whatever is the variable expected by the makefile20:57
fabrice_spto $CURDIR20:57
cyphermoxfabrice_sp, thanks20:57
fabrice_spcyphermox, generaly, something like that i enough: $(MAKE) install DESTDIR=$(CURDIR)/debian/<packagename>20:58
jlduponthave a look at http://pastebin.com/d23f1e9ec20:58
cyphermoxfabrice_sp, yeah :)20:59
jldupontI guess I need to fit in $(CURDIR) in there or install stuff in /usr/local20:59
fabrice_spcp in a rules file?!20:59
jldupontno no20:59
jldupontmy debian/rules is:20:59
fabrice_spsorry :-)20:59
jldupont#!/usr/bin/make -f20:59
jldupontdh $@20:59
cyphermoxahh I see21:00
fabrice_spMakefile is clearly buggy21:00
jldupontfire when ready ;-)21:00
fabrice_spin one package similar to this one, I had to manually install files instead of using upstream's Makefile21:00
cyphermoxjldupont, you really should let the user decide where to put the files when installed, and/or install by default to /usr/local21:00
jlduponthow do I do that?21:01
fabrice_spDESTDIR is a standard variable in Makefile21:01
fabrice_spyou can set it by default to /usr/local21:01
jldupontso, instead of "cp lib/whateverfile /usr/lib/whateverfile"21:02
fabrice_spohhh: jldupont  you're upstream?21:02
fabrice_spsorry about the buggy part :-)21:02
jldupontwhat does "upstream" mean?21:02
fabrice_sp"Author of the software"21:02
jldupontfabrice_sp: it's quite ok, np :-)21:02
jldupontYes I am "upstream" then... it's my stuff21:03
jlduponthow do I correct my makefile for the install target??21:04
jldupontstill, same pastebin: http://pastebin.com/d23f1e9ec21:04
fabrice_spso instead of "cp lib/whateverfile /usr/lib/whateverfile", put "cp lib/whateverfile $(DESTDIR)/whateverfile"21:04
fabrice_spand define DESTDIR to /usr/local if not defined21:04
fcuk112trying to fix a patch which fails at hunk #77 in pbuilder - how do i find out what hunk #77 is?  it's quite a big patch with lots of translations: http://www.pastie.org/70812721:05
jldupontoh I see.21:05
jldupontlet me whip something.21:05
fabrice_spfcuk112, you should have a .rej file with the rejected hunk21:05
jldupontyou guys are on SO, right?21:05
jldupont... well, you could help I am sure.21:06
fcuk112fabrice_sp: where should i find this .rej file?21:07
fcuk112fabrice_sp: i have a pbuilder hook and i can't see it.21:07
fabrice_spfcuk112, in the same place where the file to patch is, IIRC21:08
fcuk112fabrice_sp: find . -name *.rej doesn't return anything.21:08
fabrice_spfcuk112, try to apply the patch manually in your source directory21:09
fabrice_spfcuk112, it's CDBS?21:10
fcuk112fabrice_sp: i tried quilt push xxx.path --trace21:10
fcuk112fabrice_sp: but i still cannot see any .rej file - it did fail again on hunk 77 though.21:10
fabrice_spor quilt push -a21:10
jldupontfabrice_cp: so, something like: http://pastebin.com/d7418fa5421:11
jgopperti'm packaging a file that doesn't use autotools, the install doesn't install any headers because the guy is using find on src/ basically so how do i get debuild to recognize that21:11
jgoppertis there a defined variable for the original source directory?21:11
fabrice_spjldupont, yes: sounds better :-D21:11
fcuk112fabrice_sp: quilt push -a, same result.21:11
fabrice_spjgoppert, CURDIR represent the root directory of the sourc epacakge21:12
fabrice_spfcuk112,  :-/21:12
fabrice_spfcuk112, quilt push -f force the patch to be applied and generate the .rej file21:13
fcuk112fabrice_sp: ah, thanks - that did it.  dinner time, will be back later.21:14
fabrice_spbye ;-)21:14
cyphermoxjldupont, does pbuilder like your Makefile better with that change in ? :)21:17
jldupontcyphermox: still an issue... http://pastebin.com/d298c200121:17
jldupont> copying driver files in /tmp/buildd/epapi-0.7/debian/epapi/bin21:17
jldupontcp: cannot create regular file `/tmp/buildd/epapi-0.7/debian/epapi/bin/epapi_loop_drv_debug': No such file or directory21:17
fabrice_spjldupont, what is the name of your package?21:18
cyphermoxjldupont, ohh. DESTDIR is empty... but you're missing the directories under /tmp/buildd/epapi-0.7/debian/epapi21:19
jlduponthmmm.... I need to mkdir those myself????21:19
cyphermoxyeah, since they might not exist (for example, under /usr/local/ on a newly installed system21:20
cyphermoxbut wait a bit21:20
jldupontI feel SSSSOOOO stupid!21:20
cyphermoxin your Makefile, you used CURDIR rather than DESTDIR, although you just defined DESTDIR at the top21:20
jldupontI just have to "mkdir -p" I guess, right?21:21
cyphermoxjldupont, it's not stupid, there's lots to think about all at the same time :)21:21
jldupontcyphermox: thanks !21:21
cyphermoxjldupont, install might be better than mkdir though.. and better than cp for the files.21:22
jldupontoh yes.. thanks.21:22
jldupontso, install -T or ?21:23
cyphermoxjldupont, hold on21:23
cyphermoxjldupont, -D might be better suited, if you don't want to do mkdirs or install -d for the directories first21:25
jldupontwill try.21:25
jldupontshazam!!! it works!!21:26
jldupontone little complaint: dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends}21:27
jldupontwhre does "${misc:Depends}" go again?21:29
jldupontin the "Package" section of /control ??21:29
cyphermoxunder Depends:21:30
jldupontwhere can I inspect what pbuilder built?21:31
cyphermoxjldupont, look under /var/cache/pbuilder/result21:32
jldupontcyphermox: I still get "dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends}"21:32
jldupontcool: /var/cache/pbuilder/result21:33
cyphermoxdo you have a Build-Depends on debhelper?21:33
jldupontBuild-Depends: erlang-dev (>= 1:12.b.5), debhelper (>= 7)21:33
jldupontcyphermox: any clue?21:36
cyphermoxjldupont, not sure21:37
jldupontmy complete debian/control: http://pastebin.com/d5234fc6621:37
jldupontah... maybe because I put the "Section: devel" line in...21:40
cyphermoxmaybe it's just that debhelper has nothing to put in there21:40
jldupontcould it be: ${devel:Depends} ??21:41
jldupont... or I am suggesting something stupid ??21:42
cyphermoxnah, but I don't think there is such a thing as devel:Depends ;)21:42
jldupont... so it might just be that pbuilder resolves ${misc: Depends} to "empty string" and issues a warning, that's all.21:43
cyphermoxjldupont, I don't know, surely someone else in here could tell you, but I think my skills aren't at that level yet ;)21:44
jldupontI'll shoot it to Launchpad and see what it has to say... I'll get the result in ~4hours though... ;-(21:44
cyphermoxah, i see21:46
jldupontcyphermox: what?21:46
cyphermoxjldupont, this is surely debianbug #49866621:46
cyphermoxif you have your packaging and code up somewhere, maybe I could give it a shot here to see21:48
jlduponthttp://epapi.googlecode.com/  in /trunk21:49
cyphermoxdidn't you say you were uploading it to your PPA?21:49
jldupontyes I am uploading to PPA... I am moving stuff to LaunchPad...21:49
jldupontbut I have a "legacy" on GC...21:50
cyphermoxjldupont, it's dinner time over here, so i'll be out for a while, but this is interesting, i'll contact you again later :)21:53
jldupontcyphermox: cool ... thanks a million!21:53
jldupontI have to go get my little "monkeys" at school myself..21:53
cyphermoxjldupont, np. sorry if I can't always give you very clear answers, i'm still learning too :)21:54
jldupontcyphermox: you rock man!21:54
jgopperthey i'm not getting anything header files in my deb but they are installing to debian/tmp and  i uncommented dh_install, says missing files /usr/include/*  ???21:54
jgoppertit works if i proceed it with debian/tmp  what is going on?22:01
jgoppertoops, sorry22:01
jgoppertwell i guess this works for now :-/ i hate packages that don't use automake lol22:03
ari-tczewany sponsor is working on main?22:42
lucasjames_w's distributed development stuff is so cool that I'm going to do merges again, I think ;)22:43
av`ari-tczew, ??23:20
jgoppertdoes launchpad not let you put up hardy packages? i already have some jaunty up, do i need to increment the changes file?23:36
av`jgoppert, sorry?23:37
av`jgoppert, you mean you are unable to upload?23:37
av`e.g LP rejects23:37
jgoppertit uploads fine, just doesn't show up23:37
av`jgoppert, your LP ID23:37
av`jgoppert, and package name?23:38
jgoppertboost-numeric-bindings, hardy version hsl123:38
jgoppertboost-numeric-bindings-20081116-hsl1 hardy23:38
jgopperti have a a boost-numeric-bindings-20081116-hsl1 under karmic, does it not like that? i'm rolling our servers back to hardy and trying to package for them23:40
av`jgoppert, https://edge.launchpad.net/~jgoppert/+archive/hsl/+build/132099123:40
av`jgoppert, you uploaded it for karmic23:40
av`jgoppert, or better you didnt increment the revision23:40
jgopperthow do you specify that its for hardy ?23:47
av`jgoppert, debian/changelog23:48
av`jgoppert, targer release is set to karmic now, set it to hardy :)23:48
jgoppertboost-numeric-bindings (20081116-hsl1) hardy; urgency=low23:49
av`jgoppert, be sure you check all the build-depends, any dependency to be sure you can build / use it onr karmic as well23:49
jgoppertnot the one i just uploaded23:49
av`jgoppert, use another version now since you uploaded ~hsl1 already23:49
jgoppertluckily this is just a set of header files so i'm good23:49
av`like ~hsl223:49
av`or whatever23:49
jgoppertok thanks23:49
jgoppertso hardy and karmic cant have their own set of revision numbers?23:50
av`jgoppert, actually yes, since they are two different releases23:51
jgoppertok well how do i tell dput to go to hardy ?23:51
jgoppertdput http://ppa /~jgoppert/hsl/hardy ??23:51
av`jgoppert, but usually the newer release should have an higher version of a package23:51
av`jgoppert, no23:51
av`jgoppert, you've specified it into the changelog already23:52
av`jgoppert, dput ppa:whatever foo.changes23:52
jgoppertyeah ok, so i guess launchpad jsut doesn't like that i'm trying to put hsl1 back up even though its under hardy and not jaunty23:52
av`dput doesnt decide where to put a package (or well it does for delayed stuff on Debian)23:52
av`jgoppert, yes, try another versioning23:53
jgopperti'll go to hsl6 i guess23:53
av`well, it's not the best idea to bump it from hsl1 to hsl623:53
av`but your choice :)23:53
jgoppertwell i've got hsl1-5 on karmic, would probably just die again if i went with hsl223:54
av`ah ok :)23:54
av`select your revisions properly to avoid this issues next time23:55
jgoppertwait.. lol i think i just forgot to add my new opengpg key on launchpad ... doh23:58
jgoppertthink it would have told met that upload failed though23:58

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