micahgi see the ppa finally balooned00:00
BUGabundomodem manager updates?00:02
BUGabundowhat's coming down the pipes?00:02
micahgup to 14GB00:02
micahgwas 5GB before lucid and TB3100:02
ftait should go down once yesterday's builds are removed00:03
ftathe biggest is still chromium00:03
ftaoh! ff 3.7 is still red00:04
ftawell, since i moved chromium to lzma, it's way smaller, but still bigger00:05
micahgfta: same patch new problem I think00:05
ftahttp://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=28287  \o/00:06
[reed]http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=28293 <-- uh, doesn't chromium include some non-BSD code?00:44
[reed]such as MPL, GPL, etc.... licenses where you're _required_ to release source code along with binaries00:45
micahg[reed]: 10 AM meeting :)00:45
micahgor did it get moved again?00:45
micahgfirefox upgrade in ubuntu00:46
[reed]not sure what you're talking about!00:46
[reed]ah, I probably can't make any of the meetings due to class00:46
fta[reed], the source code of those stuffs is public00:46
micahgtomorrow, 10AM CT00:46
[reed]fta: yes, and the licenses require that the actual source code used to build the binaries be released00:46
fta[reed], i'm not sure what you're talking about, i only ship stuff that i build, and the source tarball is public00:47
ftai'm talking about chromium here, not chrome00:47
[reed]oh, I'm not talking about ubuntu00:47
[reed]I'm talking about chromium00:47
ftachromium is 100% free00:47
ftawith tons of different licenses :P00:48
[reed]guh, I gotta run00:48
[reed]I'll explain what I mean when I get back00:48
ftai'll be gone00:48
micahg[reed]: can I change a bug to new if I can confirm?03:16
[reed]micahg: sure03:21
[reed]micahg: ensure there isn't a dupe03:21
[reed]if you can03:21
micahgcheck out mozilla 52798003:21
ubottuMozilla bug 527980 in General "Square characters in menus and tab titles" [Trivial,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52798003:21
micahg[reed]: are there any mozilla 64 bit builds yet?03:22
micahgit doesn't happen with the mozilla version only the version I compiled03:22
micahgbut I'm on 64 bit03:22
[reed]yes, I think there are03:23
[reed]check ftp.m.o03:23
micahgnope, linux-i68603:23
* micahg is checking for nightlies03:24
micahg[reed]: should I ask in the bug?03:25
[reed]huh, really thought we had x64 builds03:25
[reed]go ahead03:25
micahgshould I subscribe you, I added linux@distro03:28
[reed]I watch both you and linux@distro03:33
[reed]you're welcome to CC me, if you wish, though03:34
dtchenfta: that's an sdl bug, not a pa bug. And, it's fixed already in sdl
micahg[reed]: you around?07:35
[reed]micahg: yes07:36
micahgdo you thing bug 483929 is worth upstreaming?07:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 483929 in firefox-3.5 "Restore Session doesn't follow Fitts Law" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48392907:36
micahgI don't agree that there's an issue, but wanted another opinion07:36
[reed]micahg: sure, upstream that07:40
[reed]beltzner loves talking about Fitts' Law07:40
micahgI don't know if it's even fixable07:40
micahgbut ok07:40
[reed]make sure to cc beltzner@m.c, faaborg@m.c07:40
[reed]where m.c is mozilla.com07:40
[reed](and CC me)07:40
micahgok, is that second address with 2 a's?07:40
[reed]it's not Linux-specific, so don't CC linux@distro07:40
micahgwould you know offhand the component?07:41
[reed]one sec07:42
[reed]let me make sure07:42
micahgfound it07:42
micahgother: sesssion restore07:42
[reed]Firefox :: Session Restore07:42
micahgit's it disrespectful to mark it trivial?07:43
micahgor is it enh?07:43
micahghmm, can't set remote URL in advanced fields07:48
* micahg will file a bugzillla bug :)07:48
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micahgfta: I just wanted to run my commit comment bu you17:00
micahgfta: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/323493/17:04
ftawhat is that? ff3.7?17:07
micahgfta: you want the whole patch?17:10
ftayes, please17:10
fta(even if i assume it's correct)17:10
micahgfta: http://pastebin.com/f16d8d95717:11
ftaok, good17:16
micahgfta: pushed17:17
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micahgseems like upstream fixed lpia on 3.720:15
micahgfta: ugh 3.6 failed21:00
ftamicahg, do you receive the ftbfs emails? or are you monitoring lp?21:25
micahgmonitoring lp21:25
ftado you want me to forward you those emails?21:31
ftai already to that for asac for nmt21:32
ftahttp://identi.ca/notice/15195777 ?21:44
ftathat would be nice for asac, no security backports anymore21:45
micahgfta: we had a session today on ff upgrades21:46
micahgfta: I'll have to fix 3.6 sat night21:47
ftamicahg, did you get a few emails?21:53
micahgfta: no22:00
micahgfta: just got one22:10
ftahm, you should have got a few already22:25
ftaff3.6 & songbird22:26

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