Sarvatttormod: yeah its just because you were building all those drivers in drivers-only without macros 1.3 that they all require now03:04
Sarvattoh darn he isnt here03:05
tjaaltonwhoa, wacom 0.10.1 doesn't rely on hal nor libudev, but queries the kernel directly for the capabilities08:39
tjaaltonis tormod a DD now?08:40
hyperairis that a good thing or a bad thing?08:41
tjaaltonboth are good, if true :)08:41
hyperairhmm that's cool =p08:41
hyperairbut wouldn't that require a bit of reimplementation of things?08:41
tjaaltonit's done in the driver08:42
tjaaltonhmm, 98 packages to update in debian08:42
hyperairby driver you mean kernel module or what?08:42
tjaaltonno, the X driver08:43
tjaaltonI've only read the announce, nothing more :)08:43
hyperairi see08:43
tjaaltontseliot: hey, check the wacom 0.10.1 announcement ;)08:45
tseliottjaalton: let me check xorg-announce08:46
tseliottjaalton: now *that* is what I call a cool release. Do we need a new kernel?08:47
tjaaltontseliot: no idea, I think not08:47
tseliotit's definitely something that I have to try08:48
Sarvattnice, building that new wacom on edgers to try it out16:16
tjaaltonbryce: there's a fresh wacom that queries the kernel for the device properties, so no hal or udev is needed :)17:27
Sarvattthere we go, took a ton of rule changes since the 0.8.4 versions but wacom 0.10.1 is working now in edgers lucid repo under xorg 7.5/xserver 1.8 if anyone wanted to try it17:27
tjaaltonI don't think there's sense in using the old wacom-tools as a base17:28
tjaaltonbah, gotta go ->17:28

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