mrooneystatik: oh cool, it is landed in the "upstream" code now?00:15
slideI cant get connected to Ubuntu One00:22
slidei get the cloud with the ! in it constantly and no error message or anything00:23
slidemy files have a checkmark on them, but they get uploaded or anything00:26
greg-gslide: sorry I can't help (not a U1 dev) but just so you know, many of the devs are either at UDS (thus, busy!) or probably not watching the channel right now.01:00
greg-gslide: so, wait around and give them a chance to notice your question, or fire off an Answer or Bug on Launchpad01:01
greg-gby Answer I mean in the Answer tracker, obviously it will start out as a question :)01:02
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rtaggerslide: Is "i get the cloud with the ! in it constantly and no error message or anything" still an actual problem?06:58
slidertagger, yes07:07
slideits been this way for a couple of weeks07:07
rtaggerslide: okay, first try: cat ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf07:07
rtaggerslide: and post the output here07:08
slidedoesn't exist, only ubuntuone-client.conf does07:08
rtaggerslide: erm, yes, right07:08
* rtagger wakes up07:09
slidepaste in channel or a pastebin? its 5 lines07:09
rtaggerslide: okay, ignore this, that means no bandwidth_throttling problem here07:10
rtaggerslide: can you 'connect' via applet and then (after it gets back to ! sign) pastebin the contents of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log and ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log07:11
slidevia the icon?07:12
slidethe icon never changes07:12
rtaggerslide: I assume you have 9.10 and all latest updates applied and that you don't get 'Capabilities Mismatch' error. Okay, even if it does not change, just click connect and then use the logs07:13
* rtagger thinks that we might need to craft some automatic tool to fix all common/configuration problems...07:13
slidefrom oath log, Quit Error: Method "quit" with signature "" on interface "com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.SyncDaemon" doesn't exist07:14
slideother log07:15
rtaggerslide: NoAccessToken: No access token found.07:16
rtaggerslide: it does not mean much to me at the moment, checking...07:17
slidehehe k07:17
rtaggerslide: okay, open seahorse (Applications/Accessories/Passwords and Encryption Keys), navigate to 'default' keyring07:18
rtaggerslide: btw, apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client07:19
slidei dont see anything about keyrings in that07:21
rtaggerslide: sorry, not default, navigate to login keyring... Search for UbuntuOne token for https://ubuntuone.com07:21
slideall i see is "Passwords: login" and some sub-items of that07:21
slidedont see one, only a network key and 2 for "Desktop Couch user authentication"07:22
rtaggerslide: okay, seems that something became broken somewhere around the keyring.07:23
* rtagger is switching from PPA to karmic version for investigation...07:23
rtaggerslide: You *might* be hitting a bug #451670. Can you kill ubuntuone-client-applet and then start it from the terminal.07:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451670 in ubuntuone-client "no HTTPSConnection._tunnel_host in python <= 2.6.2" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45167007:28
rtaggerslide: however this is unlikely, since your version already contains a fix.07:29
slidertagger, ok that seemed to work, it made me readd this computer at the ubuntu one site and then the applet icon changed to a full cloud and now says its finished updating files07:30
rtaggerslide: to me, it looks like the applet is unable to put the info about ubuntuone credentials to the keyring so that syncdaemon later is unable to fetch them.07:30
rtaggerslide: weird07:30
slideok ubuntuone is now in keyring07:30
rtaggerslide: no, it is not weird that it started to work, but... It is just weird that it started to work so quickly..07:30
slidehope it stays like this upon next reboot07:30
slideyea, ive rebooted before which i would think would be the same thing07:31
slidertagger, thanks very much :)07:31
rtaggerslide: The only thing known so far about the reboots is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Bugs#Connect%20on%20Start%20Setting%20Does%20Not%20Work07:31
rtaggerslide: so that your client may not be able to auto-connect on startup. Clicking 'Connect' will bring it to connected state.07:32
rtaggerslide: but this has nothing to do with missing token in the keyring that magically re-appeared.07:32
slidehopefully hehe07:33
rtaggerslide: so if it definitely _disappears_ then it is really a subject of the bug report07:33
slidethanks later :)07:43
=== nessita changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Have a question? Ping nessita | Updated client software is now available to everyone running Ubuntu 9.10. Please run Update Manager to install it, and then restart the client. Enjoy 9.10! | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Testing Client Revno is 278, Protocol Revno is 73
apacheloggernessita: ping14:03
nessitaapachelogger: hi there14:04
nessitaapachelogger: what can I do for you?14:04
apacheloggernessita: is there a particularly important reason for having the applet handle authentification?14:06
apacheloggerI am looking into creating a KDE UI in c++, and the auth process is standing a bit in my way14:06
nessitaapachelogger: well, you need to be able to upload files to your account, so you need to authenticate in some way14:07
apacheloggeralso, I suppose it prevents usage of the daemon without applet, which would be kinda neat I imagine14:07
apacheloggernessita: couldnt it be done by the daemon, upon startup?14:07
apacheloggersomething starts daemone -> daemon takes care of auth14:07
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nessitaapachelogger: I went and looked for wiser people14:08
verteroknessita: whatsup?14:08
nessitaverterok: apachelogger is asing about the applet and authentication14:08
nessitaverterok: he said:14:08
nessita(11:06:10 AM) apachelogger: nessita: is there a particularly important reason for having the applet handle authentification?14:08
nessita(11:06:32 AM) apachelogger: I am looking into creating a KDE UI in c++, and the auth process is standing a bit in my way14:08
nessita(11:07:09 AM) apachelogger: also, I suppose it prevents usage of the daemon without applet, which would be kinda neat I imagine14:08
nessita(11:07:23 AM) apachelogger: nessita: couldnt it be done by the daemon, upon startup?14:08
verteroknessita: thanks14:09
facundobatistanessita, he was here -.-14:09
verterokapachelogger: hi14:10
apacheloggerahoy verterok14:10
verterokapachelogger: actually, the applet isn't doing the auth, it's just triggering the oauth dance :)14:10
apacheloggeryeah, but the dance depends on python ;)14:10
verterokapachelogger: oauthdesktop is the module that's doing the oauth14:10
verterokapachelogger: actually, it's just a dbus call ;)14:10
verterokapachelogger: so if you can do a dbus call from C++, that's enough14:10
apacheloggerverterok: the call goes to com.ubuntuone.Authentication, doesnt it?14:11
verterokapachelogger: yes14:11
apacheloggerverterok: but that is provided by the applet :S14:12
verterokapachelogger: it's provided by the oauthdesktop dbus service14:13
verterokapachelogger: if oauthdesktop dbus service starts the applet, that's *BUG* :)14:13
apacheloggerverterok: [D-BUS Service]14:14
apacheloggerthat is what my /usr/share/dbus-1/services/com.ubuntuone.Authentication.service says14:14
nessitamine says that too14:14
verterokthat's bad14:15
apacheloggermy thinking exactly :)14:15
verterokapachelogger: ok, please could you file a bug about this? :D14:15
apacheloggersure can do14:16
apacheloggerverterok: any intermediate way to work around this?14:16
apacheloggerso I can continue porting :)14:16
verterokapachelogger: 1) you can ignore the applet poping up, not good enough IMHO14:17
verterokapachelogger: 2) uninstall ubuntuone-client-gnome and provide you'r own, patched, com.ubuntuone.Authentication.service :)14:18
apacheloggerhehe, got already started at 2) :)14:19
verterokapachelogger: if you can wait a bit I might get a very basic script to start only oauthdesktop14:19
verterokheh, or you can do it ;-)14:19
apacheloggerverterok: well, if you have time .... I should be fixing a flat tire really ;)14:20
verterokapachelogger: heh, ok. I don't have time, but I'll try to get it done ASAP14:20
apacheloggerverterok: thanks :)14:21
verterokapachelogger: hey, we alreayd have a standalone oauthdesktop service! yay!14:32
verterokapachelogger: ubuntuone/oauthdesktop/main.py14:33
verterokapachelogger: the launched is: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/323368/14:36
verterokapachelogger: just need to point the dbus .service file to that script and you'r done ;-)14:36
jblountDesktop+ MEETING BEGINS15:00
jblountHi & welcome to the Desktop+ standup, Friday edition. If you are here and ready to roll, please respond with "me".15:00
urbanapemorning, folks15:00
jblountDONE: Got some code landed yesterday, worked on a magical breaking test on the /account/machines/ page15:03
jblountTODO: REVIEW DAY! Fix my magical test, get a "assorted fixes" branch together and up for review.15:03
jblountBLOCKED: Nope15:03
jblountvds: tag15:03
vdsDONE: fixed issues with migration to v8, code review15:03
vdsTODO: work with thisfred on the new timestamp implementation15:03
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:03
vdsurbanape: go!15:03
urbanapeDONE: Sprint and UDS. Submitted branch to lazr-js, but ran up against pqm funkiness. Still hanging onto the ubuntuone-servers branch.15:04
urbanapeTODO: Travel. Sleep. Sleep more. Then sleep. Look at Bindwood for Chromium.15:04
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:04
jblounturbanape: I saw a ping from you around 3 Texas time yesterday, do you still need me?15:05
apacheloggerverterok: thank you :)15:10
verterokapachelogger: np15:10
urbanapejblount: Yeah, but I'll just get with you on Monday. Some CSS lovin' for the branch I've got open.15:11
urbanapedid you ever land your branch that combined and minified the js and CSS?15:12
jblounturbanape: No, I figured you were going to land it with your stuff, but I can work on that today and try to have it in trunk before you get back to stuff next week.15:14
urbanapethat would be great. I fear I might have lost a little context on all that.15:23
urbanapeTom and I cherrypicked some of the pieces out of your branch.15:24
jblountI'll work on that in a bit, I was a little worried that some of the css stuff that was in that branch might get lost, so this is a good way to make sure the hanges hang around.15:26
urbanapedo we have any buildout knowledgeable peeps on our team?15:30
frantaHi there, I am using kubuntu 9.10 and trying ubuntuone I have problems with connecting(it keeps being disconnected) is there some debugging mode to see what's going on?17:24
nessitafranta: hi there17:27
nessitafranta: can you please paste the contents of this file: ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf17:27
frantanessita: [bandwidth_throttling]17:27
frantaon = True17:27
frantaread_limit = -117:27
frantawrite_limit = -117:27
nessitafranta: can you please try the following? quit the applet17:28
nessitathen, edit that file and set on = False17:28
nessitathat is turn off throttling17:28
nessitafranta: then, open the  client again from applications -> internet -> ubuntu one17:29
frantanessita: it looks like it works :)17:29
nessitafranta: yey!17:29
frantaah it died17:29
frantait just disappeared17:30
nessitafranta: could you please check that throttling is in False?17:30
frantayes it stayed the way I have changed it17:30
nessitafranta: it dissappears if is nto synchronizing anything17:30
nessitafranta: you can change that from the Preferences dialog17:31
frantanessita: yes it works!:D17:31
nessitafranta: you can set Show Icon -> Always17:31
nessitafranta: perfect!17:31
frantanessita: and I have one more question... how to reset or set again association with computer?17:32
nessitafranta: this issue (throttling) is a know bug and we're working on it17:32
frantanessita: thanks!:)17:32
nessitafranta: hum, you mean adding a new computer?17:32
nessitafranta: let me ask around (I'm still learning ;-))17:33
frantanessita: me too:)17:33
nessitafranta: you can remove the token of your computer from the website and then connect/reconnect17:36
nessitafranta: browse this url https://one.ubuntu.com/account/machines/17:36
frantanessita: THANKS!!!!:)17:36
nessitafranta: you're welcome!17:37
frantaI must be blind:) there is a link in account tab :D17:37
nessitafranta: I couln't find it either, don't worry ;-)17:37
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LiCeThi all20:00
LiCeTstill having problems syncing/updating my ubuntu120:02
LiCeTfolders marked as updated but no files online20:04
LiCeTnow seems to be workin :p20:08
LiCeTthx anyway20:08
CardinalFangthisfred, https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mandel/desktopcouch/port-cannot-be-read-slow/+merge/1510020:51
thisfredCardinalFang: don't know if you saw, but manuel sent the signed contributer's agreement20:51
thisfredso that's no obstacle for merging20:52
thisfredah, but now I get a test error: https://pastebin.canonical.com/24950/20:54
thisfredCardinalFang: ^20:54
thisfredCardinalFang: worse than that, what does this mean? https://pastebin.canonical.com/24951/20:55
thisfredrunning tests again succeeds, but this is still worrying. We may have to increase the waits. I originally suggested longer ones...20:56
CardinalFangHrm.  His machine is slow enough to discover the pid->port problem, but it starts listening soon.20:57
thisfredand that memory dump or whatever it is, I really don't understand. Is that a twisted thing? I doubt manuel's code caused that]20:57
CardinalFangI don't see the code that would print those lines.20:57
CardinalFangthisfred, did you branch a new copy of his branch, or use yesterday's?  It's not the same branch.20:58
thisfredCardinalFang: ah20:58
thisfredno I did merge what you pasted above20:58
thisfredor copied the branch url from that page rather20:59
CardinalFangso "bzr branch"?20:59
thisfred/home/eric/canonical/desktopcouch/r-mandel/desktopcouch/tests/__init__.py:9: Warning: g_set_application() name called multiple times21:00
thisfred  gobject.set_application_name("desktopcouch testing")21:00
thisfredCardinalFang: bzr branch trunk r-mandel ; cd r-mandel ;  bzr merge lp:~mandel/desktopcouch/port-cannot-be-read-slow21:00
CardinalFangthisfred, er, yes.  That's roundabout.  same as "bzr branch lp:~mandel..."21:01
thisfredyeah, except this shows conflicts for one thing21:02
CardinalFangOkay, I'm trying soon.  I watched him run it here, not tried it.21:02
thisfredwhich is why I should have caught that one yesterday, but my trunk wasn't up to date apparently21:02
thisfredI'll paste this in, and abstain, since I can't say for sure it's not a problem only I see, although I would try to run this on very slow machines, or alternatively, see what happens without any waits. We may need to make the exponential waits longer/grow faster for this to work on more hardware. Which should not affect faster computers.21:05
CardinalFangthisfred, that "dump" stuff is aquarius' new code that looks for this very error.  A user complained of it earlier.22:20
CardinalFangWe got it licked, I reckon.  Patch coming.22:21
thisfredCardinalFang: ah ok, then I'm approving, as this branch doesn't cause it22:21
thisfredor should I wait? Are you fixing on a new branch?22:21
=== nessita changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Have a question? Ping | Updated client software is now available to everyone running Ubuntu 9.10. Please run Update Manager to install it, and then restart the client. Enjoy 9.10! | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Testing Client Revno is 278, Protocol Revno is 73
CardinalFangNo, go ahead.22:21
nessitabye people!22:21
CardinalFangthisfred, I'll work on this separate.22:21
thisfredlater nessita have a great weekend22:21
thisfredCardinalFang: aye aye22:22
CardinalFanglater, nessita.22:22
nessitathisfred: you too!22:22

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