mac_vd3xter: the updates are not to be shown in the indicator applet... they are planning on a system menu or whateever it is called for lucid05:07
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djsiegelmac_v: first lucid papercut milestoned: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/487208 :)17:56
ubot4Launchpad bug 487208 in hundredpapercuts "Make tooltips consistent with Ubuntu's look and feel" [Undecided,New]17:56
mac_vdjsiegel: nice :) 17:58
djsiegelmac_v: I am cleaning up the Karmic milestones17:59
mac_vdjsiegel: also have a look at this > http://blogs.fedoraproject.org/wp/mclasen/2009/10/26/5-little-things/ , this also needs to be implemented to get the full look from mccann's blog17:59
djsiegeland I will blog today about Karmic retrospective and Lucid plans17:59
djsiegelmac_v: I don't want the "full look" :)17:59
djsiegelJust updated tooltips17:59
mac_vdjsiegel: the rounded tooltips18:00
mac_voh , ok ;)18:00
mac_vdjsiegel:  but yeah , the consistent location should be a good fix 18:00
mac_vdjsiegel: can we rename the milestones to Lucid R1 and such ? it would be easier to differentiate and also for the future releases as well18:02
djsiegelmac_v: the old milestones will disappear18:02
djsiegelonce we mark them released18:02
mac_vdjsiegel: hmm , didnt know that... thats good... i got confused since for the rest of the projects the milestones dont go away18:03
djsiegelmaybe they aren't releasing18:04
djsiegelyeah, I get round 1 is gone now18:04
djsiegelbeuno-lunch: how do I get to viewing the bugtask in the right project?18:08
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mac_vdjsiegel: Bug #388949 , this is a very simple one , it already has the patch , you just need to mail the nautilus mailing list18:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 388949 in hundredpapercuts "'Clean Up by Name' -> 'Arrange by Name'" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38894918:08
beunodjsiegel, what do you mean?18:08
djsiegelbeuno: so I am looking at a bug18:08
mac_vthat can be fixed in the lucid round 1^18:08
djsiegelit has this links for actions like18:09
djsiegelNominate for a release18:09
djsiegelthey affect the bugtask I am currently viewing18:09
djsiegelsuper confusing18:09
djsiegelI want to "get to" the same bug I am currently looking at, in the hundredpapercuts project18:09
beunothere is no good way of doing that really18:10
beunoyou need to get to it via the project18:10
beunoos basically search for it from the project you want it18:10
djsiegelI did18:10
beunoand it didn't work?18:10
djsiegelI got to it from the hundredpapercuts project property18:10
djsiegeland the active bugtask is nautilus (ubuntu)18:11
beunodjsiegel, can you send me the link from where you clicked on?18:11
beunoit's a pretty big bug if that did happen18:11
beunoit's a bug on that listing18:12
beunoif you go from, say, here: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts18:12
beunoit will DTRT18:12
beunoI'll file the bug18:12
djsiegelcool, thanks18:13
djsiegelmac_v: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule18:17
djsiegelhere is our schedule18:17
djsiegelIf we start next week, and skip a week for the holidays, we can have 13 milestones before UI freeze18:18
djsiegelrickspencer3: hey18:19
djsiegelrickspencer3: ^^18:19
djsiegelI am drawing to draft a paper cuts schedule18:19
mac_vdjsiegel: hmm , can we mention the papercuts somewhere in the schedule ? that schedule is referenced by a lot of +1 testers , so it would get more attention to the papercuts18:19
djsiegelmac_v, yes I think we can do that18:19
djsiegelonce we decide on the schedule18:19
beunodjsiegel, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/48722318:19
djsiegelafter U1 freeze, what kind of paper cuts can we fix?18:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 487223 in launchpad-registry "Bug listing URLs on milestones are contextless" [Undecided,New]18:19
djsiegel*UI freeze18:20
mac_vdjsiegel: after UI , probably , bug which dont affect the translations18:20
mac_vdjsiegel: or those which dont need screenshots to be updated18:21
djsiegelIx bugs18:21
djsiegelOk, since this is LTS, lets not milestone past UI freeze, actually18:22
mac_vgood plan 18:22
djsiegelMDC1: thank you can tackle: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/4684618:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 46846 in hundredpapercuts "Emblems get cut when scaled to a zoom >= 150% (refresh issue)" [Undecided,In progress]18:35
d3xtermac_v: and what about other entry's like "chris sent you a message" or "new wireless networks available"?19:41
mac_vd3xter: hmm , why should they show up in the indicator applet? you get the notifications already right... [maybe I havent understood you idea fully]19:42
d3xtermac_v: they should show up in the dropdown list, so the user can click on the "new message"-entry and the chat-window opens up19:44
d3xterfor example19:44
d3xterso it is easier for the user to react to certain "events"19:45
mac_vd3xter: hmm , what happens when user receives 10 IM messages ? 19:46
mac_vwill 10 items be listed?19:46
d3xtermac_v: no, there will be 1 item per user listed19:46
d3xtermaybe "3 new messages from chris"19:46
mac_vyeah , i meant 10 different users... but i dont see that as ideal ;)19:47
d3xtermac_v: oh ok, but there should be still a "Delete All"-Entry to delete all notifications :P19:47
d3xterthey arent necessary, so19:48
d3xtermac_v: another possible items could be "New E-Mail received" or "You need to restart your computer"19:49
d3xter(after upgrading)19:49
d3xteror "Battery is low, do you want to Suspend?". There should be plenty of those, which would be useful19:51
mac_vd3xter: the indicator already shows the "New mail received" but not that verbose , but shows the new message count...  and the "restart required" is not something Ubuntu wants to be done in the indicator applet , that has been brought up several times and rejected :)19:51
d3xtermac_v: yes, because indicator-applet in its current state is completly different, thats why "Restared required" didnt make it into indicator-applet19:52
d3xteror maybe we could add another applet for those message ;)19:52
mac_vd3xter: the indicator applet is a messaging menu ... AFAIK , so will only remain for messaging related stuff..  ;)19:53
mac_vd3xter: there was a proposal for a system indicator , ScottK would know more about it 19:53
d3xtermac_v: it is? to me it seems like a menu with Im-Messengers and Mail-Clients in it ;)19:53
mac_vd3xter: yes ,those are all messaging stuff ;p19:54
ScottKI didn't pay attention to the details of what was going into the menus.19:54
* ScottK was more interested in the underlying protocol stuff (e.g. die xembed, die!)19:55
mac_vScottK: ah , you are here.. Hi.. any link to the system indicator UDS discussion?19:55
mac_vd3xter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MessagingMenu , has most of the info19:56
d3xtermac_v: ok thanks, i'll read through it19:57
ScottKhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ApplicationIndicatorsLucidPlan too19:57
d3xtermac_v: oh alright, so the messaging menu is moving towards another direct :)20:00
mac_vScottK: ah.. thanks 20:03
* mac_v wonders why the ayatana topic is still set to an UDS session20:04
=== ScottK changed the topic of #ayatana to: Ayatana: Notify OSD, the Messaging Menu, and more
ScottKBecause no one changed it.20:04
mac_vScottK: could you add the wiki links in the topic too?20:04
ScottKmac_v: I'm guessing it's open.  I don't think I have any special powers here.20:05
ScottKIf I do, I've no idea how I got them.20:05
=== mac_v changed the topic of #ayatana to: Ayatana: Notify OSD, the Messaging Menu, and more... Kindly read the wiki for information regarding: NotifyOSD > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotifyOSD : Messaging menu > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MessagingMenu
mac_vScottK: ah , yeah it seems open to all :)20:14
MDC1djsiegel, yeah - i saw you assigned me that one ;)20:41
MDC1oh.. he's not online20:42
djsiegel1lamalex beuno DanRabbit mac_v, thoughts: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneHundredPaperCuts/Spec/382703#preview ?23:34
beunodjsiegel1, +123:35
beunoand if I get 2 votes, +223:35
djsiegel1hmm, maybe we should just use short username (directory name) everywhere...23:52
lamalexI think Home is nicer23:53
lamalexgo home23:53
lamalexfeels safe23:53

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