flint_highvoltage, Good morning!12:39
flint_Meeting Times of the last half dozen edubuntu IRC meetings:09/18/2009 17:00 UTC, 09/25/2009 17:00 UTC, 10/02/2009 17:00 UTC, 10/09/2009 17:00 UTC, 10/16/2009 17:00 UTC,12:40
flint_Then the meeting appears to have switched to 11/12/2009 15:00 UTC.12:40
flint_From the standard Friday to a Thursday.12:41
flint_At this time there are no Edubuntu meetings scheduled on the fridge (http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar)12:41
flint_Are all these assertions accurate?12:42
highvoltagemorning flint_!12:43
flint_highvoltage, How are things in sunny South Africa Johnathan?12:44
highvoltageflint_: the next one is on Nov 25: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/Meetings/Agenda12:45
highvoltageI should've added it to the fridge... will do so now12:45
highvoltageflint_: nice and sunny (for a change)... summer seems to have come late this year :)12:45
flint_highvoltage, the mornings here in Vermont are cold but the days are crisp and clear.  No snow yet :^(...12:46
highvoltageflint_: added to the fridge, I'll be more diligent doing that from now on12:48
flint_highvoltage, not to worry, I am trying to synchronize... :^)12:50
highvoltageflint_: I'm going to Quebec in probably a little bit more than a month from now, will be the first time that I actually experience snow :)12:51
flint_highvoltage, Excellent!   Where will you be in Quebec? I might be able to come up.12:52
highvoltageflint_: Sherbrooke, it's close to Montreal12:53
flint_highvoltage, I know Sherbrooke well.  It is a very cool University town.  They have excellent Morrocan food shops in the old part of the city... Keep me informed via email.12:56
flint_highvoltage, Is your trip Ubuntu related?12:56
highvoltageflint_: yep, I work almost full time for revolution linux now which is based there12:59
flint_highvoltage, I know and like Revolution Linux, and worked with Benoit St-Andre (who I constantly called disparaging names :^) at NECC in DC over the summer.13:05
highvoltageflint_: cool :)13:06
flint_They set up a 40 node LTSP off of one server that actually ran video on each station.  Very Cool.  I have been meaning to continue to harass him...  This may be an opportunity.13:07
flint_I was the wire monkey for this... it went very well...13:10
sbalneavMorning all14:57
highvoltagemorning sbalneav!16:14
highvoltagemorning mhall119|work16:18
=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage

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