kcj1993how do i setup compiz in kde?00:00
Izinucstypically it's already there.. what kind of video card do you have?00:01
kcj1993so i can have a "desktop kube"00:01
Izinucshave you enabled the propriatory drivers for your card?00:01
kcj1993I have compiz all setup in gnome00:01
Izinucsah.. are you just switching desktops on login?00:02
kcj1993btw im an ubuntu novice and a kde noob00:02
kcj1993still there?00:03
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Izinucsnot sure... I'm running kubuntu in a vbox vm.. been using gnome & ubuntu for 5 years but really only have played with kde on occation.. I like kubuntu now with the newly rewritten desktop00:04
kcj1993that doesn't hep me much00:05
kcj1993wow using ubuntu for 5 years!00:05
kcj1993I have been using it for almost one00:05
Izinucssince "Breezy Badger"00:05
kcj1993i have been using it since 8.1000:06
Izinucswhich was just before 6.06  ... I still consider myself a nOOb :)00:06
kcj1993I still think 9.04 is the best00:06
kcj1993but im using 9.1000:07
kcj1993I've had to many problems with 9.1000:07
kcj1993and gnome00:07
kcj1993on 9.1000:07
Izinucsbetween LTS releases there can be a wide variety of "bugless" releases.. this lappy I'm on is still running 8.04 which is pretty solid.. my desktop is Intrepid 8.1000:08
kcj1993top tip: don't switch!00:08
Izinucsbut I'm irc-ing in 9.10 kubuntu in the vm.. seems pretty solid00:08
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kcj1993it crashed on me a few days ago00:09
Izinucsthe trick to upgrade (for me anyway) is to reinstall fresh for each one I want.. I maintain a separate /home partition for just this reason.00:10
kcj1993its just easer that way00:10
Izinucsok.. this is a race.. let's figure out how to add a program to the "K" launcher Favorites :)00:10
Izinucshow 'bout you?00:11
Izinucsyou have to click the kmenu.. find the program in the menu where ever it is and right mouse click it...00:11
Izinucsdo you have the "kde uBlog" widgit on the screen?00:12
mazzoHey there..00:17
Consul_Falx!hi | mazzo00:17
ubottumazzo: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:17
AssociateXhow do I install grip00:17
* Consul_Falx leaving00:18
mazzoI'm using a Canon Pixma MP640 on Kubuntu 9.10 but i have no idea how to scan via wifi with this device00:18
Consul_Falx!bye | all00:18
ubottuall: Au revoir!00:18
mazzoi've downloaded all available drivers from the australian canon website and printing works fine ..00:19
Waistlesshi, having an audio issue. VLC can play videos and anything else fine through the default device (HDA Nvidia), but amarok causes phonon to say the device doesnt work, and doesnt play sound. any way to get around this?00:19
AssociateXam I  on ignore?00:20
Waistlessno i can see you :P00:20
mazzowhat may i do ?00:22
faderhvalquick question how do i enable transparency for terminal windows? it says its disabled do my desktop not supporting transparent windows?00:22
AssociateXhow do I install grip00:38
Izinucswhat's grip AssociateX00:42
IzinucsAssociateX: sudo apt-get install emdebian-grip  ...00:45
Izinucsif that is the same package..00:45
AssociateXE: Package grip has no installation candidate00:47
AssociateXgrip is a very cool gui app for ripping CD's00:48
AssociateXit's a gnome package00:48
Bloodyratshey someone do a who on me and tell me wat it says00:48
Izinucsis it not the emdebian-grip package?00:48
AssociateXthat's something eslse00:49
Izinucshummm... have you tried k3b?  always worked well for me.00:49
AssociateXyeah but it's not doing the cddb look up for some reason00:50
luis_WTH happens with amsn?! come on i type: Change nick, then i change my nick, i log out, i reconnect and after that, no matter what, my name: "Luis Javier" Appears as the nick, not caring about the nick I typed, is this a glitch???? come on i am tired, this amsn is the most same looking to windows live messenger00:50
Bloodyratsdoes anyone know any good irc clients for blackberry? This one is crap00:50
AssociateXIzinucs: Grip is pretty cool00:51
AssociateXlook it up00:51
Izinucslooks ok.. kind of a plain interface but functional00:53
AssociateXit's very functional00:53
AssociateXall substance00:53
AssociateXlittle flash00:53
IzinucsI can irc and browse the internet but can't seem to connect to the repositories.. sudo apt-get update tries to connect but doesn't.. any ideas?00:56
Izinucstypically at us.archive.ubuntu.com00:57
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Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: maybe the server is busy at this moment00:58
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: it would have to VERY busy to just timeout.. I'm switching to the main repos and checking there.00:59
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: perfect, try them01:00
h4udac3kinda of a noob here with linux. is there a program that lets you delete all cache/temp/memory dump (similar to windows). something that works like ccleaner.01:05
h4udac3btw hi all01:06
K350Add/Remove Software, synaptic and other apps that usualy ask for a password have stoped to do so in my kubuntu 9.10. What can I do to adjust it, and where?01:06
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Guest76194h4udac3 hey google 'computer janitor'01:07
Joshua^DunamisK350: mmm maybe you choosed to permanently they accept the access01:07
Guest76194cleans up a lot of erroronous data logs and so forth01:07
Joshua^DunamisK350: at this moment I don't know the solution01:07
Guest76194i got it, its pretty useful01:08
h4udac3guest: i already started using computer janitor...i knew it gets rid of unused packages, but i didn't know it does other stuff as well01:08
Joshua^DunamisK350: are you using ubuntu or kubuntu? That problem is only on the Gnome (GTK) applications?01:09
h4udac3guest: thanks01:10
Guest76194lol neither didi i as browsin thru linux magazine n they had an article on it, a few issues back now01:10
AssociateXOK, what the heck is going on? I can't find grip info on the ubuntu page01:10
AssociateXis grip called something else now?01:10
Joshua^DunamisAssociateX: what is grip? Do you mean greep?01:11
Joshua^Dunamisops grep?01:11
nevyncdparanoia Grip01:12
nevynJoshua^Dunamis: grip is a gui for cdparanoia01:12
nevyn... I think01:13
Joshua^Dunamisnevyn: ahhaha ok, ok, I didn't know it01:13
DragnslcrAssociateX- looks like it was removed from the repositories as of 9.1001:14
Joshua^Dunamismaybe becouse k3b can be used as gui of cdparanoia01:16
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AssociateXDragnslcr: Yeah I just read that, the maintainer flaked out.01:16
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: I had to go to the United Kingdom repos to get anything to work.. the one's in the us didn't do anything for me.. weird.01:16
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: mmm what a pit! I'm italian so I use italian repositories working very fine01:17
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: just very strange.. where you at in italy?01:18
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: Sicily01:18
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: never made it that far south.. lived in Naples for a couple of years..01:19
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: Really?!!! Wow, fantastic01:19
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: therefore you know Italy01:19
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: pretty good.. traveled quite a bit while in High School.  but that was 30 years ago01:20
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: wow, as a teacher? It' a fantastic case :)01:21
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: nope.. student.. I was in a DoD school while there.. dad was military01:23
mofuxare there nightly builds for kde trunk arround somewhere?01:24
mofux(for karmic)01:24
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: ah I see! Did you like Italy?01:24
IzinucsOne of the best places I've ever been..01:25
pookitois anyone in the channel01:26
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: yeah, So do I. Sometimes I dislike how italian politic is made, but the country is pretty beatyfull01:27
AlexZionIzinucs: really !?!, I'm Italian and I hate this shit country right now ... :(01:27
Izinucswow.. is kde/kubuntu more popular in italy then gnome?01:28
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: maybe, I don't know that, but I always loved Kde since I installed my first linux distro in 200301:29
kavurtwhat do you want pookito01:30
Joshua^DunamisI also used Gnome but my preference is for kde01:30
pookitoI am having problem with my sound card.  I think01:32
pookitoI use an xps m153001:32
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: maybe because it's what you started with.. I started with gnome 6 years ago and feel more productive in it.. but .. the latest kubuntu with the new kde is very attractive... I just have to relearn different package names and how to do stuff..01:32
pookitoand the mic does not work01:32
Joshua^Dunamismofux: I know that the 1° december will come out kde 4.3.4 and kde 4.4 beta, but I supose we 'll find kde 4.3.4 in  ppa repos01:32
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: I see! I dislike the wars between kde and gnome. Imho both gnome and kde are very good desktops. But in my experience after a couple of months using gnome, I always came back to kde01:35
IzinucsJoshua^Dunamis: you sound like my polar opposite :)01:36
Joshua^DunamisIzinucs: ahhahah :)01:36
K350Joshua^Dunamis: Yes, propably I chosed to allways accept. I'm running Kubuntu 9.1001:41
Joshua^DunamisK350: I found out the solution for Ubuntu, let's try me to find out the Kubuntu one's01:42
K350Joshua^Dunamis: Oh, tell tell tell!01:43
=== jtisme is now known as jtholmes
Joshua^DunamisK350: In ubuntu you have to go in system - Administration - Autorizzations menù but that is the Gnome menu.01:44
K350Joshua^Dunamis: wonder what that might be in kubuntus kmeny -> systemesttings...01:45
K350Joshua^Dunamis: I've not sen anything like Authorizations in kubuntus systemsettings01:46
Joshua^DunamisK350: I'm looking at it but I didn't find anything like that for now01:46
K350Joshua^Dunamis: Could it have something to do with kde-vallet?01:47
Joshua^DunamisK350: it needs to find something else, I'm looking for in Italian Ubuntu Forum for a solution01:47
Joshua^DunamisK350: kde-vallet? May be01:47
K350Joshua^Dunamis: On  the other hand . I've been there - in KDE-valett - but nothing...01:48
Joshua^DunamisK350: also me01:48
K350Joshua^Dunamis: and the sessionmanager don't give much either01:48
AlexZionJoshua^Dunamis: teh Italian channel for ubuntu/kubuntu is #ubuntu-it01:48
AlexZionwhat's the problem K350 ?01:48
Joshua^DunamisAlexZion: yes I know it, at this moment I'm looking for it on the forum01:49
Joshua^DunamisAlexZion: ;)01:49
K350AlexZion: Apps like Add/Remove Software, synaptic and others that usualy require a password have stoped to ask for one.01:49
AlexZionyou will find there a lot of nice people waiting to help you ..:D01:49
AlexZionK350: and you can still install and remove software without pass ?01:50
Joshua^DunamisAlexZion: yes I know it :) I'm trying to help K350 becouse its problem may affect me one day01:50
Joshua^Dunamis*his problem01:51
K350AlexZion: Yes, I'm in some sort of infinite sudo session01:51
AlexZionok , have you check on the policyKit in the system settings window !?!01:52
K350AlexZion: I propably cliked something to allways allow acces.01:52
Joshua^DunamisK350: by the way, in the konsole, if you want to use sudo commands, does it ask you a password?01:52
K350AlexZion: No, but I'll rigth away...01:52
K350Joshua^Dunamis: yes there it allways prompts for a passwd01:53
Joshua^DunamisK350: ok, the problem for me is about kdesudo01:53
Joshua^DunamisK350: now it needs a solution01:53
Joshua^DunamisK350: have you try kpackagekit?01:54
Joshua^DunamisK350: does it ask you a password if you are installing a package?01:54
K350Joshua^Dunamis: I don't know yet..let me first check my policykit...01:54
AssociateXwhat gives the libcurl headers?01:55
Joshua^DunamisK350: do you remember if a synaptic session on kde use kdesudo or gksudo?01:55
K350AlexZion: Now I'm not really familar with the policykit. Eitherw way I've two things in there , they're---01:56
K350AlexZion: org.k3b and org.freedesktop01:57
AlexZionexpand the second ...01:57
Joshua^DunamisK350: I already looked at it, I didn't find the solution there, but try to look more carefully01:57
AlexZionK350: do you have this problem just installing package ?01:58
K350AlexZion: there, in freedesktop I've --> The Policykit Project and ThePackagekit Project01:58
AlexZionI mean , for example , to share folder , do you have the same problem ?01:58
AlexZionyeah , I know , but Ineed to understand if it's a general problem or just for some action ?01:59
K350AlexZion: well,  at least I've no password windows in add/remove software. But I'm alowed to add/remove01:59
K350AlexZion: I'll try something else..like..say open the logon manager..it use to require a passwd02:00
AlexZionhave a look at The PackageKit Project02:00
AssociateXwhat gives the libcurl headers?02:01
K350AlexZion: Ok there's a list there. some thigs with a lock-icon and some wiht a blue icon02:01
Joshua^Dunamisyes look at Packagekit Project, now I'm looking better on it02:01
K350Joshua^Dunamis: Yes I'm there...02:01
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AlexZiontell me , do you have the sameproblem with other task which should ask you a password ?02:03
Joshua^DunamisK350: look at autorizzation on Package installation (I have it in italian so try to find it if it's different)02:03
bodomhi there02:03
tsimpsonAssociateX: try libcurl4-gnutls-dev02:03
bodomI got a strage behaviour with my keyboard and key-repetition02:04
K350AlexZion: yes it seems to be that way02:04
AlexZionso it is a general problem ....02:04
bodomwhen I press and hold a key, it' repeated correctly, except for the left and down arrow keys02:04
bodomany ideas?02:04
K350AlexZion: went to the logon editor..didn't ask for a password. It use to ...02:04
K350AlexZion: yes, at least as it seems02:05
K350AlexZion: it's like a session that's not closed02:05
AlexZionok , on "The policyKit Project" section ?, do you have anything locked ?02:05
K350AlexZion: yes plenty of things locked02:06
K350AlexZion: That's why I guess it's a session going on and on...02:06
AlexZionplanty ?, I have just 402:06
K350AlexZion: I've...02:06
K350AlexZion: 10 things locked in org.freedesktop The packagekit project02:07
AlexZionok , but I asked you towatch on the policiKit Project as well ...02:08
WilliamBuellthe simple backup I installed with synaptic mgr defaluts to an include of /var /home / user/local /etc .. QUESTION, in the event that I had to restore, how much would I get back of my system, would all the apps be there?02:08
Joshua^DunamisK350: are they marked as STOP?02:09
AssociateXtsimpson: thanks that worked02:09
K350AlexZion: I've no idea. there's just this lock icon02:10
WilliamBuellI found a huge tar statement which claimed to backup the entire system which resulted in a 2.5 gig file, but with some error messages at the end of procedure... but a different prog said the tar is corrupt02:11
AlexZionok , but if you select one of them , you will see on the right side , all the propriety ..., right ?02:11
WilliamBuelland i dont have luxury to actually try to unzip the tar02:11
Joshua^DunamisAlexZion: It not seems easy this PolicyKit configuration! I'm looking in my system there are only three instances of authority about my account. It works fine to me but if I would to change anything may have some problems.02:17
AlexZionI know isn't so simple , but we have just this .. :D02:18
Num83rGuyMy mouse randomly frezzes and I can't find the cause. The last time it happened I tryed to run lsusb but it gave no output.02:19
Joshua^DunamisAlexZion: I see :D02:20
Num83rGuysorry quassel crashed :(02:21
Num83rGuyAnyway some times after the mouse stops working my keyboard stops as well both are USB.02:22
=== fran is now known as Guest4
Tamagotono_Anyone know how to disable the "change desktop with mousewheel" feature?  It is VERY annoying...  :)02:23
WilliamBuellTamagotono_: did you google on it, just curious02:24
fran_does anyone know how to activate the multitouchpad trackpad on kubuntu 9.10?02:26
Tamagotono_I have in the past but not recently, never had any luck.  Just accidently switched desktops and reminded me to ask here.02:26
WilliamBuellTamagotono_:  perhaps this link might have something, i only quickly scanned it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad/Hardy02:26
Joshua^DunamisI'm going away see you soon02:27
Tamagotono_WilliamBuell: Thanks, I'll check it out.02:27
fran_anyone uses kubuntu on a asus eeepc 1000he?02:30
Num83rGuy259 people and not a one has a guess as to why my USB mouse randonly frezzes on K/ubuntu and not Windows?02:45
IzinucsNum83rGuy: is it a microsoft mouse? :)02:45
Num83rGuyNo generic02:46
IzinucsNum83rGuy: no idea.. sorry..02:46
Num83rGuyThanks for takeing a stab at at least.:)02:46
Num83rGuyStarting to wonder if I was mute.02:47
nate_hello, i would like to create an ftp server to access some of my files from a remote location.  any body want to help?02:47
Tamagotono_WilliamBuell: Thanks for the link but it didn't have what I need.  I did find a comment that gave me a work-around though.  I just switched the desktop to "folder view" and now it does not switch desktops on mousewheel.  Kinda hokey but it works.  :) thanks again.02:52
Izinucsnate_: you're almost better off using ssh.. much easier and little to no setup02:56
Izinucsnate_: on the other hand.. you can sign up for ubuntu one's free 2 gig space.. www.one.ubuntu.com02:56
nate__basicly i want to change out music or listen to music at work that resides on my home pc.02:59
nate__and if there is some thing a friend wants i would like them to be able to log in and get it.03:00
shentino_Um...is irc.ubuntu.com linked into the freenode network?03:04
webbb82im running on a netbook and i want to install the kubuntu netbook remix, but is the only differance just the app launcher or is kde fine tunned for  netbooks03:22
Tamagotono_webbb82: Either one works fine.  I prefer the netbook remix for my Dell mini9 but the standard desktop is good too.03:35
webbb82but is the netbook version tuned for netbooks or is the only differance the app launcher03:36
=== wade is now known as WadoTG
Tamagotono_I haven't looked at the specifics between how they are tuned but I have not noticed any difference in performance, just a bit smaller install footprint.03:38
Tamagotono_webbb82: which netbook do you have?03:41
webbb82acer aspire one03:42
webbb82i can runn compiz with heavy effects and it runs fine03:42
Tamagotono_webbb82: HDD or SSD?03:42
webbb82but the plasma desktop  is very laggy  i have to take off all the effects and run compiz insted of kwin03:42
webbb82i think hdd03:42
webbb82is there anythin els i can do to get plasma les laggy03:43
Tamagotono_You might try installing to a USB stick and see what you think.  It should have similar performance to your HDD.03:43
webbb82i i heard if you change the plasma theme it can help03:43
webbb82ya running from flash is way too slow03:44
Tamagotono_I don't see much lag at all when using kwin.  Checking my settings now to see what settings I have...03:46
webbb82oh  my everything runs pretty good but if i were to drag around the folderview plasma with would skip a little03:48
Tamagotono_I have my settings as follows: OpenGL (using Shared Memory)  Texture filter set to Nearest and both VSync and direct rendering enabled.  Some animations are a bit slow but most are surprisingly smooth.03:51
Tamagotono_webbb82: Just checked... moving a folderview plasmoid is laggy.  Windows are very smooth even with wobbley windows enabled.03:56
webbb82ok so it may just be folderview03:56
webbb82i just got a error trying to install kde   what does this mean04:01
webbb82W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebase-workspace/kdebase-workspace-wallpapers_4.3.2-0ubuntu7.1_all.deb04:01
webbb82  Hash Sum mismatch04:01
Tamagotono_sounds like there was an error in the download.  Try it again and see what happens.04:02
Tamagotono_webbb82: I just tried the link you gave and it downloaded just fine.04:04
xXTheBoxXxi'm trying to set up distcc between gentoo and kubuntu and can't seem to get it working is there an updated howto or something for kubuntu?04:05
webbb82Tamagotono_:  strange it worked for me to but in synaptic it failed to download04:05
Tamagotono_webbb82: I was just playing with some of the plasmoids and it seems the ones with more transparent area are laggy.  If I resize them so they are smaller, they don't lag near as much.04:08
xXTheBoxXxI've been trying to follow this, but I think it's out of date being from 2005: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8318604:09
webbb82what is diskc04:11
Tamagotono_not familiar with diskc.  Where are you seeing it?04:13
webbb82Tamagotono_: from what xXTheBoxXx  was talkin about04:15
xXTheBoxXxTamagotono_: sorry I was trying to ask about my own issue04:18
Tamagotono_xXTheBoxXx: No Problem.. just got a bit confused.   (not a difficult task)    :)04:19
xXTheBoxXxTamagotono_: yeah now I feel bad because webbb82 thought I was talking to him about his issue for some reason04:20
=== xXTheBoxXx is now known as TheBox
alabamahitHi, I'm new to KDE. Came over from gnome. Does KDE have  a program like/or does it have gparted installed already?04:28
Tamagotono_I recommend sticking with gparted.  It has always had the best functionality and there is nothing installed by default in kubuntu, of this type.04:31
alabamahitthanks I will install gparted :P, does what install package does KDE use? sypantic replacement?04:33
Tamagotono_alabamahit: packagekit04:33
alabamahitTamagotono_:  Thank you :)04:34
Tamagotono_alabamahit: NP04:34
ShentinoHuh?  I thought it was adept04:34
alabamahitlol, i can't seem to find either lol04:35
* alabamahit is such a noob.04:35
alabamahitfound it :)04:35
Tamagotono_alabamahit: my bad.. kpackagekit04:36
alabamahitKDE is nice. so much better looking than gnome04:37
alabamahitbe back got to reboot04:43
alabamahitlol  i messedup and removed that "destop" thingy that was on the screen...and can't find it lol04:56
alabamahitwhere is grub at in kubuntu? when i installed it, seems it didn't do right as i can't get into my xp install. i dont see it in /boot/grub/menu.lst <-- That file is not here.05:20
TheBoxalabamahit: try /boot/grub/grub.cfg05:24
TheBoxalabamahit: not really familiar with the syntax though05:24
alabamahitTheBox: thanks that was it. This is my first run with KDE, been on gnome.05:25
TheBoxalabamahit: no, don't edit that one, top of the file says not to05:26
alabamahitmy problem is this. I had xp installed. and i installed KDE with the selection install beside each other. and now can't access the xp.05:27
TheBoxalabamahit: check the README for it here, looks like each OS is a different file in the same directory as the readme /etc/grub.d./README05:28
alabamahitreading that now05:30
TheBoxyeah there should be a 30_os-prober that seems to auto detect my win xp with no configuration needed, but mine is on a second hard disk05:31
alabamahitI just ran a grub update. going to reboot and try it out.05:32
TheBoxgood luck!    ***being nice05:33
TheBoxso anybody here have distcc working in kubuntu with other linux distro?  I'm having an issue with it and need some config help05:34
TheBoxdid it work for ya?05:35
alabamahitsaid the same thing. WHen i click on the xp it says "Invalid Signature"05:35
TheBoxi see an ubuntu forum post with same error reading05:38
TheBoxum might want to try this?   post #13?   http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1264151&page=205:41
WilliamBuellI am a beginner having problems with two different attempts to do a BACKUP, one with the backup util installed via synaptic and the other from a tar command: MY PROBLEM IS I CANNOT delete either the /var/backup folder or the backup tar file05:41
WilliamBuellthe /var/backup folder from the synaptic install seems useless to me if i cannot move it to a dvd or mem stick05:42
=== hemathor_ is now known as hemathor
WilliamBuelland now, the backup folder and backup tar are eating up too much space and i dont know how to delete them05:42
WilliamBuelli would be happy right now simply to learn how to delete the tar backup05:43
alabamahitI'm checking into that TheBox. Thanks :)05:44
Shentinodid you try rm?05:44
Shentinoor mv?05:45
WilliamBuelli am such a beginner that you have to let me know you are directing suggestion to me... since i dont know all these commands05:45
WilliamBuellShentino: are you talking to me05:45
Shentinowilliam:  sorry.  Plug your mem stick in and open it up05:45
TheBoxmight try what is in post #16 before you mess with os-prober like it says05:45
WilliamBuellhow do i delete /backup.tar.gz05:45
WilliamBuelli think that it is in root but not sure05:46
TheBoxusing the 40_custom05:46
amachu I have installed Ubuntu Netbook remix in my Acer Aspire One ZA305:46
WilliamBuelli am a total beginner, so i wont realize you are speaking to me, unless you tell me the complete command to delete /backup.tar.gz05:47
amachuI would like to have KDE also05:47
amachuwhich package suite/ selection should I install05:47
amachu is it kubuntu-desktop or something else?05:47
WilliamBuellubuntu 9.10 desktop05:47
WilliamBuelli am sure it must be a very simple command to delete /backup.tar.gz05:49
alabamahitTheBox: done post 13. then on update-grub no error this time. Going to reboot. i think that might have fixed it. be right back. And thanks for your help it is very much appreciated.05:49
WilliamBuelli dont understand why they make it SO difficult and obscure to delete certain files, or log in with super admin root power05:52
ShentinoWhat is backup.tar.gz anyway?05:54
ShentinoDoes anything in ubuntu create it?05:54
alabamahitwell it didn't break nothign but didn't fix it either lol. going to read more in that topic05:54
bazhangShentino, sbackup05:54
WilliamBuellI created it with a backup tutorial that puts the whole system to a tar05:54
WilliamBuellI did find THIS -The rm (ReMove) command will delete any filename you specify. The rm -rf command will remove any directory you specify.05:54
TheBoxalabamahit: last try for me to help is post 18 same thread http://ubuntu-virginia.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8262566&postcount=1805:55
Shentinoyeah, that's one reason you don't mess around as root.05:55
Shentinoyou can fry your system in a hurry.05:55
WilliamBuellSO I imagine I would go to terminal and use sudo rm /backup.tar.gz05:56
Shentinobut anyway, go into a terminal, sudo rm /backup.tar.gz05:56
WilliamBuellthanks Shentino05:56
alabamahitwill do thanks agian :)05:57
* TheBox crosses fingers05:58
WilliamBuellI just now mounted my 4 gig mem stick, how would I COPY /backup.tar.gz to that mem stick06:01
WilliamBuellsince it would have to be a sudo command06:02
Shentinousually devices like that are mounted at /media06:03
Shentinocheck there06:03
Shentinoyou should be able to cp <source> <target location>06:03
Shentinoor just copy/paste with the file manager06:04
WilliamBuellwell, i am such a beginner, that i dont know how to reference the <target location?06:04
WilliamBuellwhen i right click on the tar, it does not show i have permission to copy06:04
Shentinoah, probably has protections on it06:05
WilliamBuelli mean, if i could delete it or copy it in file manager, it would be a piece of cake06:05
ShentinoWhat does "ls /media" say?06:05
WilliamBuelli am such a beginner, i am not certain but let me go to terminal and enter ls /media06:05
WilliamBuellit gives me lots of useless info about usb1 usb2 usb306:06
ShentinoI'm stumped.  One of those should be your flash drive06:06
WilliamBuelli wish there was a way to launch the file manager with root privileges06:06
WilliamBuellthis is all so hopeless, i have no easy understandable way to backup everything to a dvd or to a memory stick06:08
WilliamBuelland now i am stuck with a huge undeletable /var/backup folder and an undeletabel /backup.tar.gz06:08
WilliamBuelli wonder if I uninstall the simplebackup app, will it remove that backup folder06:09
WilliamBuellsomeone was telling me how simple it is to restore ubuntu06:10
Shentinogo to a terminal06:12
Shentino$ sudo nautilus06:12
Shentinoand then use that one to do your drag & drops06:12
Shentinothat "sudo nautilus" will give you a root file manager06:12
macoum thats in gnome06:12
macoi think you want "kdesu dolphin"06:13
Shentinowell, sudo something ;)06:13
macoalso, you shouldnt use "sudo" on graphical apps. its either "gksudo" or "kdesu"06:13
Shentinobut I'm a sudo wrestler06:14
WilliamBuelli do have the one sudo rm /backup.tar.gz but i am terrified that it will somehow backfire and destroy my entire system06:14
ShentinoYou can still copy it to your flash06:15
Shentinoare you using gnome or kde?06:15
WilliamBuellhow the heck can i copy it to my flash when i dont know how to refer to the flash drive in sudo06:15
macoi would guess kde given the channel...06:15
macoWilliamBuell: type the command "mount" by it self06:15
macoand it should list where everything is on your system06:15
Shentinowill:  you use sudo to start the file manager, which then can handl ethe copy graphically06:15
WilliamBuellmount gives me a lot of strange info06:16
ShentinoIf you're using gnome, then type in "sudo nautilus", if kde, then type in "sudo dolphin".06:16
ShentinoWhatever window pops up afterwards you should be able to use to copy that file06:16
WilliamBuellhow would i start the file manager with sudo?06:17
WilliamBuellohhh sudo nautilus or sudo dolphin06:17
TheBoxI was about to say he just told you06:17
WilliamBuellthat sudo nautilus worked for me, thanks06:20
WilliamBuellthat helps a lot06:20
Shentinogot the data onto your flash drive ok then?06:20
WilliamBuellnot enough room on flash, so I am experimenting with dvd06:20
Shentinodvds you have to burn06:21
Shentinounless it's a prepared dvd-rw or something like that06:21
Shentinohow big is the file btw?06:22
WilliamBuellthe tar file is 1.6 gig06:25
Shentinoum...did you back up the entire drive or just /home?06:25
ShentinoAnyway, now that you know how to get a root file manager, I'd suggest you back up just /home06:26
Shentinoeverything else on an ubuntu system can be reinstalled from the CD06:27
Shentinobest of luck06:27
ShentinoI gotta go to bed now :P06:27
WilliamBuellwell, at least that sudo nautilus command got me into the file manager with the ability to delete that tar file06:29
WilliamBuellso, thanks06:29
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Williambuelli just lost my whole system and could use some advice... it wont boot, it gives me message THE CONFIGURATION DEFAULTS FOR GNOME POWER MANAGER HAVE NOT BEEN INSTALLED07:10
Williambuellwhat options do I have, or should I reinstall Ubuntu 9.10 from CD, and hope that my one system tar backup would bring things back07:10
WilliambuellI am on my Wubi Ubuntu on my other computer07:10
WilliambuellI wonder how or IF I could boot in RECOVERY Mode??07:14
Williambuellbecause I did find some info about how to recover at this link http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-980711.html07:14
WilliambuellI can use the Ubuntu install to get into ubuntu without any changes to system07:20
Williambuellso perhaps i could rescue my system from that?07:21
tessellation12Hi, can anyone suggest a dark theme like oxygen? It's starting to hurt my eyes... @_@07:30
tmadehello, somebody can tell me where the proxy settings are saved in (kubunto 9.1 on kde)07:34
maco9.10. its a 10 not a 1, for octoer07:35
tmadeyes...on 9.1007:35
tessellation12can anyone suggest a qt theme like oxygen only darker?07:36
WilliambuellI lost my whole ubuntu system, so I am doing a re-install of Ubuntu from install cd, and I have one tar file backup which I can try to unzip07:37
Williambuellif that tar does not restore, then I have all my notes as to what I have done the past week in my wordpress blog, so I will just have to recreate everything07:38
=== kb is now known as Guest22274
WilliambuellIf I ever get my ubuntu REINSTALLED I want to learn of some reliable way to create a rescue disk, in case I lose the whole system again07:51
Williambuellwhat is the address to the ubuntu off topic07:57
TheKroWilliambuell: Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic07:59
WaistlessHi, im having an issue with audio: basically after an update, phonon keeps giving a tooltip saying the HDA Nvidia audio device does not work, and falling back to a device i dont use (ati hdmi). as a result, anything that's attatched to kde (like amarok, desktop sounds) has no sound. any ideas?08:06
Waistlessthe configuration is as it should be, xine backend, no pulseaudio08:06
Waistlessalthough it still wants to list pulseaudio as a device ^^....08:06
tmadehow can i update kubuntu?08:30
FireCrotchtmade: If you are looking to just fetch bug-fixes and security updates (as opposed to going from Kubuntu 9.04 to Kubuntu 9.10), you can do "sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get upgrade"08:35
tmadeFireCrotch: thanks..that was the question08:36
FireCrotchtmade: You can also use the graphical package manager, KPackageKit, if you prefer :)08:37
tmadei prefer command line08:37
tmademay it be that kubuntu 9.10 is quite buggy?08:37
tmadee.g. knetworkmanager which doesn´t work!?08:38
tmadehow can i change to make ifup as default(instead of network-manager)?08:38
npinhaoHi, I'm trying the 9.10 Netbook edition on a 901 ASUS eee. Unfortunately I'm having problems with the network...08:39
aomegaxtsimpson: are you there?08:39
aomegaxhowever I have a problem with initramfs...at boot hard disk isn't found08:40
npinhaoIt seems that I can't connect the Wi-Fi with WPA/WPA2, only when I put my router in WEP...08:41
npinhaoHas anybody had that problem before?08:41
aomegaxyesterday I resolve this problem mounting my distro in live, but now it doesn't work again...08:41
sharpen047hello all would someone mind helping me wiht sound? it keeps saying everying is "broken"i uninstalled pulse audio because it wasnt full duplex08:42
tjeGot a question here relating to sound in Kubuntu 9.10.08:42
tjeI've been all over Google w/ this and found one thing that helped, but has not complete corrected the problem.08:43
sharpen047what is it tje08:43
tjeWhen I play sound, it is as if it's double-sampling the sound08:43
tjelike it'll play a fraction of a second of the sound, then play that same fraction again, then move on.08:43
sharpen047meaning its laggy?08:43
tjeYeah, I think that would be an appropriate term.08:43
tjeIt started when I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10.08:43
sharpen047did you try different settings in the panel?08:44
tjeI added "options snd-atiixp ac97_codec=0" to my /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf08:44
tjesharpen047, lemme try that now that I've rid myself of the codec timeout errors in dmesg(8)08:44
sharpen047tje you using pulse audio?08:45
tjesharpen047, Yes.08:47
tjeActually, no.08:47
sharpen047what are you using08:47
tjeI thought I was...  I'm using ATI IXP AC9708:47
aomegaxwhy UUID doesn't identify my HDD?08:47
tjeLemme test it w/ Pulse.08:47
sharpen047thats the card tje08:47
sharpen047youre using pulse audio08:48
aomegaxeven in menu.lst and in fstab my root has the same UUID08:48
sharpen047i am having problems with pulse myself08:48
sharpen047my problems also started in karmic08:48
sharpen047they updated the PA, EVERYONE i know is having probs iwth it08:49
tjesharpen047,  I usually search google w/ site:.ubuntuforums.org and find fixes for any issues I've found.   Have you and/or those you know found solutions to the laggy audio?08:50
sharpen047i had the laggy audi08:50
sharpen047i reinstalled pulse though command line08:50
sharpen047and fixed the laggy but it wasnt full duplex( i could only play sound from one app at a time)08:51
tjewhich packages are those?  Lemme see what I've got installed via dpkg and see if I can reinstall w/o taking out the whole system.08:51
sharpen047so i removed that and now it says all my sound devices are broken.. but i can get sound out of one app the one i open first and then it breaks08:51
tjeSo you suspect it's one of those that we'll just have to wait until Ubuntu releases fixed packages?08:52
sharpen047kpackageman removes EVERYTHING lol08:52
sharpen047i hope not08:52
tjeI don't know how to use any of those GUI package managers.   I've been using dpkg since I was a Debian 3.x user.08:52
sharpen047this is rediculous08:52
sharpen047unfortunately i love linux08:53
sharpen047i just hate the problems like this08:53
sharpen047i have it with everything, consistantly08:54
tjeSame here.   I wouldn't use anything else save for maybe MacOS, but I've been a desktop Linux user for 10 years.08:54
jussi01sharpen047: simple fix, remove pulse audio08:54
jussi01it isnt needed in kubuntu08:54
tjejussi01,  and replace it with what per se?08:54
sharpen047it is removed08:54
sharpen047its gone08:54
Waistlesshi, i've got the backports in sources.list but no updates and packages like kdebase are still at version 4:4.3.2, how do I get them up to 4.3.308:55
jussi01sharpen047: so whats the issue now?08:55
Waistlessand I did do apt-get update08:55
sharpen047jussi01, i start a program say wine.. then my analog device breaks in the little notification window at the bottom right, but i still have sound in wine08:56
sharpen047until i close it08:56
sharpen047Waistless, try #ubuntu there are more people there08:57
jussi01sharpen047: what have you got in the config of wine?08:58
sharpen047you are asking the options right? not what i have enabled?08:58
jussi01sharpen047: please dont recomend #ubuntu for Kubuntu issues08:58
jussi01!info kdebase | karmic-backports08:59
ubottukarmic-backports: kdebase (source: kdebase): base applications from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 67 kB, installed size 124 kB08:59
sharpen047okay sorry :D08:59
jussi01Waistless: Im pretty sure 4.3.3 is only in the experimental repo08:59
jussi01(ie. the ppa)09:00
Waistlessoh wow, 4.3.3 is 4.3.2 in ubuntu language, nice :P09:00
sharpen047jussi01, so are you asking what options i have?09:00
jussi01Waistless: come again?09:01
Tm_Tjussi01: you used info factoid bit wrong09:01
jussi01sharpen047: honestly, Im struggling to stay awake, but check the options there and google some. my brain is hardly functioning atm, Im sorry09:01
Waistlessjussi01: "KDE 4.3.3 for Karmic in the backports:" from topic channel, yet kdebase backports says 4.3.209:01
Waistlesssorry, that confused me :P09:02
Tm_TWaistless: hmm, let's see...09:02
jussi01Waistless: hang on a moment09:02
sharpen047jussi01, lol np :D thanks for trying though. google and the forums has been of no help to me :(09:02
jussi01Waistless: the topic is wrong, see the link09:02
tjeWell, I'll keep hacking around on this sound issue off and on until I get it fixed.   It's 3:00 AM here in the -0600, so I'm going to have to catch some Z's.09:03
=== jussi01 changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala released! | Download your free Kubuntu 9.10 CD iso: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu | For pressed CDs, please ask your LoCo Team | KDE 4.3.3 for Karmic in the Kubuntu PPA: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.3.3 | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Please respect the Ubuntu IRC guidelines: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IrcGuidelines
tjesharpen047,  Thanks for your suggestion about playing aorund w/ the sound options via the control panel.09:03
sharpen047tje, look for me tomorrow09:03
tjesharpen047,  Will do.   Thanks.09:03
sharpen047np :D ill be looking too09:03
aomegaxsharpen047: can you help me?09:04
jussi01sharpen047: I suggest filing a bug with your exact issue09:04
sharpen047aomegax, i can try :D what do you need?09:04
aomegaxsharpen047: my UUID isn't found at boot so I have busybox09:04
sharpen047do you have the exact error typed out?09:05
Mareedo you have the exact error typed out?09:05
aomegaxsharpen047: Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx does not exist. Dropping to a shell!09:06
Mareesharpen047: Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxx does not exist. Dropping to a shell!09:06
sharpen047what are you trying to boot from?09:07
Mareewhat are you trying to boot from?09:07
aomegaxMaree: sharpen047: yesterday i solved with update-initramfs09:07
MareeMaree: sharpen047: yesterday i solved with update-initramfs09:07
aomegaxMaree:  i boot my /root09:07
MareeMaree:  i boot my /root09:07
sharpen047i mean is it off of a hard drive or flash drive?09:08
Mareei mean is it off of a hard drive or flash drive?09:08
aomegaxsharpen047: hdd09:09
Mareesharpen047: hdd09:09
sharpen047do you have the computer in front of you righ tnow?09:10
Mareedo you have the computer in front of you righ tnow?09:10
sharpen047type fdisk -l09:11
Mareetype fdisk -l09:11
aomegaxmy / is ext3 while /boot ext209:11
sharpen047which has the boot flag?09:12
aomegaxsharpen047: it isn't a boot problem...i have 3 hdd...09:13
svetikесть кто?09:13
aomegaxsharpen047: one moment I send you my boot information09:13
sharpen047haha well when i had the problem i didnt have a boot flag selected09:13
sharpen047aomegax, and im not very good with this im learning as im reading now :P09:14
holyguyverIf I am on a system with both kde 3 & 4 apps on it, what do I put into the terminal to start the kde4 theme manager?09:14
aomegaxsharpen047: ok09:14
sharpen047you have to configure it to use kde4, i forgot how to do that though kdm i believe09:14
raj_ GUYS if you have a crackling noise on a laptop with 9,10 try this and tell me if it worked for you thank you :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133504509:14
sharpen047raj_, try that now09:15
raj_for HDA laptop cards09:15
raj_no problem09:15
holyguyverIf I am on a system with both kde 3 & 4 apps on it, what do I put into the terminal to start the kde4 theme manager?09:16
sharpen047raj_, did you try the control panel in kde?09:16
sharpen047aomegax, did you pastebin it?09:16
holyguyverThat is what I am asking for help getting to09:17
jussi01holyguyver: systemsettings09:17
holyguyverI need the terminal mand to get to the stuff09:17
svetikmaybe somebody explain me why after switch user in karmic kubuntu i can't switch on composite features(even if user hase administrators right)09:17
sharpen047aomegax, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=813090 have you been there?09:17
sharpen047thanks jussi0109:17
jussi01holyguyver: though you may need the full path09:17
holyguyverno systemsettings is the kde3 one09:17
raj_sharpen doesnt work .. if its an HDA u need to disable the power saver so the cracling goes away when u boot up09:17
holyguyverI want to access the kde4 one09:17
jussi01holyguyver: /usr/share/kde4/apps/systemsettings09:18
sharpen047jussi01, to the rescue!09:18
sharpen047raj_, did it work for you?09:18
holyguyverbash: /usr/share/kde4/apps/systemsettings: No such file or directory09:18
raj_if your on ubuntu use ur texteditor not gedit on the code09:18
jussi01holyguyver: "locate systemsettings" and find it :D09:19
raj_gedit is for ubuntu .. im not suure what u use for kubuntu09:19
svetikand other noise i here in my nootbooks speakers...09:19
jussi01raj_: kate is the gedit equivalent09:19
sharpen047raj_,  i have duplex problems with my sound atm haha im thinking thats what crackling is09:19
holyguyverjussi01, perhaps this /opt/kde-nightly/bin/systemsettings ?09:20
jussi01holyguyver: ahh, yeah, maybe. you have kde4 from the nightly ppa then?09:21
holyguyverI guess so09:21
jussi01thats got to be well ancient.09:21
jussi01holyguyver: are you not on karmic ?09:22
=== steveire_ is now known as steveire
holyguyverI am on Jaunty09:22
raj_sharpen .. if you have an HDA card the new power saver in 9.10 breaks it and makes it crackle09:22
sharpen047raj_, let me see if its an hda card09:22
sharpen047it IS a hda card, but when i uninstalled PA it didnt crackle anymore. wel for one use anyway.. i dont currently have sound09:23
lbthi. Jaunty Q.  When I press Alt-Tab the wm just switches to the next window in the cycle. I have Desktop  effects enabled and I select box switch.  Any ideas?09:24
jussi01sharpen047: have you restarted your sound after removing pulse?09:24
sharpen047jussi01, yes09:25
holyguyverjussi01, yap /opt/kde-nightly/bin/systemsettings worked, thanks.09:25
jussi01holyguyver: great09:25
holyguyvergut now it creates a different problem09:25
jussi01lbt: do you have anothe effect enabled also?09:25
sharpen047jussi01, if i restart again i will have sound until i open a program that program and that program only will have sound, if i close it the system needs a reboot to have sound again09:25
holyguyverit opened up the system settings thing, but it is a blank grey window, so I still cannot change the theme from it.09:26
jussi01sharpen047: and you are certain you removed pulse?09:26
lbtjussi01: not in "Window Management"09:26
sharpen047jussi01, i removed pulse but i dont know if i removed EVERYTHING because the system is saying pulseis broken and i should remove it(but it syas that about my alsa one too )09:26
jussi01holyguyver: the old nightly ppa is definately not supported. If I may suggest an upgrade/reinstall, karmic is _much_ better09:26
holyguyverWell that is not an option for me at the moment09:27
jussi01sharpen047: sudo apt-get remove --puge pulseaudio09:27
sharpen047puge? purge?09:27
aomegaxsharpen047: it doesn't work for me09:28
jussi01holyguyver: seems to me youve a pretty broken system, which is nearly impossible to support. :/09:28
jussi01sharpen047: sorry09:28
holyguyverSo do you know how I can access the theme manager?09:28
holyguyverit shouldn't be that hard to tell me a cammand line to access the theme manager09:28
jussi01holyguyver: unles you fix systemsettings, then I dont think you can09:28
jussi01holyguyver: the theme manager is part of systemsettigns09:29
sharpen047jussi01, Package pulseaudio is not installed, so not removed09:29
holyguyverwell shouldn't there be a non gui way?09:29
sharpen047aomegax, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1127779   <<< for someone whos UUIDs match09:29
jussi01holyguyver: its very hardd, as it seems everything you have is in non standard locations09:29
holyguyverNo, just my KDE4 :p09:30
=== wade is now known as WadoTG
jussi01holyguyver: may I ask why the upgrade is out of the question atm?09:30
solliehi there09:30
holyguyverjussi01, it also probably doesn't help the locations in that I have been doing inplace upgrades since like Dapper :p09:31
jussi01holyguyver: ouchies..09:31
holyguyverSo honestly upgrading might not be as good for me as a clean install :p09:32
sharpen047jussi01, according to kpackagekit pulse is still installed, but apt-get says otherwise09:32
aomegaxsharpen047: I have already done apt-get upgrade but nothing09:32
jussi01sharpen047: have you sudo apt-get update'ed since?09:32
sharpen047aomegax,  that is just to complete the "fix" the first post has the commands09:34
holyguyverjussi01, but now that I know where my KDE4 is, it shouldn't be that hard for me to guess the correct cammand path now, so what is the non-gui way of chanign the kde4 theme?09:34
sharpen047jussi01, i just did and it says they are still installed on kpk09:34
jussi01holyguyver: Ive no ide tbh. ANd I am dead tired, so I really dont feel like searching google when I think you might be quite capable of doing that ;)09:35
holyguyverjussi01, Alright, thank you for your help :)09:36
sharpen047jussi01, alright i found it, pulse is gone but the plugins, utils and plugins are still installed, i cant uninstall without removing everything installed atm09:36
sharpen047plugins utils and extensions... im tired too :P09:37
lbtjussi01: I disabled all other effects and there's no change (in alt-tab behaviour)09:37
lbtI'm using openGL, not Xrender BTW09:38
jussi01lbt: which wm are you using?09:38
lbtnormal kde so kwin I guess09:38
lbtthis is a fairly vanilla (and new) ubuntu jaunty install09:39
jussi01lbt: why jaunty?09:39
aomegaxsharpen047: in fstab can I have the same partition mounted in 2 point?09:40
lbtlocal setup for a group here - we did it just b4 karmic launched09:40
lbtplan to upgrade in new year - we have a deadline looming so not now :)09:41
c0nfus3dHi All, i am trying to add a menu to KDE for a command line tool (for example) dig - however, it is asking for [sudo] password - can i skip this or prompt in any way?09:41
jussi01lbt: ok, so tell me exactly what happens when you hit alt+tab09:41
sharpen047aomegax, haha how did you find that out? what command?09:41
lbtit cylces between all non-iconised windows - ie each comes to the fg in turn09:41
jussi01lbt: and no thumbs in the middle of the screen?09:42
jussi01ok, thats the only bit missing, the rest is how it works.09:42
lbtthat's what I want . and to include iconised windows on the current desktop09:42
TomzHello. can someone help? I need to be able to print via network from this kubuntu machine to my Windows machine down stairs. The windows machine is already set up for network printing as I am able to print with my windows laptop, but how do I configure this linux machine to see the printers on the other machine?09:42
jussi01lbt: perhaps try cover switch to see if its the desktop effects being evil?09:43
lbttried that :)09:43
lbttried again with no other effects09:43
lbtand same09:43
jussi01lbt: and you are sure you have correct drivers installed and the little enable desktop effects switch clicked?09:44
lbtyes - translucency and other effects work when enabled09:45
jussi01lbt: I cant suggest anything other than file a bug at this point. sorry09:45
TomzHello. can someone help? I need to be able to print via network from this kubuntu machine to my Windows machine down stairs. The windows machine is already set up for network printing as I am able to print with my windows laptop, but how do I configure this linux machine to see the printers on the other machine?09:45
lbtjussi01: OK - thanks for trying...09:45
=== hansen_ is now known as hansen_is
jussi01Tomz: go to http://localhost:631 - its fairly simple to configure09:47
Tomzjussi01 thanks, Ill check that out :)09:47
Tomzjussi01 im fairly new to this. I dont really know what to do...09:49
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jussi01Tomz: you are on karmic?09:49
Tomzjussi01 yep, I think so. its kubuntu 9.10.. the new one09:50
jussi01Tomz: so, you have that config page up?09:50
Tomzjussi01 Yep09:50
jussi01just click admin (at the top) and add printer.09:50
jussi01it should be fairly self explanitory from there09:51
TomzAdding Printers and Classes ?09:51
TomzI see09:52
TomzLooking for printers...09:54
aomegaxone people helps me to solve my damned problem?09:54
TomzMeh. jussi01, its still searching for Printers and it hasn't found any :(09:57
Tomzjussi01 pretty sure its not finding any09:59
^kenhoob-it1can I use kde4 with ubuntu 8.04?10:09
^kenhoob-it1how can I install it?10:10
^kenhoob-it1hello amichair10:12
c0nfus3dcan anybody guide me with the following:l, i am trying to add a menu to KDE for a command line tool (for example) dig - however, it is asking for [sudo] password - can i skip this or prompt in any way?10:15
amichairc0nfus3d: maybe try "kdesudo <command>", which should prompt for the password via gui10:16
c0nfus3di want to avoid that password prompting amichair10:17
c0nfus3dor can i add that password through the kde menu editor or any option?10:17
amichairc0nfus3d: if it's a command that requires root priviledges, there's no way around it...10:17
^kenhoob-it1amichair is kde4 stable10:18
Tm_T^kenhoob-it1: is10:18
c0nfus3dthanks amichair10:20
aomegax:( nothing!10:21
aomegaxdon't work!10:21
kavurt^kenhoob-it1: upgrade to karmic. karmic is perfect. better than hardy.10:21
aomegaxkavurt: yes? upgrade to karmic doesn't work for me! damned problem with initramfs10:22
aomegaxkavurt: yesterday i have solved when i did apt-get upgrade after mounting my distro in live...but now the same problem10:23
aomegaxkavurt: can you help me?10:23
kavurtaomegax: what  did you do and what happened?10:24
aomegaxkavurt: -.- now it works...10:26
aomegaxkavurt: at boot hdd isn't found...a problem with UUID10:27
aomegaxkavurt: i have busybox10:27
aomegaxkavurt: again it doesn't work10:30
kavurtwhat have you done?10:32
aomegaxkavurt: I have done upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10...at boot it doesn't work10:32
aomegaxkavurt: i have alert /dev/disk/by-uuid/UUID does not exist10:33
kavurtso you have problem with grub, I guess?10:33
aomegaxkavurt: yesterday I did update-initramfs and apt-get upgrade and it works, but tomorrow again...before i did rootdelay=60 and works...restart and doesn't work10:34
aomegaxkavurt: i don't know...UUID of hdd is the same in menu.lst and in fstab10:35
kavurtnow what os are you on aomegax?10:36
^kenhoob-it1what's the difference between the packets kubuntu-desktop and kde?10:36
aomegaxkavurt: the problem is this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81309010:37
^kenhoob-it1is it the same thing using kubuntu or kde?10:37
aomegaxkubuntu is ubuntu with kde without gnome10:38
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aomegaxubuntu is gnome10:38
KjetilKI had my one-year-old on my lap, and she tends to find keyboard shortcuts I'm not aware of... :-) Now, she changed the timezone of the panel clock, and I can't get it back to the local default... Back in the day, it used to be easy to set it to any of the configured timezones, but now I can't find it...10:43
Tm_TKjetilK: you have the default clock?10:44
aomegaxkavurt: nothing?10:44
Tm_TKjetilK: and thats btw why I dont allow my daughter to touch keyboard (:10:45
Drunkpunk1no probs with screen res until two days a go now cant set above 800x600, reinstalled driver, downgraded driver, reinstalled old driver all attempts to google the solution have failed any help much appreciated10:45
Drunkpunk1(hey all bt)!)10:45
KjetilKTm_T, yeah, I guess I have to make sure she doesn't10:45
amichairKjetilK: k-menu->system settings->Date&Time10:45
Tm_TKjetilK: does rightclicking give you "digital clock settings" option?10:45
KjetilKTm_T, yeah10:46
KjetilKamichair, everything there is OK10:46
Tm_TKjetilK: there's timezones?10:46
Dazzlerhow to configure my account in kopete?10:46
KjetilKyeah, and it says default "local"10:46
Dazzlerits not connecting to the server10:47
Tm_TKjetilK: hmm, so if you use scrollwheel on top of clock...10:47
amichairKjetilK: if everything's set right and it ain't, something's wrong :-)10:47
amichairKjetilK: maybe try setting them to something else, applyting, and setting back?10:47
KjetilKTm_T, aha, that's it! :-)10:47
Tm_TKjetilK: nice (:10:47
Drunkpunk1any advice on how to adjust xconf or nvidia or both from terminal?10:47
KjetilKheh, so it was the mouse and not a keyboard shortcut :-)10:47
KjetilKthanks a lot!10:48
amichairTm_T: scrollwheel where?10:48
Tm_Tamichair: over the clock, it switches timezone from the set you have enabled10:48
KjetilKit used to be a menu on right-clicking10:49
amichairTm_T: oh, I guess I have only one so it doesn't :-) but good to know!10:49
Tm_TKjetilK: scroll has been there long time too (:10:49
KjetilKit is actually a very nice feature when you collaborate or travel across timezones10:49
amichairstrangely enough, if I click the wheel over the clock, a little stickit plasmoid icon is added to the panel.10:49
KjetilKheh, everyone should have a one-year-old to teach them about new features ;-)10:50
KjetilKshe taught me about pushing the mouse up to the left-upper corner too :-)10:50
Tm_Tamichair: that's paste10:51
amichairTm_T: past of what? I haven't touched a postit plasmoid in weeks10:51
Tm_Tamichair: you have something in primary selection, so you paste something to plasma -> it does something for it10:52
Tm_Tthat's how it should do anyway, even more and better in incoming 4.4 release10:53
amichairTm_T: I see... if I do it on the desktop it opens a full postit note with clipboard contents. still a bit strange, but now I get it :-)10:53
amichairTm_T: although it's messed up when on the panel10:54
Tm_Tamichair: I'm not surprised (:10:55
KjetilKBTW, is there a "what you should know about KDE 4.3 Desktop to be an efficient user" tutorial somewhere?10:58
KjetilKthere appears to be a lot of new cool features for daily usage, but I'm working pretty much like I did with fvwm back in the day...10:59
amichairI'm not sure u can be an efficient user just yet, but here's hoping for an awesome kde 4.4 :-)10:59
Tm_TKjetilK: tell me if you find one (;)10:59
amichairthere's kubuntuguide.org which is great, but it's more about installing/configuring things that shotcuts and the like11:00
amichairI think my keyboard is going bad. or neurons.11:00
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WilliamBuellI lost my entire Ubuntu system around midnight, and I just spent 6 hours reinstalling it from scratch and adding apps11:15
^peter^WilliamBuell   well you made good time.   including all updates etc ...11:20
kavurtWilliamBuell: why did you lose entire system?11:21
pinkgothic*tentative timid wave* Hi, guys, I'm trying to get Kubuntu to prompt me for my SSH key pass on login. I've apt-get'ed ssh-askpass to no avail. I'm thinking I probably have to tell ssh-add to actually -use- it, but I have no idea how to do that.11:24
pinkgothicIs this even the right place to ask that kind of question or is it too specific for this channel's scope? *genuinely doesn't know, sorry*11:27
WilliamBuelli am a beginner pinkgothic wish i could help you, i lost my entire ubuntu install because of faulty backup procedure, and have spent past 6 hours reinstalling from scratch11:33
pinkgothicWilliamBuell: Ouuuuuch! Good luck with that. D:11:34
Tm_Tpinkgothic: hmmm11:34
Tm_Tpinkgothic: you mean when you login using ssh?11:34
WilliamBuellwell, i made ELABORATE notes of each thing I did during days of install at my http://williambuell.wordpress.com blog so it went much smoother11:34
Tm_Tpinkgothic: or login locally?11:35
pinkgothicTm_T: I've uploaded my keys to several locations to do away with password prompts, but the shell still prompts me for my SSH key passphrase, so I've put ssh-add into Kubuntu's autostart, apt-get'ed ssh-askpass, but it's not prompting me at start. Still asks for my key passphrase when I try to log in to the sites I copied my SSH keys to.11:36
pinkgothicLogin locally, to answer the question.11:36
Tm_Tpinkgothic: you use ssh key only when login using ssh, it's ssh key afterall11:36
Tm_Tpinkgothic: hmmmm, ok, actually, I'm not sure I understood what you said, let me reread for a moment (:11:37
pinkgothicYes. But our SVN asks for my SSH password at several locations and it makes working with it a chore, so I've ssh-copy-id'ed my SSH key to it. It no longer prompts for my SSH password. My shell just asks me for my SSH key passphrase.11:37
pinkgothicIt does it each time my SSH password is requested, though, so there's no net gain at all. Hence wanting to have ssh-add at start-up.11:38
pinkgothicRight now I can ssh-add on console for the session, of course, that helps.11:38
Tm_Tpinkgothic: I think what you need is ssh-agent11:38
pinkgothicOoh. Let me check if I have that.11:39
pinkgothicLooks like I do. Let me see if I can get somewhere with that. Thanks so far, Tm_T!11:41
Tm_Tpinkgothic: hmmm, make sure you don't have seahorse running or causing problems other way11:45
pinkgothicPardon the newbism, but what is seahorse and how would I check whether it's running? :<11:46
Tm_T!info seahorse11:48
ubottuseahorse (source: seahorse): GNOME front end for GnuPG. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 663 kB, installed size 8472 kB11:48
Tm_Tit's some kind of tool to hold and manage gpg keys and stuff, I have seen it causing trouble in KDE-side too ):11:49
pinkgothicWell, there's no commandline program of that name, so I guess I don't have it...11:50
pinkgothicAll right, more newbism. (Sorry. T_T) What should I be doing with ssh-agent? It sounds like a daemon, put putting it into autostart does nothing.11:51
* pinkgothic even put it into autostart followed by ssh-add, which the man page (the way I read it) suggests to be necessary.11:52
pinkgothic(For reference, ssh-askpass is still installed)11:52
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pinkgothicOhoh. Oh. I may be being stupid. Hold on.11:57
kevin_Hi, I have a little question. I'm busy remastering a live cd of kubuntu, and I need to make sure the mounting of usb devices is not allowed anymore for the normal live user. Does anyone have a clue how to achieve this?12:07
coldserverAnyone here have Kate installed? I need a small favor... need to send me the python.xml file inside "/usr/share/kde4/apps/katepart/syntax"12:12
pinkgothicTm_T: Got help from my local Linux guru. Just so you know, the answer was to put "export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ssh-askpass" followed by "ssh-add" into a bash-shebanged file in ".kde/Autostart" (executable, of course). Trying to autostart the commands individually didn't work for me (system was probably doing it in the wrong order?). Now it prompts me at startup. :) Glee!12:15
Tm_Tpinkgothic: weird, interesting but weird12:16
pinkgothicThanks again for your help, though. Much appreciated!12:16
pinkgothicHave a great day. :)12:17
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Guest60073does anyone know of shell scripting12:29
Guest60073i want to get an array of names from a webpage with ereg or similar so i can use each one?12:29
Guest60073im stumped12:29
yofelGuest60073: what shell? bash?12:36
yofelGuest60073: then the best place to ask would be in #bash ;)12:36
karl__Hello! Can anyone help me with mountall error? :) (error while loading shared libraries: /lib/libudev.so.0: invalid ELF header)12:51
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bodomHi there13:10
bodomI'm looking for a safe way to installa amarok 2.2.1 on mu kubuntu13:11
noisemakerhello hello13:12
noisemakeri would like some help with fdisk13:12
noisemakeranyone please?13:12
aftertafme too, hddd just died on me13:13
aftertafwhat you want to know on fdisk ?13:13
noisemakeri have two hard disks13:13
noisemakerone with windows  and one with kubuntu13:13
noisemakerand i would like to partition the one with windows13:14
noisemakerbut fdisk doesnt give me the option to give gb13:14
aftertafinstall parted13:15
aftertafit has a command UNIT to choose unints you want to use13:15
noisemakeri prefer fdisk13:15
noisemakerits more linux13:15
bodomnoisemaker: on fdisk, to specify the size on GB instead of blcks, just append G after the number13:15
bodomnoisemaker: i.e. size 500G13:16
aftertafahh :)13:16
noisemakeri create a primary partition?13:16
aftertafanyone good at trying to recover a disk that worked yesterday and stopped this mornng ?13:16
Aldaronnoisemaker: you came to #linuxhelp to ask a question, and then part in *3* minutes?!?13:17
Tm_TAldaron: päev13:17
bodomaftertaf: step1: make a disk image with dd, if dd fails use ddrescue, then work on that image13:17
noisemakerwhen i give the command n starts with the numbers to partition to start and never ends13:17
AldaronTm_T: hyvää13:17
* WilliamBuell is away: Gone away for now13:18
aftertafwhen i run fdisk, doenst even see trhe disk13:18
Aldaronnoisemaker: anyway, if you can't bother to wait a while for an answer, please stay away. That's all13:18
aftertafBIOS sees it, but dmesg says buffer IO error logical block 013:18
noisemakerof course...13:18
noisemakergreat thanks13:18
bodomaftertaf: mhhh most probably your HD is fscked'off13:19
aftertafcrap! thought so13:19
bodomaftertaf: i guess you'll need professional HD recovery service13:19
noisemakersorry i am trying to be  as accurate as i can13:19
bodomnoisemaker: exactly, what are you tring to do?13:20
bodomaftertaf: if even the bois doesn't recognizes your HD, then it' s big trouble13:20
noisemakeri am trying to partition the hard disk that has windows with fdisk13:20
aftertafbodom: bios recognizes it, but nothing else does.13:20
bodomnoisemaker: and wich partitions do you want to create?13:21
bodomaftertaf: and can you read something usign ddrescue?13:21
noisemakerthe disk has sda1 ,sda213:22
noisemakeri want to partition sda113:22
aftertafnot yet tried, dont know how to...13:22
aftertafused testdisk and it sees no partitons, just bad blocks13:22
aftertafbooting to live cd now13:22
bodomnoisemaker: you'r making a mistake: sda1 IS a partition13:23
bodomnoisemaker: The disk is sda, sda1 and sda2 are partitions13:23
noisemakeris the main and i want to resize it to put fedora there13:23
* WilliamBuell is back.13:23
aftertafyou guys want a coffee while it boots ?? :)13:24
bodomaftertaf: http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/manual/ddrescue_manual.html13:24
noisemakerfdisk says iit is already defined13:24
aftertafok will look ;)13:24
noisemakerif i delete it am i loosing windows?13:24
bodomnoisemaker: so you want to resize the windows partition using linux fdisk?13:24
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bodomnoisemaker: you can't13:25
bodomnoisemaker: to resize a windows partition, use a windows partition tool from windows13:25
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noisemakerof course...13:26
noisemakersilly question13:26
noisemakerthanks a lot13:26
bodomnoisemaker: np, you'r welcome13:26
noisemakerPartition 2 does not end on cylinder boundary.  (what about this message?)13:26
noisemakerthis is at sda1 disk13:27
bodomnoisemaker: it's a bit complicated, check this url http://linux.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp.os.linux.hardware/2008-03/msg00016.html13:28
noisemakerthanks friend13:29
noisemakera lot13:29
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aftertafbodom: help :)13:48
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savisaar2does anyone have the issue of some keys stoping working such as DEL13:49
aftertafi just opened up my PC, tapped on the bad HDD softly with my fingers, and now its booting13:49
aftertafi think ill make a backup while its working ;)13:50
savisaar2i need to know how to fix this issue13:50
aftertafgkrellm shows it with 35°C, which is far from bad, right?13:50
bodomaftertaf: O_o13:52
aftertafmy thoughs exactly !13:52
bodomaftertaf: quick, quick, make a backup!13:53
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aftertafi think the hdd is fscked13:53
aftertafvery weird way of doing things though . . . . ;13:55
bodomaftertaf: I had forgot the good old method: "Where in doubt, use an hammer..."13:55
aftertafa smal ltoffee hammer with felt wrapped on it13:55
aftertafand if that fails a good slapping ;)13:55
aftertafbasically : woke up at midday, booted PC to kde... no network, which is weird...13:56
aftertafso i went to gnome, which connected the wifi ok..... but then has a panel panic and left me with 2 icons on the desktop13:57
aftertafi ALT-F1'ed, and conldn't log in, cgave me read errors instead of password prompt13:57
aftertafso i hardreset with the button13:57
aftertafand then you kow the rest13:58
bodomaftertaf: i had you same issue long time ago13:58
bodomthat's why i always use raid now13:58
bodom(and ackup, obviously)13:58
aftertafraid 1?13:58
bodomraid 1 o 5, dependind on the hardware13:59
aftertafand the $$$13:59
bodomsorry for typos, I'm dislessic today13:59
bodomdrives are become cheap14:00
bodomyou can get a TB for few €14:00
aftertafthink ill go now to the shop and spend more money14:01
bodomI suggest you to check rsync for remote backup too14:02
* WilliamBuell is away: Gone away for now14:02
bodomyou can easily configure it and make it scheduled with cron14:02
aftertafyeah, was thinking of doing that before i killed my data partiton and 30G of music 2 weeks ago14:04
aftertafin MB BIOS sata settings, whats difference between IDE native and AHCI ?14:05
bodomman, you are recidive :P14:05
aftertafbit stuck on box space for RAID right now :(14:05
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bodomIDE native: put SATA controller in PATA-compatible mode (/dev/hdx)14:06
bodomAHCI: use true SATA stack (/dev/sdx)14:06
bodomif you'r using lastest kubuntu, AHCI should be the better choice14:07
aftertafok thx14:07
aftertafits rebooting :)14:08
aftertafok. will setup backups of everything in tripartite, and see what happens :)14:08
aftertafthx for your support, cu around ;)14:16
zoggysorry to ask a bunch of questions, but how can i get php syntax highlighting for .m2 files please. i've added the *.m2 under the window / preferences / content type / Text / PHP Content Type but the file has no syntax highlighting, i've googled around. please please could someone give me the slap of knowledge, thanks!14:40
savisaar2can someone help me....i have issue wih\14:45
tom_hi guys....   short question about kate:   is it possible to configure kate somehow to always us an already open session, when opening a new file?  and use a new tab within that session?  I know this is possble via commandline.. but there must be some way to do this at a "single" place for all text files that are opened by defulat with kate14:46
bodomtom_: check session options, it should be14:48
tom_bodom:  actually...  if you are refering to the "session management" under settings->configure  there is no option there to do this..14:52
tom_I am on kde 4.3.2  if that helps14:54
bodomtom_: setting -> config -> sessions14:54
tom_thats right bodom  there are only 3 options:14:57
tom_> Behavior on application start up14:57
tom_  >*Start new session14:57
tom_  >*Load Last-used Session14:57
tom_  >*Manually choose a session14:57
FloodBotK2tom_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:57
bodomtom_: load last used session doesn't work as expected for you?14:58
tom_actually .. not really..  i mean if I close all running instances of kate and then start kate again I will get my last saved session, that's right.  but If I load a file while another instance of kate is still running I would like that file to be opened in the already running instance instead of a new one14:59
tom_bodom: ...15:00
bodomtom_: i understand. you have to investigate dolphin settings and change the command line used when a file is opened with kate15:01
bodomtom_: then add something in the command line to tell kate to don't open a new window15:02
tom_bodom: I know the commandline option is "-u"   and I could theoretically change that setting in the "file associations" settings of kde but that would not be very pratical, since I would need to change the seetting for dozens of files types...15:07
K350It seems like my kubuntu karmic starts upp with old sessions. Where and how can I adjust that?15:12
th3_b0bHi! I'm running Kubuntu Karmic with the default KDE 4 version (4.3.2, is it?) on an ASUS Notebook with an intel CoreDuo Prozessor. Now, when the system boots, it enters "Performance"-Mode but the cpu governor remains "ondemand". When I set it to "performance" manually via "cpufreq-set -c {0,1} -g performance", all is fine. But if I then enter battery mode an reenter ac-power mode, the governor is back in "ondemand".... any ideas?15:15
Tm_Tth3_b0b: try see your settings in systemsettings15:16
Tm_Tth3_b0b: the advanced tab and there's "powerdevil"15:16
doleybth3_b0b: I have mostly the same problem... and no solution yet.15:17
th3_b0bTm_T: would that be in the "System" area or in the "Advanced Usersettings" area? I'm running on german locale...15:18
Tm_Tth3_b0b: system, I guess15:18
th3_b0bTm_T: Ok, so there I can open the settings I also see when selecting "More.." in the Plasma-Applet for Power-Profile control. All seems to be right there...15:19
Tm_Tth3_b0b: hmmm, interesting15:20
Tm_Tth3_b0b: other than that, I cannot say15:20
th3_b0bdoleyb: In how far "mostly"? Did you manage to bring your system up dircetly into (real) "performance" mode?15:20
doleybth3_b0b: No I didn't get it working right yet, and my problem is a little different.  It's stuck on a frequency range of 800-800, instead of 800-1800 like it should be.  I can't even change it on commandline yet.15:21
th3_b0bTm_T: Ok... Thx anyway15:21
th3_b0bdoleyb: Oh, ok15:21
doleybth3_b0b: Note that you can enter a commandline to execute whenever your power adapted is plugged in or out.15:22
th3_b0bdoleyb: Yes, sure... But I wonder mostly why automatic switching from "performance" to "ondemand" is working but not the other way round...15:24
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K350Some KDE apps don't have the same color sheme or themes that I use in my kubuntu 9.10. Why is that and what can I do to adjust it?15:29
InforMedEvery time I suspend my pc and resume I have no tray icon sound control15:35
InforMedcan someone help-me?15:35
michael23witam wszystkich15:38
michael23pomoze ktos?15:39
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at1asWhat happened to "Troubleshoot IMAP Cache" in Kmail/Kontact in 9.10?15:46
macoits still there15:46
macoright click on a folder, go to Properties, and its on the maintenance tab15:47
at1ashow?  Right click doesn't bring it up?15:47
macoyeah, it moved15:47
at1asit looked like Akonadi didn't support my DIMAP setups...  but fell back to "old stuff"15:48
at1asis there a way to use pure Akonadi for this?15:48
at1assomething I15:48
at1as'm missing?15:48
savisaar2issues with some keys not working can someone help me please?15:50
savisaar2sometimes works...sometimes doesnt15:50
savisaar2i cant fix this....can someone help15:54
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit16:10
Tank__must get popcorn for the show16:10
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InforMedHI! I suspend the pc and when I resume I have no kmix tray icon... I need to restar it manually... ANy way to make it start automatically when resume from suspend?16:13
DixTrexhello everyone..16:16
DixTrexk, I have a problem with Karmic16:17
BluesKaj!ask | DixTrex16:17
ubottuDixTrex: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:17
DixTrexNetwork manager not working properly, so I un-installed it, and re-installed with Package manager16:17
DixTrexNow network manager is not loading at startup16:18
DixTrexwhat is the terminal command, and how to I get it to start everytime at startup16:18
DixTrexubottu, thanx for the info16:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:19
DixTrexperhaps too early in the morning....16:30
BluesKajDixTrex, I'm not a fan of network manager , I use wicd16:31
BluesKajon my laptop16:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd16:32
BluesKaj!info wicd16:32
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2464 kB16:32
DixTrexBluesKaj, just my luck, lol16:34
DixTrexBluesKaj, can you run VPN on vicd?16:34
DixTrexpptp to be more exact16:35
BluesKajdunno , I use ssh16:38
BluesKajDixTrex,  I set up my wired -eth0 desktop on /etc/network/interfaces , instead of using a network manager with this tutorial, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/16:42
BluesKajanyway , it's time for my daily walk ..bb in an hr or so16:43
xerosisdoes anyone know where I could start debugging a problem where suspend from KMenu doesn't work but does from command-line? It worked in previous versions of Kubuntu too16:54
mister_robotoxerosis: you could look for differences in the actual command being run via menu vs via command line16:58
mister_robotoxerosis: and maybe some info shows up in /var/log/messages?16:58
* WilliamBuell is back.16:59
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FinswimmerHello, I have a Acer TravelMate 4000, Kubuntu 9.10 and a not working battery-status. It is said, that I need "Smart Battery System". There is acpi_sbs. But how can I activate it in Kubntu?17:07
bodomFinswimmer: check system settings window17:09
Finswimmerbodom: What exactly should I check there? The Battery Indicator is always 17%. (or less if I unplug the Laptop). So there PowerDevil thinks it must turn off the Laptop.17:11
bodomFireCrotch: so it's a dirrefent issue17:12
Finswimmer(It is the laptop of my gf using Kubuntu. I use Gentoo, so I know Linux quite good). But with this Battery System of Acer I am working for the first time.17:12
bodomFinswimmer: so it's a different issue17:12
bodomFinswimmer: it should be linux kernel / acpi related, not specifically to kubuntu17:13
Finswimmerbodom: Hmm. dmesg|grep -i bat gives me: ACPI: Smart Battery System (SBS0): Battery Slot [Bat1] (battery present).17:14
lovrei have a bluetooth stick, how do i work with it? I plugged it in, and nothing happens17:14
FinswimmerBut it shows ther wrong capacity.17:15
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup17:15
bodomFinswimmer: acpi -v ?17:17
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* WilliamBuell is away: Gone away for now17:20
Finswimmerbodom: Battery 1: Full, 99% \n Battery 1: design capasity 3903mAh, last full capacity 673mAh = 17%17:21
Finswimmerbodom: Battery 1: Full, 99% \n Battery 1: design capasity 3903mAh, last full capacity 673mAh = 17%17:22
Finswimmeruh. sorry.17:22
bodomFireCrotch: mhhh... looks like this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30600417:23
bodomFinswimmer: but there isn't a solutions in the thread17:24
bodomFinswimmer: sorry, I dunno how to help17:24
Finswimmerbodom: Thank you very much. At least I know that acpi is working "correctly" (almost).17:25
bodomFinswimmer: you'r welcome17:26
Recnammorcenany1 can help me with my wlan connection?17:29
kostassnigelgr ?17:33
kostaskanenas ellinas edo re pedia?17:33
MTGap_I'm looking for a n64 emulator that works good and is qt. I can only find gtk17:46
BluesKaj!gr | kostas17:51
ubottukostas: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes17:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdebluetooth17:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kbluetooth17:55
D-coyja! la m4v y su infección anal aca andan xD17:55
lovrehow do i know if im using kdebluetooth4?17:55
bazhang!es | D-coy17:56
ubottuD-coy: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:56
D-coybazhang, ok :)17:56
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strudelli'm here again18:03
strudellMicrosoft bribes Ubuntu development team to make bullshit kernel to not run 3d cards or commercial games on Linux.18:03
strudellMicrosoft bribes Ubuntu development team to make bullshit kernel to not run 3d cards or commercial games on Linux.18:03
strudellMicrosoft bribes Ubuntu development team to make bullshit kernel to not run 3d cards or commercial games on Linux.18:03
FloodBotK3strudell: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:03
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K350Some kde applications don't have or use the same colorshme or themes as I usualy have in m ykubuntu karmic. If they're not kde4 maybe? Eitherway. why is that and how can I adjust this?18:15
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DixTrexQ: if i wanted to copy my network-manager files and config from live CD to my system files, what do I need to copy?18:30
MTGap_the .kde in the home directory18:32
MTGap_It's a hidden directory18:32
sharpen047hey, would anyone know how to stop wines sound from being all jittery with alsa?( if i kill pulse audio it works find but PA respawns)18:33
devilsadvocateMTGap_, sure .kde contains network manager files?18:34
MTGap_I don't see why not....18:34
MTGap_I guess you could also copy .local to be safe18:34
DixTrexso... there's a hidden folder for network manager18:35
DixTrexin home dir18:35
devilsadvocateDixTrex, that folder contains _all_ kde related config stuff18:36
devilsadvocateall / most18:36
devilsadvocateDixTrex, if its just network manager couldnt you just redo the thing in your install?18:36
MTGap_Yes, so when you start your normal session you should load up what you currently have on the live cd18:36
DixTrexit doen't do it.., lol18:36
devilsadvocateDixTrex, somehow that seems saner to me, unless you have an insanely complex network config that takes a half hour to setup18:37
DixTrexre-installed through packet manager, and now network manager will not load18:37
devilsadvocateDixTrex, so that sounds like a totally different headache18:37
DixTrexdevilsadvocate, you would think, but just a basic dhcp setup that does not load18:38
DixTrexdevilsadvocate, loads fine in live cd, and recovery mode, but not under regular account18:38
DixTrexdevilsadvocate, tried to install other network-manager support files, but since no network18:40
DixTrexdevilsadvocate, connection, apt-get or kpackage cannot fetch18:40
devilsadvocateDixTrex, dhcp, you said?18:41
gormuxhi there18:43
gormuxi'm serching for a way to get kde 4.4, is there a testing repository ?18:43
sharpen047hey, would anyone know how to stop wines sound from being all jittery with alsa?( if i kill pulse audio it works find but PA respawns)18:43
gormuxor do I have to compile it myself ?18:43
doleybsharpen047: would it hurt you to just uninstall pulseaudio?18:45
sharpen047doleyb, good question, but yes i uninstalled it last night and it "broke" all of my sound devices. i could use it once then it would break the only working device. until i restarted then i can use one more program before it would break18:46
sharpen047doleyb, i mean broken as the notifications on the bottom right told me to remove them because they didnt work18:47
BluesKajsharpen047, don't just kill pulseaudio , purge it , espaecially if you don't need for audio ..it's an extra layer of soundserving not required on alot of setups18:47
sharpen047BluesKaj, alright so "sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio" correct?18:48
sharpen047alright ill try that18:49
sharpen047thank you18:49
BluesKajsharpen047, or ,sudo apt-get purge pulseaudio18:49
sharpen047reboot time18:50
m1s3rdoes this distro need that much rebooting?18:51
doleybm1s3r: well in this situation it really doesn't.18:52
DixTrexdevilsadvocate, yes, sorry18:52
devilsadvocateDixTrex, can you pastebin the output of ifconfig ?18:52
BluesKajm1s3r, only when altering kernel modules like video drivers etc18:52
m1s3rif you purge the package and kill the supported binaries that should be enough i woukd have thought but rebooting is usually quick and easy.18:53
m1s3rhas pa got kernel component drivers?18:54
m1s3rI could go read.18:54
devilsadvocateDixTrex, if its just a config issue, you can just put in the config directly into /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf18:55
devilsadvocateDixTrex, bypass networkmanager completely18:55
doleybHi, after getting karmic I can't change cpu speed anymore.  It used to change automatically, now I can't set the max speed to higher than min.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/326302/18:55
m1s3ris there a connected distro charity that have address list for people who would like a cd but don'tm have the internet for it.18:56
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DixTrexdevilsadvocate,  k, let me try that, thnx18:57
m1s3ror nfp org18:57
Delano-178745216In KDE4, how do I reposition the main bar so it's at the top of the screen and not the bottom?18:57
doleybDelano-178745216: unlock widgets, panel settings, screen edge.18:58
m1s3rpanel options, screen edge del18:58
Delano-178745216I tried that18:59
Delano-178745216It detaches my task bar widget18:59
m1s3rwhat prob do you have del?18:59
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, drag the screen edge button19:00
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, not on the centre of the panel19:00
m1s3rselect scren edge button19:00
m1s3rno hes right it's a drag of the button19:00
Delano-178745216I don't understand19:01
Delano-178745216The screen edge button?19:01
Delano-178745216What do you mean?19:01
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, click on the cashew in the corner of the panel19:01
m1s3rin trhje bar that appears above the panel; when you select panel options19:02
Delano-178745216The screen edge button wouldn't drag anywhere19:02
Delano-178745216Yes I have that19:02
Delano-178745216But when I click it it does nothing19:02
Delano-178745216And can't be dragged19:02
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, drag it to the left corner of the screen19:03
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, you wont see anything happening until you go most of the way there19:03
Delano-178745216Now I got it19:03
Delano-178745216Thanks devilsadvocate19:03
Delano-178745216Yeah, I see19:03
m1s3rhaha do you like the mouse move or do you prefer a edge selection widget?19:04
Delano-178745216It's fine19:04
m1s3ris that just the learning curve.19:05
Delano-178745216I was pretty used to kde319:05
OceanwatcherAnyone with experience with Windows Mobile sync here?19:06
Delano-178745216kde4 is designed quite differently19:06
m1s3rit's jus when you get to upgrading and you learn new things19:06
m1s3rnm ocean19:07
Delano-178745216m1s3r, I've shrunk the panel down to about 80% width, but it grows and shrinks according to apps running... anyway I can make it a fixed length?19:07
m1s3ryou got it on the side or on the vertical edge?#19:08
Delano-178745216You mean horizontal?19:08
m1s3rdid you put it left right or top or bottom/19:09
Delano-178745216Top centre19:09
m1s3rcan you put it started from a corneer and expanding? but that would leave a gap on the display19:10
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m1s3ri obviously know you can resize it so i guess you can but not with the screen edge move tool.19:11
Delano-178745216Resizing is no problem19:11
Delano-178745216I just want it to remain a certain size19:11
* BluesKaj decides to relax in the easy chair with the laptop19:12
Delano-178745216Not grow when new apps appear in the tray19:12
m1s3rdid anyone used to have anything happen if your screen was disconnected and the x server wouldn't keep in high res.19:12
m1s3ri think that will be the difference of the two resize markers on the panel settings.19:13
m1s3rthe button that points to the centre moves the lower bound of the size so to speak19:14
m1s3ryou get a blank space where the panel was though19:15
m1s3ris this situation ok for you?19:15
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, of the two arros on each end, one is the max and other is the min19:17
m1s3rill put my panel back for my preference19:17
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, just put them together if you dont want it to move19:17
m1s3ri look at them like they are writer guide tabs almost.19:19
turinHello. How can i check whether my /home is encrypted?19:20
m1s3rthat's probably a tangent though19:20
devilsadvocateturin, unless you did something to it, it isnt encrypted19:20
Delano-178745216Yeah m1s3r19:21
Delano-178745216It works great19:21
Delano-178745216Thanks for your help!19:21
Delano-178745216I have one more request19:21
Delano-178745216And this is a bit on the technical side19:21
m1s3ryuo might have made -d /home/*/ encrypted but I wouldn't expect /home to be.19:22
Delano-178745216Is it possible to add kicker in the right-click menu?19:22
m1s3rlike alt f2?19:22
Delano-178745216You know how you can right-click to bring up run commands, unlock widgets, etc?19:23
turindevilsadvocate: I don't remember :) If i checked this option on install or not19:23
Delano-178745216Is it possible to make it so when you right click, it brings up the kicker menu instead?19:23
devilsadvocateturin, there is no such option. it isnt encrypted19:23
m1s3rwhere do you right click to run a command, on the desktop?19:24
turindevilsadvocate: in Karmic should be, isn't it?19:24
devilsadvocatem1s3r, alt+f219:25
turindevilsadvocate: I remember it from RC19:25
mannyvi accidentally deleted the panel at the bottom that shows the running applications19:25
Delano-178745216m1s3r, not exactly19:25
m1s3rdesktop offers a "run c&ommand" on right click19:25
mannyvhow do I add it back?19:25
devilsadvocateturin, this is the first ive heard of it. i could be wrong, though. but if its encrypted, i still think you'd know19:25
Delano-178745216m1s3r, on XFCE and Openbox, you can right-click to bring up the main menu19:25
devilsadvocatemannyv, right click and add panel19:26
Delano-178745216Is it possible to do the same on KDE?19:26
mannyvbut what is the name of the panel19:26
devilsadvocatemannyv, or if you just lost the taskbar, add widgets and add taskbar19:26
m1s3rthe panel or the task manager?19:26
mannyvso i still have kickstart and the system icons just not the applications that are running19:26
devilsadvocatemannyv, task manager or task bar or something19:27
mannyvdevilsadvocate, task manager worked19:27
m1s3rthe menus are different but I think you can add a luancher icon on you desktop too.19:28
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, no, you cant19:28
turinThanks, goodbye!19:28
Delano-178745216devilsadvocate, okay, thanks19:28
Delano-178745216Is there a way to hide the "widget" button on the top-right of the screen?19:31
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, i believe there is a widget that does it19:32
devilsadvocateDelano-178745216, try looking in get new widgets19:32
mannyvin kickstart when I select leave there is no shutdown or reboot options only logout, hibernate, and suspend19:33
m1s3rsorry room just playing with my widgets.19:33
mannyvis there a way I can add the shutdown and reboot ?19:33
BluesKajpretty soon there's going to be a need for a tinynick service, similar to tinyurl :)19:34
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tsimpson!away > WilliamBuell19:38
ubottuWilliamBuell, please see my private message19:38
* WilliamBuell is back.19:38
tsimpsonWilliamBuell: Don't use public away messages19:38
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doleybHi, after getting karmic I can't change cpu speed anymore.  It used to change automatically, now I can't set the max speed to higher than min.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/326302/19:42
BluesKajdoleyb, do you have cpufrequtils installed ?19:44
BluesKajok doleyb, in the terminal,  sudo /usr/bin/cpufreq-set -g performance19:46
anoneemousehi... i just installed openarena and i have no sound. I get the following error: ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1008:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave19:46
andry_Who used skipe? I need help19:46
BluesKajanoneemouse, install alsa-base and alsa-utils19:47
anoneemouseisnt it installed by default with kubuntu?19:47
anoneemouseits already installed19:48
doleybBluesKaj: Setting the governor changes the reported governor, but has no other effect, possibly because scaling_max_freq == scaling_min_freq.19:49
BluesKajdoleyb, a bug maybe?19:50
doleybBluesKaj: Looks like a bug, or at least a feature regression, because this stuff used to work automatically.19:51
doleybBluesKaj: Here's the line that bothers me:19:52
doleybcurrent policy: frequency should be within 800 MHz and 800 MHz.19:52
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wrgbandry_: i'm using skype20:06
venikwith each upgrade kubuntu runs more slowly and tends to freeze.  Is it being developed in Redmond?20:06
wrgbandry_: what sort of problem are you having?20:06
andry_how it's download?20:07
andry_where it is?20:08
wrgbandry_: google "skype for linux" and choose the version for Ubuntu 8.10+.  Then double click on the .deb file to install it20:08
andry_yes for linux20:09
andry_distrib kubuntu20:09
andry_ok, senks, capitan Ochevidnost'20:10
wrgbandry_: http://www.skype.com/download/skype/linux/choose/  - the version for Ubuntu 8.10+ will work in Kubuntu20:11
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ner0xAnyone use hylafax here?20:37
yofelhehe ^^20:38
tsimpsonyakuake needs to show when it has focus better20:39
K350My kubuntu 9.10 allways boots up wiht old sessions. How and where do I adjust that?20:41
tsimpsonSystem Settings -> Advanced (tab) -> Session Manager20:43
K350tsimpson: Checked there. But there's noting there to actually manage the sessions. From what I could see..maybe I missed something?20:50
wrgbK350: change Restore previous session to Start with new session20:55
K350wrgb: Thanks. I'll see how that'll work.21:11
K350Besides, I've another problem. How to run kd3 apps in kde4 so they'll have the same themes and colorschemes as the ones in kde4. I'm using kubuntu 9.1021:12
BluesKajK350, well , good luck ,but  why not just install kde4 , it's stable now21:14
LynceusBluesKaj: read again...21:16
K350BluesKaj: I thougt that's what I had. Thougt it was default in kubuntu 9.10.21:16
BluesKajok, my mistake , thought you were running kdemix on 9.1021:18
BluesKajK350, read  above21:19
BluesKajremix rather21:19
K350BluesKaj: Ah, I see:)21:36
BluesKajK350, there are those who want a pure kde3 setup and it's surprising how many queries I've seen about it.21:46
K350BluesKaj: Oh, well I'm not so religous about kdex or kdey :-)21:57
BluesKajK350,, I actually gave it a try for week or so, but i'm addicted to updates, and there weren't very many ...made me feel like iwas falling behind because amarok and konversation were so flaky at the time .Konversation has been fixed and I replaced amarok with vlc.22:00
djusticeim missing libacl. which package is that in? i would've guessed it was libacl1-dev... but no... building kdelibs btw... tips?22:09
mluser-homeHello.. what is the equivalent to 'rpm -qf <some file>' in ubuntu?22:20
BluesKajmluser-home, -qf ?22:24
mluser-homeBluesKaj: rpm -qf <some file> tells me what package contains <some file>22:26
mluser-homeI'm looking for an equivalent in Ubuntu22:27
mluser-homefrom a terminal if possible22:27
mluser-homeNevermind I found it 'dpkg -S /path/to/file'22:31
ErtheHey, I've been having an issue since 8.10 that I've spent (probably too much) time trying to solve, I'm wondering if I can talk to someone who knows a fair bit about KDE internals?23:04
ErtheEveryone I've spoken to who's running Jaunty does not report this issue.23:04
ErtheSo there must be a configuration file somewhere that's broken.23:04
ErtheWhen I hit Alt-F2 to reveal the krunner dialog, I type:  gg:some term23:05
=== bigjools-afk is now known as bigjools
ErtheWhen I hit enter, Konqueror loads but the URL in the address bar is /var/tmp/kdecache-user/krun/18320.0.search23:05
ErtheAnd not the URL to Google.23:06
ErtheThis is getting really frustrating, using Krunner is one of the most important features of my desktop for me.23:06
benbloomI made a mistake dealing with the fglrx driver and now my resolution is 640x480 can someone help me?23:10
benbloomI had this problem before and fixed it but now I can't remember how23:10
benbloomI think KDE overwrote my xorg.conf file but I'm not having much luck changing it back23:11
ErtheKDE would not overwrite that.23:11
ErtheUnless you told it to, that is.23:11
benbloomok so it was my fault23:11
ErtheThere's a configuration utility shipped with the driver.23:12
bernardohello guys23:12
bernardoI have just connected my notebook to my TV with an hdmi-hdmi cable... image is flawless, but the sound is still coming out from my notebook sound boxes instead of tv sound... any idea?23:12
Erthebernardo: How did you connect the audio?23:12
ErtheHDMI is video.23:14
ErtheYou need to pipe the audio too.23:14
bernardohdmi is video and audio...23:14
bernardoit works flawless on windows23:14
ErtheIs your HDMI out turned up in your mixer?23:15
bernardoI shouldnt hear the sound coming out from my netbook, but from the TV23:15
bigbrovarhi guys, I cant seems to get my laptop's multimedia keys (play/pulse, forward, rewind) to work with kde apps on kubuntu karmic. only gtk apps works23:16
ErtheWell, for starters, is the audio coming out of the TV at all?  Or is it both places?23:16
bernardoits not coming out of the tv, only from the notebook23:17
bernardoi want the opposite23:17
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ErtheAccording to this, it's audio device preference.23:18
ErtheRead that thread, should give you what you need.23:18
bernardosystemsettings -> sound?? I dont have that23:20
ErtheLemme find the KDE equiv23:21
ErtheSystem Settings -> Multimedia23:22
bernardothat would be on gnome?23:23
ErtheNo, this is KDE.23:25
Erthe<-- Kubuntu23:26
ErtheKDE system settings, on the first tab, has a Multimedia option23:26
tzangerGood evening23:26
bernardohaaaaa, found it, thanks erthe!23:26
tzangerafter my 9.04 -> 9.10 upgrade (dist-upgrade) my automatic updates no longer work.  apt-get update/ugprade of course works but there's no more tray notification23:26
tzangerany ideas on where to start looking?23:26
Erthebernardo: np man23:27
ErtheLet me know if that works.23:27
tzangerkpackagekit seems to think it's supposed to be working23:27
dtchentzanger: you might want to see if the corresponding Ubuntu change has any relation: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910#Change%20in%20notifications%20of%20available%20updates23:36
benbloomso can I have help reconfiguring my display options?23:39
benbloomI made a mistake dealing with the fglrx driver and now my resolution is 640x480 can someone help me?23:40
Erthebenbloom: System Settings -> Display23:40
benbloomErthe: max display is 640x480 says driver is vesa (which should not be)23:42
benbloomI'm using an ATI card23:43
ErtheDid you install the ATI driver?23:45
benbloomfglrx driver23:45
benbloomI'm thinking of just stepping up to Karmic (at Hardy now) perhaps this will fix my problem. at least I can start over with configs23:47
benbloomwhat's the best way to upgrade? do I have to download the CD?23:47
ErtheWell, I would remove the package with the driver.23:48
ErtheIt should prompt you to install it again.23:48
ErtheYou can upgrade over the internet, you just have to find instructions.23:48
benbloomlol if i can read them. screen is so HUGE23:48
ErtheYou should actually be able to just upgrade your distribution.23:49
Ertheie. apt-get dist-upgrade23:50
jacquesdupontdhi everybody23:56
jacquesdupontdi just installed kubuntu wanted to see how it evolved since 5 years i was using gnome and xfce, and i'm really really suprised it's really beautiful and really different from other window managers23:57
jacquesdupontdbut i'm in front of different little problems23:57
macohello :)23:57
jacquesdupontdkonqueror is still mm, shi...y and i installed firefox, it works perfectly except that the interface gui is horrible23:58
jacquesdupontdhow could i apply the kde theme to some application like this firefox (cause i imagine that it can happen on other apps)23:58
macotry arora!23:58
macowe discussed replacing konq with arora in 9.1023:59
jacquesdupontdnah but really i would prefer at least to know the solution then i'll try what you want i don't like to see a problem and to pass by another solution instead of resolving it23:59
jacquesdupontdi like to undersand23:59
macoim not quite sure how i got firefox to not look stupid23:59
macoi think it involved a lot of google23:59

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