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loolarmin76: I did not10:16
zumbiarmin76: gentooish is ricing... i have not compiled it. http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/LinuxChromiumArm10:18
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armin76zumbi: i know, and i tried that, but for some funny reason it wants to compile sse2 code, apart from needing a lot of ram11:21
armin76so i guess nobody has compiled it :)11:21
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armin76saeedb: *g*15:53
MartynGreat UDS :)18:16
MartynIt was nice to see some of you :)18:17
armin76Martyn: thanks :)18:26
MartynSo, loooooots of work to do18:29
Martyn*rubs hands*18:29
ojnOk, got the serial port to my pegatron box. So are there any kernel patches for it (lange51) anywhere?23:32
ojnOr maybe it'll run the babbage kernel just fine...23:32
ojninteresting, redboot reports it as a babbage even:23:34
ojnPlatform: MX51 Babbage (Freescale i.MX51 based) PASS 2.0 [x32 DDR]23:34

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