kwwiigood morning all04:51
astechgeekkwwii: Good Morning for you, Good Evening for me lol04:54
kwwiiastechgeek: yeah, and yesterday I was thinking the same as you ;)04:55
kwwiiI have (amazingly) been spared the jet-lag this around04:55
astechgeekI was wondering with some of the folks that were here how they fared with the time changes.04:56
kwwiimelatonin seems to have worked very well04:56
mac_vkwwii: hi... hmm , "in addition to the actual definition/creation of the icon theme" i didnt understand this? humanity icons already have a clear style09:00
mac_vand i also have the icons for many of the apps... well , not for all the apps , but for the ones in the default install and a few i use09:15
* darkmatter steals mac_vs icons :O09:20
kwwiimac_v: we also discussed how to do the coloring automatically09:25
kwwiiso a theme author won't have to do the dark/light distinction09:25
kwwiiin the icons themselves, that is09:26
mac_vkwwii: yup , i got that09:26
kwwiiafter going through 20% of 1/3 of the list of apps we had 350+ icons09:26
kwwiiso this is something that, if done, should be done right09:27
mac_vhehe ;)09:27
* mac_v doesnt really know what Ubuntu's plan really is , so shuts up :)09:28
kwwiithe plan, as such, is to make everything look as good as possible, as always09:34
mac_vawesome plan ;p09:42
mac_vkwwii: can we push an update to humanity? for a few bugs which we fixed after release?09:48
kwwiimac_v: we can certainly discuss it :) send me an email with a list of proposed changes, perhaps a link to the theme in the form you want suggest for testing09:50
kwwiiI have been running the latest stuff from Daniel on my laptop09:50
mac_vkwwii: not those , those are elementary , the lp:humanity has a few bug fixes09:50
mac_vkwwii: https://code.launchpad.net/~elementaryart/humanity/Humanity , rev 413 onwards is after release09:51
kwwiimac_v: DanRabbit put humanity in lp:elementaryicons (as well as his very nice gtk and metacity theme09:51
kwwiimac_v: can you send the info per email so I don't lose it?09:52
mac_vkwwii: yeah , we have been experimenting with new icons and merging elementary and humanity closer09:52
kwwiigetting back up to speed today after UDS09:52
* mac_v copy pastes lp page in mail ;p09:53
mac_vkwwii: you checked out the lp:elementaryicons , right ? is it too far from humanity? most of the changes are going into both the icon themes and we are mostly merging the themes...10:04
kwwiimac_v: well, that is something which we'll need to discuss as well10:08
kwwiiatm, I cannot say any specifics10:08
kwwiiI'd need to test them first10:08
mac_v;) , sure10:09
kwwiias in, actually make sure we are not breaking anything or replacing something which was done on purpose10:09
mac_vkwwii: oh , i dont think we have done anything like that... mostly updating the icons10:10
kwwiiandreasn: hey, I was going to write up something for the -symbolic discussion...pass it around to get a decent addendum for the xdg spec10:34
andreasnsounds good!10:38
knomehey kwwii10:45
kwwiihi knome10:45
knomekwwii, you home now? ;P10:45
knomekwwii, i am again asking for the uds jaunty group photo:P10:46
knomekwwii, +how are you? :)10:46
kwwiiknome: it is one my flckr page10:46
kwwiiknome: good, and yourself?10:46
knomekwwii, but is it the original size? i mean, the flickr photos have been quite small10:47
kwwiiI woke up bright and early at 5:30 this morning10:47
knomekwwii, i'm fine :)10:47
kwwii4256 x 283210:47
kwwiiisn't that big enough?10:47
knomeis that a new upload?10:49
knomekwwii, the photo page on your flickr page says 1096x508 is the original size10:50
knomekwwii, am i looking at a wrong photo?10:51
knomekwwii, that ain't the uds *jaunty* photo... ;>10:52
knomeyes i know i'm late10:54
kwwiito be honest I don't remember where the file even is :p10:55
knomethe original or the flickr? :D10:55
kwwiiI had to search for it on flickr10:55
knomei could have linked you10:55
kwwiiI will have to look for it10:56
knomeokay. thanks a lot again.10:56
kwwiiI promise to look later tonight after work, ok?10:56
knomeyeah, no problem10:56
knomei'm the one who is a year late10:56
=== chaotic_ is now known as chaotic
thorwilhi kwwii! safely back home20:22
* mac_v yay and the villagers rejoice on the return of the one named thorwil ;p20:29
thorwilheh mac_v , saw you on the IRC beamer projections quite often20:31
thorwildecided to stay out of it, though, had enough to do right in place ;)20:31
mac_vthorwil: oh on... i was on a beamer.. all my crap was blown bigger ;p20:32
mac_vthorwil: what happened about the scrollbar?20:33
thorwilmac_v: showed it to mpt, Ivanka and D. Siegel at once20:33
mac_vthorwil: and?20:34
thorwilmac_v: emailed mvo and invited him to have a look an meet later on. did so. he generally likes it and suggested i talk to ryan lorti20:34
thorwilmac_v: the trio seemed somewhat impressed and generally interested. Ivanka asked mpt if they can test it. no further discussion20:35
mac_vthorwil: heh , finally you convinced mpt too ;)20:36
thorwilmac_v: nah, only actual user testing might convince him, i guess. but he's coll. was good talking with him20:37
thorwilmac_v: mvo might have a look at the demo code, but doesn't think he could help in other ways20:38
thorwilmac_v: Ryan found it cool and interesting, but is skeptical regarding the need to firts enter the scrollbar area and then move vertically to get to either arrow button. pointed out how you can travel diagonally to sub-menus as example of the problem and one solution20:39
thorwilmac_v: he said i should talk with Cody Russell, but i didn't get to that20:40
mac_vthorwil: yeah , cody is now doing some gtk stuff/hacking20:41
mac_vthorwil: maybe if we had a solid scrollbar like in the google wave scrollbar , we can avoid the need to move the pointer vertically20:42
thorwilmac_v: i'm not sure if it's really an issue20:43
mac_vthorwil: meh , i like the way it is now.. i dont think it can be done otherwise20:43
thorwilRyan pointed out that Canonical doesn't have much of special equipment for user testing. but i shouldn't even be around on user testing, i'm biased ;)20:45
mac_vthorwil: if user moves over the scrollbar area , then we cant access if the user wants to move up or down... the present behavior seems good20:45
mac_vthorwil: iirc, it is mostly a camera to record the user interaction , and a set of questions and actions what the user needs to do/perform... it can be done anywhere... just the questions need to be standard ;)20:47
thorwilmac_v: yes. just the few possible tasks and observing the actions might be all that is needed, interview optional, even.20:49

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