skiquelDarkwingDuck: love your name :)00:11
skiqueli remember that cartoon00:11
ZachK_skiquel: hi00:18
ZachK_skiquel: so what's up00:28
DarkwingDuckthanks skiquel00:37
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stlsaintanyone around?05:21
stlsaintl8ers all05:31
stlsaintstarcraftman: ping15:24
starcraftmanstlsaint: Oui?15:25
* starcraftman bowls stlsaint over with a torrent of pong balls.15:28
stlsaintstarcraftman: would you mind taking a look to see if its something wrong on my end... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KilleenTeam/Meetings#preview15:30
stlsainti got another writer to look at it yesterday but its till messing up today15:30
starcraftmansee comment on info page for why, common problem I've had.15:36
starcraftmando put a bit more on your page, seems rather blah.15:39
stlsaintstarcraftman: :P15:39
stlsaintstarcraftman: i think all my other wiki pages are lined together as before..hmm oh well, thanks15:39
stlsaintstarcraftman: and i will be adding more stuff i just needed to fix the headings ;)15:40
starcraftmanstlsaint: k, enjoy :)15:46
stlsaintstarcraftman: every now and then my page gets deleted somehow and i lose all my data then later on it all comes back (loco page)16:51
starcraftmanstlsaint: link to page?17:07
stlsaintstarcraftman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KilleenTeam17:08
starcraftmanhmmm, gone now.17:10
starcraftmanand you got it saved?17:10
stlsaintstarcraftman: yes i have been workign on it for some time now17:11
starcraftmank, wanna just make blank page and reupload it, I'll look nto that after lunch seems odd.17:11
stlsaintstarcraftman: no i dont have the wiki saved externally17:13
starcraftmanwell, moment it comes back ya preserve a copy of source.17:13
stlsaintstarcraftman: got worked out for me17:25
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