switchgirlhi i have a complaint02:37
switchgirlpleia2, you around?02:38
switchgirljohanbr, you there?02:39
bazhangswitchgirl, what's the problem02:40
switchgirlbazhang, sorry crashed03:00
bazhangswitchgirl, no problem, what is the issue03:01
switchgirlgots a complaint03:02
bazhangswitchgirl, okay, what is the complaint03:02
switchgirlmarkie- called me  a slag without any provercation - it breaks the ubuntu code of conduct03:02
bazhangswitchgirl, in which channel03:03
switchgirlwe share ubuntu-uk but he said it in a /msg03:03
Seeker`what prompted this?03:04
Seeker`had you had any contact with him before that?03:05
Seeker`I will have a word with him03:06
switchgirlthank you i'm offended. not encuraging to women is it?03:07
Seeker`not sure what being a woman has to do with it; it isn't particularly encouraging to anyone03:15
switchgirlSeeker`, would a guy call another guy a slag? or is it more likely that a man call a woman a slag?03:20
Seeker`I think that is beside the point03:20
Seeker`anyone calling anyone else a slag isn't encouraging03:21
jussi01nalioth: jpds bot into #kubuntu-netbook if you get a chance please08:52
m4vbazhang: what d-coy actually say was an insult at me, he's been doing that for some time now17:57
bazhangm4v, right; I was just wanting him to move out of there17:58
m4vI banned him from k-es and u-es, but he can't let it go17:58
bazhangdidn't see your name til just now, just the part about infeccion17:59
m4vthis is the first time he's this rude in a core channel, normally he just highlights me18:00
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