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EruditeHermithello, if I build a kernel and then later I change the code for one module in the tree03:30
EruditeHermitis it possible to create ubuntu package of the kernel without recompiling the whole tree?03:31
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EruditeHermitalso, whenever I build my own kernel and use the ubuntu packaging method, it always errors out when I try to install the resulting deb package04:01
FireCrotchHello, everyone!  I'm interested in helping with solving a bug (#271706), which requires that a quirk be added to the kernel for this piece of hardware.  I think I know how to solve it, from looking at the relevant source here: http://lxr.linux.no/#linux+v2.6.31/drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c04:08
FireCrotchThe problem is... I have no idea how to apply the change I would make to the Ubuntu kernel source, or anything like that04:09
FireCrotchI'm completely new to working with the kernel, but this is a bug that I am very interested in resolving, considering that it affects me.04:09
FireCrotchObviously, my ultimate goal is to have the patch applied to the mainline kernel, since the problem does affect users of other distributions04:12
jk-FireCrotch: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam is a good start for reference04:40
jk-actually, make that the kernel team knowledge base: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/KnowledgeBase04:41
jk-and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild04:41
jk-basically, you can just make the change as required before you do the 'make-kpkg ...'04:42
FireCrotchjk-: Thank you very much for you helpfulness.  I will work on my patch, and when I have it completed, I will likely be back, since I am sure I'll have at least some questions04:58
ghostcubeok this one is getting a bit stupid08:56
ubot3Malone bug 466935 in linux "No Video Output in Karmic with ID 046d:09a1 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Communicate MP/S5500" [Undecided,Triaged] 08:56
ghostcubeanyone can handle to check this08:56
ghostcubeits still not working and i need to work with online konferencing in kubuntu08:57
ghostcubeit just works works not works works not08:57
ghostcubeand this startet in karmic08:57
ghostcubeif you cant handle i will change back to jaunty08:57
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EruditeHermithey, can anyone help me with installing custom built kernels?09:27
EruditeHermitthe process always errors out09:27
_rubenEruditeHermit: what's the error you get, and which method did you use to build the kernel?09:41
EruditeHermitI get error 12809:41
EruditeHermitand I used the instructions from this web page09:41
_rubenpastebin the complete output of sudo dpkg -i... command 09:43
EruditeHermitwhat the heck09:48
EruditeHermitit just worked for the first time ever09:48
EruditeHermiti don't know what to say09:53
_rubengotta "love" it when that happens09:53
EruditeHermitit just started working09:53
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EruditeHermiti'll build my next kernel and it won't work again09:55
EruditeHermiti'll come back tomorrow if it fails09:55
EruditeHermitthanks anyway09:55
EruditeHermitwth I didn't change anything!09:55
adnchello, i've a strange problem with my usb sound for which i use snd-usb-audio. it gets disconnected and reconnected all the time. i could not find any solution till now, has anyone any suggestions for any documentations that could be helpfull debugging this?11:38
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amitkhmm. My friend switched to a pae kernel, but still doesn't see 4Gb. Any pointers? (dmesg: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/326113/)14:12
amitkapw: ^14:12
* apw looks14:12
apwamitk, that e820 doesn't have memory above 4GB so i'd say start with the BIOS settings14:13
apwnot all chipsets can lay the memory out to get 4GB even if they let you put it in14:14
apwnote the last entry in the e820 ends as 100000000 ... ie at 4GB14:15
apwlooking at my machine which has 4GB in it you see memory about that14:15
apwthe e820 seems to expose just 3GB of ram, so the kernel can only use that14:16
ghostcubesome mobos cant remap the things about 3 gig14:17
ghostcubelike some gigabyte boards14:17
apwghostcube, yep, and thinkpads have that repulation too14:17
apwamitk, this is a thinkpad yes: LENOVO TP-7B14:17
apwwhat sort is it?14:18
mjg59apw: That's an X60, so 945. Which has 4GB of physical address space.14:27
apwso ... unable to actually take 4GB ever then dispite taking the SIMs ... thanks mjg59 14:27
amitkapw: x60s, sorry got distracted14:29
apwamitk, classic case of 'supported' meaning "will boot with", rather than "you'll bet benefit from"14:30
mjg59The X60s specs claim a maximum of 2GB14:31
apwheh ... well at least they don't lie :)14:32
amitkwell, he does see 3Gb14:35
apwyep, you are getting lucky there, with only 4GB of physical bits he won't ever see more than 3.514:36
apwand that would depend on the bios mappings14:36
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amitkapw: so the BIOS-e820 lines should support more than 0000000100000000 to do 4Gb?14:39
* amitk knows little about e82014:39
apwthe e820 tells you where the memory is mapped physically14:39
apwso to see more than 4GB usable you need some of it mapped above 4GB physical14:40
apwas we use space in the 3-4gb range for IO and the likel14:40
amitkapw: so this limitation will stay even if he upgraded to 64-bit, right?14:41
apwtaking my laptop as an example:14:41
apw[    0.000000]  BIOS-e820: 00000000bd9ff000 - 00000000bda00000 (usable)14:41
apw[    0.000000]  BIOS-e820: 0000000100000000 - 0000000140000000 (usable)14:41
apwi have a bunch of my ram above 4GB14:42
apwamitk, i believe there is only 4GB of physical space on that chipset, so it can't place 4GB of ram and a bunch of IO space together14:42
apwin the 4GB of space it has14:42
apwyou may be able to tease more like 3.5GB out of it ... some bios let you set how big the iospace is and whehter ram can appear around it or not14:43
amitkok, understanding now. I guess the e820 map resides somewhere in the BIOS?14:43
apwthe bios generates it and passes it over yes14:44
apwlater chipsets generally map 0-3gb of ram to 0-3 physical, and 3-> to 4->14:44
apwleaving a nice window for IO14:44
amitkThanks apw, mjg59 14:45
amitkapw: nice explanation of the HW limitations: http://lkml.org/lkml/2007/4/16/14414:52
amitkin the .pdf, that is14:53
apwyep ... pci express really hurts space wise15:01
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tseliotapw: here I am16:51
apwtseliot, there is a bug fix for the bcmwl source, which is needed for lucid16:51
apwand i hear you are 'maintainer' for it16:52
tseliotyes, I was volunteered :-P16:52
* apw struggles to find the bug #16:52
apwwhats the source package even called?16:53
apwthats not easy to find out ... 16:54
tseliotnot an easy one to pronouce either ;)16:54
apwheheh ...16:55
apwarrrgggg where is this bug16:55
apwi _HATE_ launchpad16:57
apwtseliot, heh seem you applied it which is why i can't find it :)17:01
apwthe one from n-commander17:01
tseliotapw: right but I forgot to update my bzr branch because launchpad was temporarily down and I ran out of brain memory 17:02
apwnow it all makes sense17:02
apwbrain memory is useless17:02
tseliotI wish I could upgrade it...17:04
tseliotok, branch updated17:08
MTecknologyI just did git fetch; git checkout Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.5017:32
MTecknologyI got this -> warning: refname 'Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.50' is ambiguous.17:32
MTecknologyAny ideas what I did wrong, or is that just something I didn't notice happening any other time?17:34
apwMTecknology, that might imply you have a branch of the same name as the tag?17:35
MTecknologyapw: isn't that the way to update to the new tag?17:37
apwupdate what to the new tag?17:37
MTecknologythe git repository17:37
MTecknologyI'm used to bzr so git kind of confuses me, it's like a massive scary beast17:38
apwMTecknology, its pretty much the same 17:38
apwbut a tag is a tag, and a checkout of that takes you off branch to a floating head17:38
MTecknologyI do git fetch and it tells me this ->    18fec74..ddbc670  master     -> origin/master   and    * [new tag]         Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.50 -> Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.5017:39
MTecknologyI want my head to be Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.50 (the newest)17:39
MTecknologyso git branch Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.5017:39
MTecknologyso git checkout Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.50 *17:40
apwthe git branch command makes a new branch called that pointing to the current head pointer17:40
apwnow you have two mentions17:40
apwand the error message17:40
apwto make a new branch pointing to something17:40
apwgit checkout -b <branch name> <what> 17:40
apwdoes the job17:40
apwgit checkout -b buildme Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.5017:41
apwsort fo thing17:41
MTecknologyI keep wondering how much I may have screwed up my branch :P17:41
apwwhich branch?17:42
apwfirst git keeps a log of what you did and where it was before, git log -g, shows you a time based history of your current branch17:42
MTecknologythe ubuntu kernel17:42
apwyou can't do much harm to it really17:42
apwif you just want the current version in a branch you can just checkout the branch and reset it to the new tag17:43
apwgit checkout buildme17:43
apwgit reset --hard Ubuntu-xxxx17:43
apwNOTE: that this does destroy any local changes17:43
MTecknologyHEAD is now at fccba66 UBUNTU: Ubuntu-2.6.31-15.5017:43
MTecknologyI kept a copy of .config separate17:44
MTecknologyand the rest of changes aren't a big deal to me17:44
MTecknologythanks :)17:44
apwthen you are at the exact equivalent to the tag17:44
MTecknologyfor the future, what's the correct way to get myself here?17:44
MTecknologybranch or checkout?17:44
apwyou have local patches on your 'buildme' branch17:45
apwand we send you a new base version17:45
apw(i am assuming)17:45
apwthen i would 'git fetch; git rebase Ubuntu-new-tag'17:45
MTecknologyI haven't been patching anything yet - still jsut playing17:45
apwwhich lifts up your local changes and puts them back on top17:45
MTecknologycool :)17:45
MTecknologyWhen I do try to start fixing kernel bugs, I might really like how git works17:47
apwits a problem if you are a bzr user as its similar enough to be confusing17:47
apwthough its basically functionally the same as bzr17:48
MTecknologyIt seems like git pulls down everything out there when I do git fetch; but it keeps a single head which is what rebase changes(?)17:48
apwit has the concept of local and remote branches17:48
apwgit branch -r shows you what it is pulling down17:48
apwalso tags come down which point to places17:48
apwbut the tags and remote branches represent 'our' things, and your local branches one or more represent 'your' things17:49
MTecknologyI think I get it17:49
apwyou can have more than one branch associated with the 'working directory' and switch between them17:49
MTecknologyI have to run away now :( - end of class17:49
apwsimilar to repository mode in bzr if you have met that17:49
apwbut its on by default17:49
MTecknologyI haven't met it yet, but I'm nearing that point17:50
MTecknologyI'm about to start working on a massive project using bzr so I'll meet it in about 1 month17:50
MTecknologythanks again :)17:50
WeatherGodgreetings from the bug squad...17:56
WeatherGodI have a quick question about where to file a particular bug issue17:56
WeatherGodI have a report of a nvidia video card that won't turn on its fan while using Karmic, but the fan does work using Windows17:58
WeatherGodis this a kernel issue or something else?17:58
stlsainthello all18:01
WeatherGodthey don't seem to be a chatty bunch...18:02
stlsaintyea im starting to notice18:02
stlsaintwas reading up on wiki page18:03
stlsaintlo jMyles 18:04
jMylesHey stlsaint.18:58
MTecknologyWeatherGod: what's up?19:55
WeatherGodI was wondering where I should file a particular bug report19:56
MTecknologythen ask ;)19:56
MTecknologyapw: why do you hate LP?19:56
WeatherGodthis reporter has a fan that isn't working when he is in Ubuntu, but does work when he is in Windows19:56
WeatherGodnote, that this is a GPU fan19:56
MTecknologywhere's the bug report?19:57
WeatherGodbug 48487519:57
ubot3Malone bug 484875 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Nvidia GPU overheating on Toshiba P100" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48487519:57
WeatherGodI initially moved it to the nvidia drivers package, but the people in the #ubuntu-x room told me that the nvidia driver doesn't control the fan19:58
WeatherGodpersonally, I don't know if that is true... because the changelog for the new nvidia driver mentions fan speed control19:59
MTecknologyI think that telling him to file a separate bug was a bad idea20:00
MTecknologygah... I'll brb20:00
MTecknologyI need to take a quiz20:01
MTecknologyIf it's the same issue, then two different systems but both nvidia geforce can help narrow down the issue20:06
WeatherGodnote, that this is the only bug report by the OR20:07
WeatherGodso, I should leave it with the nvidia package?20:08
MTecknologyI don't think there's enough information for that20:10
MTecknologyIt can definitely be confirmed though20:10
WeatherGodok, but are you saying that it should be moved to another package?20:11
MTecknologyI don't know20:11
WeatherGodwhat additional information is needed20:11
MTecknology#ubuntu-bugs can help you better20:11
WeatherGodI am from there20:11
WeatherGodthey aren't sure what controls the fan of the gpu20:11
MTecknologyI'm not the person to ask - maybe somebody else can peak in and answer20:12
WeatherGodsorry if I seem a bit... terse... I am just getting bounced around here20:13
MTecknology-bugs is supposed to handle assigning bugs to packages20:14
MTecknologysomebody here might know; most people here only worry about the kernel though20:15
WeatherGodyeah... I know... I am on the bug squad20:15
WeatherGodwe know that regular fans for CPU and such are filed against the kernel, but for the GPU, we don't know if the graphics driver controls that or the kernel20:16
WeatherGodand it doesn't seem like anyone at #ubuntu-x knows, either20:18
mjg59If you're using KMS, it's the kernel. If not, it's the X driver.20:20
mjg59Kernel Modesetting20:20
mjg59If you're using the nvidia binary driver, give up20:21
WeatherGodit is20:21
WeatherGodeven the brand new one20:21
mjg59Well, you get to file a bug against something that only nvidia has the source code to20:21
WeatherGodis there even such a way to do that?20:22
WeatherGodin the meantime, I have asked him to try out the free/open nvidia drivers20:23
WeatherGodwe will see if it works20:23
WeatherGodalso, given that he is using Karmic, is it safe to assume that he is using modesetting?20:24
mjg59If he's using nvidia on Ubuntu, he's not using kms20:26
WeatherGodso, to summarize -- this is strictly a problem with nvidia?20:27
mjg59If you're using the binary nvidia driver, the only software that controls the graphics hardware is the binary nvidia driver20:27
WeatherGodmjg59, thank you for clarifying my questions20:28
WeatherGodI appreciate your help20:28

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