nigel_nbhi FFEMTcJ00:18
FFEMTcJhey nigel_nb00:18
doctormohey nigel_nb01:03
nigel_nbhey doctormo01:03
nigel_nbback in boston?01:03
doctormonigel_nb: Aye, will you be on later for a chat about the bzr class?01:03
nigel_nbwill be here for another 4 hours01:04
FFEMTcJbzr class?01:05
nigel_nbdoctormo: I'll be back in an hour... is that okay?03:36
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doctormonigel_nb: sure04:10
nigel_nbdoctormo_: ping04:47
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doctormohey nigel_nb04:48
nigel_nbu wanted to talk to me?04:48
doctormonigel_nb: I'm back from UDS, so I'm back into checking to see how things are going with the bzr class.04:54
nigel_nbi was just up frm a bout of fever...down again :(04:55
nigel_nbi'll tke more time :(04:58
doctormonigel_nb: If I can get the packaging for nautilus-lp done, then the bzr class won't be as pressing.04:59
doctormoBut it makes an excelent case study05:00
doctormoand the ability for you to teach others how to do the same thing you have done,.05:00
nigel_nbcan you give me 2 days then.  I'll try my best to finish it off05:01
nigel_nbdoctormo: right now, I doubt if I can sit up05:01
doctormonigel_nb: You get better, I can give you many many days, as longas you need.05:01
doctormoI didn't know you were _still_ sick.05:02
nigel_nbdoctormo: :)05:02
nigel_nbi got the fever today... again05:02
* doctormo hugs nigel_nb05:08
nigel_nbdoctormo: hows your shin? :P05:08
nigel_nbdoctormo: thanks05:08
doctormohurting, ankle too05:08
nigel_nbdaniel took a bad fall too i heard :P05:08
nigel_nbdoctormo: anyways i gotta go meet a doc, catch you later05:10
doctormonigel_nb: Have a good day05:10
nigel_nb\quit gotta meet a doc05:11
ZachK_FFEMTcJ: what up13:03
ZachK_hey pleia213:03
FFEMTcJhey pleia2... I had a question for you, but I think I done forgot13:04
FFEMTcJhey ZachK_13:04
pleia2doh :)13:04
FFEMTcJits the infamous doctormo everyone talks about13:06
* ZachK_ goes over to help on the Ubuntu Forums13:06
pleia2hah, infamous?13:06
doctormoDoes everyone talk about me FFEMTcJ?13:08
ZachK_no doctormo13:08
FFEMTcJhehe.. ive heard alot of people talk about you13:08
* ZachK_ was kidding13:08
ZachK_doctormo: how have ya's been13:09
doctormoZachK_: Busy, recovering, but too damn busy :-)13:09
ZachK_doctormo: ah...13:09
FFEMTcJpleia2: you said the meeting which we are going to try to get help is dec 1?13:20
pleia2FFEMTcJ: that's the next beginners team meeting, I will see about scheduling a edu focus group meeting prior to that though13:20
* ZachK_ is always available to help! Except when I'm at work or something...13:21
pleia2I just can't find the guy in charge of that :( he seemed to have dropped off the planet13:21
ZachK_pleia2: i gotta nominate my padawan for the next meeting13:21
FFEMTcJgot three ZachK_ ?13:22
ZachK_FFEMTcJ: yes13:22
FFEMTcJhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Padawan <--z13:22
ZachK_FFEMTcJ: what13:22
FFEMTcJunder seeking13:23
ZachK_FFEMTcJ: oh i see...you want me to take you? or you want somebody to take you....13:23
FFEMTcJsomebody.. eventually13:23
ZachK_well the one guy i'm going to drop as he's never ever on13:23
FFEMTcJpleia2: whois incharge of edu13:24
FFEMTcJthe edu wiki page doesnt really say anything13:24
pleia2FFEMTcJ: Saj0577, the fellow I included on the email last week13:24
FFEMTcJI think I saw his nick a few days ago.. dont remember though13:25
FFEMTcJHe never responded to the the email either (or atleast not including me)13:25
ZachK_Saj0577 is my pal...also i'm a semi co-lead with him on the edu group13:25
pleia2ZachK_: he hasn't been around in weeks, do you know where he is?13:26
pleia2he also took ownership of several sections in this project, but hasn't been active, we're going to need to pull him so we can take over13:26
ZachK_pleia2: I haven't seen him...as I'm sure you know I've been away for a while due to work but whenever I'm here he's never on either....13:27
ZachK_I would pull him as the project is more important...13:27
ZachK_Don't pull me though13:27
pleia2you didn't sign up to work on sections13:28
pleia2I'm not taking him off the project, he's welcome to come back, but he added himself as admin on some core sections that we need to start moving forward on13:28
FFEMTcJwhere do you see this?13:29
pleia2FFEMTcJ: for instance: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning/AdvocateTopics13:29
ZachK_finally...he finished the page13:30
pleia2all he did was add his name13:33
pleia2everything else on that page is what others have added13:33
FFEMTcJuggh.. i need to nock out some homework13:35
pleia2ZachK_: since you're co-admin of the edu fg, can you please schedule a meeting?13:42
FFEMTcJmornin Pendulum13:50
txwikingermorning folks14:09
pleia2ZachK_: ?14:14
ZachK_pleia2: I'm not sure I can schedule a meeting14:14
ZachK_pleia2: at least I'm not sure how...14:15
pleia2ZachK_: want me to do it?14:15
ZachK_I'd rather learn how14:15
pleia2ok, I'll leave it in your hands then :)14:15
ZachK_well pointers are nice14:16
pleia2this week is probably bad due to the US holiday, but sometime next week, evening US time is good14:16
pleia2pick a meeting time, announce it and update the wiki14:16
pleia2possibly the BT calendar too14:16
ZachK_Well what's the channel for the wiki page?14:17
ZachK_And the BT calender? I don't believe I can edit that14:17
pleia2channel for the wiki page?14:17
pleia2sorry, I'm at work at the moment14:17
ZachK_Learning/Advocate Topics..what's the channel for the group..or is it this one14:17
pleia2probably want to ask around in -beginners or look at what other FGs do14:17
pleia2uh, I am talking about the edu focus group...14:18
pleia2the one you said you're co-admin of14:18
pleia2not the learning project14:18
ZachK_What's the wiki page for it?14:18
pleia2I thought you said you're co-admin?14:18
pleia2and you don't know the wiki page?14:18
ZachK_I said I am somewhat...I'm not even sure anymore as Saj never really told me...14:18
ZachK_I've not seen him for over a month14:18
pleia2it's linked to the front page of the BT wiki14:20
pleia2(I can't pull it up right now, working)14:20
ZachK_pleia2: there's like, three lines on the page14:21
pleia2what's that?14:22
ZachK_that's the full info on the page...14:22
pleia2I'm sorry, I'm at work14:22
ZachK_Saj took it all down or edited or something14:22
pleia2you'll have to follow up with him about that14:23
ZachK_    * BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Education14:23
ZachK_The aims of the group:14:23
ZachK_    * To work alongside the Ubuntu Learning Project14:23
ZachK_    *14:23
ZachK_      Get more people involved with Ubuntu, developing, Wiki & System Docs, Artwork, by helping them go through the processes of getting involved.14:23
ZachK_    * Help spread the world of Ubuntu and help the Loco Teams and other community teams to spread the word and organise events by supporting them in these tasks.14:23
ZachK_BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Education (last edited 2009-10-15 14:56:06 by saj0577)14:23
pleia2if you're not able to schedule a meeting, I'll do it, I just thought since you were the co-lead I'd ask14:23
ZachK_I did it in pastebin but since you can't look at the site...14:23
ZachK_As for co-lead I'm not sure if Saj set me up with that or not..he never really told me14:23
pleia2I *can* I am just busy14:23
pleia2then why did you say you were? :\14:24
pleia2forget it, I really have to get back to work14:24
ZachK_I thought I was..had to think on those things ")14:24
pleia2I'll schedule the meeting14:24
ZachK_sorry Liz14:24
doctormopleia2: Who was the person who'd taken Advocacy section?18:59
pleia2he runs the beginners team education focus group18:59
pleia2but he's been out of touch for a couple weeks now, not responding to my emails18:59
pleia2so we can pull him :\18:59
pleia2also, did you see?  http://www.flickr.com/photos/34196689@N07/4126515992/19:00
doctormoAh! That's the one I wanted :-) thanks pleia219:06
doctormopleia2: And I love the one of jono19:16
pleia2hehe, yeah19:16
doctormopleia2: just posted a blog entry with it http://doctormo.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/canonical-is/19:28
pleia2doctormo: haha, excellent :)19:28
pleia2probably need to give attribution?19:28
doctormopleia2: Actually need to get permission19:29
* pleia2 nods19:29
pleia2he's Pici on irc :)19:29
pleia2I just tossed him the link, he'll enjoy it19:29
pleia2doctormo: ack @ chipped bone19:39
doctormopleia2: Aye, to think I was wincing around on it all week.19:40
pleia2yeah, ouch ouch19:40
doctormoAlthough did you see the comment from my wife?19:40
pleia2hah, 11 years later!19:42
akgranerdoctormo, so what are they going to do for ya?  do you get a cast?19:43
doctormoakgraner: I get a boot and crutches19:52
akgranerahh well I hope you aren't in as much pain...19:52
akgranerit was horrible seeing you in that much pain... I felt really bad for ya19:52
doctormoakgraner: Sorry about that, must have been a real drag for everyone19:56
akgranerno we just wanted to help and couldn't19:57
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doctormopleia2: did you manage to read up through that doc?21:57
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