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pmatulisi'm settin up a (jaunty) server for building packages for multiple releases and archs.  what is the recommended way for doing that?03:49
RAOFpmatulis: Both sbuild & pbuilder will do what you want, depending on how many archs "multiple" is.03:50
pmatulisRAOF: yet i do not want to install dependencies on my main host, i'd rather keep them contained.  is schroot (+pbuilder) what i'm after?03:51
pmatulisRAOF: archs would just be x86_32 and x86_6403:53
hyperairsbuild and pbuilder both install dependencies in a chroot and build the package03:53
RAOFpmatulis: Yeah, both sbuild & pbuilder build in a chroot.03:53
adamawhat does x86_32 mean?03:53
hyperairafter building, the temporary installation is wiped clean03:53
adamai386? or more specific?03:54
RAOFadama: It's a longhand, nonstandard way of writing IA3203:54
adamathat doesn't answer my question03:54
adamadoes it mean i386, or something more specific?03:54
RAOFYes, it means what Debian & Ubuntu call "i386"03:54
pmatulishmm, so as a test i tried to build a gnome app on my server and naturally i'm missing libraries03:55
pmatulisif i install them they are going to be on my system permanently no?03:56
pmatulisthere you go, i'd rather avoid that03:56
RAOFSo, you build the package with pbuilder or sbuild, which will build in a chroot for you.03:56
adamaif only we had some mechanism to remove installed packages...03:57
pmatulisRAOF: yes, i used pdebuild03:57
RAOFpmatulis: Then your package is likely buggy.03:57
RAOFpbuilder will install all the dependencies you list as build-dependencies; if you package doesn't build because of a missing dependency, then you need to add it :)03:58
pmatulisRAOF: ok, and they are listed where?03:59
RAOFIn particular, pbuilder cannot automatically determine what dependencies are required; I suspect the halting problem is reducible to that problem :)03:59
RAOFpmatulis: debian/control - Build-Depends03:59
pmatulisRAOF: ok, will look03:59
lifelessand build-depends-indep03:59
pmatulisRAOF: btw, i originally wanted sbuild but i got an error about a missing module (dm_snapshot?)04:00
RAOFYeah, but hardly anyone has any build-depends-indep.  Arch-indep languages are, apparently, for the weak.04:00
RAOFpmatulis: That requires that you're using lvm, and have a bunch of free space in one of your VGs; unless you've deliberately set up your system for it, it's unlikely that you'll have accidentally got something that works.04:01
pmatulisRAOF: yes, i had space on my vg04:02
RAOFI think that mk-sbuild-lv.sh from ubuntu-dev-tools will actually load dm_snapshot if necessary.04:03
RAOFBut I no longer use sbuild, because I've found it easier to build in a tmpfs with pbuilder.04:04
pmatulisRAOF: ok, thanks for the tips04:09
pmatulisRAOF: sorry, but the missing deps are indeed listed in the control file04:15
RAOFThen it's time for you to post a buildlog & the control file to a pastebin.04:16
pmatulisRAOF: http://pastebin.ca/168320804:21
RAOFpmatulis: Aaah.  You don't have dpatch installed.  Since this is required when building a source package, you must install it.04:22
pmatulisRAOF: hmm04:22
* RAOF has another look at that control file, and wonders what happened in dpatch version 1.2104:23
pmatulisk, something is happening over here  :)04:25
mrooneyhaha, lintian told me that both my postinst script was empty and ignored errors05:58
mrooneythose warnings seem a little silly together05:58
lifelessplausible ;)06:00
mannyvStevenK, around?06:30
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StevenKmannyv: Somewhat06:41
mannyvStevenK, I have modified my local version of requestsync so that I can specify a build log as an attachment when using the launchpad api, is that a patch you would be interested in?06:44
mannyvalso i have modified grab-merge a little because it would sometimes try and grab the same source tar file several times if there are multiple entries for it in REPORT, now it checks to make sure the file doesnt exist before downloading06:46
StevenKTo be honest, I don't maintain requestsync, it's maintained in a bzr branch, so I would make your changes in a branch and request a merge06:48
mannyvoh ok for some reason i had the impression it was you06:49
mannyvok well i was going to do that i just figured i would scope out interest first, but I guess I can do it in the opposite order =)06:50
mannyvnow im off to bed, good night06:50
fabrice_spHi. buildX versions will be autosync in lucid, right?07:13
RAOFShould be, yes.  IIRC those are special-cased by the autosync.07:14
fabrice_spthat was also my impression. Will invalidated bug 486393 then. Thanks RAOF07:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 486393 in libsfml "Sync libsfml 1.5+repack1-2 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48639307:15
dholbachgood morning07:59
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siretart`hi \sh08:44
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 466935 in linux "No Video Output in Karmic with ID 046d:09a1 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Communicate MP/S5500" [Undecided,Triaged]08:59
ghostcubeanyone able to check this08:59
ghostcubestill there and nothing changed09:00
micahgghostcube: triaged means it's ready for a developer to look at, not that it's fixed09:00
ghostcubemicahg: i know09:18
ghostcubei meant nothing changed in my settings09:18
micahgghostcube: you'll want to check in #ubuntu-kernel09:20
ghostcubeheh i had bothered them too i just thought anyone can confirm this09:20
ghostcubeon an logitech09:20
micahgghostcube: one of the maintainers already confirmed09:20
micahgthat's why it was reopened09:20
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AnAntLucidFox: Hello, did you try TL2009 ?11:10
LucidFoxI did, yes.11:10
AnAnthow did it go with you ?11:10
LucidFoxI still need to download texlive-latex-extra to verify my test document. It wants a .sty file apparently present there.11:11
AnAntI see11:11
AnAntI found that epstopdf is gone !11:11
LucidFoxIt compiled with the official distribution before, so I'll compare the output with the Debian version.11:12
LucidFoxWeird, I have epstopdf installed.11:12
AnAntdid you upgrade texlive-extra-utils ?11:12
LucidFoxI didn't have the old texlive installed by default.11:13
AnAnthmm, wierd11:13
LucidFoxsikon@maia-desktop:~$ dpkg -S `which epstopdf`11:13
LucidFoxtexlive-font-utils: /usr/bin/epstopdf11:13
LucidFoxsikon@maia-desktop:~$ dpkg -s texlive-font-utils | grep Version11:13
LucidFoxVersion: 2009-111:13
AnAntah, ok11:13
LucidFoxIs there a more intuitive way to open manpages in yelp than Alt-F2 -> yelp man:<topic>?11:15
highvoltage(I guess "typing 'man topic' into a terminal" is not what you want to hear)11:16
AnAntcan you do a: dpkg -S `which texdoc` ?11:16
LucidFoxhighvoltage> I prefer GUI.11:16
LucidFoxtexlive-base: /usr/bin/texdoc11:17
slytherinLucidFox: type man topic in the search field in yelp.11:17
LucidFoxI know about that, but yelp needs to be started for that. :)11:18
LucidFoxWhen I just type man:<topic> in Alt-F2, yelp says that man:///topic cannot be opened.11:18
slytherinLucidFox: oh, so you want yelp to register a url handler for manpages?11:19
LucidFoxIt already is, just bugged, apparently.11:19
LucidFoxAt least from Alt-F2. It opens from Firefox without problems.11:20
LucidFoxLooks like a bug in gnome-panel.11:20
hyperairgnome-help man:///irssi11:22
hyperairindeed that is11:22
highvoltageYDdraigGoch: I think you mean gnome-help man:irssi ?11:24
highvoltagesorry, I aimed that at hyperair11:24
hyperairhighvoltage: sorry, i wasn't clear.11:24
hyperairhighvoltage: i mean that's what gnome-panel launched.11:25
hyperairhighvoltage: try it. alt+f2, type man:something, and then with yelp still open, ps -ef | grep gnome-help11:25
hyperairhighvoltage: gnome-panel is adding unnecessary /s11:25
highvoltagehyperair: ah I see11:26
AnAntLucidFox: did you try hyperref package ?11:26
* LucidFox shakes her head11:26
LucidFoxShame unicode-math isn't distributed.11:31
slytherinCan any java expert help to solve this problem - http://paste.ubuntu.com/326018/ ?11:45
Crusher`slytherin: it doesn't know what method you are trying to call, so you have to cast null to either the certificate or codesigner so it knows which method you are trying to use12:01
LucidFoxslytherin> There are two overloaded methods, and the compiler doesn't know which one to use.12:02
LucidFoxWhat's with autosync?12:07
LucidFoxSome packages seem to never be updated.12:07
siretart`LucidFox: there is a blacklist for the auto-sync. perhaps its listed there?12:17
LucidFoxI mean in lucid. dbus-c++ and x11vnc, for example, are not even in NEW.12:18
LucidFoxEven though they were added to Debian before the lucid cycle, and they're not in the blacklist.12:18
slytherinLucidFox: Crusher`: I understood that. But I don't know how to cast null to some type.12:20
Crusher`slytherin: new CodeSource(thisURL, (java.security.cert.Certificate[]) null);12:21
slytherinCrusher`: Oh, that simple. I didn't know that. :-(12:21
Crusher`slytherin: hehe, its all part of learning :)12:21
siretart`LucidFox: you should probbly ask that pitti or seb128 in #ubuntu-devel12:31
* LucidFox nods12:31
siretart`LucidFox: if these packages are already in dpkg source v3 format, then that's the reason12:31
* LucidFox checks12:32
LucidFoxCould be, didn't check.12:32
LucidFoxdbus-c++ isn't. I'll ask.12:33
LucidFoxNeither is x11vnc12:34
LucidFoxOn an unrelated note, why is ttf-droid not in Debian? License issues?12:34
LucidFoxHmm, there's an ITP for it... *reads*12:35
geserwas the import of new packages in Debian already run for lucid?13:02
siretart`geser: please ask in #ubuntu-devel13:06
geserI'll let the archive admins clear the current NEW queue first before asking for more13:19
flowerhow do I backport packages for 64bit on 32bit?13:21
\shfor i in i386 amd64 ; do build lucid $i my-package_verson-release.dsc ; done ,)13:25
geserflower: you have a 32bit system and want to build a package for a 64bit system?13:25
flowergeser: right13:25
geseryou need a 64bit pbuilder (or similar where you can build 64bit packages) and your kernel needs to be able to run 64bit programs which the 32bit kernel can't13:27
ghostcubegeser: i may check this evening the source aof arista video transcoder14:15
ghostcubeto see wheere it calls this stupid icon14:15
ghostcubeand if i can set an ghost one14:15
ghostcubehave i mentioned i luv the one packaged libxine with jackd support in his ppa14:18
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bddebianHeya gang15:34
siretart`hi bddebian15:36
bddebianHeya siretart15:37
fmarlhi guys, I need to talk to someone regards pyclutter-gtk and pyclutter-gst packaging.15:46
Elbrusfmarl: you should just state your question, nobody now knows if they can help you...15:47
fmarlWith pyclutter 1.0 they need to be packaged separately15:47
fmarlthere's a bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyclutter/+bug/43757815:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437578 in pyclutter "python-clutter-gtk needs to be packaged seperately" [Undecided,New]15:48
fmarlI've made some work to get it fixed but i need some help.15:48
Elbrusyou do this for Debian?15:49
Elbrussee comment 115:49
fmarlElbrus, no i'm just a programmer for a project that needs them15:50
dtchenbddebian: hi, do you have any opposition to just backporting the ALSA and pulse bits (src/audio/{alsa,pulse}) from 1.2.14 into the existing libsdl source package?15:50
fmarlproject name is Entertainer15:50
Elbrusso is this private packaging or for Ubuntu?15:50
fmarlElbrus, the goal should be to push these packages at least to Ubuntu15:51
Elbrusit is better to start at Debian15:52
fmarlElbrus, yeah I know.15:52
Elbrusit doesn't even have this bug reported as far as I can tell15:52
bddebiandtchen: Probably not15:52
Elbrusso whatever you figure out for the packaging, at least (also) submit it in the debian bugtracker (and link launchpad to it)15:53
fmarlElbrus, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=50591815:53
ubottuDebian bug 505918 in python-clutter "python-clutter: cannot use cluttergtk" [Important,Fixed]15:53
Elbrusso now your real question I guess15:53
dtchenbddebian: anyhow I already did it while chasing an alsa-plugins bug :-)15:53
dtchenbddebian: didn't ask for it to be sponsored into Ubuntu yet because I wanted to check with you about plans for libsdl in Debian15:54
dtchencos it, uh, explodes the delta, understandably15:54
Elbrusfmarl: is there already a RFP bug?15:54
fmarlElbrus, I don't know,probably not15:55
Elbrusand you are packing those?15:56
fmarlElbrus, mine is an attempt15:57
fmarlElbrus, https://code.launchpad.net/~francesco-marella/+junk/pyclutter-gtk15:57
bddebiandtchen: Well I'm up for just about anything but the other members of the "team" aren't all that responsive. :(15:58
Elbrusfmarl: better start asking your real question I guess... I see the code but what is the problem15:59
fmarlElbrus, there's someone here that can take this job?16:02
Elbruswhich job, helping you?16:02
Whoopiejdong, siretart: Hi, now that we have a new VLC in lucid, could we do the SRU for karmic?16:02
fmarljob = review my work or start from scratch, submit it to debian16:02
fmarlElbrus, sorry i'm not native-english16:02
Elbrusyou could attach your packaging to the launchapd bug and mark it as a patch16:03
Elbrusbetter, if you are willing to maintain it, file a bug at debian (a ITP against the wnpp package)16:04
fmarlElbrus, ok i'll do it16:04
Elbrusand search for a sponsor at mentors.debian.net / mentors@lists.debian.org16:04
Elbrus(please read the documentation at mentors.d.n first)16:05
fmarlElbrus, to much work for a lazy programmer.. :p16:05
Elbruswell, you SHOULD file a bug at Debian than with RFP against wnpp with the packaging attached)16:05
Elbrusat least16:06
Elbrusand link the debian and ubuntu bugs to eachother16:06
fmarlElbrus, ah ok16:06
fmarlElbrus, thanks.16:06
siretart`Whoopie: I'm not in the SRU team, and I don't have the overview what bugs have been closed from 1.0.2 to 1.0.316:07
Whoopiesiretart`: I'm talking about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/48144816:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481448 in vlc "VLC lacks build-dep on libupnp3-dev" [Undecided,New]16:09
jdongWhoopie: prep a debdiff for review and I'll take a look in an hour16:11
Whoopiejdong: it's already in the bug report16:11
jdongyou've got an ACK16:13
jdongedit the description of the bug with SRU verification procedures16:13
Whoopiejdong: where to find an example?16:16
jdongWhoopie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure16:23
Whoopiejdong: do I have to upload it to karmic-proposed?16:34
ScottKWhoopie: You need a MOTU to do that.16:36
WhoopieScottK: ok, thanks16:43
waver_hi guys, I want to push this package ( http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/hiawatha ) to Ubuntu17:01
ScottKwaver_: If you are really interested in the package, you might want to consider getting it into Ubuntu via Debian and maintaining it there.  See mentors.debian.net for details on how.17:03
waver_Thanks ScottK, I'll have a look17:04
ari-tczew8 requests left to 200 bugs in ubuntu-archive! yes!19:01
AndrewGeeHi all. Any MOTUs available to review my package in REVU, and hopefully give the second advocation? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/gpxviewer - Thanks :)19:08
dlmhi all19:09
dlmWhat is the requierement for became a MOTU ?19:09
ScottKAndrewGee: If you are interested in maintaining the package, you might consider getting it into Ubuntu via Debian.  See mentors.debian.net for details.19:14
ari-tczewdlm: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU19:15
dlmari-tczew: Thanks19:16
ScottKdlm: Also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#Ubuntu%20Developers%20%28MOTU%2919:16
dlmScottk: thanks for the link19:18
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* jdong scratches his head at the addition of a patchsys in a SRU debdiff.20:04
ajmitchthat's not nearly as bad as switching to dh7-style debian/rules in a SRU20:05
jdongwell I suppose the patchsys won't hurt too much20:06
ajmitchusually it's only a couple of lines, but it's still not the best thing to do :)20:06
ScottKIIRC adding a patch system is explicitly discouraged in SRUs.20:06
ajmitchsomething that the 3.0 (quilt) format is meant to help with once it's supported in LP :)20:06
ScottKajmitch: Right, any patch system you want as long as it's quilt.20:07
ajmitchthough to be fair, there looks to be little interaction with quilt itself that you need to do20:07
ScottKIf there's no existing patch system, I think that's correct.20:08
ScottKAlthough if you want to break your work into more than one patch, the way you do it is rebuild the source package.20:08
ScottKSeems a bit heavy to me.20:09
* ajmitch stabs fetchmail20:10
ajmitchI should really redirect my mail through somewhere more reliable20:10
highvoltagehey ajmitch, how are things?20:16
ajmitchgood, how are you?20:17
fabrice_spfcuk112, there?20:21
ari-tczewanyone knows, whether can I do NMU in Debian only for update/add watch file?20:22
ari-tczewpfff sucks :P20:24
ajmitchthat's a pretty trivial change, NMUs should be for release-critical bugs20:24
highvoltageajmitch: also doing good thanks20:25
ari-tczewbut maintainers doesn't care a lot of them packages20:25
ajmitchhighvoltage: so did you manage to get to the latest UDS? :)20:33
av`ari-tczew, yes, but doing an NMU for a watch file will probably get you20:37
ScottKAnd whoever would sponsor it would get roasted too.20:41
ari-tczew[19:56] <Laney> adding bureaucracy is not a way to encourage contribution20:41
ScottKFile a bug with a patch20:41
Laneydebian has package maintainers20:42
ScottKDebian has a different maintenance model than Ubuntu and NMUs for trivial fixes doesn't make sense20:42
azeemif the package is in collab-maint, you can checkin a fix I guess20:42
ari-tczewif Debian has a policy such as Ubuntu, we could do a lot for DEHS statistics20:46
ajmitchperhaps you could argue for it on debian-devel20:48
cjwatsonthat sounds guaranteed to go badly ...20:49
ajmitchit'd have about as much effect as discussing it here :)20:50
* jdong hopes ajmitch meant that in sarcasm ;-)20:50
jdongthe first statement, that is20:50
Stormx2Hi guys. Can I ask why grip is no-longer packaged?20:53
ajmitchwas grip ever ported to gtk+ 2.0?20:53
highvoltageajmitch: I participated remotely, US visas take too long :/20:54
ajmitchgrip was removed from debian back in february, I believe removals from debian like that happen in ubuntu as well so that we don't carry too many old & unmaintained packages20:55
fcuk112fabrice_sp: i am here.21:02
fabrice_spfcuk112, about the libavg upgrade: why did you deleted the building of testplayer?21:05
fcuk112fabrice_sp: when i did pbuilder build, it was failing because it ran an automatic test which required the framebuffer.21:06
fabrice_spfcuk112, it wasn't possible to desactivate the test instead of desactivating the bianre?21:07
Stormx2ajmitch: grip was gtk2 afaik21:07
fcuk112fabrice_sp: i could not find where to disable the test.21:07
fabrice_spalso, I did some modifications, and now, I'm getting an error: dpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library avg.so.0 needed by debian/python-libavg/usr/lib/libColorNode.so.0.0.0 . Did yo uget this one also?21:08
fabrice_spanyway, I'm building the package with your debdiff right now (wihout my modifications)21:08
fcuk112fabrice_sp: yea, i got the same error when i built via pbuilder, i got around it by adding to .pbuilderrc: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/libavg:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH21:11
fabrice_spfcuk112, ok: so you should have added that. or something similar in the debian/rules file21:12
fabrice_spalso, lintian is complaining about a missing README.source. Please add it, and update the Standards-version to 3.8.321:15
ari-tczewfabrice_sp: is it not a Debian's package?21:15
fabrice_spari-tczew, it's an orphaned Debian package21:16
ari-tczewwe could not update Standards-Version if package is delivering by Debian first, right?21:18
ari-tczewbut if it's orphaned package, ok21:18
fcuk112fabrice_sp: how to run the lintian command?  i just installed it.21:18
ari-tczewdebuild -us -uc and at the end you should see warnings21:19
fabrice_spor lintian <package.dsc>21:19
fcuk112fabrice_sp: also i am not sure where to update standards-version.21:19
fabrice_spari-tczew, we should not update the standard-versions of  a debian pacakge, but in this case, it will become an ubuntu version (0ubuntu1), so yes21:20
fcuk112fabrice_sp: when i run lintian on the dsc i get: internal error: command failed with error code 221:20
fcuk112warning: could not unpack package to desired level21:20
fcuk112warning: skipping check of source package libavg21:20
fabrice_spfcuk112, could you paste the full command you are running?21:22
fcuk112fabrice_sp: lintian libavg_0.9.0-0ubuntu1.dsc21:23
ari-tczewdebian/control there you can bump Standards-Version21:23
fcuk112ari-tczew: thanks, ok i updated it.21:25
fabrice_spfcuk112, can you pastebin the content of the dsc file?21:25
fabrice_spto be able to update the standards-version, you need to add a debian/REAME.source file, as there is a patch system21:26
fcuk112fabrice_sp: sorry what would the contents of debian/README.source be?21:31
av`fabrice_sp, I don't think a README.Source is really needed21:31
fabrice_spfcuk112, the dsc file seems good21:32
av`if the patch system is either dpatch or quilt21:32
ari-tczewav' +121:32
fabrice_spav`, even with source format v1? The Debian policy still says that it's required21:33
av`fabrice_sp, looks to me that paste / copying the dpatch / quilt example files is pretty useles21:33
av`fabrice_sp, yes, someone proposed to remove its requirement for normal21:33
av`patch systems already21:33
ari-tczewwhat is connexion between Standards-Version and patchsystem?21:33
fabrice_spav`, I know it's useless, but for the moment, it still required by Debian policy, no?21:34
av`actually the newer standards introduce new policies to follow21:34
av`and one of them is the patch-system one fabrice_sp told you before21:34
av`e.g adding a readme.source21:34
fabrice_spit was added in 3.8.3?21:35
* fabrice_sp looks at Debian polciy21:35
av`fabrice_sp, yes, it is, but since the package won't go to debian for now, I wouldnt add it21:35
av`fabrice_sp, don't remember21:35
mannyvim looking at a package that we have had to merge for about 4 releases because the source tar ball is missing a COPYING file and we keep adding it in.21:36
mannyvis this something I should talk with the debian maintainer about adding as well?21:37
mannyvand maybe upstream or ?21:37
fabrice_spthe README.source is recommended, not mandatory, so fcuk112, forget the READE.source file21:37
av`fabrice_sp, yes21:37
fabrice_spmannyv, Should be upstream21:37
av`fabrice_sp, it's a warning not an error21:37
av`fabrice_sp, so it's up to the original maintainer21:37
fabrice_spav`, I know, but I've seen warnings becoming error in later version21:38
fabrice_spin this case, it's ok21:38
av`I don't think this will ever be an error21:38
fabrice_spnot with source format V3 :-)21:38
av`if not dak would reject tons of packages since it has lintian-based21:38
av`auto-rejects now21:38
fabrice_spbut I have to say that it should be mandatory for some non standard pacakges21:38
av`but yes, for particular packages would be nice to have21:39
av`especially for NMUers21:39
* mannyv swims upstream 21:39
fabrice_spor packages with source tarball inside the tarball21:39
av`like mozilla-extensions then21:41
av`that ships a .xpi file into the tar.gz :)21:41
av`but we have tools for that :)21:41
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fabrice_spav`, sure about the tools, but for a newcommer to the package, patching it as... hmmm....complex21:42
av`fabrice_sp, true, with tools I meant something like mozilla-devscripts21:43
av`don't know if you ever worked with them21:43
fabrice_spav`, ohh yes :-) no: only saw them from far away21:43
av`for mozilla-extensions-related-stuff of course21:43
* fabrice_sp avoids mozilla :-)21:43
av`good for you :)21:43
fabrice_splatelly, I only have time to review the sponsoring queue... :-)21:44
* fabrice_sp should take care of his sync/merges...21:45
av`fabrice_sp, cleaning up the sponsoring queue is something great21:48
av`so that contributors don't have their work dropped somewhere21:48
av`so good work :)21:48
fabrice_spav`, it's great: it also a way to learn a lot of new stuff (and discover new packages) :)21:49
fabrice_spmannyv, about Bug #48618121:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 486181 in piklab "Please Merge piklab 0.15.5-1 from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48618121:49
mannyvfabrice_sp, yeah?21:50
fabrice_spshouldn't we wait one week, when 0.15.7 lands in testing? And avoid doing 2 merges?21:50
fabrice_sp(even if it's an easy one :-) )21:50
* mannyv has been cherry picking the easy ones 21:51
mannyvyeah that makes sense21:52
mannyvi didn't know that the new 0.15.7 would land in testing in 2 weeks21:52
mannyvhow do you know that so I can know in the future =) ?21:52
av`mannyv, check the PTS :)21:52
av`mannyv, it has all informations you may need21:53
fabrice_spa package in unstable, if everything is ok, lands in testing 10 days after21:53
fabrice_spPTS is your friend, yes :-)21:53
av`mannyv, subscribe to a specific package and you gonna receive everything into your mail box!21:53
mannyvi checked in PTS21:53
fabrice_spToo young, only 4 of 10 days old21:54
mannyvi jsut didint know when it moved from unstable to testing i guess21:54
av`mannyv, which one?21:54
fabrice_sphttp://packages.qa.debian.org/p/piklab.html in this case21:54
mannyvi see now, i just didnt know to look for that21:54
av`yes, wanted to see what he meant for PTS21:54
mannyvav`, that is what i meant21:55
fabrice_spone day for agg :-)21:55
av`fabrice_sp, already one day?21:55
av`time pass so fast21:55
fabrice_spav`, my bad: only 1 of 10 days :-D21:55
mannyvso does that mean if there is a higher version in unstable we should just always wait, provided we 10 days before DIF?21:56
av`fabrice_sp, lol21:56
av`looked to me a bit strange that was going to migrate already21:56
fabrice_spmannyv, if no serious bugs appears during that 10 days, yes21:56
av`all squeeze goals should be ok21:57
av`to migrate21:57
mannyvok that is good to know =)21:57
fabrice_spjust too tired! That libavg upgrade + another merge killed me :-)21:57
av`if the packages FTBFS on a squeeze release goal arch it won't migrate :)21:57
fabrice_spbed time. Bye all!22:00
av`have a good night :)22:04
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RoAkSoAxhey guys. I;m merging a package and in Ubuntu we are adding -dev. So, since we are modifying configure.in, I have to rerun autogen.sh. So, if I'm already running autogen.sh do I have to add automake and libtool to Build-Deps?22:32
azeemRoAkSoAx: does it build if you don't?22:35
RoAkSoAxazeem, yes I believe so, but it shows a warning that there's no automake22:36
kklimondaRoAkSoAx: the official way as far as I can tell is to regenerate locally and then create patch for source22:37
kklimondathis way you don't have to add any additional dependencies22:37
ari-tczewyes! seb128 is working on syncs! MOTU go ahead!22:37
RoAkSoAxkklimonda, so I would just run autogen.sh again and then not add the dependecies on libtool and automake?22:38
RoAkSoAxkklimonda, or... adding the dependencies, and not running autogen.sh?22:39
kklimondaRoAkSoAx: again? you run it once, create diff between regenerated source and clean one and add it to debian/patches/22:41
RoAkSoAxkklimonda, yeah but... do I still have to add automake and libtool as build-deps?22:44
kklimondano, the whole point of creating a patch locally is to avoid those dependencies22:44
av`RoAkSoAx, no22:44
av`RoAkSoAx, you gonna apply a patch, so no additional deps are needed22:45
av`apart quilt or dpatch or whatever you use22:45
av`if you use quilt, I would suggest you to give a try to quilt sheel22:45
av`* quilt shell22:45
RoAkSoAxav`, i was applying it directly because debian dropped the patchsystem and I'm not introducing one again22:45
av`don't know how sane it is applying an autotools patch directl22:46
kklimondait's not22:46
kklimondaapplying anything outside of debian/ subdirectory currently isn't really sane imho22:47
av`kklimonda, agreed, apart minor changes I'm with you22:47
av`minor = really minor changes22:47
RoAkSoAxso what would be your recommendation in this particular case?22:48
kklimondawell, autotools related patches are huge so I'd restore patch system22:49
av`adding a patch system22:49
av`and using quilt shell22:49
kklimonda(the patch for transmission is over 1MB)22:49
av`if you want your life to be easier22:49
RoAkSoAxok cool, thanks for the tip :)22:50
av`np :)22:50
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