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* asac just woke up after a ~14h sleep :)12:45
asacnever had that before ;)12:45
asacdamn travel ;)12:45
av`asac, hey :)13:35
av`asac, any news for the mail?13:35
av`I guess you forgot it, too many stuff to do in one time13:35
av`eheh :))13:35
asacav`: what was the mail title?13:48
* asac has 1.8k unread mails in main inbox 13:48
av`asac, AM report for Andrea Veri <andrea.veri89@gmail.com>13:48
asacav`: you forwardewd13:48
av`asac, yes13:48
asaci need a bounche13:48
asacnot forward13:48
asacotherwise it will not be properly threaded13:49
av`asac, I forwarded you the mail as an attachment13:49
asaccan you do that?13:49
asaclet me check13:49
av`so you can get the message ID13:49
av`and you're done13:49
asacav`: will you stop after becoming a DD ?13:56
av`asac, becoming a DD is the starting point I would say13:57
av`asac, what do you think? :)13:57
av`asac, I finished all the tests in around ~10 days, I'm happy :)13:57
asacav`: so did anyone object yet?14:04
av`asac, what do you mean?14:04
av`asac, I received 6 DDs advocations since now on the -newmaint list14:04
asacmeaning: did anyone object yet14:04
asacno objections?14:04
asacjust wondered if i was any objection i should address14:05
av`oh...everything fine :)14:05
av`all very good recommendations14:05
av`and that made me more than happy :)14:05
asacand you really need my reply still ;)?14:05
av`your my first sponsor, I learn a lot from you, so I really care about your recommendation14:06
av`* learnt14:06
av`if not I would have asked you :)14:07
av`* would no14:07
av`* not14:07
av`damn keyboard14:07
asacis that good enough?14:07
asacotherwise tell me what i should write14:07
av`asac, it looks simply great14:09
av`thanks :)14:09
asacav`: sent14:10
av`asac, thanks a lot :)14:11
av`will ping you when that will happen14:11
av`gonna drop you a mail with my @debian.org mail address14:11
av`asac, maybe someone will send you some notifications about the fact you didnt sign it14:14
av`happened before to a DD who didnt sign14:14
asacav`: resetn14:16
av`asac, thanks, I prevented you to receive some comments like14:17
av`'you forgot to sign' or 'were you really Alexander Sack' and more :)14:17
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asacfta: the bzr date feature got committed afaict :)16:22
fta[reed], x64 is not a supported platform???17:36
micahgfta: +117:36
micahg+1000 actually17:37
[reed]fta: not tier 1 currently, but we do build x64 builds for linux17:37
ftain recent ubuntus, it's between 25% and 35%17:41
micahgasac: ping19:36
micahganyone using daily for firefox 3.6?19:46
micahgfta: looks like songbird jumped to 1.620:07
Mook_sbyeah, we branched20:08
micahgMook_sb: will you be around this weekend?20:09
Mook_sbsome day, I'll be able to stop crying and there will be an actual release20:09
Mook_sbmicahg: likely, yes20:09
micahgI want to try to fix the dailies20:09
micahgMook_sb: what's the timetable for a 1.5 release?20:10
micahgif any?20:10
Mook_sbmicahg: honestly, I have no idea :(20:10
micahgfta: is it worth trying to get a 1.5 version into lucid?20:10
micahgMook_sb: is there anything like mxr for songbird?20:11
ftamicahg, i don't think so, nothing has changed wrt the issues that prevented it to enter the repo 1/2/3+ years ago20:11
Mook_sbmicahg: http://src.songbirdnest.com/source/20:12
micahgfta: so, I should just try to get trunk to work then and not worry about a 1.5 branch?20:12
Mook_sbit doesn't deal with branches :(20:12
ftamicahg, have a look at the need-packaging bug20:12
micahgthanks Mook_sb20:13
ftamicahg, yep, follow trunk, we can do releases in another ppa, but most people are happy with trunk20:13
stevelmicahg: 1.5 is almost certainly not going to be a publicly stable release, so i wouldn't bother trying to make 1.5 packages20:15
steveli would just go to trunk.20:15
stevel1.5 was, for all intents and purposes, an internal release for us to slot bugs into while we work on video - which is spanning two releases (1.5 & 1.6)20:16
micahgstevel: is songbird like gnome in version conventions then?20:16
stevelmicahg: i'm not familiar with GNOME's versioning scheme.. ? care to educate me?20:17
micahgodd point releases are devel, even are stable20:17
stevelmicahg: ah, no. that's just coincidence20:18
stevelwe've normally tried to make every release a public stable release.20:18
stevel1.5 & 1.6 is the first time we've explicitly planned to not release a build20:18
stevelthough we fubar'd up and had issues with 1.3 & 1.4, so ended up not releasing those as well20:18
micahg1.3 wasn't released either20:19
stevelright, which is why i said "explicitly"  :) 1.5 has never been planned from the start to be released20:19
stevelwhereas 1.3 & 1.4 was us sucking20:19
stevelwe keep whipping Mook_sb as hard as we can, but he just won't code any faster20:19
Mook_sbstevel: you need to do things that I don't _like_20:21
ftakenvandine, if possible, please remove the patch in the gwibber packaging branch (and the cdbs include)20:44
ftakenvandine, i guess i've already read http://jordanhall.co.uk/ubuntu-linux/gwibber-large-fonts-in-ubuntu-9.10-karmic-koala-issue/20:47
kenvandinei have a fix for that20:47
kenvandineincluding the preferences ui that lies20:47
kenvandinefta, i want to see why ryan was doing the +2 thing20:49
kenvandineseems very wrong20:49
kenvandinebut aside from that, the preferences UI says you can over-ride fonts20:49
kenvandinebut you can't20:49
kenvandineso i have a branch that fixes that20:50
ftamaybe Ryan needs glasses ;)20:51
kenvandineok... it was to compensate for a bug in an older webkit version20:57
kenvandineso he isn't just blind20:57
fta[reed], gosh, 5 minutes to exit from ff 3.7 :P  zillions of madvise(x, y, MADV_DONTNEED)22:48
ftawith 100% cpu of course, and lots of i/o22:49
ftagaleon                           29439   2.20%      2882   26142     408       723:11
ftasongbird                         27564   2.06%      1504   25186     695     17923:11
ftachromium-browser                 21679   1.62%      4545   10014    7116       423:11
ftagoogle-chrome-unstable           17914   1.34%      4542    6967    6388      1723:11
ftanext target for chromium is to crush songbird, then galeon ;)23:11
micahgfta: where are those number from?23:15
micahgi don't see %23:15
ftai have a wrapper23:16
ftamicahg, let me know if you want my script23:21
micahgseems interesting23:21
micahgbut I'm wondering why galeon still exists23:21
ftapopcon is distro agnostic, so it doesn't know the difference between karmic, hardy, dapper23:23
micahgah, I'm wondering going forward though23:23
micahglast release was a year ago23:23
micahgto make it compatible with ff323:23
micahgor rather xul1.923:23
micahgI guess we'll see in dec if it's pulled from debian23:24
ftamicahg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/326461/  my dirty script :)23:29
micahgthanks fta23:42

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