khuntdo i have to restart anything after changing the password?00:01
darthanubiskhunt, hard to say, myswl and mythtv-database have passwords00:02
darthanubisjust reconfigure the mythtv-database00:02
khuntI restarted sql00:03
khuntneither local frontend or remote can log in00:03
darthanubisI did not say restart it00:03
khunthow do i reconfigure database00:03
khuntno i did that before you said00:03
darthanubismediapc, make sure the machine can play mp3s00:04
darthanubiskhunt, also try using mythbuntu-control-center00:04
khuntfor what00:06
mediapcMy machine can play MP3 (in both MPlayer and VLC)00:07
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* darthanubis he asked "for what"01:15
jfry_I made 2 stupid mistakes tonight... 1. rm /etc -rf   and if that wasn't bad enough, when I tried to backup my database before reinstalling my server, the backup failed without error... so my restore.sql file is empty.  I have an old (about a month old) DB... but that will miss all of the new shows I have recorded... how do I search for those new shows and add them to my database?06:04
tgm4883jfry_, IIRC, you need to use http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Myth.find_orphans.pl06:09
tgm4883i believe it has options to reinsert files back into the DB06:09
jfry_tgm4883: thanks... that sounds familiar.  I can't believe this.  Thats what I get for doing system admin while watching tv.06:11
MythbuntuGuest03Hi, just upgraded to the latest build and now getting segfaults, anyone else know about it? the build I downloaded about 8 hours ago was running fine.09:04
MythbuntuGuest03ok false alarm09:07
MythbuntuGuest03mustn't have waited long enough because restarted the backend and it works fine now09:08
mediapc I installed Mythbuntu. Everything works fine, but the musicplayer doesn seem to work. It just won play anything. Video-audio is ok√©. The 'time-satus-bar' doesn seem to do anything either. The logfile says: 2009-11-23 00:46:24.669 Could not open file (/media/WD-TERRA/Muziek/WD-TERRA/Muziek/Tool/Tool - 10,000 Days/Tool - 10,000 Days - 01 - Vicarious.mp3)  AV decoder. Error: -2 Does someone know what I can do to fix my musicplayer?17:16
mediapc My machine can play MP3 (in both MPlayer and VLC)17:16
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williammandaI'm looking to install mythbuntu repos so that I can get a Jamu problem resolved...are there any issues that I should be aware of before I do this?18:45
williammandaThis is currently what I have...0.22.0+fixes22594-Oubuntu1 (karmic)18:46
superm1there was a report that you might need to manually remove nvidia-185-libvdpau to do the upgrade (now libvdpau does stuff instead)19:02
superm1williammanda, ^19:03
superm1i've not had a chance to sit down and try to reproduce it from a fresh install that repos is just added on yet though19:03
williammandasuperm1, ok...I'll remove nvidia-185-libvdpau first then install the repo19:34
superm1williammanda, well i'm just saying you might need to19:35
superm1dont do that right now unless there is a problem19:35
williammandaok ty19:36
superm1(it will take out a lot more with it!)19:36
khuntmythbuntu karmic rox22:28
tgm4883khunt, thanks22:29
khuntits the first and only mythbuntu for 2 years that i got my lcd working with!22:30
khuntalthough i just found a slight bug in the screen wizard22:32
khuntyou know you get the 2 triangles that you move around till they hit the corner of the screen22:34
khuntthe bottom right one is invisible22:40
tgm4883khunt, invisible, or just too far to the bottom right?22:43
khunti tried moving it up as far as i can22:43
khuntand it never appeared22:43
tgm4883khunt, which theme?22:43
tgm4883i'm not sure that matters22:43
tgm4883but it's good to know22:43
khuntmythbuntu default wide22:43
tgm4883i'll look into it when I get home22:44
khuntit matters to me :-( my lcd over scans so its the only way to correct the picture22:44
tgm4883I meant, I'm not sure it matters what theme you are using22:44
hadsThe screen wizard has always been a bit bung.22:45
hadsYou can set it up manually in the appearance setup so it's not the only way to fix it.22:45
khuntI have always used the wizard in previous versions22:48
khunthopefully nvidia driver with overscan copensation with finally make it downstream22:48
tgm4883khunt, are you using the auto builds?22:48
khuntauto builds?22:48
khunti installed from the disk22:48
ZinnSorry I don't know about auto-builds22:48
tgm4883!auto builds22:48
ZinnSorry I don't know about auto builds22:48
tgm4883!auto builds?22:49
ZinnSorry I don't know about auto builds?22:49
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].22:49
ZinnAuto builds are available for MythTV 0.22 for Intrepid, Jaunty, and Karmic (0.22 and 0.23-trunk).  See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.  If you see references to 0.22-trunk, you can ignore the -trunk part :-)22:49
tgm4883!stab zinn, for being slow22:49
* Zinn stabs zinn with a rusty spork, for being slow.22:49
tgm4883khunt, use the autobuilds, you will get updates to mythtv packages22:49
khuntstill need to enable the gpu offload thingy22:50
khuntshould i go .22 or.23?22:52
OpenMediaAnyone seeing a lot of segfaults in their logs?22:53
OpenMediadmesg | grep segf22:53
OpenMedia[  261.483550] mythbackend[3089]: segfault at 7d7b7a82 ip 016bc448 sp bfdfba6c error 6 in libc-2.10.1.so[164f000+13e000]22:53
OpenMedia[112287.612306] mythbackend[18637]: segfault at 7f7f7f87 ip 03bc4448 sp bfd97f7c error 6 in libc-2.10.1.so[3b57000+13e000]22:53
OpenMedia[562794.317013] mythfrontend.re[7947]: segfault at 69 ip 00c08309 sp 7f6f2f50 error 6 in libmythtv-0.22.so.0.22.0[764000+a6c000]22:53
OpenMedia[562844.434071] mythfrontend.re[8124]: segfault at 69 ip 00b48309 sp ae73ff50 error 6 in libmythtv-0.22.so.0.22.0[6a4000+a6c000]22:53
OpenMedia[613620.761031] mythbackend[13037]: segfault at 8ed6c38 ip 08e0c65e sp bf8a7c10 error 7 in libmyth-0.22.so.0.22.0[8bce000+2fe000]22:54
OpenMedia[703906.381211] mythbackend[11350]: segfault at 89bfe9c ip 089beb80 sp bff7a2b0 error 7 in libnvidia-tls.so.185.18.36[89be000+1000]22:54
OpenMedia[972438.686849] mythbackend[2416]: segfault at 8f47000 ip 089edeef sp bff82970 error 6 in libmythavcodec-0.22.so.0.22.0[898b000+3f4000]22:54
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.22:54
khuntupgraded to dailies still missing bottom arrow23:11
mrandOpenMedia: are you running vdpau?23:13
OpenMediamrand: Not on this system.23:13
mrandI see nvidia mentioned up there.   Interesting.23:13
OpenMediaI am playing back and recording some H.264 SD material from freeview here in NZ, but most of the recordings are DVB SD MPEG2.23:14
mrandOnly suggestion I can make right now is to run autobuilds to pick up any upstream crash fixes.  Hopefully superm1 will have -dbg package available soon that will enable us to get real debug info on these.23:14
superm1actually i committed those a day or two ago23:15
superm1they should be available todayish23:15
superm1yup t hey're on the US mirror it looks like23:15
OpenMediaI've been playing with the autobuilds on a test rig, these errors are on my own live environment.23:15
superm1install mythtv-dbg23:15
OpenMediaI need to pull a fresh copy onto the test rig and leave it running for a day or two to see if I can reproduce the issues.23:16
superm1mrand, ^23:16
khuntanyone know how to stop lcd displaying lcdproc server every 20 secs23:17
superm1they're only working for -fixes it looks like, but moot point currently23:18
mrandI haven't touched my test box in hopes of pulling that in and seeing if it reproduces the failure.23:26
mrandsuperm1: would you expect mythtv-dbg to be noticeably slower?23:26
mrand(CPU cycles)23:26
superm1mrand, it shouldn't be any slower i dont think23:27
superm1just the debug symbols should now be available when a crash happens23:27
superm1i'm considering making them "Recommends" for the PPA builds too23:27
superm1after some testing to make sure they're Not slowing things down :)23:28

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