nixternalhe is doing it everywhere00:04
nixternalI stopped paying attention, because where he is, I don't have ops00:04
elkyhe's offline now.00:14
bazhangIndian` still ban evading in -ot02:10
bazhangrww, hey02:11
rwwKavita/Umankt/whatever his... ah, bazhang beat me to it02:11
tonyyarussoThat syntax is right, right?02:23
bazhangfirst @login though02:24
tonyyarussoThe stupid ?= part is going away when seven finally lands, right?02:24
tonyyarussobazhang: I meant the syntax of the ban.02:25
bazhangtonyyarusso, oh sorry will look02:25
tonyyarussoAlso, huge high five to whoever finally a) fixed, and b) made far more awesome teh bantracker02:27
bazhangmcurran trolling ? banned from mint channels?02:41
switchgirlhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/325808/ - mark- called me a slag - no contact before... thats the uk equivelennt of a slut03:36
tonyyarussoswitchgirl: It would be helpful to also identify the channel involved and a little context, if any.03:37
switchgirlno context and in pm we shared #ubuntu-uk03:38
Seeker`I have spoken to markie- and told them that sort of behaviour is unacceptable03:39
switchgirlSeeker`, did't seem to understand quite how mortifying it was for me03:41
MenZaFlannel: I'm probably going to head to bed soon(ish)03:52
* MenZa hands Flannel his trusty banhammer03:52
MenZaYou have the next watch ;)03:52
FlannelHowdy akgraner, how can we help you tonight?03:55
akgraneryeah can I see you in PM03:56
Flannelakgraner: sure03:56
akgranerI pinged kurt but he isn't around atm...:-/03:56
ubottuhypa7ia called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()03:59
ubottuh00k called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Administrators)03:59
ardchoilleww in #ubuntu needs some supervision04:41
ardchoilleww is back in #ubuntu as two nicks, Tjah and rastafarian04:44
ardchoilleprobably testing to see if he was banned04:45
MenZatonyyarusso: It's not as bad as it used to be, honest. I just go there to shout at people and rant.05:25
tonyyarussoMenZa: good to know, but does "not as bad" bring it up to "worth mentioning here" yet?05:27
MenZanot at all, it was just a remark05:28
MenZahence why I said it here ;)05:33
ubottumaco called the ops in #ubuntu (elendal__ langauge)05:39
MenZanow foobar2313123whatever05:39
bazhanggot him in PM05:40
mneptokbazhang: i'd suggest adding an ident to the ban to prevent other students at Concordia from having issues05:44
mneptokone man's opinion05:44
mneptokup to you. your ban.05:44
bazhangjust a mute, not sure how to as he was changing nicks so fast though05:45
bazhangnearly missed the change from foobar12345 to lol05:45
tonyyarussommmmm, 'pbuilder create' is much more fun when you have a local mirror05:52
bazhangmneptok, going to leave the quiet on for a bit more then remove it.05:53
bazhangso as not inconvenience the other concordia students05:53
bazhangah right +d  sorry for the confusion06:13
bazhangdeviant-route, hi06:22
deviant-routehi bazhang06:22
deviant-routefunny i was trying to get to #ubuntu, but for some reason it came to #ubuntu-ops06:24
bazhangdeviant-route, yes, the proxy you are sharing is banned there06:24
deviant-routeoh that explains06:24
deviant-routeso this is where all the ubuntu ops hang out06:26
deviant-routeanyways later06:28
bazhangthe quiet on concordia has been removed, I will remember +d next time06:29
dholbachgood morning07:59
jussi01FOr all those asking for clarification about the UDS stuff,  we will have a few wikipages up soonish with some extra info. After that we can have some other community feedback. (those that couldnt attend uds)08:07
jussi01hiya dholbach08:07
* jussi01 is in finland again :D08:08
dholbachhi jussi0108:08
Tm_Tjussi01: and still no snow ):08:09
jussi01Tm_T: I dont care, just glad to be back in .fi08:09
Tm_Tjussi01: yes, but suddenly all melts down before you arrive, so I blame aeroplanes08:09
mneptokblame Texas.08:10
mneptokwe do.08:10
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
ubottuZykoticK9 called the ops in #ubuntu (Maree)09:06
DJonesHi, looks like there's a repeating bot in #ubuntu username Maree09:06
DJonesThanks jussi0109:07
elkywhat... just what do the botmasters of those bots think they're actually contributing?09:07
jussi01elky: irritation?09:07
elkyi'd say that's a detraction, not a contribution09:08
jussi01to me, its just another attempt at getting noticed/upsettign the channel. same as bot floods etc09:09
nikoMaree is in #kubuntu09:10
jussi01Tm_T: about?09:11
Tm_Tjussi01: yes?09:11
jussi01Tm_T: never mind, I did it, but please watch and deal with it if she/it comes back09:12
Tm_Tjussi01: ok, will try, though I'm mostly on hacking Kopete now09:12
* Tm_T sets audible bell on09:13
aaronwhy am I banned11:19
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (gar4eto3)13:15
bazhangplease keep an eye on maggott . have to step away for a few.13:30
Tm_Tin #u ?13:31
Tm_TI'm still not fine, so if you see me not doing something, step in please13:37
ikoniaI'd forgot about him13:37
Tm_TI wonder what happened to his channel13:38
trudellMicrosoft bribes Ubuntu development team to make bullshit kernel to not run 3d cards or commercial games on Linux.14:55
bazhangtrudell, please dont start.14:55
trudellyou all are gays14:55
ikoniaTm_T: +b straight away14:55
ikoniadon't allow this to happen again14:55
trudelli1m go back14:57
bazhangso we see14:57
trudellwha do you want baz?14:57
bazhangtrudell, please dont waste any more time on this.14:57
trudellonly with a condition14:58
trudelland so?14:58
ikoniatrudell: there are no conditions, stop this behaviour now14:58
trudellsio, i never will stop14:59
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!14:59
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()14:59
ikoniathanks Pici14:59
trudellno reasons, man14:59
jpdsPici:  *!____*______n=trudell@18715:00
jpdsWhat a strange person.15:01
AmaranthI'll say it again: Where is my Microsoft check?15:01
bazhangin the mail15:01
ikoniahe's free to rant in ##unavailable where he is now. Nice work15:02
bazhangany thoughts on huge number of bans that are unattributed on the ban list? (ie to a freenode server)15:03
AmaranthI'm trying to remember why that happens15:03
ikoniabazhang: does BT not provide any info ?15:04
Tm_Tsp je15:04
Tm_Tso he's back...15:04
jpdsbazhang: Servers syncing with each other.15:04
bazhangjpds, right, I am just wondering how we can clear them in the most efficient way possible.15:04
jpdsbazhang: /msg ChanServ clear #ubuntu bans15:05
bazhangikonia, sure, once cross-referenced, and I did the last 72 or so but it took quite a while15:05
jpdsOnly a server somewhere may just catch fire.15:05
bazhangjpds, would be nice (the clear not the fire)15:05
ikoniabazhang: I'll much in and split it with you if you want15:07
bazhangikonia, sounds good15:08
ikoniabazhang: ok, I'll start going through them15:08
bazhangikonia, you starting from the channel list? via the top/bottom? or the bantracker? (just so we dont duplicate efforts)15:09
Amaranthafaik I don't have any bans anymore (Pricey found some after I said that last time) but if I do you are more than welcome to remove them15:13
bazhangAmaranth, okay thanks15:13
bazhangwondering about old Jack_Sparrow and LjL bans as well15:13
ikoniabazhang: I can start from where you want15:14
ikoniawhere is jack_sparrow ?15:14
bazhangnot seen him in a very long time, 4 months or more15:14
bazhangikonia, I will tackle the oldest freenode ones dated Oct 26 (though some date to January of last year in fact)15:17
superm1mneptok, Yes.15:18
superm1Tm_T, i think the proper response to "who are you" is "itza meee a mariooo!"15:18
Tm_Tsuperm1: ?15:19
Tm_Tsuperm1: ah, yeah, who are you?15:19
* Tm_T hides15:19
bazhangmythbuntu lead developer iirc ^^15:19
Tm_Tbazhang: I know, just teasing15:19
ikoniabazhang: no problem I can work around that15:22
Amaranthsuperm1: hehe, that reminds me of assassin's creed 215:32
Amaranthyou have an uncle named mario and he says that :)15:32
bazhangwhoa who fixed up the bantracker? I can search through it all from there15:39
bazhangjust a side note/question: what about bans from no longer ops from more than a year ago?15:40
macoumm is this ok?15:43
maco[10:42:51] <maggott> friendishan: just put loads of porn on it and see the traffic go sky high.15:43
macoin #ubuntu15:43
ikoniamaco: no15:43
maco(i think it was how to get lots of traffic to a server)15:43
ikoniaI was watching him earlier15:43
ikoniaI'll speak to him in pm15:43
bazhanggoing to remove15:44
ikoniagot him in pm15:44
ikoniaI've muted him for the moment bazhang15:45
bazhangikonia, ok. re: the ban list, I am going to go through via the newly improved bantracker instead as it lists everything easily now, starting with the oldest.15:46
ikoniabazhang: ok, I'm still using the old one15:46
Piciold one? new one?15:47
bazhangPici, now can search via channel, operator, wildcard, and a number of options bans, removed bans, include floodbots and more15:48
Picibazhang: Some of those options have been there for a while.15:48
ikoniafriendishan: hellow15:48
friendishanikonia : hello15:48
ikoniahello even15:48
ikoniafriendishan: how can we help you today ?15:49
bazhangPici, true, though the channel one makes it much easier now in conjunction with bans including floodbots parameters15:49
Picibazhang: the floodbot checkbox isn't new.15:49
friendishanikonia : um.. i don't think i need any help! Thanks^^15:49
bazhangPici, the channel and operators ones are15:49
Picibazhang: true15:49
bazhangvery nice :)15:50
ikoniafriendishan: ok, no problem, this channel is for ubuntu operator help and issues, so if you don't need anything please check the topic as the channel has a non-idle policy15:50
friendishanikonia: ok15:50
ikoniabazhang: maggott turned out to just be trying to be a problem in - pm, he's banned for now15:51
bazhangikonia, ok thanks for the info. he seemed to have a terrible attitude earlier with saying jfgi and rtfm15:52
bazhangwell if I remove some non-obvious bans from former operators and there are objections, they can be reinstated15:55
bazhangthat seems to be it for the freenode ones from Oct 26; keeping in mind the expletive nicks and notorious @offensive are still in place16:19
bazhang(around 17)16:19
bazhanghe is still banned (two days hence)16:36
* Pici suggests taking the conversation to pm or -ops16:37
bazhangAmaranth, found just one ban forward from Nov 2 still in place for you; Okay to remove?16:37
topyli-ops would be a good idea if tonyyarusso is around. i wasn't the active op, and i have to go soon16:37
Amaranthbazhang: yeah16:38
bazhanggoing to tackle some of the floodbot bans now if that is okay16:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:39
topyligood job!16:39
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)16:40
topyliok it's what i thought. he and another user were discussing illegal niceties by way of philosophising about cognitive freedom. no big deal, but o4o anyway. tonyyarusso removed him16:42
topylican't sort it out now, have to go16:43
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (martin123)16:45
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (martinn123)16:45
bazhangno response from consul_falx in PM16:57
topylitonyyarusso, oh there you are. i just tried to summon consul_falx from -ot to here17:43
tonyyarussotopyli: oh?17:43
topyliyes he is there17:43
topyliunresponsive to bazhang's pm. i had to be a way for a while, couldn't try myself meanwhile17:44
tonyyarussowhat were you planning to do if he replied?17:44
bazhangask him to come in here after he left -ot17:45
topylitonyyarusso, talk about the ban, and evasion thereof17:45
tonyyarussoIt's probably not intentional evasion.17:46
topylitonyyarusso, technically, you banned him :)17:46
topylino, i think he's in by accident as well17:46
bazhangthat's what he said17:47
bazhangerr that didn't come out right17:47
tonyyarussoI had expressed (in pm) the intention to have it stand for "a day", meaning that it would be removed a few hours from now.  His IP is from a university.  Probably he just thought it was removed a bit earlier.17:47
topylitonyyarusso, what do you want to do? just remove it? that would be just as well too17:48
tonyyarussotopyli: Probably makes sense, yeah.  If nothing else happens, great.17:49
topylii think he's simply not around right now anyway, to talk to17:49
tonyyarussoYeah, I'm gonna vote for just move on with life for now.17:50
topyliyour call really17:50
tonyyarusso(btw, he highlighted me earlier in the day after entering, so it's not like he's hiding)17:50
tonyyarussoRemoved, watching, have fun all :)17:51
bazhangtroll in #kubuntu D-coy17:59
bazhang* strudell (n=strudell@ has joined #kubuntu joined, spammed and left18:05
ikoniasame ISP as the trudell18:12
ikonianot really very imaginative in his nicks18:12
bazhangtrue :)18:13
ikoniadidn't change his real name either18:13
ikoniatrolls are getting lazier18:13
mneptoksuperm1: welcome to the jungle. :/18:30
mac_vhi. how do i set/change the topic for an irc channel?20:06
mneptokmac_v: you'll want to ask such question in #freenode20:07
mac_vmneptok: hmm , it was the topic for an Ubuntu channel... anyways , thanks, I'll ask in freenode :)20:08
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (jackwilsdon doesn't listen, troll?)20:23
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (jackwilsdon again)20:39
nhandlertsimpson: Congratulations on making the Ubuntu Hall of Fame (http://hall-of-fame.ubuntu.com/?feature=terence-simpson)22:09
MenZatsimpson: whoa. congrats.22:10
ubottuIn ubottu, CShadowRun said: missingicons is To restore your menu icons, go to System > Preferences > Appearance, select the Interface tab and tick "Show icons in menus"22:30
trudellhi all22:38
trudellMicrosoft bribes Ubuntu development team to make bullshit kernel to not run 3d cards or commercial games on Linux.22:38
trudellMicrosoft bribes Ubuntu development team to make bullshit kernel to not run 3d cards or commercial games on Linux.22:38
MenZaoh lawd.22:40
topylioh that is terrible news!22:43
topylii'm just happy i had heard it before22:43
tsimpsonooh, I'm famous now23:26
tsimpsonwith possibly the worst photo of me ever taken23:28
tsimpsonmade worse only because I took that photo :p23:28
mneptoktsimpson: i already set that as by desktop background.23:29
Flannelwhich one?23:30
Flannelhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/_MWFwmpEQpsg/SwoyKFLs93I/AAAAAAAAAFg/61CHuC5rb_0/s400/dallas16.jpg ?23:31
FlannelHmm, maybe it's not on planet.23:31
nhandlertsimpson: Don't worry, my photo was pretty bad too23:31
mneptokyou all lose.23:34
Flannelmneptok: Yes, yes, we all have pictures of ourselves going about our day to day activities.  What do you wear when you're dressing up though?23:35
MenZaI know very well not to click at least the first link.23:38
MenZaAnd I know mneptok too well to click the second one.23:39
MenZaDESPITE being from Amazon.com.23:39
mneptokFlannel is busy inventing a word that melds the definitions of "regret" and "horror"23:39

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