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astechgeekI've read through the Testing ISO wiki I tried to subscribe to the current test images but they aren't showing up in My Subscriptions. Am I looking in the wrong place?04:52
kcj1993what need testing?06:08
kcj1993hello? is there anyone in here?08:35
davmor3Hello everybody12:00
czajkowskidavmor3: howdy12:02
davmor3czajkowski: hello you back in uk timezone mode now?12:02
czajkowskiI'm in my Irish timezone :)12:03
davmor3you sure you're not in gmt?12:05
czajkowskisame thing12:12
davmor3czajkowski: and greenwich is where again :P12:13
czajkowskidavmor3: I'm in Irish timezone, same as UK., how's that12:13
davmor3that'll do12:14
davmor3so is your head back in a real timezone anyway12:15
czajkowskimore or less12:16
davmor3czajkowski: good12:16
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davmor3morning fader_13:52
fader_davmor3: Howdy.  Looks like you got an upgrade!13:52
* fader_ hopes this version is better than the last. :)13:52
fader_davmor3: How's life?13:53
davmor3back is a bit better but still hurting13:55
davmor3meds are still knocking me about a bit13:55
fader_You've gotta get fixed up so I can start abusing you again!13:56
davmor3you can abuse me but I'll just ignore you :P13:57
cr3davmor3: that defeats the purpose of abusing you though14:04
cr3... or abusing anyone for that matter14:05
davmor3cr3: yeah but it makes fader_ feel useful :)14:05
fader_I need *something* to feel useful about!14:05
czajkowskidavmor3: you run gwibber?14:06
davmor3czajkowski: yeap14:07
czajkowskidavmor3: can you see if you have any similar issues Launchpad bug 48706414:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 487064 in gwibber "Message pane repaints frequently and resets the scroll status, losing reading position" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48706414:08
davmor3yes I noticed that but only if your in the top third of the list try scrolling about 2/3's of the way down and it stays there I think14:09
czajkowskidavmor3: hmm , add that to ticket?14:11
davmor3try it out first makes sure it does14:11
moustafa1good morning, cr3, fader_, davmor314:14
davmor3morning moustafa114:14
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fader_Hey dude14:15
davmor3fader_: what?14:16
fader_davmor3: Wrong dude :P14:16
davmor3fader_: you two timer you said I was the only dude in your life :'(14:17
moustafaCdudes, chillax14:17
moustafaCwe're all each other's only dudes in each other's lives14:18
davmor3moustafaC: we're just playing :)14:19
moustafaCwe're free and open dudes14:19
moustafaCdavmor3, I'm just adding14:20
faganthanks marjo for accepting me into the qa team group :)15:09
davmor3so guys how did uds go did you get some ideas?15:11
* czajkowski has a long to do list15:11
fagandavmor3: yep loads of them15:11
fagandavmor3: I loved the bug day ideas15:13
davmor3don't we already have that?15:13
faganBut to make them better15:13
marjofagan: welcome!15:13
faganand to advertise them more15:13
czajkowskiget moer community involvement15:15
faganczajkowski: thats the idea15:16
faganhaving small bug days once a week and big bug days once a month15:17
faganSo we can get to packages we may not have got to before15:17
czajkowskidavmor3: great email re fspot15:19
davmor3I had a look at them after seeing the video about default apps15:21
faganWe need to test pitivi a lot when its put it15:24
davmor3need to find the time to do lots of stuff and test15:27
fagandavmor3: well it runs and it makes video using ogg correctly15:27
faganbut doing harder stuff is what we need15:27
* fagan just made a bug against checkbox https://bugs.launchpad.net/checkbox/+bug/48714315:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 487143 in checkbox "More specific hardware questions shouldnt be asked" [Undecided,New]15:28
davmor3fagan: Yes demands time though15:30
* fagan thinks the main functionality is fine for pitivi 15:31
fagan(except no one can pronounce its name)15:32
davmor3battery dying15:32
davmor3why not ask the guy that made it15:32
davmor3to video himself saying it in a linus linux stylee15:33
faganbut im very impressed with it and collabora have put a lot of work into it15:37
faganIt even converts video too15:38
astechgeekDo you use the same test cases for Lucid as Karmic?16:12
cr3moustafaC: by the way, I just pushed changes to the message branch relating to checkbox.log16:14
cr3fagan: MySQL upgrade testing: http://www.elabs7.com/ct.html?rtr=on&s=ax0v,j91v,33o,chzk,la7g,b3mp,9gne16:14
cr3fader_: ^^^16:14
cr3darn autocomplete...16:14
fader_astechgeek: At the moment yes; if you notice anything that isn't correct please let us know :)16:14
cr3fagan: I hope it'll turn out to be interesting for you too :)16:15
* fagan looks16:15
fagancr3: nope :)16:16
fader_cr3: Interesting.  And probably largely automatable :)16:16
fader_(1 package down, 9999999 to go ;) )16:18
moustafaCcr3: branch merged :)16:19
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gormuxis there a repository with KDE 4.4 ?18:40
gormuxor do I have to compile it myself ?18:40
sbeattiegormux: you might have better luck asking in #kubuntu.18:41
gormuxah, yeah, not a bad idea :)18:43
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faganI just found ubuntu-qa-tools in synaptic whats in it?19:08
* fagan investigates19:14
faganAh I didnt see the post on blog.qa.ubuntu.com19:18
fader_fagan: It's a collection of tools useful for testing Ubuntu.  I don't use all of them, but there's a script in there to keep ISOs rsync'd that is quite useful at least19:28
faganfader_: I didnt know I just download the isos manually19:28
faganill fiddle about with the qa tools and bug hugger and see if I can triage bugs faster19:29
* fagan is going to check on a few bugs that havent had activity in a while19:31
sbeattiefagan: unfortunately, the ubuntu-qa-tools package is out of date with respect to the bzr branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol/ubuntu-qa-tools/master19:32
faganIm on lucid could someone upload a more up to date version?19:32
moustafaCIs Lucid even remotely available?19:34
faganmoustafaC: im using it so yes its available19:34
faganI had to add the sources manually though19:35
sbeattiemoustafaC: sure; it's just not much of a deviation from karmic at the moment.19:35
astechgeekinstalling the alternate-amd64.iso went well19:35
faganis checkbox still using libglade?19:35
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moustafaCsbeatty, fagan : I see.  To me, a new distro isn't a new distro until there are enough changes to make it so.19:36
faganWell I like testing early19:36
faganplus the new features for lucid will arrive before alpha 219:37
faganit would be great if launchpad's api was faster19:46
faganto contribute to checkbox do I have to sign the canonical contributor agreement ?19:54
fader_fagan: My guess is yes, but cr3 might be in a better position to answer this.19:56
fader_cr3: ^^19:56
cr3fagan: any significant amount of code, I would imagine so19:56
fagancr3: hmmm ill google it19:57
cr3fagan: yes, libglade is still being used. since the interface is rather simple, and I would like to keep it that way as much as possible, I would like to consider using straight gtk instead of having to maintain two branches: one for glade and another for gtkbuilder19:58
faganWell I wouldnt think it would be a hell of amount of changes ill have a look at the code and see19:59
cr3fagan: there's already a contribution for gtkbuilder19:59
faganOh cool20:00
cr3fagan: the problem is that maintaining two branches would actually be a "hell of amount" more overhead than the changes themselves20:00
faganHow so?20:00
cr3I still want new versions of checkbox to be installable on all supported versions20:01
cr3... of ubuntu20:01
fagancheckbox isnt listed under the contributor agreement20:01
cr3so, if everytime I add a new test I need to update two branches, which is no fun20:01
fagancr3: well im sure the desktop team would like not to be shipping deprecated librarys so maybe try ship the gtkbuilder for lucid?20:03
cr3fagan: "I would like to consider using straight gtk instead"20:03
cr3are you saying that's not possible?20:03
faganAh it would20:04
cr3fagan: I'm not saying it's necessarily possible though :) I'm mostly curious to explore that possibility before settling on any particular technical solution20:05
cr3where "possible" should read: reasonable or feasible or sane :)20:05
faganwell its easier just to use gtkbuilder but just using pygtk would be ok too20:05
faganpygtk just takes a little longer20:05
cr3I think there's potential considering the interface is intended to remain rather straightforward20:06
cr3for example, I don't foresee needing menus and so forth20:06
cr3fagan: also, I don't think clutter has something like gtkbuilder nor glade, so perhaps that extrapolating the current code into straight gtk could help create another interface using clutk20:09
cr3... for unr20:09
cr3a qt interface is already being worked on, so this release will probably see custom interfaces for kde and unr20:10
faganwell we dont need to make a clutter interface20:10
faganI dont think any projects have one yet20:10
cr3fagan: it would be cute for people to have their unr usb image and run checkbox before buying a netbook :)20:10
fader_IIRC Clutter relies on OpenGL, which would make it a poor choice for a [primary] checkbox UI20:11
cr3if we're the first, maybe we'll get more attention than the others :)20:11
cr3fader_: ubuntu would still rely on checkbox-gtk, just unr which already relies on opengl could provide checkbox-clutter20:11
faganclutter is very complicated20:11
faganfor coding I mean20:12
cr3fagan: neil patel informed me that he has a library that makes programming clutter almost like gtk20:12
fader_cr3: I think UNR^HE is dropping the reliance on Clutter, as some ARM systems will not have OpenGL support20:12
cr3I think it's "clutk", mentionned above20:12
faganah that would be interesting20:12
cr3fader_: I seriously doubt the launcher will be rewritten without clutter20:13
cr3fagan: that library is basically what got me interested, otherwise I would totally agree with you and I wouldn't bother with clutter myself20:13
faganwe shouldnt switch to it before gnome 3 though20:14
fader_cr3: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/mobile-lucid-une-2d-launcher20:17
faganARM should be able to use OpenGL20:20
cr3fader_: I wouldn't be surprised that clutk is the first step towards creating an abstraction layer where the same launcher code can be used wither with clutter or gtk20:20
cr3if neil were around, we could ask directly :)20:21
fader_cr3: Yeah, no idea about the technical implementation; just reporting what I heard at UDS20:21
faganfader_: hmmm did we meet at the UDS?20:21
* fagan is bad with names20:21
cr3it would be rather unfortunate if this requirement implicated a significant rewrite :(20:21
fader_fagan: Yeah, me too.  Got a launchpad page with a pic or anything?20:22
fader_Mine no longer looks much like me :)20:22
fader_cr3: You're volunteering, right? :D20:22
* fagan has enough on his plade20:23
cr3fader_: dude, I no longer see my picture on launchpad.net/~cr320:23
cr3fader_: yeah, I'm kinda volunterring mostly out of curiosity20:23
faganMine still looks like me20:23
fader_cr3: Huh, mine seems to have vanished as well20:24
faganOh they removed the big pictures20:24
fader_fagan: What's your LP ID?20:24
cr3fagan: yeah, that's weird20:24
faganI wish I could shorten it but I have a ppa20:25
* fagan needs to go 20:25
fader_fagan: I don't see your pic either20:25
faganlater guys and gals20:26
* fader_ waves.20:26
cr3I suspect we're just too ugly20:27
* fader_ is an unperson.20:28
moustafaCI blame the 133720:33
moustafaCcr3, fader_ : I bid you good evening22:08
fader_moustafaC: Adios!22:08
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