bryceRAOF, yep00:15
bryceRAOF, in fact we could probably use your advice as to exactly what all to pull in00:15
brycebut yeah, shuttleworth's 100% favorable to getting nouveau into lucid as the default foss driver00:16
RAOFI wonder if it might be a better plan to keep the nouveau drm in a separate dkms-ified source package, though.  It's much, much easier to update that than the full kernel package.00:18
brycewould that work for booting off a livecd though?00:18
RAOFAha!  Good point.  Yes - probably! - it'd just build the module on boot, but you wouldn't get as nice a modesetting experience.00:19
RAOFThat said, I'm not particularly familiar with the livecd experience.  The packages are all unpacked & installed before being bundled into the livecd rootfs, aren't they?00:20
brycedoing it with dkms is a really good idea, although we're going to have full support from the kernel team, so perhaps it is less necessary than it would be usually00:20
RAOFIn that case, the module would be built during the install process, and the pre-built module would end up on the livecd (and in the initramfs, if we wanted to).00:21
bryceyeah, I'm just not sure whether dkms modules are built before things boot up or not00:21
bryceI suppose it must in order to get wireless drivers and such, but I don't really know00:21
RAOFIt's up to the postinst script; nouveau-kernel-source builds the module against the current kernel in the postinst, so that'd be OK.00:21
RAOFThe package in xorg-edgers also switches on kms by default, and includes an initramfs-tools hook to shovel it into the initramfs.00:23
jcristauthe livecd doesn't have kernel headers tho00:24
jcristauafaik anyway00:24
RAOFAlso, I found the dkms options to prevent it trying & failing to build against kernels that the module won't build against.  That was a nice discovery.00:24
RAOFOh.  Right.  That would be a problem, then.00:25
RAOFAs I've said, I'm not very familiar with the way the livecd is constructed.00:26
bryceRAOF, btw does the -nouveau in xorg-edgers have 3D or is it 2D only?01:02
RAOFbryce: It'd work with 3D if someone turned on the --enable-nouveau-gallium switch in the mesa builds.01:05
RAOFI don't think that's a good idea, though; upstream still doesn't want bug reports for 3D that don't have patches attached, and there's plenty of bugs to hit.01:05
RAOF(Such as trying 3D on anything < nv4x)01:12
tjaaltonnouveau replacing nv? that's great news06:35
pwnguinso what happens if you do 3d on an unsupported chipset? catastrophic failure or just a lack of 3d?06:37
tjaaltonprobably the former06:40
RAOFAlmost certainly the former.06:42
RAOFBecause there's some 3d code for those chipsets; it's just broken :)06:43
tjaaltonyeah, maybe those could be disabled for known-to-be-broken hardware, but it's still not what upstream likes to see (at least in the main archive, ppa would be ok)06:47
RAOFI was thinking of asking upstream what they thought about enabling 3D in xorg-edgers.06:49
tjaaltoncan't hurt06:52
bryceI already asked06:55
brycethey said "don't"06:55
tjaaltonoh :)06:55
tjaaltondid the kernel team decide which version lucid will get? can't find a document on gobby06:57
RAOFDoes that question even make sense?  In what way does nouveau have versions?06:58
RAOFAlthough I'd also be interested in any documentation about this that's lying around :)06:58
brycetjaalton, 2.6.3206:58
brycetjaalton, I missed the official session but all the kernel engineers I talked to said that it was pretty certain06:58
bryceRAOF, I'll forward to ubuntu-x@07:00
tjaaltonRAOF: yeah, I meant the kernel version07:12
tjaaltonbryce: thanks07:13
RAOFtjaalton: It becomes obvious with context! :)07:14
tjaaltonbryce: well, pq said that shipping 3D with the distribution is a no-no, but a PPA with a loud warning should be ok07:49
brycetjaalton, however, in my reply I addressed his concern about upstream wanting users to verify against git versions by suggesting it would be a good purpose for xorg-edgers07:51
brycetjaalton, so from that standpoint we may want to leave 3D off in xorg-edgers as well07:51
brycebut no reason we couldn't put a 3D enabled nouveau in one of our other many ppas07:52
tjaaltonyeah, and maybe have a special ppa for that if wanted07:52
pwnguinas the owner of a 6600gt, this intrigues me07:52
tjaaltonwe still need to figure out what to do with gallium, packaging wise07:52
tjaaltontogether with XSF07:52
RAOFYou mean, whether or not to split up the various winsys, trackers, etc?07:53
tjaaltonand do they conflict with the dri drivers07:54
tjaaltonI've never tried it out, so I'm not sure what gets used07:54
RAOFThey end up all linked into a single dri driver, don't they?07:54
tjaaltonno idea :)07:54
RAOFI'm just trying to remember how nouveau's gallium goes.  I'm pretty sure you just end up with a nouveau_dri.so07:54
RAOFHowever, I'm less certain how mesa itself changes; it's possible that it conflicts there.07:55
RAOFMayhap I'll play with mesa from xorg-edgers.07:57
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apwtseliot, about?16:50
tseliotapw: yep16:50
apwtseliot, wanted to talk to you about bcmwl ...16:50
tseliotapw: sure16:51
apwsuspect #u-x isn't the right place :)  want to come to #u-kernel ?16:51
WeatherGodgreetings from the bug squad...17:36
WeatherGodI have a quick question I was hoping someone here can help me with17:36
WeatherGodI have a bug report from someone using the NVidia graphics drivers who is reporting the the GPU fan isn't turning on17:37
WeatherGodany idea where this bug report should be filed against?17:37
WeatherGodnote that he also tried the just released 190 drivers17:38
WeatherGodok, I have moved the bug to the drivers-180 package17:39
WeatherGodfor your reference, it is bug 48487517:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 484875 in linux "Nvidia GPU overheating on Toshiba P100" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48487517:40
bryceWeatherGod, could be a hardware issue17:42
WeatherGodhe reports that the fan works when in Windows17:43
WeatherGodalso, in Jaunty, he was able to load a custom DSDT which allowed the fan to work17:44
bryceyeah sounding like a hardware issue17:45
WeatherGoddon't get confused by the first reply in the report, it isn't the OR, and he was asked to file a separate bug17:47
bryceWeatherGod, heh I don't think you're hearing me17:51
bryceWeatherGod, gpu fans are not generally controlled by the video driver.  And in this case, even if it was controlled by the video driver, it is closed source so we could not change it.17:51
WeatherGodok, then where should I file this bug17:52
WeatherGodtjaalton said to file it against the nvidia driver17:52
WeatherGodso I did17:52
bryceif the issue is "gpu fan doesn't work" - that is a hardware issue17:52
WeatherGodif that is the wrong spot, tell me where to move it17:53
bryceif the issue is "can't load custom DSDT" - hmm, kernel maybe?  not sure what should permit DSDT customization17:53
WeatherGodthe issue is the fan doesn't work while using Karmic17:53
Ngfwiw, laptop fans are often pulling air across the CPU and GPU/Northbridge17:53
WeatherGodso, I should ask the people in #ubuntu-kernel?17:54
WeatherGodwill do17:56
tjaaltonI've understood that the driver takes care of power management18:33
brycetjaalton, including the gpu fans?18:35
tjaaltonyes, turning them off when underclocking the gpu18:40
tjaaltonI've never had such hw myself though,passive cooling ftw :)18:41
bryceheh true18:41
brycetjaalton, I'd noticed a slew of "doesn't get resolution right" bugs right around karmic release18:48
brycetjaalton, have you noticed/heard anything similar there?18:49
brycetjaalton, in talking with the kernel guys at UDS, it sounds like a kernel patch went in a couple weeks before release that changed how timings were done with gfx18:49
brycetjaalton, steve conklin felt a little uneasy about that patch, and indicated he saw another patch upstream which purported to fix a timing issue.18:50
bryceI'm going to follow up with him about that patch, as it sounds like the likely culprit18:50
brycetjaalton, but if you have better clues let me know18:50
tjaaltonbryce: my hw has worked fine, and haven't been following the bugmail that closely to say if something went bad19:06
RiottaI'm wondering if anybody can do something with bug 441408 which is linked with upstream bug and there is upstream bug fix present, maybe somebody could look into it?21:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 441408 in xorg-server "[MASTER] Mouse jumps to bottom corner on click in fullscreen games. New mouses (A4Tech). Related to DGA / DGAMOUSE in SDL." [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44140821:35
Riottathanks in advance21:35
tormodRiotta, I can make a test package with that upstream fix for you to test22:00
Riottatormod: I will be pleased22:00
bryceif you attach the patch to the bug report (so it shows up on http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/X/Reports/patches.html) it will be on my radar to integrate22:01
Riottathanks for the hint22:07
tormodRiotta and Bryce, the patch did not apply directly to the Karmic package, but I modified it. you can download and test from my PPA22:19
tormodRiotta, it can take an hour before the package is built in the PPA.22:37
Riottaokay no problem I will wait22:38
Riottathanks for your support22:38
bryceheya tormod22:58
tormodhi bryce22:58
bryceoh fsck me - http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/X/Graphs/totals.svg23:06
brycetotal # bugs exceeds graph limits X-P23:06
pwnguinbryce: is the animation intentional or just ff being really bad at svg?23:13
brycepwnguin, ff23:14
pwnguincuz i could see some canvas or ajax stuff possibly23:14
brycepwnguin, actually it is pretty quick for me, might be slow internet or slow computer23:14
pwnguinyou've insulted a nerd's computer!23:15
pwnguinoh, interesting; you embedded the svg23:15
bryceit's not embedded... it *is* svg23:15
pwnguinyea, i saw that seconds before you reminded me23:16
brycee.g. you could download the svg file and load it in firefox directly (or in inkscape or any other svg viewer)23:16
pwnguinthis all reminds me to do something with my bootcharts23:16
brycepwnguin, these are all svg just output directly from gnuplot fwiw23:17
pwnguinive seen your python scripts i believe23:18
pwnguinbut i was thinking of doing some xslt23:18
pwnguinive got daily bootcharts, i could probably build a graph of boot over time23:18
tormodRiotta, the evdev package is built now23:47
Riottawill try it23:48
Riottabe right back23:51

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