billiard_junkeegosh, ibrahimmufeed...I have no experience with that.  Sorry...00:00
Misantropoi am having "cannot open device hw for ALSA audio (Device or resource busy)" when running vlc alsa://00:00
ibrahimmufeedbilliard_junkee, no problem thank you :)00:00
Misantropohow do i know which app has alsa opened?00:01
Roastedjrib - Hmm, it just confused me becuase I watched a how to video on how to set up ACLs and the guy had 700 permissions on a directory, owned by root:root, but he granted more user permissions through ACLs. I just didn't see how that made sense to have 700 root-root perms yet other users could access throguh ACLs.00:01
looterI just updated to 9.10 from 9.04.  now when I boot up to ubuntu the screen just flashes as it is loading the nvidia drivers.  I can get into  a GUI if I boot into recovery and then delete xorg.conf and then startx.  I cannot seem to get the Nvidia drivers to activate though and buecause of this my graphic settings are low.  I tried reinstalling via synaptci anyone else hav eany suggestions?00:01
hyperstreamis it possible for my datacenter admin to view my emails from my web hosting ?00:02
billiard_junkeeibrahimmufeed, this looks like it could be promising...wish I could actually help.  ;)  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88706200:02
Ryan9104Rawr, my webcam still doesn't work.00:02
git__hyperstream, yes00:02
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: I could care less about the security of the VNC vs SSH connection for that to be honest. Is it simply not possible to do it anyways without the extra steps?00:02
ibrahimmufeedbilliard_junkee, I will check it00:02
sebsebseblooter: Go back to 9.04 for now? since really 9.10 is a testbed for 10.04        well you can try fixing stuff in recovory mode maybe with xfix.    Also Nivida graphics card drivers tend to just work.00:03
jribRoasted: it's the same way that if you have a file owned by someuser:somegroup with permissions 770 a user in somegroup can access the files even though he is not someuser00:03
epinkyRoasted: what is the problem?00:03
stephansHi! I want to do something like this: ffmpeg -i file.mkv -vcodec -acodec copy file.m4v ... but it does not work.. can anyone help me?00:03
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: setting it up the secure way, how you want to do it, is easy00:03
lootersebsebseb, how to I roll back?00:03
sebsebseb!downgrade |  looter00:04
ubottulooter: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.00:04
jribRoasted: ACLs let you use more groups for one :)00:04
sebsebseblooter: clean install00:04
looterrgr, will try it00:04
Roastedjrib - exactly! So how could users access the files through ACLs when its owned by root:root 700. 700 means owner only, nothing to group, nothing to everyone else.00:04
stephansI just want to copy the x264 and AC3 streams in to a different container...00:04
Coded1how do i check what version of drivers I have for a device?  I have a rtl8187 usb wifi dongle and the xp drivers show my ap @ 80% signal but in Ubuntu 9.10 it shows at about 30% and dropps packets like mad00:04
reportingsjrI am having issues copying a dvd to my computer (ubuntu 9.10). I keep getting read errors and such. Can anyone help me?00:04
looterclean install is a no go as I dual boot with vista and need access to that install00:04
stephansbut it is being difficult00:04
Roastedepinky - Im just trying to understand Access Control Lists for Linux more.00:04
sebsebseblooter: yes you still will have00:04
vistroAnyone know why dd won't write to a floppy?00:04
sebsebseblooter: you can delete your Ubuntu partitions and make new ones00:04
jribRoasted: ACLs let you add more rules. One way to think of it is you have 770_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  where all the _ represent more ACL rules00:05
lootersebsebseb: you don't think that will cause problems with vista install?  they are separate hds ....00:05
ibrahimmufeedbilliard_junkee, she said :{finally found the solution! you just have to configure your routing tables after logging into your vpn server.} . then how can I do that? do you have any idea?00:05
sebsebseblooter: it should be fine, as long as you don't delete Vista00:05
epinkyRoasted: http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/enterprise/RHEL-4-Manual/sysadmin-guide/ch-acls.html, check all the chapter :)00:05
duemmehi there, I have the language set on english but I want to set the write aid to Italian, using the gnome tool I can't, what do I have to edit?00:05
Roastedjrib - so ideally if I want to set up the most secure file server ever, I should have the parent directory owned by root:root with 770 permissions. Then, ACLs would "grant" additional users to access the files themselves.00:05
looterright.  perhaps I will give it a try if I can't get things to rollback00:05
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sebsebseb!dualboot |  looter00:06
ubottulooter: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:06
looterappreciate the insight man, I really do.00:06
jribRoasted: sure, that would work00:06
Roastedepinky - Ive seen that link. Im just trying to understand how ACLs integrate with the regular permissions.00:06
sebsebseblooter: boot up the 9.04 Live CD00:06
Roastedjrib - also, another question. Each time I open ecilel or whatever it is, it doesnt open my existing directory I set ACLs on. How do I save that?00:06
stephansHi! I want to do something like this: ffmpeg -i file.mkv -vcodec copy -acodec copy file.m4v ... but it does not work.. can anyone help me?00:06
billiard_junkeeibrahimmufeed, the best that I have for you is 'man route'   I use 'route add default gw'  to add my wireless.00:06
jribRoasted: I have no idea how eiceil works00:07
sebsebseblooter: open the partition edditor  system > administration > partition editor   then delete the partitions.  and install Ubuntu again00:07
epinkyRoasted: oh, are you sure you've read it?00:07
night1neIs it possible to check who has used the computer, like through the logs or something?00:07
Roastedepinky - yeah00:07
billiard_junkeeibrahimmufeed, that is just an example.  And the only working one that I can give you...  :-/00:07
looterwill it pick up the other hard drive automatically? Or should I save my menu.lst jus to be case?00:07
Roastedepinky - that link has nothing to do with eiciel. I already did thos esteps in taht link. I'm just trying to  UNDERSTAND how ACLs work better and how to use eiciel.00:08
sebsebseblooter: the whole of Grub will be re installed00:08
ibrahimmufeedbilliard_junkee, I will work on that, thank you00:08
seidoscan you connect to this website?00:08
sebsebseblooter: and it should pick up on your Vista install automaticalley00:08
looterokie doke00:08
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duemmehow can I set a different write aid from the defaul language?00:08
billiard_junkeeibrahimmufeed, no prob... at least you have a little different angle on it, and know what it is you are looking to find information on!00:09
sebsebseblooter: useful to set up a seperate /home on a new install as well00:09
sebsebseblooter: well  usuealley00:09
lootersebsebseb: how big for /home?00:09
masterfishslayer anyone else having or had an all black screen after booting into liveusb persistent 9.10?00:09
sebsebseblooter:  it's an Ubuntu only hard disk yes?00:09
mutewIs there anyway to get empathy to pop-up message windows for new connections in Karmic Koala00:09
aladdscan anyone help me with pulseaudio-module-rygel-media-server?00:09
lootersebsebseb: correct.  150gb for ubuntu.  500gb for vista.00:10
aladdsI cant find any documentation00:10
mutewinstead of simply issuing a message notification?00:10
seidoscan anyone connect to this site:  http://irssi.org/documentation/perl?00:10
sebsebseblooter: oh right,  yeah seperate home makes re installs or  distro hopping easier00:10
ZykoticK9seidos, the site appears to be down00:10
billiard_junkeemy paritioning scheme usually is 1GB /boot, 2 (or 4)GB swap, the rest goes to /home00:10
aladdsseidos: not working here00:10
seidosZykoticK9: thank you00:10
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jribseidos: irssi.org is down00:10
billiard_junkeeer...I mean to /00:10
sebsebseblooter: 10GB or so  for /  massive seperaet /home and  a bit of swap space depending on how much RAM you have00:10
jribseidos: the documentation is probably in /usr/share/doc/irssi if you are lucky00:10
seidosaladds, jrib, thank you.00:11
masterfishslayeranyone else having or had an all black screen after booting into liveusb persistent 9.10?00:11
seidosjrib: i'll check it out00:11
lootersebsebseb: 2gb of RAM.  Thank you00:11
looterbilliard_junkee: thank you for the insight as well00:11
sebsebseblooter: where is your data stored?00:11
luistis there any package to install matlab?00:11
lootersebsebseb: same drive.  its all one partition00:12
sebsebseblooter: if you got it some where else, you don't really needed a seperate /home as such.  and the 9.04 guided install should be good enough00:12
night1neOkay..so back to my question.00:12
erUSULluist: no; matlab is distributed by Mathworks ask them how to get a copy00:12
m546How do I write a .bin file to a floppy disk?00:12
lootersebsebseb: I actually don't have alot of data on the linux drive.  its more for experimenting.  I like messing around with Linux00:12
night1neIs there anyway to find out who's been on the computer via the logs or something?00:12
sebsebseblooter: ok well obviously you need that some where else, if your going to  delete the partition where it's stored00:12
erUSULm546: dd if=file.img of=/dev/fd000:13
erUSULm546: sudo dd if=file.img of=/dev/fd000:13
jribluist: ask matlab, it's proprietary :).  Check help.ubuntu.com/community for a matlab page.  But, try out octave which is very similar and Free software.  Personally, I'm a big fan of SAGE too00:13
sebsebseblooter: experimenting I have an idea then00:13
lootersebsebseb: its the vista drive that worries.  and I already get an "Error 12: invalid device" from GRUB00:13
sebsebseblooter: hmm so right now it won't boot up Vista?00:13
lootersebsebseb: when trying to access that drive.  but similar things have happened after the previous two kernel upgrades.00:13
lootersebsebseb: Correct. I cannot boot into vista presently.00:14
hyperstreamgit__, : thanks00:14
sebsebseblooter: ok pastebin  menu.lst00:14
lootersebsebseb: ok one sec00:14
sebsebseblooter: it was an upgrade from 9.04 yes to 9.10?00:14
jolarenIs it possible to auto-start programs on just one out of several users?00:15
seidosluist: you might consider trying Qalculator i think it's called.00:15
lootersebsebseb: http://pastebin.com/m65aafce000:15
sebsebseblooter: many people got issues  after upgarding from 9.04.   Also with an upgrade you wont' get  Grub 2,  or the Ext4 file system by default.00:15
lootersebsebseb: yes and upgrade from 9.0400:15
aboSamoorwhat is the most compatible tiling manager for ubuntu ?00:16
mrXXhow do u install a  fish tank in ubuntu cube?00:16
ZykoticK9jolaren, System / Preferences / Startup Applications - are on a per-user basis00:16
lootersebsebseb: hmm perhaps I should just do a clean install with 9.10 cd then is tha twhat you are saying?00:16
sebsebseblooter: I did a test actsaully  9.10 with Ext3 first a clean install,  and I been running it with Ext4 for a little while.   for boot up speed, and shut down,  it doesn't seem to matter which file system is used, but in 9.04 oh it matters.00:16
lootersebsebseb: i see00:16
daevskiHey all, I am trying to get a webcam that identifies itself as "Microdia PC cam (SN9C120)" -- I followed forum advice here ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982471&page=4 ) -- see Cameigons post mid-way down -- and also here is output from dmesg in pastebin ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/325717/ ) -- I'm not sure what to do next :(00:17
sebsebseblooter: 9.04 is  great when / is done in Ext4, however  since the kernel they have and such,  it's not that stable really,  there's a chance that something might happen, but I never had problems.00:17
mrXXis there a fish tank option in compiz in ubuntu?00:17
sebsebseblooter: ,but yes  it  speeded  the boot up  shut down, and automatic disk checking after 23 or so boots, by a lot00:18
ZykoticK9mrXX, see http://linuxologist.com/linuxhowto/why-dont-you-throw-your-cube-in-an-aquarium/00:18
lootersebsebseb:  so after looking at my menu.lst what do you suggest in order for the best chances of success to return my dual boot to where it was, with 9.04 or 9.10 its not that really important to me.  Just so I have a Ubuntu install with access to Vista on the other hd00:18
mrXXZykoticK9 the download file is empty00:19
mrXXZykoticK9 i dont see anything in the .gz file although its 20 kb00:19
sekyourboxis there issues with repositories today and yesterday?00:19
ZykoticK9mrXX, sorry i have no idea - it was just a search result i found00:19
mrXXZykoticK9 np thanks00:19
sebsebseblooter: hmm you said it was 9.04?00:20
jolarenI'm setting up a computer in a kiosk. So customers can check western-union and such services. I will use g-conf, pessulus. Have I missed something? Should I install something more?00:20
ZykoticK9mrXX, i have see it as an option before, "perhaps" it's in the PPA version of Compiz?00:20
lootersebsebseb:  it was 9.04 upgraded from 8.10.  Last night I upgraded from the 9.04 to 9.1000:21
kavurthow to install cinelerra?00:21
sebsebseblooter: yes you got 8.10 enteries in menu.lst00:21
jolarenAny suggestions?00:21
lootersebsebseb: I noticed that but that is how it always was00:21
sebsebseblooter: well you didn't know, but actsaully 8.10 is a pretty good release to stay with until 10.04 comes out.00:21
sebsebseblooter: as long as it works for what people want to do of course00:21
night1neAnyone in here know what I need to do to run Chromium?00:22
lootersebsebseb:  well thats actually what I have on CD but I do also have 9.10 as well00:22
sebsebseblooter: 9.04 isn't really worth it in my opinion unless Ext4 is done, but,  I have already done the but when it comes to that00:22
VesaythDoes anyone know how I can connect to a samba share from a computer that uses a different domain than my home network? On this computer, I'm VPN'ing in to my home network. I can access the shares by IP address just fine, but I get an access denied error when I try the host name (but I am able to ping the host name). Server is Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit and client is Windows Vista 32-bit00:22
sekyourboxwhen does 9.10 become "non-beta"?00:23
sebsebsebsekyourbox: it's stable now00:23
lootersebsebseb: yea like I said I don't really have any limitations on what I use Linux for so if I could go back and do it again I would just have stuck with 8.10  Like I said I had major problems getting back into vista after the 9.04 upgrade as well00:23
sebsebseb!9.10 |  sekyourbox00:23
ubottusekyourbox: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91000:23
ZykoticK9night1ne, assuming you're using 9.10 "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily" then "sudo apt-get install chromium-browser"00:23
night1neUm, I'm using Karmic.00:23
night1neDoes it require running WINE?00:23
ZykoticK9night1ne, Karmic = 9.10 so see my message above00:24
sekyourboxI loaded up my 9.10 x64 and i could have sworn it said beta... wireless is a little tweaked too00:24
sebsebseblooter: uuid's to confuse me a bit00:24
iOmlettenight1ne: No, Chromium has Linux builds available.00:24
lootersebsebseb: me too man00:24
sebsebseblooter: before it was so easy to  change  partitions in the old Grub.  then this uuid stuff came along,  that I haven't actsaully found out how to use/do  properly yet00:24
billiard_junkeeVesayth, maybe you need to add the username of the remote machine you are connecting from to /etc/samba/smbusers.conf   (I think thats the file)  Just a guess00:24
Peloanyone good with rsync ?00:25
sebsebseblooter: before doing Linux partitions would be like the example WIndows entry00:25
Flannelkavurt: http://cv.cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#karmic00:25
ZykoticK9night1ne, actually i missed a step, you'll need "sudo apt-get update" before "sudo apt-get install..." sorry00:25
Vesaythbilliard_junkee: The username is definitely added. Is there a special way to add a user from a different domain?00:25
daevskiHey all, I am trying to get a webcam that identifies itself as "Microdia PC cam (SN9C120)" -- I followed forum advice here ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982471&page=4 ) -- see Cameigons post mid-way down -- and also here is output from dmesg in pastebin ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/325717/ ) -- CAM Still not working in Cheese or Skype and I'm not sure what to do next :(00:25
wastrelVesayth: sudo mount -t smbfs //server/path/to/share -o domain=WORKGROUP,user=username mountpoint00:25
Vesaythwastrel: client is Vista, not a Linux distro00:26
sebsebseblooter: there is no entry for a 9.04 kernel only 8.10's and your Vista00:26
wastreli dunno from windows00:26
ZykoticK9daevski, does your camera work in Cheese?00:26
daevskiZykoticK9, nope.00:26
ZykoticK9daevski, ok, just asking - best of luck man00:27
billiard_junkeeVesayth, that was more than I could have come up with.00:27
night1neOkay thanks for that..I was a bit confused.00:27
eshannonHow can I reformat a Large Drive (6.86 GB). The format is xfs and I want ext300:27
alexandrehow do i uninstall one programmed installed with wine?00:27
zetheroosebsebseb: you trying to change the grub menu list/00:27
daevskiZykoticK9, lol My question post said it didn't.00:27
sebsebsebzetheroo: well yeah, well looking at his menu.lst00:27
lootersebsebseb: hmmm well then I must have dreamt the 9.04 upgrade.   Could have sworn i did though.  So why is it still 8.10 if I upgraded to 9.10??  My system is set to suspend after 1 hour and it did go into suspend during the upgrade.  Maybe that horked something00:28
zetheroosebsebseb: I changed mine a couple days ago ... was pretty easy :)00:28
sebsebsebzetheroo:  looter  did an upgrade fomr 8.10 to 9.04.   I don't see a 9.04 kernel entry in his menu.lst and his Vista won't boot up00:28
zetheroosebsebseb: what do you need to change? ...00:28
ringworm1hey does usb start up disk creator create a live cd type usb ?00:28
lootersebsebseb: Do you think if I just repartition and reinstall 8.10 with CD i have a shot at getting both OS's back up and running?00:28
ringworm1or can you save stuff00:29
sebsebseblooter: you  can't upgrade 8.10 to 9.10 directly you have to go through 9.04 first00:29
sebsebseblooter: your on that install now?00:29
billiard_junkeelooter, what is the link to your menu.lst?00:29
ringworm1anyone know ?00:29
aliciapghow do i install ubuntu onto a laptop with a jumpdrive?00:29
jolarenis it stupid to install kubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu desktop?00:29
sebsebsebzetheroo:   billiard_junkee   maybe he should just do a clean install,  and put 9.10 on.  and then he should be able to upgrade to 10.04 from that without problems, when it's time00:30
lootersebsebseb: ok well because I thought i upgraded to 9.04.  I am on a laptop with Ubuntu 8.10   My desktop is booted up beside me with minimal graphics.  It only starts X if I delete the xorg.conf and let it regenerate00:30
looterbilliard_junkee: http://pastebin.com/m65aafce000:30
sebsebsebzetheroo: above00:30
billiard_junkeeringworm1, I have never used it00:30
looterbilliard_junkee: ty00:30
sebsebsebjolaren: no00:31
sebsebsebjolaren: not at all00:31
zetheroosebsebseb: what is the problem?00:31
sebsebsebzetheroo: he is apparnatlly on 9.04, but  I don't see a 9.04 kernel entry, and also his Vista won't boot up00:31
pitch332anyone familiar with using the newest release of ubuntu and connecting it via wifi to an Apple Airport Express?   it doesnt show up on the available networks list... however, I can add it as a "hidden" network and get it to ask for the WPA2 key.  No matter if I use the ASCII or the hexadecimal-equivalent, it repeatedly asks for the key again (basically, its not accepting it.  Any ideas?00:31
zetheroosebsebseb: so he is dual booting Ubuntu Jaunty and Vista ? ... and neither are booting?00:32
sebsebsebzetheroo: Ubuntu boots up,  but  it might be  8.10 that he is still booting, well according to menu.lst anyway00:32
looterzetheroo: I have ubuntu and vista on separate hds.  I updated ubuntu to 9.10 and its all jacked up (no graphics settings, nvidia drivers won't take) and my vista hd gives me a "Error 12: invalid device" error everyone I try to boot from it00:32
sebsebseblooter: let's find out what version of Ubuntu you are really on00:32
eshannonusing Parted to format my drive what label should I use for ext3? GPT?00:32
erUSULpitch332: heard that some apple AP uses a non standar hex encoding for wep/wpa passwords00:32
sebsebseblooter: you upgraded Ubuntu to 9.04 you mean from 8.10?00:33
myk_robinsoncan anyone offer advice for tethering a Blackberry Tour with Ubuntu 9.10?00:33
billiard_junkeelooter, this computer came with vista.  you installed ubuntu on a seperate hard disk.  you upgraded and it won't boot.  is that right?00:33
night1neIsn't there a blackberry program in the repos?00:33
pitch332this is an airport that was purchased less than 3 months ago... so its (to my knowledge) the newest version.  at one point, it seems I was able to get a valid IP from the airport, but still no internet connectivity... quite frustrating when trying to set up the ubuntu box as a fileserver.00:34
looterbilliard_junkee: in a nutshell yes.  the dual boot tut I followed recomended installing vista first.00:34
night1neAre there any known problems with running Chromium on Ubuntu?00:34
sebsebseblooter: system > about ubuntu00:34
myk_robinsonnight1ne: there is a program for syncing a blackberry, but i do not see anything for tethering00:34
sebsebseblooter: which version are you on?  or do the command00:34
sebsebseb!version | looter00:34
ubottulooter: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:34
pitch332i know i could switch to a different router and probably be in business.. but everything else in the house is mac except my linux box... and the airport performs like a charm with the macs.00:34
night1neAh, tethering..Hmm..00:34
lootersebsebseb: yes I initially was running 8.10.  I upgraded to 9.04 and had problems of similar nature which I ws able to resolve.  Now last night I upgraded to 9.10 and am having problems again00:34
sebsebseblooter: your menu.lst says nothing about 9.04 kernels or 9.10 kernels00:35
sebsebseblooter: it says about 8.10 kernels00:35
night1neI just use the HTC to tether, and and as long as I turn off the wireless, it seems to work fine.00:35
billiard_junkeeso, the vista hard disk is attached to SATA0 and ubuntu disk to SATA1?  looter00:35
night1neNot sure about blackberry though.00:35
myk_robinsonnight1ne: who knows, it may just work, I have a friend coming over to see if we can figure out how to tether hers.. Just trying to do some semblance of research beforehand00:35
looterubottu: Ubuntu 9.1000:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Ubuntu 9.1000:35
sebsebseblooter: copy in the out put of the command00:35
lootersebsebseb: I know.  How weird is that?00:35
sebsebseblooter: ubottu is a bot a computer program00:36
looterbilliard_junkee: correct.00:36
sebsebseblooter: also one that is female apparantly00:36
ubottuyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)00:36
lootersebsebseb:  I know.  I just didn't know who to direct my output from that command to  :)00:36
night1neDoes your blackberry run windows mobile?00:36
pitch332erUSUL:  any suggestions on a direction from here.  i've typed this insanely long hexadecimal equiv more times than I care to count at this point :-P00:36
sebsebseblooter: copy and paste, or if it's more than a line or two pastebin it00:36
lootersebsebseb: copy and paste what?  the output from "lsb_release -a" was Ubuntu 9.1000:37
sebsebseblooter: ok00:37
night1neIf it does, look for a program called 'internet sharing'00:37
night1neIf it has that, try that.00:37
sebsebseblooter: let's find out out what kernels are actsauly still installed, probably all of them00:37
lootersebsebseb: ok00:38
sebsebseblooter: atsauly that's a bit pointless,  let's find out what kernel you are running right now00:38
sebsebseblooter: uname -r00:38
kisukecan any body help me get my scroll working again?00:38
night1neScroll in what?00:38
linxehis there a default xubuntu keyboard shortcut to open the applications menu ?00:38
night1neYour browser?00:38
lootersebsebseb: 2.6.27-11-generic00:38
sebsebseblooter: that's the 8.10 kernel00:38
sebsebseblooter: that isn't meant to run in 9.10 as far as I know00:39
lootersebsebseb: lol.  wtf is going on then?00:39
sebsebseblooter: try not to swear in the channel :)00:39
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lootersebsebseb: my bad.  but that is nuts00:39
sebsebseblooter: I think clean install time00:39
zetheroolooter: you can edit the grub.cfg file ... but its at your own risk ....00:40
=== sanjana is now known as Kream
sebsebseblooter: easier than, going through the kernels you have and removing stuff, and messing around with the old Grub00:40
sebsebsebzetheroo: no he has the old Grub still not Grub 200:40
lootersebsebseb: if you are confident I will try it.  I can still mount the vsista drive so I can backup all nessecary files in case I have to rebuild everything from the ground up.00:40
zetheroosebsebseb: how can he still have the old grub if he has Karmic?00:40
Misantropoi am having "cannot open device hw for ALSA audio (Device or resource busy)" when running vlc alsa:// ¿how do i know which app has alsa opened?00:40
sebsebsebzetheroo: ,because  Grub 2 isn't done on upgrades?00:40
billiard_junkeelinxeh, may try alt+space or alt+esc00:41
lootersebsebseb: so did i actually never upgraded to 9.04 then?00:41
sebsebseblooter: hmm which release to put on,  8.10, 9.04, or 9.10, thinking00:41
zetheroosebsebseb: oh ok ... good to know ...00:41
daevskiHey all, I am trying to get a webcam that identifies itself as "Microdia PC cam (SN9C120)" -- I followed forum advice here ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982471&page=4 ) -- see Cameigons post mid-way down -- and also here is output from dmesg in pastebin ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/325717/ ) -- CAM Still not working in Cheese or Skype and I'm not sure what to do next :(00:41
kisukecan some one help me get my scroll section woring i logon and it works for 10 minutes and just quits00:41
KreamI need help getting wifi on my HP Pavilion tx1003au to work. Its supposed to have a broadcom 4312 chip but I can't even see it in lspci - is this normal?00:41
sebsebseblooter: I guess 9.10 even though I don't like it much00:42
sebsebseblooter: compared to 9.04 and 8.1000:42
eshannonany experts out there on that can help me reformat a drive00:42
zetheroosebsebseb: then all he should have to do is edit menu.lst ... no?00:43
phageI have a large text document with very few newlines, what program can i use to insert new lines so that the document is wrapped nicely?  I don't want a word wrap feature that doesnt insert new lines - i need the new lines so that i can merge two similar docs00:43
sebsebsebzetheroo: usaully, but00:43
lootersebsebseb: ok.  I am going to give it a shot then.00:43
sebsebseblooter: it said you were running 9.04?00:43
lootersebsebseb: what do you mean by it?00:43
McLovineshannon: how are you formatting?00:43
Kreamtrying install 9.10 on a laptop, is it possible that the wifi card is not showing up in lspci because I don't have the proper drivers loaded?00:44
eshannonCommand line. I am shh into my computer and want to reformat from xfs to ext300:44
sebsebseblooter: nevermind00:44
sebsebseblooter: how new are you to Ubuntu by the way?00:44
erUSULeshannon: sudo mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdxx00:44
m546How do you write a .bin to a Floppy Disk?00:45
McLovinKream:lspci will show all devices wether or not there is a driver present or not00:45
erUSULm546: told you already00:45
eshannonit says the drive is mounted00:45
zetherooKream: not in lspci?00:45
sebsebseblooter: or how long you used for?00:45
eshannonI tried umount00:45
KreamMcLovin, thats what i thought. it's not present in lspci. but on the otherhand,it's a troublesome broadcom 4312 one. worked fine in vista until I nuked the windows install00:45
mun24anybody using subversion here?00:46
Kreamzetheroo : ^^00:46
m546dd will not work. There is terminal output, but the drive light does not flash, and no magnet turns on, nor motor turns00:46
Kreamwell, i dont know for sure that it is a 4312 bcom one - thats just the model that this laptop is suppsoed to have.00:46
McLovinKream: what version of ubuntu are you using?00:46
lootersebsebseb: i have been using various flavors for a few years now.  Ubuntu for about 2.  I also run TinyME on some older hardware and have Knoppmyth used as a DVR on an old compaq00:46
zetherooKream: can you pastebin your lspci output? ... have you ever used Linux before? if you have, has it ever worked?00:46
McLovinKream: lspci will display thee wifi card model and rev 3 or 4 lines from the bottom of the list00:47
sebsebseblooter: ok well  dual booting and partitining shoudn't be that big of a deal then,  anyway I can hep you set up a good 9.10 set up no problem,  that you can keep on updating for a long time00:47
daevskiHey all, I am trying to get a webcam that identifies itself as "Microdia PC cam (SN9C120)" -- I followed forum advice here ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982471&page=4 ) -- see Cameigons post mid-way down -- and also here is output from dmesg in pastebin ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/325717/ ) -- CAM Still not working in Cheese or Skype and I'm not sure what to do next :(00:47
sebsebseblooter: download the 9.10 CD,  9.10 is a good one to clean install it seems anyway, since then get Ext4 and Grub 2 by default, and also how many people got issues after upgarding from 9.0400:48
Kreamzetheroo:  I've used Linux since 1998, havent tried it on this laptop, though, it's a friend's00:48
lootersebsebseb:  will this be keeping in mind that I need to do everything I can to maximize my chances of keep the Vista on the other hd?00:48
cent255When I start ubuntu now, every time I boot I get an error message during the "kubuntu" splash that says "checking filesystem /dev/disk/by-uuid/c4af..."00:48
Kreamwill pastebin an lspci00:48
zetherooKream: ok00:48
sebsebseblooter: Vista will be fine, as long as you don't delete the partition for it00:48
McLovinKream: ok00:48
lootersebsebseb: yea i ran a google query and it popped up quite a few posts pertaining to upgrades from 9.0400:48
cent255Then the splash screen goes away, and i get a message about maintenance of file system failed,00:48
lootersebsebseb: rgr00:48
histoFor some reason I can't skip ahead in flash videos on youtube etc... I have the same plugin installed on two different karmic machines it works on one and not the other. I'm at a loss as to where the conflict is?00:49
cent255it tries to init crypto disks (which i think is my swap partition)00:49
cent255then hangs00:49
histoI'm using flashplugin-nonfree00:49
sebsebseblooter: maybe something rather odd has happended to you, since apparnatlly you have upgraded since 8.1000:49
wojciechoramaHi guys, does someone know something abount incjection ?? (Wifi - ubuntu - WEP ) I need to know how to change CHANNEL of wlan0 ?00:49
lootersebsebseb: well I have the 9.10 cd actually.  I need a livecd last week and was at a friends house and I was impressed by the new bootup graphic, lol.  Soooo I burned it00:49
sebsebseblooter: with it keeping older kernels there as well00:49
sebsebseblooter: or so it seems00:49
histowojciechorama: use iwconfig to change the channel00:49
Meowpuphi all i ahve just got this error in synaptic what does it mean "W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://wine.budgetdedicated.com jaunty/main Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/wine.budgetdedicated.com_apt_dists_jaunty_main_binary-i386_Packages)"00:50
cent255It's actig like it's trying to mount an ecrypted partition as if it's not encrypted.00:50
mcurranDoes anyone know if you can connect and look though the ubuntu forums from the terminal00:50
histowojciechorama: iwconfig wlan0 channel x00:50
Meowpupthere is no double entry in sourses.list i checked00:50
daevskiwojciechorama: look up how to use iwconfig command. SHould be something like iwconfig wlan0 channel 1000:50
wojciechoramahisto luv ya :* thanks00:50
luis_WTH happens with amsn?! come on i type: Change nick, then i change my nick, i log out, i reconnect and after that, no matter what, my name: "Luis Javier" Appears as the nick, not caring about the nick I typed, is this a glitch???? come on i am tired, this amsn is the most same looking to windows live messenger00:50
sebsebseblooter: oh you like the new boot up graphic, I don't like it, since I had  the Ubuntu or Kubuntu screen for 9.04  with  text  at the bottom saying what the OS is doing when booting up :)  well the other computer is 9.04 still, and it has the Ubuntu logo and the text for boot up00:50
lootersebsebseb: it would appear taht way.  I obviously horked something in the process of trying to upgrade00:50
daevskiwojciechorama: I think that might be exactly it, actually.00:50
Kreamthis is a detailed lspci of the laptop i'm trying to activate wifi on - http://pastebin.com/f3e8bf459 zetheroo McLovin00:50
eshannonThanks McLovin00:50
MeowpupMcLovin: if you have a terminal baised web browser you can00:50
sebsebseblooter: there's another distro that has a much nicer boot up,  and so on, that I will be switching to soon for now at least,  whilst waiting for 10.0400:51
mcurranHey McLovin - are you the same McLovin that's usually on Mint00:51
McLovinKream: ill take a look00:51
lootersebsebseb: yea I just thought it was kinda neat looking.  I didn't get to play around with it much since all ineeded it for was to mount a badly infected windows partition.00:51
Meowpupmcurran: : if you have a terminal baised web browser you can00:51
McLovinmcurran: nope00:51
lootersebsebseb: which distro?00:51
billiard_junkeelooter, I don't know but maybe try changing menu.lst to have  'rootnoverify       (hd0,1)'  or 'rootnoverify       (hd0,0)' under Windows.  I guess it cant hurt to try.  It seems to me that if you had Vista installed on the primary disk, it would be hd0...00:51
Meowpuphe is the same McLovin00:51
sebsebseblooter: we are getting a bit off topic now for this channel, but Mandriva 2010 Gnome00:52
mcurranwhat is a good terminal based web browser00:52
trismluis_: it could be an issue with the msn service itself, because my nick has kept disappearing this week in pidgin too (I finally had to set it to automatically assign a new one everytime I connect)00:52
sebsebseblooter: Mandriva One00:52
lootersebsebseb: i agree but somehow ubuntu sees its self as the primary drive even though it isn't00:52
sebsebseblooter: I tried to pm you twice earlier, but never got a reply there00:52
billiard_junkeeand since you know what it is right now, it will be easy to change back.  Right now windows is not working, so what are you out if it doesnt work?  ;)00:52
sebsebseblooter: oh right Vista should be the primary drive really I think00:53
daevskiHey all, I am trying to get a webcam that identifies itself as "Microdia PC cam (SN9C120)" -- I followed forum advice here ( http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=982471&page=4 ) -- see Cameigons post mid-way down -- and also here is output from dmesg in pastebin ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/325717/ ) -- CAM Still not working in Cheese or Skype and I'm not sure what to do next :(00:53
MeowpupMcLovin: i know you are as i checked you out McLovin in #ubuntu is same as McLovin in #linuxmint00:53
mun24I ma trying to use subversion and getting error like /svn/db/txn-current-lock00:53
lootersebsebseb: it is.  the vista drive is on the secondary ide channel00:53
sebsebseblooter: and it seems to want to be the primary partition and if not well, it might delete Linux partition, that's happended twice to me...  ok pm then00:53
lootersebsebseb:  ok00:54
McLovinKream: funny there is no broadcom showing00:54
mcurranHaha sneaky McLovin - Stupid Ikey banned me from Mint00:54
mcurranThat kid is a fag00:54
McLovinMeowpup: i left my brain at home tonight . It did not click when he said mint00:54
mcurranI also got shunned from the server for a while00:54
KreamMcLovin:  zetheroo apparently, with this model laptop, lspci sometimes does not show the wifi card00:54
doseryderI cannot boot into my ubuntu due to a raid0 failure BUT the volume (ext3) on the raid set with the ubuntu is mountable.  I want to backup all the bookmarks in firefox00:55
mcurranMcLovin you should send Ikey my regards over there and say that the channel has suffered long enough without me. :)00:56
doseryderwhich file(s) (including the file path) do i need to copy in order to retrieve all the bookmarks?00:56
McLovinmcurran: will do in a few mins00:56
m546Is there a GUI tool to do that?00:56
doseryderin the meantime I guess I'll try #firefox00:57
McLovinKream: is the wifi switch on ? because that makes no sense to me . ill take a look at a few of my notes and see what i can find. what model of lappy are you using ?00:57
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
sparrIs anyone willing to possibly crash their X to confirm a bug for me?  Requires nvidia drivers.00:58
luis_trism: "(I finally had to set it to automatically assign a new one everytime I connect)" can i do that with amsn too? and when this nick error will be fixed? is annoying =(00:58
KreamMcLovin:  yes,wifi switch is on00:59
Kreamcheckthis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/29127100:59
texelIs there a quick reference where I can see a list of existing known problems with Karmic?00:59
jolarenDoes anyone know a good website blocker that support the feature of blocking words?00:59
jolarenWould be great00:59
histosparr: what are you experiencing?01:00
texelI'm afraid I just upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic, and I'm running into all kinds of horribly broken things like GCC segfaulting on a program that just returns 0, and mplayer failing to run at all due to an ld.so assertion failure.01:00
epinkyjolaren: Squid?01:00
kisukecan some one help me get my touchpad working again?01:00
jolarenepinky; Seems it only supports lists01:01
mcurranDoes anyone know what protocol to use to connect to a cable box (set top box) on a local network?01:01
varaderohow can i clone my ubuntu installation ?01:01
jolarenbut not words01:01
sparrhisto: when in a virtual terminal, "DISPLAY=:0 xrandr -s 2" (or any other size that is valid and not current) causes X to crash.01:02
knopies is there a way to call the screensaver?01:02
tsimpson!clone | varadero01:02
ubottuvaradero: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate01:02
mcurranknopies:  Why not just use the program and select test01:02
aero_Is this the place to ask questions about ubuntu?01:03
epinkyjolaren: oh, I didn't know that, I've been using it with words :(01:03
erUSUL!hi | aero_01:03
ubottuaero_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!01:03
knopiesmcurran, I mean, I want to turn off the auto-screensaver after x-min. and just call it when I go afk.01:03
mcurranI'm sure there is, I'm gonna look...01:03
knopiesthanks mcurran.01:03
jolarenepinky; And that works for you? A guy in #ubuntu-se told me that It didn't work... but he can be wrong01:03
aero_ok, I just put ubuntu onto my acer aspire one laptop and the wireless internet is ungodly slow, but wired runs fine01:04
varaderotsimpson, are there much easier way ? i plan 4000 copy01:04
jolarenepinky; Are you running it right now? Could you test? If thats not asking to much01:04
knopiesaero_, you might want to try scanning wireless networks in range, and see if yours is on a different channel to theirs.01:05
tsimpsonvaradero: then you'll probably want to create a custom ISO to install from01:05
McLovinKream: try this.   "sudo update-pciids"then run lspci again01:05
knopiesaero_, other interference (such as wireless phones) can also affect it. If you think its ubuntu, or a driver issue, then keep asking. Somone must know.01:05
tsimpson!remaster | varadero01:05
ubottuvaradero: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility01:05
kisukenight1ne: in ubuntu period01:06
aero_how do I whisper?01:06
KreamMcLovin:  no luck01:06
kisukeaero_: /msg <name>01:06
KreamMcLovin:  bizarre bug01:07
jolarenaero_; You speak really low01:07
night1neGoto System> Preferences> Mouse01:07
knopiesjolaren, not helping.01:07
aero_jolaren lol01:07
night1nehave you tried that?01:07
varaderotsimpson, i tried remastersys its nice realy but i couldnt customize desktop for all new users01:07
texelAnybody else having problems with gcc segfaulting on really stupidly simple programs?01:07
histoReinstalling the flashplugin-nonfree fixed my skip ahead issues.01:07
kisukenight1ne: did it is enabled but about 10 minutes after i login it just quits01:07
McLovinKream: other than that I don't know. Is the lappy a tx series hp ?01:08
tsimpsonvaradero: there is the OEM option: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview01:08
night1neWell, sorry then. That's the extent of my knowledge.01:08
kisukenight1ne: thanks any way01:08
varaderotsimpson, checking thanks01:08
thom_lognhow do I set a default display size/resolution for all user accounts? When a new user logs in I get tiny screens like 800x600 even tho the screen is 1650x108001:08
KreamMcLovin:  yes, tx1003au01:08
night1neyou're welcome :)01:08
kisukecan some one help me get my scroll on my touchpad working again it works when i boot but stops 10 minutes later01:09
McLovinKream: wha version of ubuntu are you using01:09
varaderotsimpson, this is realy helpfull thanks01:10
tsimpsonvaradero: no problem01:10
KreamMcLovin:  9.1001:10
varaderosecond problem is default Gnome theme , how can i change default gnome theme for new users when they login first time01:10
neodragonI installed ubuntu for a friend and now he wants to know how to disable using the mouse wheel to spin the cube. I have looked in CCSM and I can't seem to find any way to disable that setting, help?01:11
WadoTGCan I boot from an iso cd want to load Ubuntu 9.04 dual boot with Win XP01:11
knopiesneodragon, it is in ccsm. Look under the cube, and the shotcut keys.01:11
knopiesneodragon, Ive done it on mine.01:11
jribneodragon: try #compiz01:12
knopiesneodragon, its not under cube, let me see if I can find it.01:12
mcurranneodragon - CCSM should have that under key bindings for rotate cube01:12
jriberm sorry didn't see knopies helping :)01:12
knopiesneodragon, its under Bindings in rotate cube01:12
knopiesneodragon, I just found it there.01:12
knopiesneodragon, you still there?01:13
neodragonyes I'm here01:13
knopiesjrib, your forgiven.01:13
knopiesneodragon, you find it? ccsm -> rotate cube -> bindings.01:13
McLovinKream: im on the run in and out of the office at the moment . try this as well "lspci -vnn" and see what comes up01:14
connerI need help with Synaptic01:14
jribconner: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)01:14
knopiesconner, ask your question.01:14
sebsebseb!synaptic |  conner01:14
ubottuconner: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto01:14
connerHow do i go about posting a picture01:15
sparrhisto: it happens every time for me, but i dont have another machine to test on01:15
sebsebsebconner: a screenshot?01:15
sebsebseb!screenshot |  conner01:15
ubottuconner: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.01:15
neodragonthanks guys01:15
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KreamMcLovin:  no such luck. from the googling i've been doing, it seems that this model is notorious for having problems with the wifi card only intermittently being accessible to linux01:15
Kreameven windows users have major problems, apparently, McLovin01:16
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mcurranMcLovin - What chip is it?01:16
aero_hi, wifi is really slow on my acer aspireone netbook, but works fine wired01:16
McLovinKream: I had a TX1220ca and had the same problem I did have luck getting it to work . try this link because this is not for the same model lappy but it did work for me in the end01:17
kisukecan any one help me get my touch pad scroll working again01:17
McLovinmcurran: amd6401:17
KreamMcLovin:  great :) waiting for link01:17
Izinucsnone of the US repos seem to be working for me. I had to go to the United Kingdom to do updates.. anyone else having issues with the US repos?01:17
MajorGeekso then thou king said "Let there be IRC chat rooms that give you OP when you join"01:17
connerI am getting this error with synaptic after attempting to install Sun Virutal Box01:17
=== jon is now known as Guest34107
mcurranIf anyone knows any cool exploits - feel free to share them and join my cheesy hacking channel #HACKING-101 - I haven't had one user yet.  :(01:17
sebsebseb!touchpad | Kream01:17
ubottuKream: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad01:17
McLovinKream: forgot to paste it :001:18
jribmcurran: please don't advertise other channels here01:18
mcurranMcLovin:  I meant the wireless card chip01:18
icehawk78After upgrade to 9.10, my .bashrc appears to be gone. In the meantime, I borrowed someone else's, and pasted it into my home directory. However, that also appears to not be working. Has something changed from 9.04 to 9.10 in handling this?01:18
mcurranjrib:  How else would I get friends01:18
connerthat is my error01:18
jribconner: open a terminal and type « sudo dpkg --configure -a »01:18
mcurranor sudo apt-get install -f01:19
sebsebsebicehawk78: I think someone told me about something like that01:19
McLovinmcurran: bcm4300 I do believe01:19
connerI do that and it doesnt do anything01:19
jribconner: pastebin01:19
LjLmcurran: not by spamming "hacking" channels on here, that's for sure. try joining existing social channels and talking to people.01:19
mcurranyou need the b43 driver01:19
sebsebsebicehawk78: remind me quickly what that file is used for01:19
wojciechoramaDoes any1 here know sth about crackin WIFI ? (WEP)01:19
mcurranYou can enable it in the Hardware Drivers app. or download b43-fwcutter and let that download and extract the firmware01:19
wojciechoramaI got a question about iniection.01:19
icehawk78sebsebseb: Among other things, formatting of the command prompt, aliases, etc01:19
knopieswojciechorama, I know your neighbors wifi is for his use, not yours.01:20
xae8kooAnyone here?01:20
LjLwojciechorama: that's not really on-topic for this channel01:20
c1h23r456i78910what can I use as a compiler in karmic?01:20
knopiesxae8koo, a few of us, yea.01:20
sebsebsebicehawk78: ok not sure, but I think there may be a difference between the two Ubuntu versions01:20
mcurranwojciechorama - what's your question01:20
McLovinmcurran: it is Kream that has the issue not me :001:20
xae8kooknopies: Irssi sais "Lag: 3.58" isn't that awfull?01:20
LjLc1h23r456i78910: as a compiler for what?01:20
mcurranKream - Well then that message was for you...01:20
connerjrib, http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=7259201:20
WadoTGI have the AMD64 iso image burnt to CD but will not boot - any suggestions?01:21
c1h23r456i78910LjL : C01:21
histoDoes it seem like 10 seconds is a long load time for Youtube.com ? I'm using a 3mb dsl line I swear its slower than I remember.01:21
McLovinmcurran: got ya dawg01:21
knopiesxae8koo, Ive never used Irssi (Im not even sure I know what it is) and if thats in seconds, for a network, then yea.01:21
XplayerDo anybody know how I can run San Andreas Multiplayer on Ubuntu01:21
LjLc1h23r456i78910: "sudo apt-get install build-essential" will get gcc installed and ready to compile c.01:21
KreamMcLovin:  thanks man :) although, at this point, i feel that its not a problem of finding the right driver, its an underlying hardware problem with the model of laptop01:21
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histoLjL: irssi is an awesome irc client01:21
doseryderconner: there is a icon displaying a frequency for some device, what kinda proggy is that?01:21
knopiesXplayer, have you had a look at Cygwine and wine?01:21
xae8kooknopies: It dissapeared. It is an irc client01:21
gilliganirssi is awesome01:21
LjLhisto: uhm, maybe, but how is that relevant?01:21
knopiesxae8koo, then yea, 3 seconds of lag is awful.01:22
c1h23r456i78910LjL : buildessential, does that compile other languages as well?01:22
vistrodd won't work for my floppy disk. Is there any other way to write a .bin to a floppy? dd is not an option01:22
LjLc1h23r456i78910: not really, no, that installs c support01:22
XplayerKnopies, I been looking around I havent installed Ubunto yet because Im not sure if it will work01:22
KreamMcLovin:  i've never heard of modern hardware that was invisible on the pci bus that started working. did you have the same problem with your hp lappie?01:22
wojciechoramamcurran Im trying to send some packets via aireplay-ng but there is still 0 ARP and 0 ACKs, a lot of readed packets but none of sended. What's wrong ?01:22
c1h23r456i78910LjL : ok, Im trying to learn python and C, what about python?01:22
histoknopies: irssi is an irc client that rocks.01:22
histoLjL: sry wrong person01:22
LjLc1h23r456i78910: python is installed by default01:22
c1h23r456i78910LjL : i see01:22
McLovinKeram: yep01:23
knopiesXplayer, chances are it wont. If its DirectX then you on the wrong end of the barrel. But look into wine and cygwine, on their websites they should have a list of supported games.01:23
McLovinkream: yep01:23
mcurranwojciechorama - did airodump-ng show that network as wep protected or wpa?01:23
knopies!wine | Xplayer01:23
ubottuXplayer: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu01:23
c1h23r456i78910LjL : do you know also where I could find a list of bash commands for terminal?01:23
mcurranYou'd probably have more help in the backtrack channel #backtrack I believe01:23
LjL!cli | c1h23r456i7891001:23
ubottuc1h23r456i78910: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal01:23
mcurranubottu you're annoying01:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you're annoying01:24
wojciechoramamcurran WEP01:24
gilligansomeone need help with backtrack?01:24
billiard_junkeec1h23r456i78910, you can press <TAB> twice.. :)01:24
knopiesmcurran, then ignore him.01:24
wojciechoramamcurran WPA/WPA2 is too hard 4 me atm01:24
c1h23r456i78910billiard_junkee : in terminal?01:24
knopiesc1h23r456i78910, try hitting tab twice.01:25
knopiesc1h23r456i78910, nvm, billiard_junkee already mentioned that, sorry01:25
mcurranwojciechorama - did you do the injection test "sudo aireplay-ng -9" to see if injection is working?01:25
Mike_lifeguardDoes anyone know why logrotate fails with messages about hosts.deny? -> http://p.defau.lt/?i8IHLytruIPWuLuN0wH0QQ01:25
bigmack83i have a harddrive formatted in ntfs.while i was copying files to it my laptop went to sleep. now i am unable to mount the partition giving a error: "ntfs_attr_pread_i: ntfs_pread failed: input/output error Failed to read NTFS $Bitmap: I/O error ntfs is either inconsistent, or there is a hardware fault, run chkdsk /f on windows then reboot into windows twice"01:25
doseryderLjL: if you have prior programming experience, you'll probably be able to learn enough to write something meaningful in 2-3 days01:25
flux_hey guys im having a serious problem with my sound in ubuntu 9.1001:25
wojciechoramamcurran - I didn't, let's try. Be right back.01:26
flux_how do i change the "playback" to ACLA settings01:26
LjLdoseryder: uhm, you probably meant that for someone else01:26
mcurranAlso:  I only know a little about aircrack-ng and I've never actually cracked anything (come really close a few time) - So if anyone has a simpler straight forward way of commands please send them to me...01:26
bigmack83but the problem is, is that i am not running windows. so how am i going to be able to run chkdsk in ubuntu>01:26
billiard_junkeec1h23r456i78910, of course you know that you can use that for command completion as well...ie, you can type if<TABx2> and it will show the possible commands that start with 'if'01:26
knopiesbigmack83, did you try what it suggested. Get a windows PC from a friend or something.01:26
c1h23r456i78910billiard_junkee : i see01:27
flux_LjL do you know how to fix the sound problem in ubuntu?01:27
bigmack83knopies, its an internal laptop harddrive and i dont have a windows computer near me. im at work01:27
c1h23r456i78910billiard_junkee : I am trying to learn how to use dhcpx01:27
knopiesc1h23r456i78910, its so awsome, that I have started hitting <tab> to finish long words, and then getting annoyed when the tab character pops up.01:27
billiard_junkeehave fun!  I cant help you there01:28
mcurranWhat is irpas for?01:28
anarcaphi all01:28
bigmack83are there any ubuntu apps which let you run windows command line in linux againt ntfs partitions?01:28
knopiesbigmack83, then Im not sure. I would do a google search if I where you.01:28
c1h23r456i78910knopies : so tab will show me a list of commands01:28
billiard_junkeeknopies, I do that too...but I use Outlook a lot at work ,and its method to auto conplete stuff is Enter01:28
bigmack83knopies, yea im still lookign but havent found anything yet01:28
charliebrownanyone know how to get a CONSISTENT wireless signal...mine is always jumping from 100% to 68%, really screwing up my streams01:28
knopiesc1h23r456i78910, double <tab> shoes you list of all posible commands, if you <tab> once, then it finishes the command for you.01:28
c1h23r456i78910knopies : is that the same as ctrl+c01:29
Alphaandomegaubuntu keeps freezing, where do i find out why?01:29
mcurranI wonder if there's a such thing as a linux user who pays for their music (iTunes)01:30
Meowpuphi is there a way to change my ip-address01:30
knopiesc1h23r456i78910, not sure, never used ctrl+c (unless you talking of, in windows cmd.exe. Im not sure, I edited mine to <tab> in the registry. It doesnt work exactly the same, but it has the same affect)01:30
Taimbeginingandend:  Where does it freeze?01:30
anarcaphello #ubuntu - what is the easiest way to delete a mounted partition?01:30
aLeSDsomeone here could help me with pulseaudio please? I have two soundcard ... I use one with jack and another for the system.. When I start jack control (only the app not jackd) it troubles pulseaudio : pulseaudio[2092]: sink-input.c: Failed to create sink input: sink is suspended. Ideas ?01:30
c1h23r456i78910knopies : I see, thanks01:30
mcurranYou cannot delete a mounted partition01:30
mcurranor format one01:30
TaimAlphaandomega: Where does it keep freezing?01:31
kshahanybody have a recommendation on mail monitoring service.. when new mail is received I want postfix, or something, to trigger a script01:31
kshahi don't even know what that would be called besides a "post receive" hook... so guidance is appreciated01:31
Taimkshah: kshah: procmail01:32
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silidanhi, i have some trouble, mz grub seems dead, how can i reinstall from this live usb ubuntu? i had ubuntu installed alongside unactivated win7 then i booted into windows 7 to activate now grub is dead01:32
mcurrankshah - pidgin has a notification and I'm sure email apps. like thunderbird might have internal scripts you could use01:32
ironfoot495HI I need to find out where is intranet on ubuntu 9.10?01:33
=== imlad is now known as imlad|away
=== imlad|away is now known as imlad
cba123How can I compare two folders, to make sure they, and all the files in them, are identical?01:34
ironfoot495on 9.04 all I had to do was go to network and it show the other domains. Cansomeone tell me how to find this??01:34
FezzlerYouTube video keeps crashing Firefox after upgrade to 9.10?01:34
erUSULcba123: text files ?01:34
AlphaandomegaTaim: just when i am webbrowsing in firefox01:34
=== smak_ is now known as borreguito
TaimAlphaandomega: Perhaps with flash content on the site?01:34
cba123erUSUL, No, mainly videos.01:34
icehawk78sebsebseb: Aha, figured it out. Nothing different, but you have to active a new bashrc file with "source .bashrc"01:35
erUSULcba123: rsync the folders. grsync is a good GUI to do that01:35
Alphaandomegathe whole system freezes does the occur with flash?01:35
git__rsync is not intuitive01:35
tankthefrankHello! I have been running Ubuntu 9.10 (upgraded from the beta) with my home partition encrypted by Ubuntu during installation for a while now. However, yesterday I moved files with sudo, which caused my filesystem to become full and ecryptsomething to output errors to dmesg as it couldnt write the paged files onto the disk and which caused Ubuntu to become unusable. I freeed up space (221GB are used out of 227) but I cant log back into ubuntu and "d01:35
tankthefrankf -h" from Ubuntu live CD still says that there is no space left even though only 221GB out of 227GB are used. What's the problem? Thanks a lot!!01:35
Alphaandomegai think i will upgade to 9.10 later01:35
git__use Back-in-Time ... best backup software there is01:35
aymanhow to can me restor gnome option01:36
TaimAlphaandomega: It COULD be.  We need to narrow down exactly what you think may be causing the freeze.01:36
cba123git__, Not trying to backup...01:36
git__i'm looking to buy a 1.5TB external hard drive to backup my laptop01:36
git__cba123, it does snapshot01:36
cba123git__, Yes, not doing that either01:36
aymanneed to help  pleas01:36
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FezzlerWhat would make Firefox crash due to a YouTube video?01:37
anarcap- what is the easiest way to delete a mounted partition?01:37
Taimayman: what gnome option are you trying to restore?01:37
aymanpanl and theme01:37
Taimanarcap: The content in the mounted partition or just the mountpoint?01:37
mattwj2002hi guys01:37
kshahTaim: exactly what I need, thank you01:37
mattwj2002I need some help01:37
mattwj2002what tools does Ubuntu have for making blu ray sd cards?01:38
aymanhow to can me do it sir01:38
Taimayman: Restore it to it's original look and feel?01:38
seidoswhere are the shortcut files located for the applications menu?01:38
aymanyes sir01:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bluray01:39
flux_can anyone help me with my ubuntu 9.10 I dont get sound.. any ideas?01:39
git__flux, is pulseaudio running?01:39
aymanno help or what01:39
flux_nothing is running git__01:39
flux_i tried to play a song in mplayer01:40
Taimayman: You need to be at the login prompt.  Log in via console <ctrl>-<alt>-<f2>, log in as your ID.01:40
anarcapTaim - I would like to completely delete the partition so that it no longer exists as a separate partition. (thanks)01:40
Taimayman: When you do this, you will lose ALL of your custom settings.01:40
Taimanarcap: You want to copy the contents over to the parent folder?01:40
flux_git__ i need my playback settings set to :alsa01:41
uncleBezI don't like sound problems in linux - confuses me. and pulseaudio doesn't seem so good. I can't get my head around it...01:41
wojciechoramamcurran R u there ?01:41
aymanok  but no program do it or on termanl01:41
billiard_junkeeanarcap, you can use parted  ...it will permanently delete all information on that partition, and the partition itself01:41
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alexandrei installed xmms2, but the application won't run. how do i do it?01:42
=== gab_ is now known as Gab_
Taimayman: This whacks all of your gnome settings:  Once logged in, do rm -r ~/.gconf ~/.gconf2 ~/.gnome2 ~/.gnome2_private.01:42
Taimayman: I am not aware of any.01:43
ramakand1acan i learn linux if a start to study the code from minix01:43
ironfoot495how do I find other shared folders on ubuntu 9.10?01:43
anarcapTaim - Nah, just delete everthing. billiard_junkee - thanks01:43
=== jtisme is now known as jtholmes
billiard_junkeeanarcap, make sure that you specify the drive you mean..  e.g. 'parted /dev/sda'01:44
Taimramakand1a: It's can't hurt, but why not look at the linux kernel code?01:44
billiard_junkeecause if you don't specify, it autos to sda01:44
flux_can anyone help me with my ubuntu 9.10 I dont get sound.. any ideas?01:45
ironfoot495Hi I hope someone cananswer a few questions for me. #1 how do I find other Domains on my intranet #2 is it auto like 9.0401:46
billiard_junkeeflux_, are you using alsa?01:46
ironfoot495because I've upgraded to 9.10 and I can't find it!01:46
quesadaanyone here has a tascam 122L external soundcard? Supported by the kernel, but I cannot get karmic to see it!01:47
billiard_junkeeironfoot495, I am running 9.10 and it is auto for me... I can still see both domains at home01:47
flux_billiard_junkee I have no sound what so evver! In ubuntu hardy heron I had to change my sound settings "playback to ASLA" and it worked01:47
flux_now i updated to 9.10 and i have no sound01:47
ironfoot495billiard_junkee: where do you go to accomplish this?01:47
billiard_junkeehrmm, have you verified that your playback device is set to ALSL, flux_ ?01:48
anarcapbilliard_junkee - yeah, I was kind of looking for an easier way. Like some gui tool. I guess I'll have to look up parted and see how to use it.01:48
flux_billiard_junkee when i tried System-Pref-Sound it doesnt show any options for me01:48
flux_so i cant check the playback settings01:48
billiard_junkeeironfoot495, goto Places>Network>Windows Network  ?01:49
anarcapCompiz Qustion. Where is the setting to switch desktops, left or right, by using the scroll button on the mouse?01:49
ironfoot495billiard_junkee: Well OK!01:49
=== histo_ is now known as histo
trevorjanarcap: in compiz?01:49
trevorjanarcap: s/in/for/01:49
billiard_junkeeanarcap, try 'sudo apt-get install gparted'01:50
trevorjanarcap: it's in ccsm01:50
night1neOh, another compiz question: Is there a tutorial to enable the cube desktop for Karmic?01:50
ironfoot495billiard_junkee: it's not there but I do have one on applications but it doesn't have the same setup you mentioned?01:50
trevorjnight1ne: it takes like thirty seconds01:51
trevorjnight1ne: just "sudo apt-get install ccsm"01:51
trevorjnight1ne: run ccsm01:51
trevorjnight1ne: enable the desktop cube plugin01:51
trevorjnight1ne: along with the rotate cube plugin01:51
ironfoot495billiard_junkee: it just shows aplications I have???01:51
Hexiis there a way to install Ubuntu on a disk that's already partitioned using LVM?  I already have the volumes created with proper proportions for /usr /var etc. and have some logical volumes with data on them that I want to keep, so I'd prefer not to rebuild the LVM and instead just reformat the /, /var, /usr volumes etc., is this possible? The installer CD didn't seem to have LVM in the kernel01:52
night1neSays that it couldn't find that package.01:52
ironfoot495this is crazy I really need to get this done!!!01:52
Danchohello friends01:52
trevorjHexi: used the alternative installer cd01:52
billiard_junkeeironfoot495, on the top panel, you have "Applications, Places, and System" right?  uner places, you don't have 'Network"  ?01:52
Danchoanyone knows how to handle digital cameras with ubuntu?01:52
trevorjnight1ne: sorry, compizconfig-settings-manager01:52
megamanx1978Can anyone help me with cedega?01:52
Hexitrevorj: oh ok, thanks!01:52
trevorjHexi: the normal install cd doesn't include proper lvm or raid support01:53
night1neNo worries. Did it through Synaptic.01:53
trevorjHexi: in fact, I no longer use the normal cd01:53
trevorjHexi: =)01:53
ironfoot495This is still crazy I only have applications and places on the panel. Systems is under Applications?????01:53
Hexitrevorj: ahh ok, the alternate CD is also text-mode? that would speed things up a bit too, I didn't see that disc at first =)01:54
ironfoot495do I have a different distro?01:54
night1neSo how do I enable it?01:54
ironfoot495let me go and see bb.01:54
trevorjnight1ne: did you do what I said01:54
trevorjnight1ne: I gave you like five steps01:54
megamanx1978I have no sound in cedega01:54
night1neI did.01:54
seidoshow do i use locate to search for a file that is *exactly* named "apt"?01:55
night1neSo how do I make it 3d/ 6 sided?01:55
ironfoot495Billiard_junkie  -> Linux localhost 2.6.31-14-generic-pae #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 15:22:42 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux01:55
billiard_junkeeyou don't have a different distro, just a different panel setup...sec01:56
ironfoot495Billiard_junkie: which one do you have?01:56
ironfoot495uname -a01:56
billiard_junkeeLinux xapax-desktop 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux01:56
night1neBecause right now, it only has 2 sides.01:56
megamanx1978_Can someone help me with cedega?01:56
masterfishslayeranyone else having or had an all black screen after booting into liveusb persistent 9.10?01:57
billiard_junkeewoops, night1ne right click your virtual dektops on the botton panel.  make it 4 columns, and 1 row01:57
luistwhat can i use to mount a iso?01:57
night1neUm.. you mean in compiz?01:57
ironfoot495Billiard_junkie: oh! I have the Server but still shouldn't make a difference should it?01:57
billiard_junkeenope, right on the desktop panel01:57
=== fuffb is now known as fuffalo
billiard_junkeereght click>preferences> set to 1 row x 4 columns. night1ne01:58
ironfoot495Billiard_junkie how do I change it do you know?01:58
mezquitaleluist, try isobuster01:58
git__bluetooth is slow01:58
anarcaptrevorj - s/in/for -- what does that mean? What is ccsm?01:58
night1neI don't have that on the panel.  The virtual desktop, I mean.01:59
billiard_junkeeironfoot495, nah, it should still work the same, just a different set of packages, nothign major, and the look of your xserver.  it should have the same functionality01:59
doseryderanarcap: ccsm is compiz config settings manager01:59
Guest70468can someone help me with vbox linux guest additiion installation01:59
Guest70468sudo sh vboxlinuxadditions-amd64.run dont work01:59
ironfoot495Billiard_junkie Well I looked for windows-netqwork and it is not there?01:59
lstarnesGuest70468: it'c case sensitive01:59
masterfishslayeranyone else having or had an all black screen after booting into liveusb persistent 9.10?02:00
charliebrownGuest70468: use autocompletion when u run it02:00
Guest70468ltranes okay hold on02:00
anarcaptrevorj - I tried changing the binding for rotate left and rotate right and It didn't work. Instead of letting me scroll the mouse down or up, it just worked when I pushed the button down.02:00
charliebrownit takes care of the upper/lower case characters02:00
doseryderhey, is karmic koala only available in 32-bit version?02:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eureka02:00
lstarnesdoseryder: no02:00
darkhamblah blah blah....in the end, nothing works, and fedora is light years advanced, and suse's won't never taked from debian02:01
trevorjanarcap: s/in/for/ is regex for replace in with for02:01
night1neBloody hell. I don't know where to enable that virtual desktop thing.02:01
ironfoot495maybe there is another network that I haven't seen?02:01
billiard_junkeenight1ne, maybe try (for the heck of it) right click on the bottom panel, and the choose add.  pick 'workspace switcher' add it.  Then try what I said above.  when you are done, you can just remove it from the panel02:01
trevorjanarcap: I grammoed02:01
night1neAh, okay.02:01
charliebrownnight1ne: go through ALL the compiz config plugins and settings...you'll save urself time in the long run02:01
trevorjnight1ne: found it?02:01
billiard_junkeeits actually the workspace switcher.  thats what you want to do with compiz anyway  ;)  I am 90% positice thats the easiest way02:02
trevorjnight1ne: rotate cube and desktop cube plugins02:02
charliebrownnight1ne:and you'll be pleased with things you find02:02
anarcaptrevorj - Oh, regex. wow, ok. So does compiz take regular expressions then? is that what you're tellin' me?02:02
billiard_junkeetrevorj, he has it, but it has only 2 sieds right now.  I had the same problem before02:02
night1neOh, I've used Compiz before. I just don't remember how to enable the 3d cube.02:02
night1neNow what is it for a 6 sided 3 cube? 4 and 2?02:02
trevorjbilliard_junkee: seids?02:03
git__compiz is pretty cool but that's all there is to it02:03
trevorjbilliard_junkee: oh, sides02:03
night1neYeah, like a dice.02:03
billiard_junkeesides  :-P02:03
doseryderlstranes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download only shows the 32-bit available02:03
trevorjnight1ne: change the workspace number in general to 402:03
night1neRight. Did that.02:03
trevorjanarcap: no, but I accept regular expressions02:03
soreaunight1ne: /msg FusioBot cube02:03
billiard_junkeewell night1ne you dont get to use the top and bottom.  you only get the 4 on the outside of the cube02:03
night1ne...I thought there was a way to use the top and bottom as well?02:04
billiard_junkeeand 2 x 4 is eight  ;)02:04
night1neI want 4 left to right, and a top and bottom..02:04
soreaunight1ne: Not possible02:04
billiard_junkeehaha, I know.  you cant though02:04
soreaunight1ne: You can set images for top and bottom but not a viewport02:05
night1neHuh. How do you set images?02:05
soreaunight1ne: #compiz02:05
git__set images02:05
trevorjnight1ne: look around in the plugins in ccsm02:06
trevorjnight1ne: it's ALL in there02:06
trevorjnight1ne: and none of it is that hard to find ;)02:06
night1neThanks much guys. Have a nice night.02:06
soreaunight1ne: For cue caps, you want Cube Reflection and Deformation02:06
Luciderhi can any one help me convert avi file to rmvb file and with subtitles encoded in the file using ubuntu02:06
trevorjSaLoMoN: almost ;)02:06
trevorjer soreau: almost ;)02:07
trevorjLucider: best luck I can give you is to use ffmpeg or vlc02:07
anarcaptrevorj: ok.?02:07
trevorjanarcap: there are multiple bindings02:08
Lucidertrevorj, i got both but i dont konw the argments and i got lost on the man page02:08
alexandrehow do i set the desktop background image by command line?02:08
anarcapHow to set compiz to rotate cube when u scroll up (or down) on mouse.02:08
trevorjanarcap: there are multiple bindings for mouse and keyboard02:09
trevorjanarcap: you can tell by the icon02:09
soreauanarcap: You can fix it by setting !ccsm->Viewport Switcher->Desktop-based Viewport Switching->Move Next/Move Prev to Button4/Button5 respectively02:09
smackdaddyi am trying to set my display to 32bit, 1920x1080 resolution.. and cant get it to stay,it only lists me 3modes. 800x600, andlower ect...  kde 3.502:09
soreausmackdaddy: Which graphics card?02:09
knopiessmackdaddy, sounds like a driver thing.02:09
smackdaddyits using the vesa02:10
cattuscompiz randomly reverts back to no effects and crashes the entire box on Ubuntu Studio 9.10... Nvidia driver latest installed from envy and  PerfLevelSrc fix applied to turn off powermizer, but still issues, can anybody assist?02:10
spOsound doesn't work when vlc plays a realplayer file , so i try using OSS and it is /dev/dsp ?02:10
rootguihow do i allow GUI login as root in ubuntu 9.10?02:10
soreausmackdaddy: You want to use nv driver at the very least but probably the proprietary nvidia driver02:10
lstarnesrootgui: do not do that02:10
reportingsjrCan anyone recommend a good multi media device like a cowon s9 or an ipod/itouch for linux? (or is the cowon s9 a great product, I have seen good reviews)02:10
anarcapsoreau -- Thanks, I was looking under Rotate Cube. Works!02:10
knopiesrootgui, use sudo instead02:10
rootguilstarnes: i want to, its linux02:10
smackdaddysoreau,how can i load that02:10
git__rootgui, sudo bash02:10
lstarnesrootgui: you shouldn't. it's linux02:10
soreaucattus: nvidia driver bug most likely. Try a different version of it if you can02:11
git__rootgui, startx02:11
trevorjrootgui: don't do it.02:11
trevorjrootgui: you're just asking for trouble.02:11
trevorjrootgui: alot of programs WONT run as root02:11
lstarnesrootgui: instead, you should use gksudo for running individual graphical applications02:11
soreausmackdaddy: Sys>Admin>Hardware Drivers02:11
megamanx1978_Does anyone know anything about cedega?02:11
rootguithat was it, sudo bash && startx?02:11
lstarnesrootgui: no.02:11
trevorjrootgui: don't do it.02:12
trevorjrootgui: seriously.02:12
trevorjrootgui: it's a stupid thing to do.02:12
lstarnesrootgui: that likely won't handle the environment correctly02:12
knopiesrootgui, for each individual command you want to run as root, use sudo. for a graphical application gksu/02:12
rootguiubuntu used to have a checkbox for that, does that exist in 9.10?02:12
cattussoreau: I did, unfortunately the results were even worse, rendering the box unusable... now most of it works ok but still compiz with extra effects it's a no go :(02:12
trevorjrootgui: it's just like running with scissors, but instead of scissors, it's unpinned grenades02:12
bazhangmegamanx1978_, #cedega02:12
knopiestrevorj, nice metaphor.02:12
lstarnesrootgui: we don't even recommend logging in as root in a terminal02:12
soreaucattus: nvidia sucks, what can I say02:12
rootguilstarnes: i know of all warnings, do you know how to do it?02:13
lstarnesrootgui: it would be irresponsible to do so02:13
cattussoreau: eh.. ^^'02:13
lstarnesrootgui: there is probably an option to allow it in GDM for logins, but don't be surprised if that has been removed02:13
rootguilstarnes: it was removed02:13
trevorjrootgui: there are no warnings, I am telling you that it will break things02:14
knopies!hi | hedkandi02:14
ubottuhedkandi: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:14
trevorjknopies: ;)02:14
setuidHow do I stop the npviewer.bin Flash plugin from taking up 156% of my CPU?02:14
hedkandiif you look on karmic synaptics there's a package called "unrar" and the description says its "non-free version"!!02:14
lstarnesrootgui: if you need to run an individual graphical application as root, use alt+f2 then enter gksudo programname02:14
rootguitrevorj: i want it my way, i got all warnings from everyone02:14
hedkandiwhat does that mean?02:14
anarcapbilliard_junkee - Thanks for gparted. I didn't know that it worked in linux. I have a liveCD of it. I'm running it now. Thanks!02:14
lstarneshedkandi: not open source02:14
trevorjrootgui: then do it and make it work, there's an option in gdm to allow it.02:14
lstarneshedkandi: or not free as in not having freedom02:15
rootguitrevorj: it was removed02:15
lstarneshedkandi: but it is free as in price02:15
trevorjrootgui: then disable gdm02:15
trevorjrootgui: login to a vty as root02:15
trevorjrootgui: run startx02:15
hedkandidoes every package in restricted and multiverse say "non-free" ?02:15
trevorjrootgui: or login as your user, run sudo su -, then run startx02:15
lstarneshedkandi: a few02:15
dman810is there anyone that can help me with Network and internet support?02:15
trevorjhedkandi: alot of them, yes02:15
lstarnestrevorj: sudo -i is preferred02:15
hedkandiwell I think the terminology needs changing!02:15
rootguii am installing for a programmer that wants GUI root login; killing X then starting X specially is out of the question02:16
trevorjlstarnes: whats the difference?02:16
trevorjrootgui: as I said, disable gdm02:16
lstarnestrevorj: it just launches sudo and a shell instead of sudo, su, and a shell02:16
rootguitrevorj: that will remove X11?02:16
hedkandiI think a better word would be "non-foss"02:16
trevorjrootgui: it will disable it to start on bootup02:16
lstarnesrootgui: no, gdm just handles logins02:16
hedkandifree usually means money.02:16
rootguitrevorj: yeah, thats out of the question to do that everytime02:16
hedkandiah well enough from me02:17
lstarneshedkandi: what about non-libre?02:17
trevorjrootgui: he should NOT be programming as root02:17
Zsocihi there,my problem is that I used Gparted to format a partition,but I did it as root and I don't have permission to use this partition02:17
trevorjrootgui: he's being an idiot02:17
hedkandiwell I dunno if you'd say libre is english02:17
knopieshedkandi, with the whole copy-left thing (open source) free tends to mean freedom, rather than price. So in theory you can still charge for 'free' software02:17
trevorjrootgui: im sorry for my language02:17
anarcapbilliard_junkee - gparted worked: easy! fast! thanks again02:17
billiard_junkeeanarcap, glad it did what you needed.  good little utility02:17
trevorjrootgui: he should learn the proper way of doing things02:17
rootguiis there anyway to enable root login to GDM or do I have to install KDE using XDM?02:17
hedkandiI thought the gpl says you're only allowed to charge for postage?02:17
lstarneshedkandi: no!02:18
trevorjrootgui: why don't you just run xdm to run gnome02:18
lstarneshedkandi: that's just if you already have the executable version and want the sources02:18
trevorjrootgui: kde doesn't use xdm anyway, you're thinking of kdm02:18
thunderbolthedkandi: GPLed software can be sold for whatever value you wish. It only requires that source is distributed with binaries (basically)02:18
knopieshedkandi, if so, thats the gpl.02:18
trevorjrootgui: but xdm will work with both02:18
lstarneshedkandi: you can still charge for the executables or a copy of the executables with the source02:18
rootguii wanted a simple solution; thats why i chose ubuntu; maybe the checkbox moved or there are more advanced optiosn somewhere02:18
thunderboltI thought the GPL required that source be provided for the same price as binaries, but no more.02:18
* thunderbolt shrugs02:18
rick__who here is using banshee 1.5.2  ??02:19
lstarnesthunderbolt: it's the cost of delivery for the source02:19
trevorjrootgui: why don't you just run gksudo <app>02:19
hedkandiokay but the gpl says you are allowed to redistribute the software too02:19
trevorjrootgui: it will then run the gui app as root02:19
thunderboltlstarnes: Thanks.02:19
rwwAwesome GPL resource that answers pretty much all of these questions: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html02:19
morpheushi all02:19
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!02:19
trevorjrootgui: you can run any gui app as root using sudo or gksudo02:20
trevorjrootgui: so I don't understand why he needs to login as root02:20
milardovichI can't enter to #wine. Anybody knows how to run apps without sound?02:20
trevorjrootgui: but xdm will do what you need02:20
lstarnesmilardovich: what about #winehq?02:20
rootguii know; but its a hassle; thats why ubuntu was invented over windows02:20
milardovichohh thanks lstarnes :D02:20
morpheusoh.. my english too bad...02:20
trevorjrootgui: it's a hassle to type five characters?02:20
trevorjrootgui: I think it would be a hassle to logout and then login02:20
=== JulioNeto is now known as julioneto
morpheuswhat vpn server and client is better?02:20
rootguitrevorj: i was trying to make root the default login02:21
trevorjmorpheus: openvpn is great02:21
trevorjrootgui: oh christ02:21
progre55hi guys, using ubuntu 9.10 and compiz. Sometimes all of a sudden top-panels on all the windows disappear, and I need to reload the window manager. Any suggestions on what might be causing this??02:21
morpheustrevorj thanks02:21
bazhangrootgui, its not supported nor recommended here.02:21
knopiesrootgui, have you tried a google search?02:21
rootguibazhang: administrative/root login (GUI) is not supported in Ubuntu02:21
bazhangrootgui, you can websearch if you wish to find an answer, please desist asking here.02:22
rootguiyes the results were outdated (before it was removed as a check-able option)02:22
morpheus<rootgui> bazhang: administrative/root login (GUI) is not supported in Ubuntu02:22
morpheus<bazhang> SUPPORTED!02:22
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.02:22
morpheusonly type "sudo passwd" and enter root password 2 times/02:22
rick__is anyone using banshee 1.5.2 yet?02:23
morpheusafter it you cal login as root02:23
rootguimorpheus: can i login to root as the default user in ubuntu?02:23
trevorjmorpheus: gdm will not allow login as root even with a passwd entry02:23
morpheus<rootgui> what's your dist?02:23
billiard_junkeeprogre55, do you know about Alt-grab?02:23
trevorjmorpheus: that is incorrect02:23
rootguiUbuntu 9.1002:23
morpheustrevorj it's work in ubuntu 9.1002:23
progre55billiard_junkee, nope, what's that?02:23
bazhangrootgui, please desist.02:23
alexandrehow do i stop a ping?02:24
trevorjalexandre: ctrl+c02:24
morpheustrevorj i now there from root/02:24
rootguibazhang: where should i go for ubuntu support?02:24
hedkandiinteresting faq02:25
billiard_junkeeunlike windows, where you can only grab a window by the title bar, in linux you can grab a window anywhere by holding alt, progre55 ...I have had that happen.  WHat it usually is, is that the title bars are behind your top panel02:25
bazhangrootgui, this is not supported nor recommended. Please move on.02:25
morpheus<trevorj> if gdm not allow, you can change it in config/02:25
hedkandiI don't understand the bit about incompatible gpl-libraries with gpl software.02:25
trevorjmorpheus: yeah, i told him that02:25
hedkandiWhat is the issue here?02:25
trevorjmorpheus: but it's not as straight forward with the new gdm and lack of proper gdm-setup02:25
hedkandiI mean gpl-incompatible libraries with gpl software02:25
trevorjmorpheus: and I don't even know if the new gdm supports it02:26
thunderbolthedkandi: It's like being under two contracts that have contradictory requirements.02:26
cattusanother problem: can't compile vmware player modules on ubuntu studio 9.10, I know there was an old patch for a previous previous player on a RT kernel, but couldn't find any for vmware player 3, is anybody bumping into the same problem?02:26
hedkandihow can you say that a library is part of a gpl-app02:26
morpheustrevorj in ubuntu 9.10? it's allow to login as root default, but root password not setuped02:26
trevorjmorpheus: it is? thats disgusting02:26
progre55billiard_junkee, oh, thanks. but I dont think my problem is that.. I mean, none of the windows have the title bars.. even the small ones in the middle of the screen02:26
thunderbolthedkandi: Contract A says "You must put a clause of credit in all advertising and documentation for this product." Contract B says "You must distribute software with source, and add no other requirements."02:27
Izinucscattus: that's one of the reasons I switched to virtualbox.. none of those issues.. and easier to setup a vm02:27
wastrelthere's no good reason to login to gnome as root02:27
thunderbolthedkandi: Derivative work under copyright is what causes applications to be derivatives of the libraries they use.02:27
morpheus<trevorj>  yes02:27
thunderbolthedkandi: Basically, they treat it the same as if I write additions to a book, and then distribute the new combined work.02:28
thunderboltThey == "the courts"02:28
hedkandiokay so I get a gpl application and I modify it and my modifications use library A.02:29
BardologyIs there a reason ubuntu starts off with a "ubuntu" user rather than "root"?02:29
billiard_junkeeprogre55, is it the title bar or the menu bar?02:29
hedkandiI must release it under the gpl02:29
BardologyIs this security or convention?02:29
hedkandibut library A demands something else02:29
thunderboltBardology: Both.02:30
trevorjBardology: thunderbolt said it perfectly02:30
Luciderhi can any one help me convert avi file to rmvb file and with subtitles encoded in the file using ubuntu02:30
trevorjBardology: it's completely unsupported to login as root. This isn't windows.02:30
trevorjBardology: login via gui as root that is ;)02:30
thunderbolthedkandi: Right, and since you have contradictory obligations under the license of Library A and the GPL, you can't distribute it at all. (I think)02:31
hedkandiokay so let's say that the library in question is DirectX 1002:31
BardologyI don't have a GUI on the server :)02:31
hedkandiand my gpl application uses DirectX 1002:31
william7Can someone please tell me why I can't view a webpage located at when I have my /etc/hosts file appropriately configured?      The local webpage loads fine when I've got a good wireless or wired connection,  but the moment I lose connectivity online,  the local webpage no longer loads.    I can ping  and it works fine   etc..    /etc/hosts file entry:   "     mytestsite".02:31
hedkandiDo you think DX10 counts as a "system library"? I think it would02:31
thunderbolthedkandi: It probably does.02:31
progre55billiard_junkee, all the title bars, and after I reload the window manager (compiz) it all gets to normal02:31
Tocaioalguem BR ???02:31
BardologyJust a pain that I have to sudo everything because root owns it02:31
bazhang!br | Tocaio02:31
ubottuTocaio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:31
hedkandiokay so let's suppose I put a copy of DX10 on my distribution CD so that people can update to it easily02:32
hedkandiwhat's wrong with that?02:32
hedkandi'cos the gpl doesn't like that at all.02:32
bazhanghedkandi, what does this have to do with ubuntu support02:32
hedkandibazhang, nothing much02:32
bazhanghedkandi, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:32
Tocaioalgum br póde me explicar uma coisa ...02:32
trevorjBardology: you get used it to rather quickly, feel free to use "sudo -i" or "sudo su" to keep a root shell open02:33
Bardologytrevorj: fair enough, I suppose. I use OS X and I don't generally operate as root there, either02:33
bazhangTocaio, /join #ubuntu-br02:33
gooseso, something bad happened...and now my PC won't turn on. Not even a boot screen :/ And I just did a fresh OS install last night02:33
Tocaiovcis jogam aion serto ??02:33
MenZaTocaio: por favor, /join #ubuntu-br02:33
bazhanggoose, which os02:33
=== RebelZero_ is now known as RebelZero
Bardologytrevorj: The only REAL annoyance is mounting a SFTP account like a network drive in OS X02:34
BardologyI connect as ubuntu but can't change anything because root owns it all02:34
Tocaiota alguem ai joga AION online ?02:34
SkaagI can't mount an ext4 fs in karmic, and I can't modprobe ext402:35
Hilikusany suggestions on a quick bash command to get the folder path from a full file path (/mnt/blah/hello.mp3 would get /mnt/blah/) or alternatively, i command to list all the directories that contain a certain pattern (*.mp3) so that each folder is shown only once even if the folder contains several matches02:35
Skaagand I can't find much info on this on google. any ideas?02:35
billybigriggerwhat package do i need for .mov support in karmic?02:35
lewisultra1Try a butterknife02:35
billybigriggeri have gstreamer bad installed already, i thought that's all i needed02:35
=== imlad is now known as imlad|away
mcurranbillybigrigger:  You need the shitbum package02:36
billiard_junkeeprogre55, I just found this:  http://technophiliac.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/where-have-my-window-title-bars-gone/02:36
mcurransudo apt-get shitbum02:36
bazhangmcurran, watch the language02:36
billybigriggermcurran, actually its sudo apt-get install shitbum02:37
billybigriggerbut thanks for the help02:37
mcurranthat's right02:37
bazhangbillybigrigger, you too02:37
billybigriggerbazhang, you give him a warning for language, but no warning for giving non-helpful help? :P02:37
mcurranSo noone knows how I can mount a remote hd on a windows network?02:37
goosebazhang: 9.10. It was an old hard drive, but showed no signs of failing, and still doesn't. The only thing I did was add 2 more sticks of RAM, but all 4 sticks are 256 MiB... and even removing them, it still doesn't boot :S02:38
oorahis there a linux mint irc chat?02:38
progre55billiard_junkee, oh thanks man, let me take a look02:38
progre55billiard_junkee, appreciate02:38
Skaagnever mind, will use ext302:38
bazhang!mintsupport | oorah02:38
ubottuoorah: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org02:38
mcurranYes, it's #linuxmint-chat or #linuxmint-help - but it's on the Linux Mint Server02:38
bazhanggoose, does it boot from the live cd02:38
billiard_junkeemcurran, you are using an Ubuntu machine, and want to mount a remote windows hard disk from the ubuntu machine?02:38
billiard_junkeeoh, but you are using Mint?02:39
scottandmoniquenever romote mounted but cant u just share the netwrok drive02:39
oorahthere is no one on #linuxmint02:39
billiard_junkeeCause I don't know dookie about Mint.  Sorry02:39
mcurranI'm banned from the mint channels02:39
scottandmoniquebanned from mint channels02:39
oorahi'm not using mint, it won't boot up live02:39
bazhangmcurran, mint is not supported here02:39
mcurranThat's my problem I need to mount it without shared folders setup02:39
=== billiard_junkee is now known as billiard_junkee_
mcurranI'm not looking for support - just providing it bazhang02:40
cattusanybody managed to install vmware on ubuntu with a rt kernel?02:40
mcurranAnd too be honest - I actually started with karmic and transformed it into mint myself02:40
mcurranso technically I'm running ubuntu02:40
oorahyou can transform it?02:40
oorahinto mint i mean02:41
mcurranyes with magic02:41
oorahwith ferry dust?02:41
mcurranI added the repositories to sources.list and downloaded them all02:41
Izinucscattus: you can migrate vmware vm's to virtualbox if you would like.. other than that .. maybe #vmware will have an answer02:41
alexandremy firefox just when gray and stop working. what do i do?02:41
oorahoh i see02:41
goosebazhang: sorry for my slow responses, I'm on ~20% wifi connection. I'm about to find out, though. Burning a new boot CD. Any idea of a hard ware issue that might cause that?02:41
charliebrownand changed the theme lol02:41
oorahso if it don't boot live then its not made for msi wind?02:41
trevorjalankila: I run xkill, then click on it02:42
trevorjalankila: but you can just as well run 'killall firefox-bin'02:42
bazhanggoose, lets see if the disc will boot first then we can troubleshoot from there02:42
oorahis there a difference between xkill and force quit?02:43
trevorjalankila: I guess on 9.10 killall firefox is the correct way02:43
cattusIzinucs, yes but right now for portability between a windows host it's simply not possible :\  on vmware there's no answers, there used to be a patch for player 2.x but I can't use it on player 302:43
trevorjalankila: it never happens to me anymore though, it's usually flash that caused it before02:44
rick__can anyone help me upgrade my banshee program from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2?02:44
trevorjrick__: apt-get upgrade banshee ?02:44
ImicalI just installed 9.10 netbook remix but for some reason my mouse does not work on the desktop/panel but will work on any running application.  Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?02:44
charliebrownrick__: you can probably download the newest release from getdeb, or download a deb from their homepage02:44
rick__trevorj it says there isn't an upgrade for it, but on banshee's website they say they released 1.5.202:45
lewisultra1Anyone know how I can get a flash player on Ubuntu?02:45
charliebrownrick__: sudo apt-get remove banshee, then download the .deb file from thier site and install that02:45
rick__let me check getdeb, but all i can find on their site is tarballs, which i have no clue how to use02:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:45
xonpathosgot a bit of an odd question... does ubuntu (or wine) block communication on any ports by default?02:46
charliebrownrick__:  https://edge.launchpad.net/~banshee-team/+archive/ppa02:46
charliebrownthat tells u how to add it to ur repos02:46
Stupendousstevexonpathos, outgoing? No02:46
Izinucsxonpathos: liike Stupendoussteve said.. no outgoing .. however your isp might be blocking something.02:47
xonpathosnah, definitely not the ISP02:47
Izinucsxonpathos: can you be more specific?02:47
xonpathosthe request isn't even making it out to my firewall02:47
xonpathosI'm trying to get World of Warcraft running again.  had it working a while ago02:48
xonpathosit seems to me that the recent conversion to battle.net (and the subsequent switch to port 1119) might be my problem, but not entirely sure02:48
xonpathosI've also updated from 8.04 to 9.10 since then02:48
MenZaxonpathos: I have no issues with my Battle.net account in 9.1002:48
MenZa(in WoW)02:48
kisukethe game and the shotacon test02:48
hyperstream$SubCat = mysql_query("Select * FROM `Catagories` WHERE `MainCat` = '$Cat'"); , how can i check that this is true or false, like if it did get results or didnt ?02:49
xonpathosmenza: kri02:49
MenZakisuke: please don't.02:49
kisukeMenZa: made remark in wrong cannel and apologized02:49
ibetterthanucan anyone help me.02:49
hyperstreamwrong channel :P02:49
freedelepic fail02:49
kisuke!ask | ibetterthanu02:50
ubottuibetterthanu: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:50
xonpathosat any rate, I'm getting the "There was an error loging on" message immediately upon clicking the login button, as if the communication was being rejected outright02:50
alexandremy firefox just when gray and stop working. what do i do?02:50
xonpathosbut I can connect in windows :/02:50
test34hyperstream, language? is this perl?02:50
gilliganyou can type ps -A | grep firefox02:50
NManoogian  /join #ubuntu-offtopic02:50
hyperstreamtest34,  php - was in the wrong channel02:51
gilliganand then kill that pid by typing sudo kill <firefox pid>02:51
trevorjalankila: killall firefox02:51
MenZakisuke: ah, I see :)02:51
ibetterthanuok, i have ubuntu 8.10 installed and its a new install, but i have no way to connect to the internet except on my windows partition. where could i install drivers so i can connect on my ubuntu partition.02:51
trevorjalankila: or run xkill then click on the greyed out firefox window02:51
test34hyperstream, it probably return false if no results.. e.g.: if $subcat02:51
preecherhow can i open a .eml file in ubuntu02:52
zetheroohas Ubuntu ever had a TV commercial?02:52
marijuanaguys, do you know how to disable password everytime we open them at the the 1st time?02:52
bazhang!ot | zetheroo02:52
ubottuzetheroo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:52
hyperstreamreturns as a resource, until you count the row's or fetch an array out of the data02:52
hyperstreamgot it sorted02:52
zetheroobazhang: sure ..02:52
test34hyperstream, returns a resource on success, or FALSE on error.02:53
ibetterthanuis there anywhere i can download drivers for ubuntu on a windows pc?02:53
test34hyperstream, Use mysql_num_rows() to find out how many rows were returned for a SELECT statement02:53
test34ibetterthanu, what hardware?02:54
mcurransshproxy is broken and apt-get install -f and dpkg --configure -a both don't fix it02:54
preecherhow can i open a .eml file in ubuntu02:55
aymanneed to help for Restore Default Settings' option for GNOME panels02:56
ibetterthanudell wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card02:56
marijuanano one knows?02:56
adchi, quick q, any way to have the bluetooth panel in gnome keep bluetooth _off_ by default  on startup?02:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about resetpannels02:56
syriuswhat is the name of the ubuntu software center executable?02:56
gilliganwhat did you want to disable password prompts to?02:56
syriusanyone can give me the icon details?02:57
aymanhelp for Restore Default Settings' option for GNOME panels02:57
syriusso I can set it up in the menu02:57
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-45838.html preecher02:57
syriuswhen I upgraded it didn't get put there02:57
preecherbazhang, thx02:57
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:57
bazhang!resetpanels | ayman02:57
ubottuayman: please see above02:57
goosebazhang: nothing... absolutely nothing on screen coming up on boot. the CD drive isn't even spinning up.02:57
test34ibetterthanu, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29709202:57
Na0kiI have a problem02:57
aymanyes panles02:57
soreauayman: rm -rf .gconf/apps/gnome-settings/gnome-panel02:58
Na0kianybody help me?02:58
bazhanggoose, did you md5 the iso, burn at low speed, then do the disk integrity check02:58
preecherbazhang, i just tryd what the forum advised b4 coming here but thx02:58
soreauayman: Try that from your home directory then restart02:58
imagitronicsHow can I enable the fast resolution changer in the notification area?02:58
[biabia]i reckon its time to upgrade? im still using 8.04 32 bit. whats current02:58
aymanwhats it rm - rf sir02:58
bazhangpreecher, there are many solutions in that thread, which have you tried02:58
Na0kiHow can I install my MP240 printer?02:58
ibetterthanu@test34 dell wireless 1390 WLAN mini-card02:58
=== usuario-master is now known as vo|d
test34ibetterthanu, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29709202:59
preecherbazhang,  hold lemme see which 3 i did02:59
aymanand how to can Try that from your home directory then restart02:59
Na0kii still get broken cache error02:59
[biabia]frogzoo: is 9.10 lts ?02:59
bazhang[biabia], no02:59
mcurranfixed it - I used synaptic to completely remove and then reinstall package03:00
[biabia]whats the most commonly used version then?03:00
randomusrUpgraded to 9.10 and can't print. Tried localhost:901 to configure/add printer and not luck. System:Administration not printer option in that menu. help please?03:00
goosebazhang: md5 yes, verified burning, but I can't run the defect check as I can't even get that far, I get _nothing_ on screen D: But to be honest I think it's a hardware issue, I don't even hear my HDD spinning up... But I can pull it and plug it into my other tower, and it works.03:00
coofishhi,can anybody do me a favor to download  a video from youtube and send it to my mailbox?03:00
bazhanggoose, what about booting into recovery mode03:01
hedkandiam I allowed to ask how ecryptfs operates here or where to find out more?03:01
gdizhey I have a question for you all.  I want to set up a media server on an ubuntu box.  So I was thinking of controlling it via ssh.  I can get the ssh working.  What I am trying to figure out how to do is navigate to both youtube or hulu pages and play a movie in full screen.  I am also looking to control rhythmbox via ssh.  I guess I could install something like mpd if I needed to, but I'd like to play things via rhythmbox via ssh.03:01
goosebazhang: nothing on screen, no F2 to access BIOS, not even the "Gateway" logo I usually see immediately after turning on my PC. The monitor actually remains on standby, it doesn't even receive a signal from the machine.03:01
GarbinI got a problem same with this http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1316676, could anyone tell me how to fix this. thank you. this is my screenshot http://imagebin.org/72527.03:02
bazhanggoose, sounds like a hardware issue then if you cant even boot into recovery mode nor get a bios03:02
goosebazhang: quite. any idea where I can get more hardware support on this?03:03
i_is_brokegoose, are the lights even coming on?03:03
GarbinCould anyone help me?03:03
GarbinI got a problem same with this http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1316676, could anyone tell me how to fix this. thank you. this is my screenshot http://imagebin.org/72527.03:03
bazhanggoose, ##hardware might help03:03
goosei_is_broke: the motherboard light is on. and of course the main power light on the front of the tower. I can open and close the CD trays03:03
randomusrafter upgrade to 9.10, lost the ability to print03:03
i_is_brokegoose, ##hardware03:04
h00kdoes anyone know if it'd be possible to have bluetooth audio to my phone?  I have a blackberry 8100.03:04
xonpathosmenze:  what version of wine are you using?03:04
corinthWhat's the command for adding a repo via a terminal?03:05
thunderboltcorinth: Add it your /etc/apt/sources.list file.03:05
corinththunderbolt, There isn't a single command for it, like with zypp?03:05
thunderboltcorinth: Not as far as I know.03:05
thunderboltBut there may be.03:05
dibblegowhy does my machine keep rebooting after install nvidia drivers on karmic?03:06
bazhangcorinth, sure there is, is this a PPA03:06
mcurrananyone know how to use lsh03:06
=== tristan is now known as Guest26475
mcurrandibblego because you need to restart for the nvidia module to get loaded i think03:07
randomusrhow does one set up printing in 9.10? Just to be sure03:07
mcurranmodprobe doesn't work03:07
xonpathosanybody help me remember what the command is to switch to metacity?03:07
dibblegomcurran, I did restart and it keeps restarting ad infinitum03:07
mcurranmaybe just restartx03:08
bazhangxonpathos, alt f2 metacity --replace03:08
xonpathosthank you03:08
mcurrandoes it start in safe mode afterwards03:08
dibblegomcurran, no, it X doesn't seem to start -- it causes a reboot03:08
kcj1993xonpathos, get compiz fushion icon03:08
mcurrandibblego:  try to run nvidia-settings and see if it opens03:08
dibblegomcurran, I can't run nvidia-settings because the machine will not boot03:09
kcj1993sorry about the spelling03:09
mcurranwhat nvidia card do you have03:09
ibetterthanuis there a place i can download audio-video plugins for Ubuntu 8.1003:09
dibblegoI have dual 7300 cards iirc03:09
progre55hey people, in koala, how do you display the pidgin/empathy icon on the system tray (top-right corner)? because there was this flashing-envelpe thingy there, but I accidentially "removed it from panel" and now when I close the pidgin window, cant get it open again =)03:10
kcj1993are there any good widget programs other than screenlets and google gadgets?03:10
wastrelprogre55: add the indicator applet back to your panel03:11
bazhang!screenlets | kcj199303:11
ubottukcj1993: Screenlets are little widgets for your !desktop. Note you must have a compositing window manager such as !Compiz Fusion, xcompmgr, or KWin to run them. You can get them at http://www.screenlets.org/03:11
bazhangkcj1993, gdesklets perhaps03:11
kcj1993bazhang: I will look03:12
progre55wastrel, but any way to get the actual pidgin icon back?03:12
kcj1993bazhang: ok it's installing.03:13
progre55and how the hell do you close empathy once you open it??03:13
wastrelprogre55: no idea03:13
=== crunchbang is now known as Guest21029
ibetterthanuIs there a way i can download a/v plugins for ubuntu on my windows pc?03:13
Guest21029u have to end the termserv session in the dev dir03:14
randomusrcan someone tell me the local address for cups?03:14
progre55crunchbang, yeah, the IM client.. the shittiest ever03:14
bazhangGuest21029, watch the language03:14
kcj1993I didn't know you could swear03:15
jenny-devbieHi guys :()03:15
Scarra3I am running ubuntu 9.10 and I just got a fingerprint scanner made by indentix and I dont know how to set it up it is enabled but when i got to about me there is nothing there to set it up03:15
keppiprogre55:  kill it?03:15
MasterXCHi...I'm having issues with Debian (lenny)...when I try to use ifconfig sit1 down, the interface will not go down and still appears on the ifconfig output ... ><03:15
bazhangMasterXC, #debian03:16
jenny-devbieCan someone tell me what commands I can use to write to files without using a text editor?03:16
MasterXCAlready asked...but they seem dead atm..heh...03:16
jenny-devbieAre they.. cat and grep?03:16
keppijenny-devbie:  touch filename03:16
progre55keppi, yeah but each time killing it.. I want the damn icon on the "system tray" on the top-panel)03:16
bazhangMasterXC, be patient debian is not supported here.03:16
Scarra3Does anyone have an idea03:16
MasterXCnvm, got it anyway03:16
jenny-devbiethanks keepi besides touch anything else?03:16
jken146jenny-devbie: no, cat reads files, as do less and more.  grep is for searching. You want things like > and >> and echo to direct stdout to text files03:17
progre55jenny-devbie: > or >>03:17
redDEADresolveanyone know how to re-enable mousewheel desktop switching when mousing over the workplace switcher applet?03:17
jenny-devbieI just man touch and it tells me it change file access and modification times03:17
CodeWarI dont see a 64bit download for Ubuntu 9.1003:18
jenny-devbieif i wanted to add something to a text file using touch03:18
keppijenny-devbie:  echo /dev/null >filename03:18
doseryderwhy is it that i only see the 32-bit version?03:18
=== pi-rho is now known as pi-rho|away
jken146touch filename will create an empty file with that name, jenny-devbie03:18
keppijenny-devbie:  use nano or vi to edit03:18
jken146CodeWar: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download03:18
redDEADresolveCodeWar, http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/03:18
jenny-devbieoh thanks03:18
jenny-devbiei just wanted to learn more about linux03:18
jken146jenny-devbie, keppi: use vim, not vi !03:19
progre55jken146 +103:19
jenny-devbieyep.. i wanted to learn about all other commands since i'm new03:19
keppijken146:  yeah but vi doesn't have to be installed03:20
jenny-devbieif I wanted to modify a file without using a text editor03:20
jenny-devbieit doesn't?03:20
keppijenny-devbie:  use a pipe >>03:20
jenny-devbieyou said i can use >>03:20
CodeWarthanks guys03:20
NManoogianjoin #ubuntu-offtopic03:20
jenny-devbiethanks :) what would be the man page for that?03:20
progre55jenny-devbie, that just adds up to the end of the file03:20
keppijenny-devbie:  echo stuff >>filename03:20
redDEADresolveCodeWar, google is your friend03:20
jenny-devbieso I can figure out the usage03:20
doseryderjenny-devie: >> (by default) redirects stdout and appends to a file03:20
keppijenny-devbie:  will append "stuff" to the end of a text file03:21
jenny-devbieahh i see :) cheers03:21
jenny-devbiethanks guys03:21
=== pete_ is now known as Guest18421
jenny-devbiewill << append "stuff" to the start of a text file?03:21
progre55lol )03:21
keppijenny-devbie:  no03:21
progre55jenny-devbie: good logic though :)03:22
keppikeppi:  a pipe is a redirect03:22
jenny-devbiethanks guys03:22
jenny-devbiehow about the cat and grep command?03:22
jenny-devbieI was reading the man pages03:22
jenny-devbieis that something you could use to?03:22
doseryderi/o redirection ( e.g. < >) is a feature of the shell03:22
mcurranredDEADresolve:  That option is in ccsm rotate desktop key bindings03:22
keppijenny-devbie:  to append to the start of a file you can create a new file and echo the contents of the old file into it03:22
progre55so, I still have this problem..03:23
jenny-devbieahh i see cheers03:23
keppijenny-devbie:  grep is a search function03:23
progre55I'm using ubuntu 9.10 and compiz. Sometimes all of a sudden top-panels on all the windows disappear, and I need to reload the window manager. Any suggestions on what might be causing this??03:23
jken146jenny-devbie: cat prints the contents of a file in the terminal03:23
jenny-devbieso i could use the grep function with the >> pipe to modify a file?03:23
jken146jenny-devbie: less is better for a long file03:23
jenny-devbieis that how it oculd work03:23
progre55jenny-devbie: you cant03:23
keppijenny-devbie:  echo stuff >newfile03:23
eNons3nseis there not a skype package in the ubuntu repos any more?  the last one on their website is for ubuntu 8.1003:23
keppijenny-devbie:  cat oldfile >>newfile03:23
kcj1993I'm gonna go play with my new widgets!03:24
jenny-devbiethis is really interesting03:24
doserydercodewar looks like I'm not the only person who cant find the 64-bit version on that page?03:24
redDEADresolvemcurran, i can switch when mousing on the desktop. I enabled that. I looking for switching on the worlplace switcher applet in gnome.03:24
Guest18421whats the deal with #php?03:24
Raccoon1400can someone remind me what the backports repo is called?03:24
jken146jenny-devbie: as an example, "cat file | grep foo" will find all the instances of "foo" in the file "file"03:24
jenny-devbieand it will display it03:24
jken146Raccoon1400: $release-backports03:24
jken146Raccoon1400: e.g. karmic-backports03:25
eNons3nseis that the most recent skype?  for ubuntu 8.10???03:25
jenny-devbieis there a way you can search and replace in the command line03:25
webbb82i asked this in kubuntu but got noe answer but is the kubuntu netbook  remix tunned just for netbooks or is it only have a new app launcher03:26
keppieNons3nse:  have you checked synaptic?03:26
eNons3nsekeppi, yes.  there is no skype program in there03:26
doseryderjenny-devbie: search and replace what?  (you mean the contents of a file?)03:26
jenny-devbiebtw what is the word for | ?03:26
redDEADresolveeNons3nse, install the medibuntu repository and install skype. or try the deb package provided on skypes website03:26
jenny-devbieyes doseryder03:26
jenny-devbieso >> isn't pipe?03:26
jenny-devbiethanks :)03:26
keppijenny-devbie:  you'd be better off using a text editor like nano03:26
eNons3nsekeppi, i checked the skype website and the most recent ubuntu package on their website is for ibex 8.1003:26
jenny-devbietrue :)03:27
jphillips86I am using UBuntu on a Macbook and all the graphics look sort of fuzzy. Hurts my eyes to use it. Anyone know why?03:27
doseryderjenny-devbie: certainly :) there are many ways which you could do that.03:27
jenny-devbiewithout using a text editor?03:27
jken146jenny-devbie: grep is very useful.  One command for finding out about your hardware is lspci.  Try tpying "lspci" and you'll see loads of output.  But say you wanted to find out about just your graphics card.  You might type "lspci | grep VGA" and it'll just display the bits with "VGA" in them.  | is a kind of pipe that redirects the output of the first command into the second one (it feeds it to grep in this case)03:27
jenny-devbieoh wow thanks!03:27
keppieNons3nse:  I don't know then, sorry.03:27
platiuseNons3nse;  try medibuntu.org03:28
redDEADresolveeNons3nse, on the skype site it says 8.10+ meaning anything over 8.1003:28
jenny-devbieI have to use >>03:28
jenny-devbietwo > ? not one ?03:28
jken146jenny-devbie: sed is a useful tool for search & replace, and related things.  But really you want to check what you're replacing most of the time, so a text editor like vim would be your best bet.03:28
imatechwhat's the best way to remote desktop between two ubuntu vm's?03:28
jenny-devbiee.g. echo stuff > newfile03:28
noisserpxeHello, can anyone help me find a file that I opened in evolution mail but was saved to some mysterious place that I cannot access?03:28
keppijenny-devbie:  > creates a new file >> appends an existing file03:28
jenny-devbieor will - echo stuff >> newfile work too03:28
redDEADresolveeNons3nse, you want the newest download form skype.com or enable medibuntu03:28
=== Guest18421 is now known as randomuser
jenny-devbieis their a technical term for > and >>?03:29
keppijenny-devbie:  "pipe"03:29
wastreloutput redirection operator03:29
wastrelpipe is |03:29
zcat[1]just installed gdm-themes .. how do I change the login theme?03:30
jenny-devbieok thanks03:30
keppiwastrel:  oh okay03:30
doseryderjenny-devbie: i/o redirection03:31
syriuswhy don't I have a kqemu option in qemu anymore?03:31
jenny-devbiehave you guys played around sar?03:31
doseryderjenny-devbie: i understand you're very much interested and excited but it'll take you soem time before you get the hang of it03:31
SpacePigeonzcat[1], there used to be an app to configure that but i cant find it now03:31
jphillips86I am using UBuntu on a Macbook and all the graphics look sort of fuzzy. Hurts my eyes to use it. Anyone know why?03:31
doseryderjenny-devbie what's that ?03:32
jenny-devbiei'm trying to find a perfmon (windows) equivalent03:32
SpacePigeonjphillips86, cool.. drivers maybe?03:32
jenny-devbiesar -- system activity reporter03:32
jenny-devbiesar -- system activity reporter03:32
jenny-devbiesar - system activity reporter03:32
SpacePigeonjphillips86, do you have one of the new macbooks?03:32
FloodBot3jenny-devbie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:32
jenny-devbiesorry guys03:32
doseryderjenny-devbie: gnome-system-monitor03:32
SpacePigeonI thought he'd banned her on the spot03:32
jenny-devbiesorry guys03:33
SupaplexI can't seem to find a usb stick install image for powerpc. Any hints on where I can look?  The website seems to aim to x86/amd64 everywhere. :-/ TIA.03:33
knopiesI have conky. I used to use nautilus to draw the desktop, but now I dont. Conky no longer shows on the desktop, and was wondering if any of you could tell me how to edit the config.03:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about conky03:33
jken146jenny-devbie: What does sar do?03:33
keppijenny-devbie:  conky?03:33
doseryderjenny-devbie is that a common term/acronym03:33
zcat[1]I would guess it reports system activity ;)03:33
knopieszcat[1], you mean conky? yes. along with some other things.03:34
keppijenny-devbie:  http://conky.sourceforge.net/03:34
Supaplexsystem activity detected in sector ::103:34
jenny-devbieI think it reports system activity03:34
jenny-devbieI would like to learn more about scripting like you guys03:34
jenny-devbienice conky :) thanks03:34
doseryderjenny-devbie: if the word "dev" in your name, are you a windows devie?  (just curious)03:35
SpacePigeonlol.. i would say most linux users use conky..03:35
jken146There are lots of good resources out there if you want to learn about bash scripting.  Google is your friend :)03:35
jenny-devbieI'm actually new to this thing03:35
knopiesIm using conky, but Im not using nautilus and conky no longer shows.03:35
keppiconky should be built into linux ;)03:35
SpacePigeonzcat[1], that thing in your desktop that renders your cpu usage, network usage, plus a ton of other things03:35
jenny-devbieI'm learning about SQL and Linux03:35
zcat[1]ahh, ok03:35
SpacePigeonkeppi, I disagree03:35
knopieskeppi, I agree.03:35
zcat[1]never used it.03:35
zilla1If I ran grub-install and accidentally gave it the wrong partition as root, then rebooted, am I totally sunk?03:35
keppithe first thing I do after I get my network working is install conky03:36
zcat[1]!grub | zilla103:36
ubottuzilla1: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:36
keppizcat[1]:  try the link http://conky.sourceforge.net/03:36
keppizcat[1]:  it's in synaptic03:36
zcat[1]zilla1:  basically the same procedure for if windows screwed it up... easy to fix03:36
jenny-devbielooking at conky now03:37
zcat[1]keppi:  installing conky-all now...03:37
zilla1zcat[1], thx03:37
jenny-devbieis there a pre-installed system monitor?03:37
SpacePigeonzcat[1], its on the reppo..03:37
SpacePigeonoh ok03:37
jenny-devbiethat enables you to log into other hosts in your network03:37
FloodBot3SpacePigeon: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:37
jenny-devbiesorry.. that's right you said that already.. gnome-system-monitor03:37
SpacePigeonjenny-devbie, afaik it can't do that03:37
SpacePigeonshut up FloodBot303:37
doseryderjenny-devbie:  i did :)03:37
zcat[1]jenny-devbie:  ssh -X user@remotehost "gnome-system-monitor"03:38
keppihere's conky with a weather script03:38
spridelhow does one specify which pgp key to use?03:38
FloodBot3keppi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:38
keppisorry, didn't realize the link was so long03:38
jken146jenny-devbie: that's assuming you have another linux host with gnome-system-monitor installed.03:38
keppitry this http://geekyschmidt.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/conky.png03:39
lhx_Hi all... I'm having some booting issues on the standard 32bit 9.10 install cd... I get the black and white ubuntu logo, and then the thing hangs... i've tried mem=4096 and it hasn't helped... other distros boot like a champ on my system.  p45, c2quad, 4gb ram03:39
zcat[1]jenny-devbie:  once you install ssh package on all your machines, you can run ANY GUI program from any other machine with ssh -X .. it's very powerful!03:39
knopieszcat[1], im gonna do that.03:40
keppiif you do ssh -XC it compresses the data and is faster03:40
lhx_i second keppiy03:40
jken146lhx_: check the CD for errors.  If it's fine, try the alternate CD03:40
draconisNX is really fast, but the free implementations are not amazing03:40
zcat[1]cool, didn't know about -C03:40
lhx_jken146: k03:40
jenny-devbieoh nice03:41
zcat[1]ssh -X some.other.host nexuiz   ;)03:41
doseryderjenny-devbie: is it too much to swallow at once?  If you're planning on coding in GNU/Linux, I strongly suggest that learn *one text editor. e.g. vim03:41
knopiesjenny-devbie, doseryder I dislike vim. I would rather recomend gedit.03:41
zcat[1]doesn't work too well, neither does watching tvtime over the lan03:41
Supaplexso am I stuck with Debian, or is there a usb install image for powerpc?  This G4 mac has no optical drive and only wireless.03:42
keppissh -XC username@ where is your host ip03:42
jenny-devbievim = vi ?03:42
doseryderknopies: why do you dislike vim?03:42
jenny-devbiechecking gedit03:42
knopiesdoseryder, the interface. it putts me off. I use gedit for its plugins and that Its instinctive for me to understand how to use it.03:42
knopiesdoseryder, also, gedit has tabs.03:42
zcat[1]I much prefer gedit (in the gui) or nano (in a console) .. never liked vi, and never felt inclined to see if vim reallt is 'improved'03:43
doseryderjenny-devbie: well, vim has a lot of commands which allows you to do everything you would ever think of (plus more) when it comes to editing03:43
keppigedit needs X to run.  If you want to run in a terminal use nano03:43
spridelI'm having a problem with GPG keys, could someone help me?03:43
oddhyenai'm trying to install ubuntu 9.10 but a username that used to work causes ubiquity to freak out and give me a popup telling me that the username has an unusable character, and the popup comes back as soon as I close it, so I have to kill ubiquity. I'm trying to use _ in my username. I think it might be my partitioning causing that03:43
keppivi and vim are not very friendly03:44
doseryderjenny-devbie: I understand knopies and I got different opions on vim, and that everyone has different needs but an editor like vim (or emacs) certainly has its merits.03:44
knopiesI just realised, Im knopies with only one p. AAHHHH03:44
keppigedit only works on gnome03:44
=== knopies is now known as knoppies
lhx_jken146: no erros on the disk...03:45
tulkastaldogedit does *not* only work on gnome, it requires gnome libraries, but you can run it w/ any windows manager03:45
lhx_what would the alternate disk gain me?03:46
oddhyenaDoes anyone here use _ in their username in ubuntu?03:46
keppitulkastaldo:  well, you know what I mean.03:46
lhx_<--- mebbe ? ;)03:46
knoppiesoddhyena, no, why?03:46
keppiwalk up to any linux box and vi will almost allways work03:46
tulkastaldobiggest use for alternatives disk that I know is for the LTSP03:46
git__tulkastaldo, i use eclipse03:47
lhx_vi, nano, and pico all tend to be there03:47
git__i use pxe03:47
git__wut's the difference b/w nano and pico?03:47
keppia few times i've used systems without nano and pico03:47
knoppiesIm having trouble with my conky setup. It wont draw on my desktop because Im not using nautilus.03:47
lhx_git__: not much03:47
oddhyenaubuntu 9.10 won't let me use _ in my username and it causes the ubuntu installer to become unusable03:47
git__why create nano?03:47
wastrellicense issues03:48
git__pico is alias to nano03:48
linuxguy2009oddhyena: So dont use _.03:48
git__pico is commercial?03:48
syriusthe icon in the menu for 9.10 is called "ubuntu software center"? is it capitalized?03:48
=== crohakon|afk is now known as crohakon
syriusI just made a custom luncher for it since it didn't get in the menu when upgraded03:49
keppiknoppies:  do you have "own_window_type override" in .conkyrc?03:49
mezquitaleforget pico and nano, learn to use vi, vi is almost always installed in any *nix box03:49
tulkastaldosyrius, yes, it's capitals (USC)03:49
lstarnesmezquitale: it's usually vim, not vi03:49
lstarnesmezquitale: vi is old and more featureless03:49
zilla1there's *no* reason I can't use grub2 to boot 9.04, right?03:49
lhx_agreed. learn to use vi... even if just really simple navigation...03:49
git__vi is hard to use03:49
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code03:49
jenny-devbiei've used pico before03:49
yoghi, My computer freezes after few minutes on first start, after restart it works fine for the whole day03:49
lstarnesmezquitale: and it is often just an alias to vim03:49
mezquitalevi does the job, never bothered with vim03:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about visudo03:49
lhx_git__: it's only hard to use if you don't understand its modes03:50
Supaplexhint, my openwrt router has vi. that's all I need for editing conf's. :)03:50
git__however it is03:50
git__i only use vi to edit small files03:50
oddhyenalinuxguy2009, the installer acts normally when I use any other invalid character, but when I use _ it forces me to killall Xorg03:50
syriusis the icon linked to "/usr/bin/software-center"? tulkastaldo03:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:50
git__but never use any vi advanced features03:50
yoghow can I start troubleshooting ?03:50
git__i use eclipse :)03:50
mezquitalelstarnes, is vim installed in ubuntu by default?03:50
oddhyenalinuxguy2009, is that a bug or is that just part of the installer?03:50
git__which does me good when doing big project03:50
keppimezquitale:  no03:50
lstarnesmezquitale: yes, with a subset of its scripts03:50
lstarnesmezquitale: the vim-full package fixes that though03:51
tulkastaldosyrius, yes03:51
mezquitalelstarnes, i use ubuntustudio and dont have vim installed by default, vi is03:51
git__anyone here does regular expression?03:51
lhx_knoppies: AGREED! Mr. shouty03:51
lstarnesknoppies: it is related to ubuntu03:51
syriusthis is the icon I used "/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/softwarecenter.png" tulkastaldo03:51
syriuswell I guess that doesn't matter since it looks like the right one03:51
linuxguy2009oddhyena: Not sure. If it dont take it, it dont take it.03:51
knoppieslstarnes, we were going on about opinions, not support.03:52
mezquitalegit__, what is the real question, go ahead and ask, if anyone knows the answer they will surely reply03:52
tulkastaldosyrius, I'm using the brethe icon set so I'm not sure if it modified it :P03:52
linux_guylinuxguy2009, did you rob my name?03:52
lstarnesaaabbb: stop that, please03:52
linuxguy2009linux_guy: Totally03:52
linux_guyi would like to run the file system check that runs at startup manually.  anyone know the command?03:52
lstarnes!fsck | linux_guy03:52
ubottulinux_guy: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot03:52
linuxguy2009linux_guy: fsck03:52
ardchoillelinux_guy: fsck, but you have to have the partition unmounted03:53
kshahI've set a postconf option to set home_mailbox to Maildir, but my mail is still heading to /var/mail/user which I don't think is compatible with Procmail's setup03:53
Sonjais there  a battery bar thingy for ubuntu that displays the number of hours:minutes left?03:53
Sonjainstead of having to hover over03:53
* lhx_ sigs... another 50 minutes till alternate cd is downloaded. Why the fuck is ubuntu the only distro in the world that I always have trouble booting to install? 03:53
linux_guycan i unmount the partition if it's in use?03:53
kshahany ideas? (/var/mail/user instead of /home/user/Maildir)03:53
ardchoillelinux_guy: no03:54
linuxguy2009Sonja: right click panel , add to panel, add the battery applet and there is a few different format options.03:54
keppilinux_guy:  I think you can force it03:54
ericdbAnyone know of a way to search .pdf and .djvu files from the command line?  Evince does text search while viewing, but the man page doesn't say anything about doing it from the command line.03:54
Fitz11hi i need some help03:54
linuxguy2009Fitz11: ask03:54
kcj1993Fitz11, like what?03:54
mezquitaleericdb, try find . -name *.pdf03:54
Fitz11are u good with computers03:54
lstarnesFitz11: it depends on what you need help with03:55
linuxguy2009Fitz11: Do you have a question we can help with?03:55
HardDiskim good to all my computers.03:55
ardchoillemezquitale: I think he meant to search within the file, not the filename itself03:55
progre55he needs help with computers :)03:55
Fitz11well i need help with downloading03:55
ericdbmezquitale: I'm wanting to search for text inside the documents, not find the documents.03:55
HardDiskdownloading what?03:55
oddhyenaI love my microSD usb adapter :)03:55
ericdbmezquitale: Like grep, but for .pdf and .djvu.03:55
OilutHello, where can i download windows native dlls?03:55
knoppiesoddhyena, that makes two of us.03:55
mezquitaleardchoille, ericdb ok never tried that03:55
kshahI somehow botched my postfix configuration, I set home_mailbox to Maildir/ but I still see mail going to /var/mail/user .. ideas?03:56
git__oddhyena, i'm getting a 1.5TB hd soon03:56
HardDiskDilut. dlls.com03:56
oddhyenaknoppies, I can boot my PC with it03:56
HyperHackeranyone know what package to install to get a MIPS R4300 assembler? as and yasm don't list it as supported03:56
Oilutwill try03:56
knoppiesoddhyena, havnt tried. Im afraid Im going to overheat it.03:56
Fitz11anything really.I have the mini 10v and it wont let me download anything because it is not a folder03:56
Sonjai find it hard to change the order and position of icons on the panel03:56
oddhyenagit__, I already have a 1.5TB external hard drive, which it's hard to fill up03:56
git__i plan to get a 16GB flash drive03:56
HardDiskOilut, www.dll-files.com03:56
knoppiesSonja, do you rightclick move?03:56
git__oddhyena, i can fill it up in a few months03:57
Fitz11and i dont know how to make it a folder or anything03:57
HardDiskI bought that kingston ssd, its nice03:57
git__HardDisk, how much?03:57
linuxguy2009Sonja: unlock them, then move em03:57
ardchoilleHyperHacker: apt-cache search mips03:57
OilutHardDisk is there a pack for download? I am new on ubuntu, I need a step by step how to hehe03:57
Sonjathanks that helps!!03:57
AdministratorsI feel like tearin sum pussy up03:57
HyperHackerardchoille, yeah, I don't see anything in there03:57
HardDiskOilus, why do you need dlls for ubuntu? you mean for wine? get PlayonLinux03:57
ardchoilleHyperHacker: neither do I :(03:57
HyperHackeremulators, but no assemblers03:57
AdministratorsI want some PUsSY03:58
HardDiskgit converted to US$ about 20003:58
lstarnesAdministrators: this channel is for ubuntu support only03:58
Fitz11any one want to help me03:58
HardDiskAdministrators try #ubuntu-offtopic03:58
IzinucsHardDisk: they won't even accept that in offtopic..03:58
Fitz11Someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:58
zcat[1]!ask | Fitz1103:59
ubottuFitz11: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:59
HardDiskIzinucs, I was trying to distract his attention away from here.03:59
oddhyenaFitz11, i can help you03:59
lstarnesFitz11: please be patient; you have only been here for a couple minutes03:59
lstarnesFitz11: you are using ubuntu, right?03:59
oddhyenaFitz11, first, you make sure that it goes.03:59
Fitz11how do i download stuff and creating it into a folder03:59
OilutHardDisk, yes for wine. I want to use metatrader 4 http://www.metatrader4.com/03:59
IzinucsHardDisk: best to just !ops and have him banned03:59
DryGrainhey guys, when downloading a Windows program to run in WINE, where do I download it to?03:59
oddhyenaDryGrain, anywhere04:00
keppiDryGrain:  "Downloads" folder?04:00
Fitz11whenever i try to download something it says its not a fole\der04:00
HardDiskOilut, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2893&iTestingId=706504:00
DryGrainWINE will recognize it no matter where it is?04:00
lstarnesDryGrain: yes04:00
HardDiskDryGrain, yarly04:00
zilla1DryGrain, if you navigate to it, there should be a menu when you right-click for "open in wine"04:00
lstarnesDryGrain: it recognizes .exe files everywhere04:00
OilutHardDisk, thanks will read and reply04:00
Fitz11So wAT TO I DO04:00
lhx_Oilut: how's your forex trading going?04:00
HardDiskGood news everyone.04:01
zilla1if you want it to open in wine automatically, you might have to write a little script for that, i believe04:01
lhx_Oilut: i was never able to get mt4 to work under wine... so I still use oanda04:01
keppiFitz11:  where are you trying to download the file to?04:01
lhx_Yes Farnsworth?04:01
HardDiskGreat Gorillas of Manilla!04:01
Fitz11keppi:thats the problem i dont know wat to download it to04:01
=== Floops[w]1 is now known as Fringe
oddhyenais there a way that I can mount a file not as a filesystem but as an entire drive with multiple partitions? Like mount a file as /dev/sdx and partition it?04:02
lhx_HardDisk: I'm currently watching through the the whole show.. just finished season 1 yesterday04:02
webbb82i just got this trying to install kde   whaty does this mean04:02
webbb82\Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kdebase-workspace/kdebase-workspace-wallpapers_4.3.2-0ubuntu7.1_all.deb04:02
lhx_HardDisk: not that I haven't seen the whole thing already04:02
keppiFitz11:  download it to your "Downloads" folder04:02
lstarneswebbb82: that package could not be downloaded04:02
webbb82hash sum mismatch04:02
mezquitaleoddhyena, if you want to partition a harddisk use gparted04:02
lstarneswebbb82: or the version of the file there is different than what apt expected04:02
Fitz11Keppi, Then wat to i do04:02
Oilutlhx_ Hi! It is going well, I am from Brazil... I got about 15% this year04:02
kcj1993can files be shared across this?04:03
lstarnesFitz11: desktop?04:03
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
keppiFitz11:  go to your "Downloads" folder to access it.04:03
ardchoilleoddhyena: we don't mount devices or files, we mount file systems04:03
HardDisklhx_ i love the show, and a lot of my egyptian friends are getting into it, except they prefer family guy.04:03
lhx_Oilut: nice! I'm from Texas. Anything over 8% is a stellar year in my book :-) Unless you're a day trader :-)04:03
lstarneskcj1993: many irc clients support using DCC for that, but it tends to have issues behind routers and some users disable it04:03
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:03
Fitz11but somtimes it wont let me open the thing i downloaded04:03
Oilutlhx_ http://www.moneyfanclub.com/forex-trading-discussion/3809-metatrader-4-linux.html04:03
lhx_HardDisk: bah. Futurama is the best show ever.04:03
draconismezquitale, oddhyena is talking about creating a file that contains a whole partition table and disk image04:04
lhx_Oilut: thanks... i'l check it out04:04
iMatterHow can i force unmount a volume in ubuntu?04:04
Oilutlhx_ yeah, the markets from US and Brazil are pretty different, i am not a day trader.04:04
HardDiskim a day walker.04:04
Oilutlhx_ yeah, I did just a few trades this year04:04
ardchoille!ot | Oilut lhx_04:04
ubottuOilut lhx_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about conky04:04
keppiiMatter:  sudo umount -f volume04:04
lhx_Oilut: I swing trade forex and spend half the winnings on toys and half the winnings go into dividend paying equities04:05
oddhyenaI want to create a backup of the mbr because it's almost impossible to fix grub with the live disk if something overwrites it because of so many errors04:05
mezquitaledraconis, like ardchoille mentioned, we dont mount devices of files, we mount file systems, maybe he is attempting to create a partition on a harddisk04:05
jenny-devbiedoes anyone know what context switches are?04:05
Oilutlhx_ oanda is a website only? They do not have a software? I use www.advfn.com04:05
ardchoilleOilut lhx_ Please take the trading discussion to offtopic04:06
mezquitalejenny-devbie, someone in #java might know or maybe #perl04:06
oddhyenashould I just do cat /dev/sda >> file.img?04:06
draconismezquitale, it sounded pretty clear that he knew how to create a partition on a hard disk04:06
Meowpupis one of the serves down today04:06
ardchoilleOdd_Bloke: sda is a device, you need a partition number04:06
lhx_ardchoille: done04:07
IzinucsMeowpup: us.ubuntu.com security ?? not sure but I've been having problems all day04:07
mezquitaledraconis, I will refet you to ardchoille message04:07
jenny-devbiethanks mezquitale04:07
draconisoddhyena, ardchoille: isn't that a bit dangerous? you'd better not have /dev/sdaX mounted04:07
ardchoilleIzinucs: try a different mirror?04:07
Izinucsardchoille: yep.. had to get out of the US.. went to the united kingdom mirrors04:08
ardchoilledraconis: if it's not mounted, how are you going to copy files from it?04:08
draconisardchoille, um.. that was a cat command...04:08
ardchoilledraconis: can you cat something that the system can't see?04:09
sdkQuestion: What are the primary differences between xubuntu and ubuntu?04:09
oddhyenaI just want a way to make an image out of a filesystem on my hard disk so I can back it up and then rewrite it to the disk if the original gets messed up (Vista, NTFS)04:09
iMatterHow can i fix a windows MBR from a Ubuntu Jaunty LiveCD04:09
mcurranwhat is lsh-make-seed used for?04:09
ardchoillesdk: the desktop environment xubuntu = xfce, ubuntu = gnome04:09
mezquitaleardchoille, please dont feed trolls04:09
keppidraconis:  why not just use tar to make a backup file?04:09
draconisyou can most definitely cat from a device file04:09
draconisthat's no "troll"04:10
mezquitaleiMatter, you dont have a windows CD??04:10
sdkardchoille - so besides the desktop environment, no differences? So xubuntu has the same packages, defaults, drivers, etc?04:10
iMattermezquitale: none with a capable recovery console04:10
Flannelsdk: They use the same repositories, the differences are what packages are installed by default04:10
ardchoillesdk: It's basically the same base system, packages will differe04:10
mezquitaleiMatter, so you dont want to fix a MBR, you want to recover data then?04:11
Oilutlhx_ OANDA is a webtool only? do they have a software?04:11
doseryderwhat's a "Windows MBR"?  do you mean want to re-install grub after a windows installation?04:11
iMattermezquitale: also last time i had issues it never really worked right when i restored MBR ...always had to boot into ubuntu live cd to fix boot.ini04:11
iMattermezquitale: no fix mbr04:11
Oilutlhx_ sorry, i had problems04:11
iMattermezquitale: i think i remember someone telling me it was possible to fix a windows mbr from ubuntu long as you have write access04:11
sdkardchoille - is the differences between packages mostly the desktop environment? or does xubuntu not come with many of the same packages?04:11
lhx_Oilut: np... /msg me though if you still want to talk trading04:11
keppixubuntu comes with different packages04:12
draconiskeppi, in case it's a disk that you need to use foremost on, and not all that data appears as files04:12
ardchoillesdk: I don't enough about it to be able to give a deep description04:12
doserydercan someone recommend an "avant-navigator-manager" alternative?04:12
ardchoilledoseryder: there are several, open a terminal and run: apt-cache search dock04:12
doseryderi mean "avant-window-navigator"04:12
mezquitaleiMatter, that is on my list to do, I can do that using the windows CD but not an ubuntu CD, if someone gives you the answer can you e-mail me?  mezquitale@gmail.com thanks!04:13
draconiskeppi, especially if you need to recover deleted files (that might still be there)04:14
sdkkeppi - is xubuntu more light-weight in terms of default packages?04:14
ardchoilledoseryder: see my PM04:14
iMattermezquitale, ok04:14
mcurranI don't know why people don't do this, but the best way to dual-boot with windows is to keep the MBR in the boot sector and place grub on the linux partition, then you set the linux partition active and add an entry for windows in grub - therefore no mess and nothing to worry about.04:14
alabdGood day every one , which packages should be installed to open a java web base app ? sun-java-bin & sun-java-jre & sun-java- plugin are installed , but firefox can not open a java applet on linux(ubuntu) that firefox can open it in vista of course it is opened in another system with linux debian5, why ?  , means that applet can not be opened by other browsers too .. except sun-java-jre and sun-java-bin and sun-java-plugin should any other package be in04:14
alabdstalled ?04:14
sdkKeppi - the website isn't very explanatory04:15
keppisdk:  yes it's pretty snappy and lightweight.  I run it on my slower pc's04:15
sdkkeppy - do you like thunar? How does it compare?04:16
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:16
mezquitalemcurran, because grub2 doesnt play nice and sometimes you have to use MBR, it's actually easier to just let grub2 use the MBR, it works!  I have tried it and im quite happy with it, if you want to add windows partition in grub afterwards it might be a chore in grub204:16
=== dvz- is now known as jmlady
mcurranWell a chainloader entry is usually generated by ubiquity in grub2 anyways04:17
keppisdk:  works just fine for me.  Accessing network resources through it is a bit tricky though04:17
sdkkeppi - can I pretty much install any regular deb packages in xubuntu without issues? I'm somewhat new to linux, and I'm looking for a pretty simple desktop environment. I like gnome, but I was thinking about trying xfce04:17
keppisdk:  yes, you can get them off synpatic as well04:17
mcurranIf you overwrite your MBR and you have a manufacturer's recovery partition for windows, you're screwed04:17
Izinucsmezquitale: mcurran http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn=2009-11-22-005-35-OS-HL-SW for grub2 easy how to04:17
ardchoillesdk: gnome apps run just fine in xfce and vice-versa04:17
mcurranI know how to use grub Izinucs04:18
keppisdk:  gnome is a pig compared to xfce04:18
mcurranmezquitale needs that link apparently04:18
mezquitalemcurran, but is there a reason why we shouldnt be touching the MBR?04:18
Izinucsmcurran: sorry I mentioned it :/04:18
sdkkeppi - what do you think of xfburn? have you used it? Or Ristretto (the image viewer)?04:18
sdkKeppi - [sorry] what do you mean by pig?04:19
mcurranNo, feel free to use the boot sector, I just find it easier to put grub in the linux partition and leave MBR alone - That's just my preference04:19
keppisdk:  I haven't burned anything with linux yet.04:19
Breetaihelp! I have a disk where the file permissions are set to -r-- --- --- and it won't let me chmod them. What can i do?04:19
mcurranThen you could also add entries for linux with EasyBCD if you want also04:19
keppisdk:  gnome uses a lot more resources, and is slow vs xfce it runs slower on older boxes04:20
mcurranI multi-boot usually one windows OS - ubuntu or linux mint - kalyway OS X - and BackTrack  - each with their own respective boot loader and can freely jump from any one os to the other04:20
IzinucsBreetai: do a "ls -la <filename" and see who owns it.. if it's other than you then sudo chown <username:username> <filename>04:20
mezquitalemcurran, new users might not know how to specify which partition to install it on, hd0? hd1?  If they install in the MBR it will work and it's just fine, advanced users can off course use their own settings but to encourage people to use ubuntu using MBR will be just fine, it's works and it's simple04:20
sdkkeppi - I like speed, but what's the trade off?04:20
keppisdk:  one of my xfce boxes runs as a live music streamer and the other runs as an internet kiosk04:20
mcurranYes, but don't you see how many people where it doesn't work perfectly and then they don't know what to do.04:21
keppisdk:  tradeoff depends on what you require out of the system.  I don't really see any downsides to it.  Tends to be updated less often then gnome.04:21
mcurranThat's why I've been saying ubiquity should install grub to the root partition by default, then there wouldn't be as many problems04:22
mezquitaleiMatter, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!04:22
alabdto ue openjdk on firefox should not plugin package be installed ?04:22
alabdto use openjdk on firefox should not plugin package be installed ? like that sun-java6-jre package04:22
mcurranDoes anyone know of any kalyway or hackintosh channels/servers on IRC04:23
mcurranI can't find any04:23
sdkkeppi - thanks / ardchoille - thanks04:24
leaf-sheepalabd: Not necessary if you have openjdk-6-jre installed.04:24
keppisdk:  no problem04:24
ardchoillesdk: you can always install the xfce desktop on your ubuntu system and try it out04:24
LordDragonmcurran, hackintoshs are illegal and violate the apple EULA for OSX04:24
draconisLordDragon, did he ever claim to be using a Hackintosh?04:25
LordDragoni asked about where to go to find info on hackintosh04:26
LordDragoner he04:26
LordDragonhe asked i mean04:26
draconisLordDragon, oh, I didn't read that far04:26
alabdleaf-sheep: thanks how to say firefox not to use sun-java-jre ? remove sun-java-plugin will take affect ?04:26
pez2yo all04:27
leaf-sheepalabd: Sure, that should be in configuration script.  Also, check out "Choosing the default Java to use" in this link.04:27
mcurranSo does anybody else want a Sager NP8690 or what?  Thing is just plain silly04:27
leaf-sheep!java | alabd04:28
ubottualabd: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:28
msleatheris anyone running ubuntu 9.10 ppc version?04:28
msleatherzerg are you here?04:28
mcurranWhat does pae kernel stand for04:28
msleatheranyone know what jockey-gtk is?04:28
jonx3this might seem like a dumb question, but how can I easily remove folders by date?  say I want to delete all the folders in a directory that are >3 days old04:28
altf2opae allows the kernel to access more memory on 32bit systems.04:28
FezzlerWhat would make Firefox crash while playing YouTube video after upgrade to 9.10?04:29
ardchoillemsleather: apt-cache show jockey-gtk04:29
leaf-sheepmsleather: Hardware Drivers.04:29
draconishowever, if you have over 4GB of memory, check to see if your system really is 32bit04:29
kylocan someone help me mount and access an encrypted partition to a new installation04:29
altf2oi had several issues with old nVidia drives and old Flash player crashing my browser.04:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jockey-gtk04:30
altf2oupgraded both, issue solved for me04:30
msleatherwell it works on this powerbook g4 :)04:30
jolarenWhen a bug report has status "Uncomplete" on launchpad, what does that mean?04:30
keppimcurran:  pae = Physical Address Extention04:30
msleatherit recognizes the bluetooth04:30
msleatherbut it doesnt recognize the wireless aircard. what is the command to identify your stutt? is it something like ??? -v04:31
=== msleather is now known as digital
flexiblehey, is there any reason that my router settings page should take a few seconds to load?04:31
keppiflexible:  slow router?04:31
=== digital is now known as Guest59440
flexiblemy modem page loads seemingly instantly04:31
flexiblekeppi: it is a reasonably new one... wireless n...04:32
flexiblekeppi: of course it is possible, but it seems unlikely.... could it be DNS issues?04:32
keppiflexible:  what brand?  Routers have built in web servers and if it's a slow processer then it could serve pages slowly04:32
kylohow do i mount a partition that was encrypted in a previous installation, when i mount all i see is "Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop"04:32
leaf-sheepGuest59440: sudo lshw -c network04:32
mcurranwhat's the other window manager used by compiz - I'm running Metacity, what's the other one again?  Isn't there a switch for them two04:32
mcurranfusion-icon maybe04:32
jmspeexJust upgraded to Karmic and so far it seems to behave a lot better than Jaunty. Just one problem though, the "notification popups" are so small I can't read them (and I've got good eyes). Any idea how to make them bigger?04:33
lstarnesmcurran: compiz is a window manager04:33
flexiblekeppi: netgear, model is wnr200004:33
keppiflexible:  DNS only affects things going through the router.  If you're acessing the router, you should be accessing it directly04:33
Fezzleraltf2o>> Doesn't "Update" function automatically make sure I have latest Flash and video drivers?04:33
jrtrobertskeppi:  what is the issue?04:33
Meowpupis one of the serves down today04:33
Meowpupi cant downloadanything04:34
Meowpup* download anything04:34
flexiblekeppi: anything i can do to speed it up, or rather is there any reason it would be slow that i can fix?04:34
mcurranWhat's the most popular ubuntu irc chat server?  Is this it?04:34
leaf-sheepmcurran: 1355 People here. You know.04:35
keppijrtroberts:  slow settings pages from router04:35
ardchoillemcurran: you're soaking in it04:35
mezquitalemcurran, this is ubuntu channel official support04:35
keppiflexible:  is it all pages or maybe just the status page?04:35
jrtrobertskeppi:?  the page is loading slowly?  or the internet connection or wireless connection is slow?04:35
mcurranis that why my system is running so slow right now04:35
jmspeexAnyone else is seeing the notification popups in 3-pt font?04:36
keppijrtroberts:  he gets pages from his modem quickly04:36
mezquitalemcurran, what processor do you have?04:36
mcurranI'm embarrassed to say...  Pentium II04:36
jrtrobertsif this is an isolated inccident then it could be an issue at the isp level, if it is web related...04:37
mcurran256MB RAM - and they don't match (2x 128)04:37
keppimcurran:  I'm impressed!04:37
mcurranYes, it only took me 2 1/2 days to compile my kernel the other day.04:37
mezquitalemcurran, your machine is not slow, it's old, you might want to run xubuntu instead of ubuntu, I have an old pentium II as well and it's just way too old for ubuntu, insteadl xubuntu on it instead04:37
tuxintoshleftist> load grub 204:37
mcurranI'm actually running mint04:37
mcurranIt's running pretty fast for it's age actually04:38
flexiblekeppi: all pages on the router web service load slowly.... takes about three seconds at least to load every page04:38
keppijrtroberts:  I don't know, you can address flexible04:38
jrtrobertsmcurran you may look into fluxbox for a desktop, that will speed up the os if mint supports it.04:39
rickasaurusI'm having trouble with flash 10 in 9.0404:39
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.04:39
rickasaurusI don't get any audio from it04:39
keppimcurran:  you compiled your kernel for ubuntu?04:39
FezzlerHow do I install latest Flash for 9.10?  Command line okay.04:39
mcurranI was wondering about that - the community editions have xfce and fluxbox I think - I just like to run the newest releases though and those versions don't come out for while04:39
jrtrobertsflexible: your netgear configuration pages are loading slowly?  that could mean that the router is busy processing something.04:39
ardchoille!flash | Fezzler04:39
ubottuFezzler: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash04:39
keppirickasaurus:  have you installed the restricted formats?04:40
mcurranAre there any small distros that look nice and have a lot of codecs04:40
wwI hate you04:40
ardchoilleww: Please stop that04:40
keppiflexible:  try hard reseting your router?04:40
jrtrobertsflexible: also if you are running something like bittorrent or streaming media, the router can only proccess a limited amount of info at one time, so it will slow down responce04:40
keppimcurran:  dreamlinux04:40
FloodBot3ww: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:40
Oilutthanks HardDisk play on linux seems to be great04:41
rickasaurushow do you set the default device in pulseaudio04:41
jrtrobertsmcurran I have had great luck with xbuntu and fluxbox for a desktop...04:41
keppimcurran:  runs xfce as well04:41
wweat my shit asshole04:41
mcurranflexible I'd reset it for you, but the userlist is too long for me to see your address :)04:41
demohi , any idea why when running wubi installation it fails to enter windows bcd and quits?04:41
princezudawhat does it mean flash player is not free software? There isn't a charge to use it, so how is it not free?04:41
wwkiss my ass and my friend's ass04:41
jrtrobertsww isn't that a backward process...04:41
mcurranprincezuda = that's too complicated to get started on - it's not GPU04:42
Talaskinaprincezuda: it means you are not free to change anything about hte programming,04:42
mcurranI mean GPL04:42
Talaskinai want gpu04:42
h00kwill duplicity backup /etc without being run as root?  I am using deja-dup for my backups, it uses duplicity and I'm running deja-dup as a normal user.04:42
princezudaOh, I know all about GPL.04:42
jrtrobertsa turd enema04:42
lstarnesprincezuda: it's not because it's not GPL, it's because it's proprietary and not open-sourcer04:43
h00k!ohmy | jrtroberts04:43
ubottujrtroberts: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.04:43
keppidemo: sorry04:43
princezudaWell the flash language is open source.04:43
mcurranHas anyone dual-booted with syslinux being used for both distros04:43
flexiblekeppi: i might try that during the week actually, can't hurt.04:43
spOi have *.patch files for mplayer, how do i apply patch files?04:43
keppiflexible:  are you able to access internet pages quickly?04:44
jrtrobertsubottu: and why not give the people that were cussing the same note...04:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:44
mcurranI had a dual-boot pendrive but the syslinux config file would get overwritten and then the other distro would no longer boot04:44
mcurrannobody thinks your intelligent ubottu04:44
jrtrobertsah a bot...04:44
keppirastafariant:  it works!04:44
flexiblejrtroberts: it isn't an infrequent event, it happens regardless of any activity... and it is interesting as the modem that is behind the router loads fine, as does the other router on the network04:44
* altf2o google works great.04:44
houdiniI hope someone in here has an idea for me.  I just installed xubuntu 9.10 (all updates applied, etc).  I'm trying to use Pidgin to connect to my Jabber server (which works for other clients).  It fails with the error "You require encryption, but it is not available on this server."04:44
houdiniSSL is available to other clients... so, ?04:45
rastafariant TEDDDDDYYYYYteddddddyyyy04:45
rastafariantteddy steven04:45
flexiblekeppi: not as fast as i should be able to04:45
h00kwill duplicity backup /etc without being run as root?  I am using deja-dup for my backups, it uses duplicity and I'm running deja-dup as a normal user.04:45
jrtrobertsis that a router or an access point?04:45
rastafarianti love bob marley04:45
flexiblejrtroberts: access point04:45
Tjahheru + wati = wawan04:45
jrtrobertsok access points don't realy have any proccessing power.04:45
keppiflexible:  you could run speedtest.net to see if your internet connection is up to par04:46
flexiblejrtroberts: no, it is an actual router that has been set up as an access point04:46
flexiblekeppi: my router says around 13500 kbps downstream04:46
jrtrobertsflexible: and the whole network is using the same channel and speed?04:46
RedKhanHello! Can somebody help a newbie?04:46
houdinimy server is running ejabberd on debian04:46
flexibleand i have confirmed that when it is running fine i can download at up to 1.3mb/s04:47
soreau! ask | RedKhan04:47
ubottuRedKhan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:47
mcurranif I wanted to add this server to xchat how do i do it (irc.osx86.hu) - for some reason you need to do something else besides just add that04:47
keppih00k:  I don't see how it could.  You'd need to be root to access some of the files04:47
flexiblejrtroberts: the access point is not the cause of this, it was put in place to try and speed up the network... didn't work... but it remains because it can't hurt04:47
keppiflexible:  what is your ping time?04:47
flexibleto where04:48
ShapeShifter499I need some help...I have a acer aspire one netbook with ubuntu 9.10 on it and my sound just a few reboots ago stopped working in firefox and wine (not sure if any other apps/games are affected) what do I do to fix it?04:48
keppiflexible:  on the speed test04:48
h00kkeppi: eThat is what I was thinking, although it has reported nothing regarding this.  perhaps i'll file a bug about prompting for root password when accessing things the normal user doesn't have acces to.04:48
kcj1993Is there any way to configure notify-osd?04:48
flexibleoh i don't remember04:48
flexiblei tried it yesterday in fact, and it never even completed04:48
keppih00k:  you could run it as a service that runs with root privilages04:48
flexibleand it said only about 3 mbps04:48
h00kkeppi: I suppose, yeah.04:48
flexibleso i clearly have a problem04:48
jrtrobertsflexible: how is it going to speed up the network?  if you put a wireless n access point in a wireless G network, all devices not spcifically set to work on N onlly are still going to run on G or B, whatever the slowest link is...04:49
keppiflexible:  ping should be in "ms"04:49
RedKhanI updated my 8.10 to 9.10 through internet and now it won't start up. Right before the login screen comes a screen with a distorted ubuntu logo and that's all...04:49
kcj1993Well is there?04:49
unkmarRedKhan: cool.  you got a foto of that?  I want to see some distortaion.04:50
RedKhanSorry, 8.10 to 9.0404:50
jrtrobertsflexible: I am assuming that you know the ip address of the netgear access point, pinging it from a terminal and report the time in ms.04:50
jrtrobertsif that is also slow then the LAN is slow...04:50
h00k!hi | kcj199304:50
ubottukcj1993: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:50
rickasaurusthis is so frustraiting04:50
ShapeShifter499ok I just tried rhythmbox and it plays my music so I think its just firefox and wine so far04:50
rickasaurussound works everywhere except flash04:51
ShapeShifter499So what do I do?04:51
RedKhanprobable can make one, how to send it to you?04:51
keppikcj1993:  ??04:52
flexiblejrtroberts: most of them were about 0.95ms, however it spiked a few times to between 1.3ms and 3.5ms04:52
flexiblejrtroberts: and that was to my router04:52
jrtrobertsok then you lan is the issue, there is a slow link some where04:53
keppiflexible:  that sounds fine04:53
jrtrobertswhen it spikes.04:53
kcj1993Is there any way to configure notify-osd?04:53
jrtrobertsif that is what is causing the pages to load slowly anway04:53
jrtrobertsfrom the netgear...04:53
jrtrobertsthe router ms is definately in norms04:53
flexiblecould the fact that my modem is on whilst my router is on be an issue?04:53
altf2oflexible: that will cause some issues.04:54
MeowpupE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2 No such file or directory)   E: Unable to lock the list directory"04:54
jrtrobertsWhat kind of port does the modem connect to?04:54
madhumithaI just brought up ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop, every thing worked fine, but my USB mouse and key board will not work, can any one help? Thanks for your time.04:54
flexibleand could the fact that i've a dhcp server enabled on both be an issue?04:54
keppiflexible:  sure it's not the other way around?04:54
jrtrobertsif the modem is connected to a WAN Port, then NAT will deal with the network difference.04:54
flexiblewhat kind of port? eh? it is an adsl modem, connecting to the phone line and then into the wan port ont he router04:54
Meowpuphey i got this error is it something to do with the ubuntu server being down?? " sudo apt-get update E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2 No such file or directory)   E: Unable to lock the list directory"04:54
unkmarflexible: that will really mess things up.04:55
altf2ofor me i turned off DHCP on both my Linksys router and Airport Express WAP essentially making them more like "switches." Then all devices got their IPs from the single router on my network (also DSL modem) and now everything is on 192.168.0.x and can speak.04:55
flexibleunkmar: what will?04:55
* altf2o to one another04:55
keppiunkmar:  why?   sounds right to me04:55
unkmarflexible: DHCP on to devices on the same network, as in, hub/switch.04:55
flexibleso i should turn DHCP and make everything static then?04:56
meatcarLet's say, hypotheticaly I was interested in contributing to the software community, ubuntu or otherwise, coding wise, where can I start?04:56
jrtrobertsflexible.: it works like this   the phone line to the DSL Modem/Router (since it offers DHCP) which connects to the router's WAN link04:56
flexiblemeatcar: c04:56
iMatterIs it possible to install grub to windows partition?04:56
unkmarflexible: sorry, I was thinking, DHCP serving.  not Automatic IP aquiring.04:56
altf2ojust turn off DHCP from any other routers internally. You only need one device (typically your DSL modem\router or Cable modem\router) to act as a DHCP server04:56
iMatterBecause I don't have ubuntu installed, and I don't really like windows bootloader04:56
jrtrobertsISP offers an IP address to the dsl modem.04:56
HyperHackerhttp://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Toolchains found my MIPS assembler... ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mipsdev --target=mips-unknown-linux-gnu --disable-werror04:57
meatcarNo, i mean I know coding, but i want to do something usefull.04:57
flexiblejrtroberts: that is how i've got it set up04:57
unkmarmeatcar: the easies it to just hang out here and help those in need.04:57
jrtrobertsthe dsl modem NAT's the Public IP address to the private 10 network04:57
jrtrobertsthe router you are using then NAT's the 10 network to the private 192.168.1 network04:57
jrtrobertsit is all gravy04:57
jrtrobertsnothing is really wrong04:57
flexiblei've got NAT disabled on one of the devices though04:57
jrtrobertsthen you need to enable it on both04:58
microlithanyone else had ubuntu 9.10 panic when trying it out in VMWare 6.5?04:58
ShapeShifter499now its just wine with the sound problems04:58
flexiblethen leave DHCP server enabled on both?04:58
jrtrobertsor give the wan link on the router a static ip that matches the subnet of the dsl modem.04:58
=== ryaxnb is now known as ryanb
git__hi jenia04:59
neurodroneanyone knows if its possible to load a "root.disk" while ubuntu is running?04:59
jrtrobertsand you don't want the dsl modem and the router to be on the same subnet, that will cause issues, unless you use VLSM04:59
leaf-sheepWas there a new/updated solution for those using amd64 + Flash 10?  Seems like there are some recurring issues with flash not registering mouse clicks for me (lately).04:59
flexiblejrtroberts: tried that yesterday but it didn't change, in fact i could access it from and
neurodroneI have it as my backup and need to retrieve the data from it now..04:59
Tekk1I need to know the main repository for hardy's address04:59
Ryan1leaf-sheep: Disable compiz04:59
neurodroneleaf-sheep: theres some issues with GTK 2.18+05:00
jrtrobertsflexible. you have 3 count them THREE networks in your house.05:00
neurodroneleaf-sheep: try if 1. right click on the flash 2. double click on it .. works?!05:00
leaf-sheepneurodrone: It does work.  How about popping out of the browser (Hulu) and whatnot? It stayed in the screen.05:00
dreamcagehi can someone tell me a webdesign software for me to use here in ubuntu?05:00
neurodroneleaf-sheep: if you can de-grade back to older version or something05:00
leaf-sheepI recently replaced compiz with metacity.  Will see what's happening.05:00
Tekk1dreamcage: sudo apt-get install geany05:00
neurodroneleaf-sheep: older version of GTK*05:01
altf2odreamcage: look into Joomla. I've been having a ton of fun with it.05:01
flexiblejrtroberts: how so? i have 192.168.1.x and 10.0.0x05:01
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
leaf-sheep!code | Tekk105:01
ubottuTekk1: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator05:01
flexiblei have two... the second router is an access point that is linked to the netgear router... it isn't its own network05:02
jrtroberts2flexible: the 1st network is the public internet05:02
Tekk1ubottu: what does that have to do with my question?05:02
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:02
jrtroberts2flexible: the second is the dsl modem -> First Router05:02
gamerguy26hello all ubuntu newbie here05:02
Tekk1ubottu: it's a ploy! you're going to kill us all in our sleep!05:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:02
dreamcagealtf2o, ive heard about it, but i want to create other things intall modle and i think joomla wont sopport all the programing i want becouse the business logic05:02
ubottujoomla information can be had here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Joomla05:02
jrtroberts2flexible: the third is the Router to the rest of the LAN05:02
dreamcagealtf2o, but thanks anyway05:02
flexibleoh, right... okay well would that cause issues?05:02
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:02
flexibleconsidering i can 'see everything'05:03
dreamcageTekk1, geanny is a great software?05:03
jrtroberts2flexible: if you don't have NAT enabled it can05:03
altf2odreamcage: it's highly extensible, but to each their own.05:03
gamerguy26how do i bring up that desktop cube thing05:03
Tekk1dreamcage: I absolutely love it, it's fast and it supports EVERYTHING05:04
leaf-sheep!cube | gamerguy2605:04
ubottugamerguy26: Compiz-Fusion (and the older Compiz and Beryl) are window managers that employ the "composite" extension of X to draw windows using graphics cards' 3D hardware. They can additionally provide "desktop special effects" (such as the "cube") by means of plug-ins. Join #compiz-fusion for help and support with advanced features. See also « /msg ubottu compiz » and « /msg ubottu effects »05:04
lhx_                                       05:04
jrtroberts2flexible: don't worry about the network on the dsl/modem... just turn on NAT on the Modem and the Router and that should work just fine.05:04
jrtroberts2flexible: and DHCP on both won't hurt.05:04
gamerguy26oh ok so i need a graphics card to use it . instead of integrated05:04
dreamcageTekk1, thank you so much05:04
ZaNeIuMis it hard to change my boot up screen?05:04
Sagacihey, how do you help with the screenshots in synaptic package manager?05:05
flexiblejrtroberts, okay well that is what i'll do... thanks05:05
Tekk1ZaNeIuM: are you adverse to starting something on command line?05:05
Tekk1ZaNeIuM: click system, adminsitration, login window ;P05:06
ZaNeIuMonly been using linux for about 2 weeks05:06
gamerguy26or do i need an additional graphics card other than integrated ?05:06
flexiblejrtroberts: oh. and should upnp be enabled on both my router and modem05:06
Tekk1I need to know the main repository for hardy's address05:06
jrtroberts2upnp is Universal Plug and Play05:06
ZaNeIuMnot the login window, the boot screen05:06
Tekk1ZaNeIuM: don't worry, we were all new to GNU/Linux at one time ;D05:06
lstarnesTekk1: will one of the mirrors work?05:06
gamerguy26i'm about 2 days new to linux05:06
Tekk1lstarnes: I don't see why not05:06
lstarnesTekk1: do you just need main and not the others?05:06
jrtroberts2flexible: that just lets machines outside of your network connect, it opens any port that any other machine wants05:07
lhx_jrtroberts2: you don't have a dad named bill do you?05:07
Tekk1lstarnes: just main05:07
jrtroberts2no dad named bill05:07
dreamcageTekk1, i entered in the home page of geany and it is an multi purpose IDE.. i would like a easy to draw tool to create css and desing things... does geany support things like that?05:07
lhx_thought i recognized your nick05:07
jrtroberts2flexible: turn that off05:07
Tekk1dreamcage: if you can code it, geany supports it05:07
Tekk1I was just using it for HTML+CSS a minute ago05:07
lstarnesTekk1: the lines that I have for main also have restricted05:07
ShapeShifter499nvm wine is ok now05:07
lstarnesTekk1: deb http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/ubuntu/ hardy main05:07
Tekk1lstarnes: I can remove it05:07
jrtroberts2flexible: upnp should always be off when connecting to the internet...05:07
unkmaryeah, I was new to it when I was born.  hadn't seen it yet.  j/k. I only have about a year under my belt.05:08
lstarnesTekk1: followed by: deb-src http://ubuntu.osuosl.org/ubuntu/ hardy main05:08
jrtroberts2flexible: you can just do some port forwarding if you need a certain protocol or application to work...05:08
Meowpuphey i got this error is it something to do with the ubuntu server being down?? " sudo apt-get update E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2 No such file or directory)   E: Unable to lock the list directory"05:08
dreamcageTekk1, of course, but when i say easy to draw i mean i could use the mouse... i am not a html expert and i need some fast previews05:08
JPSmanis it possible to try out other windows managers without closing gnome?05:08
unkmarjrtroberts2: will he need to use iptables to do that?05:08
microlithwhatever kernel 9.10 shipped with does not like it when vmware tries to be helpful05:09
jrtroberts2unkmar: iptables is for linux...05:09
Tekk1Tekk1: it's not frontpage or dreamweaver, but it works great when you learn the stuff05:09
jrtroberts2portforwarding on the router is self contained.05:09
Tekk1dreamcage: no, it's not what you're looking for then05:09
unkmarJPSman: yeah, do remote X from another system.05:09
lstarnesTekk1: you might also want to add the updates and/or security repos05:09
princezudaHey quick question... isn't the setup connection multiverse in ubuntu to download things that may break laws in some countries? Reason I'm asking is because flash player used multiverse to install.... which is odd since it is legal to use the flash player.05:09
jrtroberts2if he was running a linux server for a router then he would use iptables, since that is effectively a catch all access list for linux systems.05:09
Tekk1lstarnes: no, I use an ubuntu based distro and our main has been down for a while, everything else has been up05:09
chompyis there a program that will rip content off of dvds? That I own.05:10
unkmarJPSman: I don't suggest it.  But you can.  You can keep both gnome and have another windom manager installed at the same time. then choose which to use.05:10
dreamcageTekk1, do you have another option for me to use? suggestions? (dreamweaver like programs)05:10
jrtroberts2unkmar: that answer your question?05:10
Tekk1dreamcage: no, I think things like that are an abomination personally...05:10
JPSmanunkmar: any way to do it on the same computer?05:10
lstarnesMeowpup: no, that's caused by a missing file05:11
=== ryaxnb_ is now known as ryanb
Meowpupi never deleted the file05:11
princezudadreamcage: I use dreamweaver and I learned the hard way that it is more pain than it is worth on the most part. Now some adobe products like flash cs4 are worth every single penny but not dreamweaver.05:11
greg_universej #rantradio05:12
dreamcageprincezuda, may i privet message you?05:12
princezudayes you may.05:12
rickasaurusok sweet, I figure out how to fix it for one user via pulseaudio volume control05:12
unkmarjrtroberts2: yes you answered my question.05:12
rickasaurusnow how do I make those settings the global default05:12
princezudaOkay so isn't the use of multi-verse illegal?05:12
uncleBezdreamweaver back like 8-10 years ago was a great tool. since then its more trouble than its worth.05:12
lstarnesprincezuda: no05:13
unkmarJPSman: not that I know of.  Maybe someone else knows more than I do.05:13
uncleBezis code indenting for a start is ugly and so hard to configure!05:13
JPSmanunkmar: thank you :OD05:13
lstarnesprincezuda: if it were illegal, it wouldn't be an official part of ubuntu05:13
Meowpuplstarnes: ok so in ubuntu 9.04 i cant do "sudo apt-get update" without the error. has it been updated for karmic ot something now05:13
jmspeexOK, I think I've found out why my notifications end up being unreadable. Apparently, there's some bit of moronic code in the font preference and when I set my application font size to "10.5" then the noticication code only sees the 5 and give me notifications in 5pt05:13
lstarnesprincezuda: it's legal stuff that isn't freely licensed05:13
princezudahmm... I thought it was to download decoders and such that breaks parts of some countries laws. Reason I'm asking is because flash was downloaded via it.05:14
lstarnesMeowpup: try using file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock05:14
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
jledermanwhat do I do when ssh tells me "no route to host" ?05:14
lstarnesprincezuda: you're probably thinking of the medibuntu repos05:14
ysj_hello, freshman test05:14
lstarnesjlederman: check your routing05:14
unkmarjlederman: give up and find another route.05:14
unkmarjlederman: are you sure the ssh server is running?05:14
jledermanunkmar, nope i'm really new to this. I'm trying to ssh into my palm pre from my computer. I have the necessary components installed05:15
git__anyone here has a blackberry?05:16
unkmarjlederman: I see. Hmm, palm pre. fancy toy. first thought, has it been rebooted.  As in turned off and on again.  i don't know if that is needed, but it can't hurt.05:17
unkmarjlederman: do you know the pre's ip?05:17
git__where do you get ssh app for blackberry?05:17
jledermanunkmar: yep i've tried both the local and wan ip address. the local one returned the "no route ..." and the wan is just sitting.. like its working but no results yet05:18
princezudaI have a blackberry.05:18
princezudaI connect my blackberry to my computer via usb and ubuntu reads it as another hard drive and charges it at the same time.05:19
jledermanunkmar, i'm really just not familiar enough with the terminal commands for ssh yet, and the manual is rather large (just started tinkering with all this this afternoon)05:19
unkmarjlederman: I'd only try the local.05:19
unkmarI'd do the wan after I new the local was working.  much faster reject time.05:19
jledermanwell, either way I get the no route to host. so that means something is not running? namely, whatever it is on the phone that needs to be turned on05:20
Meowpuplstarnes:  how do i get apt-get update to do that05:20
jledermanunkmar: oh snap i tried again and it gave me authenticity check rather than error...05:21
lstarnesMeowpup: it's a terminal command05:21
jledermanpermission denied lol05:21
unkmarjlederman: now you are down to getting the user/pass correct or a keypair.05:21
lstarnesMeowpup: file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock05:21
jledermanunkmar: correct. I know how to use the keygen, but am not sure about getting a duplicate on the phone..05:22
jledermanunkmar: it would be incorrect to make them separately on the phone and the pc, yes? i've read that it has to be copied into a directory05:22
jrtroberts2alright, I am starting to feel even better about taking all of these CISCO classes...05:22
altf2ojrtroberts2: what are you going for?05:23
unkmarjlederman: I don't remember the exact process.  but it boils down to a public/private key pair.  Gotta have the public in one place and the private in the other.05:23
Meowpuplstarnes: file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock05:23
Meowpup/var/lib/apt/lists/lock: ERROR: cannot open `/var/lib/apt/lists/lock' (No such file or directory)05:23
lstarnesMeowpup: then that file does not exist05:23
unkmarjlederman: both are generated at the same time using the same system.  phone or computer.05:23
cxoWhen I do man stdio.h, it says no man page found, why not? Fedora has a man page for that05:23
jrtroberts2right now an AAS in Network Specialist, and then a BASIT in netowrk management, and then a MBA in Computer Science.05:24
lstarnesMeowpup: use sudo touch /var/lib/apt/lists/lock05:24
altf2overy nice...05:24
jrtroberts2Currently I am taking CCNP classes...05:24
jrtroberts2just one more after this and and Econ class and My AAS is finished...05:24
lstarnesMeowpup: thrn use sudo chmod 0640 /var/lib/apt/lists/lock05:24
Meowpuplstarnes: chmod: cannot access `/var/lib/apt/lists/lock': No such file or directory05:25
lstarnesMeowpup: you didn't use touch05:25
altf2ocongrats. I've long since established i'm not good in school, i learn better on my own. I've recently started studying for my CCNA. So far not to bad, although we'll see how these 'simulators' stack up to real equipment i would prob. get in a class.05:26
Meowpupls i used to be able to update fine now i know i have not deleated that file is there a way of restoring it05:26
Meowpupthe origional05:26
lstarnesMeowpup: yes05:26
lstarnesMeowpup: by using touch05:26
lstarnesMeowpup: it is always an empty file when it does exist05:26
pnemaHI all, I freed up some space on a new partition, does someone have a good link that states how to move an existing file system onto a new partition (using 9.10)05:27
jrtroberts2altf2o: actually packet tracer is as good as the real equiment in about 85-90 percent of CCNA related scenarios.05:27
Meowpuplsttouch manually doing it05:27
jledermanunkmar: yeah, I think i have to copy it. ssh-keygen man says "The contents of this file should be added to  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on all machines where the user wishes to log in using RSA authentication. "05:27
Meowpuplstarnes:  touch manually doing it05:27
jrtroberts2my only recommendation is that you get used to using the console cables and termial app in the pc desktop...05:27
lstarnesjlederman: just copy the contents of your ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub into the server's into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys05:28
jrtroberts2if you are not using packet tracer or the CISCO official Cirriculum, then I am not sure what to tell you.  BOSON makes their own version of the cisco IOS with limited capabilities.05:28
lstarnesjlederman: there is an way to do that remotely with one command.  I think it is cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh USER@HOST "tee -a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"05:28
lstarnes*a way05:29
jrtroberts2The biggest thing you will miss out on not using real equiment is the way it looks and feels and responds.  actually hooking up cables, and having to verify patch cable types...05:29
jledermanlstarnes: ahhh ok thank you05:29
Out_Coldi am loving the xrandr ease of use now... used to be such a pain trying to set up an extended desktop onto the TV...05:29
altf2ogotcha... Well my work has the Cisco library for free so i've been reading the PDFs. Just noticed i get 40% off at ciscopress.com so i will be using the Cisco material for sure. I'll have to check into packet tracer05:29
mcurranwow the backtrack guys don't talk much05:30
jrtroberts2packet tracer is a dream...05:30
Out_Coldmcurran, they have their days... and they don't usually answer stupid questions05:30
jrtroberts2learn about simulation mode and you can inspect packets on a hop by hop basis... you can look at the pdu's and see what changes are made from device to device.  and it will even allow you to run quizes on what is happening at the various layers of the OSI stack, or TCP/IP,05:31
DigitalKiwiOut_Cold: such as?05:31
Out_ColdDigitalKiwi, such as how do i crack my neighbour's WEP ;)05:32
DigitalKiwiubuntu forums has that guide!05:32
Out_Coldand so do several other forums.... but it's not legal05:32
jrtroberts2alft2o: if you register for a class at cisco.netacad.net and take one class and pass it then you can register as an alumni, which gives you access to all cisco material in ccna and ccnp...05:33
DigitalKiwithey disguise it as a "how do i crack my own wep" post05:33
dAlfa89_WEP is pretty easy, WPA on the other hand.. ):05:33
JostiHello! I would need some help with Ubuntu and touchscreen05:33
ShentinoCracking your own wep though is a good idea...it shows you how crappy it is :)05:33
Out_ColddAlfa89_, it's possible with a lot of GPUs05:33
Shentinoditto for WPA105:33
MenZa!details | Josti05:33
ubottuJosti: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:33
JostiI cant seem to calibrate my touch screen05:33
ShentinoIIRC they found a hole in that one05:33
macodAlfa89_: meh flood the AP for force a reassociation....WPA is a one-packet attack05:33
jrtroberts2also if you pass the CCNA semester 4 final exam with like an 80% or above on your first try, then you get a discount voucher for taking the exam ...05:33
Shentinoso go with WPA2 with AES05:33
dAlfa89_WPA-PSK here05:34
Silent_Echomy router dosnt need a password -.- i live out in the middle of nowhere...05:34
jrtroberts2but that only matter if you are going to pay for an academy class...05:34
altf2onice, that's awesome. Thank you.05:34
Out_ColdShentino, just change your password every few weeks if you are that paranoid05:34
JostiI have a  eGalax TouchScreen but i cant seem to calibrate it right05:34
Meowpupis one of the serves down today05:35
smackdaddydoes anyone know of a good web based email app, that lets users create their own name/pass kind of like yahoo/hotmail. ?05:35
ShentinoI'm just remarking on WPA1's flaws.  Rumor has it that it's just as bad as WEP05:35
jrtroberts2you may need to see if you have to take the class online though, as usually you have to register with the cisco academy through a certified partner school...05:35
ShentinoPersonally, I just use IP reservations to lock everyone else out05:35
jrtroberts2but check it out...05:35
Shentinothen if something else tries to spoof my MAC I know something is screwy.05:36
ctmjrmy neighbor was stealing my wifi till i gave him a printout of his bank statement05:36
argentinoi do sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=OS/ubuntu-UNR.iso to burn de iso into the pendrive but i doesnt copy anything am i typing it ok?05:36
jrtroberts2and I have heard that the CCNA is the hardest exam out of all the CISCO exams05:36
DigitalKiwictmjr: lmao05:36
JostiI have a  eGalax TouchScreen but i cant seem to calibrate it right05:37
Out_Coldyea... i suppose people should mind what they do with illegal bandwidth05:37
Out_Coldi had a router set up as a honey pot before05:37
jrtroberts2well night all...05:37
altf2oreally? I really was looking at CCNA Security and perhaps CCNP. Not sure from there. My passion has always been in programming, but my job opened me up to networking which is very fascinating.05:37
RyanJIf I want something to happen automatically (launch a program) when I connect a USB Flash Drive, what should I do?05:37
altf2othanks for the tips, appreciate it.05:37
=== richard is now known as Guest74142
macodAlfa89_: WPA1 or WPA2? if 1, i hope youre using AES not TKIP. WPA+TKIP = 12 minuts05:37
unkmarRyanJ: depends on WHEN you want it to happen.05:38
alabdleaf-sheep:  sun-java-jre is installed should be removed for firefox detecting java from openjdk ?05:38
jrtroberts2well CCNA is hard because it covers such a broad range of information compared to the other exams... they just get more and more specific.05:38
unkmarRyanJ: I am not sure where you would trigger that action.05:38
Silent_Echoanyone kno anything about makeing your current os complete with all the prefrences into an iso....like a back up05:38
jrtroberts2and taking the composite exam is easier than taking the ICND's05:38
dAlfa89_maco, ^05:38
RyanJunkmar, ok05:38
maco!ops | elendal__ langauge05:39
ubottuelendal__ langauge: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:39
dAlfa89_Have I any reason to be paranoid yet? ;D05:39
altf2oi was definitely going to go composite. At $150 or $125x2 , no comparison especially with a little one on the way :)05:39
unkmarRyanJ: I do know that it is detectable in dmesg.05:39
ctmjr!clone | Silent_Echo05:39
ubottuSilent_Echo: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate05:39
=== elendal__ is now known as foobar23234234
altf2ogood to know though, i'll focus on that.05:39
RyanJI was wondering if I should be looking around in HAL or DBUS or whatever controls the low level stuff05:39
=== foobar23234234 is now known as lol
Out_ColddAlfa89_, only if you have something you shouldn't05:39
* Shentino gets dizzy watching chanserv05:40
=== lol is now known as Guest37714
dAlfa89_Out_Cold, yeah, I know who shot Kennedy and who took down the towers  -.-05:40
jrtroberts2and if you can, once you get the 2 and 3 classes or material covered, routing and switching, take a look at the CCNP routing and switching books to get a better idea of what is going on... help you pass the exam...05:40
Out_Coldwas americans :p05:40
=== metal is now known as Gorgatron
altf2onice, will do :)05:40
hemant_i want to run ubuntu from Copmact ID05:41
dAlfa89_Out_Cold, you know it too?! Run!05:41
Gorgatronso a couple days ago someone spammed some 96mb text file that tried to get me to download like 200 copies of it lol05:41
hemant_but a minimize installation05:41
Out_Coldwhat's a copmact ID?05:41
unkmarhemant_: Copmact ID?05:41
jrtroberts2night all05:41
Out_Coldor not..05:42
hemant_compact flash05:42
Out_Coldhemant_, it's a usb flash?05:43
hemant_no its a ide flash its like an harddisk05:43
Out_Coldwell then i would only assume that you would install it like any other disk and use the minimal installation setup and select that disk05:44
unkmarhemant_: so you need a persistant usb install to minimize drive access and maximize overall life.05:44
git__how much is the cheapest usb 16GB flash drive?05:44
Flare-Laptopgit__: Offtopic?05:44
Silent_Echogit__: black friday.... its a good day05:44
Out_Coldi paid $40 CDN for my last 8GB flash05:45
Out_Cold!usb | hemant_05:45
ubottuhemant_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:45
Out_Coldi heard talk about having another ubuntu channel.. are they gonna do that or just keep one over populated channel?05:48
bazhangOut_Cold, please take this to #ubuntu-offtopic05:49
Out_Coldit's fairly on topic no?05:49
JostiHello! Could anyone help me with my egalax touch screen ? Cant seem to calibrate it05:49
digitalfizwhats good vnc software for ubuntu but works on windows too05:49
bazhangOut_Cold, no, its not. Please move it there05:49
digitalfizare atleast a combo that works together05:50
dAlfa89_Out_Cold, but it's not support, which is probably related to the idea of seperate channels05:50
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: Hello Welcome to #ubuntu05:50
\\`00tFlare-Laptop, Howdy ... remember you from a few months ago05:50
Out_Coldyea... i'm just to lazy to type /join #ubuntu-offtopic05:50
\\`00tFlare-Laptop, I've got a stupid "mono-common" dependency issue in 9.1005:51
Flare-LaptopFlare-Laptop: Mono works fine on my pc's05:51
\\`00tI keep getting an "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: mono-common"05:51
qwebirc15308having problems with live usb persistent karmic after splash screen and loading screen get keyring then nothing except circle shaped cursor [not a fresh install...booted 5-10 times]05:51
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: for like which package are you trying to install?05:52
\\`00tFlare-Laptop, Have you tried installing "gnome-artNG"?05:52
Out_Coldqwebirc15308, what's changed since the last time it was booting correctly?05:52
Flare-LaptopFlare-Laptop: No I haven't05:52
\\`00tit's one of my all-time favorites (love the ability to change look/feel) ... but broken on 9.10 now05:52
Out_Coldnice quit msg05:53
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: yeah that package doesn't exist in karmic05:53
\\`00tCRAP ... so is there a way to "get around that"?05:53
\\`00tthat's what I've found but mono still works by default so ...05:53
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: As far as I know there isn't.05:53
\\`00tdammit, author of the program doesn't respond to emails05:54
Out_Coldgotta love that..05:54
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: Report a bug I guess05:54
\\`00tFlare-Laptop, So ... how do you change your GUI look/feel?05:54
hemant_i want to run ubuntu from compact flash ide05:54
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: New themes :D05:54
\\`00tFlare-Laptop, ... I've never tried ... how's that done?05:54
Out_Coldhemant_, we already gave you a link to install a persistent OS05:55
Silent_Echo\\`00t: you familiar with emerald?05:55
Out_Coldhemant_, For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:55
\\`00tSilent_Echo, I am not05:55
JostiHello! Could anyone help me with my egalax touch screen ? Cant seem to calibrate it05:55
Silent_Echo\\`00t: compiz fusion?05:55
Flare-Laptop!art | \\`00t05:55
ubottu\\`00t: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:55
maco\\`00t: dont use emerald05:55
maco\\`00t: its unmaintained and super-crashy and will not be fixed because its been abandoned05:56
\\`00tOK, I guess I have a few pages to go read05:56
maco\\`00t: get themes from http://gnome-look.org05:56
murchersonso grub2, what a wonder to behold05:56
murchersoni think not05:56
Silent_Echomaco: realy?...i never had a problem with it05:56
Flare-Laptopmurcherson: offtopic?05:56
macoSilent_Echo: it hasnt had a patch in at least a year and a half, maybe 205:56
smackdaddy whats a good webmail server for ubuntu 9.10 that lets users create their own accounts?05:56
murchersonsorry but i have to tell someone05:56
qwebirc15308can anyone help with a black screen in karmic live usb?05:56
macoSilent_Echo: so all those crashes it had back then...still there05:56
sharpen047does anyone know why kubuntu will only play sound through one application at a time?05:56
Silent_Echomaco:  interesting...so what do you use?05:57
macoSilent_Echo: well i dont use compiz anymore, but when i did.... the gtk-window-decorator can use metacity themes just fine but will apply compositing to them on its own05:57
zcat[1]changing the login screen in karmic... can it be done?05:57
macoSilent_Echo: the window manager i use does not have window borders, title bars, etc, because it does not work that way05:57
sharpen047does anyone know why kubuntu will only play sound through one application at a time?(seen confirmed bugs but no real solution)05:57
Out_Coldsharpen047, it's an alsa issue i think where each app takes full control of your sound... i don't think there is a solution yet05:57
Flare-Laptopzcat[1]: Yes, with gnome-theme-manager05:57
zcat[1]gnome-theme-manager: command not found05:58
sharpen047can i just remove it and use alsa or something?05:58
Flare-Laptopzcat[1]: hold on05:58
macozcat[1]: gnome-appearance-properties you mean?05:58
Silent_Echomaco:  yeah...i got introduced to emerald and i just kinda stuck with it, never gave me problems so i just blindly stuck with it XP05:58
\\`00tSo, on gnome-look (along the left side) which option do I pick so it'll work with the "Appearence Preferences" applet?05:58
macosharpen047: kubuntu doesnt include pulseaudio, so go ahead05:58
ShentinoTo be honest I always found alsa to be quite willing to let multiple apps use the sound at the same time05:58
murchersonis pulseaudio still tied in to desktop?05:58
Out_Coldsharpen047, pulseaudio uses alsa as a higher lever stack05:58
macoSilent_Echo: thereve been attempts to remove it from the archive since development stalled a long time ago05:59
macomurcherson: in gnome, yes05:59
Shentinoso pulse -> alsa -> sound card05:59
Flare-Laptopzcat[1]: idk05:59
macomurcherson: more and more each realease05:59
zcat[1]LOGIN screen... not in gnome-appearance-properties05:59
sharpen047Shentino, so if i uninstall PA will it fall back to alsa? or is there more work Out_Cold05:59
JostiHello! Could anyone help me with my egalax touch screen ? Cant seem to calibrate it05:59
macosharpen047: yes it will05:59
Out_ColdShentino, something like that.. i think there are a few more levels but yea05:59
sharpen047maco, kubuntu karmic comes with PA05:59
macosharpen047: no it does not05:59
macosharpen047: im on the kubuntu development team05:59
Out_ColdShentino, i just use one app at a time lol05:59
macosharpen047: perhaps you installed java?06:00
Shentinomeh, I like firing up sox in a VT and doing stuff on desktop ^^06:00
sharpen047maco, thank you06:00
sharpen047maco, if it is installed i did it through firefox06:00
Shentinothough there's some sort of bug that kills the sound at least temporarily when you switch to a VT06:00
Shentinoand it gets hosed if that VT belongs to someone else other than who owns the desktop06:00
macosharpen047: i think java is the most common way for pulseaudio to accidentally end up on kubuntu systems. personally, i like pulseaudio, but then ive had over a year of hanging out with the audio guru to learn to make it work for me06:00
lowlycoderin the english sentenced, is the right grammar "friends worth dying beside" or "friends worth dying besides"?06:00
zcat[1]there are gdm theme packages in karmic but absolutely no way of USING any of the themes?!!06:01
Flare-Laptop!lol | Out_Cold06:01
ubottuOut_Cold: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.06:01
macolowlycoder: the former06:01
macolowlycoder: also, thats offtopic06:01
Flare-Laptop!ot | lowlycoder06:01
ubottulowlycoder: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:01
lowlycodermaco: what is the grammar rule I should look up?06:01
macolowlycoder: im not sure06:01
zcat[1]so is there a config file or something in gconf that I can change?06:02
\\`00tHey, my brother ran Ubuntu like 3yrs ago and he had an awesome interface that looked like a "cube" that would have different desktops on each edge ... does that still exist?06:02
ShapeShifter499unkmar: I just ssh that ip and it worked06:02
Flare-Laptop!compiz | \\`00t06:02
ubottu\\`00t: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz06:02
Out_Coldi think that over use of badly timed bot scripts should be limited to people who are actually opped06:02
Shentinolowly:  Actually that one depends on context.  PM me if you want details, but not here in public06:02
zcat[1]!compiz | \\`00t06:02
Blue1is anyone else having usb flash drive mount failures in 9.10?06:02
sharpen047maco, haha well is therea way to configure it so i can have sound through firefox and amarok?(example)06:02
Flare-LaptopOut_Cold: Nope, not when a IRC op helper (like me) know when and how to use them :)06:03
zcat[1]\\`00t:  mostly you just need to install compizconfig-settings-manager and enable the cube through that, compiz is already installer and running in ubuntu since way back06:03
macosharpen047: theoretically, if *everything* or *nothing* in system settings -> multimedia is set to use pulseaudio, it should all work, but mixing and matching will break things06:03
sharpen047maco, i changed "audio output" and set to all devices06:04
macosharpen047: not having pulseaudio installed at all should also work in kubuntu because phonon *should* handle everything06:04
zcat[1]\\`00t:  assuming you have a 3d-capable video card and any required drivers06:04
qwebirc15308Blue1: I am06:04
unkmarShapeShifter499: yeah, so did I.06:04
macosharpen047: restarting those apps may be necessary for it to take effect06:04
Blue1qwebirc15308: I can always just manually mount/dismount but it's a pain....06:04
cybermuttaqini am new in ubuntu server06:04
KenBW2how can install IEs4linux in Karmic?06:04
cybermuttaqinplease help me06:04
* zcat[1] does NOT have a 3d capable video card on this laptop.. no cubic goodness for me. :(06:04
maco!ask | cybermuttaqin06:05
ubottucybermuttaqin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:05
Flare-Laptopzcat[1]: Card?06:05
Silent_Echopersonally i find cube to b annoying06:05
qwebirc15308Blue1:  mine have to do with a bad unmount most of the time.06:05
MeowpupKenBW2: y do you want internet explorer in linux06:05
Flare-LaptopSilent_Echo: Not me, it rocks!06:05
zcat[1]ATO rage mobility something.. hang on06:05
Blue1qwebirc15308: well the automount feature seems disabled...06:05
KenBW2Meowpup: web development06:05
Snausageszcat[1]: what's cubic goodness?06:05
zcat[1]01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter06:05
Flare-LaptopSnausages: Compiz06:05
ShapeShifter499unkmar: how?? you didn't get to my files right?06:05
Out_ColdKenBW2, that might be possible in wine but i would check at the wine-hq06:06
zcat[1]sorry, not ATI that was my last laptop06:06
qwebirc15308Blue1: I am sorry i am not having the same problem06:06
Flare-Laptopzcat[1]: er never heard of it, sorry can't help you there06:06
MeowpupKenBW2: its not internet explorer is baised on it06:06
arvinoidshi, how do I send a file on Empathy? (yahoo)06:06
SnausagesFlare-Laptop: I haven't seen it.  my ubuntu machine is a netbook so I doubt it could handle it.06:06
Meowpupthe true internet explorer ie in windows06:06
Blue1qwebirc15308: ah well at least there's a work around...06:06
sharpen047maco,  it has been this way sincei upgraded via alternate cd image from 9.08 i think it was, and uninstalling PA uninstalls half the things on my system like dolphin, kde-window-manager, and konqueror.. the list is about 100 apps long06:06
KenBW2Out_Cold: are you familiar with http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/06:06
Flare-LaptopSnausages: run compiz --replace and try it06:06
unkmarShapeShifter499: yeah, I got in and stole a copy of all your records.  I saw that you didn't pay the IRS last year.  I'll inform them of your SSN.06:06
qwebirc15308Blue1: good luck06:06
zcat[1]Flare-Laptop:  I'm beyond help, I need a better laptop06:06
unkmarShapeShifter499: of course I can't see jack. I don't have a login. :P06:06
git__anyone know how to configure grub so that it doesn't combine casper-rw to the filesystem in a live usb?06:07
SnausagesFlare-Laptop: what's the way out of it if it doesn't work?06:07
ShapeShifter499unkmar: I don't know who's a hacker or not06:07
zcat[1]It's not a lack of config or drivers, it's just that the hardware is physically incapable of 3d06:07
Out_Coldhttp://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/ "This web site at www.tatanka.com.br has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences."06:07
arvinoidsHello all. How do I send file through Empathy using Yahoo protocol? Option is grayed out.06:08
macosharpen047: please pastebin output of "aptitude why pulseaudio"06:08
unkmarShapeShifter499: if it can be done. I probably could do it. but, I haven't applied myself in those areas. so, No. I didn't get anything.  Just verified that the port resolved to an active ssh connection.06:08
JostiHello Anyone here that knows anything about touchscreens ?06:08
KenBW2Out_Cold: yea i noticed that, but it's fairly well-known06:08
Flare-Laptoparvinoids: Upload it to filebin.ca, and give them the URL06:08
ShapeShifter499unkmar: so did it let you try to log in06:08
arvinoidswhat do i need to upload?06:08
unkmaryes, and fingerprinted me.06:09
landryOut_Cold:  I thought linux was supposed to be immune to viruses06:09
Out_ColdKenBW2, and it seems that you need wine for it to work..06:09
ShapeShifter499unkmar: what does it mean for me?06:09
KenBW2Out_Cold: yea i know, but when i tried t failed06:09
Out_Coldlandry, very not true..... people just don't write viruses for linux.. that and you need sudo rights to run the virus06:09
sharpen047maco, haha only puts out this "i   pulseaudio-module-x11 Depends pulseaudio (= 1:0.9.19-0ubuntu4)"06:09
Silent_Echoquestion to the room....empathy: what clients can it video chat with, Pidgin: what clients can pidgin video chat with?06:10
Flare-Laptop!virus | Out_Cold, landry06:10
ubottuOut_Cold, landry: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2106:10
macolandry: there have been ~30 viruses for linux in the wild over the years. they are quickly patched out of existence. none in a few years that im aware of06:10
Out_ColdKenBW2, have you found any other info on that app other than that onee site?? it seems pretty fishy to me06:10
unkmarShapeShifter499: it means that the ssh is working and the portforwarding is working.  you just need stable way to know where the system is if your Internet IP changes on your DSL network.06:10
landryOut_Cold:  well if I visit the site and dont give my password...06:10
ShapeShifter499unkmar: should it work? cuz all it did to me was keep saying that the network was unreachable06:10
KenBW2Out_Cold: ive used it on previous iterations of ubuntu06:10
davebsI think my driver modules got deleted from /lib/modules/kernel version/kernel directory, is there any way to rebuild them?06:10
hemant_how can i run the ubuntu linux from ram06:10
ShapeShifter499unkmar: unreachable outside of my network06:11
Flare-Laptophemant_: Live CD?06:11
Silent_Echohemant_: live cd06:11
unkmarShapeShifter499: if the no-ip properly resolves to your Internet ip. then it will work.06:11
\\`00tStupid question ... in Compiz ... how do I add more than 2 desktops (2 doesn't make for an exciting cube, hah)06:11
Flare-LaptopShapeShifter499: Get a real domain :D06:11
unkmarShapeShifter499: it IS reachable from outside of your network by the IP.06:11
maco\\`00t: in general settings you can set horizontal virtual size to 406:11
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: install compizconfig-settings manager, then set the horizontal virtual size to 4 on the general menu06:12
ShapeShifter499unkmar: but not when I use the url the no-ip gave me06:12
Out_Coldi have had several difficulties with wine apps even though a lot of them seem heavily supported06:12
unkmar\\`00t: right click the desktop selection thingy on the bar and select a number larger than 2 for horizontal desktops.06:12
KenBW2Out_Cold: maybe if it's a wine app it would cause problems if you installed it n Windows, hence the warning06:12
\\`00tFlare-Laptop, Can you have a diff wallpaper on each "desktop"?06:12
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: Not yet06:12
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: As far as I know anyway, I can't.06:12
unkmarShapeShifter499: that is because no-ip appears to not have the correct IP set.06:13
masterfishslayerin need of help with karmic live usb persistent {post install]06:13
\\`00tthis is awesome!06:13
sharpen047maco, any ideas?06:13
sevol1does anyone know why sound in mplayer doesn't work?06:13
\\`00t"Number of desktops" is set to 1 ...06:13
TrezkerI think I saw a video yesterday of compiz with different backgrouns on each06:13
Out_ColdKenBW2, very possible but still sounds fishy... 4 security reports in 90 days is not very good06:13
ShapeShifter499unkmar: whats the difference between the url and ip?06:13
sevol1my sound works, but in mplayer the volume icon is greyed out06:13
ShentinoWhat is the proper way to pronounce "sudo"06:13
ShentinoDoes it rhyme with judo?06:13
\\`00tThere really isn't any "help" for this :)06:13
macosharpen047: pastebin output of trying to remove pulseaudio06:13
unkmarShapeShifter499: what url where you given?06:13
Flare-LaptopShentino: yeah06:13
KenBW2\\`00t:i think what you can do is make an image that's (number of desktops * horz resolution)06:13
landryurl maps to an ip06:13
macoShentino: proper is like "sue due" but "sue doe" is common too06:14
KenBW2Out_Cold: ill look into it06:14
\\`00toooh, that makes sense06:14
macoShentino: because its "superuser do" where "do" is the verb06:14
ShapeShifter499unkmar: shapeshifter499.hopto.org06:14
pcdummysevol1: for me it works perfect06:14
macoShentino: i go with the judo-rhyming one06:14
sevol1pcdummy: i mean totem not mplayer sorry06:14
Flare-LaptopShentino: it means fake root :P06:14
unkmarthat is an inside ip address.06:14
\\`00tOK everyone, thanks ... I'm out for the night!06:14
\\`00tg'nite all06:14
macoShentino: out of habit06:14
Flare-Laptop\\`00t: night06:14
macoFlare-Laptop: or more literally, "superuser do" like "simon says"06:15
unkmarShapeShifter499: it isn't getting an outside IP.06:15
Flare-Laptopmacd_: Yup that too06:15
unkmarShapeShifter499: and i bet I know why.06:15
ShapeShifter499unkmar: why?06:15
Flare-LaptopShapeShifter499: check your dsl modem and your router06:15
Flare-Laptop!ot | landry06:15
ubottulandry: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:15
switchgirlanyone having issues updating?06:15
unkmarShapeShifter499: your DSL modem doubles as a router. so your router gets the modems inside IP.06:15
pcdummysevol1: bye ...06:15
GammaXI recently upgraded 9.04 UE to 9.10, is there a way to roll back to 9.04?06:16
pcdummyGammaX: why do you want to roll back?06:16
sharpen047maco, i think it finished but here it is http://pastebin.com/d621de90f06:17
ftabhow can I find a string in files ?06:17
landryGammaX: backup?06:17
GammaXpcdummy: After upgrade it does not see my laptops touchpad and no audio/video is seen anymore06:17
macoftab: grep06:17
ShapeShifter499unkmar: ohh I see06:17
ftabis there any gnome tool for that or I have to rely on command line ?06:17
GammaXlandry: I didnt06:17
unkmarShapeShifter499: and plese don't use that irfan.php link I gave earlier.  My system sort of depends on it.06:17
ftabmaco, thanks but I used grep I m not sure it returns the desired result ?06:17
ftabmaco is there any gui tool ?06:17
pcdummyGammaX: ohh :(06:17
Out_Coldftab, i think grep can locate strings in files06:17
ShapeShifter499unkmar: the ip address in the dsl router is
macoShentino: looks fine06:18
unkmarShapeShifter499: and that is the correct IP.06:18
pcdummyGammaX: thak a look at backintime in the future (nice backup tool)06:18
lindarHow do I install something in Wine? It says I don't have permission to install/write to the registry.06:18
Shentinomaco:  huh?06:18
Flare-Laptoplindar: sudo apt-get install wine06:18
ShapeShifter499unkmar: so should I add everything here to my wifi router06:18
macosharpen047: that was at you :)06:18
lindarI installed wine.06:18
GammaXpcdummy: gotcha06:18
macoShentino: wrong person06:18
landryGammaX: did you check the grub menu?06:18
lindarHow do I install something -with- wine?06:18
=== hemanth is now known as g33k
ftabany gui tool for finding a string in files ?06:18
GammaXlandry: nope06:19
pcdummyGammaX: do you want to fix 9.10?06:19
Seveasftab, gnome-terminal :)06:19
Out_Coldlindar, just run the setup/install binary06:19
zcat[1]lindar:  normally just run the installer just like for windows..06:19
unkmarShapeShifter499: the no-ip appears to be the only thing that should be handled from the DSL router or... should be handled from the laptop that you plan to connect to.06:19
ardchoilleWhere can I find back in time? I don't see it in the repos for Jaunty06:19
landryGammaX: when you boot check to see if there's an entry for 9.0406:19
ftabSedated, :-) don't need a command line emmulator but a GUI tool06:19
pcdummylandry: good idear ... old kernel06:19
zcat[1]ardchoille:  I use simple-backup06:19
GammaXlandry:  ohh im sorry for the lapse, it says all 9.1006:19
ShapeShifter499unkmar: huh?06:19
switchgirlhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/325889/ .... not sure why my updates hanging like that06:20
Seveasftab, gnome-terminal is a gui, isn't it :)06:20
sharpen047maco,  haha alright and ill restart i guess? and one problem no one has any clue about tha ti know of maybe you can see ithttp://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?action=printpage;topic=3108120.006:20
Out_Coldftab, use gedit and ctrl + f06:20
GammaXpcdummy: I can I guess im just affraid theres more wrong than just what I told you.06:20
ftabOut_Cold, I want to search multiple files06:20
zcat[1]!info backintime-common06:20
ubottubackintime-common (source: backintime): simple backup/snapshot system. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.9.26-3 (karmic), package size 74 kB, installed size 664 kB06:20
mattcenftab: Depending on what sort of files you are using there are probably gui tools that will work. E.g. You could probably use Eclipse for searching for code inside files06:20
Out_Coldthen i suggest multiple gedits06:20
unkmarShapeShifter499: one of my servers is behind a DSL modem.  I did not set the router to handle the no-ip address updating.06:20
zcat[1]!info simplebackup06:20
ubottusimplebackup (source: simplebackup): Simple backup tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.1-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 8 kB, installed size 84 kB06:20
landryGammaX: try "Safe Mode?"06:20
mattcenftab: Mostly though, the command line and Grep are your best bet06:20
Cuddlesany x11vnc gurus in here?06:21
KenBW2Out_Cold: it seems that the issues are JS-related on the site, not the app itse;f06:21
pcdummyzcat[1]: and now?06:21
ardchoilleftab: You might want to see my command line tutorial, it has a section on searching: http://ardchoille42.blogspot.com/2009/08/command-line-cheatsheet.html06:21
ftabmattcen, I tried many options using grep but no luck06:21
GammaXlandry: reffering to from the grub menu?06:21
Seveasgrep, fgrep (for non-regex strings), strings (for binart files). What more could onw want :)06:21
unkmarShapeShifter499: I created a script that runs from cron.hourly.  It checks if there is a change in the ip and then updates accordingly.06:21
ShapeShifter499unkmar: do I need no ip?06:21
landryGammaX: yes06:21
agoristHi all, so I just installed Ubuntu. (I'm kind-of new to linux/ubuntu) what do ya'll suggest for packages to install? What do you use?06:21
mattcenftab: What are you searching for, and what sort of files are you looking in?06:21
landryGammaX: The next line down from the default selection06:21
ftablet me send you06:21
GammaXlandry: I think it said restore mode or something, Im in it now but it doesnt auto sense the touchpad or sound06:22
ftabfind . | xargs grep "$settings['theme_url']=" -sl06:22
unkmarShapeShifter499: not if you no your IP address and that it isn't going to change.  if you think your IP might change then you need something to keep you updated to the changes.  that is what no-ip is all about.06:22
KenBW2agorist: what do you want to do06:22
ftabgrep -H -r "displaze" ~/public_html/aftabnaveed-dsp/forum/*.php06:22
Out_ColdKenBW2, and when you install it, you get errors?\06:22
zcat[1]Ohh, wrong article06:22
ftabused that kind of patterns for searching06:22
KenBW2Out_Cold: im trying it now, seems to be working06:22
ShapeShifter499unkmar: can you ssh
landryGammaX: have you tried live boot from the CD?06:22
mattcenftab: What was the find command for?06:22
Seveasftab, to speed that up slightly, use fgrep if the string you're searching for isn't a regex06:23
agoristKenBW2 - just about everything from brows the web to edit video06:23
mattcenThat xargs bit probably won't work as intented because the $settings will get expanded by the shell06:23
unkmarShapeShifter499: no. is a private IP.  they can't be reached from through the web.06:23
agoristKenBw2 - Most imporant: Burn ISO files (to share linux)06:23
KenBW2agorist: you have firefox installed already06:23
GammaXlandry: Nope, If I do the live boot what will be the purpose ( in reguards to what will I do )06:23
masterfishslayeranyone have experience with black screen after botched shutdown06:23
ftabmattcen, I found that on google, but tried grep as well06:23
masterfishslayer9.10 karmic06:23
agoristKenBw2: Play Video Codecs. (I've always used VLC on windows)06:24
landryGammaX: to see if your touchpad and stuff works.06:24
KenBW2agorist: burn ISOs with Applications > Brasero06:24
agoristKenBW2 - Yeah, firefox came in ubuntu06:24
ShapeShifter499unkmar: thats the prob I don't know my comps net ip just the dsl ip, the local ip, and the no-ip url06:24
unkmarShapeShifter499: read about IP's and network classes.   Class A, B, C, D.06:24
KenBW2agorist: codecs can be installed with ubuntu-restricted-extras06:24
GammaXlandry:  ahhhh ok06:24
unkmarwhat Ip did you give me for the dsl IP?06:24
zcat[1]masterfishslayer:  regularly ; try alt-F8 then alt-F7 again to get it back06:24
landryGammaX: ;)06:25
ShapeShifter499unkmar: yea, cuz it was detected by your link you told me to wget06:25
agoristKenBW2 - You prefer Brasero? I did have a bit of a problem with it in Mint. It messed up 3 DVDs and i switched programs and the other program burned on the first try.06:25
masterfishslayertried that... i just get the circle cursor with a black background06:25
mattcenftab: So you're looking for 'displaze' in all forum/*.php files? If that's you're intent, that's what you're doing. Also remember that grep is case sensitive unless you use '-i'06:25
Out_ColdShapeShifter499, if you can ssh from within your network to or whatever it was, but you can't ssh your real ip addy from outside your network then it may be poor router setup with port forwarding06:25
KenBW2agorist: iv never actually used it - i use K3B06:25
pcdummyargorist: which other one?06:25
ftabmattcen, let me try -i06:26
agoristKenBW2 - Does ubuntu-restricted-extras install Flash? Or should I download form flash website, or non-free flash from synaptic06:26
unkmarShapeShifter499: there are other websites out there that can give you that information.  dyndns.org is one of them.06:26
masterfishslayerzcat[1]: tried that... i just get the circle cursor with a black background06:26
KenBW2agorist: yes it does06:26
zcat[1]agorist:  yes it installs flash06:26
sharpen047maco, hey still there?06:26
d4rkfe4rIve been having issues with duel screen and nvidia06:26
macosharpen047: aye06:26
ShapeShifter499unkmar: yea I got a account with dyndns.org06:26
Out_Coldd4rkfe4r, like what?06:27
agoristKenBW2 - K3B - You like it? I'll give it a shot. zcat[1] Thanks!06:27
zcat[1]masterfishslayer:  hmmm, ctrl-alt-f8 sorry (otherwise it doesn't actually switch) .. that's how I make mine come back anyhow...06:27
KenBW2Out_Cold: IEs4Linux has installed fine. we'll see if it wipes my HDD :P06:27
sharpen047you take a look at that link i sent you about the media keys?06:27
bazhangd4rkfe4r, using xrandr ?06:27
Out_ColdKenBW2, i don't see why it would06:27
d4rkfe4rBoth are my monitors are the EXACT same model and the max res for both is 1280 x 102406:27
KenBW2Out_Cold: actually if it's not run with admin rights it can't do anything outside my user space anyway can it?06:27
d4rkfe4rBut on one the max is 640 x 48006:28
masterfishslayerzcat[1]: tried alt-ctl-f1, f2, f3,f4,f5,f6,f7,f8, etc06:28
Out_Coldd4rkfe4r, have you tried the nvidia settings app?06:28
agoristKenBW2 is there anything better than Inkscape , or is that the best illustrator type program?06:28
GammaXlandry: also the only kernel wich works is 2.6.28-1306:28
zcat[1]masterfishslayer:  well, I'm all out of ideas ;)06:28
KenBW2agorist: it depends what you want to do06:28
Out_ColdKenBW2, should be fine06:28
d4rkfe4rive deleted xorg.conf and remade it06:28
KenBW2Out_Cold: yea ive never had a problem with it before06:28
Out_Coldd4rkfe4r, which driver version are you running? 180?06:29
d4rkfe4rThe newest06:29
KenBW2agorist: i like Inkscape for *creating* imges, but it's not for editing photos06:29
d4rkfe4ri have a 8800 gt06:29
agoristKenBW2 - Yeah, like illustrator, not photoshopt - gotcha.06:29
Out_Coldi had tried that and was having issues and had to downgrade to 160 or 170 i think..06:29
unkmarardchoille: that is probably the best for SVG stuff.06:29
landryGammaX: only 2.6.28-13 boots?06:30
KenBW2agorist: i'm not familiar with illustrator06:30
ardchoilleagorist: ^^06:30
unkmaragorist: gimp is more the photoshop speed.06:30
d4rkfe4rAhh, ill give that the 'ol college try06:30
agoristKenBW2: How about a good program for mounting ISO images - a gui tool?06:30
Out_Coldi have an 8600 gt i think.... i don't use the nvidia box too much06:30
GammaXlandry: the others either hang or the screen continuously glitches and I can not do anything.06:30
leaf-sheepagorist: Right-click the ISO and mount it.06:30
unkmarKenBW2: photoshop = raster/pixels.  illustrator = vectors/lines and curves.06:30
agoristKenBW2 - Illustrator is for creating 2d art/cartoon/drawing, etc.06:30
Out_Coldalthough ATI sucks with support, i seem to get more out of my ATIs than my nvidias06:31
agoristunkmar - yearh, gimp came with ubuntu. I like it.06:31
d4rkfe4rI hate ATI06:31
KenBW2agorist: i always use terminal commands06:31
Out_Coldbut they work ;)06:31
KenBW2unkmar: thanks06:31
agoristWho makes the best OS X Doc type app?06:32
ardchoille!best | agorist06:32
ubottuagorist: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:32
unkmaragorist: you don't need to mount ISO's very often.  can usually just use the gnome archive viewer program.  I don't remember it's name.  I just doulble click from nautilus06:32
keppiGammaX: so liveboot doesn't work?06:32
GammaXlandry: Also when I go to update manager it says not all updates can be installed, when I run a partial upgrade it says could not calculate the upgrade you have held broken pachages...06:32
d4rkfe4ri use "mount" to mount iso06:32
GammaXkeppi: have no insterted the live cd yet, ive only done an online system update from 9.04 UE06:33
agoristardchoille - thanks.06:33
zcat[1]unkmar:  fileroller.. there's also an iso mounter package somewhere06:33
keppiGammaX:  I had broken packages when I installed too.  Ended up doing a clean install and everything worked fine.06:34
agoristLet me put it this way, can anyone suggest an OS X Doc type app for me? I don't know of any, but I know they exist.06:34
zcat[1]then they're just like a dmg image in osx06:34
Out_Coldugh.... people who upgrade then get broken systems whine too much... fresh installs are the way to go people..06:34
GammaXkeppi: I realy enjoy having the ultimate edition... Runs excellent! I guess I have to do a clean isntall... :(06:34
d4rkfe4rOut_Cold, how do you suggest I downgrade?06:34
GammaXOut_Cold: Im not whining... im trying to fix the problem.06:35
KenBW2Out_Cold: i agree with you on that, but ive always wondered why *should* upgrades cause problems any more than apt-get upgrades?06:35
keppiGammaX:  try the live CD first06:35
GammaXkeppi:  Roger that. Thanks ill be back to give u an update. Later06:35
keppiGammaX:  good luck06:36
vossken, It shouldnt, but upgrades should come LATER not at the same time as new versions, upgrade versions should be bug tested and stabilized06:36
agoristI notice that there are a few ways to install flash. 1) DL from Adobe, 2) install gnash, 3) Install non-free installer form synaptic , 4) install ubuntu-restricted-extras -- Which do you prefer/suggest for a new user?06:36
Out_Coldd4rkfe4r, just remove the 180 and install >18006:36
KenBW2agorist: ubuntu-restricted-extras pulls non-free anyway so theyre the same06:37
KenBW2voss: care to rephrase that?06:37
unkmaragorist: I had best luck with the Adobe version if I remeber properly.06:37
d4rkfe4rHehe ok06:37
vossken, upgrade versions need to be tested more than fresh installs.06:38
agoristKenBW2 - ahh, ok. thanks, I was wondering about that. -- unkmar: really? So can I install the ubuntu-restricted-extras w/ out non-free flash ??06:39
Out_Coldif you make a good partition scheme with a separate /, /home, /boot, and so on, installing a new release takes on a real easy task...06:39
KenBW2voss: in theory, isn't a dis-upgrade the same as apt-get upgrading *all* packages? IE the same as swapping Jaunty repos with Karmic ones?06:39
Out_Coldsame with aptoncd06:39
deviant-routehas anyone had any problems with flash when viewing youtube videos in fullscreen? mine lags alot06:39
evilGUIHello, does anyone in here know anything about ALSA and pulseaudio?06:39
macoevilGUI: depends what you want to know06:39
evilGUII'm getting this bug in virtualbox http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/285806:39
Out_ColdevilGUI, i know everything and nothing06:39
macoevilGUI: and how much of my brain you expect to function at this time of night06:40
keppideviant-route:  yeah, but my computer is really old06:40
evilGUIThe guy in the thread said a workaround is to create a .asoundrc06:40
deviant-routekeppi, how old?06:40
keppideviant-route:  how did you install flash?06:40
vossken, in theory yes06:41
macoevilGUI: oh. i know nothing about vbox audio stuff06:41
keppideviant-route:  AMD 3800 (1.5 GHz)06:41
deviant-routekeppi, ubuntu-restricted-extras06:41
vosskeppi, whats your motherboard?06:41
evilGUIah, anyway I added this http://pastebin.com/m331848a1 which seems to have done nothing.06:41
keppivoss:  I have no idea.  But it's running an ATI radeon AGP card06:42
evilGUIUbuntu has all of the pulse plugins etc out of the box correct?06:42
KenBW2voss:  so what goes wrong06:42
keppideviant-route:  I know installing flash thru firefox installs the wrong one and is slow.06:42
agoristKenBW2: is it possible to install ubuntu-restricted-extras without installing the flash portion. PS - what do you think about Adobe's version of flash for linux. PS I'm running x6406:43
vossSomething new clashes unexpectedly with something old.06:43
spOi do patch < patchfile  and patch says it cannot find the file to patch .... but I am at the base directory ... diff --git ffmpeg-r19281/libavcodec/g729data.h ffmpeg-r19281_v181/libavcodec/g729data.h   .... i am at the base whereas if i did cd ffmpeg-r19281  i would go into that directory. I don't undrestand why patch doesn't work right06:43
deviant-routekeppi, really? i did not know that06:43
antraxsomeone know how i can read a memory address?06:43
KenBW2agorist: ive never had a problem with the Flash from the URE package06:43
keppideviant-route:  I tried that method before doing the restricted extras06:44
vossThe adobe flash plug in for linux installs easily and works fine06:44
KenBW2agorist: flashplugin-non-free *is* from Adobe you know06:44
deviant-routekeppi, what method worked best for you06:44
vossI install mine from the adobe website06:45
keppideviant-route:  the restricted extras.  in the others I had problems running flash in a window06:45
deviant-routevoss, whats your system specs06:45
agoristKenBW2: Oh, ok. So is the same as the Adobe version on their website? Will URE automatically instally the x64 version?06:45
KenBW2voss: any reason?06:45
KenBW2agorist: i dont know about x6406:45
vossI have a dual core laptop and an nvidia 8200 chipset06:45
KenBW2agorist: assumedly, but i'd check06:45
keppivoss:  dang, I'll trade ya06:46
alfa119hey I am having issues with upgrading to 9.1 from 9.04 : install has stalled out at: rndc: connect failed: connection refused, any ideas?06:46
antraxsomeone know about programing in C06:46
McLovinby default the download from adobe website only downloads thex86 32bit06:46
agoristDoes anyone know if ubunt-restricted-extras installs x64 version of codecs ??06:46
vosskeppi, My laptop cost less than $50006:46
keppivoss:  where at?06:47
vosskeppi newegg06:47
keppivoss:  I'll have to start saving ;)06:47
deviant-routevoss, i guest if your not runnig a system with dual core and a good graphic card flash wont work properly06:47
totally_lost_useI've been having an issue with the last two releases of Ubuntu, every once in a while when I copy a file to a folder the contents of that folder don't load unless I re-boot my computer at which time they appear again as they should. Any ideas? Any associated bug report?06:48
zilla1I just installed 9.04, loading for the first time, and it is taking *forever*. On decent (c. 2002-current) hardware. I'm on a Mobo that requires special drivers for the SATA drive. It took a long time to load into grub, and when it did, it got to the "Boot from... ", and its now just sitting. Not sure if it will boot actually. Google didn't bring me this exact problem. Anything sound familiar?06:48
keppideviant-route:  do you have graphics acceleration?:06:48
unkmarwhen will my hibernate be restored?  Doesn't work in my current version.06:48
deviant-routekeppi, nope06:48
alfa119hey I am having issues with upgrading to 9.1 from 9.04 : install has stalled out at: rndc: connect failed: connection refused, any ideas?\06:49
deviant-routekeppi, it only lags when i'm watching videos online in fullscreen06:49
=== lengend|afk is now known as lengend
McLovinagorist, medibuntu repos has them06:49
unkmarI am running 9.04 when will I get my hibernate back?06:51
vossalfa119, is a loopback address06:51
macounkmar: cant really say. its not like it breaks on all hardware at once06:51
macounkmar: are you saying it used to work?06:51
keppideviant-route:  on HD videos or all?06:51
unkmarit worked under, fluxbuntu 7.1006:52
gOLDfeeshis there a place in the system that caches packages? I'm trying to update my limewire but it keeps saying I'm downloading 5.206:52
vossalfa, you might need to set the ip address to that of the download server06:52
deviant-routekeppi, on all06:52
unkmargOLDfeesh: yes, there is.06:52
macogOLDfeesh: all packages are downloaded to /var/cache/apt/archives06:52
unkmargOLDfeesh: you can remove and then purge.06:52
gOLDfeeshunkmar, how would I do that06:52
keppideviant-route:  what kind of processor?06:52
macogOLDfeesh: if your actual question is "why is it grabbing this old version?" run "sudo apt-get update" then "sudo apt-cache policy limewire" to see what versions are available in your repositories06:53
=== john is now known as Guest58772
vosskeppi, are you using a desktop?06:53
unkmarwell, maco also told you the location,  you could simply remove the limewire files.06:53
zilla1Huh, it booted up no problem in recovery mode. Odd, but I'm investigating.06:53
keppivoss:  yes06:53
vosswhat type of video card pci-e?06:53
keppivoss:  AGP06:54
agoristMcLovin - thanks, so medibuntu repository has ubuntu restricted extras from x64 ?? Is that whay you're saying...jus makin sure i follow06:54
keppivoss:  Radeon 7000 series06:54
macounkmar: any idea on which release it broke? you're going to need to narrow it down a LOT to find what broke it. there've been...10 kernel versions since 7.1006:54
McLovinagorist, yep06:54
deviant-routekeppi, intel centrino 1.70 GHz06:55
macounkmar: start with figuringout if it was 8.04, 8.10, or 9.04 that first failed06:55
totally_lost_useNo one can point me to any info on folders not showing contents after a file transfer? It has happened enough to me on several computers and versions that I thought it was a common problem.06:55
spO i do patch < patchfile  and patch says it cannot find the file to patch .... but I am at the base directory ... diff --git ffmpeg-r19281/libavcodec/g729data.h ffmpeg-r19281_v181/libavcodec/g729data.h   .... i am at the base whereas if i did cd ffmpeg-r19281  i would go into that directory. I don't undrestand why patch doesn't work right06:55
macospO: perhaps wrong patch level?06:55
McLovinagorist, it has them for x64 I just did the update 2 days ago off medibuntu06:55
macospO: -p0?06:55
keppideviant-route:  hey, we're on the same boat.06:55
unkmarmaco: I ran 7.10 until the repository moved. Then i broke my 7.10. so I was left with 2 options.  8.04 or 9.04.  I was not going to do the 8.10.  So, I have 9.04.  I can tell you what my system is.06:56
spOmaco, why do i need -p0 if i am at the base?  --git ffmpeg-r19281/libavcodec/g729data.h   < -- you see that.. there is no / at the very front06:56
unkmarmaco: Dell Inspiron 8200.06:56
agoristMcLovin - how do I add medibuntu repository -- so you suggest the package sfrom medibuntu? Everything is working for ya?06:56
deviant-routekeppi,ha what brand laptop you using?06:56
macounkmar: the only way to find out what caused it to break is to figure out when it broke, then narrow down further from there til you find the exact kernel commit that did it06:56
TrentonI just installed ubuntu 9.10 and I cant manage to install anything in the software manager06:56
McLovinagorist, just a min ill get a link06:56
macospO: because im pretty sure -p1 is default06:57
agoristMcLovin - thanks06:57
keppideviant-route:  mine's a desktop.  Athlon 3800 I recently upgraded the chip from a duron processor :)06:57
TrentonThe Install button is not clickable.06:57
McLovinagorist, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu06:57
deviant-routekeppi, nice06:57
spOthanks maco06:57
McLovinagorist, this is the package info. w64codecs06:58
McLovinProprietary codec binaries, x86_64 version.06:58
vosskeppi, what socket?06:58
keppideviant-route:  it runs a lot smoother in XP06:58
unkmarwow, I just did an update and upgrade and.. wow, I've been lagging.06:58
TrentonI just installed ubuntu 9.10 and I cant manage to install anything in the software manager06:59
TrentonThe Install button is not clickable.06:59
keppivoss:  hold on...  I'll check06:59
deviant-routekeppi, have you tested it with windows 7?06:59
keppideviant-route:  no, I haven't put this box on win707:00
d4rkfe4rdamn it07:00
d4rkfe4rim still having issues with my monitor07:00
keppisocket 462 SiS 730 motherboard.  My bad...  It's a Athlon 1800 not 380007:01
deviant-routekeppi, my lappy is a toshiba satalite m40/m45 series it ran poorly on xp, but blazing fast with ubuntu07:01
macod4rkfe4r: language07:01
Blue1how do I dismount an msdos device? sudo -f /umount /dev/<device> doesn't work?07:02
Blue1no / in front of umount of course07:02
agoristMcLovin - I added the medibuntu repository...so I should install w64codecs ?? Is that the same as restricted extras?07:03
mcurranumount /dev/fd007:03
keppideviant-route:  ubuntu 9.10 runs slower on my box then XP.  Dunno why.07:03
McLovinagorist, yes07:03
SahkolihaaWould anyone know why, when starting the system monitor, it and dbus-daemon start using high CPU usage? I'm on Xubuntu 9.10 (tried #xubuntu but didn't get any help there)07:03
Blue1mcurran: not a floppy -- usb device iow sudo umount /dev/sdb2 says device busy --- I did a sync before the umount....07:04
keppideviant-route:  I can even run youtube full screen and it's not as laggy.07:04
DannyOk I am having a problem chosing from between ubuntu and mint07:04
deviant-routekeppi, the default install or with the compiz eyecandy?07:04
zaoul1Hi, where is the definitive location where TERM is set? Globally. Here is the thing also, /etc/profile iirc would be the spot but that is reading /etc/bash.bashrc, and I am using zsh not bash, there is also a code to read /etc/profile.d/* but the only file in there is gvfs-bash-completion.sh, so once again where is TERM being set at? Its not in my ~/.zshrc07:05
zaoul1I just hate redundant settings07:05
vosskeppi, time to get a new motherboard! :) That stuff is ancient :)07:05
=== Berzerker- is now known as Berzerker
unkmarzaoul1: grep TERM /etc/* -r     Just a suggestion.07:06
ZykoticK9Anyone have a solution to crappy/cracking sound in karmic with games?  quake4/doom3?07:06
vosskeppi, youtube is flash07:06
keppivoss:  yeah...  But it works.  It's just a test box anyways.07:06
aymanneed to help for convert avi to rmvb  pleas07:07
SahkolihaaNo one knows then? :/07:07
aymanhelp pleas07:07
vosskeppi a linux box doesnt need to be pricy, a $50 motherboard will have an nvidia 8200 chipset which will run most video just fine.07:07
unkmarSahkolihaa: I don't even know what you have asked.07:07
SahkolihaaRepeat: Would anyone know why, when starting the system monitor, it and dbus-daemon start using high CPU usage? I'm on Xubuntu 9.10 (tried #xubuntu but didn't get any help there)07:08
deviant-routekeppi, i'm still on jaunty because i dont see i reason to upgrade to karmic right now07:08
unkmarSahkolihaa: oh, no, I don't know.07:08
aymanany body help me07:08
SahkolihaaI'm probably going to have to file a bug. *sigh*07:08
keppideviant-route:  my box broke when i upgraded to Karmic07:08
agoristMcLovin - ubuntuguide.org says that Restricted Extras installs Flash, Java, Firefox Plugins, Microsoft Fonts, mp3 encoding, FFMpeg, Gstreamer extras, etc, and w32 or w64codecs. What I want to do is make SURE that i get the 64 bit codecs/extras/plugins. Do you know a way I can do this?07:08
keppideviant-route:  I had to do a clean install07:09
vossdeviant, karmic doesnt have any really compelling upgrades07:09
agoristMcLovin - I mean, do you know how I can be sure I'm getting 64 bit codecs and plugins?07:09
vossIf openoffice 3.1  and firefox 3.5 were backported to jaunty I wouldnt even bother07:09
agoristMcLovin - maybe I should just install these extras individually, eh? What do you think?07:10
aymanhow to convert avi to rmvb on ubuntu karmic koala07:10
deviant-routekeppi, ive never tried to do a upgrade before. I alway do a clean install07:10
deviant-routevoss, me too07:10
draconisagorist, I can't recall, but I think Flash in the repositories is still Flash 9, you have to install Flash 10 for amd64 manually07:11
unkmarmy last upgrade forced a clean install.  I managed to keep my /home.07:11
vossdeviant, I use karmic on my desktop and it works okay. I use mint 7 on my laptop, thats based on jaunty\07:11
agoristdraconis -- ok, thanks. that makes a difference. I will download them from Adobe then.07:11
RPG_MasterHi, I am trying to install the drivers for my buddy's Everex stepnote, and it involves installing some drivers that aren't in the repos. I think its the closed source 3d drivers that are supposed to go along with the openchrome 2d drivers... So would anyone know if there is a repo I can add to synaptic and if not can anyone help me install it manually?07:11
keppiI upgraded from gusty through jaunty with no problems07:11
zaoul1I gues I could put a /etc/profile.d/term.sh, with TERM=xterm-colors25607:11
zaoul1...ugh this is like going to the community college for a hair cut07:11
draconisagorist, don't even bother with w64codecs until you run into something that needs it. I haven't seen any file that required it07:12
murchersonSahkolihaa: I know there was an issue with the value updates returning falsely high numbers07:12
tmadehello, i´m using kubuntu 9.10 and i can´t get my proxy working - i´ve configured it within "system settings" on kde . any hints?07:12
vosskeppi, because your machine is really old. really old machines have very stable drivers07:12
deviant-routevoss, i've never tried mint before, but i have heard good reviews about it07:12
=== arooni________a is now known as arooni
keppivoss:  :> see, something good of it07:12
arand_agorist: make sure to get the one from adobe labs, putting it into ~/.mozilla/plugins .07:12
Sahkolihaamurcherson: I'm about to check launchpad anyway and file a bug if I don't already see it there.07:12
McLovinagorist, well the x64 package from medibuntu covers just about everything and there is also the non-free-codecs package. you will have to forgive me as im getting a little bit lost now s to what you are exactly looking to do as those 2 package cover everyyhing07:12
keppii tried mint for a little bit07:13
vega-where is upstart documentation?07:13
vossdeviant, linux mint is ubuntu with fixes and enhancements and cleaned up.07:13
aymanpleas any body help me here07:13
vega-!ask | ayman07:13
ubottuayman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:13
aymanhow to convert avi to rmvb07:14
mcurranMint has more codecs and more apps out-of-the-box also07:14
mcurranlooks cooler07:14
RPG_Masterso, no one knows?07:14
deviant-routevoss, you mean a more clean look?07:14
mcurranand is just better overall07:14
Blue1ayman: no idea never heard of rmvb07:14
agoristMcLovin - I just don't want to install two packages that conflict if they both contain the same codecs/plugins07:15
keppimint reminds me of gOS for some reason07:15
vossdeviant, its update method is more informative, it tells you how risky an update is on a 1-5 scale07:15
aymanwhat you donot know rmvb07:15
vega-ayman: use google: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62655107:15
murchersontmade: have you tried to config it with your browser direct07:15
deviant-routevoss, ok07:15
vega-ayman: ayman rmvb is proprietary closed crap, don't think you will find any linux utils easily07:15
* unkmar tosses his cookies.07:16
sharpen047anyone know how to make an ad-hoc network in karmic? guides arent working so far...07:16
agoristarand - I put this ~/.mozilla/plugin in terminal and it said /home/USERNAME/.mozilla/plugins: No such file or directory07:16
aymanwhy sir07:16
vega-what do you mean why?07:16
deviant-routekeppi, what do you think about the google chromium os?07:16
tmademurcherson: no i haven´t.. it doesn´t work if i configure it global?07:16
Meowpupre are we07:16
SahkolihaaGreat, now Xfce isn't accepting Chrome as my default browser even though it's set. \o/07:16
McLovinagorist, i understand what ur saying. if that is the case just install the codecs as you need them. thats probally your best bet because now that you mention it im having a bit of a clashing problem with a few codecs07:16
Meowpuplinux mint 8 was it07:16
=== l is now known as Guest84935
unkmarsharpen047: if I could, it would be cli based.07:16
agoristMcLovin - Ok07:16
Guest84935I just burned a ubuntu cd and i am ready to install it but before i do i have a question07:17
vossAlso it has the start bar on the bottom and its a bit better organized07:17
murchersontmade: I was wondering if that was the problem. Start with browser and configure it and see if that works07:17
Blue1go guest07:17
keppideviant-route:  looks like it'd work good as a kiosk os.  Haven't tried it though07:17
Guest84935will i be given the option to not install grub07:17
mcurranhow do you switch server from this bar07:17
Leoneof`suppose someone dont have internet connection, then how to install programs without connection? Ubuntu used internet mostly :|07:17
vossmeowpup, linux mint 8 has not been released yet07:17
mcurranrc1 has07:18
maco!aptoncd | Leoneof`07:18
ubottuLeoneof`: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline07:18
tmademurcherson: i read some threads on google concerning proxy seetings and problems on kde4...but those are 1 years old and now it should work!?07:18
arand_agorist: you download the libflashplugin.so file from adobe labs, and put it in that folder (create the plugins folder if it doesn't exist), make sure not to have any other flash/gnash/sfwdec installed and then restart firefox and it should run properly on 64bit flash07:18
Blue1Guest84935: no I think it will install grub by default - what is your fear of grub?07:18
macoLeoneof`: there are also companies out there selling DVD sets of the repositories07:18
tmademurcherson: i´ll try07:18
mcurranI'm running Helena RC1 with 2.6.31-15-generic kernel07:18
mcurranworks pissa07:18
Meowpupvoss: the rc has07:18
vossmcurran, how well does it work?07:18
Guest84935I would much prefer to boot froma floppy07:18
McLovinagorist, at first i was under the impression that you just needed them all and you would of sorted it out laster. my bad. but there is a good thing about adding medibuntu to the list. there is a hot babe stripper cpu temp gauage on there lol07:18
d4rkfe4rBoot from floppy07:19
mcurranIt seems faster than karmic RC1, but it could be m07:19
mcurrananyone know how to switch servers from here07:19
Blue1Guest84935: I guess you could do that - but it will install grub by default --07:19
vossmcurran, mint rc1 has nothing to do with karmic rc1. mint rc1 is actually karmic plus 3 weeks07:19
anonmatirmcurran: what kind of servers ?07:19
murchersontmade: start at the beginning and open network tools and see if you can make contact, then take it from there would be my suggestion07:19
anonmatiri am leaving on a jet plane..07:20
Guest84935ok then if there is no choice to boot from floppy or usb during the install. Is my old mbr backed up so i can restore it after the first boot?07:20
tmademurcherson: i tried to configure it in konqueror and it leads me to the same menu (system settings).other browser isn´t installed yet07:20
Blue1Guest84935: who said you can't boot from the cd?07:21
keppiGuest84935:  can't you boot from CD?07:21
=== Guest84935 is now known as somename
deviant-routekeppi, what file system would you recommend for /boot07:21
Leoneof`maco: oh i didn't know, thank you :)07:21
wgrantGuest84935: You can elect to not install GRUB (using the Advanced button at the end of the installer).07:21
somenameyesi can07:21
sharpen047anyone know how to make an ad-hoc network in karmic? guides arent working so far...07:21
wgrantsomename: However, your fear of installing GRUB is very probably irrational.07:21
somenamebut i mean boot the system after install not the install process itself07:21
keppisomename:  why not boot from CD then?07:21
somenamefor everyday use07:21
vossgrub is an example of bad linux marketing.07:21
tmademurcherson: how to open network tools? i´m new on kubuntu07:21
mcurrani want to connect to a new irc server from here, so would I type for instance /server irc.spotchat.org or something else07:21
Blue1mcurran: that would work yes...07:22
tmademurcherson: where is the setup saved in(file)?07:22
murchersontmade: System->Administration->Network tools07:22
keppiwgrant:  yeah but if you don't install GRUB then you'll need something like lilo to boot07:22
anonmatirmcurran: generallt /server .. wil do .. do u want to connect to a different network .. and what is ur client?07:22
RPG_Masteranyone here know about openchrome?07:23
CodeBlockif I grab mini.iso, and don't select command-line install (just regular install), is that basically a full netinstall (regular ubuntu, with X11 and all?)07:23
macomcurran: /server will disconnect you from this one and connect you to the new one07:23
RPG_MasterAnd if its able to do 3d?07:23
macomcurran: /connect if you want to be connected to both at once07:23
mcurranit says unknown command07:23
macoCodeBlock: yes07:23
keppiRPG_Master:  chrome os?07:23
CodeBlockmaco: alrighty, thanks :)07:23
vossI think the only worse name if you had a windows bootloader called WORM :(07:23
tmademurcherson: inside "system" there´s no "administration". or do you talk about knetworkmanager? if yes...doesn´t work07:23
anonmatirmcurran: client?07:24
macovoss: well its GRand Unified Bootloader07:24
RPG_Masterkeppi: nope, and FOSS GPU driver07:24
mcurranwell I'm using pidgin right now instead of xchat, so maybe that's why my commands aren't working07:24
macotmade: murcherson is assuming gnome since youre here not in #kubuntu07:24
vossmaco, GRUB sounds like something infects meat07:24
macomcurran: oh yeah pidgin lacks a few of the / commands07:24
keppiRPG_Master:  ah...07:25
mcurranI want to try to connect to the linuxmint-chat channel on irc.spotchat.org i believe07:25
macovoss: meat? i thought grubs were in the lawn07:25
tmademaco: ah..thanks.07:25
McLovinvoss, well GRUB is better than mutt07:25
deviant-routekeppi, did you see my last msg?07:25
ZykoticK9somename, installing grub2 to a floppy seems a little crazy to me personally, but there does seem to be others that wanted to do the same as you, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130547507:25
McLovinvoss, i mean with the name07:25
vossmaco, It just doesnt sound like something id want in my computer even though I already do07:25
tmademaco: there´s a big differnce between ubuntu and kubunto except the desktopmanager?07:26
macotmade: all the default applications are different07:26
keppideviant-route:  sorry, missed it...  file system?  ext3?07:26
macotmade: the menus are different07:26
vossWhy not just call it UBL (unified bootLoader)07:26
vega-tmade: base is identical07:26
macotmade: pretty much the entire graphical interface is different07:26
macotmade: only the command line is the same07:26
mcurranHow would you change the server in pidgin then, because ubuntu came up automatically07:26
tmademaco: vega- anyway should be a big deal to get proxy working!?07:27
vossor uniboot07:27
deviant-routekeppi, someone recommeded me to use ext2 for /boot07:27
macomcurran: you add it as another acount07:27
Spixxmcurran: you can add more by adding another "instance" of irc in "account > manage account"07:27
vossoh well nite07:27
somenameIs there any options at all about the bootloader during the install proccess? I would be happy to not have any bootloader installed and then I could make a lillo floppy mfself07:27
somenamedone it a few times years ago07:27
kid-kuruptanyone know how to force jaunty *.deb packages in karmic (keep getting that later version is installed)07:27
macotmade: system settings -> network settings -> proxy07:27
deviant-routegnite foss07:27
keppideviant-route:  I've always used ext3.  There's ext4 now07:27
Spixxsomename: last thing before installation you can choose07:27
bidossessiyeah, an advice. i intend to mutliboot 3 OSes. how big should my /boot be?07:28
tmademaco:  i alread set it there..but it doesn´t work07:28
somenamecool thanks07:28
macotmade: oh. log out & in?07:28
tmademaco: i did07:28
kid-kuruptanyone know how to install jaunty *.deb packages in karmic? (keep getting that later version is installed)07:28
macotmade: boo i wonder if you found a bug then07:28
anonmatirkid-kurupt: should have something  to do with ur allowed software sources.. u should get it in adminstration under system07:28
wgrantkid-kurupt: Why?07:28
agoristarand_ in x64 ubuntu does the synaptic package manager automatically give you x64 packages?07:28
Spixxsomename: that is "advanced" or similar little button on the summary screen right before the install starts07:28
macokid-kurupt: you want to downgrade?07:28
macoagorist: yes07:29
Spixxmcurran: does it work :D?07:29
UbuntoJOwhat IRC clients can someone recommend?07:29
anonmatirmany UbuntoJO07:29
macoUbuntoJO: i use quassel, but for gnome i like xchat-gnome07:29
tmademaco: do you know in which file the setup ist saved in?07:29
somenameok i will install in advanced mode07:29
macoUbuntoJO: or for command line, i like irssi07:29
deviant-routekeppi, usally ise ext4 for /boot, but since ive been using ext2 my system boot alot slower07:29
kid-kuruptmaco, wgrant: not to downgrade, my ati packages seem to have a bug with suspend mode on my laptop, forums recommends downgrading those 2 packages and locking the version in synaptic07:29
Blue1UbuntoJO: irssi or xchat07:30
UbuntoJOI'm using Xubuntu 9.1007:30
anonmatirUbuntoJO: u need text or command line and windows or linix?07:30
anonmatirirssi or xchat07:30
McLovinUbuntoJO, XChat07:30
ZykoticK9UbuntoJO, i'd strongly recommend against xchat-gnome -- "xchat" is what i use but avoid the xchat-gnome!07:30
macoUbuntoJO: ok so if you want gtk stuff...again...xchat-gnome is my preference07:30
agoristmaco - thanks, because  there is no mention of x64 in the packages for flash. so i was worried ;-) last time I installed flash on a 64 bit ubuntu it didn't work very well, the video had tearing. Never got it figured out, and I thought it may have been a 32 bit plugin in a 64 bit firefox/ubuntu.07:30
UbuntoJOthanks...I'll check out irssi...using xchat now....haven't really looked at them07:30
macoZykoticK9: aw xchat-gnome has a much easier configuration window07:31
deviant-routeUbuntuJO, i would recommend irssi07:31
anonmatiri recomend against the default xchan-gnome on jaunty07:31
keppideviant-route:  ext2 has more limitations.  I think it's more prone to fragmentation as well.  You can defrag the ext2 system to see if it will boot faster07:31
macoagorist: oh well yes thats still the case07:31
macoagorist: 64bit flash is unreleased07:31
UbuntoJOXubuntu Karmic here...I'll look at them real quick....brb thanks07:31
macoagorist: but there are 32bit libraries for compatibility for 64bit and a bit of extra glue besides07:31
McLovinagorist, dept will read the kernel and only update based on the arc of the system07:31
macoagorist: which should be installed automatically07:31
deviant-routekeppi, yea i'll try doing that07:31
tmademaco: got it. dns does not work..i put in the ip :-) anyway i´d like to know in which place proxy setting is saved!?07:32
McLovinagorist, * adept i cant spell tonight07:32
macotmade: i dont know, sorry07:32
agoristmaco: what 32bit libraries are you talking about? Have you ever gotten flash to run right on a 64bit linux?07:32
tmadesomebody know in which file proxy settings are saved in?07:32
tmadeon kde07:33
macoagorist: itll automatically pull in ia32libs and nspluginwrapper and some other bits to make 32bit flash work on 64bit linux. and yes, thats what i use.07:33
deviant-routewell good night all07:33
macotmade: #kubuntu would be better. this is a gnome-centric channel07:33
agoristmaco - oh, so the 32bit libs are intalled automatically? Ok. Do you use the flashplugin-nonfree or flashplugin ??07:33
=== Berzerker is now known as ewrtkjwre
macoagorist: flashplugin-nonfree07:33
viki27Hello , when i used the command "pppoecof" to setup my dsl connection , and the dsl working great but now when i plug my computer to regular network (router) its not working ?07:33
tmademaco: thanks!07:33
=== ewrtkjwre is now known as Berzerker
agoristMaco - and you don't get tearing? Maybe I need a nice nVidia video card or something07:33
macoagorist: if you want a native 64bit flash that can at least handle youtube (but not necessarily flahs-based games), i like swfdec07:34
macoagorist: i have intel graphics. i dont know what you mean about tearing though07:34
macoagorist: i mean....most flash videos are simply encoded really really crappily07:34
agoristmaco - i don't do flash games, or games at all really. So I can use swfdec for x64? Would I have to unintall flashplugin-nonfree then?07:34
macoagorist: yes07:34
anonmatirny one ever converted avi to vob cd's and played on home dvd?07:35
agoristmaco - do know what tearing is?07:35
macoagorist: you mean bad graphics, where its kinda chunky instead of smooth?07:35
ZykoticK9anonmatir, check out the gui program devede - very cool07:35
macoagorist: i thought flash videos on youtube and such were just *always* like that07:35
macoagorist: to make the filesize smaller07:35
anonmatirZykoticK9: thanxs!07:36
agoristmaco - tearing is specifically where you get lines across the screen when cameras pan sideways quickly and the different chunks of the screen lose sync with each other.07:36
agoristmaco - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tearing_%28simulated%29.jpg07:36
macoagorist: ah ok, i dont think ive seen that07:37
UbuntoJOwent from xchat to xchat-gnome on Xubuntu Karmic....much better07:37
agoristmaco - BRB - thanks for ur help btw07:37
landryagorist:  hey I get that in youtube07:37
viki27Hello , when i used the command "pppoecof" to setup my dsl connection , and the dsl working great but now when i plug my computer to regular network (router) its not working ?07:38
leobotelhoHey everyone ! I need some help ! I've been trying to use the Ubuntu in the past seven months, but unfortunately no audio comes out my speakers !! I have a HP Pavilion DV3510 !!07:38
leobotelhoDoes anybody have any idea to solve this issue !?!?!07:39
somenamewill let you know how it goes:)07:39
ZykoticK9leobotelho, what audio card?  "lspci | grep -i audio" what version of Ubuntu?07:39
leobotelhoIntel HDA ITX07:40
ZykoticK9leobotelho, that's the output from "lspci | grep -i audio"?07:40
ahmedhi all can any body help me07:40
alabdGood day everyone  , sun-java-jre and openjdk both are installed how to say firefox to use openjdk ?07:40
leobotelhoI'm sorry not ITX !! Was IDT07:40
=== ahmed is now known as Guest56375
maxagazi can access a server via an address and a port, with password, so I've add my pub key using ssh-copy-id, now i can access the server from this way without password, but if i try to access the server from another address and port, it returns: Permission denied (publickey). Why?07:40
Guest56375help here for one munite07:41
leobotelhoZykotick, I'm not the hacker, and this is the main problem. I searched many forums around, and I tried many things, but even working on my best, the audio is still zero !!07:42
ZykoticK9!tab > leobotelho07:42
ubottuleobotelho, please see my private message07:42
disappearedngCan someone tell me what does the term "classification model" mean within the context for SaaS?07:42
ZykoticK9leobotelho, in a terminal run "lspci | grep -i audio" - if it is one line (and it probably will be), post it back in the channel, if it is multilined used Pastebin.  Also what version of Ubuntu are you using?07:44
bigmack83_i have an external hdd that ubuntu says may be failing.Disk Utility says that the reallocated sector count is bas as well as current pending sector count. tryign to mount the partition tells me to log into windows and run fdisk /f to try and fix the partition. which didnt seem to work. anyone know of a way i can fix it? its a new hdd and *should* still be good.the error didnt crop up unitl i had already copied data to it so i know it07:44
bigmack83_did work07:44
Guest56375help here frome any body ther please07:44
macobigmack83_: new does not imply good07:44
=== asd is now known as Guest35220
leobotelhoI'm using the 9.10, but the 8.04 was the same07:44
=== Jay_ is now known as arche
macobigmack83_: frequently, hard drives either go when very new or when very old and not so much in the middle07:45
leobotelhomy lspci shows me the follow:07:45
leobotelho00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)07:45
bigmack83_maco, yea i know its possible to get a bad hdd, but i was using it before. so i feel as if it could be an error that can be corrected07:45
bigmack83_yea true07:45
macobigmack83_: if the sectors are bad, backup now and get it replaced under warranty07:45
macobigmack83_: i think its like < 1yr or > 5yr as most common ages for disks to go07:46
leobotelhoAnd in the 9.10 I saw a difference, the ALSA comes with a question mark "?" !! I can't really work on it !!07:46
macoleobotelho: that line from lspci is useles07:46
archeis there any software for ubuntu that will recover/remove a password on a word document?07:46
bigmack83_maco, well thats the problem. i cant access it. so I cant copy the data off of it. it was only to store media and other random files so its not my OS07:47
agoristlandry: yeah, that's called tearing. I hate it. It is usually cause by software. Like flash plugins.07:47
=== kb is now known as Guest22274
ZykoticK9leobotelho, did you clean/fresh install 9.10?07:47
imprintHow do I install expressgate to my asus board after ubuntu has already been installed?07:47
leobotelhoI uninstall the 8.04, and then I install the 9.10.07:47
macobigmack83_: well if its not worth the $1000 itd take to do data restoration...just send it for warranty replacement07:47
ZykoticK9leobotelho, like upgraded?07:48
macoleobotelho: did 8.04 work? and have you checked that nothing is mute/0?07:48
macoleobotelho: in alsamixer, check that stuff. very common confusion07:48
=== APERSON is now known as aperson
=== zz_kiwifunk is now known as kiwifunk
leobotelhoNot. I really removed it and after removed I install the new version. I did it because I thought I could get the audio issue solved !!07:48
agoristmaco - so I thought SWF files were for games, not videos? Do I have that backwords/07:49
leobotelhoNothing is mute07:49
macoagorist: swf is just a flash container07:49
macoagorist: it can contain a flv or a game or whatever07:49
ZykoticK9leobotelho, does it list your card with "aplay -l"07:49
agoristmaco - so I shouldn't install SWF and FlashPlugin at the same time?07:49
Meowpuphey my synaptic is messed up it only has some of the files in it and they are all installed ones.07:50
ZykoticK9leobotelho, are you using WUBI?07:50
bigmack83_maco, lol forget 1k servicing. and i just bought it and i dont really feel like waiting for warranty. lol. i will more than likely just take it back and get a new one. just have to get new copies of some of my media07:50
macoagorist: no, pick one07:50
leobotelhoI'm sorry Zykorick, where I should check it ?!?!07:50
ZykoticK9!tab > leobotelho07:50
ubottuleobotelho, please see my private message07:50
leobotelhoI install from my windows, which I believe is WUBI07:50
ZykoticK9leobotelho, in a terminal type "aplay -l" and see if it lists your card07:50
leobotelho**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****07:51
leobotelhocard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: STAC92xx Analog [STAC92xx Analog]07:51
leobotelho  Subdevices: 1/107:51
leobotelho  Subdevice #0: subdevice #007:51
leobotelhocard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: STAC92xx Digital [STAC92xx Digital]07:51
FloodBot1leobotelho: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
leobotelho  Subdevices: 1/107:51
ZykoticK9!pastebin > leobotelho07:52
ubottuleobotelho, please see my private message07:52
d4rkfe4rtheres gotta be something wrong with my card07:52
bigmack83_maco, well anywho, thanks.07:52
imprintDoes anyone know anything about expressgate?07:52
d4rkfe4rAnyone dual monitor with nvidia?07:52
agoristmaco. Have you ever noticed that installing adobe's deb file is better/worse than apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ??07:52
Billiardagorist: ive found flashplugin-nonfree is better07:53
keppihi hum07:53
macoagorist: its the same deb, but if ou do it through the repositories you get the libraries necessary to make it work on 64bit07:53
agoristBilliard - thanks 4 ur input07:53
mneptokagorist: i386 or x86_64?07:53
leobotelhoI guess this is the result for the aplay07:53
Hum__can I ask question here?07:54
mneptokHum__: you just did.07:54
Hum__haha I see07:54
keppi!ask | Hum__07:54
ubottuHum__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:54
Hum__ok then07:54
Hum__anybody know how to install sun-java5-jdk on 9.10 ubuntu ?07:54
BilliardHum__: try the package manager?07:55
viki27maco:  when i used the command "pppoecof" to setup my dsl connection , and the dsl working great but now when i plug my computer to regular network (router) its not working ?07:55
Hum__I've read that sun has stopped to support jdk 5 as of 3 of november07:55
mneptokHum__: Java 6 will not work?07:55
leobotelhoI'm sorry for bother you Zykotick, but did you get my message?07:55
nexaceis there a free DVD player supported by ubuntu?07:55
keppihum__:  why not install java607:55
archeis there easy to use noob software for hard drive smart scanning?07:56
Hum__I need to compile android07:56
agoristmneptok - x6407:56
agoristmaco - oh, yeah, that's right.07:56
Hum__and the android NDK only builds on jdk 507:56
Billiardarche: "smart scanning"?07:56
mneptokagorist: i'd use the beta of the 64-bit plugin (and i do)07:56
macoviki27: i know nothing about pppoe stuff. i use cable internet.07:56
mneptokagorist: available only from Adobe07:56
d4rkfe4rIm trying to dual monitor on my GeForce 8800GT but the nvidia drivers software doesnt go up to 1280 x 1024 (thats the max res on both of my monitors) on one of my monitors but it does on the other.  So I switched the cables and now the res options have flipped.. is it possible that there is something wrong with one of my plugs on my card?07:57
nexaceis there a free DVD player supported by ubuntu?07:57
macoBilliard: smart, as in the hard disk diagnostics stuff07:57
nomad77!mplayer |nexace07:57
ubottunexace: mplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs07:57
d4rkfe4r!vlc |nexace07:57
ubottunexace: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs07:57
macoarche: smart-notifier07:57
archeBilliard, like scanning for bad sectors etc on my drives07:57
leobotelhoHey !! I'm sorry everyone !! But I got the floodsomething and I don't know if I'm still able to ask ?!?! Does anyone can keep trying helping me with my audio issue !?!?07:58
ZykoticK9leobotelho, yes i got your message(s), i've been googling without a lot of success i'm affraid.  I hope someone else in the channel reaches out to ya - cause i'm afraid I don't have anything at this time.  What scares me was searches with Wubi seemed to get quite a few "no sound" with your particular sound h/w.07:58
macoleobotelho: paste the output of the "amixer" command to paste.ubuntu.com07:58
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivelent of !pastebin . Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output. Simple usage: command-name | pastebinit07:59
agoristmneptok - did you need any dependency for flash 10.1 x64 beta?07:59
leobotelhoI put the amixer at http://paste.ubuntu.com/325929/07:59
songerhello, how can I install all the plug  like flash, java?07:59
mneptokagorist: nope.07:59
songerwhat's the  command?07:59
crazyoniHello all, I'm trying to install ubuntu 9.10 on a system that I worked with Ubuntu 9.04 until a week a go.08:00
nomad77!codecs > songer08:00
ZykoticK9maco, "amixer" to verify mute - very cool, will remember that one08:00
ubottusonger, please see my private message08:00
nexacewow i just installed mplayer for free and in less than 2 minutes08:00
nexacelong live linux08:00
d4rkfe4rSo I guess no one dual monitors using nvidia08:01
agoristmneptok - did you put the .so file in ~/.mozilla/plugins ??08:01
leobotelhoHonestly, I'm pretty sure it is not mute !! If it is, I can really see at the ALSA panel08:01
crazyoniNow I cannot install the 9.10 because the gui and my monitor cannot work together I'm getting an "out of sync" error message in my monitor, I tried two monitors and I've got the same issue, what seems to notice me that there is problem installing 9.10 with AGP Nvidia 760GT maybe? on VGA connection?08:01
songerok, thanks. I just got ubuntu 9.0408:01
songer and i want to upgrade to 9.10 < need to install first all updates?08:02
leobotelhoI found this online08:02
leobotelhoBut I tried and it didn't work !!08:03
AdvoWorkhow can I change a rename a user on ubuntu?i remember doing it before by changing user ids or similar?08:03
mneptokagorist: quite right08:04
mneptokagorist: then load about:plugins in Fx to activate it08:04
franklin1can't install any software and update in ubuntu server:-(08:04
agoristmneptok - I don't have a file called "plugins" in .mozilla - so just created, right?08:05
McLovinnight all08:06
songercrazyoni, try disconnecting your monitor en your instalation08:06
d4rkfe4rDoes anyone dual monitor with nvidia cards?08:07
mneptokagorist: only if you want Flash ;)08:07
mattcend4rkfe4r: I do08:07
d4rkfe4rMind if i pm you?08:08
mattcenNope, go ahead08:08
gasullHi.  I installed Xfce, but now every time I try to start a Xfce session it goes back to the Login Screen.  How can I fix this?  Thanks.08:08
snkcldi have a question08:09
snkcldim just sitting here, on my com08:09
snkcldand my sound is going up and down08:09
snkcldi dont know whats happeneing08:09
snkcldim not touching it08:09
FloodBot1snkcld: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:09
ZykoticK9!enter | snkcld08:09
ubottusnkcld: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:09
snkcldah ok sorry, bad habit08:09
Hum__How can I install sun-java5-jdk_1.5.0-06-1_i386.deb into my ubuntu?08:09
snkcld!enter | snkcld08:09
ubottusnkcld, please see my private message08:09
tech-mikesup peeps, just wondering if using the adobe flash 10.1 (which is x32 i think) is better than the x64 pre-release  ?08:10
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snkcld!enter | snkcld08:11
ubottusnkcld, please see my private message08:11
gasullHum__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java08:11
ZykoticK9Hum__, if you have the deb file just "sudo dpkg -i sun-java5-jdk_1.5.0-06-1_i386.deb"08:11
leobotelhoMy issue seems to be well known for those who have the this Intel HDA IDT 92x08:11
anonmatirany one know which variable/formater stores the filwe name like %tt -> track title %tn - track number .. what is for file name?08:12
Meowpuphi is the ubuntu server down atm08:12
leobotelhoBut I can't understand how it works when trying to fix the problem!!08:12
Hum__thank you for your kind answers08:12
Hum__I will try08:12
Meowpupi cant download anything or update properly and synaptic is broken08:12
gasullIs there any log where I can see why Xfce doesn't start?08:12
anonmatirMeowpup: what are u trying to do? download?08:13
=== wet-chan is now known as wet
archeanyone here familiar with how to install desklets from gnome-look.org >?08:13
d4rkfe4rMeowpup, i can apt-get fine08:13
Meowpupsudo spt-get update i get errors. this happened once when the server was down i asume its the same atm08:13
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:14
d4rkfe4rMeowpup, works fine for me08:14
Meowpupd4rkfe4r: what version you using08:14
anonmatirMeowpup: what are u trying to get ? some old un supported packaged that are blocked in ur secure source file?08:14
Meowpupi got ubuntu 9.0.408:14
d4rkfe4rmaybe they canceled support for your version08:14
d4rkfe4ror something08:15
Meowpupman if its that then ubuntu sux atm as its verry fast to obsolete the older version08:15
siocowizhow come my xchat-gnome does not download files?08:15
alabdwhat should be done after installing openjdk to have jre on firefox ?08:15
Meowpuphey 9.04 is the late version befor 9.1008:15
AdvoWorkhow can I change a rename a user on ubuntu?i remember doing it before by changing user ids or similar?08:15
alabdwhat should be done after installing openjdk to have jre on firefox ?08:15
MarkGilHi, I have a script that behaves funny on Ubuntu and Debian.   If it's launched ./myscript, it uses BASH, if someone uses sh ./myscript, it uses DASH (and breaks).  The first line of my script has; #!/bin/bash  What gives?08:15
Meowpupthat meand even ubuntu 9.04 based sidtros such as linux mint are out dated and mint 8 is not even out in full release yet.08:16
leobotelhoAm I crazy? Or I'm not having any "help" regarding my audio issue ?!?!08:16
leobotelhoI was so happy that someone was paying attention on me that I thought finally I would solve the issue08:17
Meowpupleobotelho: Do not ask to ask, just ask! We also ask that you not ask over and over again, if someone knows, they will respond. (So, yes, you may ask.)08:17
ZykoticK9MarkGil, what you said makes perfect sense.  if someone uses "sh ./myscript" they are specifically calling Dash (Ubuntu sh command)08:17
tech-mikesup peeps, just wondering if using the adobe flash 10.1 (which is x32 i think) is better than the x64 pre-release  ?08:17
MarkGilso the #!/bin/bash does nothing useful then?08:17
Meowpuphey has ubuntu stopped support for 9.04 now08:18
snkcldanything tht starts with # is a comment08:18
Meowpupanyone know08:18
Meowpupyes anything that starts with # is ignored08:18
DajagoAdvoWork: usermod -u <oldname> -l <newname> && mv /home/<oldname> /home/<newname> (from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=64021)08:19
billiard_junkee_Meowpup, anything but #!/bin/bash08:19
ZykoticK9MarkGil, it certainly does, when you just run "./myscript" it calls the correct interpreter BASH08:19
MarkGilSo I have to code a line to detect the interpreter and error if it's dash?08:19
Meowpupy is that08:19
MarkGilor not bash08:20
billiard_junkee_dunno, it just is08:20
ZykoticK9MarkGil, i guess so???  you might want to check with the #bash people08:20
sybariteni was recommended to use gdebi for a .deb file i am gonna DL08:20
sybaritenthis is a headless machine08:20
Meowpupbilliard_junkee_: are you saying that all 9,04 baised distros are nolonger supported except #!08:20
sybaritenwhen trying to install gdebi, it wants to get like 60 other packages....08:20
liudvikasHello, maybe anyone knows how to set title in gnome-terminal with command line in opened terminal tab? thnx08:21
billiard_junkee_Meowpup, tha does not compute08:21
Meowpupwell #! = chrunchbang linux08:21
ZykoticK9Meowpup, 9.04 is still supported!08:21
Meowpupy cant i sudo apt-get update then08:21
Meowpupits not just me having this problem today i seen a few others with it.08:22
Meowpuphow can i check if ubuntu repos are down08:22
alabdleaf-sheep: http://pastebin.com/m37fe86f708:22
leo1I'm sorry ! I returned with different name08:22
alabdwhat should be done after installing openjdk to have jre on firefox ? leaf-sheep08:22
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kbpDoes anyone here use Ubuntu with Intel ion nvidia 9400m? If yes could you please tell me where can I get a *working* driver for nvidia 9400m graphics. ty08:23
napster!welcome | miles9508:24
ubottumiles95: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!08:24
miles95any1 ?08:24
liudvikasmaybe anyone knows how to set title in gnome-terminal opened tab with command line?08:25
miles95i dont srry08:25
leo1My question is regarding the audio issue I have with my HP Pavilion DV3510, which has Intel HDA IDT 92x, and all checks I already ran is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/325929/, I'm really wishing in having some special help !!! All the forums I looked really didn't help me.08:27
agoristmneptok - so flash 10.1 x64 beta is working ok. I'm seeing tearing on all flash video. Tearing is what I was hoping to get rid of. ;( but thanks anyway.08:27
talsemgeestHi xmonad :)08:29
xmonadjust testing :)08:29
mattcenMeowpup: Just as a point of interest regarding support periods, here's the release cycle graph: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/ubuntu/release-cycle08:30
ZykoticK9agorist, you might want to try flash in Opera, watching to Google Wave youtube was crappy in Firefox and Chromium, but much better with Opera -- just something to think about08:30
sybaritenit seems as if gdebi requires a lot of X stuff, but it shouldnt be an X app AFAIK. Any ideas?08:30
sybaritenI mean, any ideas how i could install it with apt-get08:30
ZykoticK9sybariten, gdebi is Gnome i think08:31
sybaritenZykoticK9: oh08:31
tech-mikeagorist:  is 10.1 x64 or x32/86  ?08:32
jledermanhas anyone played the game "alien arena" ? i'm trying run it, but i'm a noob to ubuntu. I extracted into the directory of my choice successfully, and now the readme is saying to "type ./crx in the shell to run the game..." but when I do that i get "no such file or directory"08:32
ZykoticK9sybariten, do install a deb you downloaded use "sudo dpkg -i FILENAME.deb"08:32
jledermanalso, terminal is pointed towards the directory which I extracted the game to08:32
talsemgeestjlederman: You can install alienarena from the repositories, much easier than downloading it manually08:32
sinanhello everybody, anybody knows about the problem installing php5 on ubuntu 9.10?08:33
Meowpupmattcen: there wsi no standard release of ubuntu to.04 on that graff08:33
sinani am getting lots of errors about dependencies08:33
agoristtech-mike - the version I just installed is 10.1 x64 (I'm also running ubuntu amd64 and firefox 64bit)08:33
jledermantalsemgeest: good point, i was just experimenting with doing it the old school way and wondering what was going wrong08:33
agoristZykoticK9 - how do I install opera?08:33
talsemgeestsinan: Make sure your sources are up to date, and perhaps try a different server08:33
ZykoticK9agorist, enable the partner repository then "sudo apt-get install opera" or use synaptic08:34
talsemgeestjlederman: Does "ls" show up "crx"?08:34
tech-mikeagorist:  same here i just didnt read anything saying 10.1 was x64 i saw a mention of x86...i am currently using the v10 pre-release released back in july - do u recommend using the 10.108:34
sinanok talsemgeest, thank you, that was what i did not check, probably the servers in turkey are a bit buggy08:34
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talsemgeestsinan: Yeah, some servers do get a bit... off08:34
alabdhow can we use java that is installed manually for firefox? means that .bin has been downloaded ...08:34
miles95go to the ubuntu software center and look for the flash plugins and then it will work08:35
jledermantalsemgeest, it does. "/usr/local/games/alienarena7_32$ ./crx08:35
jlederman./crx: error while loading shared libraries: libjpeg.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:35
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Meowpupanyone knon how to fix ths error "sudo apt-get update08:36
MeowpupE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (2 No such file or directory)08:36
MeowpupE: Unable to lock the list directory"08:36
talsemgeestjlederman: Take a look at the readme, make sure you have installed all the dependancies08:36
ActionParsnip28yo yo yo08:36
mattcenMeowpup: well apparently that file or directory doens't exist. perhaps create it?08:36
jledermantalsemgeest: will do thanks for the info08:36
alabdmiles95: flash related to java ?08:36
talsemgeestjlederman: Happy to help :)08:36
tech-mikeagorist:  ?08:37
miles95o nvm srry read the wrong thing08:37
raj_guys anyone experiencing the crickling noise on their laptop? and you have HDA card .. tell me i can help i just figured it out :)08:37
azharcsHi guys, I am having some issues with my Acer Laptop wireless connection. Whenever i restart the computer, it works fine. but when it is idle, it disconnects and never reconnects unless again i restart08:37
Meowpupmatis it a file or folder ?????08:37
agoristZykotick9 - "Package opera is not available" after I enabled the partner repository ...?08:37
ZykoticK9agorist, did you "sudo apt-get update"?08:38
azharcsDoes anyone know, how to turn PowerManagement off in iwconfig08:38
agoristtech-mike - It's in beta. I just started using it. Works fine except for the tearing which seems to be common on all flash playback. (I don't know if it's just my system or what)08:38
ActionParsnip28azharcs: when it disconnects run: dmesg | tail   websearch anything interesting08:38
azharcswill try it,08:38
ActionParsnip28azharcs: i don't think you can. iwconfig is for wifi only, not power08:39
agoristZykotick9 -- still not available after running update ..?08:39
Meowpupmattcen: is it a file or folder ?????08:39
tech-mikeagorist:  do we need to use the installer rather than just placing the .so in ./mozilla/plugins ?08:39
azharcsActionParsnip28: yup but after reading some forum posts, it seems, after disabling power management, it stops disconnecting08:39
ActionParsnip28azharcs: you could try: man iwconfig    just incase08:39
mattcenMeowpup: I'm sorry to say I'm not sure; I'm not in ubuntu currently. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll boot my laptop and check.08:40
azharcswill try that and get back guys, power cut here. will come back and let u know if it worked08:40
ZykoticK9agorist, ? dunno man - it "should" be there08:40
azharcsThanks :)08:40
miles95can any1 tell me wat u do with a server08:40
agoristtech-mike -- I don't know. I just put the .so in plugins and it worked. (I didn't have flash installed previously)08:40
mederfor Jaunty - should I use postfix for a local SMTP server? if I try to install it there are issues and it wants me to install some exim mail package08:40
agoristtech-mike - worked after that.08:40
ActionParsnip28azharcs: maybe you need to disable acpi. you could just rmmod the driver, then modprobe it back in to restart the device08:40
mederwhat's a simple, preferred SMTP server that I should use for Jaunty basically?08:41
ActionParsnip28meder: there is no prefered server.08:41
ZykoticK9agorist, see for some alternatives https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser08:41
ActionParsnip28sorry for double post08:41
tech-mikeagorist:  me either - ive been using v10 which i just copied the .so to ./mozilla/plugins - but when i tried that with the 10.1 .so firefox didnt recognize it08:41
mederCan someone recommend a SMTP server08:41
mederis there a built-in one I can rely on?08:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smtpserver08:42
ubottuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html08:42
mattcenMeowpup: I usually use postfix myself; but it's really personal preference08:42
sharpen047hello all would someone mind helping me wiht sound? it keeps saying everying is "broken"i uninstalled pulse audio because it wasnt full duplex08:42
agoristtech-mike - So you didn't see any flashplugin in about:plugins08:42
jledermanthis will probably be solved with a restart, but is there anyway to force a volume to unmount? I'm getting this error "DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."08:42
talsemgeestmiles95: Anything you like :) It depends what kind of server you want to run08:42
mederso I already have exim408:42
miles95no like wat do they do like run programs or wat ?08:42
agoristZykotick9 - I'm getting this: Package opera is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or08:43
agoristis only available from another source08:43
talsemgeestmiles95: They are just normal computers, usually running software that "serves" other computers, like apache2 for webpages etc...08:43
mattcenMeowpup: OK so /var/lib/apt/lists/lock is a file that is empty by default, owned by root, primary group root, and permossions 64008:43
Billiardmiles95: servers provide things for clients, we are all connected to an irc server, when you goto a website they are running a web server, is taht what you are asking?08:43
ZykoticK9agorist, see for some alternatives https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser08:43
faderhvalHey :) was wondering if someone could help me out i've just installed ubuntu 9.10 and for some reason im only getting sound from my sub... i've tried various things like going through the alsamixer and messing with pulseaudio etc. but i can't seem to get it wokring08:43
Meowpupmattcen: i created what was missing and it workes again08:44
mattcenAwesome. Can't imagine why that happened08:44
sharpen047faderhval, do you have surround sound?08:45
faderhvalsharpen047, only a 2.1 stereo set08:46
ActionParsnip28faderhval: websearch for: ubuntu 5.1 sound   you'll find guides for telling the system t08:46
agoristZykotick9 - DL'ing from Opera website08:46
ActionParsnip28faderhval: that you have more speakers08:46
sharpen047faderhval, it sounds like a speaker problem, there is only one jack for all three speakers, the system doesnt know its 2.108:46
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
faderhvalthanks both of you i'll do a bit more googling :)08:47
zetheroo1this ppa is really bad ... extremely slow ... can anyone point me to another one with the same packages? http://ppa.launchpad.net/nvidia-vdpau/ppa/ubuntu08:47
nsgnhowdy. i'm trying to connect to an ad-hoc network using a script in 9.10. my issue is related to WEP08:48
sinantalsemgeest, i have a little question, i am still having the same trouble about apache&php508:48
talsemgeestsinan: Hmm, ok08:48
sinandoes anybody know what this means, dpkg: error processing libapache2-mod-php5 (--configure):08:48
sinan subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1008:48
SingAlonghi all08:48
nsgnif i use the line "sudo iwconfig eth1 key xxxxxxxx" i get "set failed...". if i exclude the line to put a key it creates an ad-hoc network that is broadcasted as being encrypted anyway08:48
SingAlongI followed the instructions here to upgrade from alternate CD http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading#Upgrading%20Using%20the%20Alternate%20CD/DVD08:48
nsgnwhat gives?08:49
SingAlongand I get an error with the mount command saying "specify file system"08:49
agoristZykotick9 - seems to have installed, but I can't find the program anywhere.08:49
SingAlongI followed the instructions here to upgrade from alternate CD http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading#Upgrading%20Using%20the%20Alternate%20CD/DVD and I get an error with the mount command saying "specify file system type"08:49
sharpen047can someone help me with sound?! please?08:49
ZykoticK9agorist, type opera in a terminal or alt+f208:50
BilliardSingAlong: did you check the md5 of your iso?08:50
SingAlongBilliard: nope!08:50
SingAlongBilliard: how do i do that. I downloaded it directed from the torrents.08:50
agoristZykoticK9 - I guess it didn't install bc it says it can't find it.08:50
miles95does any of the linux distros support touch screen ?08:50
BilliardSingAlong: it should be good from a torrent08:51
SingAlongmiles95: yes ubuntu :)08:51
agoristZykotick9 ran the install bash script.08:51
miles95rlly ?08:51
=== xomas_ is now known as xomas
ZykoticK9agorist, bash script?  it should be a DEB!08:51
BilliardSingAlong: try adding    -t iso9660   to the mount command08:51
miles95will it work on a ps touch tablet08:51
zetheroo1this ppa is really bad ... extremely slow ... can anyone point me to another one with the same packages? http://ppa.launchpad.net/nvidia-vdpau/ppa/ubuntu08:52
SingAlongBilliard: wrong fstype is the error now08:52
BilliardSingAlong: check the md5 i guess08:52
BilliardSingAlong: md5sum file.iso   i think08:52
simplexi1miles95: no knowledge, but i would quess that you can get it work, how easily is another question08:52
agoristZykoticK9 - During a second install it got : User "USERNAME" does not have write access to /etc System wide configuration files08:53
ZykoticK9agorist, get the DEB!08:53
BilliardSingAlong: compare it to these http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/MD5SUMS08:53
mattcenSingAlong: You should be able to grab the MD5sum file from that url that Billiard just posted, and use md5sum -c MD5SUMS to check all sums in that file. It means you won't have to do a visual compare to see if they're the same, it'll just say "yes they're the same" or not.08:53
ZykoticK9agorist, OR you could use "sudo COMMAND YOUR RUNNING TO INSTALL"08:54
SingAlongmattcen: oh08:54
agoristZykoticK9 - stupid me. I didn't see the option for .deb package. sorry08:54
mattcenagorist: What are you trying to install? Opera?08:54
SingAlongBilliard: I got an md5sum starting with 183 and ending with 33c1. and it isnt listed on that page you directed me to.08:54
sharpen047jussi01, its removed....08:54
ZykoticK9agorist, are you getting the 64bit version?08:54
agoristmattcen - yeah08:54
BilliardSingAlong: bad download then, in your torrent client recheck, it should download the bad parts08:55
agoristZykotick9 - yes, I have the 64bit .deb now installing08:55
SingAlongBilliard: oh08:55
agoristZykoticK9 -- running opera now08:55
talk2svjcan ne1 give me link for a good ip messenger for ubuntu??08:55
SingAlongBilliard: I used Transmission. Using the verify local data option to check the data now.08:56
agoristZykoticK9 - should I let Opera install the Flash Player plugin or should I used the 10.1 x64 beta from Flash?08:56
talk2svjcan ne1 give me link for a good ip messenger for ubuntu??08:56
ZykoticK9agorist, ? i just use the "ubuntu-restricted-extras" for my flash - whatever you want08:56
Billiardtalk2svj: dont repeat youself so quickly08:57
mattcentalk2svj: ip messenger? Can you rephrase that?08:57
icerooti am searching for something like kdialog (for gnome)08:57
agoristZykoticK8 - I already have a flash .so file in .mozilla/plugins - but I don't know what opera is going to install. For all I know it will install a 32 bit version of flash 9 or something08:57
raj_GUYs if anyone is getting a crackling noise ona laptop on ubuntu 9.10 let me know i have a solution :)08:58
talk2svjmattcen: ip messenger is for transfering files on computers connected throug h a network , one can send and recieve files08:58
ZykoticK9agorist, i don't know either?  just try one way and if you don't like it, try the other way - your choice(s)08:58
talsemgeestraj_: I have it too, but no solution Im afraid :)08:58
SingAlongtalsemgeest: raj said he has a solution :)08:59
talsemgeestAh, I see...08:59
* talsemgeest needs to read more carefully08:59
talsemgeestHi aomegax :)08:59
SingAlongraj_: why dont you post it somewhere on a blog so that so that everyone can find it :)08:59
aomegaxi have a problem with initramfs08:59
aomegaxcan you help me?08:59
mattcenraj_: Or perhaps on the Ubuntu wiki or forum09:00
talsemgeest!justask | aomegax09:00
ubottuaomegax: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:00
aomegaxthe problem is UUID isn't recognize09:00
aomegaxI have busybox after boot09:00
=== simplexi1 is now known as simplexio
talk2svjdo ne 1 use ip messenger?09:00
mattcentalk2svj: SFTP might do what you want; It does file transfer over SSH, which is encrypted09:01
mattcenI don't use it, but based on the description on its homepage, SFTP or SCP could work09:01
aomegaxyesterday I have mounted my distro in live and I have done update-initramfs and apt-get upgrade, so I solved...but tomorrow I have again this problem and the solution of yesterday doesn't work09:01
aomegaxplease help me09:01
talk2svjmattcen: ty but i want an ip messenger just like windows...SFTP  is more complex09:02
mattcenWhat about a wrapper around SFTP? I think FileZilla works for it09:02
agoristZykoticK9 - do you run 64 bit?09:02
ZykoticK9talk2svj, what is a windows example of an "ip messenger" program09:02
ZykoticK9agorist, i run 64bit - my flash, don't know if it's 32 or 6409:03
talk2svjtype ip messenger on google09:03
mattcenZykoticK9: I assume that talk2svj is referring to http://www.ipmsg.org/index.html.en09:03
ShazbotMcNastyI was wondering if you could put multiple distros on one flash drive09:03
talsemgeesttalk2svj: IP messenger has a gtk client09:03
talk2svjya..but linux version is not working properly09:03
agoristZykotcK9 - probably 32 bit w/ 64 bit wrapper or however it works.09:03
ShazbotMcNastyOr, if not - if I can make multiple partitions and put data on one partition and a distro with a boot flag on the other09:03
mattcenHeh, I didn't even notice there was a linux version of IP messenger; how silly of me09:03
Mrokiihello. Does anybody know an app that let's one lock the keyboard completely temporarily? For the purpose of cleaning the keyboard a little without the need to disconnect it.09:04
ZykoticK9talk2svj, there seems to be Unix (ie Linux) IP messengers on the site mattcen linked me too!  why not try those?09:04
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
talk2svjand if i run windows version using wine again tere r problems09:04
agoristZykoticK9 - I'm just installing the extras now.09:04
talk2svjthere r problems wid dem..09:04
SingAlongBilliard: I verified the torrent data and checked the md5sum again. Its still the same. (I had downloaded the torrent from the releases.ubuntu.com site)09:04
dayoUSB flash drives change all permissions to 700. won't let me make it 755. even as root. how come?09:04
talsemgeesttalk2svj: What problems?09:04
ShazbotMcNastySo, no one knows if I can put multiple linux distos on a single USB flash drive?09:05
ZykoticK9agorist, once it's done you can go to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ and verify you have the newest Flash installed - but it doesn't say 32/64 bit - i imagine it's 3209:05
Mareeagorist, once it's done you can go to http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ and verify you have the newest Flash installed - but it doesn't say 32/64 bit - i imagine it's 3209:05
talk2svji cant transfer a folder(or directory)... only files r allowed09:05
Mareei cant transfer a folder(or directory)... only files r allowed09:05
talsemgeesttalk2svj: Take a look at xipmsg, it is in synaptic09:06
Mareetalk2svj: Take a look at xipmsg, it is in synaptic09:06
BilliardSingAlong: if the md5 doesnt match its bad, i think the torrent isos should be the same as the others09:06
MareeSingAlong: if the md5 doesnt match its bad, i think the torrent isos should be the same as the others09:06
ZykoticK9!ops | Maree09:06
Maree!ops | Maree09:06
ubottuMaree: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:06
ubottuMaree, please see my private message09:06
MareeMaree: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth,09:06
talk2svjtalsemgeest: ty09:06
FloodBot1Maree: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:06
MareeMaree: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:06
agoristZykotick9 -- opera is not even playing flash video at all09:06
AzeotropeI have a very strange problem with Avant Window Manager. I have 2 launchers, "gnome-terminal" and "irssi" (gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=irssi --command=irssi". If I open irssi first, i get it docked in the launcher, but if open the terminal then, I get's a new window and doesen't dock as the launcher. any idea why? because both start with "gnome-terminal"?09:06
MareeI have a very strange problem with Avant Window Manager. I have 2 launchers, "gnome-terminal" and "irssi" (gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=irssi --command=irssi". If I open irssi first, i get it docked in the launcher, but if open th09:07
AzeotropeI remeber that on 9.04 i didn't had this issue09:07
MareeI remeber that on 9.04 i didn't had this issue09:07
ZykoticK9agorist, I have no idea man09:07
sinanhi everybody, i just installed Ubuntu 9.10 desktop and now i cant install LAMP, it gives a strange error about libapache2-mod-php5 pack09:07
somenameYes the last stage of the installer where the summary screen is lets you not install the bootloader in advanced options09:07
talk2svjtalsemgeest:its not on synaptic .... i m using (jaunty)09:07
agoristZykotick9 -- Firefox is playing flash, but not Opera.09:07
knoppiesIs there a way to filter by name when using the ls command? so ls "*.conf" or ls "conky*"09:08
talsemgeesttalk2svj: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76372109:08
feralhello, could somebody suggest how i can seperate audio from video on linux?09:08
raj_NO THERE IS A SOLUTION FOR IT HERE IS THE LINK : I POSTED IT ON UBUNTU forums .. sorry for caps http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1335045 FIXED CRACJLING NOISE09:08
ferali have a .mpg file09:08
Billiardferal: ffmpeg can do this, or mencoder09:09
agoristrestricted extras flash installation is not cool. I can no longer click on anything flash in Firefox.09:09
somenameI am going to have to setup a bootloader myself of course. So my question is, Where is the kernel? the default filename and path09:09
ZykoticK9feral, or avidemux if you'd like a gui09:09
raj_i found a solution for the crackling noise posted on forum. for all HDA card users here is the post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1335045 please comment and give me a feed back09:09
mattcenknoppies: Can you be more specific? What you've suggested as examples will filter out just the matches you'd expect..09:09
feralthanks a bunch09:09
mattcenknoppies: for everything else there's usually grep :P09:09
knoppiesmattcen, I mean, to only display results that match whats inside the "" the * being a wildcard09:10
talk2svjtalsemgeest:i've serached in synaptic its not there.09:10
=== root is now known as mitsumi
knoppixi am looking for chat about linux09:10
knoppiesmattcen, never heared of grep, let me have a look at it09:10
talsemgeesttalk2svj: Then look at the rest of the thread :)09:10
janisozauri'm looking for someone who doesn't have wine installed and uses firefox09:10
mitsumihello everyone!!!09:10
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:10
mattcenknoppies: Yes you should be able to use * as a wildcard with no issues09:11
knoppiesmattcen, but whats the option to filter? Ive read both help and manpage but found nothing.09:11
mattcenknoppies: Ah I see your issue09:11
Billiardknoppies: dont put the * in quotes09:11
mattcenknoppies: Don't use the quotes you've got there; they're squashing the * in a wildcard09:11
holyguyverIf I am on a system with both kde 3 & 4 apps on it, what do I put into the terminal to start the kde4 theme manager?09:12
agoristMaree - restricted extras flash does not work well on my system.09:12
=== darksector is now known as darksector|fscke
raj_<talsemgeest> try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1335045 i just posted it on the forums. it will solve it for all HDA cards. (laptops)09:12
mattcenknoppies: It's causing the * to be interepreted as a literal09:12
knoppiesBilliard, mattcen ok, but that still doesnt solve my problem. Is there a way to filter the ls output?09:12
talsemgeestraj_: Ok, thanks :)09:12
=== darksector|fscke is now known as darksector|snore
agoristHow do I uninstal restricted extras, or at least the flash plugin that it installs?09:12
somenameOn a default ubuntu install what is the filename and path to the kernel?09:12
nickapaloozaso who here has never installed vista/win 7 to their machine?09:12
mattcenknoppies: howso?09:12
Billiardknoppies: what do you want filtered?09:12
raj_GUYS if you have a cracling noise on a laptop with 9,10 try this and tell me if it worked for you thank you :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133504509:13
Billiardagorist: package manager, unisntall it like anything else09:13
nickapaloozaGuys, if I do an install ubuntu inside windows (wubi install?) will it give me a boot loader showing all my current bootable windows partitions? i have 309:13
knoppiesmattcen, say I got 10 docs in a folder. And 4 of them end in *.txt09:13
llutzsomename: /boot/vmlinuz....09:13
Billiardknoppies: ls *.txt   ?09:13
talsemgeestnickapalooza: Yes, it should09:13
knoppiesmattcen, Billiard yes09:13
ZykoticK9agorist, "sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-installer"09:13
nickapaloozatalsemgeest: how sure are you?09:13
knoppiesBilliard, but that will try search the directory named *.txt09:13
somenamethanks I remember now09:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about purge09:14
janisozauri'm looking for someone who doesn't have wine installed and uses firefox, wine has overwritten one of the fonts that firefox uses and i have to pin down which one is it.09:14
Billiardknoppies: specify the directory as well09:14
raj_ GUYS if you have a crackling noise on a laptop with 9,10 try this and tell me if it worked for you thank you :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133504509:14
mattcenknoppies: How about you PM me the output you're getting? It's quite hard to interpret what you mean09:14
knoppiesBilliard, so ./*.txt09:14
Billiardknoppies: i would think it would work either way, but its going to look for directries first i think09:15
aomegaxtalsemgeest: do you know how to solve my problem?09:15
nickapaloozacan anyone else answer my question?09:15
llutzknoppies: ls *.txt lists actual-directory09:15
agoristwhat is the difference between marking something for removal and "complete removal" in synaptic??09:15
knoppiesmattcen, Billiard: ls:cannot access ./conky*: No such file or directory09:15
mattcennickapalooza: I think I can. just let me re-read it properly09:15
Billiardknoppies: try the -d option09:16
knoppiesllutz, I know, but is there a way to filter by *.txt09:16
knoppiesBilliard, ok.09:16
talsemgeestIm afraid I dont aomegax09:16
llutzknoppies: ls *.txt09:16
janisozauragorist: apt-get remove and apt-get purge respecitevly. man apt-get for what it does09:16
aomegaxtalsemgeest: thanks... :(09:16
llutzknoppies: man ls09:16
knoppiesllutz, but that tries to search that directory. not files09:16
llutzknoppies: no it doesn't09:16
knoppiesllutz, already looked. but thanks.09:16
raj_ GUYS if you have a crackling noise on a laptop with 9,10 try this and tell me if it worked for you thank you :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133504509:16
llutzknoppies: it will give directories fitting that mask too09:16
dayoi can't change the permissions on my USB flash drive from 700 to 755, even as root09:17
mattcennickapalooza: Yes I'm almost positive that it will show all windows partitions. It adds an extra option to your Windows boot loader and shouldn't clobber any of the existing ones.09:17
Billiarddayo: fat32 partitions dont have permissions09:17
nickapaloozamattcen: ok, thanks for your input.09:17
mattcennickapalooza: If you're worried about that, perhaps you can try making a backup using something like easyBCD09:17
llutzdayo: use mount-options gid/uid/umask for vfat09:17
dayoBilliard: so what do i do? reformat as ext3?09:17
AnorienHello. Could someone please tell me, what is the command to download something from the terminal?09:17
janisozaurAnorien: wget09:18
dayollutz: ?09:18
Anorienjanisozaur: ty09:18
nickapaloozamattcen: easyBCD broke my boot loader once, but it is some pretty nice software09:18
knoppiesmattcen, Billiard, llutz: didnt work, same output: No such file or directory. Thanks, I gtg, I will look into this again another time.09:18
nickapaloozai think it was cuz i was tweaking with the software under two different bootable windows partitions09:18
Billiardknoppies: it works, but ok09:18
llutzknoppies: then there is no file *.txt09:18
janisozauri'm looking for someone who doesn't have wine installed and uses firefox, wine has overwritten one of the fonts that firefox uses and i have to pin down which one is it.09:18
llutzknoppies: hidden file? use ls -a *.txt09:19
knoppiesllutz, Im actually searching conky*09:19
knoppiesllutz, that might be it. let me try that09:19
llutzknoppies: ls -la '*conky*'09:19
knoppiesllutz, I just realised, I should be using the . in front.09:19
Billiardllutz: like i said you cant have the * in quotes09:19
knoppiesllutz, whats the l for?09:19
janisozaurknoppies: * wildcard doesn't expand to dot-files09:19
llutzknoppies: verbose output09:19
mattcenknoppies: To show a 'list' output (see the manpage).09:20
knoppiesit works09:20
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
knoppiesmattcen, llutz Billiard janisozaur Thank you guys.09:20
Billiardknoppies: np09:20
faderhvalAnyone knows how to make a 2.1 sound system work in ubuntu 9.10 (one jack) can't find anything helpful on the web09:20
mattcenknoppies: I'm intrigued about your problem. You are looking for conky*, right?09:20
mattcen(I know you've solved it, but I'd appreciate it if you could explain how for my personal interest :P)09:20
janisozaurmattcen: i believe it is .conky*09:21
kbpI have a question: I installed server edition to get the server part. Now I want to install X, I have the Desktop CD here, can I use from that cd so I dont need to download 200MB from the internet via apt-get? Thanks09:21
knoppiesmattcen, I have multiple conky configs in the home directory, all starting with .conkyrc* I forgot to add the . in the front. Thats what my problem was. (and the -a option for hidden files)09:21
llutzknoppies: ls -la '.conky*'   (sry typo)09:21
janisozaurkbp: you can use that cd, i think you chould read man apt-cdrom09:21
mattcenknoppies: Ah right, I see.09:21
Billiardllutz: you cant put the * in quotes09:21
knoppiesllutz, I used ls -la ./.conky* and it worked09:22
janisozaurkbp: be warned that packages are outdated quickly09:22
ZykoticK9kbp, just as an FYI it's MUCH easier to install services onto desktop version, then install desktop onto server version.  just for next time.09:22
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kbpjanisozaur: thanks for your advice i will use it09:22
llutzright, too early for me, sry again09:22
raj_ GUYS if you have a crackling noise on a laptop with 9,10 try this and tell me if it worked for you thank you :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133504509:22
Billiardraj_: dont spam that09:23
kbpZykoticK9: it takes age to install apache,samba, ftp, cups... :) on desktop edition09:23
Meowpuphi where are the firefox files i need to import bookmarks into chrome09:23
ZykoticK9kbp, wait 'till you install Gnome/X onto server LOL09:23
kbpZykoticK9: why? do i have to install a lot more after I install Gnome ?09:24
janisozaurMeowpup: ~/.mozilla09:24
BilliardMeowpup: im guessing ~/.mozilla09:24
janisozaurMeowpup: iirc firefox can export bookmarks to json/html09:24
ZykoticK9kbp, Gnome will bring down Xorg etc - but that's HUGE in compared to apache,samba,ftp,etc.09:24
Josti_Hello Anyone here that knows anything about touchscreens ?09:24
vega-Josti_: it's a screen that you can touch and things happen09:25
Billiard!anyone | Josti_09:25
ubottuJosti_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?09:25
janisozaur!anyone | Josti_09:25
kbpZykoticK9: yea that's why I dont want to install it via repositories. I want to install it from the desktop cd. :)09:25
Josti_vega-: should I find that helpful ? :P09:26
BilliardJosti_: it is what you asked09:26
mattcenkbp: You can't use the Desktop CD as a repository as far as I know; you can do it with the *alternate* CD I think, but probably not the desktop09:26
vega-Josti_: then don't ask that kind of generic questions :P see ubottu's message09:26
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Josti_vega-: yeah yeah I know :D.... ok my problem if that i've got a touchscreen on ubuntu karmic koala but I cant seem to calibrate it09:27
zashWhat debug symbols would you need to get a good compiz backtrace? Those attached to bugs #472060 and #316954 seems useless.09:27
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Josti_vega-: it's an egalax touchscreen09:27
janisozaurmattcen: that would be most weird. if you insert desktop cd when you run desktop ubuntu, it'll pop up ask you if you want to use it as a software repo09:27
vega-Josti_: i have no experience with touchscreens whatsoever ..09:28
Josti_vega-: it's connected by USB09:28
Josti_vega-: ok09:28
kbpmattcen: someone told me to use apt-cdrom09:28
mattcenjanisozaur: Really? I didn't realise. I'd doubt if it had *all* the files that are part of the desktop system. Let me check that out09:28
kane77what can I use if I want to "script" keypresses? in a game if I press one key I want to simulate keypresses of other keys09:29
flaggerhey guys, i'm having a bit of trouble with my postfix server.09:30
flaggerSituation is I have spam coming in, spamassassin tags them. Local procmailrc's do whatever they want with them. But our mailing list also points to people on   external servers, and we end up getting undelivered mail notifications because they block our spam. How do I get it to stop outgoing mail that has already been   tagged?09:30
Meowpupjanisozaur: what do you mean how does it do that09:30
mattcenkbp, janisozaur: Here's my justification. The repository part of the CD is inside the '/pool' directory, which on the Ubuntu Desktop CD is only 8.5MB. So while there is a repository on there, it can't be the entire Desktop environment, because that's inside a Squash filesystem in '/casper/filesystem.squashfs',09:31
kbpmattcen: so why is the desktop CD 600MB? :P09:31
ZykoticK9kane77, i think the game you're playing would require a key-scripting feature for that to work -- because your game is going to be "in focus" you can't have keys being recognized by outside programs (for the most part).  This is why Push-To-Talk doesn't work in games for TeamSpeak on Ubuntu...  best of luck man.09:31
janisozaurmattcen: you could mount squashfs and use it then ;)09:31
llutzkbp: because the live-cd part needs that space (squashfs-image)09:32
mattcenkbp: Because it's a whole filesystem inside a 668Mb file, and not individual package files you can install09:32
janisozaurMeowpup: bookmarks > manage bookmarks > importing and backups (i'm using localized version, names may vary)09:32
mattcenjanisozaur: You can't do that because they're not packages. Well you *could* but it'd be horrendously messy09:32
kbpllutz, janisozaur ok so the right thing to do is extract or mount that image and use it ?09:32
llutzkbp: you cannot09:33
Meowpupthanks janisozaur i found it done09:33
kane77ZykoticK9, ah :(09:33
llutzkbp: packages have to be in .deb format in a special directory-structure to be used as repo09:33
mattcenkbp: The right thing to do is either download the Alternate CD and use *that* as a reposotory, or install the Desktop version and add the server stuff in later on.09:33
janisozaurllutz: what's the structure in squashfs then?09:34
mattcen... or download around 300MB of Gnome/KDE other apps for the server version :S09:34
llutzjanisozaur: the live-system09:34
mattcenjanisozaur: It's the same thing you'd see if you did an ls / on your ubuntu system09:34
llutzjanisozaur: compressed image of a working system09:34
mattcenWhich gets copied over during the install; it's an all or nothing deal09:34
ZykoticK9kbp, why do you want a GUI on your server anyways?09:35
kbpZykoticK9: I wanna watch movies sometimes and it also runs 2 webcams are surveillance cameras09:36
janisozaurmattcen: that would explain why there is no package selection during ubuntu install09:36
egonwmoin, does someone know how to get bash autocomplete working on jaunty 64bit? for 32 bit it worked for git, but not on my 64 bit install...09:37
egonwmake that karmic...09:37
sharpen047does anyone know how to edit pulse audio settings?09:39
tlmi've just disabled gdm in karmic and found that an audio program (aplay, mpg123, etc.) can only output sound while its own virtual console is visible (or another virtual console owned by the same user); does anyone know how to change this behavior?09:39
kbpso finally does the Alternate CD contain sources/repositories or is it just an image?09:39
mattcenkbp: The alternate cd contains the actually packages (as part of its own small repository)09:39
sharpen047tlm, good luck thats the problem i have09:39
kbpmattcen: ok I'll download it now and try09:40
sharpen047tlm, ive been searching for days to no avail :( now my pulseaudio is gone and sitll having the same issue09:40
tlmsharpen047: i sympathise...09:41
theadminDoes GNOME have any "Restart X" thing like KDE? I'm aware of Alt+SysRq+K, but it's not GNOME's is it? I mean it can be dangerous right?09:41
sharpen047tlm, how long you going to be in here?09:41
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janisozaurkbp: why would you rather download alternate cd than just apt-get packages?09:42
surttheadmin: Just 'k' or the whole 'rseiub'?09:42
theadminsurt: Uhm. Alt+SysRq+K. "Kill all applications in current virtual terminal"09:42
tlmsharpen: do you have any idea what kinds of keywords to search for to get information about this?09:42
llutzkbp: i'm not sure, but i guess even the alternate cd will contain some older packages, which have to be updated after installation. so you'll not save that much downloadtime09:42
leeI'm booted from the 9.10 livecd, gparted has been repartitioning for 16 hours now and hasn't completed stage 1 yet, is this normal??  it's only a 320GB raid5 array!09:43
DJones!dontzap | theadmin09:43
ubottutheadmin: To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap09:43
janisozaurkbp: be sure to also check the contents of alternate cd, as it might not contain the packages you want09:43
kbpjanisozaur: repository servers are always !@#$ with the speed about 30KBps even though my internet connection is 1MBps09:43
zashWhat debug symbols would you need to get a good compiz backtrace? Those attached to bugs #472060 and #316954 seems useless.09:43
janisozaur!mirrors | kbp09:43
ubottukbp: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Karmic, and help keeping the servers' load low!09:43
ZykoticK9tlm, sharpen047 i had the same issue with sound until i removed pulse tonight - now i can have music playing in a virtual console and switch to others or back to GDM without the music stopping?!?!09:43
tlmsharpen: i have to leave in a few minutes but will be back in about half an hour09:43
janisozaurkbp: most of these servers also host repos09:44
sharpen047ZykoticK9, what is virtual console?09:44
sharpen047tlm, it is 2 am here so i wont be on much longer09:44
ZykoticK9sharpen047, ctrl+alt+F1 sorta thing09:44
tlmzykotick: thanks for the tip; i'll try that09:44
janisozaurkbp: check out https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors09:44
raj_guys which broadcom drivers should i activate? the STA one of the other one? from hardware drivers (proprietary drivers?)09:44
theadminraj_, uh, which broadcom do you have?09:45
sharpen047ZykoticK9, id like to play music through amarok haha and thats what i thought.. when i uninstalled pulse my audio devices "break"09:45
kbpjanisozaur: tried the "choose best" option in the package sources, still the same, some are even worse (~8KBps)09:45
theadminkbp: I get ~25KBps (my normal speed :/) from archive.ubuntu.com mirror09:45
raj_theadmin i am not sure i tried both and they both work. i have no idea which one is better.09:45
ZykoticK9sharpen047, that's something i can't help with i'm afraid :(09:46
raj_theadmin how can i find out what broadcom i have?09:46
theadminraj_, well, i'm not sure, it's some terminal mess i don't remember :D. Just keep one that works for you the best.09:46
sharpen047ZykoticK9, lol thanks anyway09:47
sharpen047raj_, lspci09:47
surtI'm trying to figure out why xorg frequently hangs. I know exactly what time the event happened but /var/log/xorg.0.log doesn't have any timestamps. Is there another way to track this issue down? A different log? Add timestamps?09:47
kcj1993surt: maybe it's suicidal.09:48
surtkcj1993: Comedy gold :)09:48
ZykoticK9egonw, see the part about uncommenting bash completion in /etc/bash.bashrc from http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/bash-wont-tab-complete-anything-anymore-767383/09:48
mataks_how to find specific file using terminal? .. like i want to find the file "mataks.jpg"   what's the command09:49
SwedeMikelocate <file>09:50
theadminmataks_: "locate filename"09:50
ZykoticK9mataks_, "find / -name mataks.jpg"09:50
drbobbhello guys, does there exist a command line util that copies its stdin to the X clipboard?09:50
llutzdrbobb: xcliü09:50
llutzdrbobb: xclip09:50
surttheadmin: Doesn't he have to updatedb before using locate?09:50
theadminsurt: Uh... huh? Isn't it like built-in?09:51
zashsurt: isn't that in crontab if he has locate?09:51
llutzsurt: right09:51
egonwZykoticK9: thanx! (stupid of me to not realize that the reinstall changed 'my own' settings... :( )09:51
mataks_theadmin,  the locate works.. thanks :)09:51
surtlocate doesn't list up to the second files unless I updatedb. I must be doing it wrong09:52
drbobbllutz: thanx, looks just like what I was looking for09:52
theadminI need some help about chmod. The basic permission structure is pretty much "-rwxrw---". But there are two flags which confuse the frack outta me. "d" and "x". "d" is directory, wtf is this flag for? Also... if i set the "x" flag on a directory, then what?09:52
mokkanhey, i'm using Netbook Remix 9.10, and i accidentally deleted the indicator applet from the panel.. how do i add it back?09:53
theadminmokkan: Right click the panel, choose add to panel.09:53
llutztheadmin:x on  directory means: can enter09:53
aomegaxhi ... I need an help to solve initramfs problem...I don't know to solve it...09:53
Billiardtheadmin: d just shows you that it is a directory, x on a directory will let you see permissions of the contents and cd into it09:53
mokkantheadmin,  nowhere i click on the panel gives me anything like that09:54
mokkanit's only settings for those specific applets09:54
surtDoes xorg only log to /var/log/xorg.*.log? Or are there logs elsewhere?09:54
theadminmokkan: Uh, click somewhere where there are no applets09:54
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mokkanfound a tiny little dot that you're apparently supposed to click09:55
theadminmokkan: Well, i'm not really familiar with UNR, but on Ubuntu itself it's like that.09:56