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mandelIn desktopcouch when the application_annotations from Ubuntu One is present, does the actual value of the deleted field matter? I have notices that when using the CouchDatabase.record_exist method the value false is returned even when 'deleted' is set to false, is that correct?13:44
vdsmandel: that's a question for either aquarius or thisfred13:47
aquariusmandel, heya13:47
thisfredI missed the question :)13:48
aquariusmandel, glad to see you got back OK :)13:48
vdsthisfred: I'll sent it in pvt13:48
thisfredvds: I'm thinking about the timestamps13:48
mandelaquarius: yes, I managed to get back to europe, and I'm lazy ans did not go to work :P13:48
thisfredwe may have to go back to the metadocument idea, in combination with looking at the _changes feed. I need to ask some more questions on #couchdb13:49
aquariusmandel, fortunately I am at work ;)13:49
mandelaquarius: yes hehe13:49
aquariusmandel, desktopcouch.records should honour the actual value of a_a.U1.deleted, not just check whether it exists13:49
aquariusif it doesn't, that's a bug13:49
thisfredwhich it may be13:49
thisfredsince I wrote the javascript13:50
thisfredwhich I am not a native speaker of13:50
mandelaquarius: I have noticed that in mine while playing around13:50
mandelthisfred: not a big deal, is probably checking that the field is there but not the value...13:50
aquariusmandel, then it's a bug. Do feel free to file said bug, or better still patch it ;-)13:51
mandelshould be easy to solve13:51
mandelaquarius: I'll patch it :D13:51
aquariusmandel, although...we need to think about how to fix problems like that13:51
aquariussince the existing views won't be overwritten13:51
thisfredmandel: let me know when it's ready, I'll review. And I may have to do the same thing on the server side in some places13:52
thisfredaquarius: ah right13:52
mandelthisfred: sure, I'll do it right now13:52
thisfredaquarius: didn't we talk about a version number in the views?13:52
mandelaquarius: true that, I though that there was a place to put the views used by apps which is updated in every startup, can't we do the same?13:53
aquariusmandel, there is, but (a) no-one's yet using the filesystem reader, and (b) that's database-specific13:53
thisfredaquarius: the views will also need to be updated separately on the server, since replication blocks them13:53
aquariusbut the get_records view which desktopcouch.records creates is not database-specific; it creates it in each database that you access13:53
mandelaquarius: true..13:54
mandelthisfred: where is the view stored in the project?14:00
thisfredmandel: records/server_base.py14:02
thisfredin get_records()14:03
thisfredoh, I don't think I wrote that :)14:03
thisfredsince I didn't know about js try/catch. but that's clever14:04
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thisfredaquarius: since you're catching errors there anyway, it could just be if  (doc['application_annotations']['Ubuntu One']['private_application_annotations']['deleted'] != true) right?14:05
aquariuswhat is it right now?14:05
urbanapemorning, all.14:17
teknicourbanape, hi14:21
urbanapehey, teknico. how are things going?14:24
teknicourbanape, rocking! http://cgi.ebay.it/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?VISuperSize&item=17031350439614:25
aquariusheya urbanape14:25
aquariuswelcome back :)14:25
urbanapeyou as well14:25
urbanapehave you switched to mutt yet?14:25
urbanapeDO IT14:25
teknicomutt? :-)14:26
urbanapeyou know you miss the pure, unabashed joys of terminal apps.14:26
aquariusI do not miss them :)14:26
aquariushave switched to claws, for now14:26
urbanapeaquarius: actually, some one was telling me that Thunderbird 3b is actually pretty nice.14:26
aquariuswhich looks horrid14:26
aquariusbut doesn't hang forever like TB does14:26
aquariusTB3 is nice, I just can't get it to smegging work14:26
urbanapebummer. I gave up on TB altogether a while ago. Tried to be clever with offlineimap, but needn't have bothered.14:27
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teknicourbanape, why not?14:29
urbanapebecause mutt does imap just fine.14:29
urbanapealso, I think I lost some mail experimenting with two different machines running offlineimap14:30
teknicourbanape, what about HTML emails and images? :-)14:31
urbanapewhat about them? pfff. No, really, I dunno. Haven't seen any yet that I missed.14:41
mandelthisfred: I already pushed the branch, I also fixed the python code to test for the flag to be true.14:45
thisfredmandel: awesome!14:46
* aquarius tries to work out where generated desktopcouch HTML documentation should live. Suggestions welcomed. freedesktop is a wiki, so it can't go there; launchpad cna't publish arbitrary HTML pages, so it can't go there. hrm.14:46
aquariusand now rodrigo_ appears, just after I ask a relevant question ;)14:47
thisfredaquarius: we need desktopcouch.org14:48
aquariusI am starting to think that14:49
thisfredaquarius: wasn't there talk of some webspace on apache though?14:49
aquariuswhich apache?14:49
thisfredas in the apache.org domain14:49
rodrigo_aquarius: inet connection just came back, so re-ask if you need me :)14:49
aquariuswhat, like the Apache Foundation?14:49
aquariusrodrigo_,  /me tries to work out where generated desktopcouch HTML documentation should live. Suggestions welcomed. freedesktop is a wiki, so it can't go there; launchpad cna't publish arbitrary HTML pages, so it can't go there. hrm.14:49
rodrigo_aquarius: publish in some url, or you mean installed with the package?14:50
aquariusrodrigo_, some url14:50
thisfredprobably the bureaucracy won't be worth it for a few web pages14:50
aquariuswe can add it to the package (perhaps), certainly14:50
aquariusrodrigo_, I've started adding DC docs at freedesktop, as you know14:50
rodrigo_desktopcouch.org might be a good idea, I guess14:51
aquariusis there freedesktop HTML hosting other than the wiki?14:51
rodrigo_not that I know of, although I think the wiki accepts HTML pages14:52
rodrigo_although that would mean updating them by hand, I guess14:53
rodrigo_hmm, or as thisfred suggests, having it in couchdb pages might be great14:55
rodrigo_and why doesn't lp allow html pages? what do projects hosted in lp do for documentation then?14:56
dobeyurbanape: i think a requirement for using mutt is having a full beard. goatees won't do.14:57
aquariusrodrigo_, I don't know what projects hosted in LP do...14:58
aquariusurbanape, do you have anything specific outstanding to do in lazr-js that I could pick up on?14:59
dobeyrodrigo_: what kind of documentation?15:00
rodrigo_dobey: generated html pages15:00
aquariusdobey, generated API docs for desktopcouch is specifically what we're talking about15:00
dobeyrodrigo_: put them on another site and link to it from lp is what they do i guess15:00
aquariusdobey, yeah; what I've been trying to work out is where that other site should be15:01
aquariusis it time for the standup?15:01
dobeyrodrigo_: as lp isn't meant to be a web host, but stuff for managing a project15:01
rodrigo_aquarius: yes, it is15:01
dobeyactually i don't know15:01
dobeywith the time change and all15:01
rodrigo_oh, another time change?15:02
dobeyrodrigo_: the US changed to DST a couple weeks ago15:03
rodrigo_dobey: yeah, and we went back to 4PM my time then15:04
teknicothe times, they are a-changing15:04
dobeyrodrigo_: and i thought we were keeping the standup at UTC time15:04
rodrigo_dobey: seems not :)15:04
aquariushi, nessitas. :)15:06
teknicoaargh, the nessitas are coming! quick, run, run!15:06
teknicoCardinalFang, you?15:07
CardinalFangteknico, eh?15:09
urbanapeaquarius: desktopcouch.tumblr.com15:09
teknicoCardinalFang, standup time :-)15:10
urbanape<0.2 wink>ly yrs,15:10
teknicourbanape, shall we start?15:10
urbanapesure thing15:10
urbanapeDONE: Traveled. Slept. Reconnected with fam. Sent a note to the bindwood users who were having problems to try my PPA.15:10
urbanapeTODO: Work on FF threading for Bindwood, explore Chromium extensions, get ubuntuone-servers branch reviewed.15:10
urbanapeBLOCK: None15:10
urbanapeteknico: please15:10
teknicoDONE: holiday, proposed branch to fix Funambol config and tests for v. 8.0 (#403435)15:10
teknicoTODO: finish updating the Funambol code to v. 8.0 in our code (#403435)15:10
teknicoBLOCK: none15:11
tekniconext: vds15:11
vdsDONE: code review, worked with thisfred on the new timestamps implementation, face duty15:11
vdsTODO: more face duty15:11
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:11
vdsjblount: please...15:11
jblountDONE: Review day, got some code landed15:11
jblountTODO: Still need to figure out broken test with /account/machines pages15:11
jblountBLOCKED: none15:11
jblountrodrigo_: tag!15:11
rodrigo_• DONE: UDS. Started libubuntuone to contain music store widget and contacts picker15:11
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine?  File bug for evo15:11
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:11
rodrigo_next: dobey15:11
aquariusrodrigo_, file bug for ev?15:11
rodrigo_aquarius: yes, as discussed with teknico 2 weeks ago15:11
aquariusrodrigo_, what's an ev?15:12
teknicoI got up to "File bug for evo"15:12
rodrigo_oh, it got cut15:12
rodrigo_File bug for evolution to allow user-defined descriptions for emails/telephones/im addresses/URLs15:12
dobey☺ DONE: Reviews, NM bug (#357395), UDS15:12
dobey☹ TODO: Finish work estimates, Review a contributor branch, Backport fixes to stable-1-0, Prepare an SRU15:12
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:12
dobeyaquarius: Walk This Way is Rock n Roll and Hip Hop both15:13
rodrigo_aquarius: too long TODO list I guess :)15:13
dobeyaquarius: (that was your queue)15:13
CardinalFangDONE: Er, 5 days of reducing technical debt in desktopcouch.  Contacts hackey with lp:~mandel .  Lots o' planning and learning at UDS.15:13
CardinalFangTODO: (not sure yet.)15:13
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None.15:13
dobeyerr cue15:13
teknicorodrigo_, you need to shorten it, one way or another :-)15:13
rodrigo_teknico: yeah, I'll file the bug now :)15:14
dobeyCardinalFang: line cutter, dirty little bugger.15:14
dobeyaquarius: wake up :)15:14
aquarius⚀ DONE: go to design sprint; go to UDS; start work on desktopcouch developer docs; started thinking about Ubuntu One Music Store; talk to thomasvs about desktopcouch for Fedora; talk to mandel about desktopcouch at UDS15:15
mandelCanrdinalFang: I was planning to ask to get my contacts code merge later this evening... maybe you can take a look before I do :P15:15
aquarius⚁ TODO: look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer; work on desktopcouch developer docs; write up things learned at UDS/sprint15:15
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:15:15
aquariusCardinalFang, go for it15:15
CardinalFangdobey, I missed the list, and your cue was ambiguous.  :(15:15
albechi am having problems connecting to ubuntuone.. can anyone direct me to some log files where i can trouble shot this?15:16
CardinalFangmandel, Hey!  Nice to see you here already.  I'll look at whatever you have.15:16
dobeyCardinalFang: i blame teknico :)15:16
dobeyalbech: ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/ is where the log files live15:16
albechdobey, ty15:16
mandelCardinalFang, I'll be done 2night CET, I'll let you know then!15:17
teknicodobey, sure go ahead :-P15:17
albechprotocol version error.. seems like i have to upgrade some package.. my system is up to date when i run the update manager though15:18
rodrigo_ok, bbiab, need to go to the car workshop15:19
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dobeyalbech: can you quit the applet, do "rm ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf" and then start the applet again and see if it works?15:23
albechdobey, that seems to do the trick15:25
albechdobey, thanks15:25
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mandelCardinalFang: I just checked your comment and you are right, the easier way to fix this is by using the row_is_deleted, which returns the correct values when a record is passed17:17
CardinalFangmandel, I suggest keeping that new method in CouchDatabaseBase, but make it a wrapper for the function up there in the module.17:20
mandelCardinalFang: you mean wrapping the row exists? why, it performs the same operation, the problems is in the rest of the code that is just checking the presence of the keyword17:23
mandelcalling that func should be more than enough (I just simply did not think about it ....)17:23
CardinalFangmandel, You're right, nevermind.  No wrapper.17:24
mandelCardinalFang: ok, I'll push it right away (I blame the jet lag)17:25
rodrigo_hey mandel17:32
mandelrodrigo_: hello :P17:33
mandelrodrigo_: how was the flight?17:33
rodrigo_too long :)17:33
rodrigo_but I had a nice flight companion sitting close to me, so it wasn't too boring, nice conversation all flight :)17:33
rodrigo_mandel: btw, I took a taxi to get to the airport, and the driver (from jordan) told me he had taken the other day a Spanish guy who lived in Belgium, was that you? :)17:34
mandelrodrigo_: lucky you, I had a big lady who was on her first flight and was overexcited17:34
mandelrodrigo_: hahah yes, it was me17:34
mandelCardinalFang: Do you mind double checking the propose merge? It should be a simple change17:41
rodrigo_thomastp: around?17:42
dobeyrodrigo_: heh, the second leg of my flight i was trying to hack, but the guy next to me kept talking to me. i guess my laptop is a conversation piece :)17:55
CardinalFangmandel, approved, merged.17:55
rodrigo_dobey: yeah, he was trying to see what you were doing, and since he couldn't, he tried asking it :)17:55
mandelCardinalFang: cheers :D17:55
dobeyrodrigo_: basically, yeah :)17:58
dobeyrodrigo_: but i gave him the karmic cd i had :)17:59
rodrigo_dobey: yeah, me too to my "flight mate"17:59
rodrigo_dobey: he was a nice guy, a scientist from Colombia, and had already used linux in the past, so it was easy to convince him to get it :)17:59
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CardinalFangthisfred, aquarius, review?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/find-port-runtimeerror/+merge/1510918:57
jbernardhello all, it was good to meet some of you at UDS19:07
CardinalFang(...and for the rest of you at UDS, ...)19:08
jbernardi look forward to working with the couchdb api, I think mandel has some code that will help me write a mutt contact plugin using couch19:09
thomastprodrigo_: a little.  you ? :)19:15
thomastpmandel: where do you live ?19:15
thomastpmy favorite flight story is my dad who sat next to RMS once and then told him all about his son (ie me)19:16
thomastpRMS told him to thank his son for his contributions to the cause19:16
thomastp(not sure if that's good or bad though)19:16
CardinalFangjbernard, I expect we'll have something usable in a week or so.  The US holiday coming up may delay it a few days.19:19
dobeyhey thomastp19:19
thomastpdobey: evening19:20
dobeythomastp: so yeah, i think bdist_rpm is broken if it's not obeying MANIFEST.in19:21
thomastpdobey: I need to double-check, I'm pretty sure that the tarball I downloaded only had a generated MANIFEST19:21
thomastpdobey: but I was planning on redoing the ubuntuone packages sometime later this week19:22
thomastpdobey: I had lots of other issues with ubuntuone, and I had to add some hacks, and I might have broken more than I fixed :)19:22
dobeythomastp: oh you were doing from the tarball? maybe sdist is also buggy then :)19:22
thomastpthat would be my guess yeah19:22
mandelthomastp: Belgium :P19:27
mandeljbernard: i have great part of the lib already, I hope CardinalFang can give me a hand with the query part19:27
thomastpmandel: sure, but whereabouts ?19:27
mandelthomastp: Brussels city center19:28
thomastpok, not too far from me then19:28
dobeythomastp: oh you're back in .be?19:28
thomastpdobey: I am halfhalfing :)19:29
mandelthomastp: nice, then we can meet some time to get some work/drinks19:29
thomastpmandel: yep19:29
dobeythomastp: ah, cool19:29
thomastpmandel: and talk spanish :)19:29
mandelthomastp: if you want to, let me know ;)19:30
mandeljbernard: you can start looking at lp:~mandel/desktopcouch/contacts-wrapper if writing the test right now :P19:31
jbernardmandel: im on it, thanks!19:33
mandeljbernard: if you give me some mins I'll push the test too so you can see it working19:34
mandeljbernard: specially to understand how to use the application_annotations19:34
jbernardmandel: okay, sounds good19:35
CardinalFangjbernard, mandel, I'll have some query code very soon.19:36
mandelCardinalFang: great!! that would make a very decent API to let people work quickly19:37
mandelCardinalFang: without "quickly" no pun intended :P19:37
thomastprodrigo_: going home, poke me later19:45
thisfredCardinalFang: looking at merge prop now19:47
topylihrm. would be nice if ubuntuone web would remember me. by cookie perhaps20:09
dobeyrodrigo_: what is the tomboy plan for lucid? is it going to be storing in couchdb instead? will we still be using the oauth process and snowy api?20:14
rtaggerdobey: *holywar* no tomboy, go gNote!20:15
dobeyrtagger: if gnote doesn't implement the same features as tomboy that's his problem :)20:16
dobeyrtagger: personally, i don't use any of them :)20:16
rtaggerdobey: I am using, a lot. And Tomboy is just too slow for me :(, but it has sync capabilities :), but gnote does not have them :(, but they are planned :) and being implemented :) :)20:17
dobeyrtagger: well there you go then. unfortunately if you're going to use an app whose goal is to reimplement everything tomboy does in c++ instead of C#, you're probably going to stay behind in general :)20:18
rtaggerdobey: yep, but still, they both may be using couchdb w/o snowy or separate 'Synchronize me please' stuff20:20
dobeyrtagger: couchdb has the "sync me please" stuff20:21
rtaggerdobey: once I forgot to sync after writing some data and after arriving to destination and opening the web ui I realized that. Copied the required content over ssh :)20:21
dobeyrtagger: but my concern is only really about the authentication process, as it is something we're trying to refine for lucid20:21
rtaggerdobey: I don't think tomboy needs to re-auth itself. The notes return via couchdb in any case, so I guess it is better to put them there in the first place </holywar>20:22
dobeyrtagger: the notes are not stored in couchdb on the desktop yet20:23
rtaggerdobey: they are. Really, they are (supposedly) stored on ubuntuone servers inside couchdb database to they replicate back to the desktop20:24
dobeyrtagger: no, tomboy doesn't store in couchdb locally yet. the notes on the server are in couchdb, yes, but that is the server, not the desktop. currently in tomboy i think you have to tell it to sync manually whenever you want to sync to the server20:25
rtaggerdobey: yes, but the notes now are stored both in xml files and later on (after sync) you will find them stored in couchdb as well. So it is better to teach tomboy to store notes in couchdb. or make it sync there, though I would choose the first variant.20:26
dobeywell, i guess they get pulled back down from the server in couchdb also, if you've got desktopcouch paired with ubuntuone20:27
thomastprodrigo_: pong20:28
dobeyrtagger: and i believe the plan is to fix tomboy to use desktopcouch as a back-end, but it wasn't doable for Karmic20:28
* rtagger has not completed his empathy-couchdb project, yet he is advising everyone on everything... Shush, rtagger!20:28
dobeyrtagger: which is why i'm asking rodrigo about the lucid plans for tomboy :)20:28
dobeymainly, because i need to think about the authentication portion20:28
rtaggerdobey: yes, I just spotted the familiar words and since rodrigo_ does not seem to respond, just kicked in...20:29
thomastpdobey: ok, so yes, the ubuntuone-storage-protocol 1.0.0 tarball only includes a generated MANIFEST file20:29
thomastpand it doesn't contain neither the .pem files nor the _pb2.py files20:30
thomastpdobey: that must have been a bug for the ubuntu packager too no ?20:30
dobeythomastp: the tarball includes the .pem files at least.20:31
thomastpdobey: include yes, but not listed in the MANIFEST20:31
thomastpsame for _pb2.py files20:31
thomastpdobey: oh so I guess you're saying the packager packaged them, without using setup.py to install20:32
dobeythomastp: so that sounds like an sdist bug.20:32
dobeythomastp: setup.py install installs them20:32
dobeythomastp: bdist might not though, but install doesn't care about the MANIFEST20:33
dobeythomastp: you're talking to the ubuntu packager :)20:33
thomastpdobey: I figured :)20:33
thomastpok, I'll paste some more output in the bug report20:34
thomastpyes, it looks like sdist doesn't include those files, it includes what's in MANIFEST20:34
thomastpso, not sure if it's dist's fault at all - depends on where MANIFEST comes from20:34
dobeywell sdist inside the tarball does that presumably because it's not generating MANIFEST properly, and there is no MANIFEST.in20:35
dobeythe tarball was created with sdist, from within the branch20:35
thomastpwell, MANIFEST is whatever got in there at the time of tarball creation20:35
topylirtagger, i'm not sure how gnote stores notes, but if it's configurable you could perhaps just store them somewhere in ~/Ubuntu One20:36
dobeyah the joys of setuptools/distutils :-/20:36
dobeytopyli: it stores them in the same place tomboy does20:36
dobeytopyli: or it's supposed to anyway. it might s/tomoby/gnote/ in path names20:36
topylimaybe it could be symlinked? again, i don't know20:37
rtaggertopyli: gnote stores notes in .gnote (though it should have been doing this in ~/.local/share/gnote) - not XDG-compatible and the bug was opened quite a while ago20:37
dobeytopyli: symlinks are ignored by ubuntuone-syncdaemon, so no. but notes should be stored in couchdb ideally :)20:37
rtaggertopyli: and the fix is doing replace several times20:38
topylidobey, i mean the real directory in ~/Ubuntu One and the symlink wherever gnote wants it :)20:38
rtaggertopyli: But, if they implement note storing in couchdb, then a separate 'Sync me please' will not be even required! This may be seen as security issue since I might store something very confidential in one of the notes. But Tomboy does not allow select what notes exactly should be synced so why should we :) ?20:40
topyliyes it sounds like a clean plan20:40
thomastpcan someone here run a one-line .py file  that just does 'from ubuntuone.syncdaemon import logger' and tell me if that outputs anything ?20:41
thomastpI am trying to debug a problem I have with the code on fedora20:42
rodrigo_hi thomastp20:42
rtaggerthomastp: imported fine20:42
thomastprtagger: no message about sys.exitfunc ?20:43
rodrigo_dobey: yes, I hope to have some time to work on tomboy-storing-notes-on-couch for lucid20:43
rtaggerthomastp: nope, not a single word20:43
thomastprtagger: ok, thanks20:43
rodrigo_rtagger: empathy-couchdb?20:43
dobeyrodrigo_: but will we continue supporting the snowy api?20:44
rtaggerrodrigo_: better to say, telepathy-couchdb-logger20:44
thomastprodrigo_: btw, couchdb on n900 - there was a guy that did packages on n800, but his site is perpetually hung and I can't find the .debs anywhere20:44
rodrigo_dobey: yes, I guess so, for tomdroid, conboy, etc20:44
thomastprodrigo_: I guess you're as interested as me in getting it running on the n900 at some point20:44
rodrigo_thomastp: as soon as I get mine, which should be pretty soon, I hope :)20:45
dobeyrodrigo_: ok :(20:45
rodrigo_rtagger: for logs?20:45
thomastprodrigo_: I feel your pain :)20:45
rodrigo_thomastp: heh :)20:45
rodrigo_thomastp: I got a mail the other day about the delay, did you?20:45
thomastprodrigo_: so it would be good if we could find those packages, but otherwise the best is to start from the debian .debs I guess ?20:45
thomastprodrigo_: I cancelled my spanish order, and now zaheer's bank cancelled his order for me :)20:46
rodrigo_thomastp: yes, I guess starting from the debian .debs might be ok20:46
thomastprodrigo_: I'm not really sure what queue I am currently in20:46
rodrigo_thomastp: what's the name of that guy that did them for n800?20:46
dobeyrodrigo_: and i guess it will still be supported from the gnome/desktop version too?20:46
rodrigo_dobey: yes, tomboy will have the sync protocol for snowy, that's not going to change20:46
rodrigo_thomastp: btw, the spanish keyboard doesn't have up/down arrows, right?20:47
dobeyi guess we can just not do anything for that perhaps then20:47
thomastprodrigo_: yeah, that's what it looks like20:47
dobeyrodrigo_: the pre doesn't have any cursor keys at all... yes it sucks :)20:48
thomastprodrigo_: http://protoblogr.net/downloads/erlang/ <- that's the download link, but it always hangs for me20:48
dobeythough i only ever really need them when editing urls in the browser20:48
rodrigo_dobey: well, it looked quite nice when you showed it to me20:48
dobeyyeah, the pre is really nice20:48
rodrigo_dobey: arrow keys are good for games specially20:48
dobeybut no cursor keys can be painful20:48
thomastprodrigo_: here's the planet maemo link: http://maemo.org/news//planet-maemo/category/feed:dda30e0a60b59811d56adead50efd2c6/20:49
dobeyrodrigo_: on touch screens you use the accellerometer and fingers :)20:49
rodrigo_thomastp: I already have the n900 devel environment setup, so I might start trying with the debian .debs soon, when time permits20:51
rodrigo_thomastp: hangs for me also :(20:51
thomastprodrigo_: ok, keep me posted with your progress, keen to help out or test20:51
rodrigo_thomastp: cool20:51
dobeyrodrigo_: are you going to do the couchdb work for tomoboy, or is that mostly going to be sandy/someone doing it?20:54
rodrigo_thomastp: also, I tried a couple of months ago to package desktopcouch and dependencies in the opensuse build service, but ran into some problems and left it apart, so I'll take your .spec and try again when you have success :)20:54
rodrigo_dobey: I'll try to do it myself, but sandy will help a lot, as always20:54
rodrigo_dobey: I already talked with him about it, and we setup some kind of "plan"20:55
rodrigo_dobey: to make some classes interfaces, and implement those for local and couchdb20:55
dobeyrodrigo_: ok, cool. just wondering so we can track progress20:55
dobeyrodrigo_: i'd hate to end up with it being the one thing that requires opening a browser to auth against :)20:56
rodrigo_well, that can be changed, right?20:56
dobeywell, we'd have to carry a nasty patch to tomboy to do it for the snowy api20:57
sandy|lurkI am interested in having that work done, but don't consider it vital. So unlike with sync, I won't be as interested in working on it myself20:57
dobeybut if it stores stuff in couch we don't have to worry about it really20:57
aquariuswhat we really want is to be able to use your U1 token to auth against U1, not a separate tomboy token20:57
sandy|lurkif you guys stop supporting the tomboy web sync api, that would suck20:57
aquariussandy|lurk, not gonna20:58
aquariussandy|lurk, tomdroid doesn't have a desktopcouch to talk to, for a start ;-)20:58
dobeysandy|lurk: yeah, well i'm only worried about the desktop experience. there's no way i'm going to work on writing browserless authentication with gtk+ for android :)20:58
sandy|lurkso you want to be able to have Tomboy on Ubuntu sync to U1 directly via couch21:00
sandy|lurkand have Tomboy on other platforms, Tomdroid, etc, all be able to sync with that via the existing api21:00
thomastprodrigo_: well, the .spec works for me on fedora, so sure, you can already take it right now and try21:00
thomastprodrigo_: also, dobey is a .spec god :)21:00
thomastphe might not want you to know though21:00
sandy|lurkthat should be interesting21:00
mandeljbernard: you can try and use the API that wraps the record with more python object, it should be ok to start playing with it:  lp:~mandel/desktopcouch/contacts-wrapper21:01
rodrigo_sandy|lurk: yeah, we'll support the sync protocol, as aquarius said, for other apps21:02
mandelanyone else is more than welcome to take a look and let me know what they think ;)21:02
dobeythomastp: uhm... thanks :)21:02
rodrigo_ok, /me assigns opensuse packaging to dobey :D21:02
sandy|lurkrodrigo_: I'm just not really sure how compatible those sync models are21:02
dobeyyeah i'm not touching opensuse with a 50ft pole :)21:02
sandy|lurkbut I haven't really thought about it21:03
rodrigo_sandy|lurk: well, they are implementing snowy protocol, right?21:03
aquariushahaha dobey work avoidance fail. :)21:03
dobeysandy|lurk: well, they're totally compatible, as it's already happening anyway :)21:03
* sandy|lurk clearly doesn't have a strong understanding of what's going on21:03
dobeysandy|lurk: if your desktopcouch is syncing with u1, and your tomboy is syncing to it also with snowy, the notes end up in your desktopcouch db already21:04
mandelaquarius: do you minf looking at lp:~mandel/desktopcouch/contacts-wrapper I though it would be better in desktopcouch than in an other lib :P21:04
dobeysandy|lurk: but tomboy doesn't read/write to there yet, so they're kind of just sitting there21:04
aquariusmandel, I can, but not until tomorrow21:04
mandelaquarius: no big diff for me hehe21:04
rodrigo_thomastp: where are your .spec files?21:05
sandy|lurkrodrigo_: so sync metadata like revision number is stored in couch?21:05
* sandy|lurk wonders when you would decide to increment that if Tomboy wrote directly to couch21:06
rodrigo_sandy|lurk: yes, everything tomboy sends is stored21:06
rodrigo_hmm, good point, sandy|lurk, indeed21:06
sandy|lurkincrementing the revision number every 4 seconds would be rough21:06
rodrigo_so if users use tomboy-storing-in-couch and then try to sync, lots of conflicts might show up21:07
aquariusonly if they edit in two separate places21:07
rodrigo_sandy|lurk: well, but since the local couchdb would sync with the server one, they should have the same revision number21:07
aquariusand if you do that then you get conflicts from snowy too. :)21:08
thomastprodrigo_: https://thomas.apestaart.org/thomas/trac/browser/pkg/fedora.extras21:08
sandy|lurkrodrigo_: exactly21:08
rodrigo_except if the user tries to sync between couchdb syncs21:08
thomastpcouchdb combined with 'instant-apply' of changes can end up being pretty expensive21:08
thomastpdid you guys think that model through ?21:08
sandy|lurksorry, I don't have time to discuss this right now...just saw it come up and got curious21:08
rodrigo_well, bindwood does it right now, right?21:09
* rodrigo_ too, time for a movie, bbl21:09
dobeyaquarius: i guess the conern is really what happens when you try to use both snowy and the couchdb sync21:09
dobeyaquarius: ie, people upgrading from karmic/whatever who already use the snowy stuff might be confused21:09
sandy|lurkdobey: we're trying to clean up our terminology a bit...we're calling the REST API "tomboy web"21:10
sandy|lurkso "snowy" just refers to our own django service21:10
topyli hmm i copied 374M of files in to ~/Ubuntu One. now the client seems happy a bit too early to be true. and indeed, the web interface says i'm only using 51M21:10
thomastpok, what python version are you guys currently using ? the first fix I had to do for ubuntuone-client was in the logging module, because of:21:10
thomastpAttributeError: DayRotatingFileHandler instance has no attribute 'filters'21:10
thomastpcaused by a weird/improper chaining up of __init__ methods21:10
dobeythomastp: we develop against 2.6.3, but it should work on 2.521:10
thomastpwhich possibly is fixed in newer pythons, but without this fix basically I can't even import that line I pasted above21:11
dobeythomastp: what does fedora have?21:11
thomastpit claims 2.621:11
thomastpI'm surprised it doesn't have a micro number21:11
thomastpI'll first check if the source code has changed to fix my bug21:11
dobeyrpm -q python is just "2.6"?21:11
aquariuslater all, see you tomorroow21:11
thomastpyep, 2.6-9.fc1121:11
mandela2, leaving too21:12
dobeymaybe it just has an older python21:12
thomastpyeah, likely, and then I do need to end up rebuilding a python package21:12
thomastpman, basically logging has received nothing but changes during 2.6.x21:15
thomastpthis is going to be painful :)21:15
thomastpdobey: how can I get the ubuntuone client applet to actually output log info ?22:38
thomastpI see calls, but I don't see a way to get it22:38
thomastpok, apparently in $HOME/.cache/ubuntuone/log22:41
thomastp/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt <- where does this file come from on ubuntu ?22:52
thomastpI don't have it on fedora22:52
thomastpok, a big step further to get this running on fedora23:20

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