linxehhi there - is there a keyboard shortcut to open the applications menu ?00:37
keppilinxeh:  [ctrl]+[esc] ?02:42
SahkolihaaWould anyone know why, when starting the system monitor, it and dbus-daemon start using high CPU usage?06:58
Sysiit's heavy program06:59
Sysiidk about dbus-daemon06:59
SahkolihaaThey shouldn't eat an entire core on an AMD X2 4800+ though.07:00
SahkolihaaI've filed it as a bug, so let's see what happens from there.07:30
jarWhy isn't Xubuntu using xfce4's system monitor anyways? It's simpler but gets the job done.07:31
SahkolihaaI was actually wondering why it was using gnome's and if it had it's own.07:32
SahkolihaaCan xfce4's be installed?07:32
jarYes, it's in apt.07:32
jarI think.07:32
SahkolihaaAh, it is.07:32
SahkolihaaYeah, just found it.07:32
* Sahkolihaa installs.07:32
SahkolihaaHeh, that works fine. No high CPU usage.07:33
SahkolihaaSo gnome-system-monitor is the problem.07:33
jarSahkolihaa, It's always been an issue.07:33
jarIt's a very poorly coded app.07:33
jarI'm pretty disappointed Xubuntu ships with it, honestly.07:34
SahkolihaaYeah, Xfce's seems much nicer.07:34
jarI need to subscribe to the mailing list so I can voice my opinion on things..07:35
jarSahkolihaa, sudo apt-get purge gnome-system-monitor07:37
jarand everything runs faster.07:37
jarbad pun07:37
SahkolihaaReally does make no sense to include the gnome system monitor when Xfce's is light weight - the whole idea behind Xubuntu...07:39
* jar nod07:40
SahkolihaaThe gnome part is also being retarded.07:41
SahkolihaaSince it doesn't seem to read Xfce's default browser setting, so it starts Firefox and not Chromium.07:41
jarYeah.. one thing I don't like is that XFce4 Taskmanager puts its menu entry in two categories.07:41
SahkolihaaI just fixed that by editing xfce4-taskmanager.desktop. :P07:42
jarin /usr/share/applications ?07:42
jarGreat minds.07:42
SahkolihaaAlso re-named it to 'Taskmanager' to follow everything else.07:42
jarI was going to do that too.07:43
jarSahkolihaa, Perhaps if we start enough of a fuss we could get that done by Lucid Lynx07:43
jarSahkolihaa, Are you missing the category icons in Add/Remove too?07:45
jarI HATE when apps double dip on the menu.07:45
SahkolihaaYeah, I'm missing all the icons there too.07:49
jarThat's 3 out of 3.07:50
SahkolihaaBleh, Thunderbird thinks Firefox is the default browser.07:53
jarI use Evolution07:54
Balsaqyello syrius08:14
syriusdo I know you?08:15
Balsaqmaybe not, thought we spoke a few days ago08:22
Balsaqmay have been Sysi...08:22
Balsaqoh well, i am Balsaq, from eastern USA!08:23
Balsaqit is amazing the difference in this channel as compared to ubuntu. i have both and too me xubuntu is far superior. yet it seems waaayyy more people choose ubuntu.08:27
Sysipeople have different opinions08:29
Sysii may need to fix highlights some day08:29
Balsaqsysi are you from finland?08:37
Balsaqit was you then!08:38
Sysiohai! :D08:38
Balsaqwhat highlight can you fix08:38
Sysii haven't set anything08:39
Sysiwhen i set, i ned to start using screen_away08:39
Sysians then it's same to get new theme08:39
Sysiexellent theory :)08:40
_Pete_Balsaq: for some reason I like to stay here still I dont anymore use xubuntu08:40
_Pete_it was kind of temporary solution when got pissed of from kde408:41
_Pete_but 9.10 +kde3 works fine08:41
Sysii need to ude kdm for xdmcp, that means kde would be better :G08:42
_Pete_kde4 totally suxx08:42
Sysinot a lot more that old08:43
_Pete_luckily kde3 is still developed and for me it's superior08:43
Sysii have to use it at school08:44
Balsaqat work today i noticed they were running solaris in one of the labs...looked very nice-professional08:46
_Pete_Balsaq: was that using traditional sun X ?09:04
Balsaqdidn't see sun X on the desktop...will look closer today when i go back in there...09:14
knomeSysi, i don't use screen_away but my own script which autounaways me after n minutes09:33
knomeSysi, i mean, autoaways me.09:34
knomeSysi, also autoUNaways me after n messages to a network09:34
knome!hi | MaxFrames11:32
ubottuMaxFrames: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!11:32
MaxFramesI booted today and kaboom... the weather update plugin is not working anymore :(11:32
knomewhich way not working?11:33
MaxFramesquestion mark on the panel icon and "unable to update meteo data" message, it seems that the location is not set ("-")11:33
knomeMaxFrames, have you tried to remove and readd the applet?11:34
MaxFramesnot yet11:34
MaxFramestoday it worked. then I installed some updates (nvidia drivers) via update manager. I rebooted because the system was acting strange after the update (mouse and keyboard acting up). after the reboot, mouse and keyboard OK but weather applet gone.11:35
vashitnany body here :)11:43
vashitndoes xubuntu boots faster than ubuntu?11:44
knomeshould be no difference before starting the DE, but yes, Xfce should boot faster than GNOME11:44
vashitnhmm yeah but when itboots luches the DE too11:46
MaxFramesremoved and readded the weather panel => no change11:46
vashitnso if xfce is smaller less things to boot11:46
knomeMaxFrames, have you checked whether the service where the applet downloads the data, works?11:46
vashitnMaxFrames what is your problem with the weather11:46
knomevashitn, if you are looking the thing b&w, yes that's correct11:47
MaxFramesmy problem with the weather is that it's lousy. my problem with the weather update applet is that it doesn't work anymore :D11:47
MaxFramesknome: how can I check if the service works?11:48
vashitnMaxFrames this may be a stupid question :D but did you set it :D11:48
knomeMaxFrames, try to load their website?11:48
MaxFramesvashitn: it's not necessary. It finds your location automatically based on your IP address.11:48
MaxFramesknome: I don't know the URL11:48
vashitnits based on yahooweather??11:49
knomeMaxFrames, maybe you should wait a bit. it might be the service that is not actually working. i don't know what service it uses and i'm not home right now so i can't check11:49
MaxFramesperhaps if another user would add the applet, we could rule out that11:49
knomepossibly, but that's not 100% sure way11:50
MaxFrameswhat's 100% sure is that it was working, I rebooted, it's not working11:50
MaxFramesbetween state a) and state b) is a mere 2 minutes11:50
MaxFramesoh, found the url: xoap.weather.com11:50
knomei'm sorry to hear that but i don't know what might have caused that.11:51
vashitntry preferences on the appl and manualy add your town :)11:51
MaxFramesthe website is up11:51
knomeMaxFrames, then something is probably broken in your applet or its data.11:51
vashitnknome can you put widgets on xfce?11:51
knomeMaxFrames, can you reset the city you d/l data for?11:51
MaxFramesI can retrieve my town data from the website. the problem is the applet. dunno what screwed it11:52
knomevashitn, what do you mean by "widgets"11:52
vashitnlike on kde weather widget :)11:52
knomeMaxFrames, look for the .* (probably .config) folders in your home, and seek for something related to the applet. removing that should probably make it work again11:52
knomevashitn, no, you can't load kde widgets.11:53
knomevashitn, well, at least without running loads of kde stuff, which would mean you probably should rather boot to kde11:53
vashitnMaxFrames try other weather appl i am sure there are more11:53
vashitnseek at add/remove11:53
vashitnor what ever its called these days :)11:54
MaxFramesI'm rueing the day I upgraded to karmic11:54
knomevashitn, i'd rather know what's wrong with that applet, since it's probably the applet most users are using11:54
MaxFramesbefore, all was perfect. now... I've already lost the screensavers and the weather applet, and the logon process is slower11:54
vashitnyeah knome you are right but maybe its something that he did or some update11:55
MaxFramesand who knows what else will stop working for no apparent reason tomorrow11:55
knomeMaxFrames, karmic brought a lot of changes and we hope we can make all of that better in lucid.11:55
knomeMaxFrames, probably not a lot stuff, haven't heard anybody's weather applet breaking or anything like that11:55
MaxFramesI didn't do anything at all. I just installed the updates that the update manager was suggesting (nvidia packages) and that's all11:55
knomeMaxFrames, it's probably just you.11:55
MaxFramesme how? all I did tomorrow with xubuntu was installing those nvidia updates. and reboot. I didn't even use the computer apart from that11:56
vashitnMaxFrames try the cleaning program i think there is one11:56
knomeMaxFrames, me as in your computer, your set of installed applications, your configuration11:56
vashitnPC personal computer11:57
knomei have to go now11:57
knomei hope someone will be able to help you, MaxFrames11:57
knomehave a nice day11:57
MaxFramesmm, it's the IP address-to-location bit that's not working anymore12:05
MaxFramesthe applet is working now by manually specifying my current location12:05
MaxFrames(not so good on a laptop though)12:05
MaxFrames"the screensaver bug still stands" :D though some kind soul finally flagged it as "security issue"12:05
Balsaqi'd just install 9.04 if i were you12:09
Balsaqtoo me it was perfect12:09
MaxFramesis it possible to downgrade?12:09
Balsaqwell if not...delete12:09
Balsaqand reinstall 90412:09
MaxFramesno, I'll live with the new logon screen which obliges me to click on "logon" and wait before I can type the credentials, and hope for a fix for the screensaver12:11
MaxFramesI simply don't have the nerve to go through backup, format, reinstall, restore12:11
Duskaohey guys, I just installed xubuntu 9.10 and my second HD (internal) isn't showing up.12:12
MaxFramesata? sata?12:13
MaxFramesdumb question: checked the connections?12:14
Duskaoit's all good. They work fine. Was fine with Ubuntu, moonos, mint... list goes on.12:14
MaxFramesand if you boot a live 9.04 it shows up, right?12:15
Duskaorunning 9.10 actually, but it's the same with 9.0412:15
Duskaohad the same issue when i installed 9.04 ages ago.12:15
DuskaoXubuntu I mean.12:16
MaxFramesit was fine with ubuntu.. which version of ubuntu?12:16
MaxFramesso it's xfce related?12:16
Duskaoseems to be, but with mint 7 XFCE there is no issue lol12:16
Duskaomental eh?12:16
Duskaobut I prefer the real *buntu's12:17
MaxFramesI'm afraid I dunno what to suggest... have you browsed launchpad yet to see if it's documented?12:17
Duskaonope, but I'll deal with this tomorrow. I gotta get some sleep. Haven't slept yet tonight. Take it easy.12:18
Duskaoworst case scenario, I go back to Ubuntu :D12:18
MaxFramesI hear you. I haven't slept much myself12:18
cedroni lost the task pane...13:25
cedronwhat happened?13:25
SahkolihaaAnd now that I'm back from college, gnome-system-monitor has now been removed.13:28
SahkolihaaFigured out it was my portable Samsung music player causing it to eat an entire core. Pretty stupid. :/13:28
uberspacedis xubuntu supposed to be the light weight ubuntu?14:05
uberspacedlet's just say I have an old laptop with 128 mb of ram14:05
uberspacedand I don't need a fancy shmancy gdm or gnome14:05
uberspacedI just want to read stuff on it14:05
uberspacedwhat I usually do is install ubuntu and then something like fvwm14:06
Sysilubuntu or crunchbang is better14:06
uberspacedokie dokie.14:06
Sysiwith lxde14:06
Sysipretty and lightweight14:06
Sysixubuntu is quite bloated these days :\14:06
uberspacedok, so, if I'm doing a net install of 9.10, will lubuntu show up there?14:07
uberspacedshould I install a basic server14:07
uberspacedand then apt-get install lubuntu (?) ?14:07
Sysihmm, can't remember if it was official yet14:07
uberspacedwell, you gave me some things to look at.14:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lxde14:09
uberspacedmaybe if I install lxde, ubuntu server and fvwm I'll be OK.14:09
TheSheep!info lxde14:09
ubottulxde (source: lxde-common): Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-1ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 4 kB, installed size 36 kB14:10
ablomenuberspaced, one note, ubuntu server installs a different kernel..14:10
uberspacedone that probably doesn't favor real time processes like X as much, eh?14:10
uberspacedI'm probably not going to get _that_ intense with X14:10
uberspacedjust like a PDF or something.14:10
ablomenuberspaced, well if you dont have a lot of memory...14:10
uberspacedwhich I don't have14:10
ablomeni think you might want to get a more optimised kernel14:11
uberspacedaside from one that I'd have to compile myself, which one would you recommend?14:11
ablomenehm not sure, maybe the generic is already better for laptop usage?14:12
ablomenim just saying because i know i'v had problems with it some time ago14:12
uberspacedI'll just stick with server and see if X works.14:12
ablomentook me a while to figure out it was the server kernel14:12
uberspacedI don't need fast X.  just working X.14:12
ablomenhttp://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/features/kernel << heres an overview btw14:13
Sahkolihaalxde reminds me too much of KDE and Windows.14:15
SahkolihaaI already switched out the gnome-system-monitor for Xfce's taskmanager.14:16
uberspacedsweet.  preemption is turned off in server edition.14:18
uberspaceddon't really need a massive ass ipv6 routing table though.14:18
MrNazis there a version of a matrix screensaver that doesn't have gl effects? i'm just after a matrix effect that's as true to the movie as possible16:02
MrNazaptitude reports that as installed, but it doesn't show up in my screensaver list...16:06
MrNazthat's a terminal app... also, it's totally unlike the movie16:07
MrNazthere's a great windows version of the matrix screen saver, i havent seen a good one for linux yet16:08
=== cody-somerville_ is now known as cody-somerville
jarshey there22:24
eviligunaI am new to xubuntu, been using pclos for a whle22:24
eviligunaI just finished installing and doing all the updates22:24
eviligunabut can't seam to get gstreamer working22:24
jarswhat about it doesn't work?22:24
eviligunathe error is22:24
eviliguna"GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices...."22:25
eviligunawhen i try the command22:25
eviliguna"alsaconf"  I get "command not found"22:25
jarstry alsamixer first22:25
eviligunaand alsamixer tells me "function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory"22:25
jarsThat's not a gstreamer issue then.22:25
jarsYour sound card isn't being recognized.22:26
eviligunaok, so what do I do?22:26
jarsgo into hardware drivers and see if it picks up on your sound card22:26
eviligunait says "No proprietary drivers are in in use on this system"22:27
jarsdo you happen to know what module pclos was using?22:28
eviligunano sorry, pclos was a different comp22:28
jarslet's try a different approach then22:30
jarsCan you open a terminal?22:30
jarslspci | grep Audio22:31
jarsdo that in the terminal22:32
eviligunanothing comes out22:32
eviligunathe command executes correctly though22:32
jarsyeah... that's not a good thing22:33
jarsif your audio device was being detected it would've spit out something like..22:33
jars00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)22:33
eviligunais there anything else that one might do?22:33
jarsWhat kind of computer are you on?22:33
jarsBecause it appears it's not linux supported.22:33
eviligunathe one that has it installed22:33
eviligunais an old ibm 550 mhz22:33
eviligunait says "personal computer 500 PL22:34
eviligunaon the fornt22:34
eviliguna300 PL22:34
jarsI think that might be old enough for it to not be PCI22:35
eviligunai think the sound card22:35
eviligunais built into the motherboard22:36
eviligunaon this one22:36
jarsI'm not sure if that will be supported by xubuntu's default kernel..22:36
eviligunamaybe i'll try some other distros to see if another one will pick it up22:36
eviligunaunless there is any other suggestion?22:37
jarsyou could use windows to find out what the chipset is and then see if the linux kernel supports it at all22:37
jarsand if it does, and the xubuntu/ubuntu kernel does not support it22:37
jarsyou can compile your own kernel22:37
eviligunalol, I think that is a little outside22:38
eviligunamy level of expertise22:38
jarsWell, it is for most folk.22:38
jarsJust giving you options.22:38
eviligunathank you :-)22:38
eviligunabut I need this more to work for my stats programs than recompiling my kernel!22:38
jarsI'm actually surprised by this.22:38
eviligunathank you for all your help though22:38
jarsNp at all22:38
eviligunai think i can tell you what the sound is22:39
eviligunaone sex22:39
eviligunaCrystal WDM Audio22:39
jarssorry if im a little slow, btw - im on a netbook in class.22:39
eviligunahah, no prob22:40
jarstry this22:42
jarssudo modprobe snd-cs423622:42
jars(in terminal(22:42
eviligunaheh, i just tried adding that to my modules file22:44
eviligunalets see what happens22:44
eviligunaanother weird thing22:44
jarsyou dont need to reboot to modprobe22:44
eviligunaduring reboot it tells me "Cannont Display this Video Mode"22:45
eviligunaand then works after a bit22:45
eviligunayeah, didn't know about modprobe22:45
eviligunaso I tried22:45
eviligunaadvice here22:45
eviligunathat did something22:46
eviligunaI get a mixer now!22:46
eviligunait says "No Controls are marked as visible"22:46
jarsyou can add those22:47
eviligunaok now i marked master as visible22:47
eviligunahow can i actually test the sound22:47
jarsgot an audio file handy?22:47
eviligunagot youtube22:47
eviligunaone sec22:47
jarsflash would probably be dog slow22:47
eviligunadon't have any files on this computer yet22:48
eviligunanew format22:48
eviligunawhat does this do22:48
eviligunamodprobe snd-cs423622:48
jarsit loads the snd-cs4236 driver22:49
eviligunaah cool22:50
eviligunaalright, i gotta run but if I can't figure it from here22:50
eviligunai'll log back in later22:50
jars:) okie22:50
eviligunathank you so much for your help!22:50
eviligunaglad I don't have to compile my kernel22:50
eviligunadodged a bullet there22:50
jarshope that works out for him >_>22:51

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