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zarathustraciao a tutt*00:01
zen-senseiso has anyone figure out this issue yet?  kword: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libkio.so.5: undefined symbol: _ZN11QTreeWidget17setSelectionModelEP19QItemSelectionModel00:03
zen-senseiit's not just a kword issue, it keeps just about all of my kde4 apps from running00:04
zen-senseiall i've been able to find via google is folks asking for help - no solutions :(00:06
tsimpsonzen-sensei: do you have a custom Qt installation?00:08
tsimpsonzen-sensei: where did you get that version of KDE? it seems to be built against Qt 4.6 (not yet released)00:15
zen-senseitsimpson, my issue started when i upgraded to Jaunty00:22
zen-senseitsimpson, i'm not running anything weird00:22
zarathustraciao a tutti00:23
tsimpsonzen-sensei: can you run "ldd $(which kword)" and pastebin the result?00:23
tsimpsonzen-sensei: and the output of "kword --version" please00:25
tsimpson(if it doesn't just spit out that error)00:25
zen-senseitsimpson, http://pastebin.ca/1688825    Output of kword --version: Qt: 3.3.8b KDE: 3.5.10 KWord: 1.6.300:26
tsimpsonzen-sensei: hmm, that seems to be the kde3 version00:27
tsimpsonzen-sensei: do you have the kde4 version installed somewhere else?00:27
zen-senseitsimpson, at this time i'm not sure what's going on00:28
zen-senseii had the kde4 version installed an it spits out the error i originally posted00:28
leetlargofuck worst day ever! right after the BEST NIGHT EVER!00:29
FloodBotK2leetlargo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:29
zen-senseinow it seems the the kde3.5 version of kword is being started (and it doesn't do anything)00:29
tsimpsonzen-sensei: try "kde4-config --version"00:29
zen-senseitsimpson, get the original error00:31
zen-senseier, maybe a bit different: kde4-config: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.5: undefined symbol: qt_locale_initialized00:31
tsimpsonok try "ldd $(which kde4-config)" and pastebin that00:31
tsimpsonleetlargo: do not swear here and respect the channel topic00:32
leetlargosorry simpson00:32
leetlargoi'm still trying to figure everything out00:32
leetlargosimpson. iu have a question00:33
tsimpsonif it's a kubuntu support question, you should ask it00:33
leetlargohmmm then i need to find the "edubuntu" channel00:34
zen-senseitsimpson, http://pastebin.ca/168883500:34
leetlargoi have the worst version of ubuntu ever ,so many problems00:34
zen-senseiyes, i was a happy kUbuntu user until jaunty and then it all stopped working  :(00:34
leetlargoserver list?00:35
tsimpsonzen-sensei: you, or someone else on your system, have a custom Qt install in /usr/local/lib/ which is messing things up00:35
leetlargomy problem is that the flash play sucks, youtube vids, freeze but the sound keeps going and and other flashplayer doesn't work00:36
leetlargoi have shockwave, or atleast the ubuntu version as well as java, but none if it seems to be running smoothly00:36
leetlargoif any one has advise i'm open to it00:37
zen-senseitsimpson, what's the best way to get rid of it?00:38
tsimpsonzen-sensei: if you didn't install it, then you need to remove /usr/local/lib/libQt*00:38
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zen-senseitsimpson, do i need to run something to make the system know to use the other libQt stuff? ( kword-kde4 is now failing to do anything)00:44
tsimpsonzen-sensei: "sudo ld-config"00:44
tsimpsonzen-sensei: actually "sudo ldconfig"00:45
zen-senseistill does nothing (no errors, no output, no program at all) tsimpson00:45
tsimpsonzen-sensei: it should be working then, "kde4-config --version" should output some version info00:46
zen-senseitsimpson, it outputs Qt: 4.5.0 KDE: 4.2.4 (KDE 4.2.4)  kde4-config: 1.000:47
tsimpsonthat shows it's working then00:47
zen-senseidon't you mean "it shows that it should be working" ?00:48
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tsimpsonI mean that error about undefined symbols, which was stopping the app from running, is gone00:48
zen-senseiyes, it is (THANKS)00:49
tsimpsonwhy it's not doing anything, I really don't know00:49
zen-senseiwell, thanks for helping with the undefined symbol issue  :)00:50
Ev0luti0n_anybody else00:51
Ev0luti0n_has problems with adding custom icon packs to kntu 9.10?00:51
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tavyronubuntu español por favor.. i am new01:03
poyntzhi folks01:08
poyntzdoes anyone get video with dragon player?01:08
poyntzi get just audio01:08
poyntzi can play dvd's with dragon player. that's it01:08
poyntzbut i don't cause it doesn't have openGL support, so the quality isn't the best01:09
jsubl2what software would be good to use to join video files into 1 larger file.  the files are *.mod and moi type files01:10
wrgbleetlargo: you still there?01:12
smorgAnyone who installed "kubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso", what do you get from running: uname -m01:13
Tm_Tsmorg: what are you expecting to?01:14
smorgTm_T: hopefully i68601:14
Tm_Tsmorg: that's what it should be yes01:15
wrgbsmorg: I get i68601:15
smorgAh good ty :)01:15
Tm_Tsmorg: why?01:15
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smorgTm_T: because i386 means something very specific. That was the original 8086 architecture and isn't binary compatable with i486 or i686, which is any "modern" 32-bit intel processor. I know there are kernels compatable with i486, but i'm not sure about i386. Technically they really shouldn't call it that.01:26
Tm_Tsmorg: true that01:30
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SeViLLadoes kubuntu and a gconf-editor?01:52
SeViLLadoes kubuntu have a gconf-editor?01:52
ordonezhey wats crackin everybody?01:56
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SeViLLawhats up01:56
SeViLLajust made the switch to kde fro gnome and trying to get use to it01:57
compilerwriterSeViLLa: you will like it once you get past eh learning curve.01:58
[-j3rg-]im messing with bufferoverflow and debugging wiht the gcc compiler01:58
[-j3rg-]but i can't seem to mimic the information at hand01:58
sithlord48sevilla, no there is no gconf-editor for kubuntu01:59
sithlord48sevilla, what are you trying to set up ?01:59
[-j3rg-]was gonna ask for help but ........ really don't want to disturb anyone01:59
[-j3rg-]only if anyone is up to it01:59
MoRpHeUzhey all, just upgraded to 9.10 and now I'm getting the (famous) "General error mounting filesystems" problem01:59
MoRpHeUzanybody willing to help ?01:59
sithlord48search that on kubuntuforums.net, read a post about it eariler02:00
sithlord48-j3rg-, what is the nature of your issue?02:00
SeViLLasithlord48: i wanted to change my lock sceen display and thats when i found out02:00
[-j3rg-]i want to read register eip value when intentionally doing a buffer overflow02:01
[-j3rg-]im following some instructions from a book but not getting the same results02:01
SeViLLasithlord48: is there something like that for kde02:01
[-j3rg-]well i could read eip register value but is not the same in the book02:02
sithlord48sevilla, you can set a screen saver on lock by having one selected in system settings ->Display->screen saver02:02
sithlord48-j3rg-, can't help you there sorry02:02
[-j3rg-]no prob mein02:02
sithlord48ok im out for a bit , gl sevilla02:03
[-j3rg-]anywayz fellaz im out02:04
SeViLLasithlord48: k thanks man02:05
sithlord48no problem02:06
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MoRpHeUzsithlord48: all the tips just don't work =/02:23
MoRpHeUzRiddell: ping02:23
[azrael]which kde version is newest kubuntu?02:28
stevo_any1 have any kubuntu/kde probs?02:29
stevo_4.2x I htink02:29
stevo_im not sure tho02:30
hyperboreeanhey, my system just crashed and I can't get into it ... how can I actually delete some packages using a live cd?02:31
[azrael]how is it02:31
gianniCiao a tutti02:32
[azrael]opensuse 11.2 or kubuntu karmic koala?02:32
kavurthyperboreean: I think you  can mount the partition, let's say to /mnt. and than, sudo chroot /mnt. and you can remove your packages. I belive.02:41
hyperboreeankavurt: thanks, I already did that .. I should've looked deeper02:42
hyperboreeannow I am just dropping that fglrx bullshit02:42
hyperboreeanati doesn't work at al in karmic02:42
mulvusshame i was going to buy an ati02:43
hyperboreeanmulvus: I just bought a whole laptop and spent 2 days with the wifi card02:44
hyperboreeanand today with the video card02:44
mulvuswhat about old ones? r300? i would like use oss drivers + compositing02:44
[azrael]has someone experience with opensuse?02:44
hyperboreeanhave no idea, this is my first ati card02:44
mulvushyperboreean: annoying for sure!02:44
hyperboreeanmulvus: when I finally got wifi to work I can't get 3d acc02:45
hyperboreeanjockey, envyng nothing works02:45
mulvushyperboreean: im hoping the old ati cards will have good support + there cheap02:46
hyperboreeanyeah, hopefully I have an ATI firegl v570002:46
hyperboreeanI hope I can get it to work this week02:47
mulvusunfortunately these things are hit and miss.02:47
mulvusmy current intel card works like a charm though. but i want a hd monitor, and i doubt it will drive it :(02:48
hyperboreeanI was pretty lucky that some guy provided a patch for my wifi chipset just a couple of days ago02:48
hyperboreeanbut with the video card, might be a mess02:48
hyperboreeanI want to go with a dual monitor setup02:48
hyperboreeanand without 3d acc I don't if that's possible02:48
RoastedDoes anybody have Virtualbox from the official web site on their kubuntu system?02:49
SeViLLaRoasted: whats up02:50
Roastedhows life02:50
SeViLLaRoasted: good, so vbox isn't working for you02:51
Roastedit wont install02:51
Roastedthe deb package errors out02:51
SeViLLaRoasted: did you try and install it in the terminal02:52
Roastedno, I just... double clicked like you do with any other deb package.02:52
SeViLLaRoasted: open konsol and try sudo apt-get install virtualbox02:53
Roastedthat's for the repo version though02:53
RoastedI like to stay with the newest version from the web site02:53
Roastedhate to sound like this, but it works in ubuntu. Not sure why it doesnt work here.02:53
SeViLLaRoasted: i here you02:54
corigo2How can I load KDE 4.3.3 on my Kubuntu 9.04?02:54
RoastedI dont believe you can, corigo202:54
RoastedI think only 4.3.2 is backported02:54
Roastedi installed 4.3.2 earlier today and Im on jaunty02:54
Roastedadd that repo, then click "this page" on that link to view the keys02:55
Roastedadd the 2 commands for the keys02:55
Roastedsudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:55
Roastedthat's what I did for 4.3.2 on 9.0402:56
SeViLLaRoasted: is 3.0 the latest version02:59
SeViLLaRoasted: for virtual machine02:59
Roasted3.0.14 or osmething like that02:59
Roasted.12 I have02:59
Roasted3.0.12 is the deb I DLed from the site02:59
SeViLLaRoasted: it just work for me and im on Karmic03:02
SeViLLaRoasted: yes sir03:03
RoastedI get KPackageKit - Sorry, an error occured.03:04
Roastedand you installed 3.0.12 as well?03:07
Roastedfor Ubuntu?03:07
SeViLLaRoasted: i downloaded the one for  ubuntu Karmic  and it worked03:08
Roastedwell, Im on jaunty03:09
Roastedbut Ill try karmic03:09
Roastedwatch it work, I'll be like wtf times 1003:09
Roastednaw, same error03:09
Roastedjust tried03:09
SeViLLawhat is it saying03:10
Roastedity just says an error occured03:10
RoastedI hit okay and it closes03:10
RoastedI dont even have the chance to launch it03:10
SeViLLaRoasted: i dont know then sorry,  good luck03:11
Roastedsevilla, have you ever heard people say KDE is bloated?03:12
SeViLLaRoasted: no i just switched to it03:13
Roastedme too03:13
RoastedI dual boot ubuntu and kubuntu03:13
SeViLLaRoasted: same here03:13
RoastedI installed kubuntu to try it out and I got hooked :P03:13
SeViLLaRoasted: yup03:13
Roastedmy cousin, a linux fanatic, told me kde was bloated03:13
Roastedso I did a little test03:13
RoastedI booted to ubuntu and checked sys monitor without opening anything03:13
Roastedthen I booted to kubuntu and did the same thing03:14
SeViLLaRoasted: i love it so fa03:14
Roastedubuntu 9.04 on a fresh boot was using 372MB of RAM03:14
Roastedkubuntu 9.04 on a fresh boot was using 274MB of RAM03:14
Roastedlol @ bloated03:14
SeViLLaRoasted: im still using hardy for ubuntu though03:15
Roastedthink you'll switch to kde full time?03:16
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SeViLLaRoasted: any luck with it03:32
Roastedsevilla - I just installed the version from the repos. Now I'm trying to get my existing hard disks matched up with it.03:36
Roastedits proving to be a headache03:36
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zerqRoasted: I think it was you who suggested earlier today I use the gtk network applet in KDE, working perfectly now thanks ;)04:31
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RoastedDoes anybody have Virtualbox running on Kubuntu?04:42
ricky_any girls04:43
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Roasteddo you know what kind of chat room this is?04:43
Roastedplease find the nearest X in the upper right corner04:44
Guest42288what is it04:44
Roastedit's a computer chat about Kubuntu, an open source and completely badass operating system04:44
dhqhey,i need to know how to get the water ripple effect in kubuntu 9.1004:51
code4831yay everything's black now.  That Oxygen theme was too much color for me.05:37
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geniiGuest64424: You have some actual question ?06:22
Roastedwhats up - anyone out there?06:26
avihaycould be06:27
bradpittidk why equalizer amarok is not working, it's even not active. any hints?06:46
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chilli0I am wtfing atm09:05
Gamarok__hey guys09:06
chilli0Somehow gnome is running at the same time as kde09:06
rickxsteelehola !09:07
rickxsteelehay alguien ahi !09:08
Tm_Trickxsteele: espanol?09:08
Tm_T!es | rickxsteele09:08
ubotturickxsteele: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:08
rickxsteelealguien habla español ?09:08
chilli0My widgets have gone and i have the  gnome background09:08
Tm_Tchilli0: hmm, what have you done before getting this?09:09
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chilli0not sure09:09
Tm_Tchilli0: ok, are you familiar with commandline?09:10
chilli0a bit09:10
Tm_Tchilli0: ok, open Konsole and enter "ls ~/.config/autostart/"09:11
chilli0http://imagebin.ca/view/lM7JAEYO.html      my desktop09:13
Tm_Tchilli0: only those two?09:14
chilli0It gets weirder09:16
chilli0every 5mins or so09:16
chilli0the pannels stop working and i lose internet09:16
chilli0Tm_T: Nautills is the issue09:19
Tm_Tchilli0: do this "mkdir ~/.config/autostart/removed/ && mv ~/.config/autostart/*.desktop ~/.config/autostart/removed/"09:20
Tm_Tchilli0: this creates folder to keep those desktop files out from autostart but available if you do need them for some reason09:21
chilli0Tm_T: I got it09:21
Tm_Tchilli0: now relogin and tell me if it did it, if not, there's more to do (:09:21
chilli0its when nautils runs09:22
Tm_Tchilli0: hmm, you run it manually? I mean you launch it yourself?09:22
chilli0Not that i know of lol09:23
Tm_Tchilli0: ok, did you try relogin if that thing has gone away?09:25
chilli0Tm_T:  It happens randomly09:26
Tm_Tchilli0: hmm, there is some pattern, like, you launch something09:27
chilli0Mos of the time im on google chrome09:27
Tm_Tand it just suddenly pops in?09:28
Tm_Tchilli0: possibly you click something?09:28
chilli0Tm_T: Dont think so09:29
Tm_Tchilli0: ok, try relogin and see if it is gone, if it still triggers, just ask here and we try to find out if it's something else then09:29
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:11
fkeferHi all10:18
fkefershort question: how can i make kdm default-start into my $HOME/.xinitrc script instead of startkde ???10:19
bradpittdoes anybody can help me to update phonon, i want to make equalizer in amarok working. thank you.10:23
fkeferhaha, found it; it's .xsession, not .xinitrc anymore10:36
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olimpicoHello, I have a question, can someone help me please?11:30
olimpicoI had troubles with fonts, after the installation, they where extremely small, I corrected it but when i run applications as root, the very samll fonts are unreadable11:31
olimpicoHow can i apply the font changes also to applications running as root?11:31
olimpicoI'm using kubuntu 9.1011:31
olimpicoThe problem is that when i run synaptics or even the kpackagemanager, after typing the root passwd then all fonts will become unreadable11:32
etreusok, whait11:33
olimpicoAny body knows how to correct this?11:33
olimpicoetreus: OK, thanks!11:33
arWiHi. I started to help a 70++-year old gentleman who had used Windows his entire life. Now it seems he has "slept" over few upgrades.. so what would be the simplest method to upgrade from 7.04 to 9.10 ? (Network is a bit slow, but exists).11:35
etreusyou can try to start systemsettings by root11:35
Tm_Tolimpico: how you run these apps as root?11:36
olimpicoarWi: The simplest way would be to backup all the important data ans make a new installation11:36
etreuswith sudo systemsettings11:36
arWihmm. I presume does the installer does not touch to home dir?11:36
Tm_Tetreus: no, one should _never_ run GUI applications with sudo11:37
arWiolimpico: I presume does the installer does not touch to home dir?11:37
olimpicoTm_T: Synaptic or Kpackage, just from the Kmenu, then I'm prompted to type the root passwd11:37
Tm_TarWi: no11:37
Tm_TarWi: well, shouldn't anyway, but backup is good idea anyway in time to time so why not now11:37
olimpicoarWi: The problem is that the configuration files have changed a lot from 7.10 to 9.1011:37
olimpicoarWi: So it doesn't make sense to leave them all11:38
arWiolimpico: yeah, now i got it.11:38
olimpicoarWi: But it should damage anything neither11:39
Tm_Tolimpico: hmm, try running "kdesudo kcmshell4 fonts"11:39
arWiolimpico: It might be best just to backup entire homedir (with conf-files included), do clean install, and restore all but confs. And if there is something to be copy/pasted from confs, access them.11:41
arWibut anyway, tnx guys for pointing out that upgrade+upgrade+upgrade is not an option.11:41
olimpicoarWi: Yes, I'll backup all, but only copy back the data and not the config files11:42
olimpicoTm_T: Thanks a lot, that worked great!!!11:42
olimpicoI have to go now, cheers!11:42
arWiI'm off too. Tnx and bye.11:43
silv3r_m00ncan I get a qt build of firefox for ubuntu ?12:07
siravmHi Friends12:15
Tm_Thi hi12:15
Tm_Tsilv3r_m00n: I don't think there's any project actively developing such thing12:16
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siravmHi friends, i have a small query . i am very much interested in the desltop animation side of karmic kolala KDE. i would like to add the cylinder and sphere option to my desktop animation and its not working12:18
silv3r_m00nTm_T: I guess there is ....http://browser.garage.maemo.org/news/10/12:19
siravmi tried Cube ioption and it works perfectly12:19
Tm_Tsiravm: did you change your desktop transition effect accordingly?12:19
siravmin the Edged screens i have selected cube on one, cylinder on one , spere and dashboard on thes but dashboard and cube is alone working12:21
Tm_Tsilv3r_m00n: even that you're gone, just saying that in that project there's been no activity in over a year12:21
Tm_Tsiravm: hmmm, this is with newest KDE version available?12:21
Tm_Tsiravm: hmm, I don't know then12:22
amichairandri: hi12:34
amichairandri: no need to send a private message, if u have questions, you can ask them here12:35
andrihello benutzer12:36
alidIs there any way to force dolphin to hide file names that end with ~ just like .bak files?12:48
lucahy, i have a kde user account that won't logout or shutdown. With other users everything is fine13:08
lucahow may i reset a user account13:08
Tm_Tluca: hmm, there's no such buttons with that user or buttons doesn't work?13:09
lucayes, there are buttons13:09
Tm_Tluca: hmm, but _nothing_ happens when you click them?13:10
lucaonly the 30 second count down appears13:10
lucathen skype an hpmanager shut down but nothing else happens13:11
Tm_Tluca: and there's no button to apply the shutdown?13:11
lucayes, i still have buttons but clicking they simply doesn't work13:11
Tm_Tluca: ok, that sounds bit weird, hmmmm13:12
amichairif some apps start to shutdown and others not, maybe it's one of them that's getting stuck during shutdown and blocking the rest13:12
Tm_Tluca: do you have other users in background when this happens?13:13
Tm_Tok, then it's not related to anything like that...13:13
Tm_Tmaybe someone else have better ideas (:13:13
lucabut if i login with a different user than everythin is fine13:14
amichairluca: if u start out by shutting down all apps manually (including tray icons), do they all close properly? is shutdown still stuck?13:14
lucalet me try13:14
lucasee you later13:15
lucahere i am, i pressed shutdown button but i'm still able to launch konversation13:18
amichairluca: did all other apps close? is there anything left open?13:19
lucai made a file out of ps x output, before and after pressing shutdown butto13:20
lucacan i post it here?13:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic13:21
lucawow very nice !13:25
Tm_Tluca: to me it looks like your skype atleast doesn't get shut down there13:26
amichairyep, it's there. luca: did u try killing it manually?13:28
lucanow i try sudo killall skype, mind that i have a pending shutdown so if it all goes well, see you next reboot13:28
lucaskype.real is killed13:29
lucai try a shutdown13:29
lucanothing happens13:29
amichairmaybe becaue you already tried to start one before it's now in an inconsistent state... not sure13:30
lucai retry the above with a fresh boot, hold on13:30
amichairyes, good idea13:30
pnggnhi all13:37
lucanothing to do13:40
lucaafter quitting skype i'm still unable to shutdown13:44
lucaand to logout either13:44
bradpitthi. does anybody here can help me to make equalizer in amarok works? i'm on kde 4.3.3 amarok 2.2.1 kubuntu karmic. friend from #amarok said that i need to get the latest phonon to make it works. but i don't know how to. thank you.13:48
amichairluca: well it's hard to tell, but since shutdown does begin but then gets stuck, maybe u can try killing the other related processes one by one until u find the bad one13:56
lucatanks amichair, i'll try13:58
amichairluca: sorry I can't help more specifically :-)13:58
lucatanks by13:59
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shadeslayerhi,i was wondering if someone knew how to downgrade qt packages via apt?14:05
=== steveire_ is now known as steveire
shadeslayernot my complete system just specific packages,i installed them via the kubuntu experimental PPA14:05
Tm_Tshadeslayer: hmm, first thing, why?14:05
mysoogalcan anybody install rtorrent for me i buy cheap vps im not sure where to start :O14:06
shadeslayerTm_T: well,since 1)Amarok is not compiling with 4.6, 2)My whole system has become slow,3)some apps are not working14:06
shadeslayermysoogal: um : sudo apt-get install rtorrent :14:07
Tm_Tshadeslayer: but anyway, it's simple as "sudo dpkg --install /path/to/old/package.deb14:07
mysoogali done that already :( but no gui14:07
shadeslayerTm_T: ok,thats well and good,but how do i get the old packages?14:07
shadeslayermysoogal: rtorrent is a CLI app :)14:07
shadeslayermysoogal: try ktorrent for gui...14:08
mysoogalyes i know it, but the web gui not there when i sudo apt-get install14:08
Tm_Tshadeslayer: if you don't have them in your apt cache, then download them from the source14:08
mysoogalis someone willing to install rtorrent for me with gui ? i will give you ssh login14:08
shadeslayerTm_T: and compile them? or download the .debs? i dont know which packages were upgraded....14:09
shadeslayermysoogal: did you install rtpg-www ?14:09
mysoogali really not sure what i done i try to follow to many tutorials but always fail14:09
mysoogali try to install that rtGUi but that didnt go well i try to install that wtorrent thing even that didnt go well14:10
shadeslayermysoogal: install rtpg-www and see its man pages,that should probably be your first step14:11
shadeslayerTm_T: any ideas? :)14:11
mysoogalwhat is rtpg-www ?14:11
shadeslayermysoogal: the web gui front end for rtorrent14:11
mysoogalis it Web Gui ? not appliaction gui ?14:12
shadeslayer!info rtpg-www | mysoogal14:12
ubottumysoogal: rtpg-www (source: rtpg): web based front end for rTorrent. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.3-1 (karmic), package size 77 kB, installed size 496 kB14:12
mysoogalok , so first i install sudo apt-get install rtorrent ok i've done that14:13
mysoogalnext i need to install sudo apt-get install rtpg-www ?14:13
mysoogaland i should get the web gui ?14:13
=== root is now known as Guest15671
shadeslayermysoogal: yes,if you know the correct address to the gui14:14
mysoogalim going to try right now i have ssh open now14:14
mysoogali get this E: Couldn't find package rtpg-www14:15
geniienable universe14:15
shadeslayermysoogal: do you have universe?14:15
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:16
mysoogalshades, i have VPS server with no software installed14:16
mysoogali think only apache2 and thats about it14:16
mysoogali dont have desktop install which takes long time to install14:16
shadeslayermysoogal: edit : /etc/apt/sources.list : and un comment the universe repo14:17
mysoogalok like this nano /etc/apt/sources.list14:17
geniiwith sudo but otherwise correct14:17
mysoogali have 3 deb urls14:18
mysoogali have these14:18
mysoogaldeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe14:18
mysoogaldeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy-updates main restricted universe14:18
mysoogalsame thing14:19
genii!info rtpg-www hardy14:19
ubottuPackage rtpg-www does not exist in hardy14:19
mysoogalmy vps i think run ubuntu ?14:19
mysoogal7 or 8 not sure14:19
shadeslayermysoogal: hardy? um karmic is the latest14:19
mysoogalhow to install the rtpg-www ?14:20
mysoogalneed to add more sources ?14:20
mocoopI need some help with my wireless internet.  Can anyone assist me?14:21
shadeslayermocoop: sure just ask :)14:21
mocoopI just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a laptop and I cannot get the system to recognize the laptop14:22
mocoopsorry shade14:22
shadeslayermocoop: ok,can you pastebin the output of : lspci : ?14:22
mocoophow do I do that?  I am new to this os14:22
mysoogalstill not working E: Couldn't find package rtpg-www14:23
mysoogal 14:23
shadeslayermocoop: ok,i guess you have kubuntu? press : alt+F2 : and type : konsole : and hit enter14:23
mysoogali added all the sources here http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_dapper#Repositories14:23
shadeslayermysoogal: hardy doesnt have the packages i guess14:23
mocoopI have ubuntu 9.10 installed14:23
mysoogal:( so i cant install it14:24
shadeslayermysoogal: probably,by compiling it from sources,you can,not very sure though14:24
shadeslayermocoop: ok,replace konsole with : gnome-terminal14:24
mysoogali dont have comiliing my vps very thin14:24
mocoopshade: i have a terminal window open14:25
mysoogalwait maybe i can im sudo apt-get update now14:25
shadeslayermocoop: type : lspci : and pastebin the ouput to : www.pastebin.ca :14:26
mysoogali get this thing what is it  Could not read resource file: ~/.rtorrent.rc14:27
mocoopshade: how should it look in the terminal window?14:27
shadeslayermocoop: it should throw up lots of lines.... :)14:28
Vroomfondleit should be a list of all your hardware devices, mocoop14:28
shadeslayer(technically all the PCI devices)14:28
mocoopshade: i typed lspci and got a lot of lines.  now whats next?14:28
shadeslayermocoop: copy them and paste them to the site i said14:29
shadeslayermocoop: there?14:34
mocoopshade:  here is the address www.pastebin.ca/168959214:34
=== john is now known as Guest77497
shadeslayermocoop: you have a broadcom card....14:35
shadeslayermocoop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:35
=== Guest77497 is now known as justlinux
mocoopshade: yes i do and the computer has a button to turn the wireless on and off.  it works fine with windows but not with ubuntu14:36
shadeslayermocoop: ok one more thing,turn the wifi off and then on again and pastebin the output of dmesg | tail14:37
mocoopshade: the button does not work with ubuntu14:37
shadeslayermocoop: guess what! the wiki has the same card as you :o14:37
mocoopshade: should i just follow the instructions on the wiki?14:38
shadeslayermocoop: yeah,it has the same card as you,lucky you :)14:39
mocoopshade: thanks for the help.  I am going to stay in chat until i get this working properly14:39
shadeslayermocoop: sure :)14:39
jacquesdupontdhey everybody14:46
jacquesdupontdmy kubuntu is nearly perfect but i have a really anoying problem and i don't find any way to resolve it14:46
jacquesdupontdi have one of the best computers and it's loading really really slow14:46
jacquesdupontdand that, since one time i had video card driver problems and i launched kde4 process and since this time, it seems it keeps loading it everytime i boot14:47
jacquesdupontdi'm choosing the option to boot a brand new session, not to remember the last one, i'm choosing kde instead of default also i've checked every startup entries but there's nothing except the normal gtk engine, i've checked services but same i don't know14:48
jacquesdupontdto tell you what is really happening during the load or after the load i see again the picture of the login frame and then it loads14:49
jacquesdupontdexactly like when i had launched kde4 by mistake14:49
jacquesdupontdi can't kill kde4 process everytime i boot, where is it starting from ? where is it set ? and one other thing, in my menu i don't have anymore my restart or shutdown options14:50
mocoopshade: how do I install b43-fwcutter from my ubuntu disk?14:52
jacquesdupontdyou just set your internet connection and do the upgrade and then check for propriety drivers14:53
shadeslayermocoop: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter : in a terminal14:53
jacquesdupontdyeah another way :)14:54
jacquesdupontdnobody has any idea for my problem i don't want to reinstall kubuntu just for that14:54
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: um actually i cant understand the problem :D14:54
jacquesdupontdthat's really something i reproch to kubuntu it's that sometimes you have that kind of problems and there's no log and no way to understand the problem14:55
jacquesdupontdsame here14:55
mocoopshade: thanks for the help.  i have to restart to see if this worked.  I may be back soon!14:55
jacquesdupontdbut this only happens in kubuntu, but at the same time it's so beautiful that i would like to keep it14:55
shadeslayermocoop: best of luck14:55
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: ok you install kubuntu-desktop right?14:56
jacquesdupontdno i installed kubuntu from the beginning14:56
jacquesdupontdcould you check if you have kde4  process in your monitor14:57
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: ok,like you had kubuntu from the beginning,ok whats the problem,in short and in one line please14:57
jacquesdupontdone time, my desktop was not loading so i did an alt+f2 and stared kde4 in fact it started from behind the login page but without login forms and since this time everytime i load kubuntu i see it loads kde4 process again and i see just a few second the login page again and it's loading very slow14:59
jacquesdupontdand i have an i7 and 4 gigs of ram15:00
jacquesdupontdso that doesn't comes from my computer cause it was loading very fast before15:00
BluesKajHello folks15:02
=== bigjools-afk is now known as bigjools
bradpitthi BluesKaj15:03
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: i cant seem to figure the problem out,try renaming you .kde folder,that will reset everything to defaults and you can check if the problem persists15:03
BluesKajhi bradpitt15:04
bradpittBluesKaj : do you how to make equalizer working in amarok?15:05
jacquesdupontdi can try that but i have to save my conf files then15:06
jacquesdupontdthat's an idea15:06
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: yeah,just rename the folder15:06
BluesKajbradpitt, sorry , don't use amarok, but woupn't it be under tools or options or some such15:07
jacquesdupontdok and then i will put the configuration files i need15:08
shadeslayerBluesKaj: btw any idea on how to get apt to reinstall all dependencies of kubuntu-desktop?15:08
jacquesdupontdin my /home i have a .directory file is that normal ?15:09
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: yeah15:09
bradpittBluesKaj : it's ok.. i already ask in #amarok and someone said i need to get the latest phonon. but i just don't know how to update this thing. btw, i'm on kde 4.3.3 kubuntu karmic and amarok 2.2.115:09
jacquesdupontdi rename it and check15:10
jacquesdupontdit will automaticly rebuild a new one right ?15:10
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: you dont have to rename that :)15:10
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: just rename .kde to .kde_old15:10
jacquesdupontdi know :)15:10
jacquesdupontdwhat ?15:10
jacquesdupontdi was about to rename jacquesdupontd15:10
shadeslayeryes,just logout and login back in15:10
noren[ 4146.452849] vlc[2360]: segfault at 0 ip 02b9b527 sp b6d47190 error 4 in libQtCore.so.4.5.2[2b4e000+22b000]<< need help with this15:11
shadeslayernoren: whats that 0.015:11
jacquesdupontdis it normal that i don't have permission to go inside that folder ?15:11
jacquesdupontdit could come from that problem no ?15:12
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: uh,no its not15:12
jacquesdupontdso i rename it15:12
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: now logout and login :D15:12
jacquesdupontdjacquesdupontd@jacquesdupontd-kubuntu:/$ sudo rename .kde .kde_old15:12
jacquesdupontdsyntax error at (eval 1) line 1, near "."15:12
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: why sudo ?15:13
jacquesdupontdto rename the kde it's in the root15:13
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: you can just rename it by your own permissions...15:13
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: no it should not be in root15:13
jacquesdupontddoesn't seems15:13
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: not necessary in the /home directory15:13
BluesKajshadeslayer, sudo dpkg --configure -a , then, sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade15:13
jacquesdupontdi thought all that i not in the /home is sudo15:13
norenshadeslayer, cant play vid in VLC this is what i get in dmesg !! :(15:13
shadeslayerBluesKaj: hmm...15:14
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: but .kde *is* in the home directory15:14
shadeslayernoren: did you try and see if libqtcore4 is installed?15:14
g_giulioplease some 1 help me?15:14
jacquesdupontdoh ok15:14
jacquesdupontdi have on in the /15:14
jacquesdupontdthat's why15:14
norenshadeslayer, yes it is and i did a reinstall again same prob !!15:14
Mamarok!ask | g_giulio15:14
ubottug_giulio: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:14
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: dont remove the one on /15:14
BluesKajhmm, shadeslayer , that's what i would do , unless you remove kubuntu-desktop first then reinstall it, but that seems kinda drastic to me15:15
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: well, then something is worng, it should not be there, unless you started KDE as root, which is equaly wrong15:15
g_giuliook,sorry... my cpu work at 100% 4ever.-..why?15:15
g_giuliobefore don't work in this why...15:15
shadeslayerBluesKaj: i was dumb and went on to try the qt 4.6 packages in kubuntu experimental15:16
jacquesdupontdi should remove that file ?15:16
g_giuliofrom today is here...15:16
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: which one?15:16
Mamarokg_giulio: if you run top in a konsole, you can see what is taking up the CPU15:16
jacquesdupontdthe / one cause i have the normal one in /home15:16
g_giuliotyes i know...15:16
jacquesdupontdi think that is the problem15:16
BluesKajshadeslayer, make sure all the right repos are enabled as well15:16
jacquesdupontdi'm gonna try to remove the one in / directory15:16
shadeslayerBluesKaj: yeah im doing all the correction stuff right now :)15:16
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: make a backup15:16
shadeslayerjacquesdupontd: no dont do it15:16
jacquesdupontdi come back :)15:17
g_giulioand i can't see someting wrong...15:17
jacquesdupontdtoo late15:17
shadeslayerMamarok: i think the / one has all the default stuff15:17
jacquesdupontdanyway i don't care about reinstalling it it's so fast to configure it now15:17
Mamarokg_giulio: you can see which application uses the 100% CPU with top, no?15:17
BluesKajshadeslayer, try sudo dpkg --clear-avail , then the updates15:17
Mamarokshadeslayer: I don't think so, I don't even have a .kde in /15:18
shadeslayerhmm... well i removed that repo and installed the qt 4.5 packages by : libqtcore4=(package default in cache)15:18
shadeslayerMamarok: hmmm... youre right... how did a kde folder get into /15:18
Mamarokshadeslayer: easy, starting KDE as root does it15:19
shadeslayeroh... didnt know that.15:19
Mamarokand obviously he had the good idea to run the desktop as root, no wonder15:19
g_giuliofuck damn ktorrent... i've killed... i didn't know thah i can see the % in top...15:20
shadeslayerMamarok: oh btw,doesnt amarok compile with qt 4.6?15:20
g_giuliotanks a lot!!!!!15:20
genii!language | g_giulio15:20
ubottug_giulio: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.15:20
Mamarokshadeslayer: it depends on Qt 4.415:20
shadeslayerwell when i tried to compile it,it said the moc has changed alot,dont know what that means15:21
g_giuliook ok thanks so mach to all!!!15:21
Mamarokshadeslayer: and Qt 4.6 introduced a few very weird things that make most of KDE apps freak out, please report upstream: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com15:21
shadeslayerMamarok: yeah most of my apps dont work with qt 4.6 :P15:21
norenhow to purge and reinstall vlc15:21
Mamarokshadeslayer: the best is not to use it system wide, just test it locally only15:21
LjLnoren: "sudo apt-get --purge remove vlc ; sudo apt-get install vlc"15:22
shadeslayerbleh,LjL beat me to it15:22
LjLnoren: not that that's likely to help with anything15:22
jacquesdupontddid the same15:22
jacquesdupontdafter removing the .kde from the / directory15:22
g_giuliothanks mamarok .i've killed ktorrent and all it's ok!!!!15:22
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: do not run KDE as root, it only drives you into problems, that's how you got that .kde there15:23
jacquesdupontdim tring to rename the .kde in the terminal but the command deosn't seems to work15:23
Mamarokg_giulio: yes, I read that, no need to shout :)15:23
jacquesdupontdi'm not running it in root it was a mistake that's why i deleted this file15:23
jacquesdupontddon't you understand15:23
Mamarokg_giulio: one exclamation mark is enough15:23
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: yes, I do, but it ended up there because you ran it as root15:24
jacquesdupontdi know what is root and not root it makes 5 years i'm on ubuntu but i must admit kubuntu is beautiful but working weirdly15:24
jacquesdupontdpossible yes15:24
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: it doesn't work weird for me :)15:24
g_giuliook bb at all!15:24
jacquesdupontdbut now i need to resolve it not to say myself i should have done that, cause it doesn't resolve anything and i already now it and i don't know how it happened15:24
Mamarokjacquesdupontd: sudo for cli applications, kdesudo for GUI, and only if you really need to, wich is most of the time never15:24
Mamarokyou most likely messed up your permissions if you ran a GUI with just sudo15:26
shadeslayerBluesKaj: bleh,i manually downgraded packages by hand and everything works15:28
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:29
shadeslayernoren: do you have libqtcore4 installed?15:31
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shadeslayerum i just lost my file,menu,etc buttons on konsole ><16:05
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
rorkshadeslayer: right mouse > show menu bar?16:28
genii!es | bers16:29
ubottubers: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:29
shadeslayerrork: thanks16:38
norencant play x264 vid in vlc or in any media player ?? how to debug ??16:47
norenwat packages are needed in for playing x264 encoded vids16:48
noren!hi | nik_16:50
ubottunik_: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:50
nik_If a download finished in firefox there was this small popup window in kubuntu on the bottom right...this is gone now and I don't know why...any hint?16:51
norengenii, is there specialized channel for vlc or resolving multimedia issues ??16:52
JontheEchidnanoren: is libxine1-ffmpeg installed?16:52
norenyes i got the below problem16:52
noren[19147.406083] vlc[4786]: segfault at 0 ip 03524527 sp b6cf4190 error 4 in libQtCore.so.4.5.2[34d7000+22b000]16:53
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norennik_, start libnotify i guess16:54
AurelioHi, I'm running Kubuntu through VirtualBox, but I've noticed that it runs a lot slower than Windows XP Pro through Virtual box. Is that normal?16:55
nik_noren: how to start a lib?16:56
norenAurelio, because running in virtual box kubuntu is not getting enough resource..... kubuntu is one of the heavy package... better try with a live cd16:56
Aurelioah ok16:56
geniinoren: There's #videolan which is oriented towards this. They generally have some vlc experts aroun16:56
AurelioI didn't know kubuntu was heavier16:57
shadeslayerAurelio: its a wee bit heavier :)16:57
norenthnks genii but the problem shown is something about libQtcore so i was asked to ask here16:57
norenAurelio, its not as demanding as vista or win 7 but surely heaviest in the ubuntu family16:58
* genii slides Mamarok a freshly brewed coffee16:59
Mamarokgenii: thank you, exactly what I need now :)17:00
norengenii, any idea then for my prob with libQtcore17:00
noren[19147.406083] vlc[4786]: segfault at 0 ip 03524527 sp b6cf4190 error 4 in libQtCore.so.4.5.2[34d7000+22b000]17:03
shadeslayerMamarok: i got amarok to compile with qt 4.6 :D17:03
shadeslayernoren: libqtcore4 installed?17:03
Mamarokshadeslayer: nice, just don' report Qt crashes to us but upstream, please, there are quite a few17:03
shadeslayerMamarok: ok sure,it was just a matter of clearing the build cache17:04
shadeslayer(and installing libssl-dev)17:04
Mamarokshadeslayer: you don't do this every time yet? :)17:04
norenshadeslayer, yes it is installed17:04
shadeslayerMamarok: nope,just a few times every build...17:06
shadeslayernoren: hmm,this a stable amarok?17:07
Mamarokshadeslayer: every time you add a new dependency, mandatory17:07
shadeslayerMamarok: yeah, i just installed qt 4.6,i forgot to clear the cache :P17:08
noreni am trying to run a vid file in vlc but its not opening ... shadeslayer i m not talking abt amarok17:08
shadeslayernoren: oh sorry,i meant vlc :)17:09
geniinoren: Possibly file a bug on Launchpad against package libqt4core417:09
shadeslayernoren: this happens with every video file?17:11
norenyes shadeslayer ,, can this help me reinstall.. sudo apt-get --purge remove libQtCore* ; sudo apt-get install libQtCore*17:12
shadeslayernoren: be warned,apt will remove ALL kubuntu apps....17:12
shadeslayer(and install all dev files later on)17:13
shadeslayernoren: all the kubuntu apps depend on libqtcore417:13
norenhow to know which is the latest libQtCore latest stable release...17:14
shadeslayernoren: its 4.6 beta in backports17:14
shadeslayer(i just installed it 2 hours ago :P )17:14
norenwhat is the version for the stable release17:15
norenlibqtcore4_4.5.3really4.5.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb <<  i got this from the repos17:15
shadeslayernoren: yeah thats the one17:16
norenlibqtcore4_4.5.3really4.5.2-0ubuntu1_i386.deb <<  if this is beta how can i get back to the stable release17:16
shadeslayerbackports has : 4:4.6.0~beta1-1ubuntu1~karmic117:17
norenshadeslayer, what is the lib i need to play mpeg417:20
shadeslayernoren: vlc doesnt need one17:22
arquimedesHi people17:23
code08311hey arqui17:23
arquimedesDo you speak spanish?17:23
noren!es | arquimedes17:23
ubottuarquimedes: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:23
code08311un poco (lo siento no comprende espanol)17:23
arquimedesAlguien esta por ahi?17:23
norenshadeslayer, i can hear the sound but no vid with mplayer17:24
code08311Does anyone know about some video chat for helping the d/Deaf/HOH with Linux?17:24
arquimedesBueno el que me entienda, necesito ayuda con unos complementos.17:24
noren!es | arquimedes17:25
ubottuarquimedes: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:25
arquimedesTengo problemas para ver videos en youtube17:25
code08311flash plugin17:25
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Mamarok|es | arquimedes17:31
lbaUsing live Karmic Kubuntu netbook remix I see the top part of a large window starting about 1 inch from the bottom of the screen.  How to see entire window?17:31
lbaThe Window has Web Browser, Mail Client, System Settings, File Manager, Instant Messenger and others I just can't scroll down to.17:33
norenlba check the screen ressolution17:33
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lbanoren, VGA2, LVDS2 (connected) 1124x576 (auto)  No Rotation17:37
=== kb is now known as Guest78698
lbanoren, VGA2, LVDS2 (connected) 1124x576 (auto)  No Rotation17:38
=== william is now known as Guest11272
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
norenlba> noren, VGA2, LVDS2 (connected) 1124x576 (auto)  No Rotation ??17:43
lbanoren, No rotation is shown in a box under Size: and Orientation:17:44
norenlba, change to appropriate screen resolution17:44
lbanoren, This is an HP Mini 110 and I have no idea what the resolution should be.17:45
norenlba, try with 1024 and 72417:45
norenlba i meant less screen ressolution17:46
=== bobdylan is now known as Anyaa
lbanoren, There are various choices but the next smallest seems to be 720x40017:47
lbanoren, The screen at 720x400 only showed a small portion.  It then went crazy and went back to the orig resolution.17:49
lbanoren, I'm looking in /etc/X11 but can't find an xorg.conf17:52
shadeslayerlba: it should be there17:52
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
geniixorg.conf isn't created by default anymore, deprecated17:52
shadeslayergenii: what handles the config then?17:53
lbagenii, How to I find available resolutions?17:53
shadeslayerlba: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution17:54
geniilba: I usually do it with something like sudo get-edid | parse-edid17:54
Anyaalba : the resolution for hp mini 110 is 1024x60017:57
xg3n1usGuten Abend18:05
faris-bpsHey ive added a VPN to knetworkmanager but it doesn't seem to be being used18:07
lbaHow can I get /etc/X11/xorg.conf back again?  My resolution seems close to nominal at 1024x576 which is close to what Anyaa said (1024x600) for this HP 110 Mini.18:11
lbaBut there is something wrong.18:11
arquimedes_hOLA HOLA18:14
arquimedes_¿Como esta gente?18:14
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:14
bradpitthi.. how can i install phonon from svn?18:20
lbaRebooted this HP Mini 110 with Karmic Kubuntu Netbook Remix.  I see the top of two identical windows peeping near the bottom of my screen that contains icons for Web Browser, Mail Client, System Settings, File Manager and Internet Messenger.18:30
lbaThere are probably more but I cannot scroll down to the bottom of either screen.  This is the Live DVD install.  Any ideas what's going wrong?18:31
Quintasannowy: hi, this is not Polish support channel, please talk in english or use #ubuntu-pl :)18:51
Walzmynhow can I see which kernel I'm running on?18:55
llutzuname -r18:56
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zaapieli updated my kernel and now x11 wont start19:08
zaapieli use the nvidia driver19:08
zaapielis their a command to rebuild the driver?19:08
trudelIzappiel, there's no way cause kubuntu kernel sux19:09
zaapielthats a lie19:09
geniizaapiel: Just a troll, they're gone now19:11
zaapielI just want to rebuild my nvidia driver so it works with the new kernel, how do i do that from a command line? isnt there a way to rebuild all apps that need it after a kernel upgrade?19:11
geniiUsually the things which should be rebuilt are specified somewhere like in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules   or similar19:12
Walzmy_zaapiel: when you're booting up, use grub to enter the recovery mode and fix the X settings19:13
geniiAlthough this may be only for the initial ramdisk image19:13
Walzmy_zaapiel: It might set you back to the nv driver, then you can reload the nvidia driver from the GUI19:13
zaapielwell the nvidia driver needs to be rebuilt i think is all19:14
zaapielhow do i do that?19:14
zaapielfrom the command line19:14
Walzmy_zaapiel: did you load one through the propriatry drivers thingy, or did you download the driver youself?19:15
Quintasanzaapiel: you installed them via jockey?19:16
majidhi all19:16
Quintasan!hi | majid19:16
ubottumajid: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!19:16
majidit's my first IRC chat!19:16
majidhello world!19:16
Quintasanlol majid chat in #kubuntu-offtopic please :)19:16
majidi'm doing19:17
zaapielWalzmy_: propriatary drivers from within synaptic19:17
zaapieli see the package19:17
zaapieli just want to know how to make it reinstall it19:18
Walzmy_zaapiel: do a compete uninstall then re-install would be my guess19:18
* zaapiel tries19:18
Walzmy_zaapiel: apt-get purge {package}19:18
zaapielno dice19:21
s2rDoes anybody know if it is possible to log to an existing X session remotely with NX?19:21
Walzmy_zaapiel: my only other idea would be to use the recovery option at boot up to fix X, sorry I can't help ya more19:21
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high-rezAre the major bug fixes for digikam ever going to get pushed down to end users ?19:33
baincosono solo19:41
mariano_motel woodstock20:00
geniimariano_: You have some Kubuntu support question, or no?20:02
abdoupirati need a help body20:07
abdoupiratcan someone help me20:07
genii!anybody | abdoupirat20:07
ubottuabdoupirat: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?20:07
kosmofieldis there any good random slideshow program for kubuntu?20:08
abdoupirati want to make an audio server20:09
=== carlos is now known as Guest80216
abdoupirati want to lestin a music on my iphone via ubuntu20:09
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paolopozHello all! Need help with kubuntu 9.10 and kde 4.3.3: after mistakenly removing kde-window-manager I reinstalled it but now I cannot logoff or turn off computer using kde20:16
paolopozany guess? thanks.20:16
djSupport-linuxhi wich file and where do I modify the grub bootloader options?20:26
geniidjSupport-linux: It depends which Grub20:28
djSupport-linuxi have latest kubuntu new install20:28
geniidjSupport-linux: Then grub220:29
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub220:29
djSupport-linuxin there somewhere I guess? genii20:29
djSupport-linuxthank you20:29
geniidjSupport-linux: Yes, in there somewhere. Apologies on terseness, work needs me quite a lot right now20:30
djSupport-linuxgenii: no problem enjoy your work :)20:30
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djSupport-linuxessentailly grub 2 is a pain in the ass to recongfigure its options :(20:35
emmahas anyone else seen this thing on a fresh install of kubuntu where it says it cannot mount swap because of some cryptfs thing?20:39
geniiemma: You have libpam-encfs installed?20:42
genii!info libpam-encfs20:42
ubottulibpam-encfs (source: libpam-encfs): PAM module to automatically mount encfs filesystems on login. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 11 kB, installed size 88 kB20:42
ubuntuCiao a tutti20:43
genii!it | ubuntu20:44
ubottuubuntu: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)20:44
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luuxwhy this channel got only 200 nicks while ubuntu got 1200 already?20:51
kaputtnikHello! I have trouble with Korganizer: The reminder didn't work as he should do. Allready postet a Bug at Launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/48825120:53
geniiluux: Ubuntu is the main distribution. Ubuntu with KDE as the desktop (Kubuntu) is not used by as many people20:56
macokaputtnik: might be better to report on bugs.kde.org20:57
luuxare there any statistics of kubuntu/ubuntu usage?20:57
luuxpuzzingly kde channel has war MORE nicks and is more active than gnome20:58
kaputtnikmaco: Seems to be a bug to Kubuntu. Some people with debian odr SUS didn't have this failure20:58
LjLluux: google trends, and this channel's very activity, shows a sharply decreasing trend for Kubuntu :(20:58
macoah ok20:58
geniiluux: Nothing definitive. Distrowatch is sometimes used as a gauge of popularity20:58
luuxoh my!20:58
macokaputtnik: ill take a look then20:58
* genii slides LjL a coffee20:58
LjLgenii: surely, you mean a koffee.20:59
kaputtnikmaco: It would be nice, if anyone could reproduce this bug20:59
macogenii: popcon!21:02
macokubuntu-desktop v. ubuntu-desktop21:02
geniimaco: As interesting to me as the ongoing vi versus emacs struggle <yawn>21:03
macogenii: i meant for stats of kubuntu v. ubuntu usage21:03
geniimaco: Aaaaah OK. I thought you typo'd popcorn21:04
macooh hahaha21:04
MamarokRiddell: is our glibc patched already? -> http://www.purinchu.net/wp/2009/11/16/malloc_check_-crashes/21:04
Mamarokwould get us rid of quite some bug reports21:04
emmaI just got kubuntu started here and i tried 'lock widget' to try to make it so that the 'desktop folder' would stop showing me that side tab every time I hovered over it. But now I am not sure how to get that side tab back again so i can move it and stuff.21:05
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macoemma: click the orange swirly thing and go to "unlock widgets"21:06
momensome one help ?21:06
macoemma: or right click the desktop and unlock widgets21:06
macomomen: you havent asked a question21:06
=== AssociateXxx is now known as AssociateX
macowell i mean, you asked one, but i just responded to it21:06
momenok , im new with linux21:06
momenmy sound not working21:07
AssociateXhow do I recover a formatted partition?21:07
emmawhen i hover over the moon widget it shows me that side tab thing so i can close it or move it. but when i hover over the desktop folder widget the side tab thing does not show up.21:07
momenmaco ,can u help21:08
macoAssociateX: ive heard helix linux is good for that. its a live cd with data recovery tools21:08
macomomen: if you run "alsamixer" in a terminal, is anything muted (says "MM" instead of a number at hte bottom of the stack)?21:09
AssociateXmaco: thank you. I will what tools they have21:09
geni_i have a small problem with sound in 9.10. i don't seem to have proper software mixing21:11
emmaI fixed it by getting rid of it and then putting a new one back.21:11
momenthnx maco it worked21:11
geni_kopete stops amarok with it's notifications, however firefox with flash sound mixes well with amarok21:12
macoum ok. i didnt tell them how to unmute but whatever21:12
uboxcan you use a cell as a fax line?21:13
tsimpsonthat has nothing to do with Kubuntu21:13
uboxwhy not? i use kubuntu and i want to fax via cellphone21:13
tsimpsonbecause, we don't control what cell phones can and can not do21:14
geniiubox: If you can use your phone to dial out like an external modem, you can fax with it21:14
tsimpsonif your phone has the capability, it can, if not, it can't21:15
uboxtsimpson: my cellphone is capable, well should be. i'll check in #android21:15
tsimpsonubox: when you connect it, look at the output of "dmesg"21:16
macoubox: tmobile doesnt allow tethering through G1. doesnt make it not-possible. just..ya know..rooting it is required. which i dont think tmobile likes that either21:16
tsimpsonit should say something about "stty" being crated21:16
uboxmine is rooted, when i opened the box i went at it lol21:16
uboxhmm, apparently nothing about stty21:18
macokaputtnik: works fine here on 9.1021:21
kaputtnikmaco: ?? Today i have completly reinstalled Kubuntu 9.10. Result is the same...21:23
kaputtnikalso tried in a Live-Session: result the same...21:23
kaputtniktried to delete all related Files in ~/21:24
macoi installed this on tuesday night. just set an event for 17:00 today, notify 50min in advance, 10 min apart, 10 times...got one at 16:10 and one at 16:20 as it should21:24
geni_so, any idea how to set up proper software mixin for audio?21:24
kaputtnikIf it reminds, it reminds every minute...21:25
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kaputtnikIn addition: Birthdays are reminded only one time. Exactly 10 Days before (the setting have choosen). With hardy the remindings are every day..21:29
kaputtnikmaco: Thanks for testing...21:32
kaputtnikmaco: Any idea, how i could find a solution?21:33
darkdelusionsis there a way to get my wireless to authenticate without me have to type in my kwallet password all the time?21:34
macokaputtnik: maybe if you can make a new calendar and try it on there then attach the .ics to the bug?21:34
kaputtniktried a lot new calendar ;-) yes, i attach a little calendar.21:35
ebovineAnyone know how to move a kde panel that you can't see?  I normally run dual monitor (NVidia TwinView), and when I boot without the second monitor attached it decides to put the panel on the screen that is no longer there.21:38
ebovineThe dumbest part about that it is that the panel is on the primary (laptop) monitor when both monitors are attached, so why it would decide it suddenly doesn't belong there is a mystery.21:39
kaputtnikmaco: attached21:40
doleybebovine: I guess you can turn off twinview by running settings from alt-f2.21:52
AssociateXmaco: helix does not appear to be free21:55
AssociateXmaco:  but it sure looks nice21:56
macoAssociateX: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/helix.html says theres a version you can get if you give your email address21:56
ebovinedoleyb: twinview is off.21:56
AssociateXmaco: thanks person, you're the greatest21:57
kaputtnikmaco: added a screenshot with the result of this event... remindings every minute22:01
RoastedHey guys - got a problem - I cannot send anything to the trash can. I get an error "Could not write to file /path/of/trash/file.trashinfo" what can I do?22:20
AssociateXmaco: right on, I'm getting it now, thank you so much.22:22
AssociateXRoasted: is there such a file?22:23
AssociateXthen check it's permissions22:23
Roastedsuch a file? I'm simply trying to send a file to the trash. I don't know waht it's trying to write.22:23
AssociateXls /path/of/trash/file.trashinfo22:24
AssociateXis that file there?22:24
llutzls -l /path/of/trash/file.trashinfo22:24
RoastedNothing is in my trash, at all. Because I was having an issue with my trash can (A different issue) where it would complain about not being able to find a different file whenever I emptied it. I posted on forums and they said to run rm -rf /home/me/.local/share/Trash/* and I did to empty it out completely. Well, that problem is gone, but now I cant send anything TO the trash can....22:26
shockratesdoes anyone22:29
shockratesuse archlinux?22:29
RoastedAssociateX - I checked out Kubuntu on my work laptop, and inside Trash theres two folders with 700 rwx permissions, owned by you/you (user and group). Theyre labeled files and info. I went back to my Trash folder to create those, since I deleted them, but they were listed there already. Okay, fine. So I tried to delete a file, and presto - it worked. It must have just taken my system a second to re-generate the files/info folders th22:33
Roastedat reside in the trash folder.22:33
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AssociateXRoasted: that's strange22:36
AssociateXhave you tried to mkdir /home/me/.local/share/Trash22:37
AssociateXas your user22:37
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AssociateXwait, is it missing or not?22:38
AssociateXor is it just the /path/of/trash/file.trashinfo that is missing?22:39
AssociateXRoasted: ...22:39
RoastedAssociateX - Sorry went to grab something to eat22:41
shockratesDoes nayone use arch?22:41
RoastedAssociateX - Trash was not missing. Files/Info (folders) INSIDE of Trash was missing becasue I ran that command suggested to me on forums (rm -rf /home/local/share/Trash/*)22:41
RoastedIt just took Kubuntu a minute to re-generate them. I came here immediately when I saw it. Later I noticed they were back and I could delete files just fine.22:42
shockratesWHO USES ARCH22:43
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Roastedhey bro, this is a Kubuntu chat ro om, not an Arch chat room.22:43
AssociateXshockrates: ha ha, probably no one here.22:43
BRICKheya everyone :)22:50
BRICKanyone can help me please ?22:50
Roastedwhats up brick22:50
BRICKhey Roasted :)22:50
BRICKfirst i want to apologize for my English22:51
BRICKi'm french indeed22:51
Roastedhaha, all good. :P22:51
BRICKi have a problem with amarok22:51
BRICKit doesn't read mp3 files any more22:52
BRICKi've tried to install xine again22:52
BRICKbut nothing's changed22:52
BRICKpurge it22:52
BRICKre intall it22:52
BRICKsame result22:52
FloodBotK1BRICK: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.22:52
Roastedehh, Im not too sure. Ive hated amarok ever since the new version came out. Let me see real quick...22:53
RoastedI just found on another linux forum someone saying their amarok wont play mp3s, and somebody suggested to do this22:54
Roastednstall the package libxine1-ffmpeg and also libmad022:54
loadusBRICK, I had the same problem - actually all the players just stopped playing mp3 or wav files22:54
robin0800BRICK: restrickted extras installed?22:55
loadus(BRICK: I installed KMplayer and that fixed a bunch of things)22:55
Roastedyeah, alternative players are the way I go when it comes to amarok - I personally prefer eaxile22:55
BRICKrobin0800: i'm trying so far, but it won't be installed i guess22:55
BRICKloadus: i'd prefer not to install too many applications for the same thing22:58
RoastedBRICK - if only you would see how many media players I have installed... oh gosh I have so many22:59
robin0800BRICK: try songbird dosen't need any files installed23:00
BRICKRoasted: lol23:02
BRICKrobin0800: ok thanks, do you another media player that is able to totally be integrated to KDE ?23:04
robin0800BRICK: no not really you can install "system" feather in songbird to make it use system settings23:07
RoastedWho's a genius with understanding Qt and its licensing? I was just reading Qt is triple licensed, and the wiki referred to "and the free version of Qt is LGPL licensed...". Is there multiple versions of Qt??23:09
BRICKno, but first Qt was not free23:11
BRICKthat's why GNOME came to birth furthermore23:11
BRICKand the same Qt has been LGPL licensed for developpers23:12
BRICKwho develop free softwares for the linux community23:12
BRICKthat's why there're many kind of Qt licenses23:13
Roastedbut are the other Qt licenses valid? Or are they all null now that Qt is LGPL?23:14
Roastedany idea BRICK?23:20
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xarlialguien me puede decir si en el kubuntu hay algun programa mas aparte del konkeror para abrir paginas?23:22
kaputtnikmaco: Thanks for pay attention to my problem. I have to go to bed now.23:23
BRICKRoasted: The LGPL license remplace the previous license of 200823:25
RoastedBRICK - are you sure? http://qt.nokia.com/products/licensing23:25
Roastedthey have all 3 licenses listed there.23:26
BRICKRoasted: yep i see23:29
RoastedBRICK - what does that mean?23:30
Roastedi dont see how you can license something 3 times. How is it, oh, we're GPL, and LGPL, and closed source. Have your choice.23:30
TheFuzzballanyone know of a KDE 4.4 daily repo?23:31
BRICKi think it weird because Nokia announce that since the outcome of Qt 4.5, the next version of Qt will be under LGPL license that's enable proprietary developpment whitout paying23:31
Roastedwell didnt LGPL come into play in mid 2008 anyway?23:31
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SanneHi all, I have an old kubuntu on sda hard disk I want to keep. Will I be able to install Kubuntu Karmic on a second hd (sdb) and also install the boot manager on that disk, preserving the old one on sda? I plan to use the alternate installer.23:35
BRICKwell i thought it was in 200923:35
BRICK2008, Qt is still under GPLv3 license23:36
BRICKi thought23:36
Roastedwell nokia bought QT in 2008 from what I read23:36
Roastedthe license may not have changed till jan 0923:36
BRICKQt has been under LGPL license since jan 09, hasn't it ?23:38
Roastedthat's what I thought23:38
Roastedbut what's up with it being triple licensed?23:38
Roastedthat's what I don't understand23:39
Roastedif its LGPL, its LGPL. I dont see how you can have LGPL, GPL, and a 3rd one too23:39
c3ldoes $ dd bs=8M if=image.img of=/dev/sd[x] work for getting the normal x86 install on an usb stick?23:40
high-rezWhat time of image is the .img file?23:41
high-rezIs it an actual disk image with a partition table and all of that or is it an iso?  If it's an ISO then no.23:41
c3lhow do i do if its .iso?23:42
c3lor is there an .img version of kubuntu x86?23:42
high-rezThere's instructions out there for how to create an installable  usb drive - but I actually just install it to the usb thumbdrive as if it were a hard disk :23:42
high-rezNot sure if youre intention is to create a usable *buntu distro from usb or an installation medium?23:43
c3lnono, just an instal meduim23:43
c3lto install on an eee, theres no cdrom23:43
BluesKajc3l, an image file can't work very well since it doesn't look at your hardware so it won't install the proper kernel modules23:45
c3lBluesKaj, oh? well okay ill just use some tool to get iso bootable on usb. but i cant find usb-creator in archlinux repo, which im currrently using. i guess ill have to ask i #archlinux23:48
BRICKRoasted: this difference lies in the modification of the Library23:50
BluesKajc3l, think the url high-rez posted is the way to go23:50
BRICKyou have to publish them according to the LGPL license23:50
RoastedBRICK - whats the bottom line? Will KDE always use Qt? Is Qt completely LGPL in regard to how KDE uses it?23:50
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest61553
Guest61553hi there23:51
Guest61553what is all this about?23:51
BRICKRoasted: i guess so but a rapprochement between Qt and GTK is also possible23:54
c3lBluesKaj, i cant install usb-creator cus its not in the archlinux repo23:54
BRICKc3l: try unetbootin if you can't do otherwise23:57
c3lis it not as good as usb-creator?23:57
BluesKajc3` all you need to do is DL the kubuntu is the iso file , you don't need the archlinux repos23:58
c3leh? I need a tool to get the iso image bootable on an usb stick23:59
c3l.. BluesKaj,23:59

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