lifelesspoolie: more detailed sorting than just importance00:00
lifelessah no.00:00
awilkinsQuery on tags?00:00
awilkinsHmmph, already there00:01
lifelesspoolie: msged you that part of the discussion00:04
lifelessmars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_analysis has some interesting notes :)00:09
marslifeless, and jml posted that nice table of bug data to the mailing list a little while ago...00:11
jmlmars, I have a branch on lp:~jml/launchpad/bug-stats that kind of crappily adds such charts to each project on Launchpad00:12
jmlmars, I'd be very grateful if you made it less crappy and landed it.00:13
lifelesswe could use tags to describe caues00:13
lifelesslike missing-workflow00:13
marsjml, early next year, when I switch to lean tooling as my main priority for a quarter.00:14
lifelessmars: lean tooling?00:14
spmleans his tools against the nearest wall00:14
* jml drags his mind out of the gutter00:14
jmlmars, I might have made it less crappy myself by then :)00:15
spmjml: hi-5 the gutter team ;-)00:15
jmlspm, :)00:15
marsjml, LP Foundations: permanently snowed under00:15
lifelessmars: on a larger scale, foundations might get more help from e.g. code  if folk saw that daily ;)00:16
marslifeless, saw what daily?00:16
* lifeless would actually like to disolve all the subteams.00:16
lifelessmars: bugs in foundations that are critical/high00:16
marslifeless, others have thought the same00:16
jmlgood night all.00:17
marsgood night jml00:17
lifeless... "A real life example: NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter crashed because one team used United States customary units (e.g., inches, feet and pounds) while the other used metric units for a key spacecraft operation." :)00:18
mwhudsonmars: s/LP Foundations/working at Canonical/00:18
marssee why it is so difficult to get that critical 20% slack? :)00:19
marsI'm serious :)00:19
marslifeless, so my wishlist: zero held-over bugs, all problems like OOPSes, testmode, and PQM queue visible on the same screen, 80% utilization for the project.00:25
lifelessmars: I would express it something like 'zero queued defects, all team tasks on one screen, 50% load from stakeholder requests'00:27
lifelessmars: (I think we still estimate too low, and need a buffer while we rearrange things)00:27
marsyes, that sounds reasonable00:27
lifelessmars: I use the word defect to separate out from wishlist bugs, which I think many things should just be punted to.00:28
lifelessI think it scares folk though - folk /want/ a cozy little area-of-concern.00:29
lifelesswhich is the big thing to break though I think. I'll need to be really clear about this in replying to the experiment thread.00:29
pooliethumper: fwiw https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/releasing-clarified/+merge/10854 is oopsing consistently (oops-1427ec27)00:33
* thumper wonders why00:34
thumperpoolie: does it oops on prod?00:34
pooliei was playing with vote requests to understand them00:35
poolieand i think i have the db in a state where it can't render that page00:35
poolie    Module lp.code.model.branchmergeproposal, line 600, in getUsersVoteReference00:35
poolie    query).one()    Module storm.store, line 1117, in one00:35
poolie    raise NotOneError("one() used with more than one result available")  NotOneError: one() used with more than one result available<br />00:35
thumperpoolie: were you reassigning a pending review?00:47
poolieis that even possible?00:47
thumperpoolie: so what were you doing?00:50
pooliei was playing with bug 456643 and bug 48732700:50
mupBug #456643: Merge proposal claims a review even though I specified a different type <code-review> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/456643>00:50
mupBug #487327: Floating "claim review" button <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/487327>00:50
poolieso requesting reviews of various types from people and teams00:50
pooliei meant to do this on staging but i think url completion trapped me00:51
thumperpoolie: you found a bug01:07
thumperpoolie: surprise01:08
thumperpoolie: please find bugs by breaking staging next time01:08
lifelessthumper: it may not be possible on staging01:08
thumperyeah, I know01:08
thumperbut in this case it is01:08
pooliestaging breaks itself without much help01:09
poolieseriously, i did mean to be screwing around on staging01:09
thumperpoolie: can you file a bug with what you most remember doing?01:09
thumperpoolie: tag it with oops and mark it high01:09
thumperpoolie: I'll try to get this fixed early next week for a release-critical01:09
pooliehow do you reassign a pending review?01:13
pooliebug 48901901:14
mupBug #489019: requesting code reviews puts the mp into a state where it can't be displayed <code-review> <oops> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/489019>01:14
poolieoh i ese01:14
pooliethat yellow button01:14
poolieno, i wasn't doing that01:15
thumperpoolie: you used claim review on the team?01:18
pooliei don't recall01:18
pooliei could well have done01:18
pooliei didn't reassign the reviews because until now i didn't know it was possible01:18
pooliethere's no log?01:18
thumperwell, there may be an apache log01:20
thumperthere is an outstanding bug about history/log01:20
thumperwhich is kinda in progress, but not01:20
pooliethumper: ok i have it01:27
thumperpoolie: yes...01:27
mupBug #489019: requesting code reviews puts the mp into a state where it can't be displayed <code-review> <oops> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Triaged by thumper> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/489019>01:29
pooliebasically, claim two reviews simultaneously01:33
thumperbeuno: if you get back, and want to talk pics, email me01:56
* mwhudson :(s at the failure on buildbot02:34
* mwhudson also :(s at the way the code import worker tests are parameterized02:35
mwhudsoni really think we should switch to a single url in the code import code02:40
mwhudsonnot have this svn_branch_url/git_repo_url/... distinction02:41
thumpermwhudson: that has been requested by stub for the bzr-hg addition03:18
mwhudsonthumper: yeah i know03:21
thumperoh, ok03:21
pooliethumper: when you say in bug 382825 there's no more 'other' section03:25
mupBug #382825: code review confusing 'other' section <code-review> <confusing-ui> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/382825>03:25
poolieis that because of a new change you've just done? because there is one at the moment03:25
thumperpoolie: yeah, it has another title now :)03:25
pooliewhich is?03:25
thumperpoolie: and there is a different bug for that one03:25
poolieoh ok03:25
thumperhow'd we end up with so many new bugs...03:31
thumper"New" not new03:31
thumperjust in case there was confusion ;-)03:31
thumperI'm sure there was something else I was going to try to fix today03:32
lifelessthumper: which do you mean ? :)03:32
thumperstatus: new03:32
* lifeless waits for apt03:32
pooliei decided to file bugs rather than grumbling or wondering :)03:33
pooliebut it's ok, you had your revenge by filling my mailbox while i had lunch :)03:33
thumperpoolie: it wasn't just yours I was referring to03:33
mwhudsonthumper: you can try sticking boto in download-cache as an egg, might fix buildbot03:33
thumpermwhudson: is that what is missing?03:34
* lifeless hates on boto03:34
mwhudsonthumper: yes, the tests now try to import it03:34
thumpermwhudson: which tests?03:35
thumperdoes this have something to do with twisted 9 ?03:35
mwhudsonthumper: no, this is the fix for the ec2 test --headless problem jtv landed03:37
thumpermwhudson: didn't you have a fix too?03:38
mwhudsonthumper: mine didn't have a test03:38
* thumper suggests jtv fix it :)03:39
mwhudsoni guess he'll be up fairly soon03:39
* thumper is about to hurl in the towel03:44
mwhudsonfor today, or because of something specific?03:45
thumperfor today03:49
thumperfeels like it has been a draining afternoon03:49
mwhudsonfair enough03:50
mwhudsonhave a good weekend!03:50
thumperI'll pop back later to try to land those branches03:52
pooliecheerio thumper05:16
pooliemwhudson: i can't remember if you actually answered before:05:16
poolieis me getting rid of python logging going to actually break anything for you?05:17
pooliere https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/bzr/remove-logging/+merge/1530605:17
mwhudsonpoolie: i'm not sure you actually asked, i did wonder why you requested a review from me05:17
* mwhudson looks05:18
mwhudsonpoolie: i can't see anything obvious05:23
pooliemore just thought i should let you know05:24
pooliein case you were hooking into bzrlib this way05:24
mwhudsonwe were sort of planning too05:25
mwhudsonbut luckily we never got around to it :-)05:25
poolie<spm> [...] would necessitate a short outage. I'd estimate ~ 10-20 seconds.06:09
pooliehope springs eternal ;)06:09
spmit should be just shutdown apache; start it up with shiny new configs and things just work.06:10
spmBut it's a major - potential - disruption to a critical service, so not one I'm willing to JFDI06:11
spmideally - we'd schedule it for when I'm in a car and driving up to sydney for the xmas party and thus unable to assist in any failures. but that'd be lazy/optimisim at work ;-)06:13
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MTecknologygolly... you guys should come up with some way to help users see if there's an existing bug that matches the subject of the one they want to report to help eliminate duplicates...08:53
MTecknologysomething like.. idk.. you type the short description; click a button before continuing that gives you a list of possible dupes..08:53
MTecknology-_- | sorry, just getting irritated when there's 32 dupes of a single bug that very accurately describes the issue. Even if they don't see that one, they should at least see the 32 others08:57
jmlflacoste, does having testtools on PyPI make it easier to use as a Launchpad dependency?10:16
BjornT_jml: it shouldn't matter much where it's located. the most important thing is that it has a proper setup.py, so that eggs can be generated. having it on PyPI only makes it slightly easier to download the sdist.10:37
jmlBjornT_, thanks.10:46
jmlBjornT_, you might be interested in the assertThat stuff that lifeless recently added to testtools.10:53
BjornT_jml: what does it do? or where can i easily see it?11:00
jmlBjornT_, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~testtools-dev/testtools/trunk/annotate/head:/MANUAL is probably the best starting point11:01
jmlBjornT_, it's a way of avoiding adding lots of domain-specific assertFoo methods to a base class by moving the assertion logic out to separate classes that implement a well-defined interface11:02
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jmlwhat needs to be done to close off bug 139855?12:23
mupBug #139855: Display stats about PPA usage <feature> <Soyuz:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/139855>12:23
noodles775I think it just needs scheduling - afaik, wgrant has done a lot of the required backend work for it.12:24
jmlnoodles775, that's good. :)12:25
noodles775Well, when I say 'just', I'm sure it depends on exactly *what* stats are required etc. :).12:25
jmlnoodles775, but I actually meant, what if someone off the street wanted to fix it.12:25
wgrantnoodles775, jml: The log parser has been refactored, so the backend work is just a couple of dozen lines of code. But then there's UI.12:25
noodles775The UI shouldn't be complicated - we've left space in the portlet on the PPA index page for it.12:26
jmlwgrant, what is it that makes the UI more complicated than just a number?12:26
wgrantjml: A number where?12:26
wgrantPer binary?12:26
wgrantPer binary name?12:26
wgrantPer source?12:26
wgrantPer release?12:26
wgrantPer version?12:26
jmlI see.12:26
wgrantYay Soyuz/12:27
jmlwhat do you think people care about?12:27
noodles775So it's aggregating the appropriate stat that's the issue?12:27
wgrantnoodles775: Right.12:27
wgrantjml: I do not know.12:27
jmlwgrant, were it me, I think I'd like to have the raw data available for all of those, and I'd probably like some kind of aggregated statistic.12:29
wgrantjml: Right.12:30
jmlso how do we go about picking one?12:30
wgrantThe stats will more than likely be keyed on (day, country, archive, binarypackagerelease), and from there you can do a lot.12:30
jmlis this the kind of change that would show up on edge before a rollout?12:32
wgrantNot unless the backend makes it onto production first.12:32
jmland that's work that's not yet done, right?12:32
wgrantMost of it is done (the refactoring was the big bit), but not the actual feature addition.12:33
jmlok. I was just wondering, maybe we could land an obviously wrong UI shortly after the release, and then learn from our experiences using it on edge.12:33
jmlby "obviously wrong" I mean "our best guess made with little deliberation", which is roughly the same thing.12:34
jmlwe could even blog about it and post to the mailing list to get feedback from users who aren't intimately involved with Launchpad development.12:37
jmlI know the Bazaar guys really want this, and I'm confident they'll have informed & interesting opinions :)12:37
wgrantDefinitely good ideas.12:37
jmlI'm glad you think so. :)12:37
jmlso, about that backend work...12:38
jmlwgrant, are you planning on doing it before the rollout?12:39
wgrantjml: I'm not. I'm busy with real work and other stuff.12:39
wgrantjml: Basically, it needs PPA versions of cronscripts/parse-librarian-apache-logs.py and lib/canonical/launchpad/scripts/librarian_apache_log_parser.py12:40
wgrantPlus the DB tables.12:40
* jml looks.12:41
wgrantThere's not much remaining in either of them.12:42
jmlindeed not.12:44
jmlwgrant, which DB tables, exactly?12:47
wgrantjml: ArchivePackageDownloadCount, or something along those lines.12:48
wgrantLibraryFileDownloadCount is the existing one.12:48
jmlwgrant, thanks. I've added a comment to the bug summarizing this discussion, in the hope that I or someone else will act on it.12:51
wgrantjml: Looks good.12:52
* wgrant sleeps.13:01
jmlwgrant, g'night13:02
noodles775Hi BjornT_ , would you be able to look over the last comment on bug 487009 (and the linked diff) with your SA goggles on?14:09
mupBug #487009: Generalise IBuilder <Soyuz:In Progress by michael.nelson> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/487009>14:09
flacostejml: testtools in PiPy: it makes thing a little bit easier, in that you can rely on the default buildout behaviour to get updates, but once the release is in the download-cache, it doesn't make a big difference14:28
BjornT_noodles775: it seems a bit odd to adapt a job type. adapting an actual job seems more natural14:37
noodles775BjornT_: yes - that would be much better (I'd headed down that path as I initially had a factory there).14:37
noodles775BjornT_: although, that would then require adding a factory that knows about the different types, wouldn't it?14:38
noodles775That was what I was trying to avoid too (having multiple places that need to know about the different types)14:38
* bigjools-afk wonders if he has some electromagnetic field that causes power cuts where ever he goes14:39
BjornT_noodles775: no. you can mark the job as providing the right interface, depending on which job type it is14:39
noodles775BjornT_: ah, great!14:40
BjornT_noodles775: you can see an example in BugTask._init()14:40
* noodles775 looks14:40
bigjools-afknoodles775: same sort of thing happens in Archive.__init__14:42
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zulhi guys, im doing the canonical-application-support sec (https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-canonical-application-support) I was wondering why launchpad doesnt use python-subversion rather than python-svn since python-svn is not in main?15:40
jmlzul, If I had to guess, it's because either launchpad-cscvs or bzr-svn depends on python-svn in particular15:45
zuljml: thats reasonable then15:45
jmlzul, it's probably worth sending an email to mwhudson (and the launchpad-dev list) about this.16:01
zuljml: will do16:01
jmlzul, if the python-svn dep is because of launchpad-cscvs, it's possible we'll phase this out.16:01
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beunorockstar, how's your UI review crusade going?18:06
jmllifeless, I can't remember if it was you or poolie who suggested I open N tabs of bugs in (firefox, chrome) and time how long it took for all the tabs to load18:27
marsdoes anyone have a moment to verify a JavaScript bug on db-devel?  I'm getting it consistently on local, but staging is clean.18:27
jmllifeless, but for ten tabs, ~24s for firefox, ~13s for chrome. same bugs.18:28
marsah, wait a minute, it might be the devmode switch18:28
* mars tries it18:28
marsjml, is that with a clean firefox profile?18:29
jmlmars, no, it's with my dirty chrome & firefox profiles.18:29
marsah.  Just wondering.  Things like Firebug can really mess with the results of such a test.18:29
jmlmars, kind of.18:31
jmlmars, depends on what I'm measuring, really. I'm not going to uninstall firebug just because it makes Launchpad faster :)18:32
marsok, the error is still present on my local setup18:33
marsso, can anyone spare a moment to verify that the bug is present on db-devel when run locally?18:34
jmlI can have a go18:34
marsjml, cool, thanks18:34
jmlI might give up if it's too hard for a friday evening18:34
marsjml, shouldn't be18:34
jml~17s on "safe mode" firefox, no extensions or themes.18:35
marsjml, please pull the latest db-devel, edit configs/development/launchpad.conf and shut off devmode, make schema && make run, and visit any bug.18:35
jmlmars, this will take a while. I haven't run make clean in my db-devel branch since the python switch18:36
marsno problem18:36
marsthanks for the heads up though.  I'm doing the same here.18:36
marsand the bug is /still/ there18:39
jmlmars, is it in db-stable?18:39
marshmm, haven't tried that yet18:40
marsjml, watched your "Teach me Packaging" talk.  That was interesting, and a nice presentation idea.  It worked really well with the skills of the audience.18:43
jmlmars, thanks18:43
jmlmars, I stole the presentation idea from Steve Holden, who did a "Teach me Twisted" talk at the preceding PyCon.18:44
jmlmars, he had two hours, and a bottle of whisky.18:44
marsjml, so could you successfully create your own python packages after that talk?18:49
marsI know other people appear to have an easy enough time creating them18:49
jmlmars, almost. It's not actually a great way for me personally to learn -- I should have been more prompt in writing up the notes and blogging them.18:50
marsand the bug is present on db-stable as well18:51
marswith devmode on and off18:53
jmlbut not on staging18:54
jmlthus, it might be caused by something in r8722..872918:55
marswhen does the next staging update take place?18:56
jmlthat, I don't know.18:57
marssomething to add to the future developer control-panel18:57
marsin the name of making blockers visible18:58
marslosas, do you know when the next staging update will be?18:58
marsjml, any luck reproducing the error on your local system?18:58
jmlmars, I'm looking at a bug page. What's the error?19:01
marsjml, A JavaScript error, 'display_name' is undefined19:01
jmlmars, yes, I get that in firefox19:02
marsjml, ok, thanks.  So it does happen locally.  And I don't know why I am not seeing it on staging.19:03
marsit is present on r8721 as well, so before the last update.19:03
jmlmars, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/329617/ does rather look like the bug subscriber code has changed19:07
jmlmars, which seems to be where the js error is coming from19:08
marsjml, yes, so perhaps the CSS classes are generated differently now19:11
marsyep, quite possibly.  Line 769 of the diff switches the CSS to use a different execution path19:13
marsunlike line 756, which uses the old code-path19:13
marsI am still suspicious though, because r8721 locally shows the error.  This diff is for r8722..19:15
jmlmars, I don't get it in r872119:34
marsjml, bzr branch -r8721 ?19:35
marsI did have that correct?19:35
jmlmars, 'bzr revert -r8721' in db-stable is what I did19:35
jmlthen Ctrl-Shift-R to be sure I wasn't getting stale js19:35
marsyes, I did control-F519:36
jmloh wait19:37
marsI'm seeing it in trunk as well19:38
marsso it must not be a YUI3 problem19:38
jmlno, I do get it in r872119:38
jmlmars, if you are seeing it in trunk, then I recommend using the stable branch and winding back (starting from 9944, which is 8722 in db-stable) until you don't see the error any more19:39
Chexmars: staging update is finishing up now, should be done in 2-3 hours or so19:39
marsChex, great, thank you19:40
marsjml, ok, bug filed: #489342.  Thanks for all the help so far.19:40
mupBug #489342: "'display_name' is undefined" JavaScript error on development <javascript> <Launchpad Bugs:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/489342>19:40
* jml off downstairs to stay awake for another couple of hours19:41
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mwhudsonzul: launchpad (through cscvs) depends on *both* python-svn and python-subversion21:08
mwhudsonzul: if from this you deduce that cscvs isn't the greatest thing ever, well...21:09
lifelessjml: me21:41
lifelessjml: poolie may or may not have suggested it; I khnow I have :)21:42

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