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pmatuliscan a team set up a private PPA out of the box?14:31
bigjoolspmatulis: no, an admin has to do it14:31
pmatulisbigjools: thx, anyone in particular?  what is the process?14:31
bigjoolsyou create the PPA yourself and before using it get the admin to flip the flag14:31
bigjoolsjust "ping losa" and they'll come a-runnin' :)14:32
pmatulisbigjools: nice!14:32
bigjoolspmatulis: beware, once private always private though14:32
pmatulisbigjools: alright14:33
zulhi guys I am doing the canonical-application-support spec (https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-canonical-application-support) and was wondering if someone could answer a question for me regarding python-svn14:58
mattionsafter how long a package uploaded to a personal PPA will show up?15:00
maxb5 minutes from upload to initial appearance, usually15:01
bigjools-afkmattions: usually about 5 minutes at most15:01
jldupontI keep getting "Unexpected error while decorating: xxx.yyy" when using Bazaar Plugin for Eclipse... any clue?15:01
beunoverterok, ^15:01
maxbThis sounds more #bzr than #launchpad territory15:02
noodles775jldupont: #bzr might have more people...15:02
jldupontoh yes... sorry guys!15:03
mattionsbigjools-afk: ok thanks. The upload finished like: "Successfully uploaded packages. Not running dinstall." It looks allright no?15:03
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bigjoolsmattions: it depends, if you didn't sign it or used a key not known to LP it will be ignored15:03
mattionsbigjools: this is the dput output15:07
mattionsthe key should be ok15:08
bigjoolsmattions: it looks ok to me too15:09
mattionsthis is the PPA page: https://launchpad.net/~mattions/+archive/neuronvisio15:09
bigjoolsyeah I found it15:10
bigjoolslet me see if I can find your upload in the logs, one moment15:10
bigjoolsmattions: can you paste your dput.cf15:11
bigjoolsmattions: I can't see your upload in the logs at all15:13
bigjoolsbut your output doesn't match your dput.cf15:14
mattionsI have no clue15:15
mattionsI prepare the package using stdeb15:16
mattionsthen going into the directory15:16
mattionsand debuild -S -sa15:16
bigjoolsmattions: it says "Upload package to host ubuntu" but your dput section is called "neuronvisio-ppa"15:16
bigjoolswhat dput command line are you using?15:16
mattionsI ran two15:16
mattionsthe first one was wrong15:17
mattionsdidn't put the ppa)15:17
mattionsthis is the second one:15:17
mattionsif I re-run it now I'm getting this that is quite ok : http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/329442/15:18
bigjoolsmattions: ah I see the problem15:18
mattionsenlight me15:19
bigjools~mattions/neuronvisio/ubuntu/ should be ~mattions/ubuntu/neuronvisio15:19
mattionsthis guy here is wrong so: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading15:19
bigjoolsmattions: sorry I am wrong15:20
mattionssome tool is lying us!15:20
mattionsone thing: the mail used as manteiner in the package is different from the one used to sign the package15:21
bigjoolsthat's ok15:21
mattionsnow I tried something new. I followed the instruction on the launchpad PPA http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/329447/15:23
bigjoolsmattions: ok I found your upload log15:24
bigjools2009-11-27 15:10:1715:24
bigjoolsit was rejected15:24
bigjoolsUnable to find distroseries: unstable15:24
mattionsah here we go15:24
bigjoolsit sent email to your gmail15:24
mattionsdidn't check15:25
bigjoolsthe earlier upload has vanished though, how odd15:25
mattionsmy bad15:25
bigjoolsok :)15:25
mattionsbigjools: distribution can be only jaunty or karmic?15:26
mattionsnot ubuntu or debian?15:26
bigjoolsany PPA-supported series15:27
bigjoolsUbuntu series, that is15:27
bigjoolsmattions: you can override the series with the upload path though15:27
bigjoolsmattions: ~mattions/neuronvisio/ubuntu/karmic for example15:28
mattionshow can I put more than one?15:28
mattionslet's say karmic and jaunty?15:28
bigjoolsyou can't do that15:28
bigjoolsyou can use the copy-packages feature to copy between series15:29
bigjoolsbut you can't rebuild for the other series if you do that15:29
mattionswhere I can read this stuff?15:29
bigjoolsif it's not in the same place you were already looking then it doesn't exist :(15:29
mattionshow do you know so? did you write it?15:30
bigjoolsyes, I am a developer on the project15:31
mattionsbigjools: got another problem. I change the upload path15:32
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mattionsbigjools: if the package was rejected15:36
mattionswhy dput things is nicely uploaded?15:36
bigjoolsmattions: because uploading is separate to the processing of the upload15:37
bigjoolsdput uses FTP15:37
bigjoolsat some point in the future we hope to use ssh-based uploads which will give more immediate feedback15:38
mattionsNow what I can do next?15:39
mattionsit says it happily uploaded the package15:39
mattionsbut the package was rejected15:39
mattionsI modified the path so it should go on karmic15:39
mattionsif I tried too upload it just doesn't do it.15:40
mattionsDo you suggest delete the package and the reuploaded?15:40
cocooncrashHi, I can't seem to create merge requests via email anymore15:42
cocooncrashI'm using Bazaar 2.0.0, and bzr send --no-bundle --no-patch to merge@code.launchpad.net15:43
cocooncrashI get an email response saying "Your email did not contain a merge directive. Please resend your email with15:43
cocooncrashthe merge directive attached."15:43
cocooncrashMy email definitely has an attachment, and is signed.15:44
bigjoolsmattions: dput -f to force the same upload15:45
* popey wonders how far and wide tht mail to launchpad-users is to be spread15:45
* bigjools 's email server blew up 2 days ago so hasn't seen it yet15:45
popeyfree license for balsamiq mockups15:46
jmlpopey, damage control procedures have been engaged15:48
popeyyanking the mail?15:48
popeyor voiding the code?15:48
popeyoh, i see15:48
popeythe key has been removed from the archive15:48
bigjoolspoor old beuno15:49
beunopopey, :(15:51
* popey hugs beuno 15:51
mattionsbigjools: victory15:55
mattionsthanks for the help15:58
mattionsnow I set the distro properly15:59
mattionshowever the copy distro is intriguing15:59
bigjoolsyou have 2 options if you want the same package in multiple distro series16:02
bigjools1. upload to the older series and copy with binaries to the newer16:02
bigjools2. upload a different version to the newer series so it gets rebuilt on that series16:02
mattionsolder series of what?16:05
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bigjoolsmattions: distro series, e.g. jaunty, karmic16:12
mattionsbut then I have to upload each time for each series16:13
mattionsI just want to do one and have the support in all of them16:14
bigjoolsthen you have the 2 options like I described16:14
mattionslet's say to get starte I upload my package to jaunty and karmic in two go.16:14
bigjoolsyour choice16:14
mattionsso I upload version 2 in karmic16:15
mattionsand also in jaunty the package is rebuilt?16:15
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bigjoolsyou need to decide whether you want the same compiled binary in both series, or whether you need to re-compile for each16:19
bigjoolsuse option 1 for the former, 2 for the latter16:20
bigjoolsyou can't have the same version re-compiled in each series16:20
mattionsok, thanks16:21
pittihello all16:29
pittiany LOSA around? I was asked to rename a recently created project, but this requires some admin love16:29
mthaddonpitti: sure16:30
pittiin particular, https://launchpad.net/work-items-tracker should be lp-work-items-tracker or launchpad-work-items-tracker (whatever the naming convention is)16:30
pittimthaddon: hey, how are you?16:30
mthaddonhi pitti16:30
mthaddonpitti: rename done16:31
pittimthaddon: cool, thank you!16:33
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Imperionum, is there any way I can delete a bug?18:15
beunoImperion, not really18:16
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rippsSo, since ubuntu is dropping lpia support, will launchpad ppa's be dropping it soon too?20:31
maxbMy guess would be that Launchpad PPAs will mirror the support of the corresponding distroseries - i.e. drop lucid, kept for earlier20:34
Imperionit's been 5 minutes21:07
Imperionand I can't open the stupid branches page21:07
Imperionmay $DEITY have mercy on me21:08

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