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* mac_v yay , just converted the whole panel monochrome ;p09:48
mac_vkwwii_: for firefox i just realized , we dont need firefox to submit change the icon , we could just assign a monochrome icon in Ubuntu09:52
mac_vfirefox to change*09:52
kwwii_mac_v: hrm? not sure I understand09:57
kwwii_ahhh, the app icons09:57
kwwii_well, that is going to be a problem09:57
kwwii_I do not think they will do it09:58
mac_vkwwii_: couldnt we just change it in Ubuntu? or color app icons in panel is fine?09:58
kwwii_I think that long-term, the plan is to not have app icons in the panel09:59
mac_vah , ok09:59
darkmatteriirc it's against the mozilla 'identity' for distro's to change the icons. I'm pretty sure it's in the license09:59
* mac_v hides ;p10:00
mac_vhehe , once i converted all the colors to grey , it looks like that part of screen is only B&W ;)10:01
* darkmatter is breaking in his new DVD burner10:02
darkmatterI actually facepalmed after I installed it10:03
darkmatterhad atapi errors, spent an hour troubleshooting, then realized I forgot to set the jumpers :P10:03
zniavre_http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/9781/capturewv.png     srtange behaviour of rgba10:05
darkmatterwelll. more accurately strange behavior of webkit with rgba enabled. but close enough :P10:07
kwwii_no worries about rgba, we have a gtk patch we're working on ;)10:08
zniavre_truly ?10:08
zniavre_wow !!!10:08
zniavre_that s good new10:08
kwwii_I have it running on my laptop10:08
kwwii_but it is still early days10:09
kwwii_the first few weeks firefox wouldn't even start :p10:09
kwwii_this is nice because you can control it in the theme file on a per class basis10:09
zniavre_here it starts with rgba module from gnome-look but crash with flash10:09
* zniavre_ is happy to learn this today10:10
kwwii_and with client side window decorations we will hvae truly round windows as well10:10
kwwii_no more distinction between window deco and contents10:10
kwwii_but anyway10:11
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mac_vkwwii_: when is cody gonna land the changes in lucid?10:11
kwwiimac_v: sooner rather than later ;)10:11
zniavre_is there a way to try it too? (as beta tester )10:11
mac_vcool :)10:11
kwwiinot yet because it isn't ready yet10:11
kwwiibut there will be10:12
kwwiiiirc sometime around the middle of december10:12
* mac_v considers bribing cody for early preview ;p10:12
kwwiiie a couple of weeks10:12
darkmatterrgba is overrated in most cases. it's yet another example of 'not invented here'. it *would* be useful if it had a direction other than 'oooo... shiny!'10:12
kwwiiyepp, what you do with it is the important part10:12
darkmatterbut the client side deco is promising10:12
kwwiiwe are interested in rgba to be able to have the unfocused windows go slightly transparent...but only the win-deco, toolbar, etc. ie not the content area10:14
mac_vkwwii: you can already do that in metacity , the window decorations atleast ;)10:14
kwwiimac_v: it is not the same as what I mean though10:15
darkmatterkwwii: it would also be useful in certain child windows. like find/replace in gedit etc10:15
mac_vkwwii: but wouldnt it be weird , when the content is hovering in midair....   would be tricky to get the right transparency :)10:16
darkmatterbrb. tst booting the dvd10:18
zniavre_kwwii,  is it possible to see a screenshot from your laptop (i would like to see the rounded windows, im not sure to understand what you meant)10:44
mac_vzniavre_: kwwii works for MI6 , he probably wont show us his desktop ;p10:48
zniavre_mac_v, i was sure of this point too ...11:43
kwwiizniavre_: sorry, that stuff isn't even started yet11:56
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mac_vkwwii: Bug #458250 , how does humanity have to fix this ? [i dont know what is wrong :(  ]18:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458250 in example-content "Examples folder has no icon" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45825018:14
DanRabbit1mac_v: just mark invalid for Humanity18:24
kwwiimac_v: the icon is missing I think20:13
kwwiior is it a missing .desktop file20:14
kwwiianyway, mark as appropriate...I just like to blame you first :p20:14
kwwiiit is officialy weekend here so expect anything understandable from me for two days20:15
zniavre_sudo apt-get install poedit22:06
zniavre_ooops sorry22:06
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darkmatterdropbox exploded xD23:04
darkmatterhiya coz_, I'm getting old23:05
coz_darkmatter,  hey guy :)   you are getting old?23:09
darkmattercoz_: lol... yeah. you shoulda seen me ripping my hair out yesterday. Installed a new burner, booted up, ATAPI error. tried inspecting/troubleshooting drives/connectors for an hour, only then did I notice I forgot to set the jumpers xD23:10
coz_darkmatter,   oh dude  I have been there   I truly understand lol23:11
darkmattercoz_: I mean, I only saw the jumpers 6 times after the initial error.. lol23:12
darkmatteryou think I would have noticed they were both on master23:12
darkmattercoz_: we really need smarter bios. I mean, two drives fighting for control shouldn't give a generic error, it should give something like 'ERROR: You can not have two Masters on the same IDE channel', that would at least help prevent premature aging :P23:16
coz_darkmatter,   which motherboard manufacturer is this?23:16
darkmattercoz_: gigabyte23:17
darkmatterits a slighty older model, but still23:17
coz_darkmatter,  maybe some of the newer bios' do that particularly asus ....maybe23:18
* kwwii wanders off to bed23:26
* darkmatter notices big whole in linux burning utilities23:30
darkmattercoz_: I just noticed that *none* of the gui burning apps in linux (that I've seen/used)  support formatting dvd-ram, lol23:31

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