Amaranthhmm, it sounds like gnome-appearance properties is doing something to compiz settings03:58
Amaranths/e p/e-p/03:58
AmaranthI've gotten a couple bug reports about some compiz settings randomly getting reset but it seems to only happen when doing something else in g-a-p03:59
pittiGood morning07:47
didrockshello pitti08:03
pittihey didrocks08:03
baptistemmhello & good morning08:45
baptistemmchrisccoulson, apparently you're now a father?08:45
* baptistemm is just 1 week late at least08:46
Tm_Tbaptistemm: no, he is late, there's no flood of pictures in here (:08:51
seb128hey there09:12
baptistemmhi seb12809:13
didrockslut seb12809:18
didrockshey baptistemm09:18
seb128salut baptistemm didrocks09:19
pittihey seb12809:36
pittiseb128: good news wrt. boot speed: http://www.piware.de/2009/11/sudo-dpkg-p-hal/ :)09:37
pittiseb128: hm, aren't you on vac today?09:37
seb128hey pitti09:37
seb128on swap day officially09:38
seb128but I've a little ubuflu for some days and the weather is not so nice09:38
seb128so I'm in a "staying inside and looking a boot speed" mood now09:39
seb128great work ;-)09:39
sorenIf having a swap day /and/ being ill doesn't stop you from working, what will? :)09:39
seb128well, I slept in the morning and will probably be out in the afternoon09:40
seb128but right now I'm doing some computer ;-)09:40
sorenGood boy :)09:40
seb128pitti, btw, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/bootchart/seb128-dellmini-lucid-20091127-2.png09:40
seb128chart of the day, we are back on normal timing with compiz fixed09:41
seb128pitti, I did some playing yesterday, removed nautilus from the session, turned off compiz and moved Xsession.d away09:41
seb128desktop loading was still some 7 seconds09:41
didrockssoren: didn't you know that seb128 was unstoppable? :)09:42
sorendidrocks: Yes, I noticed :)09:42
pittibut on your boot chart, compiz, nautilus, and gnome-panel each take 11 seconds still09:42
pittihm, there's still xkbcomp, I thought that was gone now09:43
seb128pitti, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/bootchart/seb128-dellmini-lucid-20091126-52.png09:43
seb128that's the no compiz, no nautilus, no Xsession.d09:44
pittiah, so there it's ssh-agent, g-s-d, and panel delays09:44
seb128I discussed with Scott yesterday09:45
seb128I think we will need to go back to what old gnome-session did09:45
seb128start everything together09:45
pittiand defer drawing until g-s-d sends a signal "theme set"?09:45
seb128we will never reach the target with ordering09:46
seb128just start everything09:46
seb128we don't care about theme set, moving, flickering09:46
seb128we don't show the desktop while loading09:46
pittiright, but won't redrawing the desktop cost us more CPU?09:47
seb128setting the theme etc takes some 1 second09:47
pitti(on theme change)09:47
seb128which is the g-s-d to next components delay09:47
seb128well, that needs testing but my gut feeling is that it will cost less that the 1 second delay we have there...09:48
pittii. e. could nautilus'/panel's do_update_screen() whatever just return until it receives a signal from g-s-d?09:48
seb128especially with duo cores09:48
pittiok, so let's shelve that idea until when we need it09:48
seb128I think that signal thing makes sense09:49
seb128but right now we block nautilus, etc start on theme to be set09:49
seb128we should maybe block displaying on it09:49
seb128this way we would do inits, loading, etc already09:49
pittiand perhaps we can load the extensions first, and then draw the desktop09:49
pitti(or perhaps that already happens)09:49
seb128but that's not something we can do from gnome-session09:49
seb128yes, that already happens09:50
seb128I would say drop the "wait on g-s-d" to start and see how it goes09:50
pittiso in the usual case, we coudl think that panel loading menus, or nautlus loading extensions will usually take longer than g-s-d loading the theme, and we win09:50
seb128there is a chance that the theme will be in place before nautilus reach the drawing code anyway...09:50
pittiand if g-s-d is really slower, you get a redraw, but *shrug*, it's behind xsplash09:50
* pitti hugs seb12809:50
* seb128 hugs pitti back09:51
pittiseb128: how much work is it to drop the phase handling from g-s?09:51
seb128I was just starting looking at that09:51
pittii. e. is it just changing the .desktop files/gconf keys, or does it require code changes?09:51
pittiman, you rock09:51
seb128I will do a first quick hack now09:51
seb128ie edit desktop files and gconf keys09:51
seb128not sure yet if code changes are required09:52
seb128I just started with a drop from phases from autostart desktops there09:52
seb128I will also empty required components09:52
seb128and add normal autostarts for gnome-panel, compiz, nautilus09:52
seb128let's see how that goes09:53
=== kwwii_ is now known as kwwii
pittiseb128: want me to add the dx work items into a desktop-lucid-dx-integration blueprint?10:16
mac_vseb128: hi... I'm unable to find the dup of Bug #481411 .... the closest i could find is Bug #398110 , are you sure its been reported already... [or maybe i'm blind :(  ]10:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481411 in empathy "Empathy's chat service list is unordered and ugly" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48141110:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398110 in empathy "add account dialog is confusing" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39811010:36
seb128mac_v, for one thing that bug describe severals issues10:38
mac_vyeah , the second bug has many problem. but 481411 is only about the alignment10:38
seb128mac_v, bug #43741410:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437414 in empathy "some protocol icons in create account dropdown menu are missing" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43741410:38
seb128for example10:38
mac_vseb128: ah.. awesome , thanks10:39
seb128you're welcome10:39
* seb128 kicks the session menu hibernate10:40
seb128I keep selecting that by mistake10:40
seb128no confirmation10:40
mac_vseb128: i also do the same mistake ;) > Bug #36762610:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 367626 in pm-utils "Hibernate does not ask for time-out confirmation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36762610:46
asacpitti: what is desktop team doing to target specs for milestones accurately? do you split up specs to reflect things that will be done in two steps? e.g. first for alpha-2, rest for -3 etc.?11:16
pittiasac: we don't split up, we just target them to a2, and then re-target later on for the remaining work items11:18
asacok thanks!11:19
pittiasac: also, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WorkItemsHowto has some thoughts about splitting the WIs in the blueprint whiteboard11:21
asacpitti: can i already use that syntax without breaking the parser?11:22
pittiasac: sure, it will just look at "Work items:", not at anything else11:23
pittiit's just for shelving future work items11:23
pittiand track them without going into the parser while we are pre-alpha211:23
asacok so current ones go in Work items: ... and the future ones in something else ... makes sense11:24
asacfirst thought we would use that syntax to target too ... but ok11:24
asacso i am using: Work items for post-alpha-2:11:25
pittithat should be fine11:25
pittiasac: the only drawback is that it won't go into the "lucid" work item chart11:25
pittibut we don't actually have (a lot of?) such "split" specs in desktop11:26
pittithey are either completely for alpha-2, or just for final11:26
pittiasac: for such finer-grained scheduling we probably need to switch to bugs11:26
asacright. but the spec i am looking at is of the kind "investigate, document and defer new work items for post-alpha-2" anyway11:27
asacso the work items would get expanded anyway11:27
asacyeah. when do you think can we use bugs? this cycle?11:27
pittiwhen there's a demand for it and someone (me?) finds time to implement it11:27
pittiwe didn't have a real demand for it so far11:28
asacall fine.11:28
pittiit's quite some overhead, so we don't want to use it for all WIs11:28
asaci would think splitting up specs would be less overhead if we really want that11:28
asacrather then editing bugs etc. for each item11:29
asacpitti: how about parsing all work items.*: for the main trendline chart? so we can split up now and things we know about wouldnt be initially hidden?11:31
asac(or later hidden)11:32
pittiif you can invent an easy and robust syntax and semantics for that, sure11:32
pitticould perhaps be11:32
asacso basically have two parser runs: a) full cycle items: "work items.*" ... and b) target milestone tasks: "work items:"11:32
pittiwork items: -> (always considered)11:32
pittiWork items (milestone-name): -> only considered for that particular milestone name11:33
pittiasac: other way round rather, I guess?11:33
pittiwork items.*: -> always considered, rather11:33
asacright like i said ;)11:33
seb128pitti, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/bootchart/seb128-dellmini-lucid-20091127-8.png11:33
seb128^ all started together11:33
pittiasac: "work items:" would then just be for the entire cycle11:34
asacboth ways work i think.11:34
asacso basically we have11:35
asacWork items (next-milestone):11:35
asacand then for the rest we will schedule later11:35
pittiseb128: now, that looks much more compact already11:35
asacWork items:11:35
asacwhatever is easier for you to implement11:37
pittiseb128: seems that pulseaudio is started three times?11:37
seb128pitti, is it?11:38
pittiseb128: by canberra-gtk, gnome-volume-applet, and again by gnome-session11:39
seb128oh right11:40
seb128that's one of those things it would maybe make sense to get starting earlier11:41
seb128pitti, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/bootchart/seb128-dellmini-lucid-20091127-15.png11:43
seb128^ without menus11:43
seb128it's some 0.3s win11:43
seb128not a lot11:43
pittia bit less CPU on panel, yes11:44
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone11:48
seb128hey chrisccoulson11:49
seb128how are you?11:49
seb128hello Keybuk11:49
chrisccoulsonhey seb128. i'm ok thanks, how are you?11:49
seb128good thanks11:49
seb128Keybuk, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/bootchart/seb128-dellmini-lucid-20091127-8.png11:49
pittihey chrisccoulson11:50
chrisccoulsonhey pitti, how are you?11:50
seb128Keybuk, I did try to make every run as an application in gnome-session11:50
pittiKeybuk: http://www.piware.de/2009/11/sudo-dpkg-p-hal/ *grin*11:50
pittichrisccoulson: I'm good, thanks!11:50
seb128ie no early components blocking things11:50
Keybukseb128: that looks pretty good, no?11:51
seb128better yes11:51
seb128we still have a ~1s gap11:51
seb128but I think it's gconfd as chrisccoulson pointed yesterday11:51
Keybukwe probably need something between the two, in practice; a gnome-session that starts things in a certain order, but with no gaps11:51
chrisccoulsoni was going to do some profiling with gnome-session today to try and figure out what the gap is11:51
seb128chrisccoulson, you rock ;-)11:52
Keybukgconfd doesn't appear until later on your chart11:52
chrisccoulsoni tried last night, but when i ran gnome-session manually from xterm, i didn't see that delay :-/11:52
asacpitti: so if we parse the way you suggested, wouldnt just "work items:" mean that those are targetted to whatever milestone the blueprint is targetted for?11:52
asacrather than "entire cycle" (not that its really different)11:52
seb128Keybuk, hum, it seems rather it's done loading around the time everything starts11:53
asace.g. moving towards targetting full blueprint from "first" delivery milestone to "final delivery"?11:53
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - "a gnome-session that starts things in a certain order, but with no gaps" should already happen with the current design, if clients register faster11:53
seb128chrisccoulson, well, "if clients register faster"11:53
seb128like g-s-d takes over 1 second11:53
seb128to set themes, etc11:54
Keybukeven if they registered at the top of main, you'd still be loading executables and relocating symbols in series11:54
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i don't understand why that happens actually. gnome-session doesn't wait for clients to register in the initialization phase (where g-s-d starts)11:54
chrisccoulsonit waits for them to exit before starting the next phase11:54
chrisccoulsonand g-s-d fork()'s before loading the plugins and setting the theme11:55
Keybukchrisccoulson: assumedly you wait for them to fork() ?11:55
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - yes11:55
Keybukthat's the last thing most software does before entering its main loop11:55
Keybukso again, you're doing all the initialisation in series11:55
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - i'll have a look at g-s-d in a second, but I thought it fork()'ed before loading the plugins11:55
chrisccoulsoni might be wrong though11:55
seb128http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/bootchart/seb128-dellmini-lucid-20091127-22.png is an empty gnome-panel11:56
seb128lunch, bbl11:56
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - you're right. it fork()'s very early on, but the parent only terminates before entering the main loop (after loading the plugins)11:57
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure why it delays terminating the parent until then11:57
Keybukobviously sometimes letting everything run at once isn't the right solution either11:57
Keybukbut most machines now have multiple cores11:58
Keybukso you can run multiple CPU-bound apps at once anyway11:58
Keybukand most aren't CPU bound, but doing syscalls11:58
Keybuk(or IO which should already be in the page cache)11:58
chrisccoulsoni'll have a look at removing that delay later, but i want to try and figure out where this other 1 second goes first11:59
Keybuktimechart may help more than bootchart at this stuff11:59
Keybukbut requires kernel patching and struff11:59
chrisccoulsonah, http://blog.fenrus.org/?p=512:00
pittiasac: that's what I mean with "not that easy to figure out a sensible semantics" :)12:00
asacpitti: naturally i would think that blueprints should be targetted to the milestone when they are supposed to be completely done.12:01
pittiasac: right; for those we wouldn't even use several "work item (milestone)" things12:02
asacso if we really had the syntax you suggested (work items (milestone))12:02
asacpitti: well. what i mean is if we hav a blueprint which is targetted for lets say beta-1, but have parts that should be done by alpha-212:02
asacit would just work to keep the blueprint targetted for beta-112:03
asacbut have work items alpha-212:03
asacif a blueprint doesnt have the intermediate steps we would just have Work items:12:03
asacfeels sensible semantic to me ;)12:04
Keybukpitti: I feel that when the first daily image without HAL is done, we should hold a great, big, world-wide party12:15
pittiKeybuk: the changes are all in the Debian experimental git branch (new x server, udevification, and my udev rules), so I hope we can upgrade to that next week12:15
pittiyay for celebrations :)12:15
KeybukI didn't think our X was based on Debian?12:16
pittiit should be nowadays12:17
pittiwell, perhaps not the server itself, I don't know12:17
pittibut I thought we'd regularly merge12:17
Keybukno idea12:18
AmaranthCould gnome-settings-daemon delay calling xrdb until after everything else is loaded?12:21
Amaranthhrm, compiz is chewing CPU for about 10 seconds there12:22
AmaranthSo I'm thinking of patching compiz so it's not possible to set "edge" bindings12:28
AmaranthSo you can't have a compiz action happen by moving your mouse to the top, bottom, left, or right of your screen12:29
Amaranthhmm, and if we're going to force our new default settings on upgrades to lucid we can cleanup the patches and packaging that set defaults as well12:30
seb128Amaranth, did you have a look at splitting compiz binaries?12:58
chrisccoulsonseb128 - gnome-session blocks for 600ms here in gsm_manager_new. i haven't gone any further yet, but that will probably be the preloading of gconf keys13:08
seb128chrisccoulson, ok13:08
seb128so you were guessing right with gconf yesterday13:09
chrisccoulsonpossibly, i need to make it more verbose just to make sure, but i can't see anything else in there that would take that much time13:09
chrisccoulsonseb128 - also, 200ms loading the desktop files in /etc/xdg/autostart13:17
Keybukpreloading of gconf keys?13:28
Keybukpreloading implies it's not actually using them?13:28
Keybukwhat happens if you just take that out13:28
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - the preloaded keys are used to build the required components list a little while later13:33
chrisccoulsons/a little while later/straight after13:33
Keybukthat seems like a long time13:34
chrisccoulsoni'm just doing another build with it broken down further, so i can see where the time is spent13:34
chrisccoulsonbut it doesn't seem that long if gconfd is still loading it's XML files13:36
chrisccoulsonKeybuk, so, the biggest delays at the start of gnome session seem to be ~500ms loading GConf keys, 200ms loading desktop files and ~100ms in gtk_init13:43
Keybukso if I gave you half the time to do that in, what would you change? :)13:45
chrisccoulsonreplace gconf with dconf ;)13:46
chrisccoulsonbut i'm wondering if we can start gconfd before the session starts (ie, from a script in Xsession.d)13:46
chrisccoulsonand whether it would actually make any difference13:46
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and471_mpt: any decisions on the appdetails throbber thing?15:17
mptand471_, I need to find out somewhere how to slow down my Internet connection to test it15:17
mptI know there's a command line to use to make it slower15:17
mptbut I don't know what it is15:18
and471_mpt: did trickle not work?15:18
mptah, trickle, is that what it is15:18
* mpt installs it15:19
and471_mpt: google 'linux slow down internet connection trickle'15:19
and471_mpt: and see you later :-)15:19
czajkowskimpt: aloha there15:22
mptkia ora15:22
=== soren` is now known as soren
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - I just tried starting my session with an already running gconfd process, and the preloading time in gnome-session went from ~500ms to ~150ms16:01
chrisccoulsonbut i don't know how we'd start it early enough to avoid this delay16:01
KeybukXsession.d ?16:01
chrisccoulsonI think I'm going to try that. i was going to do it earlier but had to disappear somewhere else instead16:02
chrisccoulsonand maybe we could make a cache of the autostart desktop files to shrink the other 200ms too16:02
and471mpt: any luck?16:21
mptand471, I tried it, and I think it's better to show the throbber16:26
mptand471, maybe one way of making it look better on a fast connection is to not show the throbber until 2 seconds after the screenshot starts loading16:26
mptThat way if it loads within 2 seconds, the throbber doesn't get shown at all.16:26
and471mpt: okay16:29
and471mpt: currently I am trying to use webkit's animation functionality, I have done it on the department view and I am now going to try the appdetailsview16:29
and471however after sunday I really cannot do anymore work :-)16:29
mptand471, what's happening on Sunday?16:30
and471mpt: well after that I have exams :-/16:30
mptBest of luck with those16:30
mptand thanks for all your contributions :-)16:30
and471mpt: sure :-)16:34
chrisccoulsonKeybuk - are you running i386 or amd64? mind testing a build of gnome-session with no preload on your reference machine? it seems to speed things up here, but my bootchart results are all over the place at the moment (running in virtualbox)16:37
KeybukI don't have test reference machines atm though16:44
Keybukthey're both doing reinstalls16:44
Keybukso if you don't mind waiting a few hours?16:45
chrisccoulsonyeah, thats ok16:45
chrisccoulsoni've hosted the files here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~chrisccoulson/gnome-session-no-gconf-preloading/16:45
chrisccoulsoni'll probably try some more things shortly16:46
chrisccoulsonthe changelog is not very verbose though ;)16:47
chrisccoulsonbut that build completely disables preloading, and also writes some timestamps in ~/.xsession-errors16:48
mptrobbiew_, could you please set me as drafter for foundations-lucid-non-applications-in-software-center, foundations-lucid-ratings-and-reviews-in-software-center, foundations-lucid-software-center-subcategories, and foundations-lucid-user-contributed-metadata-for-software-center?17:37
robbiew_mpt: done17:40
pittigood night everyone17:43
chrisccoulsongood night pitti17:46
mptbratsche, were you in the accessibility-by-default UDS session? If so, do you remember if it was written up anywhere? I don't see a Gobby document17:50
mptHey, it's gilir, maintainer of my favorite PPA17:51
gilirmpt: hi, why ?17:52
tgpraveen11mpt: if i read the notification spec correct, the do not distrub mode will be automatically triggered by apps? meaning if i go fullscreen in totem, then automatically i will be in dnd mode?17:58
tgpraveen11please tell me i read it wrong.17:58
mpttgpraveen11, meaning you should be able to configure whether Totem going into full-screen suppresses non-urgent notifications or not.17:59
tgpraveen11yes that is what i want. is that what is planned?17:59
tgpraveen11oh ok. thats great. will it be global or per app. like i set my status to DND and all apps accept it or in each app i have to set it?18:00
mpttgpraveen11, per-app18:00
tgpraveen11mpt: hmm is there any reason for per app? in the karmic cycle the documentation mentioned doing it global iirc. also can you shed some light on how one would set it per app? i mean like will totem have a menu item for this18:02
mpttgpraveen11, a global option would be pretty meaningless -- Hide non-urgent notifications: (*) Never  ( ) Sometimes18:03
mptIndividual apps can do a better job of presenting the option in an understandable way18:04
mac_vmpt: hi... are we not supposed to change the icon firefox on the panel ?18:05
mptmac_v, change it to what?18:05
mac_vmpt: monochrome > http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot.png18:05
tgpraveen11hmm i was thinking more like in the user switch applet the status could be available() DND(*)  .18:05
tgpraveen11this would make more sense as once done it affects all apps. and this was what was there in the doc originally as well18:06
mptmac_v, no, that's just for the status icons -- application icons should be left as they are18:06
mptmac_v, and anyway, we couldn't legally alter the Firefox icon even if we wanted to18:06
mac_vah ok ;)18:06
tgpraveen11and say i dont want to be disturbed for 1 hour i just set it and do my business what i want18:06
tgpraveen11but per app each time i watch a movie, open a pdf etc i would have to set it.18:07
* mac_v hates legalities ;p18:07
tgpraveen11also a global DND helps when i am not using fullscreen apps but just dont want to be disturbed with my work18:07
tgpraveen11mpt: ^^18:09
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czajkowskianyone alive for a daft question?22:42
czajkowskidid an update recently and looked at my options under applications and the ubuntu software center is missing ??? any idea22:43
czajkowskiI'm not the only person missing it, JanC is also22:43
czajkowskiI just did apt-get install gnome-app-install and got back the add/remove  options22:44
JanCseems like I have a .local/share/applications/gnome-app-install.desktop / removing that now...22:44
JanCso, that makes that disappear22:45
JanCbut still no software center...22:45
czajkowskiit's very odd as I know it was there, but no idea when it went or why it went22:45
JanCidem  ☺22:46
czajkowskitypical friday adn I break things22:47
czajkowskiJanC: is your add/remove populated with stuff??22:47
JanCadd/remove didn't work as gnome-app-install wasn't installed (leftover .desktop file for some reason?)22:48
czajkowskiadd/remove for me wasn't there, so did apt-get install and there is it22:48
=== eeejay is now known as eeejay_away
JanCyeah, after removing the leftover .desktop file under ~/.local it went away here too22:49
JanCBTW, installing it removes software-center  ;)22:50
czajkowskiJanC: but mine wasnt there22:50
JanCthe package you mean?22:50
JanCI just removed & re-installed software center and it's still not in the menu22:51
czajkowskiadd/remove wasnt there22:51
JanCI had a leftover user .desktop file for add/remove for some reason which probably caused the menu to be shown, so removing it removed the menu entry, but software-center didn't come back22:53
czajkowskiso I should it?22:55
JanCI asked somebody else and he doesn't have this issue  :-/23:06
czajkowskiah feck23:07
czajkowskiJanC: log a bug and i'll comment23:07
JanCnot sure against what to file the bug yet23:08
czajkowskithats always my issue :(23:09
JanCczajkowski: do you have ubuntustudio-menu installed ?23:17
JanCor something similar ?23:18
JanCremoving that solved it for me...23:18
czajkowskitis damn flippin' odd23:18
JanCand now I have a 2 screens high audio/video menu again, *sigh*23:19
czajkowskihmm sorry I mentioned it now23:19
czajkowskias now it's annoying me23:19
JanCdo you have any menu-related packages installed ?23:21
=== eeejay_away is now known as eeejay
JanCI have wine installed too, and I get the software center menu now23:22
JanCedubuntu-menus, extra-xdg-menus ?23:22
czajkowskiI'll do another update23:23
czajkowskinope, nope23:23
czajkowskiit was there till wednesday and after that i can't be sure, but I've not installed any new things23:23
czajkowskihmm restart23:23
AmaranthJanC: The desktop file was a leftover from alacarte due to you editing your menu23:30
czajkowskiJanC: no difference23:30
czajkowskiAmaranth: what is alacarte?23:30
JanCAmaranth: I doubt I ever consciously edited *that* menu entry (but maybe accidentally?)23:32
JanCalacarte is the menu editor23:33
JanCwhich Amaranth wrote long ago  ;)23:33
czajkowskiyup we;; I've definately not been editing it23:34
JanCwell, the menu item comes & goes when I install/remove ubuntustudio-menus23:36
JanCthat might give some clue  ☺23:36
czajkowskiso we can blame ubuntu studio :)23:38
JanCright, that one references gnome-app-install.desktop instead of ubuntu-software-center.desktop23:38
JanCbut you said you don't have it?23:38
czajkowskiI've ubuntu studio theme installed not menu23:38
JanCdoesn't look like that pulls anything weird in23:39
JanCczajkowski: the menu is a combination of '/etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu', '~/.config/menus/applications.menu' plus whatever can be found in '~/.local/share/applications/'23:45
JanCI think23:45
JanCokay, this is the ubuntustudio-menu issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntustudio-menu/+bug/47915623:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 479156 in ubuntustudio-menu "gnome-app-install instead of ubuntu-software-center" [Undecided,In progress]23:49
JanCczajkowski: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/477127 might be useful too23:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 477127 in software-center "menu for software-center is missing " [Undecided,Confirmed]23:50
czajkowskiJanC: cheers23:56
JanCyou might want to comment on the last one and tell them the first one isn't the same issue  ;)23:57
JanC(but maybe related)23:58
czajkowskiah ok23:59

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