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AceLanShapeShifter499: The steps to compile ubuntu kernel is 1. fakeroot debian/rules clean 2. fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic09:00
ShapeShifter499my patch tells me to do something else09:00
AceLanShapeShifter499: never use "make" command09:01
AceLanShapeShifter499: it will delete debian/ directory or pollute the kernel directory09:01
amitkShapeShifter499: the ubuntu build system conflicts with the in-kernel build system09:02
ShapeShifter499ok so I apply the patch with the patch command then do the commands you posted?09:02
AceLanShapeShifter499: right09:02
ShapeShifter499is that the same with the Linux Unified Kernel patch?09:03
AceLanShapeShifter499: the same09:03
ShapeShifter499thanks for the help09:04
AceLannp :)09:04
ShapeShifter499I'll stay here in case of errors09:05
ShapeShifter499oh is there a faster way of downloading the ubuntu kernel?09:06
AceLanShapeShifter499: are you using git and already downloaded a upstream kernel by git?09:07
ShapeShifter499I'm new to this09:07
AceLanso, there is no faster way to download the kernel source :p09:08
ShapeShifter499whats the upstream kernel?09:08
AceLanthe linux kernel maintains by community09:09
MTecknologyShapeShifter499: I'd download it with git - it takes longer the first time but it's much faster in the future09:15
ShapeShifter499I know09:15
ShapeShifter499you just use the git fetch command right?09:15
MTecknologyok - jsut thought i'd mention it09:15
ShapeShifter499what happens if they update to a new kernel for my system? do I have to re download the files?09:16
AceLanShapeShifter499: using git: git pull --rebase09:17
ShapeShifter499just to be sure that would...09:17
ShapeShifter499do what?09:20
ShapeShifter499anyone here?09:21
kengyuShapeShifter499, update your kernel code base.09:44
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akheronwhat to do with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/481765 ?11:32
ubot3Malone bug 481765 in linux "ACPI: After an upgrade to Karmic, the system hangs on boot" [Undecided,New] 11:33
akheronI was able to bisect the problem to one upstream kernel commit, and reverting it fixed the issue11:33
akheronHow to report this upstream, how to get it fixed in Ubuntu, etc.?11:33
Appiahupstream kernel.org ?11:33
akheronI bisected Linus' kernel tree, found the bad commit, reverted it in karmic kernel source tree, built, and now it works11:34
Appiahthen use their bug tracker11:34
akheronok, but will it then be fixed in karmic or lucid at all?11:35
Appiahif its broken then they will have to fix it right? :)11:35
akheronI mean, if the fix gets to upstream after 2.6.32, will it ever be backported to ubuntu kernels?11:36
apwKeybuk, the daily boot charts are they daily or on ISO generation, and roughly what time do i expect them to pop out if they are done on any particular day?12:24
Keybukthey're on ISO generation12:25
Keybukso each one corresponds to a particular ISO on cdimage/daily-live12:25
Keybuk(redoing them every day with no ISO change isn't worth the effort)12:25
Keybukcurrently the push-to-rookery cron is at 2pm12:25
KeybukI'm likely going to move that forwards because there's too much gap in it12:26
apwKeybuk, don't mind when it is, just nice to know "oh its after X, if there is a new one i can look now"12:34
KeybukI've just updated the cronjob to be ourly12:35
Keybuk(the publish one)12:35
Keybukafter verifying it's a no-op if the stuff isn't finished yet12:35
Keybukthis should just reduce the gap12:36
Keybukit's still dependant on when the machines wake up12:36
Keybukat a glance, looks like the SSD charts for today are up12:36
Keybukbut the HDD ones aren't12:36
apwoh yeah and thats what the web site shows now too :)12:38
apwand its showing the 5s we lost yesterday have come back ... good12:38
apwman these tables are great ... makes me want to slap people i have working on bits of that to hurry up so i can see our bit get smaller12:39
Keybukif you're not on Firefox, you get little graphs at the top12:39
Keybukwhich really should be "blame" graphs12:40
Keybukyou can see exactly which bit the 8s extra boot time came from12:40
apwsadly in firefox12:41
* apw must sort out having chrome12:41
Keybukadd-apt-repository ppa:chromium-daily/ppa12:48
Keybukapt-get update12:48
Keybukapt-get install chromium-browser12:48
Keybuk... the chimes behind me tell me that HDD should be up any second12:49
apwKeybuk, hehe :)13:05
Keybukwho knows about the rtc wake alarm stuff?13:25
Keybukyou used it for your suspend/resume tests I think?13:28
Keybuk\o/ I have made a DOS disk14:02
amitkKeybuk: we're speed up DOS boots now?14:04
KeybukI'm trying to update the BIOS on the mini 10s to see whether I can get ACPI wake support working at all14:07
Keybukneither wake-on-lan or RTC wakeup work :(14:07
amitkcking is our wakealarm expert but he is out till for a few weeks14:08
apwKeybuk, yeah i know some about it14:26
apwif you have a recent kernel on there then you need to use some magic to work out the delta14:26
apwKeybuk, you need to use the files in /sys/class/rtc/rtc0 ... since_epoch tells you the current time in the clock, you work out the time in seconds since the system epoch you want to wake, subtract the current since_epoch value and shove it into wakealarm14:28
apwthen suspend14:28
apwif that makes any sense14:28
Keybukright I do that14:29
apwactually no thats not right either14:29
Keybukand checking /proc/driver/rtc says the right time too14:29
Keybukand says it'll wake up14:29
apwyou work out the time in seconds since system epoch you want to wake up, then adjust that by the current time on the system since system epoch and the since_epoch value14:30
apwwake alarm is in the same units as since_epoch and can be offset from the system time14:31
Keybukthough only by <1s on this machine14:32
Keybukso that's not the problem14:32
apwso you are lucky :)14:33
apwso its not waking up for you?  the 10v ?14:34
Keybuknot at all14:36
apwKeybuk, when i try it on here it doesn't say 'alarm_pending: yes' which seems wrong14:37
Keybukaccording to google, that says "no" for most people14:38
Keybukarlarm_IRQ is the important bit apparently14:40
Keybukin the code, it says you can write +800 to the rtc wakealarm function14:42
apwoh nice14:42
KeybukI shall try on my laptop14:43
amitkIIRC, cking had found some bugs in the HW that reqd the wake time to be written twice for it to work14:45
apwi just shoved  +60 into my 10v and it seemed to set the time accorording to /proc/driver/rtc14:45
apwKeybuk, one thing you often have to do is clear it first by writing a 014:46
amitkKeybuk: http://smackerelofopinion.blogspot.com/2009/08/acpi-wake-alarm-bugs.html14:47
Keybukyeah I tried that too14:47
Keybukthe fact that wake-on-lan doesn't work either suggests they screwed the bios on these14:49
apwKeybuk, man that sucks rocks14:50
apwits not like you can even tell them to boot on power enabled i guess14:50
Keybukthey have numpty bios14:52
Keybukotoh, my latitude just worked perfectly14:52
apwdoes feel that way... cirtainly cannot wake mine14:52
Keybukecho +60 > wakealarm14:52
Keybukand it woke up14:52
Keybukand powerwake while it's still asleep ... still wakes it up14:52
Keybukso clearly Linux is working <g>14:52
apwpowerwake ?14:53
Keybukdustin's tool to send wake-on-lan packets14:54
Keybukthat's freaky14:54
Keybukthe Laititude can wake on WLAN14:54
* apw wonders if thats reasonable ... 14:54
apwi don't think my AP passes the magic packets across the boundary14:55
apwso i ahve to do it from the same side to get it to work14:55
Keybuklooks like it just stays associated14:55
Keybukone assumes it has to be unencrypted14:55
apwsleep mode for wifi allows remaining associated14:55
apwthe AP can queue packets and all sorts14:56
apwnormally doesn't work ... but14:56
Keybukit worked without even trying on this14:56
Keybuk(linksys ap running openwrt)14:56
apwi assume in your wake on lan testing the sender and recipient were both on the same ethernet switch?14:56
apwi found they needed to be on the same bridged segment and my AP was not passing them over from the WLAN14:57
apwok so they just don't work14:57
Keybukmy network is all bridged14:57
Keybukincluding the connection to the ISP14:57
Keybukwhich was a bit scary when I found out that's what they did14:57
Keybukbut then realised it was a cool idea14:57
* apw notes the 10v has 'wake on usb' as an option14:58
apwdunno if that could be used somehow14:58
Keybukno idea14:58
KeybukI always assumed that's a magic usb signal14:59
* Keybuk flicks through the maplin catalogue15:00
apwKeybuk, which bios version do you have on your 10v's i don't seem to have a wake on lan option in the bios15:01
apwif you arn't enabling it there, where are you enabling it15:02
Keybukethtool says it's enabled15:03
* apw has A05 ...15:03
Keybukbut I also tried A00 and A0415:03
Keybukif I toggle with ethtool15:03
Keybukethtool -s wol d eth015:03
Keybukethtool -s wol g eth015:03
Keybukthen ... the machine promptly powers straight back up again15:04
Keybukso it's clearly toggling *something* in the BIOS :p15:04
Keybukactually with A06 it didn't do that15:07
Keybukit just didn't wake up at all15:07
apwKeybuk, ok mine seems to wake up from a suspend at least15:08
apwusing 'wakeonlan' i can wake it from suspend without changing any settings15:09
Keybukneither of mine will do that15:09
apwi am using the wakeonlan program from wakeonlan package15:10
apwthere is something about some things only working on AC, so testing iwthout power would be different15:11
Keybukhow do you spend?15:11
apwthat was from the menu15:12
apwwon't wake from power off even though the lan claims to be negociated15:12
Keybukmine won't wake from suspend *at all* with A06 bios15:12
Keybukand today's lucid15:12
apweven via the power button15:13
Keybukeven via that15:13
Keybukwhich BIOS version do you have again?15:15
apwi believe its A05, i'll cheeck next boot15:15
Keybukdmidecode? :p15:15
apwi think i just found sudo pm-suspend did not let me wake it15:15
KeybukI was doing pm-suspend15:15
apwnot sure how that would differ from the meny15:15
* apw retests15:15
apwi wish these booted faster :-P15:16
apwbios A0515:16
Keybuknoticeably the suspend light stays on15:18
apwi seem to have broken mine now, syspend from the mey isn't working15:18
Keybukrather than pulsating15:18
apwthe power light  ... same here15:18
apwand on A05 and Karmic ... never seen that before15:18
apwi am suspicious its cause the network is plugged in ... testing more to confirm15:19
KeybukI'm sure mine were suspending ok earlier :p15:20
Keybukmaybe they only suspend before 3pm15:20
apwnow its ok again ... wtf15:20
apwyeah and when i wake it, the only thing you see if the power go solid15:21
apwthe screen says off till you hit a key15:21
Keybukjust tested A05 and power light still stays on solid15:21
Keybukand won't wake15:21
apwok try booting without the ethernet plugged in and add it after login15:21
Keybukit's almost as if those wakeonlan packets are bouncing around the network somehow :P15:23
apwok the wedging on suspend went away for me15:24
apwi cannot get it back now ?!?15:24
apwand suspend based wake works fine ... with a karmic kernel15:24
apwi'll get a lucid one now15:24
Keybuksuspend worked fine15:26
Keybukwake on lan made the light come on15:26
Keybukand screen when I pushed a button15:26
apwso thats working ... as in working same as me15:26
apwi think the normal screen wake occurs cause open lid and the power button are both keys15:27
* apw may get dropped shortly ... according to christel15:29
Keybuknow both are working15:29
Keybukboth on A0615:29
apwWTF ?15:30
Keybuklet me try powering off with ethernet15:30
Keybukand powering up with ethernet15:30
Keybukthe only thing I did differently was not plugging the ethernet in until they were on15:30
apwi dnd't get wake from 'off' to work15:30
* apw does the same experiment15:30
Keybukmaybe that's it15:30
Keybukif you send the wol packet while it's off15:30
apwie will suspend/wol work if i power up with ether net in15:31
Keybukit screws suspend until you unplug the network cable15:31
KeybukI've been trying to do wake-from-off15:31
Keybukmaybe I should put them in S315:31
apwsounds like wol from suspend is about all thats available15:31
Keybukjust rebooted one through a poweroff/on15:31
Keybuklets see if it suspends normally15:31
Keybukapw: ok, physical power off and human power on - suspend still works15:33
Keybukand it looks like WoL works too15:33
apwKeybuk, worked for me15:34
apwi think sending wol packets to it when its off is the end of the world15:34
apwsame experience here15:34
apwits clear the machine can take wol packets when powered off, as it keeps the phy up15:34
apwbut it seems to break its mind too15:34
KeybukI just tested that15:34
Keybukif you send a WoL packet while they were actually powered off15:34
apwsomething to report to superm1 me thinks15:34
Keybukthe world ends15:35
Keybukthey have to be just suspended15:35
apwwell i guess that 5w instead of 40 or whatever15:35
Keybukyeah I can live with that15:35
apwits the least of the 50 other things on :)15:35
Keybukactually I power off my desktop now ;)15:36
Keybuksince discovering that it does WoL15:36
apwheh yeah my build servers are the same15:36
Keybukso the only thing that stays on is the server15:36
apwyeah i have a teensy server which wakes everything the same15:36
Keybukwhich I deliberately bought as an "efficient" computer15:36
apwthough it will be this dell 10v will become my master i think15:36
apwone interesting thing is in theory the machine can wake on 'arp' too 15:36
apwi wonder if that work15:37
Keybukonly if you install ethtool ;)15:37
Keybukso I need a script that15:38
Keybuk 1. puts the machine to sleep15:38
Keybuk 2. checks for a new cd image15:38
Keybuk    - if there is a new image, wipes the MBR and reboots15:38
Keybukif there isn't, we assume we were woken up by user15:39
Keybukso stay on15:39
apwnope does support that15:39
Keybukapw: lol15:41
Keybukdid you set for that with ethtool first?15:42
apwethtool tells you what the machine can do, and it can't to 'a'15:42
Keybukethtool -s eth0 wol a15:42
apwpubmg ... 15:42
Keybukmy desktop is just pg ;)15:42
apwmy big dell can only do 'g' which is the wake on lan magic packet15:42
apwphy activity ... woh15:43
apwahhh welll so she'll have to be on always15:43
Keybukif you're on a switch that'll be directed activity or broadcast15:45
Keybukwhich is actually not so bad15:45
Keybukif you have no SMB, etc.15:45
apwyeah i guess so15:45
Keybuklet's see if this works then16:04
Keybukfaked a 27.1 cd16:04
Keybukthe machine should install it, then got into a suspend16:05
apwKeybuk, fingers crossed16:10
Keybukooh, first one just suspended16:29
Keybukthe other is still installing16:29
Keybukboth in suspend now16:51
* Keybuk fakes a CD update16:51
Keybuknow the SSD one only should wake up16:52
Keybukit woke up, but I can't tell whether it's checking for the image :-(16:52
Keybukoh, wow, it did16:52
Keybukit rebooted and everything16:52
Keybukand now the script won't wake up the HDD one because the SSD one is installing \o/16:53
* Keybuk watches16:53
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Keybukapw: don't suppose you know a way to force the display awake?17:14
apwKeybuk, well xset dpms might work17:15
apwKeybuk, or xset s ... one of its might so the trick17:15
apwxset dpms force on17:15
Keybukdoesn't look like it matters17:16
Keybukjust means there's an odd quirk that the display is always off ;)17:17
KeybukX starts just fine with the display off17:17
KeybukI suspect it's just the backlight?17:17
apwheh yeah i think xset dpms force on will wake that17:17
apwKeybuk, failing that there is a dbus message that the pm stuff sends to tell the display to wake i think17:18
* Keybuk tosses it in there17:21
Keybukcan't hurt after all17:21
apwKeybuk, i assume it comes back on when you reboot into the image17:22
apwxset dpms isn't working for me17:22
Keybukno, doesn't come back on when I reboot :p17:22
apwhmmm no dbus msg when it comes on17:22
Keybukdpms didn't work for me :-/17:39
apwKeybuk, nor me18:11
apwi've not yet found anytinhg which wakes it up, other than a key, very odd imo18:11
Keybukmust be a BIOS thing18:15
Keybukit doesn't seem to affect the results any18:15
Keybukso I'm looking at it as a power saving :p18:15
mjg59vbetool should be able to force a DPMS transition before you get to X18:42
mjg59Or if you're using KMS, it ought to do that anyway18:42
JanCanybody seen/heard about a kernel panic like this with the karmic kernel: http://forum.ubuntu-nl.org/installatie/probleem-na-upgrade-ubuntu-9-10-kernel-panic-not-syncing/ (jaunty kernel boots fine) ?19:50

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