dmartHi all ... can anyone update me on the new builds on the Dove platform?  NCommander was having a GCC internal error problem a few days ago...13:39
ograhe didnt expand on that and i dont think he actually looked into it 13:41
ograhe went on a long thanksgiving weekend13:42
ograso no new info (from him at least) before monday13:42
dmartSince we don't have one of those boards here right now, I was wondering if one could be set up for remote access?  It could be useful if the bug proves to be stubborn.13:45
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Shirasehi everybody16:48
Shirasecould I install ubuntu in the lg viewty?16:49
yigalhas anyone here succesfully gotten a "usb" touch screen to work22:25
yigalI'm attempting to get a t91mt's touchscreen working22:26
yigalI found that unlike the t91 where hal picks the screen up as evtouch the multitouch touch screen appears as a usb device22:26
yigalI've loaded usbtouchscreen22:27
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