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micahg[reed]: around?06:57
[reed]micahg: yeah06:58
micahgI was wondering if I should dupe soemthing in bmo06:58
micahgmozilla 521495 and mozilla 52838206:58
ubottuMozilla bug 521495 in General "moz-icon:// protocol not working for mime types (e.g. moz-icon://.pdf?size=16)" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52149506:58
ubottuMozilla bug 528382 in ImageLib "Images provided by moz-icon:// for multiple mime-types no longer displaying" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52838206:58
[reed]I filed that already06:58
micahgyeah, you filed the second one06:59
micahgI was going to dupe 521 to yours06:59
[reed]let me see06:59
* micahg has been trying to clean up some stuff in LP07:00
[reed]the first bug is really hard to follow07:01
[reed]I have no idea what it's talking about07:01
micahgtake a look at bug 46656707:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 466567 in humanity-icon-theme "Firefox moz-icon://.ext not working" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46656707:01
micahgsupposedly the same thing07:02
[reed]then why does moz-icon://ext work?07:03
micahgyou asked the same thing in your bug07:03
[reed]what version are they seeing this in?07:04
Unggnuhi all07:10
UnggnuI just wanted to thank for fixing the "undo closed tab" missing. It works now with amd64.07:10
micahg[reed]: I was going to go the other way...07:14
micahgbut ok07:14
[reed]we usually dupe to oldest bug07:14
micahg[reed]: I thought the bug with the best info07:15
micahganyways, do you need to add your keywords and change the component?07:15
[reed]I already did change the component07:15
[reed]though, it's not really a regression07:15
micahgah, ok07:15
[reed]if we never supported it in the first place07:15
micahgshould we add back linux@distro, or does everyone on the old bug get a copy?07:16
[reed]add back linux@distro07:16
[reed]possibly this code07:17
[reed]    // Look for icons with the following suffixes appended to the base name.07:17
[reed]    // The last two entries (for the old XPM format) will be ignored unless07:17
[reed]    // no icons are found using the other suffixes. XPM icons are depricated.07:17
[reed]    const char extensions[6][7] = { ".png", "16.png", "32.png", "48.png",07:17
[reed]                                    ".xpm", "16.xpm" };07:17
[reed]that's window code07:18
[reed]dunno... can ping joe about it later07:25
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asac[reed]: is the 3.6 as minor update transition now a certainty?13:02
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ftawould be nice if the gnome preferred app ui could also change the gnome-www-browser & x-www-browser alternatives13:14
ftaasac, ^^13:17
ftaalso, when using acroread, if it is already open, ff can't open a pdf in it, the pdf is downloaded, then nothing happens13:17
asacfta: to what?13:21
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asacfta: i didnt understand your initial idea ;)14:00
asacah ... i see what you mean14:00
asacpreferred ui should auto update alternatives14:00
asaci think that is blocked on a) noone came around to making a policykit/consolekit backend that can be used to update those14:00
asacb) there is no way to have per-user-alternatives (which is a missing feature imo)14:00
asacbut in the end its just that there are still sucky applications (maybe because of bad lib situation?) that dont use proper hints to decide on the app to execute14:01
asacnoone should use those binaries ;)14:01
ftaxdg-open is per user14:31
asacbut that doesnt use the alternatives i hope =14:31
ftaxchat now uses xdg-open, then gnome-open or kfmclient. older versions used to use sensible-browser / x-www-browser14:32
ftanot sure for acroread14:32
asacyes. but what does xdg-open use?14:34
asaci would hope our preferred application seting ;)14:34
ftait uses one of gnome-open, kfmclient, exo-open or run-mailcap14:36
ftafreenode seems to like playing with their servers on friday15:50
asacgot complains through other channels too15:57
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asacfta: so 2 things would be really helpful for me ;) 1st. how can i make chromium build abort if it errors16:29
asac2nd how can build incremental (e.g. dont run debuild -b)16:30
asacsorry if you already answered that before ;). i remember asking, but didnt get an answer i think16:30
ftadrop --keep-going in d/rules16:30
asacand for 2nd?16:30
ftait should work out of the box16:30
asacdebuild -nc ?16:30
asaclet me try16:31
ftai use dpkg-buildpackage -nc and it wfm16:31
asacdo i need to clean configure-stamp if i touch rules (like ARGS)?16:32
asacnot sure if configure-stamp even exists ;)16:32
asacwell ... it reads sconsfiles now16:32
asaclets see16:32
asacoh damn ... creating sconsfiles really takes long ;)16:34
asacis there no faster incremental build way?16:34
asacor is that because i touched args?16:34
asac"Building targets..."16:35
ftathe stamp should be there, it just runs gyp with the GYP_DEFINES args. but even if you change GYP_DEFINES, it won't redo it unless you delete the stamp file.16:37
ftascons should not recreate the scons files, but it has to read them all to work16:38
ftait's known to be slow16:38
ftai should move to make instead16:38
ftamost devs did it already16:38
ftaso it should be stable enough16:38
ftabut anyway, incremental build should work16:39
ftaasac, ^^16:41
asacfta: how do i get real compiler errors?16:48
asacscons: *** [/home/asac/chromium-browser-] Error 13416:48
asacscons: building terminated because of errors.16:48
asacthats not good ;)16:48
asachmm i think i did that already at some point ;)16:49
asac(and made you unhappy)16:49
asacso i wont commit it ;)16:49
ftawhat's the line before that one?16:51
asac# Verbose?16:52
asacifeq (1,$(VERBOSE))16:52
asacDEB_SCONS_ARGS += --verbose16:52
ftachromium.log:May 14 17:54:00 <fta>       scons: *** [/build/buildd/chromium-browser-] Error 13916:52
asachmm its gone ;)16:52
asacthere was nothing really16:52
asacwill be there in a bit i guess16:52
asacarm is really slow i figure ;)16:53
asacis there a way to skip the "building targets ..." ?16:53
asaci guess not, right?16:53
ftawhat do you mean?16:55
fta"Building targets ..." is just a log to say it scans all the deps to build your target(s)16:56
ftathe scan takes ages, not the log16:56
ftamake is faster in that regard16:57
asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/329531/17:03
asacof course i asked if we can elminate the scan ... not the log entry ;)17:03
asacbut doesnt matter ... probably is the fastest way to do it ;)17:03
asacdo i need a full clean build?17:03
ftawhat for?17:03
asacthat error17:04
asacin the paste17:04
ftawhat did you change?17:04
asac well.. let me do a clean build17:04
asaci think i messed around with scons when i tried to get a quick rebuild (without that scanning)17:05
ftado it with VERBOSE=117:05
asaci have VERBOSE=1 in env now17:05
asacif thats ok17:05
ftai will move away from scons next time i touch the package17:05
asachow that?17:05
ftamove to make17:05
asacdiverge from upstream?17:05
ftaie, ask gyp to generate make files instead of scons files, and modify d/rules accordingly (some paths will be different)17:06
fta<fta> most devs did it already17:06
fta<fta> so it should be stable enough17:06
asacis that working well?17:06
ftawould be nice if i could complete the gyp package, so it will simplify the chromium packaging17:10
asacfta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/329539/ thats what i get now ;)17:11
asaci think i want to define armv7=1 ... but why does it do that ;)17:11
asaci mean if i need to specify armv7 on arm it should be the default by target=arm17:11
ftastrange, i thought the fix was in already17:12
asacits not todays daily17:12
ftav8 is a different project, they have their own variables17:12
asacshould i grab a new copy?17:12
asac /chromium-browser-
asacthats what i am building17:12
asacfta: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=11359 this is an important bug for us17:13
asacto integrate chromium as mailto: handler for instance :)17:13
asacor are there other ways to set gmail/yahoo as being handled by website?17:13
ftacould you explain there why it's important, i will link it in the blocker meta bug17:14
asacits a MStone-5 targetted bug17:15
ftahm, reminds me of an old bug of mine17:15
asacfta: its about websites being able to register themselves as a protocol handler like mailto:17:15
asacor for document types17:15
asacmaybe there is a different way to do that as a desktop integration?17:15
asacok chromium has at least compiled one .o file ;)17:20
asaclets hope ;)17:20
asacseems VERBOSE=1 doesnt work :/17:21
asacbut well ... lets first see where it dies17:21
asacwow python utilized 49% of CPU17:22
asacall the time17:22
asacwhat does it do when cc1 is running?17:22
ftanot from env, you have to edit d/rules or run d/rules build VERBOSE=1 or something17:22
asac 8789 asac      20   0  116m 106m 3468 R 48.3 22.6   0:14.68 cc1plus17:23
asac 8774 asac      20   0 49952  45m 2560 R 47.6  9.6   0:39.38 python17:23
asaci have the feeling it would take days ;)17:23
asaclike 30 seconds for each .o17:23
ftahttp://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=20731 (it says fixed but apturl:foo goes to google search so it doesn't work for me)17:27
asacfta: riht. but i need in-website mailto: handling17:28
asacso you click on a mailto: link and it goes to yahoo/gmail/hotmail etc.17:29
asacno permission ;)17:30
ftahttp://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=7507 (old, win)17:30
asacmissing number?17:30
ftahm, no, it's probably a security bug17:31
ftahttp://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=12287 (mac)17:31
asacyes. thats external still17:32
asacso i think we have to wait for the HTML5 feature i mentioned17:32
asacor can you ask someone what their plan for OS integration of webmail is? e.g. how we can ship it in a way that usres can use gmail as mailto: handler?17:33
asacbuild still going ;)17:33
ftaok, i will do the make shift shortly17:42
ftagoing out for shopping, i need glue17:44
asacits now bulding Compiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacGenerating binding from /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacGenerating binding from /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacguess thats still pretty much the start?17:44
ftalol, just compare with a full log17:44
asaci rather dont ;)17:44
asaci only can hope that incremental build really work17:45
asacotherwise fixing stuff is probably painful ;)17:45
ftactrl C and restart now17:45
ftabetter now than too late17:45
asacwell ... is there any chance we could fix that quickly?17:45
asacotherwise i just see if it works when i need to :)17:45
asacgiven that scanning takes like 10 minutes or so ;)17:46
ftaok, i'm out. back in ~1h17:46
fta<fta> ok, i will do the make shift shortly17:46
ftaso don't worry17:46
asaci will be out then ...only back later17:46
asaclets hope that that works ;) yeah.17:46
asacpython eating 50% isnt nice ;)17:47
asaccould be better used for compiling17:47
asacbut seems its better now that the build is running17:47
asacnot sooo much python all the time17:48
asacv8 still building18:04
asaci mean ... i havent changed much from the keep-gong build that had endless errors ;)18:04
asacabout to leave :/18:56
asaclet check if there is news from the build ;)18:56
asacCompiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacCompiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacCompiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacCompiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacCompiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asacCompiling /home/asac/chromium-browser-
asachopefully that is good news ;)18:56
asacok out ... will keep you updated18:57
ftayou're still just building webkit, that's the 1st step ;)19:02
ftaasac, with make, it should be way faster, .. but it first needs a fix. i Cced you on an email.20:41
BUGabundoolá ninos21:58
ftacan't parse that22:09
BUGabundoe se eu lo parlo italiano , tu me entiendi22:14
av`BUGabundo, e se io parlo italiano, tu mi capisci?22:20
av`that's italian22:20
BUGabundoI know22:21
av`the one you wrote looks spanish22:21
BUGabundoI understand italian22:21
av`ah cool :)22:21
BUGabundoand several other european languages22:21
BUGabundoav`: was messing up with fta22:21
av`ah :)22:22
ftaBUGabundo, we can try in french, or japanese if you want, or even in chinese22:28
BUGabundonever learned chises22:28
BUGabundobut did learn just a few words in japonese22:28
ftai still suck in chinese, but at least, i know enough to survive there22:29
ftai will probably die in pt, lost and hungry22:30
BUGabundoenglish will help you22:31
BUGabundospecally in the south22:31
BUGabundomore oriented to turist22:31
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