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* ball <- just hooked up an indoor amplified ("rabbit ears") antenna to a DTV set-top box and a 5" b&w telly :-)05:54
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Thom-hello guys, does anyone know if its possible to make mythbuntu alt+tab compatible? I'd like to start with the mythfrontend, but also to be allowed to use alt+tab for the normal desktop12:07
olejlThom-: You can use Ctrl + Alt + Right/Left arrow to switch desktop12:31
Thom-olejl, thank you :)12:31
mrandThom-:  Ctrl-ESC brings up the system menu.   Once a second window is open, alt-tab works fine.13:50
Thom-mrand, yeah that is what i was looking for :D perfect. I tried it now with a new workspace, but the ctrl+esc method is perfect13:51
Thom-thank you very much13:51
mrandYou're welcome13:52
mrandThere is another shortcut to show a desktop... don't remember it off the top of my head.  You can find it if you google around for Xfce or gnome keyboard shortcuts.  As always, multiple ways to solve this.13:54
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