ubottuDaviey called the ops in #ubuntu (Androidfan983)00:08
PriceyAll gone :-)00:10
XarverWhen on the livecd for 3.0, I have a problem. When I click try without any change, the boot up screen appears, and loads.When it's done, I get a black screen short after.01:22
Meowpupay what is this chanel never seen it before. has there been a rework on it.03:10
Meowpupok i see it is. y the change03:11
MadpilotMeowpup, are you on a ban-forward to here? what channel were you trying to reach?03:11
Meowpup#ubuntu itself03:12
Meowpupnever had this happen in my life03:12
MenZaikonia, are you around?03:12
MadpilotMeowpup, you were repeatedly asking for Linux Mint help in #ubuntu, I think?03:12
MenZaCorrect, Madpilot.03:12
MadpilotMeowpup, you do know that while it's *based* on Ubuntu, Linux Mint is not an Ubuntu project?03:13
Meowpupid #ubuntu reallu drat just when i am thinking of changing from mint to ubuntu 9.1003:13
Meowpupo well they ban me they loose out i will not use ubuntu03:14
MenZaI didn't understand that sentence03:14
Madpilota great loss, I'm sure.03:14
Madpilot#u is busy enough supporting actual Ubuntu, derivatives have their own support elsewhere03:15
MenZaMeowpup: You may be considering changing, but as long as you're on Mint, we can't help you.03:15
MeowpupMadpilot: do you also know i know that when looking for help on mint the opsd actually suggest looking up ubuntu help forums alot more03:16
Meowpupalso how do i get an unban then for when i am truly on my ubuntu os partition03:17
MadpilotMint's devs suggest using Ubuntu resources? huh.03:17
MadpilotMeowpup, if you agree to stop asking Mint support questions in #ubuntu, the ban can come off now. I'm just not sure you understand the actual issue that got you banned...03:19
Meowpupi am so now sometimes it talkes a ban to make you realise thanks how i get an unban then03:33
Madpilothuh? that sentence made no sense, Meowpup...03:33
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:36
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:36
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:36
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)03:36
Madpilotnetsplit? the floodbots went screwy in #u too03:37
ardchoillecrazyivan and payne_ in #ubuntu could use a hint about the channel topic when someone gets c ahnce03:42
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Madpilotspiky25 is wandering awfully close to trollishness in #u...04:10
bazhangarachnimiya was similar same time yesterday04:11
Madpilothe seems to have mostly settled down04:11
Madpilotarachnimiya, that is04:11
* genii sips and ponders something to the effect of: demand is <reply> Phrases to the effect of "Help me right now or I'm going to wipe my drive and reinstall Windows" don't usually incline anyone to rush to assist you. If your Ubuntu issue cannot be resolved, feel free to reinstall Windows, just remember to ask for support in ##windows , and not here.05:42
Madpilotforgot about him05:47
* genii sips05:58
geniiWhat the hell is with this T.T T_T T.T...     etc? Something from their cp949 codepage/charset or just some weird acronym?06:02
Madpilotdifferent way of doing emoticons06:03
Madpilotthat sort of thing06:03
geniiAh, interesting06:03
Madpilotinstead of sideways :)06:03
* Madpilot is a font of useless trivia. And needs another beer.06:04
geniiMenZa: Is "ricer" a racial slur?06:27
MenZagenii: I think it refers to be being an Intel/NVIDIA person somehow.06:27
MenZa...or something I linked earlier.06:27
geniiMenZa: Around here "ricer" usually refers to a car made in some asian country which has been tricked out06:30
* MenZa shrugs06:30
Madpilotyeah, the tricked-out asian car meaning is the only one I've heard06:32
geniiBah had a brain fart and put the name in for the comment on a boot06:32
geniiOr the other way round, forget06:33
geniiMadpilot: Thx06:33
geniiThat's my cue to go grab some sleep :) Laters06:36
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MeowpupMadpilot: are you around atm06:47
MadpilotMeowpup, hi06:48
Meowpuphi did you kick me out earlier06:48
Madpilotwe've got a no-idling policy here - see the topic06:48
Meowpupok missed that.06:49
Meowpupbtw what about resuming access now i am going to be installing ubuntu on a spare partition can i have acess again.06:50
MadpilotMeowpup, OK, I'll remove the #ubuntu ban. But Mint questions go elsewhere. Clear?06:51
Meowpupi wont come here unless i am on ubuntu fullstop06:51
Meowpupyes forreal. for kubuntu i go to #kubuntu right06:51
MadpilotGood. One sec.06:52
MadpilotMeowpup, you should be good to get back to #ubuntu06:53
Meowpupthanks so #ubuntu for ubuntu #kubuntu for kubuntu06:53
Madpilotand somewhere else entirely for Mint questions. Check their website, I have no idea if Mint has an IRC presence somewhere.06:55
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)07:06
jussi01Madpilot: ^^07:06
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org07:06
Madpilotthanks, good to know07:09
Madpilotmeowpup was having real trouble getting his skull around "just because it's based on Ubuntu doesn't mean we'll support it in #ubuntu"07:09
jussi01Madpilot: btw, did you see the new bot feature terence implemented yesterday?07:19
Madpilotjussi01, don't think so07:20
jussi01try a factoid that you know ubottu does recognise07:20
jussi01its good because it reduces channel spam07:20
MadpilotPMs for "dunno" mean idiots can't spam07:20
* jussi01 waves to maco07:21
jussi01Lads and ladies, if you notice any deficiences with the bots, or have any new ideas for them, we would really appreciate that you file a bug. We are trying to get a little more organised ane efficient in the way we deal with them, but we need them filed. See !bug for where to file.07:24
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:24
jussi01!ops | Please note the above07:25
ubottuPlease note the above: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!07:25
ubottujussi01 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (Please note the above)07:25
jussi01I just pruned that op-s call07:28
jussi01ooh, looky, its a menza :D07:43
MenZaDamned split.07:43
MenZacard.freenode.net was very dead for ages07:43
MenZaI was trying to calm down #ubuntu on it07:43
MenZaIt's still dead07:43
MenZa"Guys, there's a netsplit. THAT's why there's only 100 people in here."07:43
jussi01MenZa: join #ubuntu-bots-devel ;)07:44
MadpilotI haven't been on the wrong side of a netsplit in a while. It's kind of surreal :)07:44
MenZaIt is07:44
MenZaSure, jussi0107:44
MenZaGive irssi a few secs to sync07:44
MenZaMy auto_bleh is broken.08:01
MenZaJeruvy: Hello.08:01
MenZaJeruvy: I would appreciate it if you didn't call me that.08:01
Jeruvycall you what/08:01
MenZaA kid.08:01
MenZaAnyway. Hopefully I have your attention now.08:01
Jeruvya kid?  you are to me08:02
MenZaWhat part of 'stop' didn't quite make it through?08:02
Jeruvywhat part of being mature do you miss?08:02
MenZaIf you're going to continue like this, I see no point in resolving this.08:02
Jeruvydon't abuse your ops08:02
MenZaI'm not abusing anything :)08:02
JeruvyI think you are08:03
MenZaRight, how about we get back to the core of this instead08:03
MadpilotJeruvy, there was a discussion about irssi, and suddenly you went off the rails and starting being rude... huh?08:03
MenZaI politely asked you to stop in #ubuntu-offtopic - and... this happened? Why?08:03
JeruvyI asked a simple question, YOU called me an idiot.  When I asked you to back up your mouth, you fail08:03
JeruvyNow you treat me in op's?  I think you're abusing it.08:04
Madpilotanother user called you an idiot, actually. Not MenZa08:04
JeruvyI have the log08:04
Madpilot<snuxoll> Jeruvy: You're an idiot08:04
Madpilotand got told off for it by MenZa08:04
Madpilot<MenZa> now now snuxoll08:05
Jeruvy[00:50] <MenZa> Jeruvy: I would tell you you're an idiot, but that would be rude.08:06
Jeruvytell me I'm a liar08:06
MenZaThat was inappropriate; I stand by that.08:06
MenZaIt sounded more politically-correct in my head.08:07
JeruvySo this was some juvenile behaviour I'm subjected to?08:07
Jeruvyor what?08:07
MenZaNo, it was a simple mistake.08:07
JeruvyFine, correct it08:07
MenZaThe real issue here is that you continued your crusade after I asked you to stop it.08:07
tsimpsonit's accepted that that comment from MenZa was not appropriate, but neither was yours08:07
tsimpsonMenZa has owned up to that fact now08:08
MenZaJeruvy: I apologise for that. Can we continue with the *real* issue here? :)08:08
JeruvyI can't say I agree with this.  The REAL issue was you called me an idiot.  Provoking a reaction generates such.08:08
tsimpsonthe behaviour of others does not necessarily excuse yours08:09
JeruvyI can accept the apology08:09
Jeruvyit doesn't render it wrong either08:09
Jeruvycontinued allowance of the name-calling and then kicking me is pretty petty08:09
Jeruvyabusive I would say08:10
tsimpsonyour behaviour was not acceptable anyway08:10
tsimpsonhave you read our IRC Guidelines?08:10
Jeruvynor was the continued name calling08:10
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines08:10
tsimpsonthe name calling was brought to an end08:11
tsimpsonyou were also asked to stop, but did not08:11
Jeruvywas it?08:11
Jeruvysorry being booted I may have missed it08:11
tsimpsonyou weren't the only one08:12
tsimpson*who was removed for it08:12
MenZaJeruvy: As the IrcGuidelines specifically state, mistakes happen. This was one of them.08:12
JeruvySo where is everyone else involved in this?08:12
Madpilot23:57 <MenZa> Jeruvy: Watch it with the attitude, please.08:12
MenZaJeruvy: They stopped the first time I asked them to.08:12
tsimpsonyou continued and were removed, someone else also continued, and was also removed08:13
Jeruvyyou shouldn't piss one off, who's been nothing be helpful to the community for over 3 yerars08:13
MenZaJeruvy: I'm not questioning your helpfulness in the community.08:13
tsimpsonyour helpfulness does not excuse you from the rules08:13
MenZaJeruvy: What I'm concerned with is *THIS* particular incident.08:13
tsimpsonwe do not operate on a karma system08:13
JeruvyIt did nothing to comment on the greatness. beside this was an offtopic channel08:13
MenZaWhat does that have to do with anything?08:13
tsimpsoneven the offtopic channel has rules08:14
MenZaIt's a channel in the #ubuntu namespace, so the IrcGuidelines applies to that as well.08:14
JeruvyI'd consider it a matter of respect and tolerence, is ther none in this community?08:14
tsimpsonthe rules exist for that reason08:14
Jeruvycalling me an idiot did nothing to convey that.08:14
Jeruvyand violated the same rules08:15
tsimpsonalso, that behaviour is a violation of the CoC08:15
tsimpsonwhich applies to all ubuntu channels too08:15
MenZaJeruvy: snuxoll ceased after I asked him to. You did not.08:15
MenZaJeruvy: 'moron' is just as much a problem as 'idiot'08:15
tsimpsonthe code of conduct specifically states "Be respectful."08:16
JeruvyMenZa: so why not apologize to start?  You'd have saved a lot of issue?08:16
JeruvyInstead I'm here08:16
macoi believe MenZa did apologize a few minutes ago08:16
MenZaJeruvy: Stop turning the focus on the conversation.08:16
MenZaer, of the conversation.*08:17
JeruvyMenZa: I think the original behaviour is the focus08:17
MenZaI think we've all agreed that right now, the issue is /your/ behaviour, not mine.08:17
JeruvyI did not start by name calling anyone08:17
Jeruvyyou did08:17
Jeruvythen others gathered and you supported it08:17
MenZaJeruvy: Are we going to dwelve into this sort of children's argument? "You started it!"08:17
Jeruvyinstead of kicking them, you turned on me08:18
MenZaBecause then I don't see much point in this.08:18
JeruvyMenZa: what is the point of this?08:18
MenZaI corrected them. They stopped. I corrected you, you continued.08:18
MenZaJeruvy: Well, hopefully for you to realise what you did was wrong so we can lift your ban.08:18
MenZaJeruvy: That's my goal in this, at least. :)08:18
JeruvyShall I requote logs again, or are you going to stop this ;)08:18
MenZaI want you to stop it, actually - if I stop it, it'll not be pretty. I can't resolve anything unless you help me.08:19
Jeruvydo unto others, I think is fitting here.  You did, you got what you deserved.  I accept your apology and can move forward.  What is to prevent you from doing this again?08:19
MenZaAnd I never like to deny people access to -offtopic, which is why I wanted you to come here in the first place - so we can fix this little bump.08:19
Jeruvywhat assurance do I get that you're not going to call me an idiot again?08:20
MenZaJeruvy: You're, again, turning the issue on me.08:20
Jeruvyit is about you, sorry to say08:20
MenZaJeruvy: My word. It's all you can get.08:20
tsimpsonno, it's about you Jeruvy08:20
tsimpsonwe are not here to discuss MenZa now08:20
MenZaNo, Jeruvy. And we can't resolve this unless you turn around here.08:20
Jeruvyso you promise?08:20
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)08:21
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)08:21
MenZaCan we focus on the *actual* problem now?08:21
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)08:21
JeruvyMenZa: fine I can accept your promise08:21
Jeruvytsimpson: now, what about me?08:21
Tm_TJeruvy: sorry but I believe what MenZa did has to be dealt separately from your case08:22
JeruvyTm_T: I'd agree, but I'm not privy methinks08:22
JeruvyI have enough faith to trust MenZa at his word08:22
bazhang* FloodBot3 is now known as Guest5637808:23
bazhangthat cant be good ^^08:23
MenZaWhat I pretty much want to reach here is, Jeruvy, that you recognise that you made a mistake, and that it won't happen again.08:23
Madpilotbazhang, fascinating...08:23
Jeruvyit won't get better08:23
MenZaThat's all we're asking here.08:23
JeruvyMenZa: don't provoke me, and you will never see me make that mistake.  However I will not sit idle while I'm called an idiot.08:24
Jeruvyfor no good reason08:24
MenZaJeruvy: When corrected by someone - anyone - for using the word 'moron', you will stop.08:24
tsimpsonwhen asked to abide by the channel rules, you should do so08:24
MenZaBe they me or anyone else.08:24
JeruvyMenZa: if I see that being enforced I agee08:24
tsimpsonregardless of others08:24
tsimpsonthat's the issue08:25
* MenZa nods.08:25
MenZaAnd I, again, apologise for using those terms directed at you.08:25
JeruvyMenZa: thank you, I appreciate that.  I will not call anyone a moron or any other derogatory term  either.08:26
MenZaexcellent :)08:26
JeruvyAs I haven't for 3 years until today08:26
MenZaIt sounds like we've settled this08:26
JeruvyIt's unfortunte it was started08:27
Madpilotparrotbot. fun.08:27
Jeruvynow it will stop08:27
MenZaJeruvy: You're welcome to join #ubuntu-offtopic again and part this channel.08:27
MenZaI've removed your ban.08:27
jussi01Ok, while this was finally settled, I do want to have a word about the start of it.08:28
jussi01<MenZa> What part of 'stop' didn't quite make it through?08:28
jussi01<Jeruvy> what part of being mature do you miss?08:28
jussi01<MenZa> If you're going to continue like this, I see no point in resolving this.08:28
jussi01this isnt correct.08:28
MenZaLet me apologise to all of you in here - my comment was very, very much out of line.08:28
MenZajussi01: I realise this.08:29
jussi01Regardless of what someone does, we need to treat them with politeness and helpfulness as expected of us as operators. we have a duty to act well at all times.08:29
MenZaI don't think the point I intended came through08:29
tsimpsonbazhang: do you think giantpune_ may be a bot? right after you did "!give me a test" it replied with a (bad) action "gives me a perl script"08:30
bazhangtsimpson, I think its just an xchat script, I am thinking fayntic is one though08:30
PriceyI've left them a /msg08:31
jussi01If you need to step back from a situation because you are feeling grumpy or unable to deal with it, just say so, we have enough operators t help sort things.08:31
tsimpsonbazhang: quite possibly, but it's quiet so far08:31
jussi01This goes for everyone, not just the one situation that happened here, Im just using it as an example. We are seeing far too much of this and it needs to get better.08:32
bazhangtsimpson, right, that was the reason I initially did the !give me a test08:32
jussi01bazhang: and tsimpson, remember before you start forwarding, do what Pricey just did ;)08:34
bazhangjussi01, I never forward :) usually just a PM then either unmute or let it stand for a bit then remove08:35
jussi01bazhang: well thats an issue. forwards here often work well when you want to talk to someone, especially if they have left already.08:35
tsimpsonDaZ: can we help you with something08:38
DaZi don't recall joining here ;f08:38
macowere you redirected here, maybe?08:39
MadpilotDaZ, which channel were you trying to reach?08:39
DaZnope, i think i clicked it somewhere by mistake [;08:39
tsimpsonDaZ: well, if you don't have an issue, we'd request that you part this channel as we have a no idle policy in here08:41
DaZi see08:42
DaZi love you anyway <308:42
FlannelThere are worse part messages.08:42
MenZaThere are worse, but that did, literally, make me go "o_o"08:43
MadpilotUnicode FTW :)08:43
Madpilotor something08:43
macooh wait i get it now08:43
Tm_Tmaco: (:)08:50
jussi01Just a reminder for anyone wondering, (had a query a few mins agao about it) AFAIK, this is the current status of the IRSeek bots: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/IRSeekDiscussion08:51
bazhangjussi01, what about the UDS discussions on IRC? are we privy to that as well?08:52
jussi01bazhang: there are recordings available and a summary on Pici's blog. also, gobby docs are there on gobby.ubuntu.com08:53
bazhangjussi01, thanks much08:53
=== elky is now known as elky`
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: ubottu: Flannel is making me harass you09:02
Madpiloto rly?09:05
* Flannel cracks the whip.09:05
Madpilotthe things I miss when I'm messing with my blog instead of hooked on IRC every second :)09:06
Madpilot"mainly it should not be torified" - from the IRSeek wiki link above - wth does 'torified' mean?09:08
Madpilot"run through TOR"?09:08
FlannelMadpilot: IRSeek can't connect via tor, right.09:10
tsimpsonFloodBot2 seems to be acting up09:22
Madpilotthey're all going nuts in #u09:22
tsimpsonbecause fb2 keeps ghosting itself09:22
tsimpsonprobably needs to be temporary banned from #u09:23
Madpilotban fb2 from #u?09:23
tsimpsonyep ;009:23
tsimpsonthere are still 3 active bots09:24
tsimpsonMadpilot: please +b FloodBot2!*@*09:25
Madpilotjust did09:25
tsimpsonyep, just saw that09:25
Madpilot* Madpilot sets ban on Floodbot2!*@*09:25
tsimpsonlet's see if it works09:25
Flannelwait, FB5?09:26
Madpilotfb5 just showed up?09:26
Flannelwell, it seems to have settled at any rate.09:26
FlannelMaybe 2 and 5 were fighting over 2?09:26
tsimpsonsomeone needs to fix their cron job09:26
Madpilotwe've still got four of the silly things op'd - thought it was supposed to be one at a time?09:28
tsimpsonI think they miss FloodBot209:32
tsimpsonMadpilot: can you -b Floodbot2 and we'll see if it works09:33
Madpilotban gone - you booted fb5?09:34
tsimpsonthey both thought they were fb209:34
Madpilotstill nick collisions09:34
tsimpsonjust set the ban again09:34
tsimpsonthey'll live in emergency mode09:34
Madpilotban back in09:35
tsimpsonhopefully the'll sort them selfs out09:40
Madpilotthey're no longer running around in excited circles, that's improvement right there :)09:40
tsimpsongerr, we need to ban FloodBot5 too09:49
* tsimpson pokes Madpilot09:49
FlannelCould jsut ban the cloak09:49
Flannel(assuming 5 is banned and 6 comes in)09:50
tsimpsonmaybe, as a last resort09:50
tsimpsonMadpilot: and /remove the bot please09:50
tsimpsonif 6 comes in, set a ban on FloodBot?!?=nalioth@ubuntu/bot/floodbot09:52
tsimpsonyay, splits10:12
tsimpsoncard again10:13
Madpilotpoor old Orson Scott10:15
MadpilotI must crash. tsimpson - someone else will have to give you a hand bot-herding in #u if the floodbots start dancing again10:19
tsimpsonok, it looks like it's stable for now10:19
jussi01good morning Bacta10:25
jussi01Bacta: I dont think ikonia is around, so if theres nothing else we can help you with?10:26
Bactaikonia or elky10:27
tsimpsonneither are around right now10:27
BactaI've always wondered10:28
BactaWhat kinds of stuff do you guys talk about in here when us non-staff are asked to leave?10:28
BactaAnything wild?10:29
tsimpsonthis channel is publicly logged10:29
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/10:29
tsimpsonBacta: anything else?10:31
BactaYes, #ubuntu-ops isn't mentioned in the latter link, only the former10:32
Bactamight want to fix that10:32
tsimpsonno, the second is for LoCos, as it says in the factoid10:33
tsimpsonanything else?10:34
jussi01what happened? _nothing_ since 12:35?13:27
Tm_Tjussi01: I see nothing13:27
Tm_Tjussi01: your server?13:28
jussi01Tm_T: quiet afternoon methinks...13:28
MenZait's lovely, jussi01.13:42
MenZaI'm busy getting angry at people on a Danish slashdot clone.13:43
MenZaNews story: "Ubuntu ditches THE GIMP"13:43
MenZaSome guy argues that the repositories contain 'very limited number of packages, which are predominantly written by hobbyists'.13:44
Tm_Tit's funny how something not included in default install is so big deal for users who does know how to install it13:44
MenZaAnd the same guy complained about the fact that they don't just expand on Ubuntu already and shell out DVD-sized isos instead.13:45
Tm_Tbut there are DVD-isos too, right?13:45
* MenZa marks comments as 'flamebait'13:45
* MenZa flames13:45
MenZaNot officially, I think13:45
MenZaA normal ISO will fit on a DVD as well :p13:45
MenZaBut it was more in a "gee, get with the times already" context13:46
MenZaSo I felt like flaming him.13:46
Tm_TMenZa: DVD mentioned atleas here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/downloadmirrors13:46
MenZalanguage packs :P13:46
Tm_Tstill, it's DVD, that's what they asked, right? (;)13:47
MenZaIs Weegee's quit message out of line?14:10
gordi'm pretty sure there is an offical dvd, but its just all the flavours of ubuntu on one disk14:11
Tm_Tperhaps someone should watch #k as I'm busy elsewhere14:25
Tm_Tsorry and thanks ->14:25
geniiTm_T: I'm somewhat around this morning14:29
* genii gulps another Jolt14:29
Tm_Tgenii: please look if shadeslayer and this other fellow does anything sane, I don't have time nor patience for it now (:14:29
geniiHeh, OK, keeping an eye open there14:30
LjLdoes anyone know what happened to the bot?14:33
MenZaLjL: they appear to have run amuck.14:37
LjLthat much i realized :P14:37
MenZathe technical side of things I am not familiar with14:37
LjLi'm killing the ones i can kill14:37
gordisn't it obvious?14:37
LjLhowever, the ones i can kill don't seem to be the cause of the issue14:37
gordits the robot overload overthowing of all humanity14:37
MenZaMight be related to the bad netsplits we've been having all morning14:38
LjLnot sure14:38
gorda few of them just seem to be fighting over names14:38
LjLyeah. there seem to be two bots running on one machine, which should run only one of them14:38
MenZaIt also looks like they're not all identified. I remember one of them changing name to Guestxxxx14:38
LjLhm. that's interesting, i'll grep for that14:39
MenZa* FloodBot3 is now known as Guest5637814:39
MenZaaccording to bazhang about 6 hours ago14:39
LjLthere was a mass join (or they detected one, anyway), then they went mad...14:41
LjLor rather, bot2 went mad14:41
LjLon which topic, why is nalioth not connected?14:42
geniiLjL: K2 is c onnected from there and appears to be in working order14:43
LjLgenii: from where? the same place that floodbot2 is connected from? i have no idea where the k's connect from14:43
geniiLjL: Right now K3 is on a box here, K2 is from nalioth, K1 is from elky`14:44
LjLthing is, nalioth's is not only working, it's working too well :P14:44
LjLtwo bots from it rather than just one14:44
LjLsilly me though for enforcing their nicknames. that wasn't really a good idea14:47
LjLcan someone op me in #ubuntu while i try to restart them in better order?14:47
LjLgenii: thanks14:50
MenZashould it be necessary, I can easily facilitate another host14:51
MenZamy server runs all the time anyway.14:51
LjLthanks but i think there are enough hosts; only need to convince one floodbot to *stop* working, because it shouldn't have started in the first place14:52
LjLthough i don't think i can stop it at all without nalioth. but perhaps i can make it stay *and* behave acceptably with the others14:53
MenZaworst case, could +q it until nalioth returns.14:54
LjLMenZa: it's been already kickbanned14:55
MenZaah, I see14:55
geniiThe name-enforcing likely. Since they usually want to shift their numbers around14:55
LjLMenZa: problem is that it prevents the *other* bots from working properly14:55
LjLit pings them, and they don't like that14:55
MenZashoddy craftsmanship!14:55
geniiLjL: I'm getting "emergency mode has lasted 37 rounds" from the K2 bot in -monitor14:57
LjLgenii: didn't you say they were working well?14:57
LjLuhm clearly they aren't or they wouldn't be all opped..14:58
LjLsend me an invite and i'll have a look14:58
geniiLjL: OK14:58
LjLthe reason why one became Guest probably had to do with the fact that freenode only takes 5 logins to the same account at a time...15:06
MenZaThat makes sense.15:08
LjLthey should be working normally (aside from there being one more of them than normal) now15:11
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LjLhorrible timing. i was just restarting one of the bots. hope they don't go back to madness now.15:28
MenZaLjL: They're fighting among each other now.15:32
MenZaoh dear CHRIST15:33
* MenZa screams15:33
Picigenii: no, theres a bug in the current ircd that they're trying to fix.15:34
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MamarokLjL: Christel announce it a few minutes ago15:35
LjLMamarok: i *said* the above thing a few minutes ago, just after she announced it.15:36
Mamarokah :)15:37
MenZaubottu: tell mikebeecham about guidelines15:37
MenZaubottu: tell mikebeecham about coc15:37
LjLonly, i couldn't do much about the fact that the server decided to set +J back on15:37
LjLresulting in a number of users being redirected to -unregged15:37
geniiK1-K3 are back up now15:39
LjLwell, i *could* have done something about it, actually15:40
LjLnamely, write "\+J" in the rexeg rather than "+J"15:40
LjLregex, even15:40
geniiHm. Only K1 seems to be in -monitor but they're all in #k (apparently)15:40
LjLthey might have been disconnected from their server, and when they reconnected there were no services so they couldn't be identified and join.15:42
LjLthe way to fix that is to ghost them15:42
* genii sips16:14
genii( and ponders the 5 floodbots )16:15
PiciOn the 5th day of non-denominational winter holiday my true love gave to me, 5 flooding floodbots, 4 trolling users, 3 rogue bots, 2 kick bans, and a brand new Ubuntu release.16:20
bazhangonly 4?16:20
bazhangseems low :)16:21
PiciThe rest are passed out in their eggnog16:21
geniiThey're all sluggish and drugged up on trytophan from turkey overdoses...16:25
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XarverHm why am I not in #ubuntu ?16:53
XarverI remember I got banned a month ago or so :P16:54
bazhangXarver, your asking on manpages for some very inappropriate topics, such as rape16:57
Xarverbazhang: I was just joking around at the time. ._.16:57
bazhangXarver, that is not funny at all, not in the slightest.16:58
Xarverbazhang: Ok then, bye. >.>16:58
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geniiBengan3 may become problemmatic in -u with offtopic chat, etc. don't have time right now, working17:47
ubottuIn ubottu, almagest_divine said: !foo is fooo17:47
ubottuIn ubottu, almagest_divine said: !foo is bar17:50
ubottuIn ubottu, almagest_divine said: !al is lj s17:50
* genii sips and contemplates almagesticide17:52
ubottuIn ubottu, almagest_divine said: !al is lj s18:01
nikosee ?roblevin19:35
nikosee roblevin19:35
nikomy quiet will be remove in 30min19:37
jussi01niko: what was the quiet for?21:00
nikoyes, spam/troll, in multiple channels21:02
jussi01hrm, right21:03
tsimpsonthey were removed so there's a ban anyway21:04
tsimpsonthough why did the bot set a ban on *!*@e181065021.adsl.alicedsl.de?21:05
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (b0b3 spam)21:44
ubottulstarnes called the ops in #ubuntu (B4R74zy)22:26
AmaranthWhat happened to the ops list?22:26
FlannelHmm, no idea.22:27
Flannelpruning I suppose?22:27
Flannelor an edit gone wrong22:27
jussi01no, I pruned it22:27
jussi01there were a lot of very old entries on there22:28
jussi01anyways, bed time22:29
Amaranthyeah, you removed jdub :)22:29
jussi01and CarlFK whoever that was....22:29
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ubottuIn ubottu, Some_Person said: coke is Here's an ice cold Coca-Cola22:42
Flannel!scope > Some_Person22:43
LjLthe NTFS troll is back, and appears to be starting to target #ubuntu channels (as in, he's joined #xubuntu). might want to watch23:50
ubottuNTFS called the ops in #xubuntu ()23:57
tsimpson!staff | please deal with NTFS23:57
ubottuplease deal with NTFS: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)23:57

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