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billybigriggercould having multiple a records on my domain cause my mailserver to timeout?01:19
billybigriggerits hard to test if secure connections are working on the mailserver, as it sits there and connects forever01:20
billybigriggereventually, when thunderbird prompts me for a login password, it connects instantly01:22
billybigriggerNov 27 01:22:15 li127-132 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<biNov 27 01:22:15 li127-132 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<billybigrigger>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=
billybigriggerthat looks like poop01:23
billybigriggerNov 27 01:22:15 li127-132 dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<billybigrigger>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=
epinkywhat are your  MX records?01:23
billybigriggeri take it rip= means that attempted timed out01:23
billybigriggermail.thefrozencanuck.ca. 925INCNAMEthefrozencanuck.ca.01:24
billybigriggerthefrozencanuck.ca.1800INMX10 mail.thefrozencanuck.ca.01:24
billybigriggersmtp sending is timing out01:24
billybigriggerright now im trying to test imap/smtp without authentication01:25
epinkymail.thefrozencanuck.ca is?01:25
epinkymail.thefrozencanuck.ca is X.Y.Z.U?01:25
billybigriggerepinky, i don't understand01:27
epinkyip of mail.thefrozencanuck.ca?01:28
billybigriggermail.thefrozencanuck.ca. 1538INCNAMEthefrozencanuck.ca.01:28
billybigriggerit's confused it think :)01:28
billybigrigger69.164.212.132 is the server's ip01:28
billybigrigger68.146.139.247 is old01:29
billybigriggerlike 4 days old01:29
epinkyHave you set up mail servers on and ?01:29
billybigriggerdoesn't seem like it wants to detach itself from my domain01:29
billybigriggeryeah, 139.247 is my home ip...not running any services on it anymore01:29
billybigrigger212.132 is a vps i bought a few days ago01:29
billybigriggergodaddy's domain manager just doesn't want to seem to let go of the old ip01:29
epinkythen remove thefrozencanuck.ca. 1538 IN A
billybigriggeri deleted that a record days ago01:31
billybigriggerwhen i added the new one01:31
epinkyor add it like:01:32
billybigriggerTotal DNS:  (Available)01:32
billybigriggerARecord @
billybigriggerCNAME mail @01:32
billybigriggerCNAME www @01:32
billybigriggerCNAME ftp @01:32
billybigriggerMX @ mail.thefrozencanuck.ca01:32
billybigriggerthat's all the records i have01:32
epinkythefrozencanuck.ca. 1800 IN MX 20 mail2.thefrozencanuck.ca.01:32
billybigriggeri only have the one mail server01:33
billybigriggermail2.thefrozencanuck.ca won't point anywhere01:33
billybigriggerunless you want me to point it to the server's new ip?01:33
epinkymail.thefrozencanuck.ca. 1538 IN A
epinkymail2.thefrozencanuck.ca. 1538 IN A
epinkythefrozencanuck.ca. 1538 IN CNAME mail.thefrozencanuck.ca.01:36
billybigriggeras soon as i deleted the all my records, all A, CNAME, and MX records....01:44
billybigrigger68.146.139.247 immediatley points back to my home ip01:45
epinkyhuh? "billybigrigger>yeah, 139.247 is my home ip...not running any services on it anymore"01:47
billybigriggerno i mistyped01:49
billybigriggeryeah thats right01:49
billybigriggerwow im confusing myself haha01:49
billybigrigger69.164.212.132 is my server's ip01:49
billybigrigger68.146.139.247 is my home ip01:50
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X-M4-XIm having trouble getting mysql and mail services working any ideas02:15
X-M4-Xits a new install if that helps02:15
jmarsdenX-M4-X: You'll need to be much more specific -- what packages did you install, how did you configure them, what do you mean by "having trouble" -- what exactly works, and what does not work?02:16
X-M4-Xrapache is working excelent i have never had apache 2.2 work this great..........mysql 5.1 community is the package i installed and i don't know where to begin for mail right now02:17
jmarsdenX-M4-X: How did you install mysql 5.1?   sudo apt-get install mysql-server    right?02:18
X-M4-Xapt get-install mysql-5.1-community02:19
X-M4-Xnow i have entered the command you have given02:20
jmarsdenThere does not seem to be an official Ubuntu package called mysql-5.1-community that I can see.   mysql-server is the metapackage that installs the version of mysql server appropriate for the version of Ubuntu you are running, and the related packages it needs.  So... did it work for you?02:23
X-M4-Xthe command you gave did work02:23
jmarsdenGood :)02:24
twbjmarsden: I bet his -community package just Provides: mysql-server, so it's a noop :P02:24
jmarsdenX-M4-X: For mail, you just need basic single domain SMTP and POP3/IMAP ?  Have you set up a mailserver on Linux before?02:25
X-M4-Xi had one on windows vista however i am strait noob to linux. i was advised to switch02:26
jmarsdenOK.  Which version of Ubuntu Server are you running?02:27
X-M4-Xnewest one i believe 9.1002:27
jmarsdenOK.  Then    sudo apt-get install dovecot-postfix   should install both dovecot and postfix for you.02:28
jmarsdenBTW, to find out for sure which version of Ubuntu you have, do    lsb_release -d02:29
X-M4-Xi have like 3 Fails and 4 ok's02:32
X-M4-Xwhen it was trying to listen it said fail02:33
jmarsdenpastebin what you really saw and tell the channel the URL, so we can see the exact text, please02:33
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:33
X-M4-XThe places fail are noticed are highlighted http://devteamsn.pastebin.com/f523369b802:40
twbX-M4-X: "Fatal: listen(, 143) failed: Address already in use"02:44
twbX-M4-X: that means dovecot can't start because something else is already using port 143.02:44
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Um... did you previously try to install some sort of IMAP daemn...02:44
twbX-M4-X: use ss -l or netstat to find out what.02:44
X-M4-XMaybe i was entering codes for security purposes almost 10 seconds after it installed so ill find out02:45
jmarsdenX-M4-X: if you don't know whether or not you already tried to install an IMAP daemon, you should probably learn to keep much better notes of what you do as you admin your server :)02:47
X-M4-Xmaybe i do lol02:47
jmarsdenPlease speak English... what did you install that does IMAP, before you installed dovecot-postfix ?02:48
X-M4-XI have no idea maybe sendmail02:49
jmarsdenNo, that's an MTA.  Seriously, keep better records!   If you really don't know, what does     sudo netstat -ntlp4 |grep :143  output?02:49
mulvushey just a suggestion: now that some computers have kms, and hence full res terminal terminals maybe putting a background image would be good02:51
jmarsdenX-M4-X: That is the output of  sudo netstat -ntlp4 |grep :143    ... I don't think so.02:52
mulvusobviously ubuntu logo related.02:52
mulvusjust so people know its powered by ubuntu02:52
X-M4-Xoh no its not those are two things i saw in the terminal that had anything to do with mail02:52
jmarsdenSo...  what does     sudo netstat -ntlp4 |grep :143   output?02:53
X-M4-Xworkin on it now02:53
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Try to follow instructions and not guess at stuff... twb and I both suggested you use netstat...02:54
twbActually I prefer ss now ;-)02:54
X-M4-Xhmm tcp 0    0*   LISTEN    1519/portsentry02:57
jmarsdenX-M4-X: OK, so why are you running portsentry on a port you want to use for IMAP ?02:57
jmarsdenStepping back, why are you running portsentry at all?02:58
X-M4-XI used yolinux.com for a linux server security tutorial and i just followed it had no idea that it was going to conflict with my incomming/outgoing mail servers02:59
jmarsdenIf you don't need it,  sudo apt-get purge portsentry  seems called for.  sounds like a rather old tutorial... don't follow tutorials you do not fully understand.02:59
epinkyportsentry rocks!03:00
X-M4-XIt is i just now see "apache 1.3"03:00
jmarsdenX-M4-X: OK, so  sudo apt-get purge portsentry     and then restart dovecot and you should be much closer to a working mail server.03:01
X-M4-Xhow would i restart? forgive me i am new to this03:01
jmarsdenepinky: portsentry was cool in 1999, but we are now in 2009... what real benefit does portsentry bring today on an appropriately configured Ubuntu server?03:02
jmarsdenX-M4-X: sudo service dovecot restart03:02
X-M4-Xah thank you03:02
X-M4-Xit didnt fail03:03
epinkyjmarsden: I know sendmail is also very old XD03:04
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Good.  Now you can read the Ubuntu Server Guide, and maybe follow that with some general linux documentation such as http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/intro-linux.html so you can get a bit more up to speed.03:04
X-M4-Xalright now i can configure php & mysql and than purchase cpanel & whm03:05
jmarsdenEwww.  If you really must :)  Stick with supported open source solutions on your server if you can.03:06
billybigriggerthe postfix/dovecot sections in the server guide don't really give a working mailserver either03:06
billybigriggerelse i wouldn't have been asking a million questions in here the last couple of days03:06
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Or maybe you didn't quite follow them exactly?  I'll test them in a VM, I suspect they will work just fine for me :)03:07
X-M4-Xwell if you know of a good client access panel and web host manager thats open source let me know lol03:07
billybigriggerfollowed that guide a few times, yet it hasn't resulted in a working server yet03:07
billybigriggermaybe i've done so much mucking around with configs i'm way off base now03:07
billybigriggerwho knows03:08
tomsdalebillybigrigger: long time no see. Do you know howtoforge - good general tuts for standart server config03:08
ScottKIf you find specific errors, please report bugs against the sever guide so we can get them fixed.03:08
billybigriggertomsdale, howdy03:08
jmarsdenX-M4-X: I'm not about to deal with all the details, but which ones have you tried, and how do you define "good" in this context?03:08
billybigriggeryeah i used to follow howtoforge alot, wanted to give the server guide a go03:09
X-M4-Xgood would be cpanel to me however there was one i had on my windows vista xampp weak server and lots of people loved, i think it was called zpanel only issue is it needed zend optimizer to be installed to the server03:10
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Well, if you define "good" as one commercial product, then of course you can't find a "good" open source panel :)03:10
X-M4-Xlol so true03:11
twbA customer needs to demonstrate that RAID5 is too slow for his "write lots of little files" workload.03:12
twbIs there a better benchmarking tool for this than bonnie++?03:12
epinkytwb: Dtrace?03:12
jmarsdentwb: Well, that customer's workload is the best benchmarking tool for that workload :)03:12
X-M4-Xi probably just sacrificed speed of my server lol03:13
X-M4-Xinstalled gui and web browser03:13
jmarsdenUgh.  Now you have a not-quite-server hybrid machine.  Ask any gui-related questions in #ubuntu not in here :)03:15
X-M4-Xlol ill purge it later03:16
X-M4-XIm going to take a chance here and say for dns server it would be apt-get install dns-server?03:17
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Stop guessing and read the Server Guide :)03:17
X-M4-XOh yeah i forgot i had that open03:18
billybigriggerdo you not need 2 machines for dns?03:21
billybigriggera primary and secondary?03:21
X-M4-Xi dont think so03:21
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: For authoritative servers, yes (there are free secondaries around if you need one).  For a DNS server for your local use, you only need one machine.03:22
X-M4-XThanks for that bit of information...now i know if i ever need an authoritative server03:23
Sam-I-Ambillybigrigger: you dont need 2 machines for dns03:34
Sam-I-Ambillybigrigger: but it helps if you want some redundancy when serving dns to the outside world03:34
X-M4-Xi do need thet03:36
Sam-I-Amits pretty easy03:37
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Did you do that when you ran your services using Vista?  If so, you should probably do the same on Linux.03:37
X-M4-Xno i just used one server with simple DNS plus and it worked perfectly03:38
jmarsden Then you don't "need" two servers for Linux -- one server will get you at least the same level of redundancy you had before.03:38
X-M4-Xsomeone just tried to dos me03:42
billybigriggerjmarsden, ok im following this guide for the last time04:02
billybigriggersudo postconf -e 'smtpd_tls_key_file = /etc/ssl/private/server.key'04:03
billybigriggersudo postconf -e 'smtpd_tls_cert_file = /etc/ssl/certs/server.crt'04:03
billybigriggersudo postconf -e 'smtpd_tls_CAfile = /etc/ssl/certs/cacert.pem'04:03
jmarsdenI'm following it and documenting my progress and seeing how much of it I can script :)04:03
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: wrong window :)04:03
billybigriggerdo i need to supply a CAfile if i did a self signed cert?04:03
billybigriggeror just tls key and cert04:03
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Just follow every step of the guide and don't worry about it.04:03
billybigriggerim getting an error04:04
jmarsdenAt what point?04:04
billybigriggercannot load Certificate Authority data: disabling TLS support04:04
billybigriggeri can pastebin the rest04:04
billybigriggerit's postfix complaining about the CA cert04:04
billybigriggerbut i didn't create a CA cert, just self-signed04:04
billybigriggerso i was wondering can i remove the smptd_tls_CAfile from main.cf04:05
billybigriggeror will i disable TLS that way04:05
jmarsdenSo... you didn't actually follow the guide... and now you are complaining about an error... hmmm.04:05
billybigriggerthe guide gives you an option to create self signed cert, or use a CA04:05
billybigriggeri've tried the CA every time, and thought i'd go with a self signed this time around04:05
jmarsdenYou misread it, it give syou a list of commands to type and the refers to to a separte doc for "more details" on self signed keys.  Itr does not say "so skip all the above and read this"!04:06
billybigriggerWhether you are getting a certificate from a CA or generating your own self-signed certificate, the first step is to generate a key.04:07
billybigriggeri generated the key, and the self-signed it04:07
billybigriggerwhat else do i need to do?04:07
billybigriggerself-sign it, and run it through CA?04:07
jmarsdenI thought we were debugging the guide. To do that we need to start at the top of the guide and work through it, not deviating from what it says.04:07
jmarsdenThat is what I am doing.04:07
billybigriggerok, i generated my key, all is fine there...04:08
jmarsdenI just got to the sudo /etc/init.d/postfix restart after the end of the cert part and it worked fine... OK.04:08
billybigriggerwhich cert part? self signed?04:08
jmarsdenThe whole part.  I did not read the "more details.  You are using the 9.10 Server Guide, right?04:09
billybigriggerdid you create a CA or self sign the cert?04:09
jmarsdenSo tell me where it offers you two options, CA or self signed, on that page?04:09
billybigriggerYou can now submit this CSR file to a CA for processing. The CA will use this CSR file and issue the certificate. On the other hand, you can create self-signed certificate using this CSR.04:10
jmarsdenI created a CA, because that is what the guide says to do.04:10
billybigriggerthere's the option04:10
billybigriggerright above Creating a Self-Signed Certificate04:10
billybigriggerjmarsden, ........04:11
billybigriggerso what am i supposed to do? create a CA then?04:12
billybigriggeris that the *proper* way? even if the guide gives the option?04:12
jmarsdenIf it works, then move on :)  Either way should work fine.04:12
billybigriggerwell back to my original question....04:13
billybigriggerbillybigrigger> do i need to supply a CAfile if i did a self signed cert?04:13
billybigriggerbecause postfix is now complaining it can't find the CAfile, since i entered this into postconf, from the guide04:13
billybigriggerbillybigrigger> sudo postconf -e 'smtpd_tls_CAfile = /etc/ssl/certs/cacert.pem'04:13
billybigriggerwhich obviously doesn't exist04:14
jmarsdenI'd try without it then.04:16
billybigriggerthe guide also gives the option to use cryus or dovecot sasl with smtp-auth04:16
billybigriggerwhich one do YOU use?04:16
billybigriggeri tried cryus this time04:16
jmarsdenactually I think the whole guide could be simplified to use the new dovecot-postfix package as a starting point... but that's a discussion for after we test the guide as it now is :)04:16
billybigriggerok, according to the guide...once i see this from ehlo mail.thefrozencanuck.ca my testing is done and i SHOULD have a working smtp server...04:17
billybigrigger250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN04:17
billybigrigger250-AUTH=LOGIN PLAIN04:17
billybigrigger250 8BITMIME04:17
jmarsdenProbably, I can't make progress through it right now because you are asking too many questions too quickly :)04:17
billybigriggeri see that perfectly...yet i still cant sendmail through thunderbird04:17
billybigriggerhehe sorry for the q's04:17
billybigriggerthis guide needs a good thorough read-through04:18
billybigriggeror a re-write04:18
jmarsdenCan you send mail using (for example)        date |mail -s "My test" user@someplace.else.com04:18
jmarsdenfrom the server itself.04:18
jmarsdenAnd that read through is what I was trying to give it...04:18
billybigriggerno, because -bash: mail: command not found04:18
billybigriggeryou mean while i'm netcat'd into port 25?04:19
jmarsdenwell, easier to  sudo apt-get install heirloom-mailx    # but you can test that way too04:20
billybigriggernot good with smtp commands :)04:21
jmarsdenThen do what I suggested and    sudo apt-get install heirloom-mailx04:21
billybigriggeris it in universe?04:21
jmarsdenIt's "just there" for me, when I run apt-get install, so I'd say yes it must be in universe or main :)04:22
billybigrigger9.10's apt sources come with universe disabled..so04:22
billybigriggergot it now04:22
billybigriggerjmarsden, ok that worked04:23
billybigriggersent a test to my hotmail account04:23
billybigriggerFrom:      billybigrigger@mail.thefrozencanuck.ca04:23
billybigriggerwhere is the from header read?04:24
billybigriggerie i want @thefrozencanuck.ca04:24
billybigriggeris that myhostname = mail.thefrozencanuck.ca04:24
jmarsdenTalk about impatience!  You have not yet got your mail server working... why are you trying to customize it already?04:24
billybigriggerhaha sorry, i am impatient today04:25
jmarsdenSo how did you set up Thunderbird to authenticate when sending mail out via your mailserver?04:25
billybigriggerjust had my last cup of coffee just over an hour ago, and have been smashing my head on my desk for a few days over postfix/dovecot04:25
jmarsdenOther than denting the desk, results of that operation are not reliable.04:25
billybigriggerserver: mail.thefrozencanuck.ca port: 25 username: billybigrigger secure authentication: yes connection security: starttls04:26
billybigriggertbird's settings04:26
jmarsdenOK, and what error do you get from Thunderbird when you try to send mail using that connection?04:26
billybigriggerit times out04:26
MenZabillybigrigger: postfix is evil. :(04:27
billybigriggerhigh five on that one04:27
jmarsdenOK.  So.. from the machine running Thunderbird, can you telnet to port 25 of your server?04:27
* MenZa slides billybigrigger a mug of hot coffee.04:27
MenZaStay strong.04:27
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: You can set up sendmail if you prefer it and think it would be easier :) :)04:27
billybigriggerjmarsden, no, because my ISP blocks 2504:27
billybigriggerwhich is why i need to setup submission on 58704:27
jmarsdenSo then of course Tbird times out!04:27
jmarsdenThat is an invalid test of your server.04:28
billybigriggershould i keep the same settings in tbird and just change the port to 587 then?04:28
billybigriggertcp        0      0   *               LISTEN      4396/master04:29
jmarsdenOnce you have the port 587 on the server opened, yes.    Eo you have an MX record for your server already in place?  So if I email billybigrigger@thefrozencanuck.ca is shoukd reach your server's port 25?04:29
billybigrigger$ dig mx mail.thefrozencanuck.ca04:29
=== erichammond1 is now known as erichammond
billybigriggermail.thefrozencanuck.ca. 1800INCNAMEthefrozencanuck.ca.04:29
billybigriggerthefrozencanuck.ca.150INMX10 mail.thefrozencanuck.ca.04:29
billybigriggerjmarsden, no because i haven't gotten imap/imaps configured, smtp is outbound, which you know already04:30
jmarsdenSo... you didn't go through the guide all the way, and you are complaining about things not working and are trying to reconfigure stuff??  Hmmm.04:31
jmarsdenBTW I can't get to port 25 on from here, and I can get to lots of other SMTP servers OK...04:32
jmarsdenSo are you sure it is your ISP doing the port 25 blocking, not something at the server end?04:32
billybigriggertcp        0      0   *               LISTEN      4396/master04:32
billybigriggertcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      2072/sshd04:32
billybigriggertcp        0      0    *               LISTEN      4396/master04:32
billybigriggeronly services i have setup so far are ^^^04:33
billybigriggerssh and postfix04:33
X-M4-Xi am too tired i think im just going to use this server to make my own site hold up04:33
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: And no firewall or packet filtering anywhere in play at all, hardware or software?04:33
* billybigrigger checks iptables04:33
billybigriggerno rules set04:34
jmarsdenAnd the server IP is ?04:34
billybigriggerno, where did you get that ip from?04:34
jmarsdendig mail.frozencanuck.ca +short04:34
billybigriggerPING thefrozencanuck.ca ( 56(84) bytes of data.04:35
jmarsdenAh, I left out the "the" :|04:35
billybigriggerjmarsden, ok, another thing with this guide, the dovecot.conf doc's state if you want to use smtp-auth, which im assuming i do, enter protocols = none in the dovecot.conf04:37
jmarsdenOK, your server is accepting mail on port 25 just fine.  I just sent you a test using it.  See if it is in /var/mail/billybigrigger04:37
billybigriggeryeah i got it04:38
billybigriggeraccepting on 25, i thought imap/imaps pop3/pop3s accept mail on 143/993 etc..04:38
billybigriggeri thought smtp 25 was for outbound mail04:39
jmarsdenThey do.  I was sending to you, so I sent *to* your SMTP server.  My mail was outbound to your port 25.04:39
jmarsdenSounds like you are confused.04:39
jmarsdenSMTP is all about moving email around the Internet from mail server to mail server.  That is what it does, transport mail.  SMTP == Simple Mail transport Protocol.04:40
billybigriggerimap just moves it from maildir through smtp then?04:41
billybigriggererr dovecot04:41
jmarsdenPOP3 and IMAP are for email clients who prefer not to use a shell account on your server and read email with the mail command (!), to have a way to get the mail to their local (non-server, perhaps non-Ubuntu) PC or laptop or whatever04:41
billybigriggerfair enough04:41
billybigriggerso technically, i could run my mailserver just fine the way it is04:42
X-M4-Xi love this04:42
billybigriggerif i wanted to send/recieve all my mail through a shell04:42
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Sure :)04:42
billybigriggerbut who wants that? :P not i04:42
jmarsdenIf you only need that, you do not need dovecot at all.04:42
billybigriggerno, what i'm really going for here is a roundcube/atmail setup for webmail04:42
X-M4-XIm going to purge the gui's04:42
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Yay :)04:43
billybigriggerstupid thing is, i never had this much problems setting up mail at home on my vm server04:43
billybigriggermaybe i just need to have a smoke break...i'll brb04:43
X-M4-Xlol i need a coffee break but i gotta wait a few hours04:43
X-M4-XI feel like the gui just slows the server wayyyyyyyyyyyyy down04:45
jmarsdenThat might be a sign it lacks RAM?04:46
jmarsdenBut, don't add the GUI back anyway :)04:46
X-M4-XIm adding more ram too :)04:46
X-M4-Xyeah................. now i remember why i added the gui04:47
jmarsdenNo, learn to use Linux from the shell prompt, it will server you better in the long term anyway.04:48
jmarsdenI need to go AFK to eat with family... back in a while...04:49
billybigriggerjmarsden, still alive?05:08
X-M4-Xgod this is HELL05:11
X-M4-Xis there a command to show all services?05:12
* MenZa quickly refills billybigrigger's coffee mug.05:12
jmarsdenX-M4-X: All active services, or all possible installed services??05:12
billybigriggerMenZa, thanks, but im on pepsi now :P05:12
* jmarsden is back05:12
X-M4-Xall active05:12
MenZaEurgh, horrible substitute, billybigrigger!05:12
billybigriggeryeah i don't drink much of it05:13
X-M4-Xdr. pepper FTW!05:13
jmarsdenX-M4-X: sudo netstat -nl05:13
X-M4-Xdang thats alot05:13
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Many of those are only listening on localhost, or on unix sockets, etc.05:14
X-M4-XUgh i shouldve left the GUI until i downloaded a panel to the document root folder05:16
X-M4-Xwell im not re adding it now05:16
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Why?  Download the file using wget and untar it with tar ... what's the problem?05:16
X-M4-XThats what it was05:17
X-M4-Xim writing that command down05:17
X-M4-Xim trying to get into the document root and i forget what was it /var/www ?05:18
jmarsdenUnless you changed it, yes05:18
X-M4-Xok now i will download the cpanel and prey something doesnt mess up on me...if i did everything in mysql right it shouldnt05:19
* genii hunts down his prey, the elusive coffee05:20
X-M4-Xlol i cant seem to rename that one file05:25
jmarsdenX-M4-X: what exactly are you typing and what is the result?05:25
X-M4-Xrename -n index.html?404=Y index.html syntax error (eval 1) line 1 near index.05:26
jmarsdenX-M4-X: quote the filename, ? is a special char.  mv 'index.html?404=Y' index.html    # should work05:27
jmarsdenWhat is with rename -n, mv is shorter to type :)05:27
X-M4-Xok thanks i now know that the site i was downloading from is now parked05:28
jmarsdenX-M4-X: I don't think there is an "unpack remote website" command, so I can't help with that :)05:29
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
X-M4-Xugh anyone know what to do to unpack tar -e isnt working right05:51
X-M4-Xor at all05:51
jmarsdenWHat is the file you are untarring named ?05:52
jmarsdentar zxf webcp-0.5.7.tar.gz05:52
jmarsdenWhere did you get the idea of -e from, by the way?05:53
jmarsdenDid you try man tar05:53
jmarsdenI don't think tar *has* a -e option... :)05:54
billybigriggeri think he was thinking of unrar -e05:55
jmarsdenAh, maybe.05:55
X-M4-Xyeah..um its wanting to download every php file05:55
jmarsdenIs the apache php module enabled?  I've helped someone with that issue before, but I forget the fix!05:56
X-M4-Xwait its not downloading php files its oi_gCQZv.part05:57
X-M4-Xwhat the hell thats not even listed as a file on the server05:57
jmarsdenIt may be just the index file you are having an issue with??05:57
jmarsdenindex.php or whatever it is called?05:57
billybigriggerX-M4-X, make sure php5 is located in /mods-enabled/05:58
billybigriggerand you might need to add the include for it05:58
billybigriggerphp that is05:58
billybigriggerX-M4-X, /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/05:59
X-M4-XLOL you are a step ahead of me05:59
billybigriggeri thought you were having a problem with index.php wanting to download, and not open05:59
X-M4-Xit is its downloading and not executing on the server06:00
billybigriggeranyway.../etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ should all be symlinks of /etc/apache2/mods-available, same goes with sites-enabled and sites-available06:00
jmarsdenX-M4-X: If you do  echo -e "<?php\nphpinfo();\n?>" >phpinfo.php      in /var/www/ can you then browse to it and see the output OK?06:00
jmarsden(In other words, let's test to see if it is all .php files that are the issue, or just the index.php file)06:01
billybigriggermight need to add an addhandler line for php in php.ini too06:01
X-M4-Xdude..........i dont even know how to open files06:01
billybigriggeri remember having to do that just the other day with .phtml files06:01
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Slow down, one thing at a time :)06:02
billybigriggeri'm just stating what i had to do the other day when i had the problem of firefox wanting to download index.php as a .phtml file06:02
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Yes, but it is too much for a newcomer to handle all at once :)06:03
jmarsdenX-M4-X: If you do   echo -e "<?php\nphpinfo();\n?>" >phpinfo.php      in /var/www/ can you then browse to it and see the output OK?06:03
billybigriggerfair enough, i appologize for jumping into the conversation06:03
X-M4-XI dont know how to do that06:04
billybigriggertoo much caffeine today :-O06:04
X-M4-X^^ i need some of that06:04
uvirtbot`X-M4-X: Error: "^" is not a valid command.06:04
jmarsdenX-M4-X: You have a ssh shell into your server, or are typing at the server console, right?06:04
billybigriggerX-M4-X, copy and paste that command into your terminal06:04
X-M4-Xi have both running06:04
billybigriggerit will create a file called phpinfo.php with everything between " and " in it06:04
jmarsdenX-M4-X: So you need to become root using sudo -s, then cd /var/www and then type the command     echo -e "<?php\nphpinfo();\n?>" >phpinfo.php06:05
jmarsdenas billybigrigger says that creates a little test php file.06:05
billybigriggera very helpful test file i might add :P06:06
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Was it *you* I worked on this for some time ago? :)06:06
billybigriggeroh very possibly06:06
billybigriggerlast time i remember you helping me was in jaunty+1 compiling kernels iirc06:06
billybigriggeri could be wrong though06:07
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: I don't think that was me.06:07
billybigriggerfair enough06:07
jmarsdenX-M4-X: So, do we have a file named phpinfo.php in /var/www yet?06:08
X-M4-Xnot yet06:08
X-M4-Xssh is being gay06:08
X-M4-Xim just gonna do it via terminal06:08
X-M4-XOk still no06:11
billybigriggerwhat's the problem X-M4-X ?06:11
X-M4-XSSH is being weird and terminal has become in a loop06:12
X-M4-Xi reset the system06:12
X-M4-Xwhat was that code again?06:13
jmarsdenWhat was being displayed on the console before you reset it?  Maybe we need to fix that, first? :)06:14
X-M4-Xit just kept saying ">" over and over06:14
X-M4-Xnever even stopped even after unplugging the keyboard that was very weirf06:14
jmarsden echo -e "<?php\nphpinfo();\n?>" >phpinfo.php06:15
X-M4-Xand i think i know whats up with ssh06:15
X-M4-Xit just repeted the code i inputed06:17
jmarsdenDid you forget the last part,   >phpinfo.php06:18
X-M4-X*is making sure he put it in right*06:18
billybigriggercopy/paste is beautiful :)06:18
billybigriggeri love the way gnome ubuntu handles copy paste, highlight text, and middle click to paste...pure awesomeness :P06:19
jmarsdenWhat should normally be 2 second cut and paste into SSH has become a 20 minute task, and we're not there yet :)06:19
X-M4-Xnow its wanting to download phpinfo.php06:19
* billybigrigger has a funny feeling libapache2-mod-php5 isn't installed06:20
jmarsdenOK, so all files are affected.  Let's try     sudo a2enmod php506:20
X-M4-Xabout 3 hours ago when i got here it is a brand new fresh install06:20
jmarsdenDuring the server install, what tasks did you select ?  LAMP?06:21
X-M4-Xidk ive slept since the install06:21
jmarsdenAnd you didn't document your install process...06:22
jmarsdenOK, what did   sudo a2enmod php5    do?06:22
X-M4-Xi got caught up in watching tv lol06:22
jmarsdenIf that's how seriously you take learning Ubuntu server, you'll soon have a real disaster on your hands :)06:23
X-M4-XERROR: php5 does not exist06:23
X-M4-Xhello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weve found the problem i bet06:23
billybigriggerbetter crack a can of dr.pepper and wipe the sleep from your eyes :P06:23
jmarsdenOK, so let's do   sudo tasksel install lamp-server06:24
jmarsdenSo we install Apache, MySQL and PHP (of whichever of them are missing), and we'll try from there.06:24
jmarsdenbillybigrigger: Those instructions are a bit long, I just ask tasksel to do all the work for me :)06:25
billybigriggerfair enough06:26
X-M4-X ^06:26
billybigriggeri prefer manual installing that is all06:26
billybigriggerphp is actually a breeze to install06:26
jmarsdenX-M4-X: Any better now?06:26
billybigriggerbetter than the postfix/dovecot doc's imo tehehe06:27
X-M4-Xhavnt done it yet had to kick my cat off the tower06:27
X-M4-Xstill asking me to download06:29
jmarsdenDid you restart apache after installing the PHP packages?06:29
X-M4-Xwell that would be a good idea wouldnt it....i forgot to do that06:30
jmarsdensudo service apache2 restart06:30
jmarsdenOK, now retest06:31
X-M4-Xnow its not asking me to download06:31
jmarsdenSo now it works, at least for phpinfo.php .  Good :)06:32
X-M4-Xphpinfo works setup.php located at socomgods.ath.cx/webcp/web/setup.php  still wanting to be downloaded06:32
jmarsdenNo, it doesn't it says: web://cp setup script06:33
jmarsdenError: Web://cp is not configured correctly. Please check your settings.06:33
X-M4-XYou got it to execute?06:34
jmarsdenI browsed to it and this is what I saw, yes.06:34
X-M4-Xmy systems messing up than06:34
jmarsdenReload it, maybe your browser is caching?06:34
jmarsdenSo now you "just" need to fix webcp and you're all set :)06:35
X-M4-Xok is ubuntu server based on debian?06:35
jmarsdenYes, in that Ubuntu as a whole is based on Debian.06:36
jmarsdenBut since I don't think you are a Debian expert/power user, I'm not sure how much that helps you out :)06:36
X-M4-Xwell im done for tonight..........i have to get sleep as tomorrow is black friday i have to be up in like 3 hours06:37
jmarsdenOK, goodnight :)  And do read a Linux tutorial or three when you can, such as http://tldp.org/LDP/intro-linux/html/intro-linux.html06:38
billybigriggerjmarsden, 1 more question for ya before you head to bed? or hang yourself in the bathroom06:38
billybigriggeri bet your sick of q's aren't ya? :P06:38
jmarsdenOK ... go for it...06:38
billybigriggerok, i have dovecot setup now, i can login with thunderbird to my mail server via imaps, now from my house i can't netcat to mail.thefrozencanuck.ca 25, but i can on submission port 58706:39
jmarsdenThat sounds like your ISP doing its thing with port 25.06:39
billybigriggerjust in tbird, using port 587 using a username, with secure authentication and ssl/tls won't connect06:39
billybigriggerit just times out06:39
jmarsdenSo SMTP auth seems to be broken or something... wait a sec...06:40
billybigriggerwhen i ran ehlo in netcat, i ended up seeing 250-starttls, but not 250 auth lines06:40
billybigriggerlike i did when i tested smtp06:40
jmarsdenIf you test using    openssl s_client -connect mail.thefrozencanuck.ca:587 -starttls smtp     # you should see them.06:43
billybigriggerso my problem lies in tbirds settings06:46
jmarsden(BTW that is in effect a "really smart netcat" which does STARTTLS for you).06:46
jmarsdenWell,... maybe.  timing out is definitely odd.06:46
jmarsdenYou can do the openssl s_client thing from the same machine Thunderbird is on, right? and the openssl s_client works?06:46
jmarsdenOK.  And Thunderbird is being told to use starttls on that connection, and to authenticate with a username and pw.  I'm not sure what is wrong there...06:48
jmarsdenIn Thunderbird, you set the "secure connection" radio button to "TLS", right?06:50
billybigriggeri might state im on tbird 3.006:50
jmarsdenAh... I only have 2.x here, it might have different dialogs.06:50
billybigriggerits either none, starttls, or ssl/tls06:51
billybigriggerits on ssl/tls06:51
jmarsdenAh, no, set it to STARTTLS and try again.06:51
jmarsdenssl/tls is for connections which always are SSL-encrypted.  Port 587 only uses the crypto after seeing a STARTTLS command...06:52
billybigriggerSending of message failed.06:52
billybigriggerAn error occurred sending mail: Unable to authenticate to SMTP server mail.thefrozencanuck.ca. The server does not support any compatible secure authentication mechanism but you have chosen secure authentication. Try switching off secure authentication or contact your service provider.06:52
billybigriggerwith STARTTLS ^^^^06:52
jmarsdenWell, that's better in a sense.  At least the two machines talk to each other now.06:52
jmarsdenWhat do you have set regarding authentication exactly?06:52
billybigriggernow it works06:53
billybigriggerwtf hehe06:53
billybigriggeri thought i had tried every combo in the smtp settings :P06:53
jmarsdenApparently not.06:53
billybigriggerthanks :)06:54
jmarsdenNo problem.06:55
billybigriggertest sent from hotmail still hasn't been recieved...07:01
billybigriggerNov 27 06:56:05 localhost postfix/smtpd[8154]: connect from bay0-omc4-s7.bay0.hotmail.com[]07:02
billybigriggerNov 27 06:56:05 localhost postfix/smtpd[8154]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from bay0-omc4-s7.bay0.hotmail.com[]: 554 5.7.1 <billybigrigger@thefrozencanuck.ca>: Relay access denied; from=<billy.big.rigger@hotmail.com> to=<billybigrigger@thefrozencanuck.ca> proto=ESMTP helo=<bay0-omc4-s7.bay0.hotmail.com>07:02
billybigriggerNov 27 06:56:05 localhost postfix/smtpd[8154]: disconnect from bay0-omc4-s7.bay0.hotmail.com[]07:02
jmarsdenYou didn't tell postfix you are @thefrozencanuck.ca, you told it you are @mail.thefrozencanuck.ca07:03
billybigriggerooooh misleading07:03
jmarsdenEmail to billybigrigger@mail.thefrozencanuck.ca   should be received fine by you.07:03
billybigriggerthe test i sent to hotmail showed up as @thefrozencanuck.ca07:04
jmarsdenThen you half configured your system one way and half the other, I suspect.07:04
jmarsdenIf hotmail shows you the RFC822 headers and smtp enveope headers, read them on that msg and look for where the msg really came from :)07:05
billybigriggerrejected again07:06
billybigriggergot er :)07:08
billybigriggerany webmail clients i setup should be able to use port 25 right07:08
billybigriggeri just need to use submission from home07:08
billybigriggerseeing as port 25 is not blocked on my server07:08
billybigriggerthanks for all the help jmarsden i finally got a working mail server :P w00t07:08
jmarsdenRight.  OK.  BTW, try something like    sudo postconf -e 'mydestination = mail.thefrozencanuck.ca, thefrozencanuck.ca, localhost, localhost.localdomain'07:09
jmarsdenSo your mailserver believes it should accept mail for user@thefrozencanuck.ca07:09
jmarsdenBut for now... goodnight :)07:10
billybigriggermyhostname = thefrozencanuck.ca07:10
billybigriggeror mail./07:10
jmarsdenI would leave that alone.07:10
billybigriggerit was working with mail.07:11
billybigriggeri'll leave it then07:11
jmarsdenRight.  You want it to work with both, so just adding the shorter one to mydestination *should* be enough.07:11
billybigriggerright on07:12
billybigriggergood night j07:12
uvirtbot`New bug: #489071 in bind9 (main) "Bind9 unable to compile with DLZ due to static version request for libdb-4.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48907107:26
martin-any reason the packages linux-image-server and linux-server are being "kept back" on 8.04 lts?07:58
martin-or is the default update behaviour to never touch kernel packages?07:58
sorenmdz: Any particular reason I'm not the assignee of https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-automated-testing ?  I'm mostly asking because the burndown chart gets a bit confused by a bunch of work items assigned to some dude called "nobody".08:53
acalvosoren: nobody usually does the work09:22
sorenacalvo: Yeah, nobody's quite the rockstar.09:30
twbI am.09:31
acalvosure twb, you always are09:32
twbI am a rock star.  I rock out.09:32
acalvorock out loud then09:36
\shsoren, any reason why we shouldn't use && package puppet 0.25.x and friends for lucid?11:22
\shs/package/sync from sid/11:23
twb\sh: would it require a sync of ruby, too?11:47
* twb is guessing11:47
\shtwb, looks like it's using still ruby 1.811:47
\sh(looking on p.d.o. unstable puppet)11:47
\shtwb, I was just thinking about it...cause 2.5.x is the way to go11:50
twbI would really hate puppet if the alternative wasn't cfengine...11:50
\shtwb, that's why I tried puppet..and love it, because it has no hatefull syntax like cfengine ;)12:03
\shfor me cfengine is like nagios, and puppet is like opennms...powerful but easy to use ;)12:04
twbPuppet annoys me because I don't like putting puppet (or python, for that matter) on every host.12:05
twbEr, s/puppet/ruby/12:05
twbParticularly because the hosts (e.g. CentOS 4) I deal with usually need an out-of-band ruby12:06
=== georg is now known as kwork
twbThat, and $cow-orker tells me that it completely fails to cope with different versions of puppet on different hosts, i.e. you are forced to either keep everything at the version of your oldest distro, or forced to backport a newer puppet to those old boxes.12:08
\shtwb, as a sysadmin + package maintainer I do say: backport the version you are using on your master...so this helps...we did that yesterday12:24
twb\sh: that network was a collection of FC1 through to CentOS512:25
twbBackports = not fun12:26
twbOh, and the central server was of course the oldest one12:26
\shtwb, ah...such an environment we don't use here...everything runs on the same OS + release...which helps12:26
twbYep, I agree12:26
twbI would be a lot less annoyed with puppet if I was deploying it in a homogeneous environment, especially if all the hosts were in a single rack rather than in different countries12:27
\shhehe :)12:30
=== mtrudel_ is now known as cyphermox
ttxsmoser: ping13:56
zuli think he is still on his holiday or donig black friday shopping14:01
ttxzul: hm, he doesn't appear in the magic away list.14:01
zulttx: ah so it doesnt14:03
twbPfft, crazy Americans.14:16
twbBlack Friday may refer to: [...] Black Friday (shopping), day after Thanksgiving Day [...] Black Friday bushfires, a day of devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia14:16
zulttx: should I put in the whiteboard why a package got rejected during the review? (python-celementtree)14:31
soren\sh: I have no opinion on the subject.14:34
soren\sh: I was just on a different mission when I did that upload. :)14:34
ScottKtwb: There are (IIRC) more than one Black Friday just in Ireland.14:39
ttxzul: I'd not enter into too much detail in the whiteboard, but yes. Maybe use spec for details14:40
twbWouldn't surprise me in the slightest14:40
uvirtbot`New bug: #489215 in net-snmp "snmpd sigserv" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48921515:12
COROhhi.. need help ..Eucalyptus.. elasticfox.. putty instance access.. having key problems15:31
=== fahadsadah is now known as Guest51643
=== soren` is now known as soren
COROhhi.. need help ..Eucalyptus.. elasticfox.. putty instance access.. having key problems15:36
=== mjau is now known as gamla_kossan
=== Guest51643 is now known as fahadsadah
jonny_boy27any idea why apt-get dist-upgrade isn't working on a Feisty box I'm trying to upgrade?16:01
mdeslaurjonny_boy27: feisty hasn't been supported in a long time16:10
jonny_boy27I know it's not supported, that's why I want to upgrade my box ;)16:10
mdeslaurjonny_boy27: well, apt-get dist-upgrade won't upgrade to a _newer_ release16:11
jonny_boy27no? I was under the impression that it would16:11
jonny_boy27oops, I meant intrepid, not feisty16:12
jonny_boy27I got my 8 and 7 mixed up :P16:12
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. Please see !upgrade for the proper release upgrade methods.16:13
mdeslauroh! well, yes, intrepid is still supported, and apt-get dist-upgrade should pull in intrepid updates16:13
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading16:13
jonny_boy27aah, got it16:14
mdeslaursoren: Dude! https://code.launchpad.net/~mdeslaur/vmbuilder/centos-support16:16
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
orudiehi all i'm trying to set up postfix/dovecot on my new VPS. Here is what i see in mail.log after sending a test mail from my gmail to a user account on the box http://dpaste.com/125926/16:34
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
* matrix i need a decoder tool for buy ioncube decoder16:55
uvirtbot`New bug: #489275 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.6.5-3 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus nouveau script pre-installation a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48927516:57
blackxoredin your experience what's the best log analyzer for squid cache proxy server?17:04
billybigriggerorudie, seems like you missed a step somewhere17:14
billybigriggerorudie, did you follow the server guide17:14
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
orudiebillybigrigger, i have debian server, but i followed ubuntu guide :)17:37
billybigriggerdid you install dovecot?17:39
orudieits running17:39
billybigriggerpastebin your main.cf17:40
billybigriggerfrom postfix, and your dovecot-postfix.conf17:40
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
orudiebillybigrigger, http://pastebin.com/m4c5a623517:43
billybigriggerand your dovecot.conf17:44
billybigriggerwhat dovecot package did you install?17:44
orudiebillybigrigger, yup just a sec17:44
billybigriggerdovecot-common or dovecot-postfix?17:44
orudiebillybigrigger, i cant find dovecot-postfix.conf17:45
orudiebillybigrigger, dovecot-common17:45
billybigriggerthen you must have installed dovecot-common17:45
billybigriggerdovecot.conf is the one then17:45
orudiebillybigrigger, i cant fit it in my terminal shell :)17:46
orudiebillybigrigger, to paste it17:46
billybigriggeropen in nano or vi or whatever17:46
billybigriggerlook for mechanisms =17:46
billybigriggershould be mechanisms = plain unless you have outlook clients, then you need to add login17:47
orudiebillybigrigger, mechanisms = plain login17:47
billybigriggerthen search for "socket listen {"17:47
billybigriggerthe master { section should be all commented out17:48
billybigriggerand in the client { section....find path = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client17:48
orudiebillybigrigger, http://pastebin.com/m3a05ee1f17:48
billybigriggerchange your path to match ^^^17:48
billybigriggerand restart dovecot17:48
billybigriggertail the mail.log as you try and resend your test email17:49
orudiebillybigrigger, so this path is wrong ? path = /var/run/dovecot/auth-client17:51
orudiebillybigrigger, thats what the ubuntu server guide says and i just checked /var/run/dovecot/auth-client exists17:52
billybigriggerConfiguring SASL17:52
billybigriggerNext you will need to edit /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf. In the auth default section uncomment the socket listen option and change the following:17:53
billybigriggerpath = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client17:53
billybigrigger      mode = 066017:53
billybigrigger      user = postfix17:53
billybigrigger      group = postfix17:53
billybigriggerstraight from the guide bud17:53
billybigriggerpath = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client is what i have on a working server17:54
orudiebillybigrigger, yes i see that you are right, but i just checked the path and the file aut-client is not there , but the directory path is there just no auth-client17:54
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@localhost:/var/spool/postfix$ sudo ls private/17:56
billybigriggeranvil     bounce  defer    error   lmtp   maildrop  proxymap    relay  rewrite  scalemail-backend  tlsmgr  uucp    virtual17:56
billybigriggerauth-client  bsmtp   discard  ifmail  local  mailman   proxywrite  retry  scache   smtp      trace   verify17:56
billybigriggerNov 27 16:19:50 server postfix/smtpd[28314]: warning: SASL: Connect to private/auth-client failed: No such file or directory17:58
orudiebillybigrigger, :)17:58
billybigrigger^^ is from your error, which means /var/run/dovecot/auth-client doesn't exist either17:58
uvirtbot`billybigrigger: Error: "^" is not a valid command.17:58
orudiebillybigrigger, so you do have auth-client i dont17:59
billybigriggerlook in postfix/main.cf smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth-client17:59
billybigriggerthats from my setup18:00
billybigriggerthats where your error is coming from18:00
orudieso what should i check ?18:00
orudiebillybigrigger, locate auth-client18:01
billybigriggerThe smtpd_sasl_path configuration is a path relative to the Postfix queue directory.18:01
billybigriggerwhich guide are you following?18:01
billybigriggernot that one18:02
billybigriggerok, well your reading the same guide as me18:02
billybigriggerit's all in there18:02
orudieyeah i've been looking18:02
orudiefor the past 3 days :)18:02
billybigriggerif your reading that guide...18:02
billybigriggerin /etc/postfix/main.cf smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth-client18:02
billybigriggerand in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf path = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client18:03
orudiebillybigrigger, smtpd_sasl_path = private/auth-client says /etc/postfix/main.cf18:06
orudiebillybigrigger, my config18:06
billybigriggerand your dovecot.conf18:09
* genii sips18:09
orudiebillybigrigger, http://pastebin.com/m3a05ee1f18:11
billybigriggerok, path = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-client18:12
orudiebillybigrigger, is it normal to change the path even though the file doesnt exist ?18:13
billybigriggerworks for me18:13
billybigriggeralthough i'm not on debian18:13
billybigriggerbut reading a guide on debianadmin.com shows path = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth18:13
billybigriggertry it18:13
billybigriggerwhat's the worst thats going to happen?18:14
billybigriggerthe same error? :P18:14
billybigriggeri'd # comment that line out and insert a new one so you have the old path to revert back to though18:14
orudiebillybigrigger, ok i'm gonna try it now18:14
billybigriggerremember to tail -f /var/log/mail.log while you send that test message18:15
orudiebillybigrigger, http://pastebin.com/m1d4b97dc18:16
billybigriggerpath = /var/spool/postfix/private/auth-clien18:17
orudieyeah i saw i fixed it18:17
orudiebillybigrigger, good news http://pastebin.com/m754d240118:19
billybigriggerin postfix/main.cf what does mynetworks =18:20
orudiebillybigrigger, new error but i think its still not complete18:20
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/18:20
billybigriggernot mynetworks18:21
orudiebillybigrigger, :)18:21
billybigriggerorudie, make sure mydestination= is setup properly18:21
billybigriggermydestination = mail.rootforum.net, server.wtfever.net, localhost.wtfever.net, localhost18:22
billybigriggeris what you have18:22
billybigriggerthis is what it SHOULD look like18:22
billybigriggermydestination = rootforum.net, mail.rootforum.net, server.wtfever.net, localhost.wtfever.net, localhost18:22
billybigriggerotherwise you need to send mail to @mail.rootforum.net18:23
billybigriggerbut i imagine you want to send mail to @rootforum.net18:23
orudiebillybigrigger, yes :)18:23
orudiebillybigrigger, ok i just changed the line18:25
orudiebillybigrigger, http://pastebin.com/m4ea0795018:28
billybigriggerall is good then18:28
orudiebillybigrigger, thanks a lot, do you  mind to see if i can connect with thunderbird18:29
orudiebillybigrigger, i keep getting connection refused from thunderbird18:30
orudiebillybigrigger, trying to add mail account to thunderbird :)18:30
billybigriggerwhat protocols are you using?18:30
billybigriggerimap imaps pop3 pop3s?18:31
orudiebillybigrigger, i Only want to use pop318:31
orudiebillybigrigger, but i'm not sure whats setup :)18:31
billybigriggerwhat do you mean your not sure?18:32
billybigriggerYOU set it up18:32
t0rcI've installed ubuntu server on a machine without a monitor. Do I have to login to that machine before it will start sshd and other processes, such as LAMP, and what not, or does it do it automatically and is fine sitting at the login screen?18:32
billybigriggert0rc, ssh should be installed/started on first boot18:32
billybigriggerorudie, sudo netstat -ntlp4 |grep LISTEN18:33
t0rcbillybigrigger, so even though it is sitting at the: login: whatever screen, it should be running sshd?18:33
billybigriggerorudie, that netstat command will tell you whats open and accepting connections on your server18:35
t0rcSo if I picked, "do not configure network at this time" during installation, do I need to go configure the network now? or would it automatically figure out it needs DHCP?18:35
billybigriggert0rc, your going to need to plugin a monitor and configure networking before you can ssh18:35
t0rcdammit lol18:35
t0rcall right; how do I go about configuring the network then?18:36
orudiebillybigrigger, http://pastebin.com/m7483744018:37
billybigriggert0rc, can i ask why you didn't setup dhcp on install?18:38
billybigriggerorudie, do you see dovecot listed there?18:38
billybigriggeri would say you don't have any protocols in use :P18:39
billybigriggeredit /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and look for protocols =18:39
billybigriggerrestart dovecot and run netstat again18:39
t0rcbillybigrigger, well I had it in a different room at the time of install and it wasn't connected to the LAN18:40
billybigriggert0rc, ahh18:40
billybigriggert0rc, honestly i've never setup networking from scratch18:40
billybigriggerbut....i imagine you could start at /etc/network/interfaces18:41
orudiebillybigrigger, dovecot.conf shows protocols = none , which protocol do you recommend ?18:41
billybigrigger<orudie> billybigrigger, i Only want to use pop318:41
orudiebillybigrigger, yeah, it works for me on the other server , but do you recommend perhaps to use something else ?18:41
billybigriggeri use imaps18:41
t0rcbillybigrigger, indeed, thanks. Do you know of a way to prevent external access to the machine? Say, I want to block all IPs except local ones?18:42
billybigriggert0rc, iptables18:42
billybigriggeriptables --list should show any rules you have set...by default there all set to accept18:43
billybigriggeryou could change it to deny, and add an exception for your lan18:43
orudiebillybigrigger, so to define pop3 , the line should say: protocols = pop3 or protocols = POP3 ?18:44
X-M4-Xhello i need help setting up mysql18:46
billybigriggerorudie, pop318:50
billybigriggerk i gotta run18:50
billybigriggerpayday so i need to get some bills paid and some shoppin18:50
orudiebillybigrigger, later thanks for help18:51
orudieas soon as i changed protocols = none to protocols = pop3 , I get error  Can't use mail executable /usr/lib/dovecot/pop3: No such file or directory18:52
orudieFatal: Invalid configuration in /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf18:52
X-M4-XCan someone tell me how to edit files? Please,, it would be helpful thing to know18:55
bogeyd6X-M4-X use nano18:57
guntbertX-M4-X: use vi or nano (with sudo if necessary)18:57
bogeyd6!nano | X-M4-X18:58
ubottuX-M4-X: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code18:58
X-M4-Xthanks now i can enter the incluedes for webcp18:58
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X-M4-Xand enter mysql information18:59
bogeyd6!mysql | X-M4-X18:59
ubottuX-M4-X: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)18:59
* bogeyd6 sexors ubottu19:02
X-M4-X!mysql error access denied for root@localhost using password NO19:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:03
X-M4-Xso dont i need to enter my password?19:05
bogeyd6X-M4-X not if you are the root user, there is typically no password for root@localhost19:08
bogeyd6however if you are any other user you will not be able to use root@localhost19:09
guntbert!root | bogeyd619:09
ubottubogeyd6: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:09
bogeyd6!noroot | guntbert19:10
ubottuguntbert: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.19:10
X-M4-Xroot password isnt existant unless you set it, you will not be able to do anything19:10
bogeyd6!sudo | X-M4-X19:10
ubottuX-M4-X: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)19:10
guntbertbogeyd6: so why did you ask X-M4-X "if you are the root user"19:10
bogeyd6guntbert please re-read said lines from my client and then make a rational decision19:11
X-M4-XI always just log in as root to my server its easier19:11
bogeyd6X-M4-X not supported here brah19:11
X-M4-Xi need to get into mysql and set up webcp19:13
bogeyd6X-M4-X i dont even know how to use webcp :)19:15
X-M4-Xme neither i would install cpanel but its not free19:16
bogeyd6you gonna have to check their websitre19:18
X-M4-Xcpanel isnt free so i would find it nulled but thats illegal and i dont feel like getting raped in prison19:19
bogeyd6X-M4-X http://www.web-cp.net/forums/login.php?redirect=../chat.php19:20
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billybigriggerorudie, you still having pop issues?19:32
billybigriggerorudie, i don't think your following the guide to well :)19:33
billybigrigger To install dovecot, run the following command in the command prompt:19:33
billybigriggersudo apt-get install dovecot-imapd dovecot-pop3d19:33
billybigriggerif your never going to use imap or imaps, don't install dovecot-imapd19:33
orudiebillybigrigger, i installed pop3d and autheticated through thunderbird, now trying to figure out outgoing server19:34
billybigriggerare you trying to connect from home?19:34
orudieport 25 issue ?19:35
billybigriggeri don't know your isp, but most isps block outbound port 2519:35
orudieISP ?19:35
billybigriggeryou need to use the submission port19:35
billybigriggerie, edit /etc/postfix/master.cf and uncomment the submission stuff and restart postfix19:35
billybigriggerthen tell tbird to connect on 58719:35
ScottKThis is a good general practice even if 25 isn't blocked.19:36
X-M4-Xhow do i add a mail account,19:36
orudiesubmission inet n       -       -       -       -       smtpd19:36
orudie  -o smtpd_tls_security_level=encrypt19:36
orudie  -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes19:36
orudie  -o smtpd_client_restrictions=permit_sasl_authenticated,reject19:36
orudie  -o milter_macro_daemon_name=ORIGINATING19:36
orudiei uncommented all that , is that right ?19:37
ScottKA lot of public internet providers like ISPs and hotels transparently redirect port 25 through their MTAs even if they don't block it.19:37
billybigriggerorudie, yes19:37
billybigriggerScottK, good to know19:37
billybigriggerso don19:38
billybigriggerso don't even bother using port 25, just setup all clients to use smtp 58719:38
billybigriggeris what your saying19:38
ScottKbillybigrigger: For mail client to MTA submission, yes.19:39
ScottKFor some legacy MS clients you may also need SMTPS on port 465.19:39
X-M4-Xoutlook & windows mail ftw!19:40
orudiebillybigrigger, ok, i did that still having trouble with outgoing in thunderbird, however its giving a new error now about connecting to smtp server19:40
billybigriggerare you using secure connection and STARTTLS?19:40
billybigriggeror ssl/tls?19:40
billybigriggeri have tbird setup on mine to use 587, with NO secure auth, and STARTTLS19:41
X-M4-Xguys i love my server lol19:42
billybigriggertbird 3.0 that is, im sure 2.0 is similar in dialogs, but maybe worded different19:42
orudiebillybigrigger, seems all ok now , was my thunderbird input19:43
orudiebillybigrigger, you have no idea how thankful I am19:43
billybigriggeri was in the same boat as your for the last couple of days :)19:44
orudiebillybigrigger, the only thing that I want to do still is spamassasin and antivirus19:44
billybigriggerjust passing what i learned from mr marsden :P19:44
billybigriggeris your best bet :P19:45
X-M4-Xhey can i add an account to dovecot, is there a default one i can use to test on?19:45
billybigriggerunless you have setup virtual users, then just add a user to your system19:48
X-M4-XI got my mail server to finally accept connections however i need to add an account.......thanks19:48
billybigriggeruse your non-root account19:48
sorenmdeslaur: You must be mad :)19:49
billybigriggerX-M4-X, orudie did you both setup aliases for your root account?19:49
billybigriggerie, all mail sent to root@yourdomain.com forwarded to your non-root email19:49
orudiebillybigrigger, nope19:50
X-M4-X Ok i tried doing root@devhost     as in devhost being the servers hostname and it pops up again asking for a username19:51
billybigriggerlook into /etc/aliases19:52
billybigriggerie. webmaster:   root, then on a new line root:   yourusername19:52
billybigriggerany mail to webmaster@ or root@ will be forwarded to your non-root mailbox19:52
X-M4-Xcd /etc/aliases  not a directory19:53
X-M4-Xmaybe i should look in mail name?19:55
X-M4-Xactually i never set up aliases maybe i should do that first?19:55
jmarsden/etc/aliases is a file, not a directory :)19:56
jmarsdenLook in it with less /etc/aliases    or edit it with  nano /etc/aliases  or whatever editor you prefer19:56
X-M4-Xk well postmaster:   root is the only line in the file20:00
jmarsdenX-M4-X: You should probably add a line that says    root: xm4x       and then run sudo newaliases (where xm4x is your username on the machine)20:01
X-M4-Xok ill try that20:02
X-M4-Xasking for credentials20:04
jmarsdenWho is asking for what credentials when?20:05
unit3anyone here using libvirt with kvm? I had a test setup with two machines, where live migration was working...20:07
unit3and now it's busted, and I'm not sure why.20:07
unit3the VM moves, but it's DOA at the other end.20:07
unit3kvm is running, and you can connect to the console (serial and vnc), but the OS is hard locked.20:07
jmarsdenunit3: I've used KVM, but only on a single physical server.  Did you try asking in #ubuntu-virt ?20:09
unit3oh, no, didn't know the channel existed. I'll head there, thx. :)20:09
jmarsdenNo problem.20:09
orudiebillybigrigger, i added line root: user right under webmaster: root20:13
orudiebillybigrigger, any services to restart ?20:13
rykercan anyone point me in the right direction on how to change the hostname on my 9.10 server?20:13
rykeri've modified /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname, used hostname <name>, and it always changes back on reboot20:14
rykerthis is on the default ec2 image20:14
X-M4-Xok i think i figured it out20:19
ruben23jmarsden: hi, whats the purpose of KVM device20:20
jmarsdenThere's a kvm device?  As in /dev/kvm ??   Or do you mean, a keyboard/video/monitor switch?20:20
ruben23jmarsden: yeah, what KVM you mention about..?20:22
jmarsdenOh, that wasn't a device.  In that context, KVM is a technology for running virtual machines.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM20:23
ruben23 jmarsden:ok sorry..20:23
X-M4-Xcan i just not require authentication for testing purposes ??20:23
jmarsdenauthentication for what service(s) for what purposes?   Like -- no passwords at all on all logins?  Bad idea :)20:24
jmarsdenAre you talking SMTP auth, or for ldap/pop3 login?20:24
X-M4-Xno auth required on incoming and outgoing server20:24
jmarsdenYou could turn off SMTP auth (which should only be needed when you want to have the server relay a message to a remote domain)... then you'd have created an open relay and would get on various blacklists rather quickly...!20:26
jmarsdenWhy is SMTP auth a problem for your testing?20:26
X-M4-XI cant login to the mail server for anything20:26
jmarsdenThen you need to fix that.  Can your (non-root) user receive mail over SMTP OK?20:27
X-M4-Xi cant login with either one to any email client20:27
jmarsdenThat doesn't answer my question.  You don't need to log in to send email to someone (otherwise you would be able to send me email unless I have you my password...!)20:28
jmarsdenCAn you telnet to port 25 of the server and send an email to youruser@yourdomain.com     and have it be delivered to that user?20:29
X-M4-Xno it is asking for a username and password to be able to access the mail server20:29
jmarsdenThat does not sound correct.  Is this server on the Internet?  Can you tell me its IP address and the user@domain.com email address of a user on that server?20:29
jmarsdenSo i can test it from here.20:30
X-M4-Xi can put it on the internet give me a few minutes to get the ports forwarded for smtp and whats the imap port?20:30
jmarsden143, but I don't need that one on the Internet.   However, I have to go and do some real work for a client fairly soon...20:31
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X-M4-Xok well the ip is  user is admin@devhost20:34
X-M4-Xdomain should just be devhost if not try admin@devteamsn.com20:35
jmarsdenOk, let's see what I can find...20:36
jmarsdenUm.  256 is not a vaild 8 bit number...20:37
jmarsdenSo that is not an IP v4 address20:37
X-M4-Xoops sorry its 246 lol20:38
jmarsdenDo you *really* have a username of admin on that machine?  and it really has a domain name of devteamsn.com ?  It shows up as ubuntu.localdomain in the SMTP banner...20:41
jmarsdenI am not being prompted for a password to send you email, BTW.  I just keep getting told the email user I am sending to does not really exist, basically...20:42
X-M4-XReally? how in the .......im switching mail clients   and how do you find ubuntu.localdomain i thought i changed that20:43
jmarsdentelnet 25  and read the banner :)20:43
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
jmarsdenI have to go, will probably be back here in a few hours... recheck your configuration carefully.  Look through everything   sudo postconf -n   outputs for anything you don't expect...20:44
* X-M4-X afk20:55
abbeci have a problem running bzr stat onan nfs4 share... anyone?21:12
X-M4-XIm about to purge and reinstall the entire dovecot-postfix package21:12
abbeci have a problem running bzr stat on an nfs4 share... the command just hangs.... help anyone?21:13
X-M4-Xanyone here21:20
X-M4-Xyou know the mail server right?21:21
ubottuIMAP and POP are protocols for fetching email. The officially-supported server in Ubuntu is Dovecot (packages "dovecot-imapd" for IMAP, and "dovecot-pop3d" for POP) - See also !MailServer for information on the SMTP protocol21:21
X-M4-Xi need to know how to change ubuntu.localdomain21:22
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bogeyd6X-M4-X https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html21:27
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* soren calls it a day (and week)21:53
uvirtbot`New bug: #489384 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48938422:16
X-M4-Xthanks but that failed22:26
mdeslaursoren: oh? that qualifies me as being mad? :)22:32
X-M4-Xapt-get updates22:34
X-M4-Xwrong keyboard22:35
X-M4-Xits always a good idea to run that command?22:35
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flagg0204i have an emi image that i am trying to get running with eucalyptus 1.6 on karmic.  the image was modified from euca-ubunut-9.04.  the disk size is 1.5G, but when i try and do a euca-run-instance with m1.small, it dies do to (not enough disk space on VM of type instance i-xxxxxx).  but if i use c1.medium is deploys just fine.  is the disk space for c1.small really 2gig as euca-describe-availability-zones verbose says?22:38
uvirtbot`New bug: #489398 in drbd8 (universe) "Unable to use use LVM with DRBD block devices as PV" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48939823:31
claytronanyone using Ubuntu with Linux Virtual Server (LVS) for load balancing?23:35

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