Linguhi, can someone give me a hand please ?00:33
Lingui upgraded my ubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 and now i cant boot up :s00:34
astechgeekhave there been any build updates? I opted to be notified by email but haven't received any messages concerning daily build updates05:28
aramorning all!06:43
astechgeekara: Have there been any daily build updates? I opted for the email option but haven't gotten any messages06:59
araastechgeek, hello!07:06
araastechgeek, email option?07:06
astechgeekyea, in the iso testing07:07
araastechgeek, the ISO tracker is used to test the milestones, but the first one is due in a couple of weeks07:08
astechgeekwhen you register with the test tracker create your profile selecting how to be notified of new builds07:08
araastechgeek, the iso tracker only notifies for milestone testing, not dailies07:08
araastechgeek, the dailies are build daily :) at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/07:08
araastechgeek, also, you can use testdrive to test the latest image: https://edge.launchpad.net/testdrive07:09
astechgeekyou'll have to forgive my n00bness, Ill go back and re-read the docs07:11
araastechgeek, don't worry, we are here to help, of course07:12
araastechgeek, it is always helpful to test the dailies and file bugs you may find07:12
aramorning thekorn :)07:16
astechgeekwell the only thing I have ran into is zsync hung up during the updating of the iso, and the iso wouldn't get past the splash screen in a vm07:16
thekornhey ara07:16
araastechgeek, you can download it with zsync *before* using testdrive, and then let testdrive know the path of the image07:16
astechgeekI downloaded the ISO with the .torrent file, and tried to update the iso with zsync but zsync froze up at like 38%07:19
araastechgeek, mmm, that's weird07:20
astechgeekthank you for the tip on using testdrive I will read the info on it.07:20
araastechgeek, nice07:20
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cr3good morning folks!13:42
cr3marjo: good morning13:50
moustafacr3: Splish splosh14:12
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faganWhen is the weekly QA team meeting I can never seem to remember19:33
* fagan googles19:34
* fagan needs to start using a better IRC client 19:37

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