sobersabretrick or treat!00:00
frogi have canon pixma mp630 . it was iinstalled with drivers mp610. but it fails. when i try to print something there is a status in system. also int tft of the printer there is a  info taht the data are beeing printed from pc.00:00
frogbut thats all00:00
frognothing is beeing printed00:00
Wilabobsobersabre: Output volume and 5 tabs, one is sound effects00:00
sobersabreWilabob: can you name the tabs ?00:00
jackeverymanusser bluesscream: So update to grub2 and it detects OSs automatically, or figure out how to add missing XP to grub1 and then update to grub2?00:00
inspiron630thank you00:00
Wilabobsobersabre: Sound Effects Hardware Input Output and Applications00:01
sobersabrego to "hardware".00:01
sobersabrewhat do you see ?00:01
usserjackeveryman, it should detect your OSs, but again installing grub-pc package wont replace grub1 in mbr, it will put one more options on your grub1 menu, "boot grub2" use it to test stuff out, make sure all your OSs are detected.00:02
Wilabobsobersabre: Internal Audio 1 input Analog Stereo Input00:02
dannysobresabre: ok, i got it partially working...i can see 1 of 3 windows machines on the network now00:02
Wilabobsobersabre: And Profile with some options00:02
Bigshot_how to find which (hd*) is my USB flash?00:04
Bigshot_in gurb00:04
whatfirst fdisk -l to find the hdx or sdx00:04
Wilabobis what you won't get00:04
Bigshot_i only see sdx00:04
whatthen subtract one00:04
whatso sda == hd000:04
whatpartition 1 == hd0,000:04
whatgo to grub ffs.00:05
Androidfan983anyone know good bittorrent sites for porn?00:05
Alan502Good day. When i installed ubuntu, i made a primary partition for swap and and another primary partition for my linux swap. Now i want to move that swap partition and make it logical in my primary linux partition. How can i do this?; I know this question can be a little complicated but please at least refer me to somewhere where i can get information.00:05
whatfor free secondary education00:05
greezmunkeyAndroidfan983, dude...00:05
noniehello i have just installed nvidia geforce2 but it shows in the display only 800 X 60000:06
nonieany solution to make it higher?00:06
greezmunkeynonie, did you restart your system?00:06
jackeverymansick, I've got grub 0.97..00:06
nonieyes also i did some updates but still the same00:06
vistroOkay... I just did a fresh install with my Ubuntu disk... but the boot screen says Kubuntu00:07
Alan502please help!00:07
greezmunkeynonie, pastebin your xorg.conf file00:07
Alan502jajaja que tal enrique00:08
Androidfan983anyone know a good site for free porn? maybe one with anal action?00:08
enriqueq onda alan00:08
Daviey!ops | Androidfan98300:08
ubottuAndroidfan983: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!00:08
nonieok hold on.00:08
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Alan502wtf haces aqui vos enrique00:08
LjL!es | enrique00:08
ubottuenrique: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:08
Alan502may i repeat my question to get more atention?00:08
epinky!en | Alan50200:09
ubottuAlan502: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat00:09
intervilajoin #ubuntu-es00:09
lstarnesAlan502: you may repeat, but don't do it too frequently00:09
Alan502but i can speak english! i was just playing with him, would you help me with my issue now?00:09
Alan502Good day. When i installed ubuntu, i made a primary partition for swap and and another primary partition for my linux swap. Now i want to move that swap partition and make it logical in my primary linux partition. How can i do this?; I know this question can be a little complicated but please at least refer me to somewhere where i can get information.00:09
lstarnesAlan502: the irc command for joining a channel is /join #channel.  maybe he missed the /?00:10
JeruvyAlan502: I'm not sure I quite understand your question, but normally to move a primary partition into a logical, involves repartitioning.  So I don't think you can just move it, but maybe there is a way00:10
Wilabobsobersabre: did I loose you?00:11
intervilajajjaa thanks00:11
frogi have canon pixma mp630 . it was iinstalled with drivers mp610. but it fails. when i try to print something there is a status in system. also int tft of the printer there is a  info taht the data are beeing printed from pc.00:11
frogbut nothing is beeing printed00:11
Alan502Jeruvy, do you know where can i get more help?00:11
centHOGGhi anybody here installed the latest version of handbrake?00:11
Alan502lstarnes, huh?00:12
lstarnesAlan502: just be patient and keep watching this channel. You could also check the online forums for ubuntu00:12
lstarnesAlan502: I personally don't know how to fix your issue, sorry00:12
noniewhere can i find xorg.conf00:12
lstarnesAlan502: someone else here might know, but it's not exactly a common issue00:12
ziyvi run emacs in FVWM, can i remove emacs23 suported by GTK?00:12
dannyQuestion : If my Windows Server is a *wired* network, and my Ubuntu machine is wireless, will that cause problems trying to view the Windows server shaerd files?00:12
lstarnesnonie: if it exists, it will be in /etc/X11/00:12
benchikwas the hard drive Load_Cycle_Count issue fixed in ubuntu 9.10?00:13
Alan502lstarnes, ok thanks for your help :)00:13
nonienothing is in there00:13
greezmunkeydanny, type "smbtree" in a terminal. See what group you are tied to.00:13
jackeverymanusser bluesscream: Sick, "Found Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition on /dev/sda1"00:13
jackeverymanusser bluesscream: Looks like a job well done, thanks folks00:13
lstarnesAlan502: what you are trying to do might not be possible00:13
andreywho else is using hplip?00:13
usserdanny, no it shouldn't as long as they are on the same subnet.00:13
Alan502is there a gparted channel on freenode?00:13
vistroHow can I make Ubuntu display the specs of my machine? Like My Computer>Properties in Winblows?00:13
Alan502maybe a support forum?00:13
usserdanny, if they are on different you need to have some sort of routing setup00:13
usservistro, hwinfo00:14
JeruvyAlan502: since it's swap, why not just repartition?00:14
noniecd X00:14
lstarnesAlan502: you could try deleting the swap partition, resizing the ubuntu partition, then creating a logical partition for swap00:15
lstarnesAlan502: I don't know if that would work though00:15
dannyusser : I can view 1 of 2 windows machines connected to the same network as my Ubuntu.  My Ubuntu is wifi, the visible Windows machine is on wifi, but the Win machine that isn't visible to my Ubuntu is wired (to the same router i get wifi through)00:15
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greezmunkeydanny, did you run smbtree?00:15
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noniethere is no xorg.conf file under my /etc/X1100:16
Alan502Jeruvy, lstarnes , both sound like good ideas, but... how do i "re-assign" the new swap partition to the operating system?00:16
lstarnesnonie: then one does not exist00:16
dannygreez: when i run smbtree nothing happens00:16
noniethis is strange00:16
dannygreez: i get asked for a password, then nothing00:16
lstarnesAlan502: you can edit it in /etc/fstab, I think00:16
greezmunkeydanny, are you running any firewall? iptables?00:16
Scunizinonie: that's normal now.. the video card etc is handled by xrandr00:16
dannygreez: if ubuntu installs those automatically, yes. otherwise, probably not00:16
centHOGGhi anybody here installed the latest version of handbrake?00:17
greezmunkeydanny, it doesn't, but you can check "sudo iptables -L"00:17
nonieoh so how can i solve my resolution problem00:17
JeruvyAlan502: there might be some info here you can use: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq00:17
Alan502lstarnes, i'll google it thanks for your help! very appreciated00:17
smorgthe i386 disk really means i686 right?00:17
epinky!anyone | centHOGG00:17
ubottucentHOGG: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:17
lstarnessmorg: I think so00:17
greezmunkeynonie, what drives did you install?00:17
Alan502ok i'll check it, Jeruvy , thanks for your help!00:18
dannygreez: is there anything in particular i'm looking for after the sudo iptables -L ?00:18
WilabobCan anyone help me with getting sound from an intel 82801AA AC'97 sound card?00:18
noniei just did the normal default after the installation i let ubuntu figure out the card installed00:18
greezmunkeydanny, you should see three distinct outputs, that are empty of options00:18
Scunizinonie: what card?00:18
noniehold on00:19
dannygreez: yeah i think that's what i see, "chain input/chain forward/chain output" with not much else00:19
smorgWilabob: Thats a pretty common one. It should work after running alsaconf. I'm not sure about the ubuntu kernel but I would think it has support.00:19
greezmunkeydanny, that's right.00:19
bluesscreamjackeveryman: nice :) good luck00:19
Wilabobsmorg: when I run that command I get command not found00:20
vistroI got a power supply that's not screwed in at all into the chassis. Think it's safe to find a screw and hold the supply long enough to screw at least one screw in there?00:20
Priceyvistro: with it powered on?00:20
vistroyup. It's updating00:21
nonieit's a NV15 [GeForce2 GTS/Pro] . i did a lshw and this is what came up in the video card00:21
vistroPOS is so old, the processor is actually a card.00:21
smorgWilabob: You need alsa-utils. I'm not on ubuntu right now so I can't tell their package name.00:21
Priceyvistro: well really, it should be powered off, and on a stattic proof mat thing, you should ground yourself, and then begin work00:21
noniei checked the repositories and found none of equivalent00:21
vistroso the updates might take a while.00:21
Pricey'ground'? meh, whatever the word is00:21
Scunizinonie: and did you just install and the first thing you're trying to do is get the card working right?00:21
vistroI wish I could disable parts of Ubuntu (or at least delay them) during startup to make this thing not have to work so hard00:22
staspikaHey everyone. I've just upgraded my laptop to Karmic, and the first thing I've noticed, is that right after I unplug the AC adaptor, the X hangs. It is only X, or possible gdm. When I login with no graphics, nothing goes wrong. Any idea what it may be? I've found nothing like this in release notes or else.00:22
greezmunkeydanny, see the last post here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24493100:22
nonieyes when i installed pclinuxos with this card the display could reach 1024 X 76800:23
Linguhi,can someone give me a hand please ?00:23
lstarnesnonie: see what xrandr reports00:23
Scunizinonie: hang on .. checking the nvidia site for which driver that card should use..00:23
Lingui updated my ubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 and now it wont boot up :/00:23
noniethanks for the help00:24
Lingui cant fix it00:24
BilliardLingu: what error do you get?00:24
noniehow can i see the xrandr reports00:24
Wilabobsmorg: when looking in synaptic all I found was alsa-tools-gui00:24
lstarnesnonie: type xrandr in a terminal00:24
emanuxfor me, i will clean install.instead of upgrade00:24
Lingusec ill switch it back on and check for any error messages00:24
nonieoh ok, sorry for my ignorance. doing it now00:24
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benchikno one can help?00:25
Linguit gets to the load screen with ubuntu icon loading then...00:25
Scunizinonie: the 71.86 driver supports that card.. it's pretty old.. hang on a sec00:25
lstarnesbenchik: you may need to repeat your question00:25
greezmunkeybenchik, what do you need?00:25
benchikwas the hard drive Load_Cycle_Count issue fixed in ubuntu 9.10?00:25
nonieit shows 800x600        60.0*    56.0  on the report as default00:25
Linguit goes back to "Boot from (hd0,4) ext3 9da2c812-8612-4316-bbd7-6032c6baedb800:25
WilabobCan anyone help me with getting sound from an intel 82801AA AC'97 sound card?00:25
Linguand then asks me to type my log in and password :s00:26
lstarnesnonie: does it show anything higher?00:26
noniethe rest are much lower resolution 640X800 , even 320 X 24000:26
KindOneWilabob: lol what you doing with that ancient  card ?00:26
Linguany ideas what went wrong ?00:26
benchiklstarnes, greezmunkey: the question is : was the hard drive Load_Cycle_Count issue fixed in ubuntu 9.10?00:26
lstarnesLingu: what happens when you type in your name and password?00:27
WilabobKindOne: Meh it works on windows00:27
greezmunkeylstarnes, nonie doesn't have an xorg.conf file, probably needs to run xorg rconfigure, but I'm not sure how to do that with a default install.00:27
lstarnesbenchik: try checking the bug reports on launchpad00:27
Linguwell thats the problem the screen is flashing sometimes when i hit a key if its on the flash it doesnt register00:27
lstarnesgreezmunkey: in 9.10, xord can at least partially configure itself using hal/dbus00:27
greezmunkeybenchik, you should be able to look that up, I don't know.00:27
Linguso when i type my password i cant see if it misses a key or not so i cant try log in00:28
Scunizinonie: in synaptic package manager search for nvidia.. you'll see a package called nvidia-glx-legacy .. that supports the gforce 2 cards.. install that then in a terminal do a .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.. then look in system > Admin > hardware drivers and it may be there waiting to be activated...00:28
lstarnesbenchik: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh00:28
WilabobCan anyone help me with getting sound from an intel 82801AA AC'97 sound card?00:28
KindOnenonie: i got a xorg.conf file that might solve your issue, I got a Nvidea Geforce 4 440MX SE....00:28
lstarnesbenchik: er, sudo dpkg-reconfgiure --phigh xserver-xorg00:28
benchiklstarnes: tried that, but got confused in there, since i haven't found a clear answer00:28
Linguany idea why its doing this ? :/00:28
epinkyWilabob: won't work,  get rid of PulseAudio00:28
KindOneWilabob: you click the speaker icon next to the clock and check the setting in there?00:28
lstarnesbenchik: wait, sorry, wrong person00:28
ScuniziKindOne: it's not an xorg issue.. just that his driver isn't installed yet.. from synaptic00:28
lstarnesnonie: try sudo dpkg-reconfgiure --phigh xserver-xorg00:28
WilabobKindOne: Yep00:29
nonieok hold on i will try first the synaptic thanks ill let you know asap.00:29
Wilabobepinky: Really? How in synaptic?00:29
lstarnesWilabob: check lsmod | grep snd_intel8x000:29
benchiklstarnes: yeh, i thought what does resolution has to do with it :)00:29
Lingualso it says "login timed out after 60 seconds" once i type in user name and it is more like 20 secs :/00:29
epinkyWilabob: check this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/fix-for-all-pulseaudio-related-issues.html00:29
greezmunkeyScunizi, I recently installed 9.10 fresh here, I did run the update manager, should I have run the commands that you pointed noonie to?00:29
Scunizigreezmunkey: won't hurt00:30
greezmunkeylstarnes, my nvidia did the same thing after a fresh install.00:30
greezmunkeyScunizi, ok. thanks.00:30
sobersabreWilabob: sorry for leaving you. I'm back.00:31
Wilaboblstarnes: what should I have got from that command?00:31
Wilabobsobersabre: np00:31
lstarnesWilabob: did you get anything?00:31
sobersabrecan you run in the terminal the following program: gstreamer-properties00:31
Wilaboblstarnes: yep00:32
sobersabredo it as your current user, no sudo, etc.00:32
sobersabreWilabob: ok ?00:32
lstarnesWilabob: then it should work00:32
josvukHi, I would like to have a beep in gnome-terminal. In the preferences the bell is turned on but no beep with printf("\a")00:32
josvukcan someone help?00:32
KindOnewith ?00:33
WilabobOK well now I'm getting a buzzing sound from the speakers...00:33
sobersabrelstarnes: josvuk what is your exact code ? do you fflush(stdout) ?00:33
josvukKindOne: in a c programm00:33
sobersabreWilabob: way to go.00:33
greezmunkeyjosvuk, I'm on a laptop here, and spent an inordinant amount of time on that no no avail. Good luck.00:33
sobersabreWilabob:  this means sound works.00:33
lstarnessobersabre: what are you talking about>?00:33
sobersabrelstarnes: sorry00:34
noniei went to synaptic but i cannot find the nvidia-glx-legacy from the repos00:34
Wilabobsobersabre: but I'm getting no sound from rythmbox00:34
sobersabrejosvuk: are you fflush()ing ?00:34
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sobersabrejosvuk: are you there ?00:34
GENTwhat is the best way to make a back up for windows and ubuntu , i think my hard drive is failing00:34
trismjosvuk: http://andrewgee.org/blog/2009/11/14/pc-speaker-karmic/00:34
bluesscreamAlan502: still alive? your results? I had contact to a user this evening who's efforts for resizing and replacing swap ran into a grub error 2200:34
josvuksobersabre: no I'm not only printf("\a");00:34
sobersabrejosvuk: and how are you running it in a current terminal or somehow via cronjob/etc.00:35
bastidrazorGENT: buy a new harddrive before it dies and copy over the important files00:35
inspiron630to put a class name in another class like a function prototype is it just class MyClass;00:35
lstarnesinspiron630: in which language?00:35
inspiron630oh lol, wrong channel00:35
greezmunkeytrism, where were you three days ago :)00:35
WilabobGuys I have buzzing in the speakers but no sound from rythmbox... What now?00:36
Random832how do i install fonts in my home directory, if i just have a ttf file?00:36
GENTbastidrazor, i would do that but my waranty on my laptop is that my laptop hard drive has to die first before i get a replacement00:36
nonieno nvidia-glx-legacy from the repositories00:36
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josvuksobersabre: I run it in the current gnome-terminal, but echo -e "\007" doesn't also beep :-(00:36
sobersabrejosvuk: again: does gnome-terminal play any beeps ?00:37
bastidrazor!backup | for you Ubuntu, Gent use these links:00:37
ubottufor you Ubuntu, Gent use these links:: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning00:37
noniei tried also sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh but i receive this error00:38
nonieplease specify a package to reconfigure00:38
Wilabobsobersabre: with that command you gave me I was able to use the test beep and I heard it but I have no sound in rhythmbox00:38
lstarnesnonie: you missed my correction00:39
lstarnesnonie: add "xserver-xorg" (without quotes) to the end of the command00:39
ae0000Memcached is not starting properly on reboot (8.04) i found a workaround which is: Remove 'S20memcached' from '/etc/init.d/rc2.d' and place it in '/etc/init.d/rcS.d' but this worries me - any thoughts?00:39
frogi have alsa-utils but no alsaconf00:39
josvuksobersabre: No, gnome-terminal don't beep :-(00:39
frogwhat should i install?00:40
borreguito82801 is supported bye karmic....00:40
nonieoh, sorry hold on i will do it again00:40
Random832When resuming from hibernate, i get a number of problems (can't connect to some wireless networks, messed up video on text consoles, lsmod/rmmod fail to work) - Ubuntu 9.1000:41
sobersabreWilabob: what is setup as "DEfault Output" ?00:41
Wilabobsobersabre: Where? On rhythmbox? Where can I find that option?00:41
sobersabreWilabob: in gstreamer-properties (close rhythmbox now000:42
sobersabreok ?00:42
jackeverymanRandom832: Is your Swap at least the size of your RAM?00:42
nonielstarnes: what do i do next?00:42
Random832jackeveryman, Hibernation and resuming works fine overall - there's just that handful of things that don't quite work right after resume00:42
lstarnesnonie: I'm not sure00:42
josvukWhat is the kernelmodule pcspkr for. Modprobe -l pcspkr reports : kernel/drivers/input/misc/pcspkr.ko so it is loaded and active, right?00:43
noniei run the command and nothing happened.00:43
borreguitoyou can choice.... ALSA or default option00:43
Random832ati radeon mobility video card and wl wireless driver (but modules themselves seem screwed, so no idea)00:43
lstarnesnonie: check for /etc/X11/xorg.conf now00:43
SexraiderHow do I fix the small, choppy fonts when running applications under wine?00:43
m1dlgmy pc has crashed when I knocked the cables at the back, now wont boot. it has message about fstb and cant mount all drives and offers recovery if i press esc00:43
sobersabrejosvuk: I'm not sure a terminal-emulation would trigger the pc speaker.00:43
Wilabobsobersabre: Default Output is Intel 82801AA-ICH00:43
sobersabreWilabob: can you choose Pulse ?00:44
nonieScunizi: no nvidia-glx-legacy in the repository. did a reload nothing there00:44
sobersabreyou're running Karmic Koala, right ?00:44
Wilabobsobersabre: For what? Devices? Or Plugins?00:45
m1dlghow do i recover my pc?00:45
josvukWhat's the kernel module snd-pcsp for. It is in the blacklist and modprobe doesn't reports it. Could this be the reason of my gnome-terminal no beep problem?00:45
sobersabreWilabob: we're talking about "Default Output" section, "Plugin" drop down list.00:45
LjLjosvuk: it's the PC speaker00:45
sobersabrejosvuk: I think so.00:45
LjLjosvuk: and yes it could00:45
kavurtm1dlg: what's wrong?00:46
Wilabobsobersabre: If I use pulse plugin and click test it doesn't work00:46
Wilabobsobersabre: I'm using ALSA00:46
sobersabreWilabob: after you chose pulse, you need to choose device.00:46
sobersabrewhat is chosen now ?00:46
sobersabreWilabob: pulse is ABOVE alsa.00:46
m1dlgmy pc crashed, now i cant boot, i have recovery shell00:46
sobersabreso, leave alsa alone.00:46
DJIndyhey, does anyone know how to change where WINE's C drive is mounted?00:47
m1dlgkavurt, my pc crashed, now i cant boot, i have recovery shell00:47
Wilabobsobersabre: When using pulse I can select Default or Unknown neither give sound00:47
kavurtm1dlg: does it say anyghing when you try to boot?00:47
sobersabreWilabob: did you play with ALSA mixers ?00:47
Wilabobsobersabre: Yes some of them were on mute so I turned them on00:48
nilo_Hi again00:48
sobersabreWilabob: do you have alsa gtk mixer installed or did you play via command line ?00:48
m1dlgkavurt, unable to mount required .... and something about waiting for drive and fstab? i'll copy it in a sec.00:48
Wilabobsobersabre: I used gtk00:49
Wilabobsobersabre: BRB I have to switch comps00:49
sobersabreI suspect you messed all the mixers a little bit.00:49
m1dlglots of  input output errors on sectors on the drive00:49
josvuksudo modprobe snd-pcsp reports me: FATAL: Module snd_pcsp not found. Can I apt-get install snd-pcsp to install it?00:49
nilo_someone can help me get the sound00:50
josvukWhere are the kernel modules in the filesystem located?00:50
nilo_someone can help me get the sound00:50
sobersabreI suspect you messed all the mixers a little bit.00:51
sobersabreyou have 2 mixers - ALSA and pulse.00:51
m1dlgkavurt, now i'm getting boot disk failure - all because i knocked a cable at the back - if I booted from a cd would a 'scandisk' like repair fix it?00:52
Wilabob_How so?00:52
sobersabrealsa is a low level driver, and pulse is a "software" mixer.00:52
sobersabreit allows many programs to use your alsa card simultaneously.00:52
sobersabreWilabob_: anyway, play with the mixers.00:53
Wilabob_sobersabre: So how can I fix it?00:53
sobersabreplay with the mixers.00:53
sobersabrethat's it.00:53
sobersabreif you said you heard the beep from the speakers, it means hardware/software is capable, but mixers are not setup properly. ok ?00:53
sobersabrein ALSA the output is usually signed as "PCM" or "Wave Out".00:54
SubbyWhat is the difference to plug my monitor over HDMI or DVI?00:54
Wilabob_sobersabre: OK, I have a PCM mixer00:54
sobersabreWilabob_: play with settings of the mixers. you can see them, I can't. it must work.00:55
sobersabrelook for muted stuff.00:55
sobersabreSubby: HDMI can conduct sound, IF SUPPORTED with your card.00:56
sobersabrefrom monitor's perspective it doesn't matter.00:56
ctmjrSubby: HDMI carries sound Dvi does not00:56
sobersabreWilabob: play with the mixer.00:56
Subbyctmjr:  thats all? nothing else? quality or something?00:56
m1dlgkavurt, The message is "one or more of the mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot be mounted: /home: waiting for /dev/disk/by-uuid/9??????????"00:57
WilabobWell... nothing is muted00:57
ctmjrSubby: nope that's it00:57
Subbyokay then i leave it as it is00:57
KillGorackugh an update..00:58
sobersabreWilabob: can you again enter that "right click" of the speaker, to see pulse input, output ?00:58
Subbybut next time i plug in hdmi, i think its a little bit more handy00:58
Wilabobsobersabre: OK00:58
sobersabreSubby: maybe hdmi is more handy, but it's more delicate, and smaller, and easier to disconnect...00:58
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snuffy47having problems with monitor going into stnby even with it selected to never00:59
nonie<lstarnes: there's no existing xorg.conf right from the start.00:59
teadictI turned off every screensaving related thingy I've found.. why is it still going black every 15'? ^.-01:00
Jeruvyteadict: power saving?01:00
Bigshot_i am at grub> what commad do i type so that it boot my USB?01:00
chatZillahas anyone build their own Slax?01:00
Subbysobersabre:  i think i will you it not to connect pc with moni, but e.g. digicam with moni. that is probably not bad :)01:00
nT4BRhey guys, how do i can use my wirelles realtek rtl8187b with ubuntu 9.10?01:00
teadictJeruvy: that too turned off01:00
Subbysobersabre:  oh sorry i typed crap ;)01:00
Subbyuse = you01:01
snuffy47having problems with monitor going into stnby even with it selected to never01:01
zamaraxq: I am trying to get pptp vpn to work i installed all the correct packages, set up the connection in network manager however now that it is there, how do I connect to it? when I click on it nothing seems to happen01:02
josvukHm, what's the difference about pcspkr and snd_pcsp? Where I can get snd_pcsp?01:03
josvukHm, what is used by gnome-terminal pcspkr or snd_pcsp for a beep?01:03
tavyroncual es para ubuntu en español?01:04
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:04
tavyronok.. gracias01:05
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:05
noniewhere can i download the nvidia-glx-legacy. it's missing in the repository01:06
Wilabobsobersabre: What do you suggest? The problem is pulse doesn't even see the audio card alsa does01:06
nilo_pleaseeee, I lost sound after upgrade my ubuntu 9.10,  What can I do??01:06
Wilaboblol that sounds  familiar01:06
Jeruvynonie: why would you need that?01:07
noniebecause of my old nvidia card it only diplays the max of 800X60001:07
noniealso there's no xorg.conf file to set.01:07
Jeruvynonie: Ok, I'm confused.  Do you have sound problems or video problems (or both)?01:07
noniethink this is normal if u are using 9.10, i guess.01:08
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zippo,,ioquake3 and other games screws my audio,, fixed with this:01:08
zippo~/.pulse/client.conf - autospawn = no,, "cli" killall pulseaudio.01:08
noniei am the one having video problems01:08
zippoBut! how 2 change sound preferences whitout pulse?.. or better have sond applett in tray withoutpulse!?,,  pulse mandatory for panel applet?01:08
m1dlgroughly how long would a fsck take on a sata 1tb drive?01:08
nonieany suggestions01:09
Billiardnonie: you can run nvidia-xconfig  to generate a xorg.conf01:11
josvuknonie: Do you know about the #alsa chanel?01:11
ZzarkcIs there an online code bucket for easily sharing outputs on here without cluttering the screen?01:14
temporarytaois there anyone here from the philippines?01:14
BilliardZzarkc: pastie.org01:14
noniejosvuk: unfortunately not01:14
temporarytaocan ubuntu work with the smart big bro roaming internet network service?01:15
nonieBilliard: tnx01:15
josvuknonie: So if you have troubles with audio you can try to ask in this channel, too. :-)01:15
nonieok tnx josvuk01:16
curious_yo all :)01:16
ZzarkcI'm trying to make my wireless USB adapter work, and I've been working with wpa_supplicant. If someone could take a look at http://pastie.org/716689 and help me out with what I'm doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.01:17
gizmoguyZzarkc: shouldn't that be wlan0 that you call wpa_supplicant with not eth0?01:18
zamaraxq: I am trying to get pptp vpn to work i installed all the correct packages, set up the connection in network manager however now that it is there, how do I connect to it? when I click on it nothing seems to happen01:18
gizmoguyZzarkc: sudo wpa_supplicant -BW -Dwext -i wlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf01:18
Zzarkcgizmoguy the guide online didn't tell me to write that in: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26313601:19
Dr_Willisi was thinking the use of wlan0 or eth0 depended on the exact driver/chipset of the wireless device. I have a laptop that has eth1 for its wireless01:19
snuffy47having problems with monitor going into stnby even with it selected to never01:20
gizmoguyiwconfig then maybe, to see what the actual wireless device is called01:20
Dr_Willisbut ive never used wpa_supplicant befor. So i may be missing somthing.01:20
gizmoguyreading the guide it says "Note: "eth0" is your wireless device"01:20
zippo,, --sound app in panel without pulse!?,,,01:20
Zzarkcgizmoguy Ah. That makes sense. It seems to be showing up as wlan001:21
gizmoguycool :)01:21
snuffy47when watching a movie my screen keeps going into standby is there something I can do to stop that01:21
chuckfsnuffy47: is it a power management setting?01:22
snuffy47chuckf, I have it set to never but it still does it01:23
Zzarkcgizmoguy: I still got : ioctl[SIOCGIFFLAGS]: No such device01:24
chuckfsnuffy47: how about a screensaver setting to blank the screen?01:25
Zzarkcgizmoguy: Could not get interface 'wlan' flags ; failed to initialize driver interface ; Failed to add interface wlan01:25
Zzarkcgizmoguy: The ';' stand for line breaks.01:25
gizmoguywlan0 not wlan I'm pretty sure01:25
snuffy47hay that might be it lol01:25
Zzarkcgizmoguy: woops, didn't catch that.01:27
snuffy47chuckf, thanks a lot I never thought to check for that LOL it should fix it .  I was looking to disable power save mode lol01:28
chuckfsnuffy47: np, I've been there:)01:29
mzawieskahappy thanks giving01:30
mzawieskaI am looking for simple C++ compiler01:30
mzawieskathat is for newbies easy to set up and practice01:30
Enfield Hi - Does anyone have a problem with grub2 and it not remembering the default selection, i.e. you have to press enter to get it to boot...01:30
josvukmzawieska: gcc?01:31
krabadorhow can i write in win7's ntfs?01:31
Billiardmzawieska: you want an ide?01:31
zippoi have computers where i have god use of pulse with XFI cards,, but! then i have computers 4 gaming,, and disables pulse,, its cracky and horrible in games,  but if i wanna change volym,, how? WHITOUT PULSE, ( in game its working with sliders 4 volym,, but back 2 desk volym is pumped up,? )01:31
Billiardkrabador: ntfs-3g01:31
mzawieskaBilliard, ide?01:31
josvukmzawieska: c++ -Wall -o name name.cc01:31
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator01:31
krabadorBilliard, i tried it in live, but , in root, i can't write in win7's partitions01:32
mzawieskajosvuk, is that program ?01:32
Zzarkcgizmoguy: A new error. It's back on at: http://pastie.org/71670201:32
Billiardkrabador: you need to mount them with ntfs-3g fstype01:32
krabadorBilliard, tel me more01:32
josvukmzawiska: Yes, name.cc is the C++ program which should be written from you.01:33
mzawieskajosvuk, all I am looking is a program to practice...write simple programs etc?01:33
josvukmzawiska: You can name it helloworld.cc. :-)01:33
mzawieskaBilliard, any ideas buddy all i want is simple compiler01:33
josvukmzawiska: And use gcc for comiling your helloworld.cc c++ program.01:34
Billiardmzawieska: i think you want an ide, look up what an ide is, i use codeblocks, if an ide is what you are looking for01:34
nilo_buaaaa, I'd try reintall alsa, pulseaudio and I still without sound01:35
malibuHi there.. I am trying to install xbmc but the key they provide seems incorrect.. I get a NO PUBKEY error when I apt-get update.  Is there anything I can do ?01:35
nilo_please help me01:35
ctmjrZzarkc: delete this /var/run/wpa_supplicant/eth0 then run this  sudo wpa_supplicant -Dwext -i wlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B01:35
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SpreadsheetI accidentally right clicked the top panel and deleted it... now the bottom panel doesn't work, and neither does the top one. They are still showing01:36
SpreadsheetAlso, I run alt-f2, and I can't type or close that01:36
ctmjr!panels | Spreadsheet01:36
ubottuSpreadsheet: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:36
shudderIs there an official Lubuntu 9.10 Cd somewhere? I can't seem to find one on the internet01:37
mzawieskaI am looking for good and simple C++ compilers for newbies.01:37
shuddermzawieska: have you tried g++?01:38
Cas149I'm trying to watch a DVD and I can't because it's original and the player refuses :(  Can anybody help?01:38
shudderkcj1993: LXDE + Ubuntu01:38
asdoi would like to scan my windows partition for viruses from ubuntu... what can i use?01:38
nilo_please help I have not sound01:38
mzawieskashudder, never is it good?01:38
chuckfasdo: clamav01:38
Cas149nilo_ what sound card do you have?01:38
nilo_after upgrade my system01:38
shuddermzawieska: it is a commandline tool but it comes with the default ubuntu install01:38
kcj1993mzawieska: code::blocks IDE01:38
shuddermzawieksa: simple usage01:38
SpreadsheetG++ isn't hard to use... g++ file.cpp -o file01:38
=== quinsha is now known as reno
shuddermzawieksa: g++ -o outfile infile.cpp01:39
SpreadsheetNow I have white panels with no icons01:39
maxHi, Apt hasn't been working since yesterday. E: Problem parsing dependency Depends01:39
maxE: Error occurred while processing libicet (NewVersion1)01:39
maxE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/dpkg/status01:39
maxE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.01:39
FloodBot2max: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:39
mzawieskakcj1993, where can i get this compiler01:39
=== max is now known as Guest1301
Zzarkcctmjr: how do i delete the file? I keep having permission problems that it won't let me into wpa_supplicant folder.01:39
Dr_Willisshudder:  theres no lubuntu cd. there is the lubuntu-desktop meta package.. BUT install it with caution. It has some 'issues'  that can  cause quirks/annoyances with gnome01:39
Guest1301Sorry about flooding.01:40
shuddersudo rm (filename)01:40
malibumzawieska: I think you might me looking for a C++ IDE, as opposed to a compilter on its own01:40
BilliardZzarkc: use sudo, be careful what you delete01:40
Guest1301But I really don't know how to fix the problem.01:40
asdochuckf, do you know of any online scan services working on linux_01:40
kcj1993mzawieska: software center01:40
mzawieskakcj1993, i got it boss thnx01:40
shudderDr_Willis: I know I am running it right now... I just wondered if there was a CD to get past all those issues.01:40
joabHow can I get 'top' to list the number of threads a process has? Like prstat does for Solaris.01:40
ctmjrZzarkc: try it with this sudo rm -rf01:40
chuckfasdo: I've never had occasion to look for one01:40
shudderDr_Willis: So far I really like it.01:41
ctmjrSpreadsheet you might need to restart gdm01:41
SpreadsheetI still have 9.04. Is software center in 9.10 like Add/Remove software in 9.04?01:41
Dr_Willisshudder:  the issues i all had was in  lubuntu's defaults goofing up my gnome setup. :)    theres the #lubuntu channel also01:41
Dr_Willisshudder:  i couldent stand it. :)01:41
Cas149How can I watch DVDs on my computer??  The player refuses because it thinks I'm trying to rip it01:41
mzawieskakcj1993, do i need to install any plugins?01:41
shudderDr_Willis: Yeah I had that too but I think I'm sticking with this so I should be fine.01:41
malibuNo one can help me with my xbmc package key problem?01:41
Dr_WillisCas149:  what player?   theres many players that can play dvd's01:41
Dr_Willis!dvd | Cas14901:41
ubottuCas149: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:41
kcj1993mzawieska: nope01:42
shudderDr_Willis: I thought the lubuntu channel was a developer channel01:42
Dr_Willisshudder:  no idea. i was there for about an hr a week or so back and just chatted with a few other users.01:42
JohnWittleHow do I make cp more verbose? As in, shows percentage of current file?01:42
zippo,,how 2 change sound preferences whitout pulse?.. or have sond applett in tray withoutpulse!?,,  pulse mandatory for panel applet?01:42
shudderDr_Willis: I suppose01:42
Cas149I'm just using the movie player that comes with Ubuntu01:42
mzawieskakcj1993, i got the compiler but is ask me compilers auto detection01:43
mzawieskakcj1993, which one should i choose01:43
Dr_WillisJohnWittle:  i recall ages ago seeing some sort of 'tool/front end' to cp that gave it a progress meter. but i cant even rember its name01:43
Cas149but tried to download others and I don't know which I should, because they seem to do the same thing01:43
JohnWittlezippo: I believe ubuntu uses gstreamer, which does not use pulseaudio01:43
Cas149I'm just trying to watch a regular typical DVD... which happens to be copy protected01:43
asdochuckf, how do i launch clamav??01:43
Dr_WillisCas149:  vlc and mplayer  (such as gnome-mplayer) can handle it. You Do need to install the decss stuff from medibuntu most likely01:43
josvuknilo_: What happens when you do: cat /proc/asound/version ?01:43
Cas149I do use free formats when I create my own videos01:43
Zzarkcctmjr Billiard : It says ctrl_iface exists and seems to be in use - cannot override it. And then it tells me to delete wlan0 if I don't need it anymore.01:43
Dr_Willis!medibuntu | Cas14901:43
ubottuCas149: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:43
chuckfasdo: I've always used a graphical front end for it01:44
chuckfasdo: clamtk01:44
* chuckf was looking it up01:45
Cas149Can I search medibuntu packages with Add/Remove or do I have to download from the website?01:45
nilo_Compiled on Nov  7 2009 for kernel 2.6.31-15-generic (SMP).01:45
=== Enfield is now known as EnfieldUK
Dr_WillisCas149:  it has a 'repository' you want to add to your list of repositories for synaptics to use.  see  medibuntu docs01:45
BilliardCas149: you can download the css lib without adding the mediabunto repository01:46
assoguerozen_sxguys it has a way to get flash performance better in ubuntu i386?01:46
Cas149How do I do that, Billiard?01:47
BilliardCas149: hold on ill find the command01:47
ctmjrZzarkc: you seem to have to many wpasupplicant files created the best thing you can do is restart the computer and do not run any commands make sure network-manager is disabled and not taking control of the interface then come back here and we will try to help01:47
Cas149Sure, thanks!01:47
BilliardCas149: try this    sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh01:49
Zzarkcctmjr I'm on a different computer, so i don't have to log off. Thanks for the help though. I'll let you know when I run stuff.01:49
Cas149Let's see01:49
Cas149It says it's selecting a previously deselected package01:50
Cas149I mean, library01:50
exarkunI let update-manager install a few weeks worth of updates yesterday and then let it try to reboot.  It couldn't finish exiting X, so I turned off the power.  Today I turned the machine on and my raid0 array won't start because "no recogniseable superblock on /dev/sdb1".  How do I fix it?01:50
krabadorDr_Willis, can you help me with ntfs-3g in read/write mode, in all the cases?01:50
Cas149I looks like what it did, worked... I'll try to run a DVD and see what happens01:51
hellupline_did anyone know how nautilus set a name to a preview in ~/.thumbnails/01:51
Dr_Williskrabador:  depends on the exact issues you are having. The ntfs-3g homepage/faq/docs are worth checking out also. it has  a lot of info about problems you may encounter.01:51
krabadorDr_Willis, i've a no write issue, when i mount win7's ntfs partition on karmic01:52
zippoJohnWittle: ,, true,, but how 2 change volyme? whitout pulse? ,, alsa, oss,, whattevva,, works, but 4 basic stuff without pulse like an quickie in a panel,,  !? pulse mandatory for panel applet?01:53
hellupline_did anyone know how nautilus set a name to a preview in ~/.thumbnails/, i am writing a python script, and a wanna use these previews01:53
JohnWittlezippo: sudo apt-get install gnome-volume-control01:53
Billiardhellupline_: you dont need to repeat your question so quickly, what do you mean set a name01:53
Cas149Mm... now it does not give me the message, but it still does not run. The screen stays blank01:54
JohnWittlewhenever you need to adjust volume, hit alt+f2 and type "gnome-volume-control"01:54
JohnWittleor just bind it to a key01:54
MilesTwould it be better to move about 150Gb of files using ftp or rsync?01:54
assoguerozen_sxguys it is a way to get flash performance better in x86 distro? (for instance, i cant play armorgames.com games cuz my flash performance suck)01:54
Billiardassoguerozen_sx: how did you install flash player?01:54
assoguerozen_sxBilliard normal install (adobe plugin, by synaptic)01:55
assoguerozen_sxubuntu x86 here01:55
ctmjrZzarkc: did you restart the computer your trying to connect01:55
Billiardassoguerozen_sx: flashplugin-nonfree ?01:55
Cas149Thanks.... it works..... very slow, but it woks :)01:55
toshiBilliard, just goto a flash based website, download it01:56
assoguerozen_sxBilliard adobe-flashplugin01:56
hellupline_Billiiard i wanna use the previews that nautilus creates in a python script01:56
MaxHRHello, I have just heard about wubi (for the purpose of installing ubuntu on a pc with no working cdrom, and w/o network or usb boot capability), is it possible to remove windows after wubi install is done, and convert it to a normal install?01:56
assoguerozen_sxBilliard but i got the same slow motion performance in another distros (a little bit better using x64 distros)01:56
Billiardtoshi: no dont do that, im not the one with the problem either01:56
Zzarkcctmjr I'm trying to run the commands.01:56
toshiand how the hell do you turn off the "growl" like popups everytime you adjust your volume01:56
nulMy monitor can't go above 1360x768 I think it was, I need to go up to 1600x1200, is there an easy way to add the res?01:56
assoguerozen_sxBilliard just asking for some tricky tune thing... got me?01:57
chuckfMaxHR: no01:57
Dr_WillisMaxHR:  i think thats a big No on both counts.. well you can sort of convert it to a normal install.. but not very esially01:57
toshiBilliard, i had to download the 64bit version of flash and then copy the plugin to the mozilla folder01:57
Zzarkcctmjr I just restarted the computer fresh. So what do you want me to do in order?01:57
Dr_WillisMaxHR:  its best to just set up a normal 'dual boot setup' like most people use.01:57
nulwtf, is it the hardest thing in the world to add resolutions to monitors?01:57
Billiardtoshi: you dont have to do that, flashplugin-nonfree works well01:58
zippoJohnWittle: Couldn't find package gnome-volume-control ?? running Karmic,, true,, i have known that,, doesnt work in my karmic,, !??C?01:58
toshieven for a 64bit machine?01:58
Dr_Willisnul:  for most of my nvidia based systems - they wont go to the proper/max res - untill i get the nvidia drivers installed properly. I also find that with DVI monitor/connections  they rarely give me res problems.01:58
krabadorhave usb installation issues with brand/models of pendrives?01:58
JohnWittlezippo: gnome-volume-control does not work?01:58
JohnWittleIt really, really should, zippo.01:58
ctmjrZzarkc: make sure you have the right interface run ifconfig -a look for wlan0 or whatever the wireless interface is01:58
JohnWittleSomeone else help him; I'm out of my league.01:58
Billiardtoshi: yes01:59
Dr_Williskrabador:  ive seen some specific pendrives, not work/boot properly with some of my machines.. but they would boot on other machines,   and ive had pendrives that work on the 'problem' machine  not work on other machines.. it can be.. weird01:59
MaxHRDr_Willis: the computer is too slow to really run winxp, so I don't need it, would rather have the space, my only other option is the floppy drive, if I could use that to start a network install of ubuntu01:59
toshiand how do you turn off the "growl" like popups everytime you adjust your volume01:59
Zzarkcctmjr I did that. I'm looking at the info.01:59
asdohow do i empty trash for my external usb thumb drive?01:59
krabadorDr_Willis, something to try many times....02:00
Dr_WillisMaxHR:   Ive not used a floppy disk in years.. whats the issue with booting from cd and installing that way?02:00
Madpilotasdo, when you unmount it, it should offer to delete the Trash02:00
karma_policeany new news for 64 bit flash sluggishness? still freezes up on yahoo homepage with there flash ads02:00
Dr_Williskrabador:  most newer pendrives have not been giveing me the same issues as some of these 2gb's ive collected a few years past.02:00
Billiardkarma_police: how did you install flash ?02:00
asdoMadpilot, it doesnt02:00
karma_policeinstalled from the repos. i have 64 bit 9.1002:01
asdoMadpilot, it does now02:01
Billiardkarma_police: flashplugin-nonfree ?02:01
MaxHRDr_Willis: the cdrom in this laptop doesn't work, computer is too old to make it worth replacing, I am setting up the laptop for my Grandma for web-browsing/email02:01
Madpilotasdo, heh :)02:01
karma_policenot sure.. whatever is in the repos02:01
Dr_Willisasdo:  when you right click on the trash icon in the panel and do 'empty trash' it sees/scans/cleans out all removeable drives trash. and in 9.10 it asks to empty the trash when you unmount the device02:01
Billiardkarma_police: go check that you used flashplugin-nonfree02:01
epinkyzippo: open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer" , that applet would be useful02:02
Dr_WillisMaxHR:  put HD in a different box. install to it.. replace..  easier then fighting with a floppy. or learn about net-booting the thing to get it to install perhaps.02:02
karma_policei'm a noob.. whats the best way of checking this?02:02
Billiardkarma_police: open the package manager, and look if flashplugin-nonfree is installed02:02
Zzarkcctmjr : What do you want me to do for my next step? I'm looking at the ifconfig -a information. I found wlan002:02
zippoJohnWittle: in synaptic,, gnome-utils gnome-voice-control gnome-volumemanager gnome-web-photo,,, no gnome-volume-control!!??02:03
JohnWittlezippo: grab gnome-volumemanager02:03
MaxHRDr_Willis: installing with a different computer might work... the bios doesn't support net booting or usb02:03
ctmjrZzarkc: ok run this make sure it see's your wireless network sudo iwlist wlan0 scan02:04
karma_policeit wasn't.. i checked it no02:04
Billiardkarma_police: ok install that see if flash works any better02:04
SnowRaptorHey there! I have an USB headset and I wanted Karmic to set it as default audio input/output whe itś plugged and internal card otherwise, but I can't find such option. Tips?02:04
karma_policebrb.. gotta reload firefox02:05
UbuntuUserhow come add/remove was replaced by ubuntu software center? i use to be able to install/uninstall more than one application at a time. i really don't like the change02:05
BilliardUbuntuUser: there is both02:05
Zzarkcctmjr : yep. It found it, along with 2 other networks I don't want to connect to.02:05
BilliardUbuntuUser: you can use synaptic package manager or ubuntu software center02:06
UbuntuUserBilliard, where's add/remove?02:06
UbuntuUserBilliard, i know i can use synaptic, just prefer the way it was before02:06
ctmjrZzarkc: ok did you set up a /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf file yet?02:07
karma_policeok back.. it acts about the same.. it is fine on youtube and most flash.. just the pop-out flash on the yahoo homepage seems to lagg bad.. almost to the point of a hard freeze02:07
Zzarkcctmjr I believe so. I followed the guide online.02:08
karma_policei know its not hardware issue..... i have 2.8 duo with 4gb of ram02:08
BilliardUbuntuUser: sorry, im not sure about add/remove, it was crap anyway, no reason not to use synaptic02:08
karma_policealso.. i cannot get yoville to work at all.... gf is sad... :(02:09
ctmjrZzarkc: ok well let's see if it works run this sudo wpa_supplicant -Dwext -i wlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B it should not give any output just return to a prompt02:10
IdleOnekarma_police: you have flash installed?02:10
binMonkeyhi, guys.  i found a smoking, black friday deal on a laptop.  i researched it and found out that intel is stopping production of that processor.  do i have to worry about that?02:10
karma_policeinstalled from the repo02:10
karma_policenonfree also02:10
MadpilotBilliard, UbuntuUser - add/remove is now the Ubuntu Software Centre. must admit I haven't used it much, but it's supposed to replace add/remove02:11
IdleOnekarma_police: the facebook games "play" slowly for me but they do work.02:11
Zzarkcctmjr: do I want to stop the nm-applet first?02:11
UbuntuUserMadpilot, i know, i just don't understand why add/remove was replaced with something you can't do more than one thing at a time with02:11
=== root is now known as X-M4-X
zippoJohnWittle: volyme not volume,, sorry,, see the sentence, misspelled and on a shitty lapp,, back 2 pulseaudio,, !??02:12
trismkarma_police: there are a few flash apps that don't work so well on the linux version unfortunately, but I have found if you install the windows firefox and flash with wine they sometimes work...kind of an ugly way to do it though02:12
karma_policei wonder what the issue with flash is with linux anyways.. works well with windoze.... adobe just buggy for linux?02:12
MadpilotUbuntuUser, for real? hadn't realized it wouldn't queue stuff up... meh. Use synaptic.02:12
X-M4-Xhello is this right for ubuntu server edit?02:12
DJJeffwhy doesn't SD Card readers work with ubuntu 9.10 out of the box?02:12
MadpilotDJJeff, must depend on your reader. My basic one has always worked in Ubuntu.02:13
karma_policemy sd card reader worked fine out of box02:13
UbuntuUserDJJeff, they do, you may just need to restart several times then just use suspend instead of shutting down. thats a workaround i use02:13
ctmjrZzarkc: yes i thought  asked you to kill all network managers it tries to take over everything02:13
karma_policeonly thing i had to do wwith 9.10 was blacklict my usb wireless adapter02:13
UbuntuUseron my laptop on startup usb devices are not detectd most the time, so i had to restart over and over and now just use suspend when i'm not using it02:14
Zzarkcctmjr Alright. I did that. Is that JUST nm-applet?02:14
UbuntuUseri also had to remove power manager to stop the constand brightness flickering. so far these 2 workarounds don't give me any problems02:14
karma_policei just wish network setup was easier02:14
y2b_What's the difference between the karmic Desktop i386 CD and the Alternate i386 CD?02:15
MadpilotUbuntuUser, 'restart again and again' is an ugly workaround02:15
karma_policei have been using ubuntu for a month and a half now02:15
ctmjrZzarkc: network manager in general02:15
UbuntuUsermadpilot, thats not my workaround, my workaround is leaving it on, and using suspend when not using it02:15
binMonkeykarma_police: are you on reddit?02:15
Madpiloty2b_, the alternate is install-only, with the text-based more complex installer. desktop is the try-before-install liveCD + graphical installer.02:15
karma_policei moved over from windows 702:15
karma_policewhat is reddit?02:15
ctmjrZzarkc: try and run that command02:16
nonamennany one know any where i can download linpus lite 1.2?02:16
binMonkeykarma_police: sorry, i thought i recognized your name from another site.02:16
IdleOnenonamenn: distrowatch02:16
xanguahello there, i installed moonlight 2 beta for waching some page in silverlight and after a day uninstalled it02:16
xanguaand now there are no plugins :(02:16
UbuntuUsernonamenn, it won't be out til at least december. i emailed them about that02:16
Zzarkcctmjr : Alright. It just gave me a prompt again.02:16
nonamennIdleOne: its the old version02:16
xanguamozplugger, gecko media, flash, can someone help me¿02:17
UbuntuUsernonamenn, first they said soon, then i said that doesn't answer my question, then i got a response saying december is the goal for now02:17
IdleOnenonamenn: you know this is #ubuntu correct :)02:17
y2b_and, I created a bootable usb drive for ubuntu02:17
y2b_i selected the LiveCD option02:17
ubuntuhello I want to know how to I find out all my computer specs from ubuntu 9.1002:17
UbuntuUserIdleOne, its ok i answered his question lol now we can talk more about Ubuntu :)02:17
nonamennyeah... but some times they just know some stuff about anything02:17
y2b_aka try b4 using02:17
y2b_and it froze02:17
=== ubuntu is now known as rafase282
UbuntuUserubuntu, did ya try reading the box your computer came in? it should be on there somewhere02:18
zippoJohnWittle: No command 'grab' found, pretty please,,, what,, next,,,  sorry,,'02:18
ctmjrZzarkc: that is a very good sign now the big test run this sudo dhclient wlan0 and you should see some connection info it might take a little while, what you are looking for is the lease info02:18
rafase282it is a laptop and I dont have that info anymore02:18
NickMcMillenHey all. Is there any way for me to either A) run Indesign within ubuntu; or B ) open INDD files? I've tried for days to install with WINE (all versions), run within vbox, etc. TIA02:18
DJJeffin " [~] $ lspci " I see the Texas Inst. 5 in 1 card reader02:18
DJJeffbut I cant access it?02:18
rafase282is there any comman or program that will show what hardware i have?02:19
MadpilotDJJeff, shove a card in, it should auto-mount anything02:19
DJJeffrafase282: did you try "lspci and lsusb" in your terminal ?02:19
boomernangrafase282: try installing sysinfo02:19
rafase282i'll do that02:20
Madpilotrafase282, the 1st tab of System Monitor will have some basic info - cpu, ram, hdd space. System->Prefs->System Monitor02:20
Confuziusrashed2020,  to get a very detailed list "sudo lshw"02:21
boomernangrafase282: sysinfo will give you a nice layout. if you want more detailed information, you can try installing lshw, and then exporting that output into html with 'sudo lshw -html > myspecs.html'02:21
Zzarkcctmjr: It said "DHCPOFFERS received. ; No working leases in persistent database - sleeping."02:21
Zzarkcctmjr: Woops, I meant "No DHCPOFFERS received."02:21
Confuziusgood call boomernang02:21
Madpilotcool - didn't know lshw would output HTML02:22
Confuziusalso looks like lshw is installed by default, on my relatively fresh 9.10 install unless it tagged along with something else02:22
Madpilotboomernang, nice. will have to remember that02:22
=== root is now known as Guest20824
boomernangboom :D02:22
TheBoggeyfor which application are these parameters? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FtpServer02:22
ctmjrZzarkc: that's not good you can run it one more time and see if it connects02:23
Confuziusalso looks like lshw is installed by default, on my relatively fresh 9.10 install unless it tagged along with something else... and wow, that's a pretty nicely formated html output02:24
TheBoggeyi am trying to setup ftp, but the guide I am following does not specify the application for which the parameters provided are02:24
Zzarkcctmjr : do i need to change anything in the network interfaces file?02:25
ConfuziusTheBoggey, probably vsftpd02:25
dan85what's the difference between logical and primary partitions?02:25
ctmjrZzarkc: not yet02:25
TheBoggeyConfuzius, do you recommend that one?02:25
ctopTheBoggey: why not use ssh since its more secure02:25
linuxguy2009Has anyone been able to get UFCE NES emulator to work from the 9.10 repos?02:25
Zzarkcctmjr : Yeah, same response.02:25
TheBoggeyctop, because it is for a home server where nobody else knows how to use ssh02:26
TheBoggeyctop, am I being stupid?02:26
linuxguy2009GFCE I mean.02:26
ctopTheBoggey: if its behind a firewall and only for local use it should be fine02:26
TheBoggeydan85, i think primaries are the only ones you can boot from02:26
TheBoggeyctop, but can they access it through windows explorer, or even firefox?02:27
ctopTheBoggey: they who?02:27
TheBoggeythe people in lan02:28
ctopTheBoggey: ftp yes02:28
TheBoggeyctop, yeah but not ssh02:28
TheBoggeyso i will use ftp02:28
ctopTheBoggey: with ssh you can use winscp02:29
ctmjrZzarkc: what guide where you using can you paste the link02:29
TheBoggeyctop, its not like we're dealing with top secrets file here, so Ill use ftp02:29
TheBoggeynow, which ftp server do you recommend?02:29
TheBoggeyI had used one before that disconfigured itself weirdly02:29
Zzarkcctmjr : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=26313602:29
ConfuziusTheBoggey, i think that there's a problem with the Karmic implementation with vsftpd, when I tried it it didn;t propperly create the ftp user...  I havnt looked into alternates yet02:29
ctopTheBoggey: ok02:29
Confuziusvsftpd worked for me in jaunty but not karmic02:30
dan85I'm planning to make such partitions: /boot, /, /home, swap area. Which should be assigned as primaries, and which should be logical? Also, I'll might be, later on, add /backup. ALSO: placement of /boot, before / - is correct?02:30
dan85...and which is - ext3, or ext4?02:31
TheBoggeyConfuzius, ctop, take a look at this page please :https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FtpServer02:31
ctopTheBoggey: https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html02:31
TheBoggeythanks ctop02:32
exarkunIs there a log of what grub actions are taken during kernel package upgrades?02:32
TheBoggeythat looks useful02:32
boomernangdan85: /boot is good on first cylinder - yes. / will be primary,  the rest can be logical02:32
Korhi, i want to change to ubuntu 9.10, i am using 8.10, but i want to back up my evolution calendar data, but i dont know a way that works correctly, can you help me?02:33
MadpilotKor, inside Evolution, there's a "backup to file" option that produces a tar.gz file02:33
ctmjrZzarkc: ok that guide is kinda old do you have wpa or wpa2 set up02:34
Zzarkcctmjr : WPA202:34
MadpilotKor, File->Backup02:34
TheBoggeyctop, is it a bad idea to set the ftp's home directory to a folder in my home?02:35
blue1does anyone have an aim server that works?  login.messagging.aim.com doesn't work02:35
SnowRaptorHey there! I have an USB headset and I wanted Karmic to set it as default audio input/output whe itś plugged and internal card otherwise, but I can't find such option. Tips?02:36
BrodeurPCwhats the best way to find out hardware info on a video card in ubuntu 9.10? I'm looking to find video memory and things like that.02:36
KorMadpilot, i try that option, but when i try to restore the backup, evolution dont recognice the backup.02:36
zippoepinky: gnome-alsamixer,, thanx but i know,, not that,, gui interface, ( lame.. jepp,, but i need it )02:36
zippoJohnWittle: in synaptic: NO gnome-volume-control!02:37
MadpilotKor, really? Not cool...02:37
KindOneBrodeurPC: do you got Wine installed ?02:37
BrodeurPCKindOne: yes i do02:37
KorMadpilot, yes, i don't know why02:37
KindOneBrodeurPC: download GPU-Z and run it under Wine02:38
linuxguy2009Hey guys Im about to wipe 9.10 for the more reliable 8.04.3 LTS release and Im wondering does that release support dual monitors easily as 9.10 does? Pretty much plug & play?02:38
MadpilotKor, see the comments here http://oldblog.wirelizard.ca/pivot/entry.php?id=101 - I had to retrieve my evolution settings/mailbox/etc from a dying hard drive not long ago02:38
BrodeurPCKindOne: never thought of doing that. thanks for the help02:38
exarkunlinuxguy2009: yes02:38
linuxguy2009exarkun: Ok Thank you02:38
KindOneBrodeurPC: never have I, i just thought about it also02:39
KorMadpilot, ok, let me see02:39
linuxguy2009I actually want to stick with 9.10 but I cant find a working NES emulator for my netbook to run NES games on my 52" LCD TV hehe.02:40
epinkyzippo: huh?, I didn't undestand02:40
epinkyzippo: understand*02:40
lockdlinuxguy2009, there are a ton of NES emulators? none work?02:41
conflinuxguy2009, pretty much any nes emulator will look like garbage on a 52" hdtv.....02:41
BrodeurPCKindOne: i always forget about using Wine for things, iv been working hard on fazing out anything to do with Windows02:41
confheck, ive had zsnes work through wine02:41
linuxguy2009I only see UFCE in software center.02:41
BeeBuuhow can i check a program's version in ubuntu 9.10?02:41
shorthornnewbie here.  question about moving files from vista puter to 9.102:42
linuxguy2009Are there other GUI based NES emulators?02:42
KindOneBrodeurPC: if you cant find out something through Linux, always resort wo Wine and Windows02:42
lockdconf, zsnes is available for Linux, but it's x86-32 only02:42
conflockd, yeah, i was just downloading it for a guy at work, who dosn't have internet...02:42
KindOnelinuxguy2009: there are alot of Windows based emulators, buy uoi eill have to run them through Wine02:42
shorthornis this the right room for that kind of question?02:42
Madpilotlinuxguy2009, make sure Universe & Multiverse are enabled thru Software Sources, then search in Synaptic instead of the software centre02:42
lockdBrodeurPC, KindOne: err, using Wine to find out video hardware status? that's a little over kill02:43
linuxguy2009Madpilot: Ok yeah there all enabled umm Ill try and search synaptic again cause I know it shows much more.02:43
Zzarkcctmjr : Any ideas?02:43
KindOnelockd: its What I would do.... Its simple and it works....02:43
lockdKindOne, err, what's simple and works?02:43
conflinuxguy2009, i just installed GFCE from the software center, it looks like a gui emulator...02:44
lockdKindOne, now, testing a windows game in wine to see if the graphics are good.. now I would do that02:44
MadpilotBeeBuu, most desktop apps have a Help->About entry; if you want to check a lot at once use packages.ubuntu.com02:44
BeeBuuhow can i check a program's version in ubuntu 9.10 ?02:44
linuxguy2009conf: Yeah used to work great except in 9.10 it freezes on every rom.02:44
BrodeurPClockd: works ok for me too just wants to know how much video memory this laptop has and what type of video card its packing02:44
BeeBuuMadpilot: is bot can help me check?02:44
KindOnelockd: running a windows based program through wine to find out your video card hardware on linuc02:44
MadpilotBeeBuu, you can. "/msg ubottu info <appname>"02:45
zippoepinky: i can have alsamix and whattevva in cli,, but i wanna have quick acc in panel 4 volyme in Karmic without pulse,, thats the problem,,02:45
BeeBuuthanks,is it always work?02:45
KindOnelinuxguy2009: You could try "Jnes" through Wine to play some NES ROMS02:45
MadpilotBeeBuu, is what always work?02:45
BeeBuuthat way02:45
crazyivananyone know how to dualboot both windows and linux at the same time?02:46
linuxguy2009KindOne: True I might try that. Thats the one I loved back in the Windows days.02:46
crazyivani got linux installed first02:46
BrodeurPClockd: iv actually only had good luck running Windows programs through wine and not games, for some reason i can never get a game to not lag in wine02:46
FrozenFireI'm sure many people have this issue; how do I make it so that when I change the main volume on my system, when viewing full-screen flash video, it does not close flash's full-screen view?02:46
BeeBuuoh,no bot reply ?02:46
Madpilotubottu, dualboot | crazyivan02:46
ubottucrazyivan: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:46
KindOnelinuxguy2009: here  are some NES emulators http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/nes/02:47
crazyivanbrodeurpc, hey plz help me, im having difficulty installing my windows game using wine02:47
BrodeurPClockd: i know its possible to have great gaming results its just something im still learning to use02:47
lockdBrodeurPC, well are you using the nVidia/FireGL drivers?02:47
MadpilotBeeBuu, the bot here uses ! instead of ~ . or just use it's name02:47
crazyivanbrodeurpc, how do i go about installing?02:47
BeeBuuo,i got that,thanks.02:47
ctmjrZzarkc: sorry got disconnected02:47
lockdKindOne, it's just the chances are you have a program like nvidia-settings and that you can't run in wine02:48
epinkyok, right click on task bar02:48
Zzarkcctmjr : That's cool. I run a WPA2 here.02:48
BrodeurPCcrazyivan: add an app called Playing in Linux you can find it right in the Ubuntu Software Center02:48
epinkyzippo: ok, right click on task bar02:48
shorthorni moved files from my vista laptop to my 9.1 lappy using the vista one.  I cannot delete or alter those files on my linux box and I can not access the linux box from the vista one as I have reformatted it and cant get the stupid thing working right.  Any way to change the permissions on the unaccessible files via the linux lappy?02:48
zippoepinky: sure,, !?02:48
BrodeurPClockd: my gaming computer has an ATI HD 2600XT02:49
tommy27what does it mean if some may be eaves droping on my session02:49
epinkyzippo: Add to Panel->Custom Application Launcher02:49
BeeBuuis the bot say current version's application?02:49
lockdBrodeurPC, ATI are notorious for bad Linux drivers02:49
BrodeurPClockd: and have the ATI catlst and binary02:49
zippoepinky: jepp!02:50
Madpilotshorthorn, if you right-click on one of the moved files and choose Properties, who is the owner listed as?02:50
BrodeurPClockd: yeah came to realize that kinda kickin my self for going with the ATI card because of it too02:50
whatit means all that cp your hiding i can see you downloading02:50
R-E-Lokosomebody has a preseed file from a customized Karmic iso?02:50
epinkyzippo: Add->{Name: AG, command: gnome-alsamixer}, OK02:50
whatand the plans for tying up the neighbor girl in the basement are plain to be also02:50
IdleOnetommy27: it means , listening in secretely02:50
ss_hi i want to play amr files in ubuntu karmic.. any ideas?02:50
whatso to speak02:50
whatss_: yeah mplayer.02:50
shorthornmadpilot: 'nobody'02:51
BrodeurPClockd: seems to be doing ok with 9.10 though02:51
whatwhen in doubt mplayer + ffdshow can play most stuff02:51
Madpilotshorthorn, can you change that dropdown to your user?02:51
zippogreat! =)02:51
tommy27so some one is watching what i do02:51
zippoepinky: great =)02:51
IdleOnetommy27: yes that is what it means02:51
shorthornmadpilot: it's greted out02:51
tommy27shit how do i stop it02:51
BrodeurPClockd: the laptop i think has nvidia gforce3 but thats why im wanting some way to find that out for sure02:52
IdleOnetommy27: where did you see that message?02:52
epinkyzippo: is it done?, there must be an icon on task bar02:52
n8tuser!language | tommy2702:52
ubottutommy27: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:52
Madpilotshorthorn, can you change any of the permissions options in that Properties window?02:52
shorthornmadpilot: at the bottom it says 'you are not the owner, so you may not change these files'02:52
shorthornmadpilot:  they are all greyed out02:52
Zzarkcctmjr : How's it coming?02:53
Madpilotshorthorn, ah, OK. you're going to have to use the terminal and the sudo command to fix this02:53
ss_what: i tried but it gives error cant find codec02:53
tommy27i was puting my pass in synaptic then i got the pass wrong then a window poped saying Waring Some one my be eavs droping on your session02:53
lockdBrodeurPC, yeah, use nvidia-settings02:53
Madpilotshorthorn, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal - look for the section on "chown"02:53
shorthornmadpilot: can you give me detailed commands to do it?  I have very little experience with linux02:53
lockdBrodeurPC, if that's not installed you don't even have the drivers on02:53
shorthornmadpilot: thnx02:54
Madpilotshorthorn, I'll do what I can. Where are the files? In a couple of directories?02:54
ctmjrZzarkc: here is my /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf  http://pastebin.com/m739ba874 you need to add your info and go into the interfaces file and comment out the wireless stuff for now then you need to reboot to flush the interfaces02:54
IdleOnetommy27: what version of ubuntu? I tried putting in wrong pass in synaptic and did not get that02:54
tommy27xuubntu 9.0402:54
lockdBrodeurPC, did you get a little notice about restricted drivers manager?02:54
shorthornmadpilot: they are in many folders.  It's my entire music colletion02:55
Madpilotshorthorn, just realized 'chown' isn't explained on the page I sent you to. Sorry.02:55
IdleOnetommy27: not sure how xubuntu handles that situation. might try asking in #xubuntu to see if it is normal02:55
trismtommy27: might be related to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gksu/+bug/13447402:55
BrodeurPClockd: i was just going to ask you about the restricted drivers, it never popped up saying it02:55
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epinkyzippo: is it done?, you installed gnome-alsamixer(As I told you before), right?02:56
KurtKrautHow can I know if a package was installed manually or it is installed by default in a Ubuntu installation?02:56
=== TDJACR_ is now known as TDJACR
twogigovercuhi, i am seeking help on a mail server problem"no route to host", when sending to gmail or any external server, i am using dovecot and postfix on 9.10 any suggestions would be much appreciated.02:56
BrodeurPClockd: and if i try to scan to see if i do need it, it gives no results says not needed02:56
lockdBrodeurPC, type 'lspci | grep VGA'02:56
lockdBrodeurPC, or just 'lspci' and pastebin the results02:56
lockdBrodeurPC, that means no nVidia, more than likely02:57
shorthornmadpilot:  they are all centrally located in a main folder, so if changing the permissions on the main folder would change  perms for all the subdirectories, I may just change the main one02:57
Madpilotshorthorn, PM me and I'll try and walk you through this - easier than trying this in channel02:57
medhatI was making partial upgrade from ubuntu karmic beta to the final release, all of the files were downloaded except for one But this one never gets downloaded, I've tried changing the server in the software sources to the main server and I still get the same problem. Any ideas?02:57
zippoepinky:  quick,, dirty,, nice,,,!  ,, it will do,, heh,,  super tHANXS! =) ,,wbb 4 tray icon,, l8r problem,, =)02:57
lockdBrodeurPC, without that data I can't help though02:57
BrodeurPClockd: 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/PM/GMS/910GML Express Processor to DRAM Controller (rev 03)02:58
BrodeurPC00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/PM Express PCI Express Root Port (rev 03)02:58
BrodeurPC00:1d.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #1 (rev 04)02:58
BrodeurPC00:1d.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #2 (rev 04)02:58
BrodeurPC00:1d.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #3 (rev 04)02:58
epinkyzippo: :) you're welcome02:58
FloodBot3BrodeurPC: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:58
BrodeurPC00:1d.3 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) USB UHCI #4 (rev 04)02:58
lockd!paste | BrodeurPC02:58
ubottuBrodeurPC: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic02:58
jlcolburnUsing ubuntu 9.04 (upgraded from 8.10).  my notebook (compaq f700) has a busted display (now completely unreadable).  I have an LCD monitor connected to the VGA out, but I can only get a resolution of 800x600.  The nVidia drivers (180 & 173) will not work with my monitor, it turns off.  any suggestions?02:58
medhatIt says fetching 605 of 605 then I get an error.02:58
Zzarkcctmjr : Alright, I'm rebooting.02:59
Zzarkcctmjr: Do you want me to stop the nm-applet again?02:59
BrodeurPClockd: says its an ATI from there02:59
medhatIs there anyone here who can help?02:59
ctmjrZzarkc: yep02:59
FANDERhow to open a port on ubuntu? I want to open port 22 for ssh03:00
FANDERalso how to close it!03:00
lockdBrodeurPC, pastebin the results look at what ubottu said03:00
ctmjrZzarkc: then run the wpa_supplicant command again03:00
medhatlockd: Can you help?03:00
zippotHANX!  good place to be,, =)  ,, random,,,03:01
lockdBrodeurPC, that... looks suspiciously like an Intel chipset, that's why I really need the whole output03:01
TheBoggeyctop, argh.. i started to get errors already.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/329023/03:01
medhatIs their anyone here who help? WTF is wrong with this room. Why does people has to suffer to get support, I've never experienced the same in any other linux room.03:02
BrodeurPCits on pastebin03:02
Zzarkcctmjr : Can you send me the command again? I lost it on my screen now. It's too far up.03:02
IdleOne!attitude | medhat03:02
ubottumedhat: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:02
lockdBrodeurPC, the fact that the north bridge is a 915GM... I can't help without the full data03:02
josvukI have a powerbook g4 so no pc speaker, but want the gnome-terminal make beep with echo -e "\a" .03:03
josvukIs there a solutoin for it?03:03
lockdBrodeurPC, did you ever paste the URL?03:03
dan45someone, PM me, short question about partitioning...03:03
ctmjrZzarkc:  sudo wpa_supplicant -Dwext -i wlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B make sure it returns to a prompt without errors03:03
tommy27ok thanks when i hold the hold the mouse when the administrator tasks passowrd dialog opens it says the crazy eaves droping thing03:03
BrodeurPClockd: if i remember right i think i was using ATI drivers on it back when i had WinXP but that was a long time ago03:03
lockdBrodeurPC, you have to paste the URL in IRC or else nobody knows where to go03:03
IdleOnetommy27: so it is a bug and nothing for you to worry about in this case03:04
medhatIdleOne: And any other room they are also volunteers. I'm sure there is something wrong with this room. It used to be fine back, and that's long time, now that's not my first time in this room and everytime now I have to suffer to get help.03:04
BrodeurPClockd: http://paste.ubuntu.com/329025/03:04
poutinedanny_,  you joined a channel of 1268 people to ask someone to private message you so you can ask your question? get real03:04
BrodeurPClockd: sorry bout that03:04
lockdBrodeurPC, thanks03:04
tommy27whew i was going to fucking freak out03:04
IdleOnemedhat: if nobody knows the answer they wont answer03:04
chuckfmedhat: perhaps no one knows the answer to your question03:04
ardchoillebastidrazor: You there?03:05
dan45...need to ask about partitioning in a PM...03:05
lockdBrodeurPC, okay the northbridge didn't mean anything, yeah I see the ATI Radeon Mobility03:05
IdleOnedan45: ask in here and if someone can help they will03:05
Zzarkcctmjr : No errors.03:05
medhatchuckf: That happens almost in every problem, and after I keep on repeating (which i consider spamming) and keep on asking people what's wrong why no one helps then i get their attention and that's what I call suffering.03:05
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA).03:05
dan45HELP NEEDED: ... /boot, /, /home, swap area - correct placement? Which should be primary, and which should be logical? Also, what about ext3 and ext4?03:06
medhatchuckf: I feel no one even tries, I'm honest with you other Linux rooms are more active than this one.03:06
chuckfmedhat: then perhaps Ubuntu is not the distro for you03:06
ctmjrZzarkc: ok cross your fingers and run sudo dhclient wlan003:06
lockdBrodeurPC, and are there graphics issues now?03:06
BrodeurPClockd: should i try to load on the ATI binary or just leave as is since its running pretty nicely right now just not with Wine03:06
=== jlcolburn_ is now known as jlcolburn
lockdBrodeurPC, you can't try the ATI binary03:06
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA).03:07
medhatchuckf: What does the support has to do with choosing the distro?03:07
chuckfmedhat: or you need to find a different form of support that works for you03:07
BrodeurPClockd: only graphic issues i have ever had have been with Wine just very very laggy03:07
IdleOnemedhat: please ask your question again03:07
lockdBrodeurPC, actually FGLRX 9.8 supposedly has fixed support with the 2.6.30 kernel03:07
medhatchuckf: I'm honest with you, this room used to be good back then.03:07
DaZmedhat: because ubuntu is for nabs03:07
medhatIdleOne: Thanks Idle.03:07
dan45anyone can help? ... /boot, /, /home, swap area - correct placement? Which should be primary, and which should be logical? Also, what about ext3 and ext4?03:07
DaZmedhat: maybe you asked wrong03:07
BrodeurPClockd: would it be worth trying03:08
beachwood23medhat: i looked back, and I couldn't even find your question. what was the problem?03:08
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA).03:08
DaZdan45: awsum placement03:08
Madpilotshorthorn, if you find yourself needing to change a lot of permissions on the stuff you chown'd, use "chmod" in terminal03:08
chuckfmedhat: well we are where we are now. Live in the now and not the past03:08
DaZdan45: ext4 is considered stable and it's faster than ext3 so you should use it ;f03:09
medhatDaZ: People should guide me, what attracted me to linux and open source was that volunteers used to be very coperative and helpful, few weeks ago people in the Debian room told a guy who was refusing to help because i asked the wrong question is that linux geeks should say there is no wrong question but only wrong answer and that's the spirit03:09
BrodeurPClockd: i use this laptop to show other people what linux is capable of doing and would like to get the most out of it03:09
TheBoggeycan somebody help me with my vsftpd problems here http://paste.ubuntu.com/329023/ ?03:09
exarkundan45: Probably full of bugs that will destroy all your data, too03:09
techhelper1kde4000 pm?03:09
dan45DaZ: so, which should be primary, and which should be logical?03:09
KDE4000techhelper1, k03:09
lockdBrodeurPC, keep in mind the ATI drivers are really iffy03:09
DaZdan45: it doesn't matter imo03:09
techhelper1actually just check it03:09
FelixggenestI wanna know : do I need to choose the best registrar (except for cost)? I mean, if my registrar close his buisness, will I lose my domain?03:09
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA).03:09
Zzarkcctmjr : No luck, but I'm giong to edit something and reboot to see if it will work.03:09
chuckfmedhat: you are asking for help on a problem. The people in the room currently do not have an answer for you. What is your proposed solution to the problem?03:10
IdleOnemedhat: ask your support question please. all rooms have issues #ubuntu included.03:10
DaZI always have home and swap on logical03:10
Brendan_MccHi All - Im opening an SSH Connection to a Linux Ubuntu firewall we run.. Is there a shell command to extract Hard Disk Model numbers??03:10
lockdBrodeurPC, try it and if it doesn't work then don't use it03:10
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA).03:10
dan45DaZ: is it true, that only primaries can be booted from?03:10
DaZmedhat: because debian people are different03:10
beachwood23medhat: i'm trying to help. i just asked you what your question was, and you complain again. do you really want help, or are you just going to complain?03:10
BrodeurPClockd: i know, ill probably give it a shot ubuntu is easy to reinstall if i need to anyways03:10
Zzarkcctmjr :Actually I need to get going. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.03:10
lockdArchanamiya, you need to copy the java plugin to your mozilla directory03:10
lockdArchanamiya, err, link, not copy03:11
Archanamiyalockd: How do I do that :S03:11
DaZdan45: possible, i've heard it but it was a long time ago03:11
extorI just fresh installed ubuntu server and did an apt update/upgrade but it tells me that 3 packages are being "held back" without giving me a reason03:11
medhatbeachwood23: I'm going to ask, but later I need to complain for the sake of your community no more, just cause I believe in you guys and you're time you're donating to help us. My question is that when I try to update from karmic beta to the final all the packages needed have been downloaded, after it downloaded them I got an error while fetching the packages (IP connectino error) I'm going to post the error hold on because I have to reinstall the updates to03:12
dan45DaZ: so, /boot, / - as primaries; /home - as logical. Right? swap area... ???03:12
lockdArchanamiya, sun java or openjdk?03:12
Archanamiyalockd: iunno. i have both. which would be better.03:13
DaZdan45: doesn't matter03:13
IdleOnebeachwood23: all yours :P03:13
medhatbeachwood23: Hold on i'm going to paste the error.03:13
hardbop200I did an update yesterday, and various applications (firefox, hydrogen) now fail to start w/ a "bus error". is this a known issue, and if so, can someone point me to some doc on it?03:13
DaZyou can fit all as primary03:13
Brendan_MccNeed to do this urgently for work, anyone been able to do this?: Im opening an SSH Connection to a Linux Ubuntu firewall we run.. Is there a shell command to extract Hard Disk Model numbers??03:13
dan45DaZ: logical is for?03:13
BrodeurPClockd: i dont see the FGLRX in the software center just the binary x.org driver and the catlst03:13
lockdBrodeurPC, actually I think that's catalyst03:14
DaZdan45: ?03:14
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA).03:14
lockdArchanamiya, 32 or 64-bit?03:14
BrodeurPClockd: must be03:14
siropiohi there,could you tell me how to get the code of any command i want?03:14
Archanamiyalockd: I don't know :S:S:S:S:S03:14
lockdArchanamiya, what's output of uname -a03:15
dan45DaZ: what is logical for?03:15
Archanamiya1 sec03:15
hardbop200siropio: man <command name>03:15
Archanamiyalockd: Linux billy 2.6.24-24-lpia #1 SMP Wed May 6 17:43:36 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux03:15
BrodeurPClockd: alright well that will give me something to work on tomorrow. thank you for your help03:15
siropiohardbop200: i dont want the documantation i want the C code03:16
DaZdan45: you don't need logical as you an have 4 primary partitions03:16
dan45DaZ: maybe /backup will be added...03:16
DaZdan45: why would you need something like that? :f03:16
Archanamiyalockd: Linux billy 2.6.24-24-lpia #1 SMP Wed May 6 17:43:36 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux03:16
BrodeurPClockd: oh how would i figure out how much video memory i have03:17
dan45DaZ: HDD failure...03:17
lockdArchanamiya, sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/i686/libnpjp2.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins03:17
lockdArchanamiya, wait03:17
lockdBrodeurPC, with the catalyst settings tool. but.. I think that's an integrated card03:17
KorMadpilot, the web page you told me was very usefull, thanks03:17
lockdBrodeurPC, aka 0 kB of memory03:18
jlcolburnI'm having X issues,...   my notebooks display is broken, big`ol crack right thru it,..  so I have an lcd monitor on the vga out,...  I can only get a resolution of 800x600, the nVidia drivers (180 & 173) cause my monitor to shut off,..   any one with an idea how i can get a higher resolution?  I've been mess`n with this on and off all day,..]03:18
beachwood23@idleone: sorry man i have to go to bed. if you could help idlehat, that'd be great. idlehat, just keep the faith, we're all people, and nobody is purposefully ignoring anyone. when you complain about the same people trying to help you, it doesn't really make them want to help you.03:18
MadpilotKor, you're welcome. glad it helped.03:18
lockdArchanamiya, ls /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib ... pastebin that03:18
dan45DaZ: what's the difference between primary and logical?03:18
medhatbeachwood23: It just keeps on fetching 605 files out of 605 then I get that error "Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-dfsg-5.1/libmysqlclient16_5.1.37-1ubuntu5_i386.deb Connection failed [IP: 80]03:18
Archanamiyalockd: k03:18
lockdArchanamiya, really sucks that Ubuntu can't write decent packages03:18
BrodeurPClockd: yeah its going to be shared memory just trying to figure out how much is shared with it03:18
lockdArchanamiya, they're all missing a symlink here or there03:18
trismsir/lastlog siropio03:19
lockdBrodeurPC, I assume ATI's stuff lets you set that, not sure03:19
dan45DaZ: ???03:19
DaZdan45: do some resarch03:19
trismsiropio: use dpkg -S command_name to find out what package it is in then apt-get source package_name03:19
medhatDaZ: beachwood who shold help left can you give a look at my problem?03:19
DaZin practice there are almost none03:19
dan45DaZ: o-k-a-y... :D03:19
siropiotrism this will get the C code?03:19
boomernangdan45: just make / and /boot and /home primary.. and then swap logical03:20
BrodeurPClockd: yes and usually right in the bios but its not there. something that is set and cant be changed03:20
medhatDaZ: It just keeps on fetching 605 files out of 605 then I get that error "Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-dfsg-5.1/libmysqlclient16_5.1.37-1ubuntu5_i386.deb Connection failed [IP: 80]03:20
siropiodo you have a tutorial ?03:20
dan45DaZ: thx alote! bye...03:20
IdleOnemedhat: try changing the server you get the updates from in Software Sources.03:20
trismsiropio: it will download the source code to the package into the current directory...whether it is C or not depends on the package03:20
medhatIdleOne: I did that, I'm going to give it another try though.03:20
Archanamiyalockd: http://pastebin.com/m7eb0306a03:20
BrodeurPClockd: i was hoping to see how much was taken from physical memory but it just reports the entire GB of ram03:21
DaZmedhat: paste the whole log somewhere03:21
siropioi wanted to see SORT trism03:21
medhatDaZ: from the log viewer?03:21
lockdBrodeurPC, http://www.phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1569803:21
DaZis it the first or last package03:21
medhatDaZ: last03:22
trismsiropio: apt-get source coreutils03:22
lockdBrodeurPC, there's a POSSIBLE way to change it by adding an option to Xorg but it's a joke, ATI drivers tend to crash03:22
siropiook thanks trism :)03:22
Archanamiyalockd: http://pastebin.com/m7eb0306a03:22
DaZmedhat: if nothing helps then remove it and do an upgrade03:22
DaZmysql isnt vital <:03:22
=== vic is now known as Guest28939
medhatDaZ: To remove it I should empty the /tmp?03:23
lockdArchanamiya, sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun/jre/lib/i386/libnpjp2.so /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins03:23
lockdArchanamiya, that should work03:23
Archanamiyalockd: ill try it03:23
medhatIdleOne: changing the servers didn't work03:23
lockdArchanamiya, note: if java is working in Firefox already, things are fishy03:24
DaZmedhat: apt-get03:24
Archanamiyalockd: k..03:24
lockdArchanamiya, well, was it?03:24
IdleOnemedhat: you could try what DaZ suggested. uninstall mysql then upgrade03:24
Archanamiyalockd: iunno. havent used FF in ages03:24
BrodeurPClockd: yeah ill try the ATI catlst on it and see if it works, but i will probably just stick to the basics, it runs enough of the eye candy to make ubuntu impressive enough for people to switch from Windows03:24
medhatIdleOne: how can i do that, can you tell me the step?03:24
cdianyone know of something I can use to view .tef file extensions in ubuntu?03:24
TheBoggeyhow do I give myself read and write permissions for a folder I do not own?03:25
IdleOnemedhat: search mysql in Synaptic and uninstall03:25
lockdBrodeurPC, just... tell them to buy an nVidia or an Intel graphics chipset...03:25
TheBoggeychmod +rw /home/ftp ?03:25
medhatIdleOne: ok thanks03:25
extorI just fresh installed ubuntu server and did an apt update/upgrade but it tells me that 3 packages are being "held back" without giving me a reason03:25
ArchanamiyaTheBoggey: yeah. are you the owner?03:25
TheBoggeyArchanamiya, no03:25
TheBoggeyArchanamiya, but if I do that it says operation not permited03:25
DaZTheBoggey: o+rw03:25
ArchanamiyaTheBoggey: then run...03:25
TheBoggeyit gives permissions to root user03:26
BrodeurPClockd: yeah nvidia seems to work great with linux03:26
TheBoggey(i think, because I am still not able to)03:26
ArchanamiyaTheBoggey: do sudo chown YOURUSERNAME /home/ftp03:26
TheBoggeyI have to own it?03:26
ArchanamiyaTheBoggey: Then chmod it03:26
MadpilotTheBoggey, "chown" is change ownership03:26
ArchanamiyaTheBoggey: basically03:26
hardbop200does anyone know how to start firefox in such a way that it *doesn't* attempt to reload your last tabs? firefox -safe-mode doesn't seem to work...03:26
TheBoggeyMadpilot, thanks I know03:26
Archanamiyahardbop200: it in preferences dialog03:27
Archanamiyahardbop200: tell it not to03:27
DaZhardbop200: --hide-porn03:27
Jeruvyhardbop200: don't presever sessions, don't recall the method off my head03:27
ArchanamiyaDaZ: lawl03:27
TheBoggeyArchanamiya, but this whole thing I am doing is because I need to use FTP with vsftpd, but I think that user [ftp] needs to be the owner of the folder03:27
Jeruvyhardbop200: preserve03:27
hardbop200Archanamiya: unfortunately, I can't get it to start to get to the preferences dialog03:27
Archanamiyahardbop200: Why not?03:27
hardbop200DaZ: lol ;)03:27
TheBoggeyDaZ, lol, now ff has private browsing :)03:27
TheBoggeysorry for killing the joje03:28
Archanamiyalockd: didn't work03:28
medhatIdleOne: DaZ: It worked thanks alot =)03:28
hardbop200Archanamiya: attempts to start, then I get "bus error". been happening a lot with various apps since the update yesterday03:28
lockdArchanamiya, about:plugins03:28
DaZmedhat: did you reinstall the mysql? ;f03:28
BrodeurPClockd: now if i can only find a way to get rid of that ugly Windows key on my keyboard :p03:28
medhatShould i do that before updating or after?03:29
Cuddleshow do I restart a program?03:29
medhatDaZ: I didn't03:29
BoriToriwhen i 'screen -r' it says there is one scree nruning. i try opening it by screen -r ID, but doesn't work "There is no screen to be resumed matching 32088"03:29
DaZso you don't know yet03:29
Archanamiyalockd: it has a spot for java, " libjavaplugin_oji.so", but says that no mime types are associated with it03:29
spridelBrodeurPC, a flat head screw driver can do that03:29
IdleOnemedhat: welcome, in the future please try to keep calm, support is not always available on demand :)03:29
Archanamiyalockd: nor does it have a heading like all the others (it SHOULD say "Java...")03:29
BrodeurPCspridel: black marker worked pretty good too03:29
MadpilotBrodeurPC, a couple of places sell Tux stickers or replacement keys :)03:30
jlcolburnI'm having X issues,...   my notebooks display is broken, big`ol crack right thru it,..  so I have an lcd monitor on the vga out,...  I can only get a resolution of 800x600, the nVidia drivers (180 & 173) cause my monitor to shut off,..   any one with an idea how i can get a higher resolution?  I've been mess`n with this on and off all day,..03:30
bishop_just stopping by03:30
lockdArchanamiya, well you'll have to do a 'locate libnpjp2.so'03:30
Archanamiyalockd: k03:30
medhatIdleOne: I understand, I was just sad because I felt that the support was in a curve heading down. I really appreciate your time and sharing your information, I just always expect the best and I want to keep on expecting the best from you guys.03:30
spridelBrodeurPC,  well done!03:30
Archanamiyalockd: bash: locate: command not found ;-;03:30
ardchoillewhat do the load numbers mean? Load: 0.25 0.08 0.0903:31
lockdArchanamiya, oh, fun. you have to install that, and then updatedb03:31
Archanamiyalock: :S03:31
BrodeurPCspridel: i even pealed off the Designed for Windows Vista sticker off the case too03:31
* spridel balks in awe of your accomplishments BrodeurPC 03:31
Madpilotardchoille, that your machine isn't working very hard. Can't remember specifics, but 0.25 is low03:32
Archanamiyalockd: Also, apt-get takes forever when "Reading database..."03:33
Archanamiyalockd: How can i fix that?03:33
ardchoilleMadpilot: Ah, thanks03:33
crazyivandoes anyone know how to make your terminal keep the scroll bar and title bar?03:33
BrodeurPCspridel: oh and the Windows CD key, didnt need that anymore so i pealed that off too03:33
Guest71463Is Make USB Startup Disk supposed to work?03:33
lockdArchanamiya, not sure if that's even possible03:33
crazyivanevery time i close the terminal and reopen it the scroll bar and title bare go away by default03:33
Archanamiyalockd: :S. How long will updatedb take?03:33
lockddepends on how much junk that needs to be updated03:34
crazyivanIs there any way to make my Terminal keep the scroll bar and title bar on by default03:34
Madpilotcrazyivan, check your gnome-terminal options, you must have turned those off03:34
Archanamiyalockd: crap03:34
crazyivanMadpilot, thx03:34
crazyivanmadpilot, how do i check my gnome-terminal options? do i just type that commmand in the terminal?03:34
lockdArchanamiya, and yes if you're the type of person who stays up in the middle of the night you might notice a slow down due to it happening automatically03:35
Madpilotcrazyivan, Edit->Profile Preferences03:35
Archanamiyalockd: oh dear03:35
crazyivanmadpilot, again, is that what i type in my terminal?03:35
Guest71463My USB flash drive keeps showing up with 0 MB free disk space in the USB Startup Disk Creator even though it should have 4GB.  Can anyone help?03:35
Madpilotcrazyivan, no. Edit menu in gnome-terminal03:36
payne_its thanksgiving get a life03:36
ardchoillecrazyivan: alt+f2, type in gconf-editor, Run. Check /apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/$profile and check the optins03:36
Madpilotpayne_, beg pardon?03:36
BerzerkerMadpilot, just a troll, ignore him.03:37
IdleOnepayne_: you just proved you don't have one by coming here to tell us top get one03:37
Berzerkeryeah! don't tell us top get one!03:37
IdleOnethank you Berzerker for backing me up03:37
MadpilotDon't feed the troll, folks.03:38
payne_no troll all seriously least you guys aren't camping out at bestbuy for black friday03:38
payne_but srs03:38
Madpilotpayne_, be polite.03:38
Berzerkerpayne_, please stop, you're only making yourself look like a fool and proving your own point on yourself.03:38
crazyivanactually im at best buy right now, im using my laptop on a wifi network03:38
ArchanamiyaThey see me trollin'....03:38
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crazyivanSTFU Floodbot103:39
payne_<crazyivan> actually im at best buy right now, im using my laptop on a wifi network (((((   <--- mad props dude high five03:39
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crazyivanpayne_, thx Im out here camping cus i want to get a 10% discount on a pair of mens socks.03:40
Guest71463stop flooding FloodBot1!03:41
payne_crazyivan,  bestbuy....?03:41
ardchoillecrazyivan , payne_  Please stay within the channel topic.03:41
crazyivanpayne_ why? does best buy not sell mens socks?03:41
IdleOne!ot | crazyivan03:42
ubottucrazyivan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:42
rheaghenI need some advice with an install problem03:42
payne_crazyivan,  lol bestbuy is computers and I saw some people today camping at bestbuy doors03:42
payne_like srs03:42
rheaghenMy Install is on step 4 @ 50% for over an hour03:42
rheaghensays resizing partition03:43
crazyivanlol all these messages im getting about getting off topic, think of it this way, Anyone who uses a Linux is human right? well humans get cold feet, cold feet = must wear socks03:43
Madpilotpayne_, last warning, OK? this is a tech support channel, if you just want to chat, #ubuntu-offtopic03:43
rheaghenany advice?:03:43
Madpilotcrazyivan, you too03:43
crazyivanwait is that my last warning too?03:43
crazyivanor is that my first?03:43
payne_tech support is slow03:44
EntityRebornanyone here use snes9express?03:44
crazyivanis that an emulator?03:44
BrodeurPCcrazyivan: lol i support that cold feet comment03:44
EntityReborncrazyivan, frontend for snes9x, yes03:44
rheaghenits a 500 gb drive using less than 100gb... how long should I let it go.. realistically?03:44
crazyivanBrodeurPC, thx man im surprised i didnt get kicked for getting off topic there.03:44
crazyivansnes sux! all about SEGA Genesis03:45
IdleOnerheaghen: wait another 30 minutes or so. have faith03:45
nytek_i think it has something to do with fluxbox, hence my channel03:45
nytek_hey guys, does anybody know of a toolbar that has a default to set to the top and show "main web raw src | Spacing" on it? if so im trying to remove it03:45
rheaghenits been about 2 hours now03:45
rheaghenist that too long?03:45
Newbuntu2I'm trying to fix my boot loader. I installed a second copy of windows which squished grub, and I can't get it to reinstall.03:45
Madpilotrheaghen, it probably should have been done by now... did you do an error check on the CD before starting the install?03:45
Archanamiyalockd: it finished03:45
=== gsk_ is now known as gsk
Archanamiyalockd: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libnpjp2.so03:45
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:45
Newbuntu2the double boot instructions dont work03:45
rheaghenno... I didnt do an error check =(03:46
crazyivanwhy did so many people quit at once?03:46
BrodeurPCcrazyivan: no problem, all these people here are having frustrations and can use a good laugh03:46
lockdArchanamiya, heh... looks like your missing the plugin altogether03:46
Madpilotcrazyivan, netsplit. see what the bot posted03:46
Archanamiyalockd: what do?03:46
Archanamiyalockd: it returned /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libnpjp2.so03:46
lockdArchanamiya, that is just the symlink you made... which is almost certainly "red"03:46
crazyivani still dont get it, so what happened?03:46
Madpilotrheaghen, when you first start an Ubuntu CD, 3rd or 4th option down the very first menu is "Verify this CD". good to run that.03:46
lockdArchanamiya, install the right packages, I have no idea what could be missing03:47
=== PriceChild is now known as Pricey
rheaghenyeah, I know03:47
Archanamiyalockd: :S They are...03:47
crazyivanok so wuts up with this net split thing, wuts the purpose of it03:47
EntityReborncrazyivan, just a internet burp, is all03:47
rheaghenis there a way to silence the logging?03:47
BrodeurPCcrazyivan: all those people who left were on Windows servers lol03:47
rheaghensheish, thats alotta noise03:47
crazyivanAll these damn floodbot and administrators are pissin me off03:47
flippocrazyivan, that's skynet recompiling.03:47
Madpilotcrazyivan, freenode has a number of servers, one of them dropped out of sight for a minute, that's all03:47
crazyivanterminator sucked03:48
nytek_hey guys, does anybody know of a toolbar that has a default to set to the top and show "main web raw src | Spacing" on it? if so im trying to remove it03:48
EntityRebornanyone here use snes9express?03:48
Madpilotrheaghen, most irc clients can supress the join/part stuff.03:48
webbb82has anyone used dockbar or dockbarx?03:48
crazyivanProbably the Gerbal and hamsters, running on wheels, got tired of powering the servers03:48
crazyivanAnyone here ever try VirtualBox ?03:49
ArchanamiyaCan someone help me?03:49
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
Newbuntu2I'm trying to fix my boot loader. I installed a second copy of windows which squished grub, and I can't get it to reinstall. I have one hard drive, sda, with sda1 = windows, sda2 = windows #2, 3 = extended, 4 = ubuntu, 5 = swap03:50
BrodeurPCNewbuntu2: i had that happen to me too, i never could figure it out and just redid the entire computer installing Windows first and then the linux03:51
mark__Anyway I can get ubuntu to remember my window position for firefox?03:51
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:52
Archanamiyamark__: it should automatically...03:52
iOmletteI think their might be something in the nautilus preferences, but I'm not sure.03:52
spiky25What do you ask for little ubuntu users ?03:53
bazhangArchanamiya, stop that03:53
PriceyArchanamiya: What?03:53
mark__Archanamiya : Nope :( It always seems to appear to one side. I normally have it centered.03:53
Trustisaweaknesswas wondering which ubuntu would be better to istall 9.04 or 9.10 I am looking for the one with the least issues03:53
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA)?03:53
spiky25can you tell what you need I wasn't on the channel ...03:54
ArchanamiyaHow do I get Java working with Chromium on 8.04 (from the PPA)?03:54
Wilabobsobersabre: Hey I got it working using a PCI sound card... Thanks for your help03:54
danielc1what is chromium?03:54
Archanamiyaa browser03:54
danielc1ohh i see03:55
spiky25Archanamiya you should put --enable plugins to the startup I think03:55
Archanamiyaspiky25: i did03:55
spiky25or compile directly the source, I use Arch because ubuntu don't accept latest softwares ...03:56
Archanamiyaim using the PPA03:56
spiky25even a ppa isn't really up-to-date03:56
DaZrecompiling chromium is a pain ;f03:56
Archanamiyawhat do?03:57
MagnavoxAnybody use domain.com for there website hosting? I need help.03:57
spiky25older chromium where using --enable plugins to his settings03:57
arandArchanamiya: this is what I use to launch it chromium-browser --enable-plugins03:58
spiky25you could use wine and windows chromium or google chrome also03:58
MadpilotMagnavox, website questions should probably goto #web, not here03:58
Archanamiyaarand: same03:58
michealTransmission is already running, but is not responding.  To start a new session, you must first close the existing Transmission process. how do i quit it?03:59
MagnavoxMadpilot, ok03:59
TheBoggeywhich ftp should I use? pure-ftpd,  vsftpd or which other?03:59
Guest28939pkill transmission03:59
michealin terminal?03:59
spiky25Magnavox seek for a hosting that as speach in his name ...03:59
Madpilotmicheal, if the window is still visible, click the top right X button three or four times. else, terminal and "killall transmission"03:59
spiky25Trulyfreespeach ???03:59
danielc1hey guys, I wanted to change the video driver to vesa, but I can't figure how to do it here in ubuntu04:00
spiky25ditch transmission for deluge it's way better04:00
ArchanamiyaHmmm. where is the Firefox java plugin?04:00
Archanamiyaspiky25: USE VUZE xd04:00
michealmadpilot: didnt work04:01
spiky25vuze outch the worst ...04:01
Archanamiyaspiky25: i was jk XD04:01
danielc1I changet it with displayconfig-gtk but it's still the sis driver04:01
ArchanamiyaDeluge is quite nice04:01
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P04:01
Madpilotmicheal, what didn't work? the X button trick? killall in term, then04:01
spiky25deluge and rtorrent are the best for now or almost04:01
EntityRebornanyone here use snes9express?04:02
michealmadpilot: killall didnt work04:02
iOmlettemicheal: pkill might work.04:02
spiky25Entity... try zsnes it's way better04:02
EntityRebornArchanamiya, I have sound issues with zsnes, despite it's awesomeness04:02
Guest28939just try pkill04:02
Archanamiyazsnes FTW :D04:02
spiky25snes9x = ugly GUI design04:03
michealmadpilot: tried that too...lol. Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. thats what i get04:03
EntityRebornArchanamiya, spiky25 so far (on my machine) only snes9x is the only one that has clean sound.04:03
Archanamiyarly? works fine for me04:03
EntityRebornArchanamiya, you prolly don't have a BS laptop04:03
DuergarI'm trying to install programs listed in the ubuntu software center, and it keeps telling me the programs are requiring untrusted packages to be installed and failing install. Is there a way around this?04:04
EntityRebornDuergar, something's borked04:04
ArchanamiyaEntityReborn: i gotta Dell Mini 10v running 8.04 w/ only 1 gig RAM04:04
ArchanamiyaEntityReborn: not very high end to say the least ;)04:04
Duergarok. how do i find out what went foom and fix it?04:04
Archanamiyaactually it's nice04:04
EntityRebornRunning karmic on a Intel Celeron04:05
EntityRebornNeed I say more?04:05
MadpilotDuergar, sounds like your sources include things they possibly shouldn't. have you added repositories?04:05
DuergarNot to my knowledge. everything i've installed is from the software center04:05
EntityRebornIntel Celeron 2.7ghz, 2 GB ram, but still sound stutters like a bitch.04:05
EntityRebornin zsnes that is04:05
spiky25Entity play without sound, I always put music cause I don't like old games sounds04:05
webbb82i hope you guys can help i am trying to install dockbarx in avant window nav and the instructions say  Copy everything from the AWN folder to ~/.config/awn/applets     where is the awm folder?04:05
ArchanamiyaEntityReborn: Really? that's odd. did you compile from SVN? repo? stable source?04:06
=== TheTosh is now known as Guest36060
spiky25Archanamiya you have one of the best netbook around try ubuntumini.com and osX86 if you want ...04:07
Archanamiyaubuntumini.com ftw04:08
spiky25ubuntu is a so bad linux distro, good to begin but it won't help to learn the true linux power or just a little ...04:08
Archanamiyaspiky25: what is osX86?04:08
spiky25mac os X for pcs mostly04:08
EntityRebornArchanamiya, hackintosh04:08
ArchanamiyaEntityReborn: ??04:09
Guest28939spiky25,you use which distro?04:09
danielc1spiky25: but it doesn't mean it is a bad distro04:09
spiky25ubuntumini is a good place to learn about ubuntu on your netbook, I have a dell inspiron 1501 the laptop the author haved done his 1st blog for it ...04:10
danielc1spiky25: anyone can choose what he needs04:10
spiky25danielc1 for me now ubuntu was a waste of time04:10
EntityRebornthat being said, I have heard pulseaudio may be the culprit for sound issues04:10
wolf23help please! how can i reload trash from the bottom of the desktop plz, coz it was disappear04:10
lelowhy would the stats between top and the system monitor be different04:10
sistemaHi all... I'm installing karmic in one PC.. can I remove the HD and put in other computer (different hardware - both are core 2 duo).. the installation will work?04:10
spiky25wolf25 right-click gnome panel that is down and add it back04:11
Jeruvysistema: probably not04:11
DaZsistema: it will04:11
spiky25pulseaudio is scrap, I won't ever use it again !!!04:11
chuckfsistema: I've not had problems in the past unless i had a propritaryu vvideo driver04:11
sistemaJeruvy, DaZ : yes and no? :P04:11
mcurranAnyone have an easy howto written up for aircrack-ng (WEP cracking) with and without a client - I can't find any tutorials online that are as quick as the youtube videos and the videos aren't clear enough to copy/see the commands - Or if anyone has an aireplay-ng comand that actually works (kicks ass)?04:11
wolf23spiky25:  where?04:12
Madpilotwolf23, all the stuff on Gnome's panels is just applets, right click and Add To Panel will get it for you04:12
rhorsesistema: it depends04:12
spiky25Alsa does all that I need04:12
pdragon_hi im having some troble with my network interfaces04:12
spiky25sistema no04:12
DaZsistema: i did something like this and it works.04:12
danielc1sistema: right.04:12
Madpilotspiky25, it works fine here. "brokenforme" != "uttercrap"...04:12
cortanai need some help04:12
pdragon_could someone take a look at my interface file04:12
chinookhello word04:12
sistemaboth motherboards are intel, one more new than the other.. and and the seconds pc has a nvidia card..04:12
spiky25wolf23 you're on ubuntu not a variant ?04:12
rhorsesistema: it prolly will.04:13
cortanai need help with looking up the drives and info on them on my computer04:13
DaZsistema: tho ubuntu automagic may fail04:13
DaZi did it with arch04:13
=== Ifrs is now known as alert
spiky25mcurran wardriver could get a lot of troubles, avoid it ...04:13
=== m4u_r3570r is now known as mau_restor
Jeruvysistema: if uuid's are relevent (as they usually are) then no ;)04:13
=== mau_restor is now known as m4u_r35t0r
spiky25it's for security testing only and you're not ready for that04:14
cortanacan someone help me04:14
rhorseI use the same hd with hardy on a inspiron and on a latitude, sistema04:14
DaZchanging mountpoints is like... 3 minutes? ;f04:14
wolf23Madpilot:  ok i did it but it is not in the same place as before?04:15
Madpilotwolf23, right-click on the trash, select Move.04:15
chuckfcortana: depends on what you need help with04:15
Madpilotwolf23, then Lock To Panel04:15
spiky25cortana open your terminal and type gksudo nautilus then it ask for your password put it in then do enter04:15
=== m4u_r35t0r is now known as m4u_r3570r
sistemammm... I will try with a intel atom pc..04:15
wolf23Madpilot:  thanx dude04:16
Madpilotspiky25, why would someone need superuser naut just for drive info?04:16
Madpilotcortana, System->Admin->Disc Utility should tell you about your hard drives04:17
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest28484
wolf23Madpilot:  another question plz, on windows i use a program call: pilot keyboard sound, is there also for ubuntu?04:17
planegeniushey guys how long does it take to install a tar.bz2 file thru a terminal, its been like 15 min04:17
danielc1planegenius: no, that's too much04:17
Madpilotwolf23, what does that program do?04:18
EntityRebornguys, is there a replacement sound system for the default?04:18
EntityRebornIE one that doesn't stutter in ZSNES?04:18
EntityRebornOr, is there a better plugin for ZSNES?04:18
sshcplanegenius: tar -xf tar.bz204:18
chuckfplanegenius: what do you mean install a tar.bz2 file?04:18
wolf23Madpilot:  it makes sound on keyboard buttons04:18
danielc1EntityReborn: did you try with OSS??04:19
EntityReborndanielc1, ZSNES?04:19
EntityRebornI believe so.04:19
planegeniuschuckf: im trying to install a new version of vuze, for some reason it wont update from the program04:19
Archanamiyaplanegenius: don't use vuze ;)04:20
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P04:20
DaZplanegenius: it doesn't upgrade without root iirc04:20
EntityReborndanielc1, actually, seeing as there is no setting for selecting the server, prolly not.04:20
Madpilotwolf23, it beeps with every keypress, or something? No idea, check the sound and keyboard settings utils in the System menu, maybe.04:20
EntityReborndanielc1, what do I do to use OSS?04:20
planegeniusDaZ: could you explain that?04:20
ZaNeIuMwhat is a good standalown-boot cd/usb program what will make an image of my linux os?? nothing im used to seems to be able to do this, ie ghost, partiton manager etc..04:20
DaZplanegenius: what? :o04:20
=== m4u_r3570r is now known as mau_restor
wolf23Madpilot:  i dont know how, can u plz tell me how?04:21
planegeniusDaZ: i dont get what ur sayin04:21
Bob_DoleIn Google Chrome..You have the option to list what all processes are using..cpu, ram, cache, etc. And at the bottom of the list... Goats Teleported.04:21
Bob_Dolewhat is this goats teleported?!04:21
Madpilotwolf23, System menu, look under Preferences and Administration for keyboard and sound setup options. only thing I can suggest.04:21
DaZplanegenius: then you don't know anything about linux04:21
fonebonei know i dont :P04:21
ZaNeIuMlinux is very new to me and foreign to me04:22
planegeniusDaZ: im asking for help dude04:22
fonebonetrying to set up a squid proxy server and failing yay04:22
DaZplanegenius: and i told you why it doesn't work [;04:22
=== eduardo_ is now known as magdato
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:23
webbb82hey do you know if i can enable dual panes in the new  nautilus04:24
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:25
planegeniusDaZ: alright, i may know what you mean, when i type in sudo vuze in a terminal the new version is there, but i cant access it from the applications menu04:25
fonebonesooo.. whats the best gui type client to use with linux?04:26
bazhangArchanamiya, /msg ubottu04:26
Archanamiyabazhang: right. sorry ;)04:26
fonebonecause im not diggin xchat-gnome too much04:27
rhorse!best | fonebone04:27
ubottufonebone: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:27
Madpilotfonebone, try real xchat. xchat-gnome is... bleh.04:27
planegeniuscan anybody help me with this vuze issue?04:27
fonebonereal xchat is all command line yea?04:27
bazhangfonebone, that is irssi04:28
fonebonethen i shall try it04:28
EntityRebornGuys, how can I change my audio system?04:28
EntityRebornTo, say, OSS?04:28
Jeruvy!alsa | EntityReborn04:28
ubottuEntityReborn: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:28
rhorsefonebone: be prepared for steeeeep learning curve.04:28
Madpilotfonebone, no, proper gui w/ the crippled stuff inflicted on xchat-gnome04:28
spiky25irssi and pidgin does well my basic irc needs04:28
Madpilotrhorse, xchat? nah, is easy.04:29
EntityRebornJeruvy, there is no file in Sound Preferences04:29
rhorseMadpilot: no, irssi. Need to get your google finger in shape04:29
Madpilotrhorse, yeah, I tried irssi for a while, went back to xchat quite happily :)04:30
W9ZEBis it possible to set a fake resolution in xorg?04:30
DaZW9ZEB: fake?04:30
W9ZEBfor example, on a netbook with a small physical resolution.  Can you make all the windows display at say 8004:30
W9ZEB% their normal size04:31
W9ZEBso it acts like the screen is 20% larger04:31
switch263anyone have any suggestions on getting samba shares to be read? :-/04:31
DaZand on the borders? :f04:31
W9ZEBDaZ: just pointing me in the direction of what I should be researching would help.04:31
Jeruvyswitch263: you using karmic?04:32
switch263? idk. 9.10?04:32
W9ZEBI was thinking if possible just shrink the windows, or make 1366x768 ACT like it's 1680x1050 or so...04:32
Jeruvyswitch263: thats karmic ;)04:32
switch263Jeruvy, okay. :) lol04:32
Jeruvy!samba | switch26304:32
ubottuswitch263: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:32
acovrigssh not working04:33
acovrigssh only local04:33
Newbuntu2I'm trying to edit menu.lst in grub, but it's not in /boot/grub. where can I find it? It's a fresh 9.10 isntall04:33
W9ZEBacovrig: you've installed the openssh client/server?04:33
Jeruvyswitch263: even tho it says 9.04, it works with 9.1004:33
switch263it _was_ working, but it stopped for no apparent reason. thanks Jeruvy i'll check out those links. :)04:33
DaZW9ZEB: then no04:33
arandNewbuntu2: no menu.lst with grub204:33
W9ZEBDaZ: fair enough.04:34
Jeruvyswitch263: using windows shares?  That happens.04:34
fonebonemuch better04:34
arand!grub2 | Newbuntu204:34
ubottuNewbuntu2: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub204:34
W9ZEBDaZ: that's a function I read about with OSX, and figured I'd at least ask if XORG could do it :)04:34
acovrigworks locally (ssh user@localhost) but not from other computer, I have no firewall and I can ssh into other machines form this linux, and ssh to/from a mac04:34
switch263Jeruvy, yeah. its rather annoying, as i need some data on it. hah.04:34
arandNewbuntu2: what are the options you're after?04:34
Jeruvyswitch263; usually it's just a re-login to fix, but if its anything else let us know04:35
DaZW9ZEB: can show me where did you read it04:35
W9ZEBDaZ: one moment.04:35
Newbuntu2arand: add a second windows install, and make it pretty04:35
DaZbecause maybe i still don't understand what are you trying to do ;F04:35
switch263Jeruvy, so far i've rebooted/relogged 3 times, no dice.04:35
Jeruvyswitch263: whats happening?04:35
switch263i just get an error that says 'failed to get list' or something, sec04:36
switch263i can see the workgroup, but i need to access a share inside it. heh.04:36
fonebonehrmm... i keep starting my squid proxy server.. and it looks like it starts.. then it stops after a bit... weird04:36
rhorseacovrig: is the other computer on the same network?04:36
bastidrazorardchoille: thanks for the conky heads up.04:36
switch263'failed to retrieve share list from server'04:36
Jeruvyswitch263: I think I've see a bug for that : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=108214804:37
acovrigyes, I can ssh into my mac, but not into my ubuntu04:37
ardchoillebastidrazor: You're welcome04:37
switch263Jeruvy, cool i'll check it out, ty04:37
acovrigI used to be able to, but, can't (I reinstalled Ubuntu 8.10?)04:37
chuckfacovrig: is the openssh-server installed?04:37
acovrignewst before 904:37
Jeruvyswitch263: hope it helps :)04:37
acovrigI tried sshd, but package not found, so I am just sticking w/ openssh-server04:38
rhorseacovrig: are both computers on the same network? I.e. have you tried to ssh from a remote location?04:38
chuckfcan you pastebin the output of netstat -an|grep 2204:38
acovrigtried both04:38
W9ZEBDaZ: http://www.mydellmini.com/forum/faqs-how-tos/2099-virtually-increase-your-dell-mini-screen-resolution.html04:38
acovrigrhorse, I have tried host names (ssh user@ubuntu.local) and ip addresses (ssh user@ip.address.to.ubuntu)04:39
acovrigfrom my mac term and got nothing, I have another Ubuntu on a different cp that I can ssh into, so it isn't my mac04:39
Newbuntu2arand: do you happen to know how to update grub? the wiki entry doesn't explain how to add another windows entry04:39
rhorseacovrig: sometimes trying to ssh from within the network, even when using ip address, gives bad results.04:40
arandNewbuntu2: it should be able to auto-detect using " sudo update-grub2 "04:40
acovrigI was able to to it before I reinstalled 8, and before I updated to 9 (before I reinstalled 8)04:40
acovrigI had to reinstall 8 (instead of 9) because of a lack of audio drivers and setting options04:41
DaZW9ZEB: we don't have something like this04:41
chuckfacovrig: is port 22 open?04:41
switch263Jeruvy, mounting them worked once i pinged out the NAS box's IP. :)04:41
machxanyone using karmic on acer one D250?04:41
DaZor at least i'm not aware of it ;f04:41
W9ZEBDaZ: that's fine :)  I figured I'd ask :)04:41
W9ZEBDaZ: thanks for trying though.  I really do appreciate it.04:41
acovrigyes (netstat -lt | grep ssh) 22 is listed04:41
acovrigI think that is the cmd04:42
rhorseacovrig: try it with a proxy04:42
acovrigapt-get proxy?04:42
acovrigor just proxy?04:42
acovrigas a cmd?04:42
solifugusI installed pygame but every single pygame tutorial gives me errors like: ImportError: No module named locals04:42
solifugusIs there something wrong with python for ubuntu or what?04:43
spiky25machx tell your problem not your laptop or desktop cause many others models have the same hardware04:43
rhorseacovrig: you would need something like privoxy. Or just use a friend's computer to test it.04:43
machxspiky25 i just had some acpi issues regarding to its hardware04:43
machxspiky25 i just want to know if anyone had the same experience04:44
GhosterHello Everyone ...04:44
EntityRebornusing OSS now04:45
arandNewbuntu2: setting it up all pretty is also described on the wiki, as well as (just for bg images) here: http://www.sayakbanerjee.com/2009/11/11/howto-setup-a-fancy-grub/04:45
Jeruvyswitch263: cool glad its working04:45
EntityRebornJeruvy, thank you for the !factoid04:46
EntityRebornthe web link there helped Lots04:46
GhosterI'm trying to setup ubuntu with 2 video cards a nvida and a ati the nvida has monitors on it and the ati has one.. I have the nvida working but can't get the other one to go...???04:46
JeruvyEntityReborn: awesome.  good to hear04:46
raven_anyone know how to hide the home screen in UNR karmic?04:48
BookmanI am trying to create a live USB but when I run the USB startup creator, it will not allow me to select an .iso.  I find one and select it, but it defaults to what is in my dvd drive04:49
spiky25ati shit omg !!!04:49
spiky25Ati should be a warning, for windows only ...04:49
DaZstop trolling ;f04:50
Ghosteryeah do you know of anyone doing anything like this ?04:50
EntityRebornJeruvy, would you have any ideas into why Ubuntu reports my CPU doesn't support scaling, when with Fedora scaling worked fine?04:50
webbb82can someone in here take a look at this     when i download the nautilus file it says you already have the latest nautilus installed04:50
BookmanAnd if I take the dvd out, it will not allow me to select anything.04:50
Madpilotspiky25, language. also, "all ati is crap" is... not actually helpful...04:51
JeruvyEntityReborn: probably due to the kernel, not all ubuntu's kernels are equal (nor with other distros)04:51
spiky25Madpilot that mean never buy an Ati again !!!04:53
Madpilotspiky25, mine works just fine. ymmv.04:53
DaZspiky25: go to bed04:53
DaZnow ;f04:53
W9ZEBspiky25: I actually like buying ATI graphics cards.  Because unlike their closest competitor, they actually share their engineering docs with the XOrg Developers.04:53
spiky25Ati forums are sometimes spammed by peoples for that and Ati remove all about this ...04:53
W9ZEBmy continued funding of that company, furthers open source development.04:54
Jordan_UW9ZEB: If you don't do gaming intel is still better :)04:54
BookmanOk, has anyone used the usb startup creator successfully in 9.10?04:54
W9ZEBnow, the intel GMA500.....04:54
raven_anyone know how to hide the home screen in UNR karmic?  it would be nice to see the wallpaper04:54
Guest57944I can't install plugins in vuze... Is it the correct channel to post vuze questions...?04:54
W9ZEBJordan_U: I agree, with the GMA500 being a complete failure04:55
GhosterI just need help setting up two different cards and three monitors ?04:55
W9ZEBbut outside of that one chip, so far the 945 and 950 chips are great.04:55
W9ZEBI'm stuck on the, prior to last update, kernel because of the poulsbo driver.04:55
webbb82can someone please go here http://www.webupd8.org/2009/11/dual-panel-nautilus-for-ubuntu-karmic.html       when i download the nautilus to replace the one i got i get a error because i already have the latest nautilus installed    how to i fix this04:56
Jordan_UW9ZEB: poulsbo is the unfortunate exception, there are going to release open source drivers for it though04:56
BookmanOk, I guess not and the new bug reporting system is so hard to use.....not worth the effort.04:56
W9ZEBJordan_U:  I read that.  However holding my breath, isn't something I'll be doing :)04:56
mxweasWho can come up with the best caption for this photo: http://i37.tinypic.com/2llm7eu.jpg ?04:56
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
W9ZEBJordan_U: with luck I'll get a christmas present early, and Intel will release the drivers tomorrow.04:57
webbb82ok i think i got it   if i can somehow del nautilus without having to del ubuntu-desktop and the other depends     would rm nautilus work then just install the downloaded file??04:57
acovrigIf I `ssh user@localhost` it works, if I use a different computer, `ssh user@ubuntu.local` I get "nodename nor servname provided or not known", if I `ssh user@ip.address.of.ubuntu` I get "Operation timed out" - no firewall04:57
Jordan_U!ubuntu-desktop | webbb8204:57
ubottuwebbb82: k/ed/x/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.04:58
webbb82i know but in synaptic when i goto uninstall nautilus so i can reinstall a moded version   it makes me also uninstall ubuntu-desktop how do ii get around thaT04:58
Bookmanhello?  Am I typing into a vacuum?04:59
daedaluzhow I could make a bootable usb stick with dd? I forgot the command04:59
Jordan_Uwebbb82: There is nothing wrogn with uninstalling ubuntu-desktop04:59
raven_it's hard for me to imagine that UNR doesn't allow one to minimize the home screen....04:59
daedaluztrying to dd UNR on usb stick04:59
hyperstreamHey guys, was wondering; i have a External USB HDD, with ubuntu on it, i have 3 PC's two with NVIDIA cards and one with ATI, both NVIDIA machines boot fine, but when it comes to the box with the ATI card x fails to start, cant even use the console (flickers really fast cant type at all), is there anyway to set this up so it'll swap what ever it needs to work on each pc ?04:59
hyperstreamif not, this is ok, just wondering tho04:59
webbb82well when i did that after a reboot i couldnt login04:59
W9ZEBacovrig: in /etc/ssh/sshd_config which interface is the daemon bound to?04:59
W9ZEBacovrig: :22  or localhost:2204:59
* DaZ is curious why does nautilus need shedload of patches to be as functional as dolphin 05:00
acovrigW9ZEB, would `netstat -lt | grep ssh` tell you?05:00
BookmanWow, I guess so05:00
W9ZEBacovrig: installing openssh-server now05:00
daedaluzDaZ: because Qt4 based KDE apps demand much less oackages to function05:00
W9ZEBBookman: it's possible nobody currently here knows the answer to your question.?05:00
webbb82would rm nautilus   del it without uninstalling ubuntu-desktop?05:00
raven_Bookman: don't ask to ask just ask.  if someone knows tjhe answer they will respond.05:01
Jordan_Uhyperstream: Hold shift during boot to see the frub menu and choose recovery mode, install ssh so you can log in remotely and fix / debug X05:01
Flannelwebbb82: There's nothing dangerous about the removal of ubuntu desktop package.05:01
skylwhat's a good rational speed for cdrecord to burn an ubuntu iso from the command line05:01
W9ZEBBookman: I'm not going to waste your time by saying "gee bookman, I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about the problem you're having"  :(  Sorry.05:01
hyperstreamJordan_U,  just going to buy and put a nvidia card in it, much easier, thanks tho05:01
Flannelwebbb82: Just remove nautilus via the package manager (and ubuntu-desktop will come along with it)05:01
BookmanW9ZEB, that would not be a waste. At least an acknowledgment of a post.05:02
W9ZEBacovrig: one moment please.05:02
unfunfAnyone here have any experience with fuse?05:02
skylfor an old geezer cdrw05:02
webbb82i already tried that but when i rebooted my computer it wouldnt start i just got stuck in ttyl05:02
acovrigbrb - rebooting05:02
raven_Bookman: that's not how irc works...05:02
Jordan_U!anyone | unfunf05:02
ubottuunfunf: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:02
W9ZEBunfunf: I've used it once or twice.05:02
unfunfI am trying to get the unmodified attributes of a fies in fuse. I need access to the original modified time (st_mtime), but in order to do this i need access to the original file path05:03
Madpilotskyl, 4x is always safe, even the most ancient of burners should manage it w/o wrecking the CD-ROM...05:03
unfunfand i cannot see where fuse gives me such information05:03
unfunfbasically i am taking all files copied into my root directory (the one managed by fuse) and redirecting them to another directory that is on the underlying filesystem05:04
GhosterI'm trying to setup ubuntu with 2 video cards a nvida and a ati the nvida has monitors on it and the ati has one.. I have the nvida working but can't get the other one to go...??? any idea anyone ???05:04
unfunfbut i create folders that represent the year&month of that particular file05:04
skylMadpilot, cool, thanks I had a CD that said it checked but I burned it in 29 seconds ... I seem to remember it taking 10 minutes before ....05:04
webbb82oh and it also uninstalls gnome-session and nautilus share05:04
unfunfbut the year/month is incorrect because i am accessing the file as it is created by fuse, not the original file05:04
unfunfso do you have any idea how to get the original file path?05:04
unfunffor example, i copy the file from somewhere outside of fuse, i need to get that path.05:05
webbb82how can i remove nautilus without removing those gnome-session,nautilus-share and ubuntu-desktop05:05
BaseBallBoyim trying to make my HTTP server public to everyone outside my subnet05:05
unfunfwell that's not an example, that's the idea :P05:05
unfunfand if you don't know, do you know a channel here or on some other server that would be able to help me answer this question?05:05
unfunfi cannot find an official fuse channel05:05
DaZwebbb82: ubuntu-desktop isn't important05:05
Jordan_Uunfunf: What file system? Also ##linux or maybe #kernel would be better05:06
webbb82ok but isnt gnome-session05:06
=== cp is now known as Guest30035
unfunfwell the underlying filesystem is ext3 i believe05:06
danielc1webbb82: try with dpkg -r05:06
unfunfmy fuse filesystem is just something ive made05:06
BaseBallBoyplease help?05:07
raven_anyone know how to hide the home screen in UNR karmic?  it would be nice to see the wallpaper...05:07
Jordan_Uunfunf: You might be able to cheat using lsof but for a better answer try ##linux or #kernel05:07
unfunflsof, let me google that05:07
unfunfi don't normally use linux05:07
W9ZEBunfunf: it's "LiSt Open files"05:08
W9ZEBunfunf: :)05:08
unfunfyeah id rather avoid that :P seems extremely hackish05:08
unfunfalthough i think ive gone about designing this os in the wrong way05:08
unfunferr fs05:08
Jordan_Uunfunf: That's why I called it cheating :)05:08
mgj? flash05:08
unfunfdamn it. im working on thanksgiving to try to figure this out05:08
W9ZEBunfunf: me too.05:08
unfunfi need to use exif headers  too05:09
W9ZEBwaiting for dump to finish backing up a Xen Dom-U because our qa server ate it's lunch at 01:34 on thanksgiving.05:09
unfunfbut i can't access them until the file is finished writing, and the way i sort is during the open & write phase05:09
unfunfso obviously my logic is flawed. i should maybe sort within readdir05:09
raven_BaseBallBoy: you are not asking an ubuntu question - your question is network related05:10
skylYou may not post new threads; You may not post replies; You may not post attachments; You may not edit your posts05:10
skylwhy does it say that on ubuntuforums.org05:10
BadSectorI have tired installing Ubuntu and Mythbuntu 9.10..from iso and web launcher thing on a system that has XP.  Everytime I get it to install. and It comes to the menu where it ask if I want to start XP or Ubuntu.  I select Ubuntu but it shows another "Select OS" screen that only shows XP.. what am I doing wrong?05:10
BaseBallBoyArgh i was told to ask the question in #ubuntu05:10
Jordan_Uskyl: You aren't logged in05:10
skylJordan_U, I am though05:11
skylam I hated for some unstated reason?05:11
skylssavelan is my name on there05:11
skylI thought I had like 150 beans or something :P05:11
giantpunehey boys.  has anybody had the issue that when you unplug the power to a laptop running ubuntu, the screen goes black and must hard reset ?05:11
skylBuffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 005:12
jackeverymanAnyone use the lamp-server taskel yet? I'm having problems.. It's not querying me for a password05:12
Jeruvygiantpune: not if the battery is alive and well, any more info?05:12
skylend_request: I/O error, dev sr0, logical block 005:12
skylany ideas  of how to diagnose what this means?05:13
giantpunewhat other info would help fix it?05:13
W9ZEBjackeveryman: I'll admit to not even knowing what that is, but I'm interested.05:13
Jeruvyskyl: bad things ;(05:13
jackeverymanw9zeb yeah, google lamp-server05:13
skylJeruvy, but how to fiind out about them and their nature?  what is sr005:13
=== Colrol is now known as Rolcol
Jordan_Uskyl: Your cdrom drive05:14
skylit might mean that my crappy old broken HD is crappy old and broken, and that's not so bad ..05:14
W9ZEBjackeveryman: ahh just a meta package for apache/mysql/php?05:14
skylJordan_U, that's actually what I was afraid of ... but it shouldn't be that bad?05:14
skylit's what I seem to get when I put a disk in05:14
Jeruvyskyl: typically a cd/dvd/blueray issue05:15
jackeverymanw9zeb: yeah, basically, only it works for everyone but me :)05:15
Jeruvyskyl: or some external drive is crapping out05:15
skylhow can I find out what devvice sr0 is?05:15
W9ZEBjackeveryman: got it.05:15
Jeruvyskyl: try 'mount' in a shell05:15
skylal I have is a shell ;(05:16
Jordan_Uskyl: It's /dev/sr005:16
W9ZEBjackeveryman: I've never used the metapackage.  I've always just installed the parts manually.  *shrug05:16
W9ZEBjackeveryman: sorry I can't help you with your problem though :(05:16
acovrigI'm back - long restart05:17
jackeverymanw9zeb: That's cool, at least I unf***** my box after upgrading to 9.10, having winXP disappear from grub, updating grub to grub2 to make it detect xp, then getting error 15 and having to liveCD fix the bootoader. Yeah, I'm just happy I'm around.05:17
acovrigwhat did I miss?05:17
W9ZEBjackeveryman: heh.05:17
skylall kinds of I/O errors after "/dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only"05:18
skylmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0 ...05:18
skyl after $ mount /dev/sr005:18
acovrigW9ZEB, did you answer my question while I was rebooting, or are you still working on it?05:18
=== Kernele is now known as kernele
W9ZEBacovrig: I didn't05:19
sshcjackeveryman: see warning in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2 ; you need to use supergrub (not a live session) to boot into your normal installation and purge grub-pc with "apt-get purge grub-pc" (or purge grub2 if that's what you installed), and then "apt-get install grub2", even if you previously installed grub-pc.  Don't run any upgrade-grub commands after the reinstallation.05:19
skylso, it's SCSI HD, cdrw or SATA HD ...05:19
W9ZEBacovrig: you're still unable to ssh user@ip address from another machine?05:19
jackeverymansshc: Oh it works fine now, I kicked it until it worked.05:19
skylshould I just play eenie meenie minee moe?05:19
acovrigConnection refued or timed out05:19
Jordan_Usshc: That's not true, see the "error 15" section on that page for the solution05:20
jackeverymansshc: There's an article in the wiki on how to fix it.05:20
webbb82does anyone know of a way to change the default file manager05:20
skylif it was a serious problem with the disk/cd I'm using would cdrecord act like everything is okay?05:21
jackeverymanW9ZEB I think the lamp-server tasksel is for the server edition. That WOULD make sense, but I'05:21
jackeverymanW9ZEB: *I'm still upset that I have to install all of those packages manually again05:21
W9ZEBjackeveryman: at least it's not windows.  when was that last time you "upgraded" and didn't ultimately regret not just doing a clean install :)05:22
Flanneljackeveryman: tasksel is available for all versions05:22
acovrigW9ZEB, Operation timed out, I can (ssh user@localhost just fine)05:22
skyljackeveryman, and by manually you mean with $ sudo apt-get ?05:22
W9ZEBacovrig: I assume you didn't edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config at all?05:22
acovrigI just chaned no to yes (maybe) for X11Forwarding05:22
acovrigthat's it05:22
jackeverymanskyl: haha yeah I know, I'm a lazy bastard. It's all the config files that get me05:23
W9ZEBacovrig: hmmm.05:23
skylit seems like my hit rate of making a good ubuntu CD is about 35%05:23
jackeverymanFlannel: Well that specific tasksel isn't working for me, so I'm going to leave it be05:23
jackeverymanW9ZEB: I've never upgraded windows without a full wipe and.. actually yeah, a new computer. I figured that would be hazardous to my mental health.05:24
Flanneljackeveryman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP  will walk you through the process (there's only about half a dozen packages)05:24
baseballer790HELP ME NAO05:24
acovrigI had 8.xx ubuntu, upgraded to 9.xx, didn't like the silence (no drivers for sound) and less settings, reinstalled 8.xx (I think 8.4) and now have this problem, it worked just fine in the first 8 and in the 905:24
skylsometimes the first one I burn checks out and works ... but usually ... probably more like 45% ... like a house-rules coin flip game05:24
W9ZEBacovrig: that's strage.  you've got no firewall running, and you've got ssh listening on
Madpilotbaseballer790, ask an actual question.05:24
EntityRebornany way to set a default Nice value for a program?05:25
EntityRebornfor any user?05:25
baseballer790My CD drive is broken...and I'm too lazy to disect my computer to fix it...can I install Ubuntu without a CD?05:25
W9ZEBbaseballer790: sure, first bit of help. press the key one to the left of "a" on your keyboard.  next remove it.05:25
Flannelbaseballer790: Yes.05:25
BadSector I have tired installing Ubuntu and Mythbuntu 9.10..from iso and web launcher thing on a system that has XP.  Everytime I get it to install. and It comes to the menu where it ask if I want to start XP or Ubuntu.  I select Ubuntu but it shows another "Select OS" screen that only shows XP.. what am I doing wrong?05:25
jackeverymanFlannel: Oh I know, I have a little file with all the how-tos from previous installs. There's stuff like the subversion nautilus utility and phpmyadmin etc. etc. that are all set up and ready to go with this though. Ah well, when I get the chance to do a clean install it'll probably work05:25
BadSector(after it sucessfully installs .. )05:26
skylif I keep playing I will definitely win some ... but the more I play the more I ultimately lose :D baseballer790 yep, you can install from usb .. how do you think the netbook has ubuntu :D05:26
MagicOvercastHi all..05:26
acovrigbaseballer790, If you can use windows ;) or another cp w/ a cd drive, you can put it on a flashdrive, then install it05:26
W9ZEBacovrig: I'm at a bit of a loss regarding your ssh problem.  that one's got me stumped.05:26
baseballer790O shit I'm being versioned05:26
W9ZEBacovrig: I'm not going to insult you by asking if you're sure you've got the right address :)05:26
vengerEntityReborn, maybe /etc/security/limits.conf05:26
EntityRebornvenger, will look05:27
acovrigthat's ok, common mistake, but I have my DHCP server map the address to the MAC address, and I can access it w/ that ip address via port 80 (Abyss Web Server X1)05:27
ScottG489What does it mean if I run a dpkg --status <package> and it returns "Status: purge reinstreq half-configured"05:28
acovrigI might try a different port later (its 11:28PM) - ttfn05:28
W9ZEB73 acovrig05:28
BadSectorAm I asking my question incorrectly or something? lol05:32
goosewhat'a good program to edit a web page with? I don't feel like playing with the whole thing in gedit.05:32
W9ZEBgoose: so suggesting vim is right out.05:33
itiliouscould some one please help me open a port or verify my port is open on my karmic installation?05:34
Madpilotgoose, screem or bluefish.05:34
kevdogdoes ubuntu supply libs with their mingw32 packages?  Is this the correct channel to ask this?05:35
* NOOB100 is back from: what is kdevloper?. away time: 57sec.05:35
* kcj1993 is here!05:36
soley@itilious http://www.canyouseeme.org/05:36
itilioussoley, already check it and its not showing my port as open05:37
soleyHave you forwarded it on your router?05:37
=== JulioNeto is now known as julioneto
gooselet me rephrase: What's a good GUI web editor? Similar to Dreamweaver for Windows?05:38
itiliousmy netstat says its listening on port for tcp605:39
itiliousshould this be tcp?05:39
Trezker... shouldn't Firefox have a web editor plugin?05:41
DrakeHey guys, i need a general question answered and its sort of ... vague so googling hasn't shown much promise05:41
TrezkerI think that'd be a cool thing05:41
gooseask, Drake05:41
Drakewhat would you say in website development is most important to learn05:41
DrakeI just learnt XHTML, javascript and CSS05:41
spOis there a command to automatically go to the previous direcotry one was in?05:42
BadSectorI am invisible or my question sucks? :(05:42
Drakecd -05:42
DrakespO: cd -05:42
DrakespO: although thats only in command line05:42
code08311Awesome, just learned something!  beats the heck out of Yahoo chat (that was years ago for me)05:43
DrakespO: if your looking for keyboard short cuts i think its alt + left arrow key, though don't quote me on that05:43
spOi installed ffmpeg-mt  , but in the codec file i don't see a codec that is just ffmpeg ... ther eis ffmpeg2 and ffmpeg1 ...05:43
=== mahiti_ is now known as indus
Drakeso i am curious in website design whats the most important things to learn05:47
MadpilotDrake, start with basic HTML & CSS. Can't go wrong there.05:48
spOhttp://tinyurl.com/y9das4b  <--- why can't this bug be assigned to anyone(s) ? I cannot play 1080p movies because of this bug and since I have did a fresh install of karmic05:49
DrakeMadpilot: I already got that (well most of CSS) and javascript, though i'm a little perplexed as to what else to go into, A part of me says PHP, another AJAX, i kind of want to avoid XML, i don't know why but it just annoys me05:50
=== Colrol is now known as Rolcol
=== Ifrs is now known as alert2
MadpilotDrake, hard to say. #web is a decent channel to hang out in, most of the time. #html & #css likewise.05:51
kotslonhave a problem with vsftpd virtual user authentication http://pastebin.com/m7883e37 can you help me?05:51
spOwhy isn't that bug assigned to anyone? how does this process work?05:51
DrakeMadpilot: thanks thats a good suggestion, there were too many channels to search through and i'm using mirc at the moment and it hasn't got any sorting things like xChat05:52
indusspO, the bug has to have all the info required by the devs then only it will be assigned to someone05:52
Madpilotsp0, almost all bug sorting & triage is done by volunteers. And there's lots of bugs.05:53
=== USBuntu is now known as USBxD
spOso it has to have enough info for the person to be able to fix it05:53
spOthen someone can simply code it05:53
spOis that what you are saying?05:53
indussp0 eah05:53
indussp0what is this bug?05:53
indussp0 can i see05:53
=== angela is now known as Guest89880
code08311i'm on xchat 2.8.6, and I want to get all of the window panes/frames black and grey05:54
giantpuneok, i got some more info about the laptop auto hibernating bug05:54
Madpilotsp0, it's been confirmed and marked as High importance, so the fact that it's not explicitly assigned isn't huge05:54
giantpunewhen i unplug the cord, i am told that the battery is dead and the laptop dies05:54
indusit doesnt matter if it s confirmed, it wont be taken up unless there is all data05:54
indusgiantpune, yes battery is dead, acer ?05:55
=== iceberg_ is now known as iceberg
giantpunebut i did cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state and it says my battery is not dead05:55
Madpilotindus, not always true. Depends on the bug and what it's in.05:55
indusya that is true also05:55
giantpuneis it ok to paste 5 lines in here?05:55
indus!paste | giantpune05:56
ubottugiantpune: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:56
alert25 lines05:56
alert2i did it05:56
=== f00l is now known as fl0w
Serena-ko hello~05:57
spOindus, the bug mostly affects 3000+ ati cards... if you try to enable fglrx , then xwindows will not boot up.... you will mostly get a flashing console login screen until you delete xorg.conf .... which in turn also disables the driver05:57
alert2chinese always write ~ instead of =)05:57
Serena-ko ?05:57
spOmadpilot, if it is high importance , then i think it not being assigned to anyone is a big deal/huge05:57
Serena-ko a...05:58
spOindus, it does not affect 4000+ series cards, i think05:58
spOi speculate that it might be related to refresh rate05:58
Madpilotsp0, different teams have different practices, I've no idea how the graphic card/drive folks do business05:58
indussp0 go to #ubuntu-bugs for ore speedy help on this05:59
Serena-ko T.T..05:59
indussp0 i solved my problem like that in a day , after waiting for a year :D05:59
Serena-ko 9.10 is releese (???)05:59
geniiSerena-ko: Yes05:59
Serena-ko T_T05:59
moszerhello & hai everyone, i am new in ubuntu, i need ur guidance05:59
Serena-ko Hi~^^06:00
indus!hi | moszer06:00
ubottumoszer: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:00
Serena-ko !ko06:00
ubottu도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko06:00
Serena-ko ../06:00
dave99! tvtime06:00
Serena-ko I'm charset cp94906:00
Serena-ko T.T06:00
=== eduardo_ is now known as magdato
Serena-ko I'm MIRC (!!)06:00
moszerhow to run compiz? i am trying to active the effect in my ubuntu06:00
alert2your crazy dude06:01
Madpilotmoszer, it's quite likely running by default already06:01
indusindus:tvtime is a brilliant piece of software which lets you view television on your pc.Its lightweight and easy to configure and gets you up and running in a minute. :)06:01
dave99does anyone on know any abut bt878 tuner card06:01
indusi filled in on ubottu :D06:01
moszeri'm using ubuntu with virtual box, can the effect still work?06:02
indusdave99: there is help on tvtime site06:02
indusdave99: yeah06:02
dave99i can't find the cardlist06:02
indusdave99: http://tvtime.sourceforge.net/06:02
indusdave99: which card is it? can i see dmesg output?06:03
dave99it's the audio06:03
dave99i can't get the audio to work06:03
Youndertvtime is written in perl..06:03
moszerMadpilot: i have install awn, i click on it, "screen isnt composited, please run compiz" ive just install compiz, am i doing the right thing?06:04
kevdogdoes ubuntu supply libs with their mingw32 packages?  Is this the correct channel to ask this?06:04
Flare-Laptopkevdog: yes06:04
Madpilotmoszer, never used ubuntu in a VM/v-box, nor awn, so can't really help. I don't even run compiz, can't stand it. Metacity is better.06:04
moszerMadpilot: remove compiz? then install Metacity?06:05
Trezkerjust did a search for bluefish in ubuntu software center, and I got two with seemingly no difference... Why?06:05
kevdogFlare_laptop: where because within my /usr/i586-mingw32msvc directory I'm not finding a pkgconfig or sys-root directory!06:06
Madpilotmoszer, metacity doesn't do any of the shiny compositing special effects compiz does. which is why I like it.06:06
moszerMadpilot: & why cant ubuntu be used in v-box?06:06
Flare-Laptopkevdog: Now that is beyond me06:06
lstarnesmoszer: it can be used in vbox06:06
dave99would ati hstv wonder card work06:06
lstarnesmoszer: but visual effects might not be able to be used in it06:06
kevdogFlare_Laptop: I'm wondering if this might not be the correct channel to ask this06:06
moszerow that why06:06
Madpilotmoszer, it can be. It is a lot. Not sure if compiz works there though.06:07
Younderkevdog, mingw32 is a windows library06:07
kevdogYounder: Yes I'm trying to cross compile06:07
kevdogYounder: Yes I'm trying to cross compile Handbrake06:07
e3n|4cque pasada06:08
Younderkevdog, first and formost you need the cross compiler version of gcc06:08
moszerthats all, thanks y'all06:08
kevdogYounder: Doesnt mingw provide this?06:08
dave99the tvtime site does really have much help06:09
Younderkevdog, though since you are using the same processor (ix86) it is mostly for setting some parameters06:09
Younderkevdog, mingw32 is a minimal gcc environment for windows06:10
=== IdleOne_ is now known as IdleOne
Younderkevdog, as such it doesn't cross compile06:10
Younderkevdog, but, if I understand you correctly you want to PORT a linux app Handbrake to Windows?06:11
kevdogYounder: yes06:11
kevdogYounder: cross compile -- which they have some instructions on the Handbrake site how to do -- but it seems mingw32 installed from repository doesn't come with a full set of libraries on ubuntu06:12
Younderkevdog, a cross compile is translating from one processor arcitecture to another06:13
Younderkevdog, you are PORTing software..06:13
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maxinux61Is there a problem with sourceforge.net?06:13
CHESLYNhi everyone!!!!!!06:13
kevdogYouder: Yes I suppose I'm missing terminology06:14
kevdogYouder: Yes I suppose I'm mixing terminology06:14
geniimaxinux61: Not from here (Canada)06:14
maxinux61genii: I seem to be timing out when I try updates.06:15
zanehi i would like some help getting my media keys to work on a dell studio xps 1606:15
Younderkevdog, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=11467806:15
lstarnesYounder: porting is the act of rewriting a piece of software to work for a different platform06:15
lstarnesYounder: unless my terminology is mistaken, this is cross-compiling although it's between OSes, not processors06:16
Younderkevdog, http://forums.codeblocks.org/index.php?topic=3343.msg3553706:16
CHESLYNanyone , i have a problem with my slave 'harddrive'.it shows that my pc has detected it but i dont see it on the screen , whats wrong any ideas?06:16
zaneCHESLYN, have you mounted it?06:17
Younderlstarnes, no that would be porting. There is a bit confusion on the topic though and some people say cross-compiling06:17
lstarnesYounder: that's not porting06:17
con6hi there06:17
kevdogYounder: those links -- which Ive seen are pretty old --06:18
con6anybody knows about firewalls?06:18
indusdave99: http://tvtime.sourceforge.net/cards.html06:18
Younderkevdog, November 27, 200906:18
indusdave99: have you selected proper audio format06:19
Jeruvycon6: firewalls attempt to stop fire.06:19
kevdogYounder: Hmm the original threads were 200606:19
CHESLYNzane: no , how can i mount it?06:19
con6i man firewall in ubuntu06:19
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Jeruvy!ufw | con606:20
ubottucon6: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist06:20
zaneis it a brand new drive?06:20
zaneCHESLYN, is it a brand new drive?06:20
=== DLange_ is now known as DLange
lstarnescon6: what do you need to know about ubuntu's firewalls?06:20
induscon6: the ubuntu firewall is useless by default,06:21
tacowho would want to hack ubuntu06:21
induscon6: you need to set rules for it to be effective for anythig06:21
=== wolf is now known as Guest72343
induscon6: use gufw for a graphical front end to the firewall06:21
billybigriggertaco, someone who has been told they can't06:21
induscon6: what exactly is the question you asking?06:22
con6lstarnes: i am trying to learn about ubuntu and also the firewalls, to configure it06:22
tacohi cooper06:22
CHESLYNzane: no, but is the 1ste time i put it in06:22
tacowassup cooper06:22
coopernm u taco?06:22
x-NaSo, still nobody able to give any tips where to start digging on my suspend problem?06:22
tacojust watchin tv06:22
kevdogYounder: Ive read wiki on cross-compiling -- and it seems like thats what I'm doing06:22
zaneCHESLYN, so i'm am gonna guess you have partitioned or formated it?06:22
tacoand trying to find the backtrack irc channel06:23
zanebacktrack is weeksauce06:23
cooperim going around on huge networks trying to find the biggest irc channel in existance06:23
tacoit pwns06:23
cooperim on a quest :P06:23
tacothis is probably one of the biggest06:23
cooperidk, qnet and efnet are pretty darn huge06:24
tacoim on an adventure!06:24
CHESLYNzane: i have partitioned it06:24
tacowhats efnet?06:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:24
cooperanother network lol06:24
tacoomg another network besides thi one06:24
Drakehey guys whose a c++ supporter here06:25
CHESLYNzane: there are stuff of mine on it06:25
cooperlol @taco06:25
lstarnesDrake: ##c++ is the channel for c++06:25
Snausagestaco: there are dozens of sizeable ones, hundreds in total06:25
cooperquakenet is huge06:25
cooperand efnet06:25
tacono one likes quake06:25
zaneCHESLYN, ok then from a terminal do a sudo mkdir temp06:26
josvukwhat's about freenode? Is it one of the biggest networks?06:26
Jeruvytaco: sure sure, now quit trolling.06:26
osvaldogood morning06:26
coopertaco, its kinda weird how quakenet is HUGE but smaller networks are more active06:26
tacowait what did i say i forgot06:26
cooperits just a bunch of idlers06:26
Jeruvy!troll | taco06:27
ubottutaco: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel06:27
tacoomfg what did i say06:27
tacoooo i remeber06:27
cooperok bye back to my quest06:28
osvaldosomeone tell how to update the amsn06:28
tacosomeones a bit protebout quakective a06:28
tacoi meant protective about quake06:28
tacobye cooper06:28
ron-l-jevening all06:28
zaneany one know about setting up the media keys on a laptop... i need my volume button to work06:29
tacoi wonder how many girls are on this irc06:29
randomuseror turning off the touchpad while one is typing06:30
ron-l-jyou ran update ?06:30
Dayspringcould use some help if possible! :D06:30
zane>50 imo06:30
osvaldoi tried sudo su apt-get install update amsn but it does n t works06:30
CHESLYNzane: after that what must i do ?06:30
Madpilotzane, try System->Pref->Keyboard Shortcuts for you system keys06:30
ron-l-jSO zane is your update current ?06:30
zanedo a mount /dev/sdb0 /temp06:30
cooperaccording to netsplit.de , quakenet is the largest irc network overall taco06:30
Dayspringi accidentally deleted Banshee from my sound and video menu and now i can't get it back06:31
b0b3plz go 2 sites.google.com/site/howtowinafight & click on adds06:31
b0b3plz go 2 sites.google.com/site/howtowinafight & click on adds06:31
b0b3plz go 2 sites.google.com/site/howtowinafight & click on adds06:31
FloodBot1b0b3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:31
tacocooper: lets go there!06:31
ron-l-jhave you looked at hardware compatibly list for ubuntu ?06:31
coopertaco join #topstars once you are06:31
b0b3plz go 2 sites.google.com/site/howtowinafight & click on adds06:31
geniib0b3: Stop or be booted06:31
=== Maelstrom is now known as Guest88366
cellofellowspammer can't even spell ads.06:31
randomuserive always wanted to know how to win in a fight06:31
b0b3plz go 2 sites.google.com/site/howtowinafight & click on adds06:31
zaneron-l-j, yes it is06:31
Dayspringyes ron-l-j?06:31
ron-l-japplications>ubuntu software center06:32
zaneMadpilot, i have set my layout to every dell in there and they still dont work06:32
cooperNO taco come back06:32
b0b3plz go 2 sites.google.com/site/howtowinafight & click on adds06:33
ron-l-jor admin>synaptic and search banshee06:33
Dayspringok, i reinstalled Banshee, however I can't add the shortcut back to the menu06:33
ron-l-jdrag and drop to the taskbar06:33
CHESLYNzane: it says 'mkdir: missing operand' and now what06:34
dave99no luck06:34
Dayspringwhere do i find Banshee?06:34
ron-l-japplications sound and video06:34
zaneCHESLYN, you didn't add the temp to make a temp folder06:34
Dayspringit's not there06:35
ron-l-jto use MKDIR you need to supply a file name after it06:35
Dayspringi deleted it by accident from there06:35
zaneMadpilot, ohh i see but its not registering when i pess the volume key to assign it06:35
ron-l-jDayspring are you using 9.10 ?06:35
ron-l-jok just open your applications menu06:35
ron-l-jthen go to the bottom06:36
Madpilotzane, odd. usually no issues with that; my MS multimedia keyboard works and configures fine06:36
ron-l-jand click on ubuntu software center06:36
ron-l-jthen click on sound & video06:36
zaneMadpilot, yeah i dont know whats up.. its a dell xps 1606:37
zaneMadpilot, on windows i had to install a quickset thing to get it to work06:37
ron-l-jthen scroll down to banshee06:37
Madpilotzane, Dell usually work OK w/ Ubuntu. Check ubuntuforums.com and launchpad.net for bugs and workarounds06:37
alephnullI have a local mirror of main and updates for karmic and jaunty. When update-manager (on jaunty) indicates that there is a new release, it tries to download everything from the internet.06:37
alephnullIs there a way to make it use the local partial mirror ?06:37
ron-l-jdouble click it and click install06:37
zaneMadpilot, i have been all over the forums with no luck about this model...06:38
asmodeusPricey, so got shocked?06:38
Dayspringbanshee is already installed but i have no way to launch it because i can not add it to my menus because i deleted the shortcut and cannot get it back06:38
ron-l-jhit alt F206:39
induscan i disable cool and quiet with cpu freq scaling?06:39
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist06:40
ron-l-jgo to system preferences > main menu it should still be in there06:41
ron-l-jyou can add it back to your menu06:41
induscan i disable cool and quiet with cpu freq scaling?06:41
induscan i disable cool and quiet with cpu freq scaling?06:41
ron-l-jindus why do you want to do that ?06:41
Dayspringno i'm afraid not.....i really screwed it up!! :P06:42
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:42
indusron-l-j: to make my pc a tyranausarus for running games06:42
ron-l-jOK dayspring time to open a command prompt06:42
asmodeushee haa06:42
indusi mean, does it speed up game performance06:43
Dayspringok i'm ready06:43
lstarnesindus: if you use cpufreq's ondemand governor (which is default, I think) then it should automatically adjust the cpu frequency as needed06:43
induslstarnes: well, i have my doubts thats why06:43
ron-l-jok I am going to install banchee real quick and show you how to locate it in the  command line06:43
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lstarnesindus: it works well enough for me, and I do some considerable high-powered stuff like runing virtualbox06:43
muri_onehas ati's linux driver support caught up to nvidia yet? or is nvidia still the king?06:44
induslstarnes: ok06:44
DayspringNvidia is the King anyways! :P06:44
indusmuri_one: its good enough06:44
indusmuri_one: i hear06:45
muri_oneI'd like to support the company that's opening up it's hardware specs to open drivers. But at the same time I want something that works with the least amount of hassle right now.06:46
muri_oneand lets me play the occasional game06:46
TironNhow is everyone?06:47
CHESLYNzane: sorry , so how must i add it?06:47
bradpittidk why equalizer in amarok is not working, it's even not active. any hints?06:48
ron-l-jopen your places folder06:48
ron-l-jclick on computer06:48
ron-l-jthen filesystem06:48
=== Guest36060|away is now known as Guest36060
ron-l-jthen usr06:49
ron-l-jthen bin06:49
ron-l-jthen double clich in the banshee file and select run06:49
ron-l-jit will run06:50
ron-l-jare you good dayspring ?06:50
Dayspringnot running06:50
Dayspringand i have a banshee-1 as well06:50
ron-l-jdid you get a window that popped up asking you if you want to run it ?06:51
ron-l-jok you made a copy of it06:51
ron-l-jtry running it in the terminal06:51
CHESLYNzane: so how must i add it?06:51
ron-l-jdouble click and click run in terminal06:51
ron-l-jany luck ?06:52
Dayspringi screwed it up big time06:52
Dayspringshould i uninstall and reinstall again?06:52
ron-l-jok command line time to erase it06:52
Dayspringok sounds good06:52
ron-l-jkeep your filebrowser window open06:53
relentlessWhy does screen not give me another screen...06:53
ron-l-jopen terminal and type$ cd /06:53
asmodeusoh Madpilot you are also an op?06:53
zaneoie netsplit06:54
ron-l-jtype pwd and tell me what it says06:54
Madpilotasmodeus, yes06:54
Dayspringno such file or directory06:54
Meowpupthanks muchly06:54
Meowpupi'm off now as havn't instaled06:54
ron-l-jok you must hit "pwd"06:54
asmodeusMeowpup, hullo06:54
lstarnes!who | ron-l-j06:54
ubotturon-l-j: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:54
asmodeuswhy were you banned? Meowpup ?06:55
ron-l-jI am talking to dayspring06:55
lstarnesron-l-j: but your messages aren't prefixed with Dayspring's nick06:55
Dayspringron, how do i get to pwd?06:55
macoDayspring: pwd is a command06:56
kcj1993wow my session just restarted for no resin, I thought linux was stable.06:56
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
macoDayspring: it tells you the full path to the directory you are in06:56
lstarneskcj1993: "stable" is relative06:56
ron-l-jdayspring  if your terminal is open and you tipe pwd it will say where you are in the system06:56
macokcj1993: did you hit ctrl+alt+backspace?06:56
Dayspringhome/<user name>06:56
kcj1993i know what that does06:56
ron-l-jdayspring type "cd /"06:57
ron-l-jDayspring then hit enter06:57
kcj1993would the logs give me a hint to what happend?06:57
ron-l-jdayspring now type "pwd"06:58
Dayspringok... it just came back as /06:58
ron-l-jdayspring good you are at the top of the file system now.06:59
Dayspringoh ok....cool06:59
ron-l-jdayspring now type "cd usr"06:59
Balsaqhow do i change mt password07:00
lstarnesBalsaq: which password?07:00
ron-l-jDayspring use the "pwd' command again and you should see "usr"07:00
Balsaqto log into ubuntu07:01
Dayspringyup... says /usr07:01
enzotibBalsaq: passwd username07:01
lstarnesBalsaq: passwd07:01
Balsaqin terminal?07:01
lstarnesBalsaq: where else would it be?07:01
ron-l-jdayspring now type "cd bin"07:01
Balsaqok thanks07:01
The_Journeyanyone know if the new version of boost (1.41.0) is available for boost yet? I tried Synaptic but it still says only 1.40.007:02
ron-l-jdayspring type "ls" you will see alot of files07:02
Dayspringyup, ok07:02
CHESLYNhi guys , how can i do a sudo mkdir temp or add a temp to make a temp folder?07:03
JGodboutI have just bought a new Dell Inspiron 15 and installed Karmic on it. The wireless drivers don07:03
TannI changed the password for an account and either I mistyped the password both times or something happened, I can no longer log in as this user. Unfortunately this user is the only one who has "sudo" ability. How can I reset the password for this account?07:03
ron-l-jdayspring We are now going to delete the banshee file ok07:03
JGodbout I have just bought a new Dell Inspiron 15 and installed Karmic on it. The wireless drivers don't seem to be existant/working. Is there a way to get my wireless working without using this ndiswrapper thing?07:04
macoTann: boot into recovery mode and type "passwd USER"07:04
Dayspringok sounds good07:04
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ron-l-jdayspring type "rm banshee" if you dont get any errors banshee was deleted07:05
kcj1993it just did it again07:05
Tannmaco: I can't edit the grub entry in any way.07:05
Dayspringpermission denied07:05
JGodboutIgnore me, all is good07:05
macoTann: you dont need to edit the entry, just pick a different one07:05
ron-l-jDayspring we are going to change the owner ship of the file :D07:06
Dayspringdoes sudo rm banshee do anything?07:06
The_Journeywhoa whoa you're not suppose to edit grub.cfg >_>07:06
kcj1993how the hell can a tab in firefox restart my session?07:06
Tannmaco: I can't pull up the grub menu, it just says "loading grub..." then the OS boots07:06
ron-l-jdayspring yes it does but you need the permission to delete the file it is a fail safe so accedents dont happen07:07
Dayspringwhat if i typed that command?? :P07:07
ron-l-jdayspring "rm means delete" banshee is the file07:07
=== Guest36060|away is now known as Guest36060
kcj1993that was a question07:08
Tannmaco: I think I may have to download an alternate installer disk and just use that for recoveryt07:08
Dayspringi typed sudo rm banshee07:08
macoTann: oh. boot from a live cd and mount the drive, then edit the /etc/shadow file thats on the drive so that the second field is empty on that user. like if its tann:$6$ghydfjf:... make it tann::...07:08
Dayspringand it worked07:08
macoTann: it should blank the password07:08
ron-l-jdayspring sweet07:08
Dayspringbut is that ok?07:08
ron-l-jdayspring yes you deleted the file :D07:08
ron-l-jcd /07:09
Dayspringawesome...ok :D07:09
Tannmaco: dead end with that though. I have a software raid set up on my hard drives and can't mount them when on the live CD07:09
macoTann: ok then use the alternate cd and do it from a shell07:09
CHESLYNtann: im having problems to mount my drive any help?07:09
Dayspringi still have that banshee-1....should i delete that too?07:09
root_hello everyone07:10
lstarneskcj1993: we can hear you07:10
ron-l-jdayspring yes make shure to spell it exactly :D07:11
kcj1993yet you remain silent!07:11
aftacAnyone know what needs to be done in Ubuntu 9.10 to make a network drive (WD Sharespace 4TB) work properly and reliably? It can be accessed but after a while it loses access and has to be unmounted and remounted to regain access. If that is not done clicking on the icon opens a number of files in VLC player. Googling, I've only become more confused as I'm not familiar with CIFS/smb/samba and...07:11
aftac...perhaps there is something I need to install manually?07:11
lstarneskcj1993: you need to be patient.  If we don't know an answer, we won't usually answer07:11
Tannmaco: Oh good, the torrent is going fast tonight. Thanks for the help.07:11
Dayspringok good deal...deleted that too07:11
Um_cara_qualquerhow do i install the latest codecs avaliables for ubuntu?07:11
kcj1993what so sit around and wait for no answer?07:12
lstarneskcj1993: it might be something else that you are running causing the crashes07:12
Madpilotubottu, codecs | Um_cara_qualquer07:12
ubottuUm_cara_qualquer: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:12
root_Whats the topic here?07:12
kcj1993its firefox07:12
lstarneskcj1993: someone might be looking, but you need to be patient07:12
ron-l-jdayspring good now type "cd /"07:12
lstarneskcj1993: if nobody answers after a while, just ask again07:12
Madpilotkcj1993, hang out, ask again in 10 minutes or so - lots of churn here07:12
TannCHESLYN: I'm not one to ask about that at the moment.07:12
=== ubuntu is now known as rolantloss
root_ummm can i know whats the prob @kcj199307:13
Dayspringok back to /07:13
lstarneskcj1993: I've never heard of that particular issue, so it is less likely that somebody here would know a solution07:13
CHESLYNtann: k07:13
furunoso I wonder, if there's a simple & lighweight presentation app for Gnome/GTK that "fits" with Abiword / Gnumeric (on ubuntu jaunty) ?07:13
ron-l-jdayspring Now type "locate banshee"07:13
rolantlossI built an xorg, and it is doing nothing but failing, is there a way I can get the 1280X768 resolution without having to break X over and over again07:13
lstarneskcj1993: does it always happen when doing a certain action or visitng a certain site?07:13
migg137how do i make ubuntu detect my sd card in the slot on my laptop? thanks07:14
kcj1993if i open this website my session will restart http://openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID=116307:14
Dayspringok.....huge list07:14
kcj1993which is strange07:14
root_hmm check the package of firefox kcj there is a package error07:14
lstarneskcj1993: it's working for me07:14
migg137nevermind worked by itsef now07:14
lstarneskcj1993: does it contain any flash or java?07:14
ron-l-jdayspring ok all your music files have banshee taks that is the reason for the huge list :D07:15
kcj1993i don't know07:15
Dayspringahhhh ok07:15
ron-l-jdayspring tags not taks :D07:15
Dayspringgotcha ;)07:15
kcj1993i will try it again, but don't answer until i come back07:15
ron-l-jdayspring type "usr/share/app-install"07:16
KeuHi Folks. I'm running Karmic. I can't seem to prevent my display from going to sleep after 10 minutes. I've set Display sleep to Never in Power Management and tried to activate the Inhibit applet but neither seem to work. Screensaver is disabled07:17
Blackshadowhello everyone here07:17
e3n|4cwhere is this channel I'm spanish07:17
aftacmigg137: you might look at dmesg to see what is happening when you insert it. I believe it should appear in /media once it mounts.07:17
furuno!hi | Blackshadow07:17
ubottuBlackshadow: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:17
Middlemannetstat -vat ; i see netnews how do i disable/remove that shit07:17
lstarnese3n|4c: /join #ubuntu-es07:17
furuno!es | e3n4c07:17
ubottue3n4c: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:17
Blackshadowwhere is Kcj i heard he's facing some issues with firefox07:17
andrew[andrboot]Hi guys, running 9.10 ubuntu server, wanting to make eth0 & eth1 brdiged i.e. eth3 (same subnet etc) i know it can be done in windows.. haven't gotten to work on ubuntu here is my interfaces: (it loops back on itself) http://pastebin.com/d68bbb65807:17
Dayspringok i get a bash when i typed that07:17
lstarnesBlackshadow: he'll be back in a coupld minutes, I think07:18
Blackshadowok no problem07:18
ron-l-jdayspring sorry "cd usr/share/app-install07:18
foxhi is anyone online i have a printer problem07:18
=== Tann is now known as Flakeparadigm
Blackshadowi think we all are online :D07:18
e3n|4cya estoy en varios canales españoles pero este es una pasada la de usuarios que hay07:18
rolantlossim offline07:18
* andrew[andrboot] sighs07:18
* andrew[andrboot] plugs in eth1 & watches his network go poof07:19
Dayspringok got it07:19
macoe3n|4c: solo hablamos en ingles aqui07:19
foxi have a printer canon mp160 and i geting error on my office07:20
foxanyone know something?07:20
ron-l-jdayspring ok type "ls"07:20
e3n|4cya pero estoy asombrado 1151 persona07:20
e3n|4ces asombroso07:20
Blackshadowwhat was the prob with kcj ?07:20
Dayspringok it says channel desktop icons07:20
ron-l-jFOX Have you googled buntu cannon mp160 ?07:20
macoBlackshadow: nobody could answr the question and they got annoyed07:20
e3n|4cmaco: eres español or ingles07:21
lstarnesBlackshadow: going to a particular site in firefox caused his entire desktop session to crash07:21
heisoundfunny333does anyone know how to tether a sony ericson w350i on at&t network in ubuntu? i can get it recognized in ubuntu 9.10 but i cannot get a connection going.....is there some magical password i am supposed to enter?07:21
fox<ron-l-j> yesterday it working fine but today i have error07:21
Jordan_Uandrew[andrboot]: Does eth1 use dhcp and have a default gateway?07:21
Blackshadowumm i heard this prob a few months ago07:21
macoe3n|4c: solo ingles aquí07:21
Balsaqwhen i change my refresh monitor refresh rate to 53kz...it will not save that setting and goes right back to 50 when i power off and restart?07:22
Blackshadowthat was solved with reinstall of firefox07:22
e3n|4coptimizer: Ido07:22
fox<ron-l-j> yesterday it working gine but today iv get error07:22
e3n|4coptimizer: I do07:22
andrew[andrboot]Jordan_U no... they have no address :p they are on the same network/subnet..07:22
ron-l-jdayspring try "locate banshee" again07:22
andrew[andrboot]i want them to "share" the same ip so I can balance the load07:22
andrew[andrboot](plan to rape it enough to use 2 GB ports)07:22
Jordan_Uandrew[andrboot]: Ahh07:22
ron-l-jfox google it and look for a how to or others who have the same errors :D07:23
Dayspringok another list.....big list07:23
heisoundfunny333does anyone know how to tether a sony ericson w350i on at&t network in ubuntu?07:23
heisoundfunny333i can get it recognized in ubuntu 9.10 but i cannot get a connection going.....07:23
heisoundfunny333is there some magical password i am supposed to enter?07:23
e3n|4cmaco: solo estoy viendo ya se ve que solo es ingles07:23
andrew[andrboot]Hi guys, running 9.10 ubuntu server, wanting to make eth0 & eth1 brdiged i.e. eth3 (same subnet etc) i know it can be done in windows.. haven't gotten to work on ubuntu here is my interfaces: (it loops back on itself) http://pastebin.com/d68bbb65807:24
macoe3n|4c: si tú necesitas hablar en español va a #ubuntu-es07:24
Youndermaco #ubuntu-se07:24
Youndermaco #ubuntu-es07:24
macoYounder: im trying to explain that to e3n|4c07:24
heisoundfunny333does anyone know how to tether a sony ericson w350i on at&t network in ubuntu?07:24
heisoundfunny333i can get it recognized in ubuntu 9.10 but i cannot get a connection going.....07:24
heisoundfunny333is there some magical password i am supposed to enter?07:24
ron-l-jdayspring can you "locate banshee-1.desktop"07:24
macoYounder: what i was saying was "only english here" and then "if you need to speak spanish, go to #ubuntu-es"07:24
heisoundfunny333does anyone know how to tether a sony ericson w350i on at&t network in ubuntu?07:25
heisoundfunny333i can get it recognized in ubuntu 9.10 but i cannot get a connection going.....07:25
heisoundfunny333is there some magical password i am supposed to enter?07:25
lstarnesheisoundfunny333: could you please put your question into a single line and avoid repeating as often?07:25
Blackshadowwell i want to use perl07:25
Blackshadowi can't07:25
Youndermaco, got that, though my spanish isn't all that good :)07:25
heisoundfunny333could you answer it lstarnes07:25
ron-l-jdayspring ok "cd desktop" and look at the list for banshee07:25
Blackshadowany suggestions?07:25
Jordan_UBlackshadow: Why can't you?07:25
lstarnesheisoundfunny333: if I knew an answer, I would, but I don't know. Sorry07:25
macoYounder: i figured telling them that in english wouldnt work so great ;)07:25
Blackshadowdunno i am trying to start it from shell07:26
lstarnesBlackshadow: what happens when you start it?07:26
heisoundfunny333well then find someone who does should be talking then07:26
lstarnesheisoundfunny333: we can hear you and there might be someone else here that might know.  also, try the forums07:26
Jordan_Umaco: Just so you know !es will give a message saying that in spanish, and there are similar messages for all language channels07:26
macoJordan_U: i know, but someone had already done that and been ignored07:27
heisoundfunny333yeah a google search does nothing pretty much07:27
kcj1993it did it again07:27
ron-l-jAny python users here ?07:27
Blackshadowit don;t show the one i want i.e, #!/usr/bin/perl07:27
Blackshadowyup i  am a python progi07:27
ron-l-jCool :D07:27
kcj1993ron-l-j, try #python07:27
e3n|4cadios a todos good bye everybody07:28
Dayspringron, i see nothing when switching to desktop then typing ls07:28
Jordan_UBlackshadow: What happens when you try to run a perl script? Please be verry specific about what is going wrong or we can't help you07:28
kcj1993anyone got any ideas?07:29
Blackshadowi told u i can;t see that when i write sudo perl :D07:29
ron-l-jdayspring did you"cd"into desktop and then type"ls"07:29
lstarnesBlackshadow: perl should not be run as root07:29
Jordan_UBlackshadow: Can't see what?07:29
Blackshadowi am a root07:29
lstarnesBlackshadow: check the permissions of /usr/bin/perl07:29
Blackshadowi mean my user is root07:29
lstarnesBlackshadow: get a regular user07:30
Jordan_UBlackshadow: Please explain exactly what you are doing, and what error you get doing it07:30
Blackshadowsame with that too07:30
ron-l-jBlackshadow can you locate the bin perl file in your path ?07:30
Blackshadowyes its there07:30
lstarnesBlackshadow: make sure the the script that you are trying to execute is marked as executable (use chmod +x scriptname)07:30
ron-l-jBlackshadow did you chmod it?07:30
lstarnesBlackshadow: or use perl scriptname07:31
Blackshadowahmm no i guess07:31
ron-l-jBlackshadow "chmod 777"07:31
Dayspringyes, nothing listed with banshee07:31
lstarneskcj1993: try reinstalling firefox07:32
Blackshadowahmm  k lemme try07:32
ron-l-jdayspring good that is the location you accedently deleted it from before07:32
lstarneskcj1993: if that fails, remove your ~/.mozilla/firefox or ~/.mozilla or move it elsewhere07:32
ron-l-jdayspring cd ..07:32
lstarneskcj1993: removing those will erase your settings07:32
Dayspringtype cd .. ?07:32
Dayspringok done07:33
pfred1Hi. I'm new to Ubuntu and was wondering how I could change my color depth in X?07:33
ron-l-jdayspring never mind the cd .. that is a command to move up one file :D no worries07:33
heisoundfunny333fuck this07:33
maco!language | heisoundfunny33307:34
ubottuheisoundfunny333: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:34
Dayspringok, so go back to desktop then?07:34
heisoundfunny333damn this07:34
Jordan_Upfred1: 24 is the same as 32 if that is why you are asking07:34
kcj1993crashed again, i think it's java07:34
macoheisoundfunny333: the forums really are the place to ask questions about weird hardware07:34
pfred1Jordan_U really I see no way of even checking it yet.07:34
macoheisoundfunny333: because they dont depend on you and the other person with the same hardware being around at the same time07:34
Blackshadowwell i got that solved07:34
macoheisoundfunny333: ubuntuforums.org07:35
Blackshadowget the opera for ubuntu @kcj07:35
ron-l-jdayspring "cd /"  then "cd /usr/share/app-install/icons07:35
=== kb is now known as Guest76687
ron-l-jBlackshadow cool it is so easy to for get permissions it happens to all of us :D07:36
Blackshadowno i did got that updated07:36
Blackshadowactually i am using backtrack07:36
General13372im having trouble making partitions07:36
General13372it keeps giving me an error saying07:36
General13372got it07:36
General13372Error: Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition.07:36
General13372ped_disk_new() failed07:36
FloodBot2General13372: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:37
pfred1By default does Ubuntu 9.10 not set up an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?07:37
bobohey guys, i'm trying to rip a home movie dvd to a avi (or any movie format for that  matter) and I've tried like 5 diff programs and nothing has worked cuz itz either been terrible quailty or just an error07:38
CHESLYNguys i have a problem with my drive i can find it or see it. but when i switch on the pc it shows that it has detected it.any idea whats wrong?07:38
ron-l-jDayspring that should take care of it. one final check is to open your synaptic package manager under admin07:38
Jordan_Upfred1: Yes, all distros are ( or will be ) using no xorg.conf by default07:38
pfred1CHESLYN I use mencoder from mplayer07:38
Blackshadowany perl programmer??07:38
Jordan_Upfred1: You can still create one if you need one07:38
om26er!ot | Blackshadow07:38
ubottuBlackshadow: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:38
lstarnesBlackshadow: this channel is for ubuntu only07:39
CHESLYNpfred1: what do mean?07:39
lstarnesBlackshadow: #perl can help with perl07:39
pfred1Jordan_U I've seen different opinions about that on some forums I was lead to from Google so I am not entirely sure if that is 100% accurate or not.07:39
Jordan_Ubobo: Try handbrake07:39
CHESLYNpfred1: what do you mean?07:39
pfred1CHESLYN what i mean is I have no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.07:39
bobolol, that's what i'm actually tryin right now. prayin that it'll work07:39
ron-l-jdayspring click on the lower left of the package manager "status"07:40
CHESLYNpfred1:k but do you have a slave?07:40
pfred1CHESLYN beyond that the resolutions setup are inadequate.07:40
ron-l-jDayspring select "installed" and scrool down to banchee click it and mark it for complete removal07:41
Jordan_Upfred1: Upsream Xorg has slowly been depending less and less on an Xorg.conf and doing more autodetection, Ubuntu does not need an Xorg.conf anymore and therefore doesn't ship one by default ( though it will add one if you change the default, for instance installing nvidia drivers through Hardware Drivers )07:41
pfred1CHESLYN I'm new to Ubuntu but not exactly new to Linux I have seen things working better.07:41
Dayspringok done07:41
ron-l-jDayspring remove it apply changes07:41
osvaldohow to fix07:41
pfred1Jordan_U well I hate to break it to anyone but I had better hardware detection in 200307:41
Dayspringalright...that part is done07:41
osvaldomissing dependences07:41
KeuHi. I'm running 9.10 on a desktop. I can't seem to prevent my display from going to sleep after 10 minutes. I've set Display sleep time to Never in Power Management and tried to activate the Sleep Inhibit applet but neither seem to work. Screensaver is disabled. Any ideas?07:42
Jordan_Upfred1: What gfx card?07:42
CHESLYNpfred1: so any idea that i can show my slave drive on ubuntu07:42
pfred1Jordan_U and got the XF86Config files to prove it too!07:42
Dayspringso should i install it in the software center?07:42
Jordan_Upfred1: Anecdotes don't really mean much :)07:42
ron-l-jDayspring reinstall it and you should be good as new :D07:42
ron-l-jdayspring yes thats fine :D07:43
pfred1Jordan_U sec let me check07:43
Dayspringok just installed....let's see what happens07:43
pfred1Jordan_U ATI Technologies Inc Rage 128 Pro Ultra TF07:43
Jordan_Upfred1: Though a slightly more meaningfull anecdote is that I see a *lot* less questions about not getting full resolution in this channel now than a few years ago07:44
ron-l-jCHESLYN do you have gparted installed ?07:44
Blackshadowrun the cfdisk cheslyn07:44
ron-l-jDayspring fingers srossed :D07:44
pfred1Jordan_U oh i have full resolution it is the dozen other resolutions I seem to be missing07:44
Dayspring:-$ didn't work07:44
Blackshadowin console07:44
Lostinspace_46I did a "sudo remove --purge" on gimp.  I have about 125 files left over.  How can I get full permissions on all the files at once, so I can just select them all, and move them to trash?07:44
pfred1Jordan_U that and i am getting horrible artifacts on my screen when I drag a window07:45
ron-l-jok then go to the banchee site down load the tar file and install it in a seperate directory :D07:45
KindOnepfred1: i think this is helpful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51060607:45
pfred1Jordan_U which is why I want to check the dolor depth and hopefully change it to something that'll make that stop!07:45
Jordan_Upfred1: Try turing off compiz ( desktop effects in System > Preferences > Appearance ) and can you pastebin the output of "xrandr" ?07:46
pfred1KindOne been there read that07:46
ron-l-jdayspring http://banshee-project.org/07:46
om26er!info freepats07:46
ubottufreepats (source: freepats): Free patch set for MIDI audio synthesis. In component universe, is optional. Version 20060219-1 (karmic), package size 28285 kB, installed size 33224 kB07:46
muri_oneIs there any kind of up to date system guide out there for putting together a linux friendly desktop machine?(that can play some games too)07:46
Jordan_Upfred1: Why do you suspect color depth is the problem07:46
Dayspringoh well, thanks for your help ron.....i appreciate your time07:46
Jeruvymuri_one; have you looked at ubuntu desktop recently?07:46
Blackshadowgood bye all need to have my hands on new language lol07:46
Jay360is the downloads for Pc or 360?07:47
ron-l-jdayspring download source tarrball07:47
pfred1Jordan_U because supposedly this card sucks in 16 bit and is better in 32 or 24 if you prefer07:47
CHESLYNBlackshadow: i tried to run cfdisk ,n it says ''fatal error: cannot open disk drive''07:47
pfred1Jordan_U really I'm just hoping to make the artifacts go away07:47
ron-l-jCheslyn is your drive mounted ?07:47
Jordan_Umuri_one: You mean other than help.ubuntu.com ?07:47
Jay360downloads for Pc or 360???07:47
Jordan_Upfred1: Try disabling compiz07:48
BlackshadowCHESLYN: join me on gmail or yahoo07:48
DaZ_Dayspring: what are you doing? :f07:48
ron-l-jdayspring  go to your downloads folder\07:48
CHESLYNron-l-j: no , how can i mount it07:48
newbyHi All, I am new to ubuntu (from xp) and I am really07:48
payne_he where do I start if I want to get serious about linux?07:49
CHESLYNBlackshadow: i have gmail n than what?07:49
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
ron-l-jCheslyn you have to unmount it. there is a great graphical tool called gparted that makes it so easy, we could use the command line all day but it would be easier to install gparted07:49
muri_oneJordan_U: I mean a guide of suggested hardware. Such and such motherboard, cpu, network card, video card and so on. Something like the ars system guides, but with some linux/ubuntu focus07:49
DayspringDaZ, i screwed up my Banshee....trying to get it back07:49
BlackshadowCHESLYN: wait here i will get my Blackshadow id will add u there hold on07:49
Jordan_U!hardware | muri_one07:49
ubottumuri_one: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:49
DaZDayspring: by recompiling it? :f07:49
ron-l-jDayspring make a folder there call mb07:50
ron-l-jDayspring we are going ot compile it  with the command line07:50
pfred1Jordan_U desktop effects are disabled.07:50
newbyi have a sound issue with a EMU10k1 and I was wondering if anyone can help me.... I have search everywhere but all the possible solutions don't seem to work07:50
* DaZ doesn't see the point :c07:50
pfred1Jordan_U typically I don't go in for nonsense like that and turn that sort of thing off but its been off.07:51
ron-l-jDayspring put the banshee tar ball in the folder07:51
CHESLYNron-l-j: there is'nt even a caommand that i can execute in terminal to get gparted?07:51
newbyI get this error on speaker test07:51
newby@HomeUbuntu-PC:~$ aplay -Dsurround51 11k16bitpcm.wav07:51
newbyPlaying WAVE '11k16bitpcm.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 11025 Hz, Mono07:51
newbyaplay: set_params:984: Channels count non available07:51
pfred1Jordan_U should i enable the desktop effects?07:51
FloodBot2newby: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
muri_oneJordan_U: I'm more looking for a guide where someone has gone through the work of putting together a few builds that work well.07:52
Jordan_Upfred1: If they are disabled you probably don't have hardware accellerated 3d right now07:52
ron-l-j CHESLYN "sudo apt-get gparted"07:52
arvind_khadrihi,how do i create user writable ext3 partitions?07:52
pfred1Jordan_U yes is there like an xf86config like app for xorg?07:52
Jordan_Umuri_one: You can buy a computer from system76 or Dell http://dell.com/ubuntu07:52
Madpilotron-l-j, "sudo apt-get install gparted" will likely work better...07:52
arvind_khadriron-l-j, you missed install07:53
ron-l-jDayspring open your mb folder and click the tar ball and use the extract here option07:53
Jordan_Upfred1: Xorg --configure07:53
pfred1Jordan_U because something tells me this is configged like garbage now07:53
newbysound works only in front channel07:53
pfred1Jordan_U ta will try that!07:53
BlackshadowCHESLYN: join me on  Blackshadow.Apocalypse07:53
ron-l-jMadpilot yes thankyou :D07:53
Lostinspace_46OK. If I drop to root from the  CD's boot menu how much control over the system do I actually have.  For instance, can I delete and create files and folders?07:54
Jordan_Upfred1: Sorry, only one dash ( -configure )07:54
Dayspringok got it07:54
pfred1Jordan_U OK07:54
muri_oneJordan_U: that might be exactly what I need, thanks07:54
Jordan_Upfred1: I doube that artifacts would be caused by misconfiguration, sounds like a driver problem to me07:54
pfred1Jordan_U one more question run that in an xterm in X or drop to a console and run it?07:54
Jordan_Umuri_one: np07:55
Dayspringand i cd to the mb folder07:55
pfred1Jordan_U I doubt i am using the correct driver07:55
Jordan_Upfred1: Console07:55
ron-l-jDayspring now you need to get in side that folder using the command line can you get there ?07:55
CHESLYNron-l-j: must i install it without verification?07:55
newbyany suggestions?07:55
CHESLYNBlackshadow: k i'll do so07:55
pfred1Jordan_U this system has run Ubuntu 6.04 I believe it was and it didn't do these things07:55
ron-l-jCheslyn yes that is fine it is a gnome program based on the command line you can not hurt it and it is a trusted source07:56
Dayspringyup i'm there07:56
=== Guest23640 is now known as faitz
Jordan_Upfred1: COuld be a regressuion in the radeon driver, I assume you never used fglrx?07:56
Dayspringsudo make install ron?07:56
pfred1Jordan_U never even heard of it but I'll search the term now that i have07:56
FarroosAnyone developing symbian software on ubuntu?07:57
Dayspringor is it sudo apt-get make install ?07:57
pfred1Jordan_U usually I'm a nvidia kind of a guy but I'm fresh out now07:57
ron-l-jDayspring neither07:57
Jordan_Upfred1: It's the proprietary ati driver, it's never been installed by default so you would have had to install it yourself07:57
Dayspringoh crap...:(07:57
ron-l-jDayspring we are going to compile it from source07:57
Dayspringok what is it?07:57
pfred1Jordan_U at this stage of the game if it fixes what is going on I'd give it a shot but I am just thinking the wrong driver is running07:58
Jordan_Upfred1: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?07:58
smknight_there is a very easy ati fix07:58
pfred1Jordan_U sure07:58
sukumarHi eveybody07:58
newbyI added a .soundrc file but how do I know that it is loading properly?07:59
ron-l-jDayspring please "pwd" for me :D07:59
Dayspringi'm in the extracted folder07:59
sukumarCan I know how to use Reliance netconnect on my ubuntu 8.10?.07:59
muri_onewell dell is out. It's not letting me build a ubuntu system without buying a monitor07:59
maconewby: i think its supposed to be .asoundrc07:59
DaZron-l-j: what are you trying to achieve by recompiling it?08:00
smknight_muri_one: just call them08:00
DaZno offence but it seems strange <:08:00
Lostinspace_46I did a "sudo remove --purge" on gimp.  I have about 125 files left over.  How can I get full permissions on all the files at once, so I can just select them all, and move them to trash?08:00
andrew[andrboot]Hi guys, running 9.10 ubuntu server, wanting to make eth0 & eth1 brdiged i.e. eth3 (same subnet etc) i know it can be done in windows.. haven't gotten to work on ubuntu here is my interfaces: (it loops back on itself) http://pastebin.com/d68bbb65808:00
macomuri_one: i buy from zareason.com08:00
smknight_dont use the fuckin onlinesystem08:00
ron-l-jDayspring "ls" and look for the file that says configure. can you see it08:00
maco!language | smknight_08:00
ubottusmknight_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:00
smknight_mimimi :(08:00
pfred1Jordan_U ah, any section in particular or the whole thing? its 788 lines long.08:00
Dayspringjust configure ?08:00
Jordan_Upfred1: Whole thing, you can use pastebinnit ( sudo apt-get install pastebinnit && pastebinnit /var/log/Xorg.0.log )08:01
ron-l-jaclocal.m4    config.h.in   data       HACKING              libbanshee   NEWS08:01
ron-l-jAUTHORS       config.sub    depcomp    install-sh           ltmain.sh    po08:01
ron-l-jbuild         configure     docs       intltool-extract.in  Makefile.am  README08:01
ron-l-jChangeLog     configure.ac  extras     intltool-merge.in    Makefile.in  src08:01
ron-l-jconfig.guess  COPYING       gstreamer  intltool-update.in   missing      tests08:01
FloodBot2ron-l-j: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:01
nerikojoin #ubuntu08:01
pfred1Jordan_U easier than copy paste wit hthe mouse!08:01
Dayspringi see configure and configure.ac08:01
ron-l-jDayspring do you see that ?08:01
DaZneriko: you're already here [;08:01
nerikoOkay, I'm having issues with my Update Manager08:02
sukumarcan anybody help me?08:02
pfred1Jordan_U E: Couldn't find package pastebinnit08:02
ron-l-jDayspring you may want to be root to do this so type "sudo bash "08:02
Jordan_Upfred1: Sorry, only one n, pastebinit08:03
pfred1Jordan_U k08:03
ron-l-jDayspring then "./configure"08:03
Dayspringok, i still only see those 2 configure08:03
Lostinspace_46sukumar,  There is a great tutorial in the forums dealing with wireless08:03
pfred1Jordan_U http://pastebin.com/f358dbb2c08:04
nibblermorning. on both my upgraded systems the tsclient applet for the gnomebar wont work. any fix for this?08:04
Lostinspace_46sukumar,  Do you want the url?08:04
Blackshadowgood bye everyone its time to go08:04
Blackshadowhave fun08:04
bradpittwe will, bye08:05
nerikoGPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org karmic Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available08:05
milo__i was wondering what i would need to make my ubuntu run my network in my house like login and internet and auto mount hdd space on the ubuntu box08:05
Lostinspace_46OK. If I drop to root from the  CD's boot menu how much control over the system do I actually have.  For instance, can I delete and create files and folders?08:05
AnxiousNutim trying to install ubuntu 9.04 and i am at the step where i have to use "install video=ps3fb:mode:X" in my case x=38, but it's not working, it reboots then nothing happens, please help08:05
Jordan_Upfred1: How bizzarre, it's using fbdev08:05
nerikoNO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A2783GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org jaunty08:05
Blackshadowif u want suggestion on any issue add me on gtalk blackshadow.apocalypse@gmail.com08:05
pfred1Jordan_U its all bizarre to me!08:05
milo__can anyone help me with that or tell me what all i need to install and set08:06
Dayspringit says my inittool is too old08:06
Jordan_Upfred1: Create an xorg.conf and put "ati" as the driver in the device section08:06
pfred1Jordan_U if it wasn't for the window drag artifact things and having no resolution change I'd be happy I mean it sort of works.08:06
sukumarLostinspace, Please send me the url08:07
Jordan_Upfred1: ANd you get full resolution ttys :)08:07
Oracle_i want to remove password prompt from local Win partition08:08
pfred1Jordan_U yeah between the drag artifacts and my lack of usable resolutions I knew something had to be messed up thanks for all your help08:08
ron-l-jdayspring "sudo apt-get install intltool '08:08
Lostinspace_46sukumar,  This is it.  It's a very in depth tut.08:08
pfred1Jordan_U I haven't setup a system since 2003 so I'm a little rusty08:08
nerikoAnyone have a clue about my issue?08:08
Jordan_Upfred1: np, there may be a good reason why it's not using ati though so don't think just adding that is a sure bet08:08
rwwneriko: It looks like you didn't set up Medibuntu properly. One sec, I'll get you the instructions.08:09
Madpilotneriko, seems like you need to import the medibuntu key again08:09
Madpilotubottu, medibuntu |  neriko08:09
ubottuneriko: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org08:09
rwwneriko: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repository08:09
nerikoThanks. This just started happening yesterday08:09
pfred1Jordan_U I've been thinking I'll merge some info from an olf XF86Config file i have on this system because the monitor is "unknown" really I should just get a new gfx card08:10
rwwneriko: or, "sudo apt-get --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring" should also do it.08:10
Oracle_how to install emarland themes in compiz?08:10
sukumarLostinspace_46,  are u there?08:10
Oracle_emerald themes08:10
Lostinspace_46Oracle_,  "sudo apt-get emerald"08:10
Jordan_Upfred1: Try this for an xorg.conf: http://pastebin.com/f7ea3d32608:11
Lostinspace_46this is the URL  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88584708:11
Dayspringok got that done ron.....ran ./configure successfully08:11
nerikoAppreciate it08:11
pfred1Jordan_U sec have to let my cat out bbiab08:11
ron-l-jdayspring thats it it is configured and you should be able to run it with a double click08:12
ron-l-juse your graphical file manager08:12
LinuxGuy2009Hey guys I just got a new wireless mouse for my Dell Mini here and Im testing openarena on it but the audio is completely rubbish static stuttering. Im assuming its a pulseaudio problem. How can I fix this?08:12
Oracle_Lostinspace_46 thanks & ..u forgoe install  "sudo apt-get install emerald"08:12
Lostinspace_46Oracle_, OOPS, my bad08:13
DaZDayspring: dude08:13
moonbakerI've searched the ubuntu forums, and a few other ppc linux specific forums, and can't find a solution for this problem: medibuntu repositories don't support powerpc for karmic koala. Is it possible to use jaunty medibuntu on karmic? Or is there another recommended solution?08:13
DaZjust reinstall banshee from the repo08:13
Dayspringi tried that already DaZ....i really screwed it up08:14
ron-l-jDon't forget alt F2 emerald --replace08:14
sukumarthank you Lostinspace_4608:14
Lostinspace_46Oracle_,  I have aliases set for a lot of commands, so I sometimes misspeak.08:14
DaZDayspring: and what happened when you tried08:14
CHESLYNron-l-j: i'm having problem my achivement  and it serious now can oyu help me08:14
Lostinspace_46sukumar, You are most welcome08:14
ron-l-jDayspring what happened ?08:14
Oracle_thats why i said forgot08:15
DaZbecause recompiling it and listening to someone who told you to remove binaries won't do any good.08:15
Jordan_Upfred1: This isn't a PPC mac is it?08:15
ron-l-jCheslyn you are ??? what now ?08:15
Dayspringwell, one i couldn't get the shortcut added back to the menus and two, it won't launch.....and it still won't launch :(08:15
pfred1Jordan_U ~08:15
rwwmoonbaker: It'd be unsupported, but you could try it. What out of medibuntu were you planning to install?08:15
LinuxGuy2009If I remove puleaudio package from my system I also lose the volume applet so is it possible to remove pulseaudio on 9.10?08:15
Jordan_Upfred1: ?08:15
pfred1Jordan_U opps just got back from cat there no it is an old Gateway08:15
Lostinspace_46OK. If I drop to root from the  CD's boot menu how much control over the system do I actually have.  For instance, can I delete and create files and folders?08:16
macoLinuxGuy2009: you can modify volume in command line "alsamixer" if youre not using pulseaudio08:16
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Jordan_Upfred1: Just so you know I have to leave in about 15 minutes08:16
ron-l-jDayspring the problen is deeper than I can help you with right now. I would save my personal files to a thumb drive or a external hard drive and start fresh08:17
pfred1Jordan_U I never used this PC very much in the past but now that I am using it I am not liking this video adapter much I think i need to change it.08:17
DaZron-l-j: ...08:17
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: You can do anything from the LiveCD08:17
Dayspringthanks again for your help ron....i appreciate it....take care08:17
LinuxGuy2009maco: Theres no GTK gui front end or alternative?08:17
lstarnesDayspring: what was the issue that you were having?08:17
ron-l-jEVERYONE makeing a /home partition on your Linux hard disc will save you from loosing your personal files and makeing a fress install easy08:17
macoLinuxGuy2009: you could use the kde frontend, kmix. but gnome is all about pulseaudio these day08:18
Dayspringmy banshee....i really screwed it up. i uninstalled it and deleted it from the menu sound and video....reinstalled and can't launch it or get it back on the menus08:18
LinuxGuy2009maco: I wish they would have tested it more instead of integrating a broken system.08:18
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U,  Do I need to do anything special?  Like to delete files?08:18
DaZDayspring: logs.08:19
DaZshow me the logs!08:19
ron-l-jCheslyn what are you running in to ?08:19
lstarnesron-l-j: I think you are using an overly convoluted method to fix Dayspring's problem08:19
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: What specifically are you trying to do and why?08:19
CHESLYNron-l-j: there is'nt even a command that i can execute in terminal to get gparted?08:19
AndrelaSДобрый день всем08:19
lstarnesDayspring: try reinstalling it (sudo aptitude reinstall banshee)08:19
Lostinspace_46I did a "sudo remove --purge" on gimp.  I have about 125 files left over.  How can I get full permissions on all the files at once, so I can just select them all, and move them to trash?08:19
bazhang!ru | AndrelaS08:19
MadpilotLinuxGuy2009, PA isn't actually broken for *everyone*, hard as that may be for some to believe...08:19
ubottuAndrelaS: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:19
moonbaker 08:19
lstarnesDayspring: after doing so, see if you can launch it from the terminal08:19
CHESLYNron-l-j: i'm having problem my achive and it serious now can you help me out08:20
ron-l-jCheslyn sudo apt-get install gparted08:20
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, I tried "sudo -i" but that didn't work08:20
Dayspringhow do you launch from terminal?08:20
LinuxGuy2009Madpilot: Is there any adjustments that I can make to help pulseaudio to work without the garbled audio?08:20
moonbaker 08:20
DaZDayspring: type banshee08:20
Madpilotmoonbaker, please don't post gibberish08:20
bazhangmoonbaker, did you have a support question08:21
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: What specifically are you trying to do and why?08:21
ubottuDayspring: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:21
tsimpsonreturn from netsplit08:21
pfred1DaZ netsplit08:21
MadpilotLinuxGuy2009, I really don't know - have you checked the various PA help pages?08:21
DaZpfred1: i know08:21
Madpilotubottu, pulse |  LinuxGuy200908:21
ubottuLinuxGuy2009: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions08:21
DaZbut this one was very unexpected ;f08:21
LinuxGuy2009Madpilot: No I havent.08:21
pfred1this network used to be sooooo much better .....08:21
DaZit's still good.08:22
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Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, I removed and purged gimp.  I want to remove the left over files.(125)08:22
pfred1does Gnome do autoraise and autofocus? and if yes where can I set that? I really hate the new KDE :(08:23
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.08:23
ron-l-jDayspring right click on your misic file and select open with banshee08:23
Dayspringlol can't even do that ron!!! :D08:23
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U,  "sudo" didn't work, nor does"sudo -i"08:23
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: In what way didn't it work?08:24
Madpilotpfred1, you mean "focus follows mouse"? I think so.08:24
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Dayspringcan you repair ubuntu with a CD?08:24
pfred1Madpilot I was never a big fan of gnome but it is better than the version of KDE I have now08:24
lstarnesDayspring: I don't think this warrants a system repair08:24
ron-l-jcann you ply them with movie player DAYSPRING ?08:24
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.08:24
rwwpfred1: there's an option for it in System -> Preferences -> Windows08:25
ron-l-jDayspring you can repair it with your live cd08:25
Madpilotpfred1, System->Preferences->Windows has a "select windows when the mouse moves over them" option - sounds like what you want08:25
pfred1rww ta08:25
Dayspringyeah they can play with rhythmbox and movie player08:25
lstarnesDayspring: if you purge banshee and reinstall it, it should probably work again08:25
bazhangFayntic, hi08:25
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, Sorry..more specifically  "sudo -i" should give me full permissions on all folders.  However it let me remove some folders but not others. And seemingly no files.08:26
bazhang!give me a test08:26
* giantpune_ gives me a perl script08:26
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!08:26
lstarnesDayspring: you may also need to delete ~/.banshee if it exists in order to clear your settings08:26
pfred1Madpilot yes once i found it I fixed it waaaay better!08:26
DaZlstarnes: i think he doesn't want it to work ;f08:26
Dayspringwhat is the command for that lstarnes?08:26
bazhanggiantpune_, disable that script08:26
CHESLYNron-l-j: must i install it without verification?and after that it says The following packages cannot be authenticated!gparted08:26
pfred1Madpilot I got my wondow shading too!08:26
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: What is the exact command you are running and what is the error that you get?08:26
Younderlstarnes, I don't know sudo not working is weird08:26
Madpilotpfred1, to each his own; I tried the 'focus follows mouse' thing a while back, it drove me nuts.08:26
lstarnesDayspring: sudo aptitutde purge banshee && sudo aptitude install banshee08:26
pfred1Madpilot its all in the delay and i guess being used to it08:27
MacynMadpilot its all in the delay and i guess being used to it08:27
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rww!list | jone108:27
ubottujone1: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:27
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U,  No command per-se. I used "sudo -i" and made the password, expecting to select all the files and folders and delete them all at once.08:28
Jordan_Upfred1: If you mean selecting a windows when you move the mouse over it and then raising it after a period of time, yes gnome has that option08:28
YounderLostinspace_46, what?08:28
ron-l-jDayspring you should do a reboot and try to play the files again,08:28
DaZthat was awesome08:28
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: "made the password"?08:28
pcbuilder97hey whats a good desktop recorder for ubuntu????08:28
Dayspringok brb08:29
pfred1Jordan_U yeah others fixed me up with where to find it i feel much better now and will stay in The Gnome the new KDE is horrible!08:29
rwwpcbuilder97: "desktop recorder" meaning something that'll take a video recording of your desktop?08:29
YounderLostinspace_46, for one thing you don't 'make' the password with sudo, you 'use' it08:29
rwwubottu: screencast | pcbuilder9708:29
ubottupcbuilder97: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.08:29
ron-l-jCHESLYN it asks you y/n ? correct ?08:29
skylit looks like you can't have a bad HD plugged in and try to install ubuntu to an adjacent good HD ...08:29
YounderLostinspace_46, passwd sets the password08:29
Jordan_Upfred1: Have you tried the xorg.conf I sent you?08:29
CHESLYNron-l-j: what must i do ?08:29
permalaci would like to explain a weird thing about quest/vintela or authentication services to someone. It executes the logonscript if i go root and type 'login', but it does not if i just reboot the computer and authenticate. does anybody seen this before?  thanks08:30
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, when I do "sudo -i" then I use "sudo password root" and enter a password08:30
rwwskyl: that tends to be the case, since various parts of Ubuntu will try to access the bad HD, yes.08:30
Madpilotpcbuilder97, there's "istanbul" - never used it myself08:30
pcbuilder97ok thanx i tried istanbul and record my desktop and they didnt work ill try the athers and see what happens08:30
Pricey!give me something random08:30
* giantpune_ gives me a cherry tree08:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:30
bluejeanscan anyone recommend an app to strip audio from an .mp4?08:30
lstarnesLostinspace_46: you should not set a root password08:30
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: Why did you do that?08:30
pfred1Jordan_U i downloaded it but I'll probably fix the modeline section put in my old ones and I am thinking of just putting a new video adapter into this machine too08:30
YounderLostinspace_46, second sudo is a command line utillity, you can't 'select' anything08:30
Madpilotgiantpune_, kill that script right away, please.08:30
Jordan_Upfred1: With fbdev you can only have one resolution ( determined at boot )08:31
ron-l-jCHeslyn when you run sudo apt-get install gparted does it ask you if you want to install y/n ? or does it fail giving you no option to enter y08:31
jone1booting my raid1 drops me to the busybox with alert  md0 not found, typing mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 within the busybox works like a charm...any ideas?08:31
jonzdoes anyone know how berkely's signature is in so many man pages? I ask especially in reference to the ones like logger, which even says at its footer that its a *linux* util.08:31
pfred1Jordan_U yeah it is horrible I tried changing res doing some youtube earlier and was like wth?08:31
lstarnesjonz: a lot of *nix networking utilities originally came from UC Berkeley's BSD08:32
pfred1Jordan_U from poking around some and not having settings in places i should have I knew something major bad was up.08:32
Jordan_Upfred1: I need to manually use fbdev because of a crappy sis card I have but I've never heard of it being used by default08:32
ron-l-jJONZ berkely is the place where BSD UNIX is based and many linux libraries and command come from UNIX08:32
jonzso that man pages were  left unchanged? even though that one was clearly changed since BSD?08:32
pfred1Jordan_U I just loaded this machine up yesterday I haven't changed very much yet.08:33
ron-l-jBerkley Science Department08:33
lstarnesron-l-j: no08:33
lstarnesron-l-j: Berkeley Software Distribution08:33
Jordan_Upfred1: I need to leave soon, do you mind trying that xorg.conf now to satisfy my curiosity? :)08:33
pfred1Jordan_U i was running SuSE 8.2 since 2003 before and hadn't messed with much there for quite some time now.08:33
ron-l-jYES Lstarnes thank you :D08:33
pfred1Jordan_U sure i'll drop it in and restart X you've been a great help08:34
rwwjonz: I'm not seeing a "Berkeley signature" in the three manpages Ubuntu has entitled "logger"08:34
jonzI know what berkley is, and what bsd stahnds for. it was more just a curious thing of why they'd still have BSD signatures on them if they've all probably been edited in one way or another08:34
skylwt ... 69% and I get errno 5 input/output error08:34
jonzrww: sorry if this is a lot of text:      The logger command is part of the util-linux-ng package and is available from ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux-ng/.08:34
ron-l-jStill part of the unix shell08:34
jonz4.3 Berkeley Distribution                                                      June 6, 1993                                                     4.3 Berkeley Distribution08:34
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, OK I read a tut, It said type "sudo -i" and that would temporarily be like logging in as root. It also said the I had to enable it by typing "sudo passwd root". Using search feature I found all the left over files.  I want to select them all, and delete them all at once. To do this I need to have full permissions on all the files and folders, and the tut said that "sudo -i" etc. would do it08:34
skylI guess it's time to check into booting from usb ...08:34
jone1booting my raid1 drops me to the busybox with alert  md0 not found, typing mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 within the busybox works like a charm...any ideas?08:35
lstarnesjonz: the pages are often changed but the editors often leave the BSD signatures08:35
skylwhy can the install not back up and try again where there was an IO error?08:35
ron-l-jskyl Unetbootin works great08:35
pfred1Jordan_U bbiab08:36
skylron-l-j, yeah, that's how I did this netbook that I'm typing on08:36
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: You don't need to enable anything to use sudo -i, and you don't want to run "sudo passwd root" unless you really know what you are doing08:36
CHESLYNron-l-j: yes it ask me y/n08:36
andrew[andrboot]Hi guys, running 9.10 ubuntu server, wanting to make eth0 & eth1 brdiged i.e. eth3 (same subnet etc) i know it can be done in windows.. haven't gotten to work on ubuntu here is my interfaces: (it loops back on itself) http://pastebin.com/d68bbb65808:36
ron-l-jcool U was running UNR then went to moblin08:36
* andrew[andrboot] sighs08:36
gerzelhey I want to log-into my computer using ssl.  How do I look up the adress for it?08:36
skylbut seems a little odd for the desktop ... I wonder if the bios will even let me boot from usb ..08:36
andrew[andrboot]bazhang any ideas?08:36
lstarnesgerzel: ssh, you mean?08:37
ron-l-jCHESLYN type Y and hit enter08:37
gerzelssh yeah08:37
jonzrww: (just curious if you actually found yourself at a different man page or what) - did yu find that signature I showed you? or are you still not seeing that in your man page?08:37
gerzelsorry its late08:37
lstarnesgerzel: you can use ifconfig to find the local address08:37
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, OK. I'll accept that, but why does it not give me full permissions?08:37
blackduckcheck your ipconfig08:37
Youndergerzel, you don't. But if you are alread loggen in use ifaddress to figure it out08:37
Younderifconfig, sorry08:38
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U, Or am I missing something here?08:38
lstarnesgerzel: if you are behind a router, you'll need to use the router's public IP and forward its port 22 to your computer's port 2208:38
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: What permissions does it not give you? What command are you running and what error are you getting ( after running sudo -i )?08:38
inki-68Hi all, anyone here that could assist me concerning that sound is 'lost' in ubuntu 9.10 - it was there but not anymore08:38
rwwjonz: from the look of it, the manpage reader I was using strips that line out, but it's in the actual manpage. So never mind what I said :\08:38
CHESLYNron-l-j: i did it n it says The following packages cannot be authenticated!08:38
Youndergerzel, on the whole it totally depends how you set up your computer08:38
=== zeltak2 is now known as zeltak
chrispitzerhi all.  I added a partition to install 9.10  I'm not quite ready to kill my 9.4 partition yet, but I resized it down a bit, and want to add that space to my 9.10 partition... the problem is, gparted will let me move/resize the 9.4 partition, but I can't edit the 9.10 partition.  This is true even if I'm running off of the 9,10 live cd.  Any ideas?08:38
jonzinteresting. alright, have a good night everyone08:38
Youndergerzel, like do you have a stationary IP or do you use DHCP08:38
ron-l-jCheslyn you have to up date your sources list in the package manager08:39
blackduckgerzel: u can use "netstat -nlt" to check if your server is listening the port 2208:39
andrew[andrboot]inki-68 check alsa/pulse.. mostlikey pulse fails :)08:39
rwwchrispitzer: does the partition have a lock icon next to it when you run off the LiveCD?08:39
lstarnesgerzel: make sure that openssh-server is installed08:40
inki-68Someone having problem with the sound in Ubuntu 9.10 ?08:40
Youndergerzel, do you have a hostname,a nd does the 'a?' lan see it etc08:40
nerikoI'm back again08:40
Lostinspace_46Jordan_U,  No error. The tut said "sudo -i" would be temporarily like logging in as root, which you can't do.  And that it would give me full permission on all files and folders.08:40
AniXsh: inxi: not found08:40
nerikoI'm still getting the  following:08:40
chrispitzerno.  Let me clarify.  I can shrink the partition, but can't move it or make it biger (even though I have free space before the partition...)08:40
skylthis is when all those tons of cheap commodity hardware from 1999 really come back to bite you in arse08:40
paulandbeckyhi i am trying to install vista in my ubuntu system help08:40
CHESLYNron-l-j: i tried it once and it failed also. any idea/08:40
lstarnesLostinspace_46: only within the shell in which it is run08:40
dragonfisti have a problem08:40
gerzelyounder for one computer  yes the other I need to check08:40
dragonfistabout printing08:40
Jordan_ULostinspace_46: And what makes you think "sudo -i" didn't do exactly that?08:40
gerzelthanks I think I got it08:40
lstarnesLostinspace_46: running it in the terminal won't make the rest of the desktop run as root08:40
rwwinki-68: type "/join #ubuntu-se"08:41
nerikoFailed to fetch http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release/dists/-cs).list/\/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found Failed to fetch http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release/dists/-cs).list/--output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.08:41
paulandbeckyhow do install vista in a ubuntu system08:41
Lostinspace_46lstarnes,  AHA, so only in the terminal??08:41
gerzelI think it uses dhcp  But for now I'm just accessing w/in the local network.08:41
lstarnesLostinspace_46: yes08:41
gerzelso ifconfig should be enouhg08:42
lstarnesLostinspace_46: try alt+f2 then gksudo nautilus08:42
pfred1Jordan_U http://pastebin.com/f130573a308:42
lstarnesneriko: I think you added the repos incorrectly08:42
nerikoI haven't made any changes08:42
blackduckgerzel, do u know the ip address of the server?08:42
nerikoMy computer has been working fine until yesterday08:42
paulandbeckyhow do install vista over ubuntu08:42
Madpilotlstarnes, Lostinspace_46 - be incredibly careful running gksudo nautilus - you can wreck your system in one click...08:42
Lostinspace_46lstarnes, Hmm, never thought of that.  It sounds like that is what I need08:43
bazhangpaulandbecky, you wish to dual boot or erase ubuntu08:43
Jordan_Upfred1: Sorry, it's late, remove the extra quote after "ati"08:43
gerzelblackduck: Which server?  The one I have set up?  or the one I connect to for my isp?08:43
lstarnesLostinspace_46: just remember to be extremely careful08:43
lstarnesgerzel: the one that you want to connect to using ssh08:43
pfred1Jordan_U heh OK but hey I'll come back tomorrow OK?08:43
blackduckgerzel, I mean the server which you would like to log on08:43
Jordan_Upfred1: Ok, I won't be here :)08:44
nerikoIf my repos is fubar'd, how do I fix it?08:44
ron-l-jCHESLYN apt-get install debian-archive-keyring08:44
ron-l-japt-get update08:44
pfred1Jordan_U no? when then?08:44
paulandbeckyi have install ubuntu  over written vista now gone but need to install vista now08:44
rwwneriko: from the look of it, you copied the command at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repository into something instead of running it.08:44
Jordan_Upfred1: Wednesday08:44
AniXNvidia 190.42 works fine for ubuntu 9.1008:44
lstarnesneriko: edit /etc/apt/sources.list or the appropriate file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/08:44
gerzelnight I'm gonna turn in  If I have more questions I'll asl later.  thanks for the help08:44
Cody574Hey guys, I'm using Wubi with Ubuntu Jaunty, what are the changes in Ubuntu Karmic?08:45
Lostinspace_46Madhu___, I have a folder with left over files from purging gimp, those are all I want to mess with.  Doing a chown and chnod on each individual file take forever08:45
CHESLYNron-l-j: is'nt it a problem at the authorizations?perhaps08:45
blackduckgood night~08:45
Cody574I haven't used it in a while, so I'd like to know what the upgrade does08:45
pfred1Jordan_U I made a note of it C U then!08:45
ron-l-jCheslyn apt-get update08:45
Jordan_Upfred1: Bye08:45
ron-l-jcheslyn sudo apt-get install update08:45
Ramseizewhat will i put it cron to make a application start everytime i switch my computer on08:46
lstarnesCHESLYN: I think he means sudo apt-get update08:46
Ramseizewhat will i put it crontab to make a application start everytime i switch my computer on08:46
lstarnesRamseize: @reboot command08:46
ron-l-jif its an auth problem become root type sudo bash and then run the command08:46
MadpilotLostinspace_46, you know both chmod and chown can do resursive changes, right?08:46
FireCrotchLostinspace_46: you can do chmod 777 *  (or whatever chmod you need)08:46
DayspringTHANKS A TON RON!!! and everyone else who helped me!! worked like a charm after i purged and reinstalled!!!08:46
lstarnesDayspring: I think I was the one that recommended that08:47
Ramseizelstarnes, ok ill try that one08:47
ron-l-jDayspring !!! SWEET :D08:47
MadpilotLostinspace_46, also, "leftover" sounds like a good way to delete something some other part of the system is still using. Are you that short of harddrive space?08:47
blackduckcrontab -e? maybe?08:47
trogedoi don't think so08:47
Dayspringyes you did lstarnes!!! very much appreciated!! and i got it added back to my menus!!!!! SUH_WEEEEET!!!! :D08:47
chrispitzerdoes anyone have a better tool to use for partition editing than gparted?08:47
paulandbeckyhelp need to install vista on a ubuntu system08:47
Lostinspace_46Madhu___, Yes, but I have sever folders and 125 individual files. I did a nautilus search08:48
Younderpaulandbecky, that is tricky, windows doesn't understand ext308:48
rwwpaulandbecky: Do you want to replace Ubuntu with Vista, or install Vista alongside Ubuntu, or run Vista inside Ubuntu?08:48
Lostinspace_46Madhu___,  No but the newest gimp I got from thier site said to fully remove the old gimp08:48
paulandbeckyalong side08:48
Dayspringok, so i'm pretty much a n00b with Linux....how did you guys get so good with the coding and such??08:48
paulandbeckyor can i run it inside ubuntu08:48
Younderpaulandbecky, I guess I should ask if you are using NTFS or ext3?08:49
nerikorww, I just ran the command on that website in Terminal, and still get the 404 not found error08:49
ron-l-jDayspring MAKE AND BREAK08:49
paulandbeckywhat is ext308:49
ShapeShifter499rww: don't forget ubuntu portable08:49
ShapeShifter499rww: its ubuntu inside of windows08:49
rwwShapeShifter499: which is the opposite of what the user asked for =/08:49
blackduckext3 is the file system which linux uses08:49
blackduckand windows use ntfs08:49
lstarnespaulandbecky: it's one of linux's main file systems08:49
blackduckU can not install windows on ext308:50
Lostinspace_46Dayspring,  Practice and asking questions and killing the install now and then...lol08:50
Younderpaulandbecky, it is a lot easier to install windows first and the ubuntu08:50
Dayspringi have a hard time memorizing and remembering codes!! lol08:50
lstarnespaulandbecky: ext4 is starting to replace it08:50
paulandbeckyext3 then08:50
daniel1Hi! Does enyone know who can I ask questions about Why Ubuntu won't boot on a HP Probook NX626EA laptop and how can I fix it?08:50
ron-l-jdayspring I have broke my ubuntu so many times. but I make a /home partition and never loose one pick or vid08:50
blackduckdaneil1: more details?08:50
Younderpaulandbecky, do you need to keep the current ubuntu installation (or some fils per hasps)?08:50
federico79Hi, can anybody help me with a bluetooth headset in karmic?08:50
CHESLYNron-l-j: it says  'Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead'08:51
Dayspringron, i broke mine once so far....big, big no-no on my part....9.10 was still in beta testing and i decided to do an upgrade..... *broke*08:51
rwwneriko: Tun "gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" and copy-paste the document into http://paste.ubuntu.com/, then link to the page it creates here.08:51
nerikoThat's the issue I'm having CHESLYN08:51
rwwneriko: Run **08:51
ron-l-jCheslyn that should be fine try to install gparted again08:51
daniel1when I start try Ubuntu without changes...it just freezes and get a black screen08:51
Younderpaulandbecky, otherwise take a windows recovery cd and forat for NTFS, install windows, then install ubuntu08:51
blackduckdeniel1: can you go into bios?08:51
paulandbeckyit cant see the hard drive08:52
=== box is now known as kmg
Dayspringthere were a couple of books i thought of buying to get more comfortable in ubuntu....have you used any books ron? i know one was called the Ubuntu Bible08:52
federico79Hi, can anybody help me with a bluetooth headset in karmic???08:52
kmghey, how can i encode an audio start point with mencoder?08:52
CHESLYNron-l-j: it give me the some thing as before08:53
kmgi want to specify to mencoder a time in the audiofile to start at08:53
daniel1haven't tried it yet...08:53
nerikorww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/32916908:53
Younderpaulandbecky, ok formatting make you loose all the data so back it up first08:53
nerikoAnd thanks for helping :)08:53
blackduckdaniel1: so where do u stop now? a black screen does not help~08:53
Younderpaulandbecky, if you don't already have one get a USB drive, they are cheap these days08:53
paulandbeckyhow do i format it i dont understand this system08:53
blackduckdaniel1: more info is needed.08:54
rwwneriko: delete the last line in that document (the one ending in "--output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list08:54
=== elky is now known as elky`
ron-l-jcheslyn does your package manager work ?08:54
rwwneriko: "), then try "sudo apt-get update".08:54
paulandbeckywindows is easier to use08:54
daniel1ok i'll try to get in to bios and get more info08:54
rwwneriko: sorry, I phrased that badly. Delete that last line, save the document, then run "sudo apt-get update" in a terminal.08:54
ShapeShifter499I'm about to patch a ubuntu kernel......before I compile/install is it ok to preform this with the following command?  "make menuconfig"   THAN  "make && make modules_install && make install"08:54
trasktrojanekI'm attempting to use Phone Manager by plugging my phone in (no Bluetooth at the moment), how can I check what port I need to look at for my phone?08:55
ron-l-jCHESLYN I GOT IT go here you need to copy and past this to replace your sources file08:55
trasktrojanekHow do I detect the location of something I plugged in?08:55
ron-l-jCheslyn https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine08:56
blackducktrasktrojanek: /media?08:56
CHESLYNron-l-j: yes but it dont want to update or upgrade it [install it] can i reset it or what?08:56
paulandbeckyso how do i format the harddrive  if using ubuntu then08:56
Younderpaulandbecky, I find ubuntu easier to use..08:56
trasktrojanekblackduck, I mean the /dev. There's a command to read what was just plugged in, but I can't recall it.08:56
federico79Hello, can anybody help me to set a bluetooth HEADSET in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic?08:56
ron-l-jCheslyn you only have to replace the one text file no install08:56
om26erpaulandbecky, right click on the partition and format08:56
nerikoWOOHOO! Thanks rww08:56
rwwtrasktrojanek: if you run "dmesg", the last few lines might be informative?08:56
trasktrojanekrww, yes, thank you!08:57
rwwneriko: is it all working now, or are you back to that unauthenticated error?08:57
Younderpaulandbecky, onceyou get into it windows get't extremely complex.. (If you don't belive me get a copy of Windows internals.)08:57
paulandbeckyyes but i need a vrml program and it does not work on this system08:57
rwwtrasktrojanek: glad I could jog your memory :)08:57
nerikoI just ran update manager. No Error msgs08:57
Younderpaulandbecky, in many ways linux is simpler08:57
rwwneriko: :)08:57
om26er!anybody | federico79,08:57
ubottufederico79,: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:57
nerikoI've been going nuts08:57
nerikoHave a good night everyone08:58
rwwneriko: you're welcome! Glad we figured it out :)08:58
CHESLYNron-l-j: thanks i'll try it08:58
federico79ubottu: sorry, you're right. but this is my first time here08:58
ubottuError: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:58
Cody574What are the changes in Ubuntu Karmic? I'm still using Jaunty for some reason :S08:59
om26er!whatsnew | Cody57408:59
federico79I can pair my bluetooth headset in Karmic but I don't get sound09:00
CHESLYNron-l-j: what text file ,n not install yes09:00
federico79I guess pulseaudio don't recognize my bluetooth headset09:00
ron-l-jCheslyn if that doesnt work if you have a live cd and a usb you can copy your sources list to the usb from a running live cd ahen go back to your running hard disk install and copy the usb sources file and replace and be good to go09:00
rwwCody574: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview09:00
RomDI can't change my account password. I've tried "passwd" and "users and groups" and both tell me that changing the password was successful. however, opening the update manager or logging in after logging out still require me to type my old password. does anyone know how to fix that?09:00
paulandbeckyor do i just buy a new hard drive09:00
Cody574@rww: Thanks09:00
federico79How can I find out why pulseaudio did not recognize my headset bluetooth?09:01
paulandbeckyis that easier09:01
CHESLYNron-l-j: okay thanks lot09:02
owen1_when i type alsamixer i get 'alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory' any tips?09:02
ron-l-jCheslyn you can open a terminal amd replace that file I will give you a copy of mine. it will work if your running 9.1009:02
AniXfederico79 u can try blueman09:02
Lostinspace_46Madhu___, I opened a browser at root. Did <ctrl + h" then <alt> + g and finally  "s". so I have all the files in one window.  I tried <alt> + F2 and ran "gksudo nautilus" However I still don't have permissions to delete.  Any other idea on how to delete them all at once?09:03
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo09:03
paulandbeckyany ideas  what should do i need to run this vrml program09:03
paulandbeckyfor my course09:03
CHESLYNron-l-j: okay let me try it09:04
Younderpaulandbecky, a browser..09:04
ActionParsnip1!info freewrl09:04
ubottuPackage freewrl does not exist in karmic09:04
federico79AniX  I also tried blueman. BB headset paired but I can't get sound09:04
paulandbeckywhat you mean09:04
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: you may find its a windows app, you can try wine but you may find it runs weird, check the appdb09:05
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:05
Youndervirtual reality meta language is a web standard09:05
ActionParsnip1!info vrml-browser09:05
ubottuPackage vrml-browser does not exist in karmic09:05
federico79AniX  I guess the bluetooth headset will not recognize as a sound driver by pulse audio09:05
blackduckIs there a way to run itunes on ubuntu?09:05
paulandbeckyno i have tried that09:05
RomDnevermind, I was prepending "sudo" to "passwd". worked without it09:05
bazhangblackduck, nope09:05
owen1_aplay -l shows: 'aplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found...'09:05
AniXfederico79 may u need to refresh services first09:06
Yufeianyone configure hylafax and postfix?09:06
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: there are open vrml apps out there which will run better09:06
Yufeiit seems the faxmail doesn't work09:06
blackduckyufei: i have ever configured postfix?09:06
federico79AniX how can I refresh services?09:06
ron-l-jCHESLYN here is my exact sources list "# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 9.10 _Karmic Koala_ - Release amd64 (20091027)]/ karmic main restricted09:06
ron-l-j# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to09:06
ron-l-j# newer versions of the distribution.09:06
ron-l-jdeb http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted09:06
ron-l-jdeb-src http://ca.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic main restricted09:06
FloodBot3ron-l-j: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:06
ron-l-j## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the09:06
blackduckyufei: so what's your problem?09:06
paulandbeckyalso the program disc will install but i cannot work so i need vista back09:06
rwwblackduck: not natively, no. You could try WINE (see http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=1347 )09:06
bazhangron-l-j, dont paste here!09:06
AniXthere is a option in bluman after paired09:06
rwwubottu: wine | blackduck09:06
ubottublackduck: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:06
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: not all apps run in wine, some refuse to even install09:07
Younderpaulandbecky, http://cic.nist.gov/vrml/vbdetect.html09:07
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: some run fantastically09:07
stanman246hi, anyone using krusader?09:07
blackduckI failed when i use wine to run itunes09:07
bazhangron-l-j, use paste.ubuntu.com09:07
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bazhangblackduck, it does not run. there are other apps to sync music players though09:07
stanman246what about songbird?09:07
ActionParsnip1blackduck: the appdb would tell you it doesnt work, could buy an mp3 player from a more open company than apple, you'llhave fewer issues09:08
paulandbeckyyes i been here cant understand this09:08
CHESLYNron-l-j: you what its my packaging that does'nt work and i know what can i do?09:08
jone1booting my raid1 drops me to the busybox with alert  md0 not found, typing mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 within the busybox works like a charm...any ideas?09:08
blackduckthat's my iphone09:08
ron-l-jChyslen go to the discussion  click save transcpit and copy and past in to your sources file :D Sorry for pasting here is there a clipboard or a better way please enlighten me09:08
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: its a site to tell you what works and doesnt09:08
ActionParsnip1blackduck: same thing applies09:08
JohnnythePirateHey folks, I have a tiny problem. Disabled wireless via networkmanager a little while ago, and it greyed out and won't let me re-enable.09:08
paulandbeckyit does not work09:08
bazhangron-l-j, paste.ubuntu.com09:08
Don_MiguelUsing 9.04, & I have a problem after install of new DDR2 memory   http://paste.ubuntu.com/329173/09:08
Yufeiblackduck: I want to setup a email to fax gateway server09:08
ron-l-jbazhang thank you09:08
stanman246blackduck: Look into Songbird! I've been using it for quite some time now09:08
zerqcan any wifi head explain to me why I can connect to this network no problem in xp and 7, but in ubuntu it keeps timing out on the dhclient phase and asking for the password over and over.. log here: 01:07 -!- Irssi: #ubuntu: Total of 1287 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 1286 normal]09:09
rwwblackduck: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone09:09
federico79AniX  yes, I try this option in Blueman. But the sound is still coming out through the notebook speakers09:09
zerqoops.. wrong paste buffer :x09:09
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: then you can install windows in a virtual machine but it wont perform as well as a native instal as you will be running linux and windows in ram, you could dual boot09:09
Yufeiblackduck: but it seems the faxmail doesn't work09:09
blackduckzerq: you can try wicd09:09
zerqwifi error log here: http://pastebay.com/7280809:09
paulandbeckyhow do i do that09:09
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: or you can use a native linux app09:09
ActionParsnip1!virtualbox | paulandbecky:09:10
ubottupaulandbecky:: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox09:10
DannyButtermanHi there. Using SSH, I can't do passwordless connections because my known_hosts file isn't populated by ssh server. What causes this and how to fix it ?09:10
zerqblackduck: meh, worth a shot I guess.. that still uses dhclient though doesn't it?09:10
blackduckyufei:sorry, I have never used faxmail09:10
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: create an ssh key on the client and copy it to the server system know ssh keys09:10
ron-l-jbazhang now I have pasted there what is the next step09:10
blackduckrww: thanks09:10
bazhangron-l-j, save and give us the url from that page09:11
Younderwb ActionParsnip109:11
blackduckzerq: i donot think so.09:11
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ActionParsnip1Younder: werd up09:12
ron-l-jbazhang OK http://paste.ubuntu.com/329177/   there is a healthy sources list09:12
zerqblackduck: alright, i'll give that a shot.. hopefully be back... from linux.. ;D09:12
bazhangron-l-j, who was that originally meant for09:12
DannyButtermanActionParsnip: I know how to do passworldless connection. the problem here is it fails on one machine, because it's not populating the known_hosts file.09:12
paulandbeckytrying it now09:12
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: you will need a license and install media09:12
blackduckzerq: It works on my pc09:12
DannyButtermanActionParsnip1: I know how to do passworldless connection. the problem here is it fails on one machine, because it's not populating the known_hosts file.09:12
ron-l-jCheslyn is working on it now09:13
YounderActionParsnip1, On nothing much, paulandbecky with has many contadictory demands09:13
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: really weird09:13
federico79AniX  any other thoughts than I could try?09:13
DannyButtermanActionParsnip1: True :s09:13
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: where is known_hosts stored?09:14
CHESLYNron-l-j: no luck  its my package09:14
DannyButtermanunder .ssh in the user directory (root in this case)09:14
DannyButtermanperms are ok09:14
DannyButtermanActionParsnip1: under .ssh in the user directory (root in this case). the server OS is debian lenny and client is jaunty09:15
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: my ssh server doesn't have anything in ~/.ssh09:16
YounderSSH is a bit of work to set up yes, but if you follow the recepie it works ok09:16
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: then ask in #debian09:16
stanman246anyone using Krusader?09:16
DannyButtermanThat's what'im doing, but it's a cross problem09:16
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: the server clearly needs configuring, the client should just connect. Its the servers job to organise connectivity etc09:16
ActionParsnip1DannyButterman: try connecting as another user, it may ork. If not, its the server09:17
appledoes Ubuntu run well on the ASUS eee 1005 netbook?09:17
ActionParsnip1apple: sure09:18
ActionParsnip1apple: better than most of my systems09:18
YounderDannyButterman, do you have a sourceforge accout?09:18
ron-l-jCheslyn http://paste.ubuntu.com/329177/     go there and open a terminal type cd/     then cd ect/apt            then gedit sources.list      that will open gedit cut all the text out of your gedit file and past in rfom the url I just gave you then save your getid file and pow your golden !09:18
applecool -- just checking if there were known issues/probs09:18
YounderDannyButterman, if you can connect to that then it is the server.09:18
ActionParsnip1apple: that wasnt part of the question09:18
ActionParsnip1apple: it will install and run, you'd have to look at the hardware and find guides etc09:19
ron-l-jCheslyn do you follow that ????09:19
ActionParsnip1apple: it may all work out of the box09:19
Don_MiguelRepeating: [05:08] <Don_Miguel> Using 9.04, & I have a problem after install of new DDR2 memory   http://paste.ubuntu.com/329173/09:19
YounderDannyButterman, sourceforge also has a excellent SSH client tutorial09:19
paulandbeckyi have install virtubox can i install vista now09:19
appleoh I thought you'd already done it,  but i have done linux installs b4 so should be ablw to figure it out09:20
beat_killahas anyone ever got to work a sweex webcam?09:20
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: sure mount the cd and tell virtualbox to use it, you  can then setup a virtual system09:20
owen1_'alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory' any tips for solving this?09:20
ActionParsnip1beat_killa: use the output of: lsus  to discover its 8 character hex ID, you can websearch that to find guides09:21
beat_killaoh thanks09:21
CHESLYNron-l-j: it type cd than cd ect/apt it says ' No such file or directory'09:21
zerqwoot.. Linux three 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux09:22
ron-l-jCheslyn type cd /09:22
zerqdidn't end up using wicd though, but thanks for the advice lol09:22
todkonHello, I have Ubuntu 9.10 NBR install on my Eee PC 1000, for some reason, alsa will not save my sound settings upon reboot, I've tried 'alsactl store', but I get this error: "alsactl: save_state:1530: Cannot open /var/lib/alsa/asound.state for writing: Permission denied09:22
todkoncan someone help maybe?09:22
todkondoes not work in root either09:22
blackduckzerq: you fix your problem?09:22
ron-l-jcheslyn then type cd etc/apt09:22
Steel__todkon:  sudo ?09:23
zerqblackduck: once i rebooted i realised i couldn't install wicd.. but then i went into network manager and deleted the connection and made a new one and it worked :)09:23
DaZtodkon: should work as root ;f09:23
paulandbeckyhow do i get to run virtual box09:23
CHESLYNron-l-j: i must type cd than type cd ect/apt correct09:23
blackduckzerq: cong~09:23
DaZit even has to ;f09:23
todkonSteel__: I get this error when using sudo: "Home directory $HOME not ours."09:23
zirodaypaulandbecky: have you installed it?09:23
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: its in the applications menu some place09:23
DJonesCHESLYN: Its cd /etc/apt, not cd ect/apt09:23
zirodaypaulandbecky: then look under Accessories in the menu09:24
blackduckzerq: U can still try wicd, it's pretty good09:24
DaZpaulandbecky: modrobe vboxdrv and run VirtualBox? ;f09:24
todkonzerq: I agree about wicd, I've been using it for the last month, works flawlessly09:24
antoniuswicd > network-manager09:24
ron-l-jCHESLYN yes correct09:24
ActionParsnip1paulandbecky: you need to reboot after you install the software09:24
DaZnonscrolling window makes me look stupid >:09:25
Steel__todkon:  is that the sudo  output?09:25
todkonSteel__: yes09:25
zerqblackduck: yeah, actually used it on another laptop quite a while ago, then forgot about it when this version came with two other network managers that don't seem to do quite as good a job..09:25
ActionParsnip1antonius: interfaces file > all09:25
zerqfor now i'm just glad to have internet in linux, not gonna mess with it any more tonight hehe09:25
ron-l-jCHESLYN then gedit sources.list09:26
Steel__did you check your FS permissions for root on /root and the alsa file ?09:26
CHESLYNron-l-j: after that ?09:26
todkonSteel__: I find the only way to get my sound settings to work each time, I have to run gnome-volume-control where I have to unmutem, then raise the volume, alsamixer doesn't work09:26
todkonhmm, nope, good point, I'll look at that09:26
antoniuswicd just does it all better imo, w/o any extra work....from my experiences with multiple distros09:27
AniXi use pkill gdm to install nvidia driver ....& now my ubuntu works fine with nivdia 190.45.............but is there any othere way to stop gdm...09:27
ActionParsnip1antonius: interfaces file willwork in any linux distro, gui or not09:27
Steilsudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop09:27
AniXya steil try try that but not working09:28
antoniusActionParsnip1: yes.  not the point i was making tho...was just stating that wicd has ALWAYS worked better for me...so i encourage people to try it09:28
ron-l-jCHESLYN when your gedit is open you want to copy this in to your web browser                      http://paste.ubuntu.com/329177/09:28
AniXso i use pkill09:28
aboeinghi, can someone help me with installing linux? I installed the 686 version and need to swap it for the 386 version09:29
ActionParsnip1antonius: fair point,theres wifi-radar too. i use interfaces file with static ip, speeds up boot too and you dont have nm/wicd sat in ram :D09:29
aboeingi tried "sudo apt-get install linux-386", but it says "couldn't find package linux-386"09:30
ron-l-jCHESLYN note my sources list is 64 bit09:30
a931bwError: ./default_policy.sh does not support version09:30
a931bwdefault:v2:i686:lib::none:2.6.31-15-generic; make sure that the version is being09:30
a931bwcorrectly set by --iscurrentdistro09:30
a931bwRemoving temporary directory: fglrx-install.QwiTiP09:30
EpicDyoIs anyone else having a problem with 26.3.1-15? I can't boot it. I Installed a load of updates yesterday and when i booted up this morning there was that to choose from too :/.09:30
a931bwwtf is that?09:30
a931bwError: ./default_policy.sh does not support version09:30
a931bwdefault:v2:i686:lib::none:2.6.31-15-generic; make sure that the version is being09:30
a931bwcorrectly set by --iscurrentdistro09:30
a931bwRemoving temporary directory: fglrx-install.QwiTiP09:30
zerqActionParsnip1: that works great when you're always connecting to the same place.. but when you're on a laptop at countless different locations you just want it to work without hassles09:30
Younderaboeing, no, and what do you think linux-385 is?09:30
ActionParsnip1a931bw: use pastebin09:30
a931bwthats not big text >.>09:31
ActionParsnip1zerq: i have multiple interfaces file, i just copy the relevant file into the main seat09:31
CHESLYNron-l-j: k im trying everything09:31
Steel__todkon: ok ?09:31
rwwaboeing: Ubuntu doesn't have a 386-specific kernel.09:31
aboeingYounder: the 386 kernel? i read that on a number of tutorials/posts09:31
oversizehi, running do-release-upgrade fails with: http://dpaste.com/125789/ . But i could manually download these files. Where would i have to put them so do-release-upgrade does not have to download them?  thx09:31
Madpilota931bw, it's 4 lines in a channel with 1300 users. Use pastebin.09:31
aboeingrww: oh,.. so how do i install a 386 kernel?09:31
=== cp is now known as Guest63255
rwwaboeing: Which processor do you have?09:31
Younderaboeing, but you are already running it..09:32
zerqActionParsnip1: that works if you know the settings before hand for every access point09:32
aboeingrww: i am using a normal PC to install linux onto a hard drive, that I am then putting into a PC with a penitum M chip.09:32
owen1_when i type alsamixer i get 'alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory' but when i add sudo i can see the mixer.  any tips?09:32
fireballjust upgraded to koala, was running alsa only (no pulse), now have no sound at all. Kept old pulse config files during upgrade. Please advice09:33
rwwaboeing: Pentium M chips will work fine with Ubuntu's standard linux-image-generic kernel.09:33
ActionParsnip1zerq: true but i get told the deal and i formulate a new file,my systems are low end so i like to have ram free so i dont use nm type apps09:33
aboeingYounder: yes, but i installed it on a new pc, and then tried to put the hdd back into the old pc and it wouldnt boot because of unsupported instructions09:33
aboeingrww: it complains about unsupported instructions09:33
Younderaboeing, ahhh09:33
owen1_fireball: i lost audio as well.09:33
Younderaboeing, so what processor does the old PC use?09:34
owen1_fireball: what do u see when u type 'alsamixer' ?09:34
owen1_fireball: also what do u see when u type 'aplay -l'09:34
rwwaboeing: oh, I think I see what's going on here. Do you mean i386 (as in, 32-bit and the opposite of amd64)?09:34
zerqActionParsnip1: yeah, that's how i would normally do it honestly but when you're using all kinds of random access points and you need to be able to just plug in whatever limited info they give you and have it work, net manager things can be great09:34
Younderaboeing, have you considered a cross compile of the kernel?09:34
fireballowen: I see "alsamixer v1.0.20"09:34
ActionParsnip1zerq: not had a problem so far, horses for courses lad09:35
owen1_fireball: ok, i guess it's not the same issue as mine09:35
aboeingrww: nah i mean i386, instead of i68609:35
FunkyWeaselI find pulseaudio dies on ibex every few days, meaning I have to reboot my ubuntu computer more frequently than my vista machine these days.  Is there any way to make pulse audio work consistantly?09:35
aboeingyounder: no i havent.. i'll look into it.09:35
FunkyWeaselIt's *very* frustrating.09:36
fireballowen: card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]  Subdevices: 1/1  Subdevice #0: subdevice #0card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 1: ALC883 Digital [ALC883 Digital]  Subdevices: 1/1  Subdevice #0: subdevice #009:36
Younderaboeing, well you can start here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62271909:36
_TOM_how to view the patch file to get the modified content?09:36
archangelpetroif you have dual monitors... and you're watching a youtube video, say you want to full screen it.. is there a way to full screen it on a single monitor? rather than overlapping both?09:36
ActionParsnip1aboeing: i386 is for cpu's circa 1990 and run at 40Mhz MAX09:36
ActionParsnip1aboeing: is the CPU 40Mhz?09:36
ron-l-jCheslyn If you follow the ubuntu tutorial       https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/CommandLine             and get /etc/apt/sources.list    replaced as a whole or one source at a time you wil have mastered ubuntu problem solving09:37
rwwaboeing: 1) Pentium M chips use the i686 chipset. 2) Ubuntu does not have a specifically i386 kernel. 3) If you're getting unsupported chipset errors, it's either because you're using an amd64 install, or because of a bug.09:37
aboeingActionParsnip1: no, its about a 800mhz, pentium chip09:37
ron-l-jCHESLYN everything is just a text file in linux :D09:37
fireballarchangelpetro: yes, enable xinerama09:37
todkonSteel__: haha, sorry, I got side tracked09:37
DaZron-l-j: find a plan9 troll09:38
ron-l-jCheslyn I have to sleep it is 337 am here good night all :D09:38
DaZand he'll explain you you're wrong [;09:38
ActionParsnip1aboeing: then you dont want i386, it will work but you will be crippling the CPU as it wont use all the functionality in the chip09:38
archangelpetrofireball, how do i do that?09:38
FunkyWeaselAlso, what does "audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Failed to connect: Connection refused" when testing audio?  I always seem to get it after audio dies in Amarok/last.fm and I try testing sound at Sound Preferences?09:38
Steel__todkon: np :)09:38
ActionParsnip1aboeing: you want the i68609:38
Steel__night ron-l-j09:38
ActionParsnip1aboeing: i386 doesnt even have MMX functionality09:38
Fireball_afkfireball - please change nick09:38
owen1_i hear audio only as sudo. please advice.09:39
_TOM_are there some tools to view the difference from the patch file conveniently? thanks09:39
ActionParsnip1owen1_: is your user in the audio group?09:39
ActionParsnip1_TOM_: patch file is just a text file09:39
FunkyWeaselI mean, unless I am seriously expected to reboot more frequently than a windows machine to maintain workable audio...09:39
=== Fireball_afk is now known as Fireball
archangelpetrofireball: how do i enable xinerama?09:39
FireballThe Real Fireball09:39
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead09:40
owen1_ActionParsnip1: oren:x:1000:1000:oren,,,:/home/oren:/bin/bash  i don't know09:40
_TOM_ActionParsnip1: i know that, if patch file is too big, viewing the difference is not easy09:40
YounderActionParsnip1, a 800 mx Pentiun is the 58609:40
ActionParsnip1owen1: run:  groups09:40
mokkanhey, is it possible to manually arrange the "task bar" items in ubuntu netbook remix? they don't seem to drag09:41
_TOM_ActionParsnip1: so i want to know what tools can simplify the work.09:41
YounderActionParsnip1, that's his problem, he get's illegal instruction09:41
CHESLYNron-l-j: im giving up09:41
todkonSteel__: hmm, that doesn't seem to work09:42
ActionParsnip1Younder: gotcha09:42
FunkyWeaselCan anyone help me with PulseAudio please?09:43
Steel__todkon:  what did you try ? do you get errors under /var/log ?09:43
mot1Morning folks09:43
Steel__mot1:  Morning09:43
todkonI gave root permissions to use audio .. lol >_>09:43
vladimir_eHi all, I found a bug related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libv4l/+bug/224559 (inverted webcam image) but with different hardware. Should I open another bug or comment on this one?09:44
Steel__todkon:  is there an debug switch  for starting ?09:44
FunkyWeaselAh well, reboot it is then.  Cheers for all the help.#]09:44
Steel__or an Verbose -v switch ?09:44
owen1_ActionParsnip1: no! how to add him? useradd -G audio oren ?09:45
aboeingsorry, was away. actionparsnip1, yeah it doesn't support 686 instructions09:45
mot1Quicky for y'all. I purchased a 1Tb external drive yesterday that connects to my box via eSata connection. I want to use it to store all my music and movies but also want to share it out to all other machines on my network (1 Apple Mac, 1 Windows Machine and 1 Linux machine) I tried setting the permissions using the command line but I can't seem to access the drive from any other computers on my network. What am I doing wrong?09:45
nulKinda late -- trying to listen to a DVD only on my USB headset, but it doesn't seem to be working no matter what I try.. anyone know of either a media player that I can specifically select the device or any way I can just force ANY player to use my headset?09:45
todkonSteel__: not sure, I did it through Gnomes User & Groups application, I forgot where the file is in /etc09:46
AntagonistIs there any way to get to a console without X in ubuntu?  I need to install something that requires X not be running09:46
federico79I can pair my bluetooth headset in Karmic but I can't get any sound. any thoughts?09:46
ActionParsnip1owen1: useradd -G audio $USER09:46
DaZAntagonist: init 309:46
rwwAntagonist: Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get to a console, then "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop" to stop GNOME and Xorg.09:46
DaZor stop gdm ;f09:47
rwwAntagonist: When you're done, "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start" to start it up, and Ctrl-Alt-F7 if it doesn't automatically put you back to Xorg.09:47
ActionParsnip1owen1: here is what my user is a member of: andy adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare09:47
owen1_ActionParsnip1: i get: useradd: user 'oren' already exists09:47
nulMy headset does not work with Alsa but it works with OSS (according to Preferences->Audio and I did a test).. could there be a reason?09:47
ActionParsnip1owen1: make sure you are a member of those groups09:48
AntagonistHmm, seems to work, thanks rww09:48
todkonah, /etc/group... been awhile09:48
AntagonistJust hope I'm not stuffing anything up by installing beta nvidia drivers by bypassing apt-get and stuff09:49
owen1_ActionParsnip1: when i run 'groups oren' i see: oren : oren adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare.09:49
owen1_ActionParsnip1: which is identical to the other machine i have here, without audio issue.09:50
mot1Antagonist, what version of Ubuntu are you running? I installed nvidia drivers a few weeks ago and it worked great until I did an update and the xorg.conf was modified and I couldn't get the card working again :(09:50
todkonSleep__: Thanks for the help, but I hadn't realized how tired I was, I'll try to resolve this tommorrow :)09:50
ActionParsnip1owen1: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34379709:50
ActionParsnip1owen: change bider in the command to your username09:51
darksectorquick wierd question, i transferred my updates and packages from /var/cache/apt/archives to a different machine and did a dpkg -i *.deb, gives me lotsa broken packages, why does this happen when i know i have all the packages installed on the former machine using apt. and is there a way to do this using dpkg correctly ?09:51
fireball_i have no sound, but card recognised, please help09:52
ActionParsnip1darksector: you can run: sudo apt-get -f install09:52
Antagonist*sigh* What a surprise, it DID stuff something up, now X wont start at all09:52
darksectorActionParsnip1: that'll just do it online09:52
darksectorActionParsnip1: need to do it from the packages that i just transferred09:52
kandjari m having a sound issue with ubuntu karmic09:52
ActionParsnip1darksector: then you'll have to use apt-get to download the package(s) you need09:53
nulcan anyone tell me how I can force sound to my USB headset? I've tried everything I found on google, but it doesn't work.. I need to output sound to headset only for video -- anyone hav ea clue?09:53
Younderdarksector, you don't tranfer packages in that way09:53
kandjarwhen i play a video, the sound stops working after few second; to get it back i need to readjust the volume in the systray (top right corner of the screen)09:53
ActionParsnip1darksector: you must have satisfied deps on the system you downloaded so the deb wasnt downloaded09:53
darksectorActionParsnip1: ah ok09:53
kandjaris there a way to fix that?09:53
kandjarit seems to have happened after an updatre09:53
Younderdarksector, liux file system just  isn't that consistent09:53
darksectorYounder: ok, so its just online installation then09:53
ActionParsnip1darksector: you can tell apt-get to only download debs if you want09:54
darksectorActionParsnip1: yeah ok thanks a lot09:54
AntagonistSo it said it make a backup of my X config file.  Where would I find the backup and the new one?09:54
darksectorYounder: thanks09:54
Younderdarksector, the problem is you are not updating the soft links. You would have to ln -s the whole lot09:54
owen1_ActionParsnip1: now i see that i belong to 'audio'. my alsamixer still refuse to open and aplay -l still shows 'no soundcards found'. do u think restart will help?09:55
ActionParsnip1Antagonist: /etc/X11  probably xorg.conf with todays date attatched in some way09:55
darksectorYounder: hmm.. i'll have to do it using aptitude...thanks09:55
AntagonistActionParsnip1: So it is09:55
ActionParsnip1owen1: worth a shot09:55
owen1_ActionParsnip1: ok. rebooting. thanks a lot!!09:55
mot1Quicky for y'all. I purchased a 1Tb external drive yesterday that connects to my box via eSata connection. I want to use it to store all my music and movies but also want to share it out to all other machines on my network (1 Apple Mac, 1 Windows Machine and 1 Linux machine) I tried setting the permissions using the command line but I can't seem to access the drive from any other computers on my network. What am I doing wrong?09:57
kandjarhas anyone a clue for my sound issue?09:57
ActionParsnip1!samba | mot109:57
ubottumot1: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:57
ActionParsnip1mot1: samba is loved by all09:57
blackduckyes, samba is nice09:58
nulcan't get sound output to my USB headset, can someone help please?09:58
skylcan someone give me pointers as too how to use the grub prompt?09:58
AntagonistAh well, now ubuntu wont even boot... Ah well, one good thing is its less effort to reinstall than it is to fix.09:58
Youndermot1, eSATA is the problem09:58
nul^- been asking for like a half hour now09:58
ActionParsnip1!grub2 | skyl09:58
ubottuskyl: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:58
kandjarmmm :(09:58
ActionParsnip1mot1: provided the partition mounts it can be shared09:58
blackduckantagnoist: what happened?09:59
Youndermot1, it is sufficiently new that current only windows supports it09:59
mot1Younder, why what's the problem with esata? The drive is mounted but I can't share it. I'll take a look athe the links you posted ActionParsnip109:59
Antagonistblackduck: Installed the beta nvidia driver.  Need it for some CUDA work.  Screwed up everything09:59
mot1Younder, I can read and write to the drive but I just can't share it over the network09:59
ActionParsnip1mot1: share the mount point using samba, you are golden then10:00
blackduckpoor Antagonist10:00
Antagonist*sigh* Maybe I can save it, lemme see what recovery options I have10:00
andrew[andrboot]Hi guys, running 9.10 ubuntu server, wanting to make eth0 & eth1 brdiged i.e. eth3 (same subnet etc) i know it can be done in windows.. haven't gotten to work on ubuntu here is my interfaces: (it loops back on itself) http://pastebin.com/d68bbb65810:00
skylI want to try to boot a partition ...10:01
mot1Antagonist, welcome to my world of trying to install nvidia drivers to Ubuntu!10:01
skylform the grub> prompt10:01
mot1ActionParsnip1, Nice one nice one! I'll get to work on it asap. Thanks again10:01
ActionParsnip1mot1: add the nvidia repo and install the 190 driver (beta) or 185 (stable)10:02
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lukas____Good day. I was wondering if someone could assist me in resolving some issues with virtualbox kernel modules on Ubuntu 9.04.10:03
lukas____I'm trying to setup the kernel modules and although there are no problems in compilations, the module fails to load. First question would be, where would I find logging for this issue?10:03
Youndermot1, maybe I have been lucky, but I have never had a problem installing NVIDEA drivers..10:03
lukas____"/etc/init.d/virtualbox-ose start" ends in "fail", but that doesn't tell me much.10:03
AntagonistActionParsnip1: nivida repo?10:03
mot1ActionParsnip1, Yeah I did that, and got it to work but then after doing a update in Ubuntu it must have changed the xorg.conf file as after reboot the screen resolution was messed up and I couldn't reconfigure it using the nvidia software10:03
vegalukas____: dmesg10:03
ActionParsnip1Antagonist: https://launchpad.net/~nvidia-vdpau/+archive/ppa10:04
ActionParsnip1Younder: +110:04
nulPlease someone answer me -- I've been asking for like almost 45... Is there any way at ALL to make my sound only play on my headset for any -1- video app?10:04
ActionParsnip1Younder: even in old mandrakes ussing the .run file, flawless. I won't buy anything else10:04
lukas____vega: nothing in there :s10:04
_TOM_there is beyondcompare for ubuntu?10:05
ActionParsnip1mot1: do you use a CRT monitor?10:05
Dr_Willisnul:  Hmm.. Never noticed a way to do that..    It may depend on the app and how well its supports different sound settings it might be doable10:05
Antagonistmot1: Hey, thats just happenned to me.  But by resolution messed up it was something my monitor doesn't support10:05
ActionParsnip1_TOM_: diff10:05
fmhello, I'm trying to get sound out of my bluetooth Headset in ubuntu 9.10 karmic.  Headset is paired with Blueman. In Volume control PULSE AUDIO, only INTERNAL AUDIO ANALOG STEREO is available. does Pulseaudio not detect my bluetooth???10:05
ActionParsnip1fm: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothAudio10:06
SubbyActionParsnip1:  are you usign the 190 driver?10:06
_TOM_ActionParsnip1: that is GUI compare tool10:06
KottizenI'm trying to setup a vpn connection, but the buttons are disabled, why?10:06
ActionParsnip1Subby: indeed works great on my 6150 onboard thing10:06
ActionParsnip1_TOM_: not that i'm aware of, diff is great though10:07
SubbyActionParsnip1:  nice i will give it a try10:07
mot1ActionParsnip1, I've got two LCD monitors on my desk. I've got a NVidia Geoforce GT220 with a DVi connection and a VGA connection. I plugged one monitor into DVI port and the other into the VGA slot. I managed to follow a guide to installing nvidia drivers online. I got both screens working and then after an update only one screen worked but with a really crappy resolution10:07
AntagonistWow, didn't realise ubuntu had any support for non-stable packages10:07
mot1Kottizen, Go to Synaptic and type pptp10:07
skylkernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz10:07
skylwhat is the kernel name?10:08
mot1Kottizen, install the VPN Connection software then you should be able to create a VPN10:08
Dr_Willis_TOM_:  i recall seeing some gui tools that sort of do what diff does. but ive never really used them and cant rember their names. I tend to use diff/colordiff10:08
kandjarthis is getting really annoying... on my laptop, i had issue with 8.10, after an update the sounds inside firefox went away, 9.04 didnt solve the pb, 9.10 did, and now, after an update, I can only set the volume to max or min, which means either shouting like crazy or no sound at all!!! :(((((10:08
Kottizenmot1: thanks! :D10:08
mot1Kottizen, No probs10:08
UbunteeHow do I fix my space bar so that messages go in without having to use the space bar on my screen.10:08
kandjarand here on my desktop, if I play a video with 9.10, few seconds later, the sound goes away... until i readjust the system volume...10:08
kandjarit's retarded! :((((((10:09
mot1Kottizen, Sorry, I meant the Add/Remove option, not synaptic10:09
Younderkandjar, yes, that would be annoying. what sound card do you have?10:09
Dr_WillisUbuntee:  messages go in where? wht program aare you using?10:09
Kottizenmot1: It's the same, I found it. :D10:09
UbunteeI am using chatzilla10:09
fmActionParsnip1:  are these instructions for Alsa? Are they going to work with PulseAudio in Karmic???10:09
mokkanhow would i enable the "toggle touchpad" button on my laptop?10:09
mot1Kottizen, Check this out ... http://tipotheday.com/2008/04/29/connect-to-windows-vpn-server-pptp-with-ubuntu-hardy-heron/10:10
kandjarYounder: it's an integrated one; intel i believe10:10
=== Ubuntee is now known as Ubee
kandjaron my desktop at least10:10
Kottizenmot1: It's an openvpn, tunnel, so I seaced for "openvpn" in Synaptic instead.10:10
KottizenThe server is running Debian.10:11
Younderkandjar, do you have the volume control at the top bar?10:11
mot1Kottizen, You're on your way so!10:11
fmActionParsnip1: sudo modprobe snd-bt-sco  I get:   FATAL: Module snd_bt_sco not found.10:11
Kottizenmot1: perfect :D10:11
kandjarthat what i need to readjust to reenable the sound on my desktop10:11
darksectoroh wow10:12
kandjaron my laptop, i also have it. if i move it from 0 to 25% i have no sound at all, and 25%+ the sound it set to max10:12
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:12
Younderkandjar, I have intel inegrated audio too, and it works here10:13
Dr_Willis!find snd-bt-sco10:14
ActionParsnip1kandjar: when it happens run: dmesg | tail10:14
ubottuPackage/file snd-bt-sco does not exist in karmic10:14
Younderkandjar, I hate net splits..10:14
kandjarActionParsnip1: k10:14
kandjarActionParsnip1: nothing changed10:15
ActionParsnip1kandjar: it won't, its for you to read, you can see whats going on and websearch for guides based on the output10:15
kandjarActionParsnip1: ????10:15
skylusually I love linux, then every once in a while you try to recompile your kernel with some 2 y/o instructions that were never that good10:16
fmhello, I'm trying to get sound out of my bluetooth Headset in ubuntu 9.10 karmic.  Headset is paired with Blueman. In Volume control PULSE AUDIO, only INTERNAL AUDIO ANALOG STEREO is available. does Pulseaudio not detect my bluetooth???10:17
Madpilotskyl, best way to avoid that: avoid compiling your own kernels...10:17
kandjarit's fu... irritating, in 2009 not being able to have an OS which can manage the osunds properly...10:17
Dr_Willisfm:  i think you should be using the a2d audio drivers not the snd-bt-sco driver. (those are out of date it seems)10:17
ActionParsnip1kandjar: linux isnt so supported by hardware manufacturers10:17
skylkandjar, Madpilot yep ... this sound hardware it going on ebay or getting given away and I won't try to force linux to like unsupported hardware10:18
Younderkandjar, get a soundblaster sound kit then.. It has a external volume control10:18
fmDr_Willis:  I really don't know. What does it means ?10:18
Dr_Willisand sound cards seem to get redone every 2 months for  some reason by different makers. :) i wonder how many sound card chipsets there are..10:18
ActionParsnip1kandjar: when the sound goes to zero, run the command and websearch some of the output, see what you find10:18
kandjarActionParsnip1: i m not talking about dealing with latest hardware or crazy video gfx card, it's a stupid sound issue!!!10:18
ActionParsnip1kandjar: if hardware manufacturers supported linux then this issue wouldnt occur10:18
Younderkandjar, calm down..10:19
=== bobcat is now known as Guest88225
ActionParsnip1kandjar: it could be 20 years old, or came out yesterday, its irrelevant10:19
Dr_Willisfm:  read that guide  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothAudio (it seems a little out of date also) the sco ones are not as good quality and no longer maintained..  go down about 1/2 the guide to the  'installing high quality 'a2d' drivers'10:19
alankilaand hardware manufacturers don't support linux because linux makes it virtually impossible to support anything except open-source drivers...10:19
Younderkandjar, I am using the same hardware, and it works here10:19
kandjari appology guys, i m a bit upset.. .it's been DAYS/WEEKS for me10:19
alankilait's self-inflicted tragedy due to near fundamentalistic approach of only open source software being acceptable.10:20
kandjari m just tired to spending my time fixing stuff which for me should work out of the box...10:20
Younderkandjar, so more likely it is a setup problem10:20
skylah crap, I put grub on myy flash drive instead of the drive I installed too10:20
Dr_Williswhen ever i find a sustem with sound issues on a new machine. I test with different live cd/disrtos to see if it works for any of them10:20
Dr_Willisskyl:  i got grub2 set up on a flash drive so i can boot iso files with it. :)10:21
antoniuskandjar: sometimes it will have multiple sound devices....and will automatically choose the one ur aren't using..havce you tried all the devices listed in the tray app10:21
skylDr_Willis, well, that was working but now it just hangs10:21
skylGrub (cursor) .... I'm in grub hell now10:21
antoniusALSA, OSS, HD AUDIO, etc...try them all, trial and error-like10:21
kandjarantonius: i do have multiple sound device, since the video card also does sound output10:21
Dr_Willisa video card with a sound card built in? Thats diffrent.10:22
antoniuskandjar, open the tray app, and try all the devices listed10:22
kandjarDr_Willis: yeah but that's not what i m using10:22
Younderkandjar, do you have a HDMI port on the video card?10:22
Dr_WillisPlug extra speakers into it. :) see if you get sound out.. You could build up a 20.2 sound system!@ :)10:22
kandjarDr_Willis: it's due to the HDMI output10:22
kandjarYounder: yes10:23
Younderkandjar, that's most likely your problem10:23
dr4gGuys i wanna run a cron once every Minute.. Can someone give me a format please ?10:23
ShapeShifter499can someone tell me the what the newest ubuntu kernel is?10:23
dr4gwould it just be * * * * * ?10:23
skylso if hd0 is the flashdrive and hd1 is the HD I'm installing too ... I can tell the install to put grub on hd1 ... and then whn I pull the usb drive .. it will actually be hd0 but it will like it...10:23
ActionParsnip1hdmi is so not worth the bother10:23
Younderkandjar, do you use the HDMI port?10:24
ActionParsnip1ShapeShifter499: http://www.kernel.org10:24
kandjari dont' use the hdmi port10:24
rwwShapeShifter499: 2.6.31 for Karmic, 2.6.32 for the current development version.10:24
ActionParsnip1!info linux-image | ShapeShifter49910:24
ubottuShapeShifter499: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all)10:24
Younderkandjar, then disable it10:24
Dr_Willisdr4g:  * * * * * /command    (from what i just googled for  crontab every minuet)10:24
kandjarits not enabled10:24
dr4gDr_Willis, yes thats what i've thought.10:24
dr4gDr_Willis, I'm looking here for ubuntu related info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto#Using%20Cron10:24
Younderkandjar, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HDMI10:25
Dr_Willisdr4g:  i just looked/cut/pasted from -> http://www.google.com/search?q=crontab+every+minute10:25
kandjarYounder: i dont think that will help10:26
fmit seems not to be updated for Ubuntu 9.1010:26
dr4gDr_Willis, I wanna capture the output of it and output that to a file. The above link i posted says the "-l" switch will cause the crontab to be displayed on STDOUT10:26
ActionParsnip1kandjar: have you ran: sudo lshw -C sound | grep product      to see if there are any bugs logged against the card with your kernel version?10:26
fmDr_Willis: it seems not to be updated for Ubuntu 9.1010:26
Younderkandjar, It might, it might not, try10:26
Dr_Willisdr4g:  Ive no idea on that - I havent messed with cron in ages10:26
dr4gSo should i just do... * * * * * /command/here/ 2>&1 > mycron_file_output10:26
Dr_Willisfm:  i would not be suprised at that. I got my BT headset on the charger.10:26
dr4gIs that right ?10:27
Dr_Willisdr4g:  with cron you proberly want touse fullpaths to everything including the file redirection10:27
kandjarActionParsnip1: i get two lines, one per devices:10:27
kandjar       product: R700 Audio Device [Radeon HD 4000 Series]10:27
kandjar       product: 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller10:27
kandjar 10:27
dr4gDr_Willis, sure no probs i'm just wondering on syntax10:27
dr4gto forward STDERR to STDOUT and then output to file.10:27
ActionParsnip1kandjar: then one will be the hdmi on your ati thing, the other is your sound card10:27
VD :)10:28
=== teabag is now known as darksector
kandjarActionParsnip1: that i figured10:28
fmDr_Willis: I have already tried this tutorial. It does not work and now I don't have sound at all in my pc :(10:28
Younderkandjar, that is not exactly integrated intel is it..10:28
ActionParsnip1kandjar: websearch for the non-ati line, see what you find. You could also search the bug reports to see whats shaking10:28
kandjarit's not the problem of choosing the right one.10:28
skyldr4g, you could just make a bash script that does all of the particulars and have cron execute that10:28
dr4gsky1 well this is a simple command10:29
ActionParsnip1kandjar: i know, but sound randomly going to zero sounds like a bug, someone may have logged it and there may be suggestions for fixes in the bug report10:29
dr4g"svn up /home/dr4g/site/"10:29
skylI hope sound is the #1 priority for 10.04 ...10:29
fmDr_Willis: Are you able to conect you BT heaset in Karmic?10:29
ActionParsnip1kandjar: or you may find suggestions in ubuntuforums with solutions10:29
skylwe want sound . we want sound . we want sound . anyone with me?10:29
ActionParsnip1kandjar: or any other website ever10:29
Younderkandjar, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1255723.html10:30
Dr_Willisfm:  i tried once a few months back. but never got it working - was going to try again. but its on the charger. :) so ive not rried yet10:30
Dr_Willisskyl:  on my 4 ubuntu box's - ive had no sound issues. ( not got bluetooth headphones working yet) :)10:30
skylis Ext4 just as supported as Ext3?10:31
Dr_Willisfm:  you may need touse the pulse tools to select the proper audio out sink  pavucontrol  and pavumeger10:31
skylDr_Willis, grab some exotic hardware and crash your system!10:31
ActionParsnip1skyl: yes10:31
ActionParsnip1kandjar: due to poor hardware support from a large majority of hardware manufacturers getting some hardware to work nice can be a pain, its not Linux / Ubuntu / Canonical's fault its the manufacturers, Nvidia and new ATi cards are hugely supported as are most intel wifi and VGA and they work beautifully10:32
biophysicsHi all, is there any siginficant advantage in running 64-bit ubuntu (I hv 2GB RAM) compared to 32 bit for a dell dual core E4300 laptop. many thanks.10:33
kandjarActionParsnip1: I understand that, but sadly i don't have as much free time as i d like to have to be able to fix all these issues.10:33
kandjarsadly, i m seriously thinking about going back to wincrap and deal with the other issue i have with them... :(10:33
Younderbiophysics, well, speed,10:33
dr4gDr_Willis, see the ubuntu crontab file, where does it live ? :)10:33
Younderbiophysics, but you will be using about 30% more memory too,10:33
Dr_Willisdr4g:  in /etc/ i imagine. try 'locate crontab'10:34
ActionParsnip1kandjar: then purchase hardware which is known to work 100% out of the box, use the HCL and only buy what works flawlessly. Its what I do and all my hardware sings with no effort (except installing the nvidia driver)10:34
Younderbiophysics, so you proably wat a 2 Gb machine10:34
skylunless you're  doing some serious biophysics calculations or something, 32-bit probably more bang for the hassle10:34
dr4gLook at this Dr_Willis  http://pastebin.com/m4582e97610:34
fmDr_Willis: I use pavucontrol but there is no BT headset seleccion possible! it is not in the list10:34
Dr_Willisbiophysics:  i find my vvideo encoding works faster with 64bit.. i dont notice any extra ram needed. but these days... ram is  cheap :)10:34
ActionParsnip1kandjar: you get people buying the latest garbage from creative who can't even support windows well, then wonder why it doesn't work in Linux10:34
Dr_Willissadly - creative has fallen down from their past audio excellence.. :(10:35
skylActionParsnip1, so what's the most linux friendly mid-grade audio interface ~$300-$800? anyone?10:35
Dr_Willisdr4g:  yes. so? :)10:35
jozo_hello all10:35
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm10:36
dr4gThat's the page im on! :)10:36
ActionParsnip1!hcl | skyl10:36
ubottuskyl: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:36
jozo_new ubuntu will have .Net tue to f-spot on the install CD ?10:36
=== jozo_ is now known as CruX
Dr_Willisjozo_:  rephrase that perhaps?10:36
CruXwell gimp will be removed from the install CD iso image right ?10:36
dr4gDr_Willis, can i run a command like "svn up /home/dr4g/site" or will i only be able to specify a script path. eg: "/home/dr4g/svn_update.sh"10:37
CruXand will me replaced with f-spot10:37
Dr_WillisCruX:  from what i hear - yes gimp will be not included in the default install.10:37
Dr_WillisCruX:  not sure what image tools will be included.. its still 6 Mo away10:37
Younderjozo_: ubuntu has mono, a retarded brother of .NET10:37
CruXYounder: i know i hate all .net and java apps10:37
=== matthew is now known as Guest73681
Dr_Willisdr4g:  by default commands get ran as root.. unless you are using theusers crontab i belive.  when in doubt - use FULL paths10:38
fmDr_Willis: I tried sudo cat /proc/asound/cards and only listed " 0 [ICH6           ]: ICH4 - Intel ICH6         Intel ICH6 with ALC250 at irq 17"10:38
dr4gDr_Willis, i just did ?10:38
Dr_Willisdr4g:  ive not messed with cron in 3+ years. when in doubt start small with a simile command that runs every min, then work up10:39
fmDr_Willis: I just guess BT Headset is not recognized10:39
dr4gDr_Willis, alright thanks10:39
skylso anyone got a midi interface they are happy with?10:40
FarssiHi, I got some problems with mysql, I thought I set a password while install, but I cannot login to mysql. The error message is "ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhostä (using password: YES)10:41
Dr_Willisfm:  you did pair the headset with the pc?10:41
YounderFarssi, root?10:41
FarssiI am trying as "ubuntu root" and "mysql root"10:42
kekaleFarssi, have you tried without a pw?10:42
fmDr_Willis:  yes, it is paired10:42
Farssijep the same error,10:42
kekalecan't be same10:42
kekaleshould be (using password: NO)10:42
Farssijea sure10:43
Dr_Willisfm:  im trying to rember how to make my heaset go into pariing mode. :) i have to hold like 2 buttons down for 5 sec..but cant ermber which 2 :)10:43
ActionParsnip1skyl: onboard nvidia audio or realtek here, sound cool to me10:43
Farssisorry the message was with NO10:43
kekaleoh, ok then Farssi10:43
fmDr_Willis: which BT heaset do you have? is it Nokia?10:43
Farssikekale: I tried to reset the password with help from http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/resetting-permissions.html but no difference.10:43
skylActionParsnip1, onboard with midi?10:44
Dr_Willisfm:  an OLD motorla HS 820 - its like 5+ yrs old10:44
ActionParsnip1skyl: i dont use midi10:44
ActionParsnip1skyl: i've use lmms on the nvidia10:44
kekaleFarssi, did you succeed in every step?10:45
fmDr_Willis: I'm afraid I don't know motorola10:45
Farssikekale: I think so10:46
Farssithink=believe :)10:46
Dr_Willisfm:  The company? One of the biggest cellphone/bt/radio makers in the world :)10:46
bradpittmy brain is about to melt, idk why i haven't got GUI with on board video card.. please help, thank you :)10:47
fmDr_Willis:  Sure! No, I meant the BT headset. I don't know how it work10:47
DaDa|UrkaHow can i realize x-forwarding with a different user?? When i do sudo -u otheruser x-App i got: X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.10:47
Dr_Willisfm:  well i got the volume controls here moving the BT hdeaset volume in  the pavucontrol tool. but no sound out.. yet10:48
ActionParsnip1bradpitt: what is the output of: sudo lshw -C display10:49
ActionParsnip1DaDa|Urka: why not make the initial connection as the other user?10:49
fmDr_Willis: Do you see your BT-Headset in pavucontrol? I only see my internal sound card10:49
=== john is now known as OldEagle
OldEaglehello all10:50
Dr_Willisfm padevchooser   shows mybt headset.10:50
Farssikekale: Sorry, you where right I didn't do it right.10:50
kilnuxneed urgent help10:50
napsterHi all...10:50
ActionParsnip1!ask | kilnux10:51
ubottukilnux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:51
bradpittActionParsnip : i'm sorry but i'm now with nvidia card, because i can't even login and there's only cmd line like in terminal. but i can write down step-by-step to fix the problem.10:51
DaDa|UrkaActionParsnip1: because iam not the other user (hence i haven't his pw)10:51
napsterHow to connec to #linuxmint...?10:51
ActionParsnip1napster: /join #linuxmint10:51
kilnuxi got win7 on my new pc but i want to put ubuntu to dual boot onto it but the problem is i only have 32bit 9.04 linux and i want 64bit 9.10 linux10:51
OldEagleI'm afraid that auto-updating the kernel last night, broke my ubuntu installation. Screen blinks constantly, gui does not load, and the automounter returns errors10:52
kilnuxi only have the disc for a 9/04 32bit10:52
kilnuxand i want a 64bit 9.10 so10:52
ActionParsnip1kling0n: then download the 64bit ISO10:52
fmDr_Willis:  where do you see your BT headset in padevchooser? I don't see it10:52
kilnuxcan i upgrade onto a 64bit from a 32bit10:52
OldEagledoes anyone know anything about it, or heard similar problems regarding the latest kernel updates?10:52
napsterActionParsnip1, But its not on this server...!!!10:52
bazhangkilnux, no10:52
=== moomlyn is now known as linimoo
ActionParsnip1kilnux: no, you must reinstall10:52
kilnuxi want my new pc to use all my 4gb ram and my 512mb10:52
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)10:53
kilnux512mb grpahics card10:53
Dr_Willisfm:  under manager -> devices -> sinks.10:53
kilnuxwil linux be compatible with 4gb ram10:53
ActionParsnip1napster: ok, i wasnt aware, chill10:53
kilnuxwill liinux recognise 4gb ram10:53
ActionParsnip1napster: /server irc.servername.com10:53
Dr_Willisfm:  i think my HS is so old - it cant do 1/2 th things these new ones can. It seems tobe seen/connected/ but no sound out. Im not sure it can dothe a2d stuff10:53
ActionParsnip1napster: then join the channel, linux mint is not discussed or in any way supported here10:54
ActionParsnip1kilnux: sure, you can install the desktop pae kernel and see all the ram10:54
Dr_Willisfm:  the Pav volume meter tool dosent even show it gettting  sound.10:54
skylerror 2 grub10:54
kilnuxbut i want linux to use 4.ghz processor and all of my ram which win 7 is doing atm10:54
kilnuxwill it do it?!? on a 32bit?10:55
Dr_Williskilnux:  on 32bit and EXACTLY 4 gb of ram . part of it will not be addressable10:55
fmDr_Willis:  under  manager -> devices -> sinks   I  only see: alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1e.2.analog-stereo10:55
bradpittActionParsnip1 : i'm sorry but i'm now with nvidia card, because i can't even login and there's only cmd line like in terminal. but i can write down step-by-step to fix the problem.10:55
ibnulislamIs it dangerous to use jaunty sources for karmic. As "wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists" does not contains karmic.10:55
ActionParsnip1kilnux: the 32bit can run a 4 PHz CPU if you had it, it is restricted to the 3.2Gb RAM due to addressregister length10:55
Dr_Willisfm:  i see my BT thjing there.10:55
drellokDaDa|Urka, try to remove .Xauthority file in the home dir for the user you're doing sudo to10:55
OldEagleAnyone else had problems with the latest kernel upgrade? OR is it possible to redo that update in some way?10:55
OldEagle(in case it didn't complete correctly)10:56
ActionParsnip1bradpitt: sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia*; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove10:56
kilnuxactionparsnipl: why cant i find linux CD's in any computer shops??10:56
ibnulislamIs it dangerous to use jaunty apt* sources for karmic. As "wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/dists" does not contains karmic.10:56
kekaleOldEagle, --reinstall switch is useful :)10:56
Dr_Williskilnux:  because they dont want to bother? they woud rather sell you  stuff they make a profit on.10:56
ActionParsnip1bradpitt: will remove the proprietary driver, if there is no desktop then also remove xserver-xorg-video-nv10:56
OldEaglekekale, reinstall what, I do not know which package broke the installation :\10:57
OldEagleyou mean the kernel?10:57
Dr_Williskilnux:  to to the local book stores and they are in all sorts of computer magazines. Or often public libraries have them10:57
icerootibnulislam: yes dont mix repos/versions10:57
kekalewell it was you who mentioned the kernel, OldEagle10:57
DaDa|Urkadrellok: there wasn't any10:57
bradpittActionParsnip : so i have to remove the nvidia driver if i want to use on board video card? and then reinstall nvidia driver if i want to use nvidia driver?10:57
ActionParsnip1kilnux: they can't really sell it as its not fro them to see, they can charge you a small fee for the CD and burning it but you will rarely see it, You can get them on Linux magazines10:57
OldEagletrue, but with the kernel update, came a lot of other updates10:57
OldEagleso, I can't know what broke it10:57
kilnuxdr_willis: i went to pc world and they tell me that i should get a antivirus on ubuntu and they recommended me some software that i shud buy?10:58
ActionParsnip1bradpitt: you will then be using the vesa driver which will work, you can then install the proprietary driver using: gksudo jockey-gtk10:58
Dr_Williskilnux:  whats 'pc world' ?10:58
kilnuxPC world a huge computer shop10:58
OldEaglehave you ever seen the console blinking?10:58
OldEagleconstantly that is10:58
ActionParsnip1kilnux: no need for AV, tell them they know nothing10:58
Dr_Williskilnux:  i wouldent buy any.10:58
ActionParsnip1kilnux: i'm UK as well10:58
kekaleOldEagle, then you cannot say it was the kernel upgrade that broke something. :) But apt usually has a pretty good picture of the state of the system. If something did go amiss with the upgrades, then it will tell you about it when you try to use it.10:59
skylI have 1 HD and the install from usb can't seem to get grub on it correctly10:59
Dr_Williskilnux:  linux is not windows.. Im not even sure there are any comercial AV programs out for linux. ( i imagine ther are some but they are for scanning windows files)10:59
mihammm how to get proftpd to enable user login... settings get screwed at every upgrade of ubuntu :D10:59
kilnuxactionparsnipl: so i dont need Antivirus on linux OS's10:59
ActionParsnip1skyl: did you MD5 test the file you put on the USB stick?10:59
Dr_Williskilnux:  if you want one. theres clamav, and avg has a linux version i recall.10:59
ActionParsnip1!av | kilnux10:59
ubottukilnux: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2110:59
OldEagleahem... I cannot load into the system in order to "see" anything. The problem is that I have no GUI and the console is unusable as the screen blinks11:00
Dr_Williskilnux:  but they are designed to scan your windows systems/files for infections - not linux normally11:00
OldEaglealso the blinking is weird, I cannot even type the exact moment the screen is off11:00
ActionParsnip1OldEagle: boot to recovery mode then select root, you can run any commands you like11:00
skylActionParsnip1, no11:00
ActionParsnip1skyl: don't you think you should have?11:00
kilnuxso i cant get windows viruses on a linux?11:00
DaDa|Urkadrellok: when i do xauth list with the other user it constantly tells me xauth:  creating new authority file /home/brixxi/.Xauthority11:00
skylor netinstall, whatever ...11:00
ActionParsnip1kilnux: no, they are windows viruses, they may infect wine but that no big worry11:01
beejeebusi'm trying to find information on the space requirements for bacula11:01
beejeebusif i need to keep 7 daily, 4 weekly and 12 monthly backups of a data set11:01
OldEagleActionParsnip1: yes, I was planning on that, but what should I type... I mean this error is obsene11:01
kekaleoh OldEagle didn't realise you were in such a deep mess11:01
beejeebusdoes bacula do diffs, or will i need 7+4+12 * (data set size) ?11:01
beejeebus(i've asked in #bacula, no response.)11:01
ActionParsnip1skyl: did you check using MD5 all the files you could so you know they are good11:01
kekaleOldEagle, you cannot see the prompt to enter grub menu even?11:01
skylActionParsnip1, well, this is about the 10th time I've done it ... so ... can I not get 1/1011:01
OldEaglegrubs works ok11:01
ActionParsnip1OldEagle: uninstall the video driver you installed11:01
OldEaglewell I didn't... autoupdate may have11:02
skylon like 8 meg download for the net install11:02
ActionParsnip1skyl: you could download an infinite number of images and never get a good image11:02
kilnuxif i insall linux on my new pc would i lose my windows 7? ( i only have 1 harddrive)11:02
skylActionParsnip1, that is certainly how it seems11:02
bradpittActionParsnip1 : ok i get it. and is there a way to not to remove then reinstall whenever i want to use the on board card or nvidia?11:02
skylsome cds I burned checked out11:02
skylthe install is putting grub on the usb drive it seems11:03
mihakilnux: no, but you need some free space... perhaps do disk defragmentation first :D11:03
grawitykilnux: Depends on how you install it. Ubuntu can automatically make space for itself without destryoing Windows.11:03
OldEagleOk let my divert the question. Is there a way to complete remove the latest kernel?11:03
OldEagleI mean, the old kernel that update left on my grub menu works ok11:03
skyland the CDs fail at lik 60+%11:03
ActionParsnip1skyl: can boot to live CD and install grub from there11:03
kekaleOldEagle, yes. apt-get remove it.11:04
OldEaglewill this cause the update manager to reinstall it? (I wanna give it another try)11:04
=== daedaluz_ is now known as daedaluz
kekaleThat I don't know, I would have to guess and I don't want to. :)11:05
OldEaglealright... thank you very much guys11:05
ActionParsnip1skyl: could try some bootoptions11:05
skylliveCD on usb .. that's one of the permutations I haven't tried ...11:06
skylI'm going to bet .. it checksums .. tries to install and stops at 70%11:06
krabadori mounted an ntfs partition as "mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/folder"11:06
ActionParsnip1skyl: good way to test the next release in alpha without modifying the internal drive ;)11:06
krabadori can create folders inside11:06
krabadorbut i can't download nothinf from firefox11:06
krabadori must set some type of write access?11:07
andrew[andrboot]Hi guys, running 9.10 ubuntu server, wanting to make eth0 & eth1 brdiged i.e. eth3 (same subnet etc) i know it can be done in windows.. haven't gotten to work on ubuntu here is my interfaces: (it loops back on itself) http://pastebin.com/d68bbb65811:07
skylbe back in an hour with either a "woot!" or a "someone shoot me"11:08
Dr_Williskrabador:  for ntfs you MUST mount with the proper options for users to have write access11:08
Dr_Williskrabador:  is this a external or internal ntfs filesystem?11:09
handjobIs there a way to automaticly generate ".asoundrc"?11:09
krabadorDr_Willis, is internal11:10
ActionParsnip1krabador: can you give the output of: ls -la ~/.mozilla11:10
krabadorDr_Willis, of internal drive11:10
Dr_Williskrabador:  easiest thing to do would be  make a proper fstab entry for the drive. You may want tounmount it. and install/run the ntfs-config tool11:10
ActionParsnip1handjob: i don't have that file, if you rename the current one is one generated11:11
ActionParsnip1krabador: use http://pastebin.com11:11
Dr_Williskrabador:  example entry in /etc/fstab for my ntfs drive ->11:11
Dr_WillisUUID=6A62B9CC1192CB2D /media/Vista    ntfs    defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46 0       011:11
krabadorActionParsnip1, http://pastebin.com/m4d88736111:11
grawityDr_Willis, krabador: I suggest fmask=0111,dmask=0 instead of umask.11:12
OldEaglealright, kernel problem seems to be solved. Has anyone here -by any chance- had luck with setting up ATI Radeon x1950 PRO AGP on ubuntu?11:12
ActionParsnip1krabador: do you log in as root or a proper user like you are supposed to11:12
OldEaglemost tutorials don't cut it11:12
handjobActionParsnip1, I am not sure am i following - I have to rename what? I also don't have this file.11:12
comp2yucih uhi11:12
ActionParsnip1handjob: isee, usually the .xxx files are generated as needed11:12
Dr_Willisgrawity:  I think thats what the ntfs-config tool defaulted to. or the installer. I  normally set the ntfs mount points at install :)11:12
krabadorActionParsnip1, i run firefox as user and root too, for trying to write inside11:13
ActionParsnip1krabador: ok do NOT run firefox as root, its hugely unsecure11:13
handjobActionParsnip1, I need it, the default system does not but i guess it won't take my will in considereation.11:14
ActionParsnip1handjob: apparently its not needed: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/.asoundrc11:14
comp2need help on ubuntu 9.1011:15
comp2can any body help me11:15
ActionParsnip1krabador: ok do NOT run firefox as root, its hugely unsecure11:15
Dr_Williscomp2:  state the actual problem to the channel11:15
ActionParsnip1!ask | comp211:15
ubottucomp2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:15
handjobActionParsnip1, Aperenty I need it to do "some stuff". So i guess You don't knew the way to generate it?11:15
awilkinsAfter upgrade to the latest kernel my automounting of USB partitions is busted, any other people encounter this (or fix it)?11:15
ActionParsnip1krabador: if root is the owner of your users ~/.mozilla folder then the user cannot write data to it, you have screwed your permissions11:16
comp2i am unable to remove previous conversations in empathy11:16
krabadorActionParsnip1, i close it immediatly look it don't works11:16
ActionParsnip1krabador: try this: cd ~; sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ./.mozilla11:17
ActionParsnip1handjob: if you websearch around you may find example files, its not someting I've ever used11:17
handjobActionParsnip1, Ok. Bye.11:17
ActionParsnip1krabador: run it as your user which will set the ownership to your user, you should then be ok11:18
krabadorActionParsnip1, the ~ folder must be the mount point'11:18
comp2 i am unable to remove previous conversations in empathy11:18
ActionParsnip1krabador: no, ~ == /home/$USER == $HOME11:18
comp2 i am unable to remove previous conversations in empathy11:19
comp2will i be able to remove previous conversations in pidgin11:28
comp2 i can work with empathy.....but the above problem is the major draw back11:28
* Dr_Willis can barely figure out how touse empathy11:28
ishanhi, does anyone know how to mount again a USB drive after unmounting once?11:28
comp2just remove and reconnect11:29
Dr_willis_EmpThere we go.11:29
ActionParsnip1ishan: sudo mount -a;sudo /etc/init.d/hal restart11:29
ActionParsnip1ishan: should do it11:29
ishanI mean without removing?11:30
bigshotis there any harddisk recovery tools? i want to recover my vista partition11:30
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ishanthanks ActionParsnip111:30
ActionParsnip1ishan: did it fly?11:31
Dr_Williscomp2:  all i can say about empathy is it sort of bites for IRC> and i do notice a 'clear conversation' menu item.11:32
Dr_WillisDr_willis_Emp is my hero.11:34
Dr_Williscomp2:  theres no need to msg me for support on empathy and flooding me with 'plz help' wont make me a expert in using empathy.11:40
Dr_Williscomp2:  ive used the program for all of 5+ min now.11:40
ActionParsnip1!pm > comp211:40
ubottucomp2, please see my private message11:40
siqueiranecessito de ajuda para instalar placa wireless acx111, alguem pode me ajudar11:44
Flannel!br | siqueira11:45
ubottusiqueira: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.11:45
siqueiray need help install acx111 in ubuntu 9.1011:46
siqueirai need help for install acx111 in ubuntu 9.1011:46
Dr_Willis!info acx11111:47
ubottuPackage acx111 does not exist in karmic11:47
* Dr_Willis has no idea what acx111 even is11:47
siqueiraacx111 is card wireless11:48
Dr_WillisPlug it in, run the restricted manager tool.. see if it needs any extra drivers.. :) thats the extent of my knowledge for wireless cards11:49
siqueirayes Dr_Willis, down package , insucessful11:50
siqueiraplease, what step for install package adicional11:51
alkamidI'd like to monitor one application for its RAM usage - is there an app that I can use?11:52
ActionParsnip1siqueira: can you expand please11:52
shanigansHas anyone managed to get an esata using port multipliers working?11:52
alkamidI mean I'd like to have a chart or at least saved data every 5-10 minutes11:52
ActionParsnip1alkamid: top11:52
shanigansI've been trying to make either of mine work for ages, googling, trying different settings... blarg11:52
shanigansno luck11:52
shanigansfound a few people with similar issues, but no solutions11:53
ActionParsnip1alkamid: you can tell top to only display that one process if you wish11:53
ActionParsnip1shanigans: not used eSATA. I use firewire instead :D11:53
shanigansyeah, I have used firewire and usb in the past11:53
shanigansbut i've outgrown all the internal sata ports / space inside my (full tower) case etc11:54
ActionParsnip1pci-X sata card :)11:54
shanigansif i can get esata going then i have room for another 10 drives before having to worry about buying a new controller or anything11:54
JoBeHi everybody! - i got a small problem with the new ubuntu (i'm newbe with ubuntu), i have a local network with several computers, and  from the Ubuntu machine i can access the whole network and proxy servers, but i've installed samba on the Ubuntu machine, but the machine is not visible in the network! - how can i change that, and if possible, change the computername dislpayed in the ntwork?11:54
ActionParsnip1shanigans: cool11:54
shanigansof course, at the moment i'm kind of at a dead end with this so I have a whol bunch of worthless bricks lying about the house11:55
ActionParsnip1JoBe: if you run: gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf   is the work group the same?11:55
ActionParsnip1JoBe: is the ubuntu hostname pingable from the other systems? Is the IP pingable?11:56
ActionParsnip1JoBe: if you run: sudo smbtree on the ubuntu system, does it list the shares you defined?11:56
JoBethe ubuntu is pingable..11:56
shanigansany ideas where else might be a good place to go to get help with port multipliers?11:56
ActionParsnip1JoBe: and the smbtree?11:57
alkamidActionParsnip1, thanks!11:57
JoBeactionparsnip1: Working...   the workgroup is the same ...11:58
Dr_Willissmbtree and findsmb are often 2 overlooked commands for samba exploration :)11:58
ActionParsnip1JoBe: ok, is the client system linux or windows?11:59
ActionParsnip1Dr_willis: i rock at samba some :)12:00
JoBeactionparsnip1: the client's are windows system. When i did the "sudo smbtree", i only found one computer, and that is not my ubuntu machine, it's another computer on the network.12:00
Dr_WillisActionParsnip1:  its amazing how i can get samba working great.. then for some reason it just  hits a brick wall on a single wndows machine.. THEN a few days later starts working,,12:00
ActionParsnip1JoBe: thats normal, it lists the shares on the local system12:00
ActionParsnip1Dr_willis: aye, its weird12:01
JoBeactionparsnip1: why don't it lists this computer then ?, this is a windows machine, with the same configuration like the other one it found.,12:01
ActionParsnip1JoBe: ok so if you head to the windows system, click start -> run   and type12:01
ActionParsnip1JoBe: \\servername\sharename12:02
Dr_WillisActionParsnip1:  currently the wifes netbook with xp is the one giving me issues..  then yesterday it started working. Im thinking the router/wireless stuff maybe blocking samba some how for her.12:02
sadrollahi , i will when insert cd on cd drive no mount , who can help me ?12:02
Dr_WillisActionParsnip1:  ever noticed a error message like -> (from smbtree) -> cli_start_connection: failed to connect to PINKY<20> ( Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE12:03
Dr_WillisActionParsnip1:  her pc name is 'pinky' its a pink netbook12:03
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Dr_WillisActionParsnip1:  and this pc did work just 2 days ago.  i moved some files to it.  no changes to the network/configs  and now it fails12:03
forfunzinhoenter my ubuntu so pages of google someone know what can be?12:04
Dr_Willisforfunzinho:  that made no sense what so ever.. rephrase the question.12:04
FyreFoXon a clean install of 9.10 64bit, if I install flashplugin-nonfree will that be a 64bit flash or 32bit?12:05
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Dr_WillisFyreFoX:  i belive it will be 32bit flash - since 64bit is still in testing.12:05
Dr_WillisFyreFoX:  32bit flash works here for me, there are people trying out 64bit flash in some cases.12:06
Pirate_Hunterhas the apache.conf changes in karmic since hardy as I am looking at it and I can't  find the option for ServerTokens & ServerSignature, can someone tell me if it is depreciated or they moved it elsewhere?12:06
forfunzinhoDr_Willis I have windos and ubuntu installed on my notebook but when I use ubuntu, and access to velox (internet) and enter using firefox so I can access pages related to google and so, the others are eternally carregan12:07
ActionParsnip1JoBe: does the share show up?12:07
silv3r_m00ncan I get a qt