atrusm4rk: ~/"Ubuntu One"00:00
m4rkatrus, i mean on the cloud00:01
m4rkit seems very slow :(00:02
atrusthat's the cloud for you :)00:04
atrusi seriously have no idea. i sort of thought that was part of the point of cloud computing/storage.00:04
m4rkatrus, nevermind. I need to know00:05
melvster1hi all, is there a roadmap for ubuntu one?  Im curious to know if there will ever be clients for other OS's like Dropbox, and I couldnt find anything on the mailing list ... ?01:20
psypher246hi ubuntuone team, i need some assistance with OFFLINE syncing, i need to be able to upload all my files (30GB or so) once and then copy the u1 folder to several machines so that I don;t have to download it again to all those machines, completely unfeasble to do so.07:00
psypher246i have tried copying the matadata over as well but as soon as i reconnect u1 it redonwloads all the files and makes all the files that I copied manually as conflict07:01
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* rtgz wrote a skeleton diagnostic script. In python, not native language yet, so feel free to comment on the (absence of) code quality, style and general problems.12:16
* rtgz put the link to the script here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RomanYepishev/UbuntuOne/Diagnostics12:16
LiCeThi all13:37
rtgzLiCeT, hi13:42
mandel /msg NickServ identify Qwerty13:52
vdshello hello15:05
vdsDesktop+ MEETING BEGINS:15:05
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vdsaquarius Chipaca_ dobey urbanape teknico15:06
vdsyou know how it works15:06
vdssay me to  join the company! :)15:06
vdsteknico: start please15:08
teknicoVROOM VROOM15:08
teknicoDONE: more updating of the Funambol code to v. 8.0 (#403435)15:08
teknicoTODO: finish updating the Funambol code to v. 8.0 (#403435), review mandel's branch again, finally triage my 20 bugs15:08
teknicoBLOCK: none15:08
tekniconext: vds15:08
vdsDONE: still fixing the two branches to port funambol v8 in sourcedeps, code review15:09
vdsTODO: land them! code review15:09
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:09
teknicoTHEN WHO WAS PHONE15:09
rodrigo_hey, an Italian only standup today???15:39
* rodrigo_ has an Italian brother-in-law!!15:39
rtgzGuys, sorry to bother you again, but could someone with python experience analyze the following code: http://code.google.com/p/ubuntuone-client-diagnose/source/browse/trunk/ubuntuone-client-diagnose.py ? I am interested especially whether there are some 'WTF???' statements present15:42
verterokrtgz: looks nice, I'ld use new style classes ;)15:47
verterokrtgz: but in general it looks ok :)15:47
rtgzverterok, new style classes... heh, new to the language and already using something old :)15:49
rtgzverterok, is it ok, to perform such class nesting as in BugHandlerCollection and later read the members from it or this is some kind of a hack?15:50
* verterok looks15:52
verterokrtgz: why do you need the nested classes?15:53
rtgzverterok, because then I will not need to register the handlers anywhere, such as 'bug1': Handler1, 'bug2': Handler215:54
verterokrtgz: what about having al the bug handlers in a module?15:54
rtgzverterok, you mean physycally in another file, yes, but then this will require at least 2 files to be downloaded. I could not find the way to declare a module, like just 'package Dead::Beef' in perl15:55
verterokrtgz: you couldregister the handlers in __init__15:57
verterokrtgz: as you'r defining one class per bug, you can have the bug number in a class level attribute15:58
rtgzverterok, but I should first find the name of the class to call __init__ leading to duplication, i.e. here is a class, and somewhere else this class is mentioned again and registered...15:59
statikwow, rtgz! thanks for all your hard work on triaging ubuntuone bugs15:59
verterokrtgz: and in the Bug.__init__ method register it in a gblobal list of handlers15:59
rtgzverterok, AH!!!15:59
rtgzverterok, yep, the base class!15:59
verterokrtgz: yeap :)15:59
rtgzverterok, it would be too easy then :).. thanks!16:00
rtgzverterok, aand it will save me one indentation level. cute :)16:01
verterokrtgz: e.g: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/329489/16:01
verteroks/bugnumber/number/ :)16:02
verterokrtgz: and no need to redefine __init__ on each class16:02
rtgzverterok, wow16:04
verterokrtgz: you need to remove the self.number = None in Bug.__init__ ;)16:05
rtgzverterok, I still feel guilty about writing my_var = 1, since this looks like it would create global var in JS... :)16:05
rtgzverterok, okay, thanks for the info, I will patch that and return here later with another bunch of questions :)16:06
verterokrtgz: ok, thank you for working on that! :)16:07
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