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ionkeybuk: Feel like merging my mountall patch? :-)15:29
Keybukion: is there a bug open for it?15:31
ionkeybuk: Nope, it seems. I’ve only pushed to https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~ion/ubuntu/lucid/mountall/lucid15:33
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Keybukion: if you could file a bug, or at least attach it to a bug15:37
Keybukand a merge request15:37
Keybukthat would be great15:37
ionWill do15:37
Keybukotherwise I just won't remember to do it15:37
Keybukthings like that get processed in a reasonable fashion15:37
ionWhat is the current development branch for mountall in lucid? lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/karmic/mountall/ubuntu still?15:38
ionI.e. to where should i make the merge request? :-)15:39
KeybukI think so15:39
Keybuklet me check15:39
ionThere’s also lp:ubuntu/mountall with auto-imports only (no real commit history).15:39
Keybukwas checking if james_w switched them over yet15:40
Keybukare you sure?15:40
Keybuklp:ubuntu/lucid/mountall is a real branch15:40
Keybukthat's most odd15:40
Keybukit's the auto-import15:41
Keybukjames hasn't made the real branch the right one yet15:41
Keybukhe's on holiday this week15:41
Keybukit'll all be just lp:ubuntu/PACKAGE soon15:43
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meoblast001i just installed upstart, is the binary /sbin/init?20:40
tormoddoes upstart log output from script stanzas somewhere?21:00
tormodwhat does nih as in libnih mean?21:03
Keybuktormod: not at the moment (plans to do so)22:15
Keybuknih = not invented here22:15
Keybukif something is written from scratch, rather than re-using existing code, we say it's "NIH"22:15
Keybukit's mostly a joke, because libnih looks like lots of "standard libraries" like glib and such22:16
Keybukbut with a few major differences that Upstart needs, like not abort()ing on malloc() failure22:16
ionAnd generally sucking less. :-)22:24
tormodI knew the joke, but I thought this can not possibly be a joke...22:31
tormodwell I saw it a thousand times in the source, and no explanation, so you can always come up with something22:32
tormodnew init helper?22:33
tormodalso, I have a suggestion: adding the OMGBroken wiki trick to a README file, so I can look it up while I am in sulogin22:34

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