benchikwas the hard drive Load_Cycle_Count issue fixed in xubuntu 9.10?00:12
toshihow do you turn off the "growl" like popups everytime you do something like adjust your volume?01:58
pilif12pIs there xubuntu server?02:53
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Balsaqwhen i set my resolution to 52kz...and turn off my computer...it does not save my setting?07:20
Balsaqgoes right back to 50?07:20
owen1_when i type alsamixer i get 'alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory' any tips?09:03
owen1_aplay -l shows: 'aplay: device_list:223: no soundcards found...'09:03
owen1_it started after i installed ubuntu-restricted-extras09:03
owen1_when i type alsamixer i get 'alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory' but when i add sudo i can see it.  any tips?09:32
owen1_(it started after i installed ubuntu-restricted-extras09:33
owen1_also i only have audio when i run totem as sudo.09:38
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ocs_hi, is there an official manual/guide for xubuntu ? thanks12:39
TheSheep!desktopguide | ocs_12:58
ubottuocs_: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com12:58
ocs_thanks TheSheep13:02
ocs_TheSheep: but... is there anything specific for _Xubuntu_ ? not ubuntu13:05
TheSheepocs_: try xubuntu.org13:06
benchicki just purchased dell inspiron 11z, and was thinking about installing xubuntu on it, but got scared once i heard about the harddrive Load_Cycle_Count issue. was it fixed in xubuntu 9.10?13:07
ocs_TheSheep: already seen there... but I can't find docs for Xubuntu13:08
benchickmust login to write here?13:08
benchicki just purchased dell inspiron 11z, and was thinking about installing xubuntu on it, but got scared once i heard about the harddrive Load_Cycle_Count issue. was it fixed in xubuntu 9.10?13:08
TheSheep!patience | benchick13:09
ubottubenchick: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.13:09
benchicki just thought my question wasn't pasted cause i didn't identify myself to nickserv. sorry13:09
TheSheepocs_: well, I don't know any13:09
TheSheepno problem :)13:09
TheSheepyou may also try looking at the bug report about that issue13:10
TheSheep!bugs | benchick13:10
ubottubenchick: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:10
benchickTheSheep: i did try, but couldn't find anything conclusive. when i finally saw "bug fixed" someone wrote it wasn't fixed, and later at the post the status changed again to "not fixed"13:12
benchicki thought someone here might have more info about this issue13:13
TheSheepI guess the bugtracker is the best source13:15
benchickyou got me there13:19
jarFinally registered to the mailing list..18:32
jarI'm so lazy.18:32
Rafikhi there22:01
Rafikwhy tasksel in xubuntu 9.10 don't have the same tasks as in ubuntu ? i wanted to install the lamp server22:03
jarWhy would you want to run X11 on a server..?22:14
knomejar, x ssh tunneling maybe?22:32
knomejar, or freenx or vnc22:32
jarknome, It's not that alternatives can't be used.22:33
jarIt's that it sucks that it doesn't work.22:33
jarknome, Oh wow I just realized what you replied to.23:03
jarI thought you were replying to what I said in #xfce23:03
* jar shakes his head23:03
italomaia_hello! How could i edit xubuntu user menu in text mode?23:11
jaritalomaia_, What specifically do you need to do?23:12
italomaia_i need to add an item to the "games" section23:12
italomaia_in the menu23:12
jaritalomaia_, You'll need to make a .desktop file for it since the distributor did not.23:13
italomaia_where should i place it?23:13
jardo you want it to be local or system-wide?23:13
italomaia_k, i'll try out23:14
jaritalomaia_, Take a look at the GNOME games .desktop files23:15
jarit will give you an idea of how the spec works23:15
jarThe XFce team assures us that the menu editor will return for 4.823:15
italomaia_jar, holy shit, it works!23:21
jaritalomaia_, It's a pretty simple spec to work with. All it really needs to know is the name and executable really23:22
jaroh, and a category23:22
jarMost of the rest is optional.23:22
italomaia_yeap. The category thing got me confused.23:23
jarYeah, it can be a bit tricky23:24
italomaia_Application;Game;Emulator;GTK <- gives me the following menu: application->game23:24
jarThat sounds about right.23:24
jarWhat emulator are you using that didn't come with a menu entry?23:25
jarthat's a little weird if it came from apt23:25
italomaia_jar, actually, i made a menu app for pygame games and i wanted it to have an entry in the menu23:32
jarAh :)23:33
* jar nod23:33
italomaia_had some hard time finding docs about editing xfce menu by hand23:33
jaritalomaia_, the cool thing is .desktop is for ALL menus23:33
jarit'll work in GNOME too23:33
jargnome uses /usr/share/applications .. i think kde does too23:33
jarnot sure23:33
jardon't quote me23:34
italomaia_you said don't quote me23:35
italomaia_i tought you meant this:23:35
italomaia_brazillian here. hoho. I don't get a few expression right23:35
jarit was just a joke saying i'm not sure so i'm sorry if it doesn't work in kde23:36
jari've not used KDE in many years23:36
italomaia_humm, ok23:37
italomaia_by the way, i made a remaster of xubuntu these days23:37
italomaia_do you know of a nice place do advertise it?23:37
jaritalomaia_, what did you add or remove from xubuntu?23:40
italomaia_well, i changed a lot of applications and switched others for equivalent stuff made in python23:41
italomaia_gnome-games went out, totem went out, abiword...and other23:41
italomaia_mousepad was switched for scite, transmission for deluge23:42
jarSounds like you leaned it up a bit :P23:42
italomaia_well, yeap. My goal was to make something with 700mb or less23:43
jarI would've went with GVim over Scite ;)23:43
italomaia_rsrs lot's of people like gvim23:43
jar:) hehe23:43
italomaia_i don't, i kind of dislike it23:44
jarYeah, it's a hit or miss editor.23:44
NTFSxubuntu sucks23:45
italomaia_yeap. Even tought of using PIDA because of the "vim inside factor"23:45
italomaia_for video playing, what do you use?23:46
jarI use Totem or VLC23:46
italomaia_vlc, totem, mplayer?23:46
jarI use Totem because it's the default, but VLC is fine with me.23:46
italomaia_and mplayer, you don't use?23:46
jarNot for a few years.23:47
NTFSwindows 7 is god23:47
jarNTFS, We heard you the first time.23:47
NTFSwindows 7 is god23:47
jarThat's nice.23:48
NTFSwindows 7 is god23:48
jarHey LjL23:50
NTFSban me23:50
italomaia_jar, if you want to check out what i made, here's the site: http://eusouolobomau.blogspot.com/2009/11/turtle-linux-910.html23:51
NTFSban me23:51
jaritalomaia_, I like the name.23:51
italomaia_brazilian portuguese tought.23:51
italomaia_the name is because i went to a project "Save the turtles" called "Tamar" in brazil, and fall in love the the turtles23:54
italomaia_such a nice animal23:54
jarI love turtles. My girlfriend has a pet turtle.23:54
NTFSban me23:54
italomaia_if interested : http://www.tamar.org.br/23:57
ubottuops is HELP! gnomefreak, tonyyarusso, PuMpErNiCkLe, maxamillion, TheSheep, crimsun, mrpouit, Myrtti, PriceChild charlie-tca or cody-somerville23:57
italomaia_your girlfriend's turtle is a earth turtle?23:57
jarIt's a painted turtle.23:57
jarI think that's the species.23:57
jarIts stomach looks like that.23:58

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