amanica_the one day of the month I try to push code to launchpad, its down :(00:01
jpdsamanica_: New code rollout.00:19
amanica_jpds: yup, I know, but its going on longer than expected00:19
amanica_and I want to push this stuff before I go to bed00:20
amanica_not sure if I should wait..00:20
elmoamanica_: you may want to go to bed and do it tomorrow00:21
amanica_elmo: thanks00:22
asabilamanica_, or sleep 3600 && bzr push00:23
amanica_in a loop yeah :) cool idea00:23
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amanica_goodnight then. thanks for the advice00:33
pooliejam, still around?01:34
pooliei'm just wondering if for bug 491763, failure to rename, we should give a better message01:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 491763 in bzr "Cannot update working tree" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49176301:34
pooliethere have been several like this01:34
* igc lunch01:35
jampoolie: I certainly think something better than a traceback is warranted. Especially since it doesn't give the 'from_' or 'to' filenames (in this case 'to' is probably the most interesting)01:37
jamactually, take that back, this is pre-delete, which should be where it moves files out of the wt01:38
jamso from is more interesting.01:38
jamanyway... the cases where we've run into this in the past are more Windows errors01:38
jamI haven't specifically seen it on Apple before01:38
poolieoh and i see it would be relevant to your ec2 failures too, perhaps01:41
pooliei was thinking that osutils.rename should wrap it, and then we should test_source ban use of os.rename01:41
pooliei've also wondered if we should have a weakref dict of all open files01:43
poolieso we can dump it in a crash01:43
poolieigc: alldocs updates failed because bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ian-clatworthy/bzr-explorer-website/trunk/".01:49
poolieoh, duh, that would be because of lp outages01:50
jampoolie: so I don't think this failure is anything like what I'm seeing on EC2 or Windows. Because it is on Apple, you can't (afaik) lock a file such that you can't rename over the top of it.01:50
jam(my guess is that the dir is readonly.)01:51
poolieit's only similar to the others in that not seeing which filename caused the rename failure is annoying01:51
jamah, sure01:51
jamthat is definitely true01:51
jampoolie: I'm going to go away for a bit but it would be nice to chat about bug #40412 a little bit when we get a chance01:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 40412 in bzr "show-base for weave merge" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/4041201:57
jamI think I have something that works01:57
jambut I have to consider how to handle some lca cases, and I'd like someone to sound the idea off of01:57
jamthe code is here while LP is down: http://bzr.arbash-meinel.com/branches/bzr/lps/2.0-40412-show-base-weave/01:58
pooliei'll be here at least the next 4 hours02:02
pooliemodulo lunch02:02
jampoolie: I'm back sooner than I expected :)02:16
jamso the brief summary02:17
jamI'm trying to drop a .BASE file on disk02:17
jambased on the merge plan02:17
jamso entries that are "new-a" are omitted, but "killed-a" are considered to be part of BASE, etc.02:17
jamThe current issue is essentially whether we want base = UNION(bases) or base = INTERSECTION(bases)02:18
marcoshello all, question: when i try to branch docky, it shows this error: bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:docky": OOPS-1434EC412.  any ideas?02:23
RAOFmarcos: I'd guess that's fallout from launchpad's current unworkingness.02:28
jammarcos: lp is currently undergoing maintenance. That may not be the problem, but it is likely to be02:28
marcosokay, fair enough. wasn't sure but I suspected that02:28
jampoolie: ping me when you are around02:29
marcosRAOF: jam: thanks02:29
lifelessmarcos: you can't use lp: atm02:29
igclp is not a drug. I can live without it. really. Just keep telling myself that and ...02:52
fullermdIt's not really a drug unless all the cool kids are doing it.02:58
pooliehi jam03:22
poolieigc, i know, you don't missi it till you're gone03:23
pooliemarcos: see http://identi.ca/launchpadstatus03:23
=== poolie changed the topic of #bzr to: Bazaar version control | try https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr for more help | http://bazaar-vcs.org | http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Helping with patches: poolie | http://identi.ca/launchpadstatus
igcpoolie: just did - last update was 2 hours ago03:23
pooliewell, and see #launchpad-code for more details i guess03:24
pooliejam, that plan makes sense to me03:27
pooliei would say probably you want the union of bases03:28
jampoolie: so I originally also thought union, but I'm wondering about the consequences03:28
jamnamely, consider the "criss-cross merge swapped resolution" case03:28
pooliei think we need some kind of warning that this file isn't guaranteed to mean anything :)03:28
jamwhere both sides add a line03:28
jamthen both sides merge the other03:28
jamand change the order of the result03:29
jam(so XY => XaY => XabY, XY => XbY => XbaY)03:29
jamif you take the union03:29
jamyou get03:29
jamif you take intersection you get03:29
jamif you do diff 3 with the two tips,03:29
jamunion gives you XaY03:30
jamintersection gives you XbabY03:30
jampoolie: does that make sense? Or do i need to explain further?03:30
poolieyes, i think i know the case03:30
jamthe issue is if BASE has it, then it looks like it should be removed in target03:31
jamif BASE doesn't then it looks to be added03:31
jamAnd it seems that having the target add lines is "safer" than having it delete lines03:31
pooliebut you wouldn't want to add both03:32
poolieah, probably true03:32
poolieso in this case we have the two sides being03:32
poolieXabY and XbaY?03:32
jampoolie: right03:35
jamand I don't have a great way to say "add just one"03:35
jammerge --weave implicitly picks one03:35
jammerge --lca conflicts03:35
jamon both03:35
poolieyou could almost add another option, or maybe a debug option, to control this03:36
poolieand just let them try it03:36
poolieistm it's going to depend a bit on just what operations they do03:36
pooliewhether they're doing a three-way diff against base, or a two-way diff, or just looking at the basis regions within the conflict markers03:37
jamthis is only for a .base to use in a 3-way app03:39
jamwell... primarily for that03:40
poolieso i'd probably just pick one, document it, and let them try it03:41
* poolie thinks aloud: do we still want some bzr branches statically hosted on escudero?03:51
poolielike a mirror of trunk from launchpad03:51
* lifeless doesn't care03:51
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jamit certainly seems like launchpad has been down for a lot longer than the 90 minutes claimed in the status update04:03
jamgiven that amanica was commenting on it 4 hours ago...04:04
mwhudsonjam: yes04:05
meoblast001oh no04:26
meoblast001i'm drawing blanks, how do you set what branch version to use in init?04:26
lifelessmeoblast001: version? do you mean format?04:28
meoblast001ah, yes04:28
poolielaunchpad should be ok again now05:02
_diablopoolie: it's working for me05:09
igcenjoy your break lifeless06:12
poolievila: hi?06:23
vilapoolie: hey !07:19
vilahi all07:19
pooliehi there07:20
pooliespiv, what's the invocation of pqm-submit to make it work directly from launchpad?07:25
igc1hi vila07:28
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vilapoolie: can we try to chat a bit before you EOD if only for patch pilot sync ?07:30
poolieyes, sure07:30
pooliehere or on the phone?07:30
vilalet's try phone ! # ending with 8840 ?07:31
poolieyes, but 1m first07:31
poolieok, now?07:31
igcnight all - have a good weekend07:46
igcpoolie: fyi, I've reviewed and approved Marius's log patch to fix that bug for MySQL.07:47
pooliethanks igc08:02
pooliehave a good weekend too08:02
spivpoolie: --ignore-local, you need to pass the public location and submit loctaion on the cmd line, and you need to have set pqm_email (IIRC) in your locations.conf -- it's looked up on the submit location08:07
pooliei failed08:07
spivpoolie: so I hvae [http://bazaar.launchpad.net/*/~bzr/] there IIRC08:07
poolievila, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/49214508:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 492145 in launchpad-code "email about updated mp diffs includes obsolete/misleading cover letter" [Undecided,New]08:10
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_AndrewIs there a way to remove a revision that's waiting to be merged and then pull that revision from another branch again?09:26
_Andrewbecause bzr merge is crashing for me09:26
_Andrew..and I think if I pull this revision again it will work09:27
gioelewhat is the revision spec alias for "the point where I branched off the parent branch"?09:28
gioeleso that I can do "bzr diff --old when-i-branched:"09:28
Penggioele: ancestor:, I think?09:30
* wgrant uses -rancestor:../trunk09:32
* AfC uses09:36
AfC$ bzr gdiff -r ancestor:../mainline09:36
AfC$ bzr gdiff -r ancestor:/home/andrew/src/java-gnome/mainline09:36
AfCif I'm somewhere else; for reasons I don't quite understand, Bazaar doesn't interpret ~ so09:36
AfC$ bzr gdiff -r ancestor:~/src/java-gnome/mainline09:37
AfCdoesn't work]09:37
AfCgioele: note no `--old` in all that09:37
gioelethank you Peng, wgrant, AfC10:15
gioelebzr diff -r ancestor: is enough (I branched from mainline)10:15
gioelealiased to "bzr basediff"10:16
marekhi, can you help me with this case? i have a server with repo, and some desktops connetced to the same LAN for developers, they also have repos on their machines. One of them just branched first revision from server, and changed some files, then he commited locally and merged with server repo. now he wants to push from his machine to server and he sees a "diverged" problem, how can i deal with it?12:20
Pengmarek: He did commit after merging, right?12:22
Pengmarek: Or perhaps there's another new revision on the server, and he'll have to merge+commit again?12:22
Pengmarek: Usually people keep a mirror of the upstream branch, and do their work in feature branches, merging the feature branch into the trunk and pushing that. Just FYI.12:23
marekok so i will try merge and then commit and then push?12:23
Pengmarek: You have to commit after merging . . .12:25
marekok, that was it thx12:26
mareki just had to resolve conflicts12:26
marekand than push worked12:26
marekok but stil lnot everything is ok12:28
marekon that machine with problems, there is revision 3, and i can see all files from server repo and from that developer12:28
mareki did push12:28
marekand than on server i did update, and i saw info about rev 312:29
marekbut on server i cannot see files added by that developer12:29
marekwhen i merged to my repo12:29
marekfrom server12:29
marekand than status i can see:12:30
marekpending merge tips12:30
marekand commit from that developer12:30
bialixmarek: you should run `bzr update` on server after you push there12:30
mareki did12:30
marek"tree is up to date"12:30
bialixrun `bzr log -l1` on server and on client12:31
bialixand compare output12:31
marekon my client, or on developers client?12:31
marekon mine i can see:12:32
marekrevno 512:32
marekand on server revno 312:32
bialixon the client you did push12:32
marekon client: http://pastebin.com/m51448bcb12:34
bialixcheck the URL you and other dev used12:34
bialixspecify explicit URL if you in doubts12:34
marekthat one from server12:34
bialixso they seems identical?12:35
bialixso what's the problem?12:35
marekdev has a folder on his machine12:36
marekthat is not visible on server12:36
bialixcheck that dev actually added this folder with `bzr add`12:36
bialixyou can run bzr log -v to see all changed files12:36
bialixfor each revision12:36
bialixor better use qlog12:37
bialix`bzr st` also shows you unknown (not added yet) items12:37
bialixalso, you may want to use `bzr commit --strict`12:37
bialixthis commit refuse to work if there is unknown files in the tree12:38
bialixmarek: are you unsing only command-line or some GUI client?12:40
marekok i found something12:40
marekon logs i cannot see that files are added12:40
marekand st shows me status "unknown"12:40
bialixso they are not added12:40
marekone more comit?12:41
bialixbzr add && bzr commit12:41
marekhmm, whenever i add some files on local repo, do i have to bzr add?12:41
marekahh so that part i missed :)12:42
bialixmarek, if I understand correctly you started using bzr just recently; you may try Bazaar Explorer GUI, it's very good and provides you useful hints about what's going on and what to do nextr12:42
mareki will,12:43
marekand it is first project with bazar12:43
marekbut i have another problem12:44
marekdiverged branches while pushing :(12:44
bialixor you can just read tutorials and user guide, of course ;-)12:44
bialixdiverged branches is not problem12:44
bialixI teach you12:44
bialixit's very easy12:44
bialixdo you read in Russian?12:44
bialixI have blog12:44
bialixyou should use branch on the server as authoritative one12:45
bialixfor local work it's better to create shared repo (bzr init-repo)12:45
bialixthen get the copy of server trunk branch (bzr branch server/trunk local/repo/trunk)12:46
bialixfor each new feature you made new local branch from trunk mirror12:46
bialixbzr branch trunk new-feature12:46
bialixthen cd new-feature12:46
bialixhack hack hack12:46
bialixbzr ci12:46
bialixok, you ready to push your changes to trunk12:47
bialixyou going to mirror of trunk12:47
bialixdoing pull from server: bzr pull12:47
bialixno you merge your new-feature branch to this mirro:12:47
bialixbzr merge ../new-feature12:47
bialixcheck the result12:47
bialixresolve conflicts12:47
bialixcommit the result12:48
bialixnow you push to the server from this trunk mirror12:48
bialixbzr push12:48
bialixvoila! no conflicts!12:48
bialixI made some typos12:49
bialixmarek: is it makes sense for you?12:49
marekit is hard :)12:50
marekbut it surely has12:50
bialixthe main point: you need separate mirror of trunk12:51
bialixon each dev machine12:51
marekyou just gave me a sugestion how it should look? or how can i deal with my current problem?12:52
bialixI've tried you explain how to work with bzr as DVCS12:53
bialixI'm not quite sure what is your current problem12:53
bialixthere is no problem12:53
bialixmaybe some misunderstanding12:53
marekproblably, so you are talking about this? http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.2.0/en/tutorials/centralized_workflow.html12:56
bialixcentalized workflow uses checkouts instead of just branches12:56
bialixbut you could use it, if you wish12:57
bialixI mean this: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.2.0/en/tutorials/tutorial.html12:57
bialixbut it does not explain what I've just explained to you12:58
bialixmarek: this one I suppose http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.2.0/en/user-guide/distributed_intro.html12:59
bialixmarek: or even better this: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.2.0/en/user-guide/organizing_branches.html12:59
marekok i will use it13:01
rubbsmarek: If you read the documentation and find something confusing, please submit a bug, and tag it with 'doc'13:06
rubbsmarek: that way the bzr-doc team can try to improve it.13:07
rubbsI'm getting an error when I try to pull from bzr.dev.13:18
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rubbsthe basic error is : bzr: ERROR: exceptions.TypeError: Expected a plain str for value not: <type 'unicode'>13:19
bialixthis very bad13:19
bialixfile a bug13:19
bialixjam: ^13:19
rubbsOk will do13:19
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sjamaanHow does bzr determine the 'default stacking branch'? Is that automatically the one you initially branched from?14:40
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jambialix, rubbs: It looks like a bug in bzr-search15:03
jamsjamaan: It is set in a config file by launchpad based on the 'development focus'15:04
jamwhen you push to launchpad, bzr reads that file and sets up a stacked branch15:04
jamyou can set that sort of thing up locally as well15:04
jamotherwise if you do "bzr branch --stacked" then it is implicitly stacked on the source branch15:04
bialixрш офь!15:04
bialixhi jam!15:04
jamhi bialix15:05
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sjamaanjam: thanks15:14
rubbsjam: thanks, I'll dissable that plugin. I submitted a bug already, should I re-target it?15:16
jamrubbs: yes15:16
rubbsjam: will do thanks15:18
mgedmindear lazyweb, does anybody remember the shell one-liner to add bazaar PPA's GPG key to the apt keyring (in jaunty)?15:25
mgedminfound it: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys ECE2800BACF028B31EE3657CD702BF6B8C6C1EFD15:25
mgedminthanks for the patience15:25
* gour is happy to see igc here hoping his health is better15:59
gourtwo questions: is bzr-git in a better shape than bzr-hg (when there will be push) and when is emacs going to (finally) switch to bzr?16:06
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jelmergour: bzr-git doesn't support push, only dpush16:15
gourjelmer: i'm not (yet) familiar with dpush...but accordingto roadmap i see 'push' is planned...my use case is simple...don't want to dive into git's (over)complexities and would rather stay with simple & powerful dvcs-es liek bzr (& darcs)16:19
jelmergour: Uhm, which roadmap is that? I'm the primary author of bzr-git and don't remember one..16:20
gourjelmer: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrForeignBranches/Git - it says push to git. is it dpush?16:21
jelmerthat's the long term roadmap, won't happen soon16:22
jelmeruse dpush in the meantime16:22
jelmerthe problem with push is that we can't stow extra data anywhere in git16:22
gourhuh...better not to speak too much about git ;)16:23
gourjelmer: you're pushing bzr-hg as well..16:23
gourhow it plays with 1.4?16:24
jelmerbzr-hg trunk works with hg 1.416:25
gourohh, that's good. i wanted to do darcs <---> hg, but hg's fast-import are not really functional16:27
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jelmergour: Ah, heh16:28
gourwhat about emacs conversion? they're planning it for quite some time?16:29
bialixgour: last time kfogel said it happens in next 2 weeks16:31
bialixit will happens16:31
gourfinally to end this saga :-)16:31
bialixjam: ping16:32
jambialix: ?16:33
bialixif I want to get path in tests to compare16:33
bialixhow can I make it canonical to avoid temp dir prefix?16:34
bialixjust s.replace(osutils.getcwd(), '') is enough?16:34
bialixthis is for TestCaseInTempDir16:34
bialixor maybe there is something more handy?16:35
bialixjam: I want to suppress temp dir prefix from the output of pinfo command in the tests16:35
bialixcan you suggest something?16:35
jamyou could use path.endswith() or assertEndswith()16:37
bialixpinfo from scmproj16:37
bialixit's like usual bzr info16:37
jamI think your replace line would probably work, though there are potential problems with platforms, etc.16:37
bialixbut for projects16:37
bialixwhat kind of problems?16:38
bialixI can try it on Linux, on Windows osutils.getcwd() returns the path without trailing slash, so I need to add it manually16:39
jamI believe there are some silly things that happen on Mac with /tmp16:40
jamsomething like getting remapped to /private/tmp depending on whether normpath was called or not.16:40
jambialix: it also depends whether pinfo puts out the local path, or puts out a url16:47
jamif it does a url, then you have to worry about url escaping, etc.16:47
bialixit puts absolute path16:47
bialixno, sorry16:48
bialixit using16:48
bialixurlutils.unescape_for_display(t.base, 'utf-8')  where t is transport16:48
bialixbut all this run for local objects16:48
bialixso if looks like absolute path16:48
bialixso it looks like absolute path16:49
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cr3I'm attempting to upgrade a branch on launchpad to --rich-root-pack and I get: bzr: ERROR: File exists: '/srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/push-branches/00/00/15/d7/backup.bzr'19:12
cr3I'm trying to use hitchhiker and rmtree backup.bzr, but it seems to be taking a very long time19:24
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cr3man, if I thought rmtree was long, the upgrade is even longer. however, everything seems to be running fine so far19:38
distaticaWhen I create a project offline, and add a file, make a commit, and then push sftp://host/code/project (where project is a non-existent directory) the .bzr folder gets pushed fine, but the files are not there. I am trying to set this up for redmine though.. and it finds "The entry or revision was not found in the repository" how can I send the files too?21:20
distaticacreate the project and bzr init on the server, and then push to that folder?21:21
amanicadistatica: it creates a treeless branch by default21:26
amanicadistatica: the bzr-upload plugin could help you. also see: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BazaarUploadForWebDev21:27
distaticahmm.. I would want the full revision history though, wouldn't i? For redmine21:30
distaticaI have to run unfortunately to a job, thanks amanica I will read more about this when I get back.21:32
amanicadistatica: I've never used redmine21:33
igcamanica: your logging patch has been approved and sent to pqm. Many thanks!22:18
amanicaigc: thank you!22:18
amanicaigc: thinking about how the graghs work for log, made my head hurt. its the hardest I had to think in years. My brain is getting lazy :)22:20
igcamanica: :-)22:20
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