sbalneavevening all01:28
cprofitthello all....03:30
cprofittnixternal: you present or just cruising?03:30
nixternalboth :)03:31
Ahmuckogra, i see ur on the lubuntu testing list03:31
Ahmuckhighvolt1ge: i see ur on the list as well03:32
cprofittnixternal: was wondering what you thought of having a 'distinguished educator' program03:32
cprofittfor an Apple example03:33
nixternalthat's pretty groovy03:33
cprofittI figure it would highlight success stories... generate interest... reward those advocating and using FOSS in education03:34
nixternalthere are some really cool articles on that page actually03:39
nixternalI am going to pass this on to kde-edu folks to look at03:39
cprofittnixternal: thanks03:39
cprofittalso -- the NYSCATE event went well...03:40
cprofittand I think I may be able to pull together a 'team' to give a full day hands on 'class' with Ubuntu and Open Source applications for next year03:40
nixternalfigures, flash died on me :)03:42
cprofittneed the last few lines I typed?03:42
cprofittnixternal: did you get the link or should I give it to you again... not sure if you are web IRC or not03:44
nixternalI got it03:45
nixternalirssi all the time :)03:45
cprofittyes, that is what I am using... though I am a novice with it still03:46
cprofittnixternal: how possible do you think it would be to get some $$$ for Ubuntu/Canonical to do the larger EdTech shows? like ISTE?03:49
nixternalthat I have no clue03:50
cprofittare you familiar with ISTE?03:53
cprofittnixternal: is RichardWeiderman still around?04:01
nixternallast I heard he is gone...he left right after UDS Jaunty04:10
nixternalnot familiar with ISTE04:10
cprofittcheck ISTE out if you can... has anyone repalced Richard?04:10
nixternalnot that I know of... ogra would know though04:10
nixternalhe is in this channel, he works for Canonical and knows everyone there04:11
nixternalbbiab...gotta get a hold of this torn apart laptop :)04:12
cprofittogra: ping... are you home?04:12
alkisg!info italc-master lucid06:53
ubottuitalc-master (source: italc): Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers (master part). In component main, is optional. Version 1: (lucid), package size 1081 kB, installed size 1680 kB06:53
sbalneavMorning all16:50
highvoltagemorning sbalneav18:42
cprofittdinda: you here?21:50
cprofitthello ogra21:50
mhall119|workdid you guys read this article: http://news.slashdot.org/story/09/12/03/2157250/Children-Using-Technology-Have-Better-Literacy-Skills21:51
mhall119|workdirect link to the article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8392653.stm21:52
mhall119|workexpression of frustration21:53
mhall119|workbecause I pasted the wrong link21:53
cprofittinteresting article... similar 'research' here in the states21:53
cprofittmhall119|work: what do you think of Canonical having a distinguished educator program?21:54
cprofittsimilar to that21:54
mhall119|workcprofitt: that would be good, I think21:54
sbalneavNever happen21:54
cprofittwhy would it never happen?21:54
mhall119|workI understand that there is a strong desire in Canonical to do more in education and schools, but no real ideas yet as to how that would manifest21:54
cprofittwell... to be honest I think I can help that... at least in the states21:55
cprofittthey need to go to ISTE - IMHO21:55
sbalneavWe used to have at least a couple of people who were paid by Canonical to work on Edubuntu.21:55
cprofittand do something to acknolwedge teachers who are utilizing Ubuntu/Edubuntu and open source21:55
sbalneavThey're not anymore.21:55
cprofittsbalneav: I have heard that...21:56
sbalneavEdubuntu's a "community" distribution.  I.e. we support it ourselves with no support from Canonical.21:56
sbalneavother than using their infrastructure.21:56
cprofittI attended NYSCATE and have more planned for next year... http://www.nyscate.org/conferences.cfm?subpage=36121:57
cprofittPerhaps Canonical would re-think that if we have some concrete plans... and it showed progress21:57
mhall119|workcprofitt: there's a huge conference happening in Orlando soon for educational software providers and the school officials who purchase them21:57
cprofittI am not sure what the other folks did.21:57
cprofittmhall119|work: yes... that one is another huge one...21:57
cprofittISTE is likely a little bigger I think...21:57
mhall119|workcprofitt: like I said, Canonical wants to do something, they just don't know what that something is21:57
mhall119|workcprofitt: I thought about trying to get a booth at the Orlando expo, but good god are they expensive21:58
* sbalneav goes back to working on bugs...21:58
cprofittmhall119|work: yeah... NYSCATE was $75021:58
sbalneavIf we don't get the next release out the door, there won't BE an edubuntu :)21:58
mhall119|workcprofitt: this was like $350021:58
cprofittI got a free one at EdTech Day... and I think that it is possible due to many educators being in to FOSS to arrange deals to reduce the cost.21:59
cprofittI think I have a shot of getting a booth for free at next years NYSCATE22:00
cprofitt... good talking to you both... I gotta run...22:03

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