kikomtaylor, Meths: our appservers hate us00:03
mtaylorkiko: :)00:04
mtaylorkiko: you need to show them who's boss00:04
kikowe're about to00:04
amanica_aah, sorry to hear that. hardware and all sorts of software hates me too from time to time00:19
amanica_once I heard a tip that if you walk up to a computer with a screwdriver in your had it gets scared and starts working. you can try that :)00:21
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pooliesomething is happening...01:18
kikothe rollout is happening01:24
kikoand we are having a debugathon during it01:24
kikosys.modules madness01:28
ajmitchit sounds like things are slightly weird there01:30
wgrantajmitch: Well, buildout is involved. Of course it's weird.01:31
lifelessajmitch: python does some weird stuff too.01:35
ajmitchI've heard of some weirdnessa round relative imports & differing directories with python 2.6, but I hope that's not affecting this01:35
lifelessits a variation on http://bugs.python.org/issue655101:36
blueyed_isn't this code running on staging/dogfood before?01:42
wgrantdogfood has been down for some weeks, and staging hasn't had a full update in more than one, so who knows...01:43
lifelessblueyed_: we've found out that there was a problem deployed a week back which showed up during the outages we had01:46
lifelessblueyed_: but we haven't gotten an absolute root cause for it, and rolling back won't help as we know the problem is already on production.01:47
lifelessblueyed_: we haven't see it occur on staging or edge, or we would have had a lot more warning01:47
blueyed_thanks for the explanation. maybe @launchpadstatus should say something like that. would have given up pushing code and crash report earlier then.. :/01:48
nigel_nbHi, is the LP downtime extended after 23:45?01:58
spmnigel_nb: yes unf. one of the key steps is taking massively longer than was ever anticipated. :-(02:00
nigel_nbspm: oh okay :)02:00
nigel_nbis there a new estimated up time?02:00
spmgawd I wish. we just don't know sadly. :-( 1001^2 apologies.02:01
DBOspm, I appreciate the hard work. If you guys ever get a free moment a blog about the recent downtime (with a healthy dose of self deprecating humor) would probably go a long way with public relations02:03
spmDBO: thanks, I'll see what we can do. :-)02:04
ajmitchfree beer would also do wonders, but I don't think your budget will stretch that far02:05
DBOmeh, gives me an excuse not to work02:05
nigel_nb_spm: sorry, got disconnected.  thanks for lettin me know.  I guess I have to watch and wait.02:12
nigel_nb_Thanks a lot :)02:12
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spm*** Progress! Things are moving, and we aiming to restore service Soon. ETA still uncertain, hopefully 30 minutes. ***03:51
oubiwann_spm: sweet!03:52
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DBOspm, awesome, great news!04:09
xnoxbarry: could you please post to identica launchpadstatus that it is going to be until 5am? Cause it took me a while to think off to check irc for more precise info04:24
cody-somervilleWhat happens to uploads when launchpad is read-only?04:25
xnoxbarry: btw launchpad OpenID server is not working = not ideal cause I can't login to external websites =(04:26
sproatyis the CSS broken? all the project home pages are really long , and all the columns are stacked with a gap between instead of having downloads to the right, for instance04:37
cody-somervillesproaty, Launchpad is currently in the process of being updated. You may need to do a force refresh for your browser to discard its old cached copy of the page's css.04:38
mwhudsonxnox: it should be back now04:38
sproatyI thought it may have been a permanent layout change :p04:39
cody-somervilleI just did a force refresh myself and now see what you mean. It should be fixed once the deployment is complete.04:39
sproatyno problem.04:40
cody-somervilleoh, there it goes. it looks fixed to me now.04:40
sproatystill not for me (I done ctrl+f5)...doesn't matter though04:40
cody-somervilleoh, its back to looking weird again for me too :)04:41
lifelessits not up till its up04:41
lifelesspatiencce please04:41
DBOits back04:56
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h00kI'm having a problem updating a branch for a project I'm working on08:00
h00kwhich, I just found out, might be fixable if I upgrade --rich-root-pack08:01
h00ker, nope.08:01
h00kBasically, I'm running into this:08:01
wgranth00k: That's because your repository is 2a, while the remote is something before 2a.08:12
wgranth00k: You should have just run 'bzr branch lp:voicecheck08:12
wgrant... rather than initing a 2a repository explicitly.08:13
kb9vqfIs there a way to get a complete build log (not just the tail) from Launchpad while the package is still building?08:16
wgrantkb9vqf: Unfortunately not.08:19
kb9vqfbummer :(08:19
wgrantkb9vqf: It would be nice, but it's hard.08:19
wgrantBecause the build log can get massive, it's not suitable for storing in the DB.08:19
kb9vqfThat's OK...I'll just pull the full log in the morning08:20
kb9vqfThanks for the explaination though08:20
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sayakbwhat happened to the "report a bug" button? oO09:40
sayakbor do I need to be on the project page to do that?09:40
wgrantsayakb: You should be on the project page.09:40
sayakbwgrant: i quite remember that bugs.lp.net used to have that button, clicking on which I could also choose the project from09:41
wgrantsayakb: That was dropped a few months ago. I don't recall why.09:43
wgrantIt has caused widespread confusion, however.09:43
sayakbwgrant: agree. we have a post at the kdeforums regarding this: http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=84193&p=139756#p139382 -- hence was wondering09:44
tjaaltonis there a problem with the publisher since the break?09:52
tjaaltonseems that built packages are not being published09:52
tjaaltonok, it's being dealt with09:59
noodles775Are others having issues getting to edge.launchpad.net (or dev.launchpad.net)10:23
noodles775(or launchpad.net)10:23
tsimpsonI can connect fine10:26
bigjoolsedge is on a go slow though10:27
tsimpsonseems responsive here, maybe I'm not taxing LP enough10:28
noodles775Yeah, seems to be responsive again now for me too. For 5mins or so the dev wiki wasn't responsive for me.10:28
AlanBellhello, I am using the python launchpadlib to examine teams and members, I can't find in the API where the date a person joined a particular team is stored10:34
AlanBellI can see when the person as a whole joined launchpad, but not when they were added to a team10:34
AlanBellnever mind, I have found the team_membership object, it is in there10:43
kikoAlanBell, I was about to tell you about team membership :)10:43
AlanBellhmm, still struggling.10:53
AlanBellI know the team_membership is what I want to get to, I have an object for the group (group=launchpad.people['ubuntumembers'])10:55
AlanBellhow do I get to a collection of teammemberships?10:55
thekornAlanBell, give me a second to write donw an example, it is easy10:56
thekornAlanBell, I would do it this way: http://paste.ubuntu.com/334404/10:57
AlanBelloh, perfect!10:58
thekornadded this sample code to https://help.launchpad.net/API/Examples11:05
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kane___Greetings; I've just tried to change the approver on a project from myself to someone else. Instead however, the approver is now empty and I've lost permissions to edit the blueprint. Can someone give me a hand to fix this? The project in question is server-lucid-improve-testcases11:40
bigjoolscan a losa help kane___ please? --^11:43
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sbcIs there a limit to the size of files that can be attached to bug reports?12:01
sbcI just tried uploading a 83 mb big file, and that failed.12:01
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faganCan I change my launchpad username even though I have a ppa12:25
faganMy username is really long12:25
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* fagan 812:25
bigjoolsfagan: you can't do it yourself12:25
bigjoolsit's blocked because your PPA url changes if you change your name12:26
bigjoolsbut if that's ok then file a question and an admin can do it12:26
faganIt said before when I tried that I have a ppa so I can do it12:26
bigjoolsthe first PPA activation warns that you won't be able to change your name any more12:27
faganI know but I didnt read it and now that I have an @ubuntu.com email address its a little bad going shanepatrickfagan@ubuntu.com :)12:28
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* fagan 812:33
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leonelhello .. yesterday I've uploaded a package to launchpad but didn't realize that was readonly ... and my packages didn't appear on my ppa  or any mail with packages accepted ..14:05
leonelthe packages are on queue or should I reupload ?14:05
leonelsorry disconected ..14:06
sorenleonel: Reuploading never hurts.14:08
leonelsoren: thanks ..14:09
leonelreuploading ..14:09
h00kwgrant: ah, alright14:54
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luis_lopezHi, how do I modify a comment posted to a bug?15:22
beunoluis_lopez, you can't15:26
luis_lopezthanks, beuno15:27
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AlanBellI have found some curious dates going on in Launchpad16:11
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AlanBellJun Kobayashi's profile was made a member of ubuntumembers on 2005-11-08 however his profile was only created 2007-03-3116:14
barryAlanBell: url?16:16
barryAlanBell: that's almost definitely a display bug.  i think the date you see is the date the team was created, not the date the person joined.  care to file a bug on that?16:20
AlanBellit isn't a display bug, I found it through launchpadlib16:20
barryAlanBell: oh, ouch16:21
barryAlanBell: that's worse then ;/16:21
AlanBellon average (including a few anomalies) it takes 611.75 days from creating a launchpad profile to becoming an ubuntu member16:21
barryAlanBell: i looked at the bottom two teams on his home page to guess the above.  can you verify that's the case for his other teams?16:22
AlanBellI see 4 other people in a similar situation16:23
barryAlanBell: sinzui might be interested in this16:25
AlanBelllooking at this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JunKobayashi16:26
AlanBellI believe the Ubuntu member joining date to be correct16:26
AlanBelland the personal launchpad page to be wrong16:27
sinzuiAlanBell: barry: I think that may have to do with the account. The account is often created for the user when his commits or translations are imported16:27
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sinzuiThat may be more than a display bug if the wrong information is copied over.16:27
AlanBelldavmor2 sridhar sabdfl scott also joined the members group before their profiles were created16:30
adiroibanhi. I'm looking at bug 133708 ... it the listed priority is Low, while the last action changed it's priority to whishlist...16:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 133708 in rosetta "Allow download of translations that meet certain requirements, e.g. completeness" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13370816:32
adiroibanis this a bug, or i'm missing something ?16:32
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sinzuiadiroiban: by classifying it as wishlist, it is now considered a feature request and may need s blueprint16:48
sinzuiadiroiban: some launchpad projects do not use wishlist, instead setting it low and adding a feature tag16:48
AlanBellsinzui: do you want me to file a bug about the odd dates on personal profiles?16:55
adiroibansinzui: ok. but I still now understad how was that priority set to "low" as danilo explicitly defined it as "whishlist"17:00
adiroibansinzui: also looking at the full activity log, there is nothing about "whishlist"17:00
danilo__adiroiban, we are trying to use low for wishlist bugs, usually tagged with 'feature' as sinzui describes17:01
danilo__adiroiban, note, not all low bugs are wishlist items though :)17:02
sinzuiadiroiban: triage is an ongoing process. developers change their minds, businesses redefine priorities, and changes else where in the system change the classification of the current bugs. We review our bugs often17:02
adiroibandanilo__: i'm confuzed :)17:03
adiroibansinzui: I was hoping that all changes to that bug can be found in the "full activity log page"17:03
sinzuiadiroiban: I think/hope it can17:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 133708 in rosetta "Allow download of translations that meet certain requirements, e.g. completeness" [Low,Triaged]17:04
adiroibanin the +activity page there is nothing about setting it to low..17:04
adiroibansinzui: is this a bug?17:05
sinzuidanilo how did you change the bug status? ajax?17:07
sinzuiadiroiban: I think there is a bug in malone where the changes are not recorded when ajax/launchpadlib is used17:10
adiroibansinzui: ok. thanks!17:11
sinzuiThis may be bug 39184217:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391842 in malone "Project changes not displayed in blue update boxes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39184217:11
adiroibansinzui: something similar... should I comment on that bug, or create a new one?17:13
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sinzuiadiroiban: I do not know if the bugs team sees that as the same issue17:13
adiroibansinzui: i will open e new one then17:13
mrjazzcatDoes anyone know what up with python.org?  I can reach it from my iPhone, but not firefox or chrome.17:14
barrymrjazzcat: dunno.  it loads just fine for me in ff17:17
barrymrjazzcat: and in chrome17:18
mrjazzcatbarry, thx.  Strange.  It's something like a firewall problem.  Konqueror is only browser that finally errors: python.org: Socket operation timed out17:19
mrjazzcatbarry, but never have these issues with other sites17:19
barrymrjazzcat: weird!17:19
mrjazzcatbarry, I know.  I'll let you know when I figure it out17:19
barrymrjazzcat: firewall on your side?17:19
barrymrjazzcat: thanks!17:19
mrjazzcatbarry.  That's what I think, but why in this case?17:20
mrjazzcatbarry.  Anything special re: python.org requests?17:20
barrymrjazzcat: i can't think of any reason why17:20
mrjazzcatbarry, k17:20
barrymrjazzcat: no, not that i can think of.  occasionally the server hangs and we restart it, but that usually affects everyone the same way17:21
mrjazzcatbarry, and if it were my firewall, why would iPhone be different?17:21
barrymrjazzcat: any chance you're hitting it through the 3g network instead of wifi?17:21
mrjazzcatbarry, good idea, but not according to my iPhone settings17:22
barrymrjazzcat: maybe something will come to me during lunch :)17:23
mrjazzcatbarry, I'll got try another machine, in fact, I'll try that nasty OS ;-)17:23
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mrjazzcatbarry, ok.  Both my Ubuntu machines have this issue.  Windows and iPhone work behind same firewall.  Interesting17:29
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mrjazzcatbarry, oops, actually, my Karmic box finally connected, so it's not Ubuntu, just my one Jaunty box.  Now I'm thinking it's related to some client library.17:37
chrismurfHow do launchpad users typically store wiki-style information? A seperate website?  Google code project?  Some LP feature I haven't found?18:00
tsimpsonusually on wiki.ubuntu.com18:05
mrjazzcatbarry: fyi.  I'm going to give up on debugging the browser issue.  I got chrome to access python.org, but each page takes about 4 minutes to load.  I'll just work around it.18:12
mrjazzcatbarry: thanks for thinking about it thought18:12
barrymrjazzcat: np. i'll be curious if you do solve it though!18:13
mrjazzcatbarry: thx. me 2 ;-)18:13
chrismurftsimpson, that's only for ubuntu itself, though, presumably18:32
chrismurfso the idea is that everybody hosts their own wiki, and links to it from LP?18:32
tsimpsonwell LP provides a place for you to specify a wiki page, it's not limited to wiki.ubuntu.com18:33
tsimpsonyou can put most stuff in the "Homepage Content" section, and link to another site for more18:34
chrismurfI see - so the idea is that LP complements other websites, but it's not designed to be an all-in-one project area.18:34
tsimpsonpretty much, yes18:35
chrismurfthanks for clarifying18:35
kb9vqf7 hours in the build queue!  Anyone willing to rescore a build for me? :)18:37
kb9vqfIf anyone can/is willing to rescore a build or two, these are the most critical (repeatable crash fixes):18:41
kb9vqfand https://launchpad.net/~kb9vqf/+archive/ppa/+build/137934718:42
kb9vqfIf anyone can/is willing to rescore a build or two, these are the most critical (repeatable crash fixes):19:13
kb9vqfand https://launchpad.net/~kb9vqf/+archive/ppa/+build/137934719:14
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wgrantAlanBell: The person creation date field was only added on the date that you see there (2005-06-15, IIRC), while the team join date field was added some time earlier.21:18
wgrantAlanBell: So people that created their accounts before 2005-06-15 (eg. me) will show up as being created on that date.21:19
AlanBellthat explains 5 of them21:25
AlanBellI have an additional 4 people who became members before their profiles were created21:26
wgrantIt's possibly because of person merges.21:26
wgrantIt's quite possibly because account merges do not (or did not? they might now, but I forget) set the creation date to the lowest of the two.21:28
AlanBellyou were made a member on 05/09/06 447 days after your profile created date21:29
wgrantsridhar and dennis have been around longer than the creation date suggests.21:29
wgrantI was, yes.21:29
wgrantBut i only ever merged accounts *into* my main one, so mine should be fine.21:30
AlanBellthe final output of what I am working on -> http://wiki.ubuntu-women.com/UbuntuMembers second graph in particular21:30
wgrantAlanBell: I don't think you can get the information that you require; Launchpad does not appear to store the deactivation date of memberships, although maybe it just doesn't display it.21:31
AlanBellI don't want deactivations21:31
wgrantAh, I see you're not doing historical numbers.21:32
wgrantSo that's fine, then.21:32
AlanBellI am quite happy with the data I am getting, apart from these 9 people who had a negative duration from profile to member.21:34
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AlanBellhttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.com/UbuntuMembers <- some really cool data from launchpad22:39
sorenAlanBell: How do you determine if a given account holder is female?23:28
mneptoksoren: polite bug reports with meaningful data and no "lol"23:33
sorenmneptok: I'm calling shenanigans on your heuristics.23:33
sorenmneptok: The polite thing: Ok. Use of lol and such: Not so much ok.23:34
barrywell folks it's been fun!23:47
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kb9vqfIf anyone can/is willing to rescore a build or two, these are the most critical (repeatable crash fixes):23:57
kb9vqfand https://launchpad.net/~kb9vqf/+archive/ppa/+build/137934723:57

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