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sijihi all11:21
sijigood evening11:21
sijiHow to disable VSYNC in Ubuntu+Bealge Board11:21
ftaasac, http://codereview.chromium.org/download/issue463027_1001.diff13:08
asacbut does that help?13:14
asaci dont think that would fix builds < armv713:14
asaci agree its right to split this up though13:14
asacis there no good codebrowser for chromium?13:15
asacwith cross reference?13:15
asacfta: ?13:15
ftano, there's google code search but it's not uptodate13:16
ftaasac, i wanted to setup an lxr but the deb package is a mess13:19
rekwhere can i find the repositories?16:07
reki man16:32
rekwhere can i find what to put in etc sources list16:33
rekhi ogra i remember you are in germany now16:33
ogradeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports <distro> main universe16:33
ftaasac, chromium succeeded on lucid! \o/   (took 9 hours, 43 minutes, 23.6 seconds)16:35
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ograrek, right, thats where i live16:35
* asac dances16:36
ogra9h isnt bad !16:36
rekogra it's for a smartq 516:36
ftaa big part of these 9h is due to the testsuite16:37
asacfta: 9 hours is wrong imo16:37
asaci think it started right when i uploaded16:37
asacand that was aboug 24h ago ;)16:38
asachmm maybe a few hours later16:38
ftaBuild needed 21:39:16, 6295520k disk space16:38
ograrek, smartq 5 is ARMv5, right ?16:38
reki have karmic main universe restricted multiverse   i want jaunty16:38
ftabad lp16:38
reki think it's arm16:39
asac17:36 < asac> chromium for lucid bits are here: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/nss3.12.316:39
asac17:36 < asac> anyone give it a check?16:39
asac17:37 < asac> https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/nss3.12.3/+build/1377663 ;)16:39
ograsure ... the version counts :)16:39
asacdont ask me about the team name ;)16:39
ftaasac, can't you ask for a rename?16:39
ograrek, but if its v5 you will need to replace karmic with jaunty in your line16:39
asacthat team is still needed16:39
rekok i'll try16:40
asacjust was too lazy to get a new native ppa16:40
ftaasac, or ask for more generic team?16:40
ograubuntu-arm-browser ?16:40
asacatm native ppas are not avialable to anyone but employees unfortunately16:41
ftaor just an arm native ppa16:41
asaci will try to get that revisited16:41
ograi think its blocked on XEN16:41
asaci would think that motu/core-dev together with a damn good reason should be ok too16:41
asacogra: reall ppas yes16:41
ograwe'd need spare HW for PPA work16:41
reklocale not supported by C library why?16:42
asacogra: it was about policy for native ppa16:42
ograrek, prefix your commands with LANG=C then that goes away ... or run locale-gen <yourlocale>16:43
rekdon't understand16:43
rekit happens also if i do apt-ge16:43
ograright, prefix the commands with LANG=C or generate the proper locale16:44
rekwhat's a locale?16:49
rekwhat does "umet dependencies/it's not going to be installed " means.... every time i try to get a new application16:50
ograthat means that a depending package is missing16:50
ograa locale is a set of translations etc16:51
rekso i cannot have a single application working damn?16:51
ograwhat exactly are you trying to do ?16:52
reksudo apt-get install amsn for example16:52
reki did apt get f now16:53
rekvar log apt missing damnit another error?16:53
ogradid you do apt-get update after adding the line to sources.list ?16:54
ograand the smartq has ubuntu installed already ?16:54
reknow it works16:55
ograwell, then its likely that a package amsn depends on failed to build and nobody fixed it16:55
rekgimme a name of a cool application i can install16:56
ograno idea16:56
ograhttp://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/jaunty.html has the list of packages that didnt build in jaunty16:56
ograas you can see there are a lot of broken packages in universe16:57
rekwhy can't we have a flah?16:57
ograask adobe :)16:58
rekis that true?16:58
ograthey own flash16:58
rekhow can i have a sound recorder?16:59
ograprobably with: apt-get install gnome-sound-recorder16:59
rekhow can i hae skype?16:59
ograno idea16:59
ograask skype ... its proprietary17:00
asacrek: check the download page. get the all static tar gz .. .unpack it somewhere in your home and run the skype command inside17:09
asacbut for arm ;) ...17:09
asacsry didnt check the channel17:09
asactry gnash17:09
ograyeah, gnash might work as flash replacement17:10
rekand skype?17:14
ograthere is no skype for arm17:14
rekcan i have the sources and compile them all?17:14
ograits proprietary ... as long as skype doesnt offer an arm build ...17:14
ograsame as with adobes flash17:15
rekis there something like skype out there?17:15
ograthe protocol is proprietary17:15
ograso no17:15
ograthey recently released the source for the client but it still uses a binary blob which would have to be compiled for arm17:16
rekblob? can i do something?17:16
loologra: N810 and N900 have Skype for ARM though   :-)17:48
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pwnguinwoo! Estimated Delivery Date:12/8/2009 (updated)21:18
pwnguinnokia n900 on the way21:18
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pwnguinwere there any notes from the arm track at UDS?22:38
pwnguinparticularly, I'd like to review the stuff i heard about arm board descriptors or something like that22:39
ojndevice trees? yes.22:41
ojnone sec22:41
ojnhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-L/RemoteParticipation  see gobby instructions. Notes were taken there (they were still there when I checked a week and a half ago)22:42
pwnguinquite a few gobby docs22:53
pwnguinhmm. what's the difference between a flattened tree and a list?22:56

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