coz_hey all05:36
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mac_vkwwii: no 3 > http://linuxologist.com/general/7-instances-of-kde-appearances-on-the-silver-screen/17:30
kwwiimac_v: hehe, cool...I love seeing stuff like that18:09
mac_vkwwii: can we get a cursor refresh for Lucid? ;)18:16
kwwiimac_v: if we had something better we could consider it19:22
ckontroszniavra: Any luck with the Nautilus throbbers?19:23
mac_vkwwii: thats always the tough part :)19:24
zniavreckontros, not really i tried only one time (computer is too slow to do something easily)19:25
zniavrei got one garbage 900mhz pc with too many ram and one laptop 2.8ghz 128mo RAM both are unusable19:35
ckontrosOuch. Well, if you want, do you want the outputted files?19:36
ckontrosI can email them.19:36
zniavreno thank you i ll manage to learn it another day19:47

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