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thekorngood morning07:31
^arky^morning thekorn07:36
thekornhey ^arky^07:36
^arky^micahg: I have subscribed ubuntu-main-sponsers to bug 49132707:52
micahg^arky^: is that the normal procedure?07:53
^arky^but this is a critical bug07:53
^arky^since all gnome accessibility depends on this07:53
^arky^so I kinda of desperate ! :(07:53
^arky^micahg: can you suggest any better way of resolving this issue?07:54
micahg^arky^: find the person who uploaded the last release and ping :)07:54
micahg^arky^: asking in -motu was a good idea also07:55
* micahg was just a little distracted07:55
^arky^try both !07:55
^arky^tried both, no luck!07:55
micahg^arky^: themuso should be on later07:56
^arky^yeah, I posted him a message via lp07:58
* ^arky^ hugs micahg 07:58
^arky^thank you !07:58
micahg^arky^: he's in australia07:58
micahgI believe that's UTC+1007:58
^arky^Ah! thanks for the hint!07:59
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* ^arky^ is from UTC+530 07:59
^arky^off for lunch07:59
* micahg is UTC-607:59
^arky^where is that micahg ?08:00
micahgwell, I'm in Chicago08:00
^arky^windy city08:00
newbiessomeone speak french please?10:15
newbiessomeone speak french please?10:17
newbiesok no .bye10:19
micahgnewbies: try here #ubuntu-fr10:19
newbiesmicahg, ok thanks but I have a bug problem10:20
micahgnewbies: i can help you with a bug problem, but I don't speak french :)10:20
newbiesok I try to write but I will not sure if you will understand me.10:21
newbiesand I take long time to write.: )10:22
micahgnewbies: let's start easy10:23
micahgwhat program10:23
newbiesI use ubuntu 9.10 my problem is when I start F-spot the software crash immediately10:23
newbiesYou have this type of problem eventually if you use f-spot?10:24
micahgnewbies: do you have a file in /var/crash?10:25
newbiesI think yes can you wait until I verify it thanks.10:26
newbiesmicahg, yes I have this folder10:27
micahgnewbies: is there anything in there for fspot?10:27
newbiesNo nothing10:27
micahgnewbies: well, right now we're waiting for a patch to be able to generate one time crash report10:28
newbiesok thanks10:29
micahgnewbies: you can submit a crash report if you enable apport, start it, then disable it so you don't get bothered by every crash10:36
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nigel_nbhey, can someone wishlist bug 49200314:51
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* hggdh kicks ubot415:42
hggdhnigel_nb: why do you think it is a wish? Note that I am not against it, I just want to know your reasoning15:51
nigel_nbhggdh: sorry to be late, was away15:56
nigel_nbmy reasoning is that, it is a feature request15:57
hggdh:-) so far, yes, we agree. But is it a decent one? Does it make sense?15:57
hggdhwhat is the gain?15:58
nigel_nbhm, that I'm not sure15:58
nigel_nbrefer him to brainstrom?15:58
hggdhno, I do not think it is needed to get to brainstrom15:58
hggdhit is just that one of the thing expected from us is to read and understand (and consider, and reason)15:59
nigel_nbso if its too trivial or unncessary, we can mark it as invalid?15:59
hggdhif it is unnecessary, we post our understanding of *why* it is unnecessary, and ask for comments from the reporter16:00
hggdhif it is trivial... it is more difficult. Triviality does not imply a bad request.16:01
nigel_nbthis sounds unnecessary doesnt it?16:01
hggdhthe point is the triager is expected to explain why an action is being taken16:01
hggdhno, not really. I am unsure on what gain there would be to pop up a notification that downloads are in progress, since notifications are shown for a brief period16:02
nigel_nbi.e., why it is being elevated to wish list?16:02
hggdhyes, why you think it is a wish. You can also put your thoughts on possible issues. Remember, a maintainer will eventually get to the bug, and will wonder why an action was taken16:03
nigel_nbso I'll first ask the reasoning behind why this feature is needed..16:04
hggdhrule of thumb: *any* change of status or importance should be commented16:04
nigel_nbin other words, dont click the yellow thingie and change the status or important16:04
hggdhthis is A Bad Thing To Do16:05
nigel_nbI always click on the triangle and change, so the change can be commented and I can subscribe16:05
hggdheven if later on we find ourselves to be wrong16:05
hggdh(being wrong is no big deal)16:06
nigel_nbokay :)16:06
nigel_nbafter all, we're all human eh?16:06
hggdhthat's the idea, indeed16:06
hggdheven I am wrong. Rarely, of course ;-)16:06
nigel_nbso, in this case, I'll ask him for more information and reasoning16:07
nigel_nbbut, I want you to just check out wat I'm gonna put in so that it doesn't offend the other preson16:08
nigel_nbhggdh: how about this "Thank you for your bug report.  All updates will be notified for a few moments always.  Please clarify further why the check boxes are necessary.  Thanks in Advance." ?16:13
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hggdhnigel_nb: sounds good -- and mark it incomplete16:14
nigel_nbyep :)16:15
nigel_nbhggdh: how much time do you think I'd take before applying for control?16:15
hggdha bit more, a bit more... guess less than 1 month16:16
nigel_nbthats promising16:17
hggdhand you will not need to apply, I will recommend you when I think you are ready16:17
nigel_nbI was thinking of a time-frame like 6 months to a year16:17
hggdhwell,, we *can* wait one year, if you feel better ;-)16:17
nigel_nbno thanks :P16:17
nigel_nbi'm off to work now16:18
nigel_nbcatch you later on... didn't do my 5-a-day thanks to lp being down16:18
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deuxpiHi everyone! I have a bug that needs a sponsor or review.17:44
deuxpiAfter subscribing MOTU what should I do?17:45
hggdhdeuxpi: can you give us the bug #?17:47
deuxpiSure: LP:41817617:47
hggdhbug 41817617:47
hggdhbloody ubot417:48
deuxpiIt's a regression because the package changed name17:48
deuxpi"gw6c crashes with buffer overflow on start"17:48
Picibug #10000017:50
hggdhjust asked on -irc about ubot417:51
hggdhdeuxpi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Sponsorship/SponsorsQueue documents the process17:54
hggdhand I like your nick ;-)17:55
deuxpihggdh: Ok thanks, will read17:55
deuxpihggdh: it's a nickname I got at the university. happens it was not used a lot on the internet17:56
hggdhbienvenu, then :-)17:56
jpdsbug #4123117:57
deuxpiGood, debdiff uploaded and Status set to Confirmed.18:03
hggdhthank you for helping, deuxpi18:04
deuxpiIt doesn't count, I fixed it before ;)18:05
hggdhstill... thank you!18:05
hggdhpedro_: is there a way to *propose* (not add) members to the mentorship group?18:06
pedro_hggdh, don't think so, lp only offers the option to add not to propose :-(18:07
hggdhyeah, I was thinking about the current queue18:07
jpdsbug #4123118:10
jpdsOK, so you work in /msg but not in channel.18:11
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yoasifanyone have any ideas on diagnosing this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/492057 i can't even get a backtrace because it freezes Xorg when I try to19:12
hggdhheh. Already on Lucid19:14
hggdhyoasif: apport does not trigger?19:14
yoasifhggdh: nope19:15
hggdhand it is enabled, correct?19:15
micahghggdh: I saw pitti say yesterday that apport wasn't enabled on lucid yet19:15
micahgby default19:15
yoasifhggdh: yes, it triggers for other things19:15
yoasifi have it enabled in the conf file, so it is enabled19:16
yoasifit wasnt working before, but i reenabled update manager and it works fine now19:16
hggdhyoasif: then it is a rather diffcult thing to debug...19:16
yoasifhggdh: heh, sadly it's a real bug too :/19:17
micahgI thought there was a new system to catch x crashes19:17
hggdhit may well be initial incompatibility while Lucid is being set up19:17
micahgI saw a post on the devel list about it19:17
yoasifi don't really /need/ it too much since im using gnome do19:17
hggdhhold on19:17
hggdhno, it did not pan out -- seb had published a new gnome-panel, but the changes should not affect this19:20
yoasifalso... havent filed a report yet19:20
yoasifbut resume from suspend is acting kinda wonky after upgrade to lucid19:20
yoasifmachine comes back from suspend19:20
yoasifbut screen is blank19:20
yoasifi can enter a password, hit enter -- nothing happens19:21
hggdhthere we go again on resume issues... :-(19:21
yoasifswich to vt1, back to vt7, everything works19:21
hggdhoh, interesting19:21
hggdhyes, open a bug, and describe what you do19:22
hggdhbut, for the gnome-panel, perhaps you can discuss at -desktop19:22
hggdhjeez, I hate windows...19:22
yoasifthe channel?19:22
hggdh(mean Microsoft Windows)19:22
yoasifno, #ubuntu-desktop?19:23
hggdhyoasif: also -- and perhaps this is why apport is still disabled on Lucid -- it may be too early in the cycle for bugs19:23
yoasifouch :(19:24
hggdhthings *usually* break at this point in time19:24
yoasifthis is true19:24
yoasifwell, ill file the kernel bug19:24
yoasifsuspend worked great in karmic, which was awesome :)19:24
hggdhthis is why I usually run +1 in a VM that early in the cycle19:29
yoasifVMs are boring :p19:29
hggdhbut safer. I *need* my laptop ;-)19:30
yoasifi have a desktop for backup19:32
yoasifalthough i should grab a karmic livecd asap19:32
yoasifso i can restore my machine if bad shit starts happening19:32
yoasifi ran karmic as +1 for the whole cycle... no significant issues that required reinstallation19:32
yoasifthis is an upgraded jaunty install19:33
bdmurraymac_v: could you use a package instead of just opening "ubuntu" bug tasks for one hundred paper cuts things?19:54
mac_vbdmurray: yeah , the stuff I'm sure of , I assign the package right away , some which i'm not sure I assign it just to Ubunutu19:55
bdmurraymac_v: bug 488478 and bug 388400 seemed pretty straight forward to me19:55
mac_vbdmurray: the problem , is the papercut bugs are sometimes getting too vague in the description and rather than describing the problem , they just say , we want this fixed , so i wasnt sure19:56
bdmurrayboth of those bug reports mentioned the package name in them19:56
mac_vbdmurray: hmm , maybe i missed them , will make sure the next time :)19:56
mac_vbdmurray: bug 488478 started to look more like a couchbd / evolution / OOo bug to me ...  the bug title and description was updated after i assigned to Ubuntu20:01
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mbeierlis there a bug reported for karmic bash completion not working for java -cp ../path style?  I've searched and cannot find one.20:13
mbeierlFiled as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion/+bug/492611 thanks!20:21
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nigel_nbhggdh: ping20:56
nigel_nbbug 49213620:57
nigel_nbI reported it upstream and upstream says its a pulse audio bug20:57
nigel_nbwhats the procedure now?20:57
nigel_nbwhat happened to the bot? grr20:57
hggdhlet me look at it20:58
nigel_nbhere's the link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/49213620:58
hggdhthe bot is right now very discreet -- you have to /msg ubot4 <whatever> and it will answer you directly20:58
nigel_nbwhy? :( the other way was better20:58
nigel_nbsomething to beat the lonliness :P20:59
hggdhthey are looking at it20:59
hggdhok. Back to the bug20:59
hggdhyes, indeed, seems a PA issue20:59
hggdh(or related to PA)21:00
hggdhso... right now -- reset the package to PA, and tell the reporter we need a stacktrace21:00
hggdhso they need to enable apport, get the ST, and open a *new* bug via apport21:00
hggdhand ask them to report back in this bug with the new bug #. Then we close this one, and follow up on the new21:01
hggdhcrashes without a backtrace are not really useful, genereally21:02
hggdh(unless you can repeat it)21:02
hggdhand I still hate Microsoft Windows. Mainly Vista21:03
nigel_nbsorry, browser got stuck21:05
nigel_nbdid u say somethin earlier?21:05
kklimondahggdh: isn't hate a too strong word? ;)21:05
hggdhkklimonda: not for Vista. I am ashamed to say I am Ms-certified21:06
kklimondahggdh: I really liked Vista SP1 ;)21:06
hggdhmy wife's laptop barfed on a FS error. chkdsk /f corrects it, and the FS immediately forgets it has been fixed21:06
hggdhso the only way to boot is via system repair, and never gets out of it21:07
nigel_nbhggdh: I missed whatever happened after I said about lonliness21:07
hggdhbut... kudos for knoppix21:07
kklimondahggdh: interesting bug21:07
hggdhnigel_nb: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/334742/21:08
nigel_nbhggdh: thanks21:08
hggdhyes indeed, kklimonda. Were it to be my system, I would play with it. But my wife is really not happy21:08
hggdhso... boot on knoppix, save all Gbytes that need to be saved, restore to factory setting, apply some 6 hours of patches, boot knoppix, recover the Gbytes of data21:09
hggdhand, of course, chkdsk /b -- which takes just about 1 hour21:10
joaopintohggdh, you are likely to have bad sectors, scrap the disk :P21:12
hggdhjoaopinto: I know... but cannot, right now. I do not know where I saved the Dell recovery CD21:13
hggdhso I am stuck21:13
hggdhbut the chkdsk /b should update the bad blocks table21:14
joaopintohggdh, except if the badblocks are located on the FS metadata21:14
hggdhthen I am screwed. I do not think so, though, given that thefsck checks the metadata, and did not barf21:15
WeatherGodhiya, could someone mark bug 486993 as triaged.  I don't know if it is enough info, but there are plenty of log info that should help the kernel people21:44
micahgjpds: is ubot broke?21:49
hggdhyes it is21:49
hggdhbut you can get to it by /msg ubot421:49
etalihggdh Do you really need the recovery CD? Could you borrow / burn a Windows CD and just use the serial number provided with the PC? (Hopefully your sticker is in a better state than the one on my laptop, which I forgot to write down, and has now been smudged into oblivion)21:51
hggdhetali: I *could* but it is usual for Dell (and other manufacturers) to add in special drivers21:52
WeatherGodyeah, Dell is especially bad for that21:53
etali•hggdh• Ah, good point. We got away with a spare CD for a Packard Bell, but don't know anyone that owns Dells21:53
hggdhheh I own some 5 of them, all different hardware21:53
hggdhWeatherGod: bug marked as triaged21:54
WeatherGodhuh, this is weird... looking through old update-manager bugs...22:06
WeatherGodfound one with 403 Forbidden errors22:06
WeatherGodusually I find 404 errors, but not 40322:06
WeatherGodis it still possible this 403 can be the result of overloaded servers?22:07
hggdhbut I do not know how the mirrors are updated22:33
WeatherGodwell, I have also come across a third category of failures during the upgrade for Karmic22:34
WeatherGodit appears that it is possible for a user to start an upgrade process using a mirror that has yet to receive the files22:35
WeatherGodhggdh, do you thing bug 462899 can be marked as triaged?22:39
WeatherGodheh, looks like us.archive.ubuntu.com isn't working for jaunty releases...22:43
jmarsdenWeatherGod: What makes you say that?  http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main is still there...22:47
WeatherGodlooks like Trranslation-en_US.bz2 package is missing22:47
jmarsdenTrranslation?  Maybe Translation (just one "r") would be found?22:47
WeatherGodsorry, my keyboard is a bit sticky22:48
WeatherGodthe other -en  packages are there22:49
jmarsdenIn what directory were you expecting to find this file?  Do you have a URL to it on another mirror?22:49
WeatherGodlook at bug 46204122:49
jmarsdenIf you say that as bug #462021  you give us a link :)22:50
WeatherGodthe bot is broken22:50
jmarsdenOr not... OK!22:50
WeatherGodyou can do /msg ubot422:50
jmarsdenWeatherGod: This bug shows "connection refused" msgs... not a missing file.22:51
WeatherGodyeah, but click them now22:52
WeatherGodand another user reporter said he was experiencing issues for over two weeks22:52
WeatherGodand that was two weeks ago22:52
jmarsdenWait, are you working on that bug, or on a new bug about one file you just discovered... I'm confused :)22:52
WeatherGodI am trying to diagnose the problem, yes22:53
jmarsdenhttp://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/i18n/   shows me all the expected files, I think...22:53
jmarsdenIs that the location you are referring to?22:54
WeatherGodand notice what is missing22:54
jmarsdenIt has en_GB but not en_US.22:54
WeatherGodI gotta go catch a bus22:55
WeatherGodI might be on later22:55
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dragonThere's no way in the latest installer to select none of the "Other options" once you hit F6.23:31
dragonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Changing the CD's Default Boot Options23:31
dragonMy question - is that a bug?23:32
dragonA known bug?23:32
dragonWorthy of being filed?23:32
jmarsdendragon: What happens if you press F6 and then Escape?23:34
dragonjmarsden: the first option, acpi=off, is selected.23:34
jmarsdenThat probably is a (minor) UI bug, then.  Can you work around it by selecting that item again, so it deselects?23:35
dragonjmarsden: I couldn't.23:36
jmarsdenThen it sounds like a bug, so file it if you want :)23:36
dragonjmarsden: if you hit F4 or F5, defaults are Normal and None. F6 has acpi=off as default, and I don't know if that was intentional.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions23:37
jmarsdendragon: Seems illogical, so let's call it a bug.23:38
dragonjmarsden: ok cool. What package would it fall under?23:39
jmarsdendragon: ubiquity, I would think... that's the Ubuntu installer, as far as I now23:39
dragonjmarsden: the installer that show up at boot time - is that ubiquity? I thought that menu launched ubiquity.23:40
dragonI'll make it ubiquity and let them decide.23:42
jmarsdenSounds reasonable :)23:42
dragonuh, now this is annoying23:42
dragonclicking on Report a bug link in launchpad takes me to a wiki page23:43
mranddragon: could you file it with the command ubuntu-bug <package>  I'm wondering if the package should be gfxboot23:43
dragonmrand: I'm not using the system involved, so I didn't want the local info to be uploaded in the bug report.23:45
dragonalso, gfxboot package is described as "This package is needed to create the graphical boot logos for gfxboot"23:45
mranddragon: I found that gfxboot-theme-ubuntu 0.5.2 was where F6 was added23:46
mranddragon: as for filing the bug, most of the way down that wiki page, it gives a hint how to file the bug directly.23:46
dragonmrand: got it23:47
mrandmay get you there as well.23:48
mrandThanks for the bug report, dragon!23:48
dragonmrand: no problem. It's my duty after all.23:48
mranddragon: ooops, hold on.23:48
dragonold bug23:50
mrandyeah :-(23:50
dragonbut there's no text box now23:50
mrandI suppose you could put a quick note that it is still present in Karmic.23:50
dragonmrand: That'd be easier. I'm unable to file a new bug any way, due to an unresponsive server.23:51
dragon(Error ID: OOPS-1434B3391)23:51
mranddragon: that's strange.... someone else earlier this week reported the same thing.23:51
mrandcould it be a proxy or related problem?23:52
dragonI'm a part of launchpad beta testers, and the error page mentioned that as a possible cause of the problem23:52
dragon"Our edge server has a lower timeout threshold than launchpad.net, so we can catch those before they hit a wider audience. As a member of the Launchpad Beta Testers team, you're more likely to experience them. If this is blocking your work, you can disable redirection."23:52
dragonBut the "disable redirection" button did me no good.23:52
mrandright.  I don't think that's it.23:52
dragonThey've recorded it any way.23:53
mrandbah.  It shouldn't be this hard to get tickets opened from users that want to open them!23:53
mrandThanks for the thought though, and your efforts.23:53
dragonHope that helps improve Ubuntu.23:56
mrandEvery little bit helps.23:56
dragonI forgot to mention karmic, but that should be apparent from the date of my comment.23:59
dragonWould it help if I hit "Nominate for release" or something?23:59

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