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rbelemhi asac 16:43
asachi rbelem ;)16:43
asacwhats up?16:43
rbelemasac, well i thinking in change the roadmap of ubuntu liquid16:44
asacrbelem: sure. also if you want that spec to be changed/approved etc in any way16:44
asaclet me know16:45
rbelemasac, ian and me talked about use plasma-mobile instead of hildon16:45
asacthats moving towards qt?16:45
rbelemasac, yep...16:45
asaclike what maemo does?16:45
asachow much work would that be?16:46
rbelemasac, maemo is moving for qt too in the next release16:46
asacrbelem: right. thats why i wonder if that would mean packaging the latest stuff they are currently doing16:46
rbelemasac, maybe we need to work more with plasma mobile code16:46
asacrather than updating the old hildon stuff16:46
rbelemasac, yep16:47
asacrbelem: can you already estimate how many packages that would be?16:47
rbelemasac, currently plasma-mobile is not packaged 16:47
rbelemasac, maybe just plasma-mobile plasma-mobile-defaults16:47
rbelemasac, and a different meta package 16:48
asacwhere would all the other packages come from?16:48
asace.g. i would expect new maemo does quite some work on "new" packages16:48
asacor dont you plan to get those in?16:48
rbelemasac, well i can work to get these packages in16:49
asacrbelem: would you mind writing up on some packages what getting a plasma-mobile etc. in a working state for lucid would involve?16:50
asace.g. maybe two variants: a) the small pitch: only essential bits get done ... and b) the full pitch: adds a bunch of goodies from the maemo effort?16:50
rbelemasac, yes i will work to get plasma-mobile in a good state, because right now it is very initial16:51
asacrbelem: what i mean: if we have a good wiki page we can better understand how much work is involved and if there is need to ask for help somewhere etc.16:52
asacat least we could blog about it etc. and maybe attract someone willing to help etc.16:52
rbelemasac, ah cool!16:52
asacthats why i wondered if you could put up a spec that documents the plan for plasma-mobile16:52
rbelemasac, i will update the liquid wiki with that16:52
asacincluding: what packages would be involved and what needs to be newly packaged etc.16:53
asacrbelem: if you have something ping me. i will review and see if we can make a community spec or something out of it to get this a real place on our "mobile" roadmap16:53
rbelemasac, currently i'm writing the seeds to generate a proof of concept iso16:53
rbelemasac, cool16:54
asacrbelem: right. include all that in the document too etc.16:54
rbelemthanks asac 16:54
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rbelemhi asac, i made some changes to the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/UbuntuLiquid19:47
rbelemasac, what do you think? I missed something? Is there anything you want to add?19:48
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