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FlannelMenZa: after some back and forth, he's begrudgingly changed it.00:03
Flannelelky: Montel was connected from a public library this time, by the way.00:04
elkywas this a confession?00:04
FlannelNo, I just looked at his IP00:05
Flannelwell, his hostname00:05
nhandlerFlannel: His IP always changes at home as well00:17
Flannelnhandler: That's at least plausibly deniable though00:19
naliothFlannel: montel has no plausible deniability00:20
FlannelThat was probably a mistake on my part01:20
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ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:19
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:19
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:19
ubottuFloodBot4 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:19
mneptokerrr ....06:20
dholbachgood morning07:59
jpds09:51:36 [!] Mirv [n=tajyrink@ubuntu/member/mirv] has quit [K-lined]09:55
Tm_Tjpds: I'm asking the very same09:55
Tm_Tjpds: and stats p shows none09:55
jpdsTm_T: Awseome.09:56
Tm_Tjayne: hi10:21
Tm_Tone moment10:23
Tm_TBacta: please come back later, as the persons you seek are not active right now10:23
ikoniaBacta: I am active actually10:24
Tm_Tikonia: oh, roger10:24
BactaHi :)10:24
BactaHow have you been?10:24
ikoniaTm_T: I just woke up10:24
ikoniaBacta: fine thank you10:24
Bactawoke up woke up or IRC woke up? :D10:24
ikoniairc woke up10:24
ikoniaBacta: I assume you want to talk about your ban now ?10:25
BactaIf it's ok10:25
ikoniaI've put in a reasonable ammount of thought with it, and talked to some of the other operators with regard to how to move this forward.10:26
ikoniait's very hard to know what to do as your past history works against you very bad, but I've come up with the follow situation10:26
ikoniaI'm going to unban you from #ubuntu only - no offtopic channels or development channels or anything like that10:27
ikoniathat way you can get support10:27
ikoniabut be aware, ubuntu is the support ONLY channel10:27
ikoniathat way there can be no miss-understandings about what is ontopic/offtopic allowed/not-allowed, it's for support disscussion only10:27
ikoniado you understand that ?10:27
BactaYep I do10:27
BactaWhen will you consider helping me out with ot?10:27
ikoniayou have lost your right to offtopic10:28
ikoniathat's gone10:28
BactaNo I mean when?10:28
ikoniathere are plenty of other offtopic channels on freenode, and you persistantly show you can't behave in them10:28
ikoniaBacta: #ubuntu-offtopic is gone - forget about it10:28
BactaI see10:28
ikoniadenying you support for the operating system you chose is something I don't want to do which is why I'm putting this deal on the table10:29
BactaI see10:29
ikoniabut you have no reason to access #ubuntu-offtopic anymore as you continue to show you are unable to behave in lose conversation channels10:29
BactaSo just to get this clear I'm barred from ot permanently, even in 2/5/10 years?10:29
ikoniayou persistantly blow your "troll" horn10:29
ikoniaas you put it EVEN after you where banned and I asked you to stop10:29
ikoniaand other such comments to incite a situation10:29
ikoniado you understand what is being said to you here ?10:30
BactaCan you please just answer my question?10:30
ikoniaBacta: you are banned from #ubuntu-offtopic indefenitly10:30
ikoniaand I will confirm this with the ubuntu-irc-council shortly10:30
BactaOk, well if you could unban me from #ubuntu that would be good10:30
ikoniathat is acceptable10:30
BactaCan I sit in on that?10:30
ikoniaBacta: no10:30
ikoniaBacta: I'm sure you will be informed if my decidsion is cofnirmed10:31
BactaOk well I guess we're done here10:31
ikoniaBacta: be aware that this is your final chance with #ubuntu -10:31
ikoniaI'm not unbanning him yet - I'll drag him back in10:31
ikoniaignoring pm now10:32
Tm_Tnot a good start10:32
ikoniait's not getting lifted then10:32
Tm_Tikonia: give him some time, he might be thinking his doings elsewhere10:33
Tm_Tsome time being not many hours, though10:33
ikoniaBacta: thank you for rejoining10:33
ikoniaBacta: before I lifted the ban I just wanted to make a few final things clear with you10:33
ikoniaBacta: you left before I could though10:33
BactaYou have made it perfectly clear to me10:33
BactaI'm not eight so I do not need a lecture10:34
BactaI know the score10:34
ikoniaBacta: I'm not lecturing you - I'm making the terms %101 clear10:34
ikoniaand if you knew the score - you wouldn't behave as you do10:34
tsimpsonBacta: please just listen to ikonia, the sooner we're done here the sooner you can get into #ubuntu10:34
BactaAnd I'm telling you I don't need them to be 101% clear10:34
BactaI know that if I misbehave in #ubuntu I'm gone10:34
ikoniaBacta: then the ban won't be lifted10:34
BactaThat's it10:34
tsimpsonbe patient10:34
BactaAre you telling me I'm somehow incorrect in what I've just said or are you going to make the same point again in a slightly different manner?10:35
tsimpsonit's your choice if you want to cooperate here or not10:35
ikoniaBacta: that's not it entirley. 1.) this is your final chance with #ubuntu (as you've just said) you've had many chances and wasted them 2.) you will be monitored in the channel based on your past behaviour, if you play around in any way thats it - no discussion or debate any more, I'm not taking about mistakes, everyone makes them, but any of your troll comments and it's done10:36
ikoniais that %101 clear and understand and you agree ?10:36
BactaI know I'm being monitored10:36
BactaI've been told that on numerous occasions10:36
ikoniaso you understand and agree to the terms10:36
BactaI'm not going to tick a EULA box, I've told you how I see things and they match what you have just said10:37
BactaI know how I am expected to behave10:37
ikoniaBacta: I need a yes or no - do you understand and agree to the terms10:37
BactaI will not troll #ubuntu and I do understand what you have just written10:38
ikoniaBacta: and you agree to the terms ?10:38
BactaAffirmative, General10:38
ikoniayes or no - just to be %101 clear in the logged channel10:38
tsimpsonis it so hard to say "yes, I agree"?10:38
tsimpsonthat's all we need10:38
Bactatsimpson: I'm not an idiot, I know what I can and cannot do so sure, "I agree not to fuck up"10:39
ikoniaBacta: you've just used uncalled for language10:39
ikoniawhy ?10:39
ikoniathis behaviour is not going to get the ban lifted10:39
ikoniaI'm asking simple clear questions, and asking for yes/no responses - nothing more10:40
Bactayes, fine10:40
tsimpsonyou were refusing to answer a yes/no answer with a simple yes/no, that makes me suspicious10:40
ikoniainfact - think about this for 24 hours and come back with when you're calmer10:40
ikoniaBacta: come back in 24 hours when you've thought about it and I'll ask you again - clearly, and you can respond clearly10:40
ikoniaI'm not confident with your attitude at the moment10:40
BactaI just said yes10:40
ikoniaBacta: think it over10:40
BactaI just said yes10:41
ikoniayour outbursts are not giving me reason to believe your taking it in and thinking it through10:41
ikoniaswearing at people while trying to get unbanned does not lead me to believe your clam and in control while agreeing to this10:41
BactaI've spent the past week thinking it over and there's nothing I hate more than someone saying something and asking if I understood what was said. It's something you might ask of a child10:42
ikoniait's nothing to do with asking a child10:42
ikoniayou've had a lot of chances in these channels and one of your arguments was that you didn't know $X was not allowed, which is why I'm being so clear and asking for clear responses10:42
Bactayes well we all know I knew what was expected of me10:43
ikoniayour response to a reasonable request of "yes or no" does not fill me with confidence your in control of what you're saying and agreeing to.10:43
ikoniaok - so yes you understood what the offer was, and yes you agree to the terms of the agreement, correct ?10:43
Bactaikonia I've just worked a 50 hour week and I've got a relative in hospital ... Forgive me if I seem a bit combative10:44
ikoniaBacta: I totally understand, - lets try again10:44
BactaI said yes, how many different ways do you want me to say it?10:44
ikoniaBacta: do you undestand the terms of the agreement yes/no do you agree to them yes/no10:44
ikoniathank you10:45
ikoniaI'll lift the ban now10:45
jpdsSomething I wonder if you lot are taking this way to seriously.10:47
jpdsThis is IRC, not a war-crimes tribunal.10:48
ikoniano problem them, I'll let him back in without a clear understanding for the 50th time for him to talk about abortions, swear and all the other stuff10:48
ikoniathe guy has a social disorder that requires things to be spelt out clear to him10:48
Tm_Tikonia: I think you handled it mostly fine (I know, I'm perfectionist in these things, and no I wouldn't be any better, not even close even)10:51
elkyjpds, i've spent *hours* on the kid10:51
Tm_Tbig thanks for that (:10:51
elkyjpds, he's not just a problem for us, he's a problem for freenode, linuxchix, even oftc at times.10:52
jpdsHmm, right.10:52
Tm_Telky: did he misbehave clearly in #u-w ?10:52
elkyTm_T, not that i've witnessed, but it's possible. if he has, let me know10:52
Tm_Telky: ah, just that haven't seen him there lately anymore, I'll go thru logs just to make sure (:10:53
elkythe thing is, deep down, he's a good kid. it's almost like he doesn't think about internet people as real people until they actually take time to make sure he knows they are10:54
elkybut that takes a looooong time10:55
elkyand sharing way more than one should have to share10:55
elkyand yes, i know there's a lot of people out there like him... but geez, there's only a handful of us. we'll run out of breath before we get through the tip of the iceberg10:58
bazhangbillwgates was trolling earlier as elmer12:05
ikoniadelightful as normal12:06
elkyikonia, you're in #debian-offtopic i see.13:24
* elky puts the cushion on ikonia's desk in preparation.13:25
ikoniaelky: oh my word, I hadn't noticed13:26
ikoniaI'll take that cushion13:26
elkytrust that channel to have someone willing to embrace the discussion though13:27
elkyit's a practically unmanaged channel. they deserve what they get13:27
ikoniayes, a few annoyances in there13:27
bazhangsaethr trolling?13:57
ikoniahe was questionable yesterday13:59
PiciWell, ActionParsnip was baiting him too..14:04
ikoniahe was doing that yesterday, I spoke to him and he stopped14:05
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from saethr)14:06
bazhangperhaps I should PM saethr as he continues unabated14:22
macoyes plz14:22
ikoniaI thought he'd stopped14:22
bazhangstarted again14:26
bazhangjudging from the contents of his last comment in #ubuntu and his PM, not a fan of Ubuntu14:33
Tm_Thmmm, no staffers awake here?14:41
Tm_Tthis channel right now14:42
PiciI see some in #freenode14:42
geniiDepends what you mean by "awake" .... <crawls to coffeepot>14:42
* MenZa rushes to genii with some freshly-made coffee14:42
Picigenii: since when are you a staffer?14:42
Tm_TPici: plasma fellow and who others?14:42
MenZaWait, genii, staff?14:43
Tm_TMenZa: kidding he is14:43
PiciTm_T: I'd rather not hilight them14:43
Tm_TPici: ah, thanks14:43
PiciTm_T: mquin is in #freenode if you need a staffer now though.14:43
MenZaPlasma_Rooolz is in /stats p14:43
MenZaSorry, plazma14:44
ikoniahe truley does rule with such a good nick14:44
geniiAh, THAT staff14:51
Tm_TI was just attempting to hurry dealing of mirv-case (:14:53
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from tongting)15:34
geniiBooted then banned15:34
jpdsjussi01: Bot back.17:00
Picijpds: I threw a ticket on rt about getting the log bot in #ubuntu-ngo, do you think you could poke someone about that? Its not an emergency, but I'm getting poked about it.17:01
Picijpds: thanks ;)17:05
jpdsPici: Done.17:05
Picijpds: Could you take a look at ubot4, it doesnt seem to be snarfing bugs... or at least not in #ubuntu-bugs17:50
jpdsPici: You are so lucky to have me.17:57
MenZaWe all are, jpds.17:59
jpdstsimpson: What's a snarfTarget?18:03
tsimpsonjpds: one of the trackers, like "lp" or "launchpad"18:03
jpdsAnd why is it breaking ubot4's Bugtracker?18:03
jpdsWARNING 2009-12-04T13:00:14 supybot no snarfTarget for Bugtracker18:03
tsimpsonbecause you didn't set one?18:04
tsimpson@config plugins.Bugtracker.snarfTarget18:04
jpdstsimpson: ubot4 bug # works in /msg but not in channel.18:11
tsimpsonjpds: I guess you should try setting the value for the channel too, but the global value should work when no channel value is set18:12
jpdsI did: /msg ubot4 @config plugins.Bugtracker.snarfTarget lp18:13
jpdspleia2: Can you install bzr on up.com?18:25
pleia2jpds: sure thing, hang on18:26
jpdsWoo, easy ubot4 plugin code updates!18:26
pleia2jpds: done, let me know if you need anything else :)18:27
Seeker`nalioth: ping re: mootbot18:54
mneptokPici: underpants.com19:18
ikoniamneptok: really ? is that link safe ?19:20
mneptokikonia: i have no idea. (for either)19:21
geniiBah. Tab-complete fail in -ot19:31
Picigenii: I'd sent a pm explaining the problem, some people get quite angry when this happens19:32
* Pici reminds people about 'too many cooks' before we get started.19:35
Smwni'd like to make a complaint19:35
topylihi Smwn19:35
SmwnThey kicked me in #ubuntu-offtopic because I feel they don't understand self love.19:36
Smwnthey should refer to the song 'stroke it'19:36
ikoniaSmwn: your ban will stand19:37
Smwnanyone going to ansaw me complaint19:37
ikoniaSmwn: you have made multiple comments of a similar nature to #ubuntu-offtopic in other channels such as ##windows19:37
Smwni prefer lying down19:37
Smwnor sitting19:37
ikoniaSmwn: youre behaviour is therefore clearly to try to cause a problem in the channels you are making these comments in19:38
Smwnikonia, whoa bro you should be a cop19:38
Smwnbecause they are full of geeks19:38
Smwnwho need to masterbate more19:38
ikoniaSmwn: so unless you have some way of giving us confidence you're going to behave in #ubuntu-offtopic the ban will remain in place19:38
Smwnuntill my Ip changes19:38
ikoniayour behvaiour in this channel leads me to believe your behaviour will not change so I believe we are done19:39
ikoniafreenode staff please note Smwn's intention to evade ban19:39
Smwnikonia dude you need to get laid19:39
topyliSmwn, evading a ban is not a very good idea. i guess it's fair to make you aware of this, if you don't understand it yourself19:39
Smwnstraight up19:39
Smwnwhys it not a good idea?19:39
ikoniaSmwn: this conversation is over - please leave the channel unless you have something to discuss with us regarding your ban19:40
topylijust trust me19:40
Smwnwhat happens?19:40
mneptokSmwn: you will get banned from the network entirely.19:40
Smwnstraight up19:40
Smwnwhat happens19:40
Smwnyou can't ban someone with a dynamic Ip19:40
ikoniaSmwn: speak to freenode staff about it, this channels is to do with your ubuntu bans only19:40
ikoniaSmwn: unless you have something to discuss on those bans please leave the channel19:40
jussi01!staff | ^^19:41
ubottu^^: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild, niko or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)19:41
ubottustaff aliases: staffers - added by Seveas on 2007-02-04 18:30:28 - last edited by PriceChild on 2009-08-12 21:35:2819:41
nikojussi01: yes i see19:41
jussi01ooh, thanks Pricey for getting that updated, I hadnt noticed19:41
Smwnell' names bruce19:43
Smwnhow are ya19:43
ikoniaSmwn: unless you wish to discuss your ban please leave the channel19:43
Smwnikonia, what do you do for a living?19:43
ikoniaSmwn: unless you wish to discuss your ban please leave the channel19:44
Smwnikonia, I sense your missing something in your life19:44
ikoniajussi01: I see no reason to continue this19:44
Smwnikonia, do you care to discuss the missing part or element of your emotional life?19:44
SmwnI see potential but your lacking love of some sort19:44
jussi01Smwn: please keep ontopic for this channel.19:44
PiciSmwn: If you're unwilling to discuss your ban then you may depart.19:45
PiciSorry, didn't mean to step on anyones toes there.19:50
ikoniait was a welcome interuption for me19:51
ikoniaI had no wish to discuss that any futher with his comments19:51
PriceyHe seems to be making the rounds. I'll look into it.19:59
ikoniahe certainly does,19:59
ikonianice and quiet now20:00
PiciYeah, I was watching in #freenode20:00
MenZaCould someone toss me an invite to -monitor?21:29
PriceyMenZa: you're not an op of #ubuntu are you?21:30
MenZaOh also, Pricey - re: your previous e-mail, see the topic21:31
MenZa(I had this wonderful realisation earlier today, after I'd sent the e-mail)21:31
Flannelikonia: hah.  I get a "well, obviously thats aproblem with the -pae kernel, not ubiquity" response.21:31
PriceyMenZa: I don't see that bit? :S21:33
MenZaPricey: It's an older topic.21:35
MenZaAs in, much older.21:36
ikoniaFlannel: you can't win21:37
MenZaPricey: It was merely the whole 'public awareness' thing :)21:37
MenZaBut yeah, it *was* advertised in there once21:37
Flannelikonia: I wonder if we're getting to the point where we're starting to become like all the other FOSS out there: Usability and Just Works comes second21:38
* genii sips and thinks about Plug N Pray21:39
mneptoksounds like most marriages21:39
PriceyMenZa: PM?21:39
MenZado go ahead, Pricey21:39
ikoniaFlannel: it's an interesting balance to strike, one I feel ubuntu sometimes doesn't have the right balance on, but then again, no-one is perfect22:23
topylibalance is never perfect. systems evolve through solving problems and contradictions22:42
topylii certainly haven't found anything interesting in a stable one so far :)22:43
Flanneltopyli: Nothing wrong with that message23:18
topylidoesn't it needlessly hilight you?23:18
FlannelNope, irssi apparently differentiates23:18
topyliif you approve, i'm fine with it of course :)23:18
FlannelI thought it might, but it turns out it didn't23:18
topylioh in that case it's fine23:19
topylieven funny :)23:19
FlannelAfter asking him to change it from something inappropriate, he asked if he could set it to me asking him.  I said yeah, and sort of assumed it was partial trying ot highlight me, and partial trying to make me look like a dictator or whatever.  But I don't care, it doesn't do the former as we found out yesterday.23:20
topyliwell it lets him enjoy his awesome rebel status and does no harm as long as you're okay with it23:22
FlannelMhmm, thats what I figure23:22

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