h00kmr_steve: do you happen to be around?15:00
mr_steveh00k, I am15:02
h00kmr_steve: can you grab the latest branch and give voicecheck a try again?15:03
mr_stevesure can15:03
h00kI didn't update the .tar.gz yet15:03
mr_stevelooks like the latest revision works for me too15:04
h00kahha, alright.15:04
h00kand the tarball is released15:14
=== mr_steve_ is now known as mr_steve
TakyojiI love how pathetic the people that administrate our school district are21:40
TakyojiApparently I was talking with with the teacher that helps with the school newspaper, and was talking on the topic of raising awareness of the issue I wrote about, and she said that she's trying to go infront of a School Board over the idea of having the school news also available online and one of the arguments against it is that the website might attract online sexual predators.21:41
tonyyarussowait, what?21:47
tonyyarussosexual predators for a non-interactive read-only news site posted by adults?21:48
Leafwith studan names & very likely their pictures too21:48
Leafer, student21:48
tonyyarussoWell, he only said news so far.21:51
tonyyarussoBut it's also very common practice to have policies for things like only using first names and not identifying which person goes with which name, and whatever - the BSA has a web site photo policy like that, and it seems to work fine.21:51
tonyyarussoand it would still be easier to go pick kids off at the bus stop randomly than to see them online and then try to track down certain ones later....21:52

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